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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that dividend. the only source of income when the market sells off. closing bell rings] liz: sound like buffett. dow will close down 311 point on a big news day. that is it for the "claman countdown." connell: visa restrictions hurt us late in the afternoon it appeared. we were down 38. came roaring back. back down again. s&p and nasdaq in negative territory for the second day in a row. good to have you with us. i'm connell mcshane. this is "after the bell." charles: i'm melissa francis. this is what is new at this hour. tensions on the world stage. china warning the u.s. to brace for retaliation after president trump blacklisted eight chinese tech giants.
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the two largest economieses prepare for high level trade talks. adam silver is standing his ground refusing to apologize for a general manager's tweet about a protest in hong kong but will his decision backfire on the global brand? tracking space. nasa confirming a group of astronauts are expected to fly past earth at incredible speeds. we will talk to astrophysicist neil degrasse tyson about this looming phenomenon this hour. connell: wow. now we're talking. fox business team coverage of this market selloff. edward lawrence, busy day as usual following trade in d.c. gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange with all the back and forth and blake burman at the white house as well. edward, on that trade beat, the trade restrictions seemed to help the market or hurt the market. let's start with you. reporter: it help the market turn down a little bit further. today and tomorrow or today and
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yesterday, two days of deputy level talks concluded and the real talks will happen thursday and friday. when the pray marry level when they meet head-to-head. the chinese very upset. the mood of the talks soured, 28 companies added to the u.s. entity list, blacklist going forward. china necessary foreign ministry upset about this. china has a huge stake in these companies. that makes 77 chinese companies on the u.s. entity list. in a statement the chinese foreign ministry pushing back saying we urge the u.s. side to immediately correct its mistake, withdraw the relevant decision and stop interfering in china's internal affairs. the state department also adding on to this restricting visas for certain communist and government officials because of human rights violations related to the small muslim population in china has been at the heart of all this debate here. now the white house economic
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advisor peter navarro says that all of that is separate. he still says there can be progress on trade. listen. >> he want as great deal for the american people. he has been, look, this is a man of steely resolve on this issue. he is standing up to china. you know, look, investors just need to relax for a couple days and see what happens, rather than get fidgety and trade around the margins here. reporter: what that progress will look like is the big question here. now the vice premier comes to the united states for the lead meetings here on thursday, without the title of special envoy for president xi xinping. that means he represents china but not necessarily can make a decision for the president of china there. so he would have to make obviously a phone call back to china. he will see what to do going forward. thursday and friday set the tone if we get some progress, where that progress stands in these trade talks. connell: quite tense ahead of it.
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edward, thanks. charles: all three major averages down for the second day in a row. go to gerri willis for details. reporter: not a great day down here, melissa. the dow closing down near the lows of the day. all about what you were talking about, chinese tech companies added to the blacklist that the u.s. is maintaining. a lot of concerns about trade. is there anything that can be done? is there any resolution for this. getting underway on thursday. people are keeping their fires off to the side, waiting for those to restart. dow laggards today. dow, cisco, ibm. jpmorgan. cisco has china exposure. jpmorgan part of a broad financial sector getting slammed here. meanwhile trade related stocks got hit. a lot of chinese stocks, alibaba , wiebo, could be stocks that they won't let government retirees invest in, could be a
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negative for those stocks going forward. medical medical melissa, back to you. charles: gerri, thank you. connell: we have gary kaltbaum and liz, both are fox news contributors, the dynamic duo. edward lawrence going through all the back and forth ahead of china with all the talks resuming. when you hear someone like peter navarro saying visa restrictionses banned entities list that is somehow not related to the trade talks. seems like the market is telling us it could impact the trade talks though. >> peter navarro said wait a couple days, but it has been 18 months of back and forth. here was today. the end of the day we hear about a banning of visas from officials right before that, you have a central bankhead saying we'll do more quantitative easing but don't call it quantity quantity. and then earlier in the day we hear we're having a big china deal and then a small china deal
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and maybe there is a big china contingent, maybe it's small, we'll see what happens in the coming days. i'm not surprised market is down 600 today with all this confusion. connell: right. >> i've been saying this for month, just get a deal. just get a deal. do something, do anything, push any button. let's guest past this, and do something else. that's all. connell: that is a wall street centric or an argument we heard many investors, liz make, hey, let's do something and move on. you don't get a sense from the administration, even the president's comments yesterday, could be wrong, the avenue they're going down. he likes a big deal, doesn't like idea of something interim or short term. what do you think. >> that is pretty remarkable because we've had evidence the economy is slowing down. manufacturing sector is down past couple months. optimism faded a little bit amongs ceos. independent business group also ticked down in terms of
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sentiment. you know the white house has focused on 2020 election. you know they want to get a deal done. tough say i woke up this morning to this new pressure or slapping sanctions on all these companies, these chinese tech companies. i can't imagine how they think that is preparing the ground for even a temporary deal, even a short term deal. i don't know what they're thinking. it does kind of, you come back to the idea maybe there is more than one voice speaking on china trade policy in the white house because it does seem like we kind of get pushed and pulled different directions as the talks approach. charles: tech is under pressure. 40 states attorneys general leading a antitrust probe against the tech giant. gary, it never ends, it's a new probe every day for facebook. >> they will be spending a lot of money on lawyers and lobbyists over the next couple years and i'm pretty sure right now they're watching elizabeth warren's poll numbers very
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carefully and preparing just in case she wins the white house and gets the house and senate. it will be look out below! for facebook. i must tell you, i'm no fan of the company and their privacy and some of the things mark zuckerberg went on the hill and to be nice, fibbed a little bit but for me, i'm just worried about all this, what this justice department, these states are doing. these are companies, if you stifle growth an innovation where will we go from here? this will be a long road ahead for them unfortunately. i think google is probably, maybe amazon also. charles: liz, maybe facebook is just too big? >> that is what elizabeth warren is saying and she wants wants to break it up and i kind of agree with gary. roll the clock back a bit. these stocks led the market and our economy. these are the biggest, most profitable of american companies. all of sudden they're under the
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tack not just by the attorneys general, by the fcc, the justice department. we have to take a step back this too has to be weighing on the market because, my gosh, these are our biggest and best innovative companies out there and they're constantly under attack from our law enforcement and groups and also from politicians. it seems kind of crazy to me. yes they have made some mistakes but on the other hand, i think a lot of investors would like to see these clouds clear. charles: liz, gary, thank you. connell: back now to the white house and upping the pressure. three hours committees preparing to serve another subpoena in the ukraine investigation. blake burman has more. reporter: the latest standoff involves gordon sondland, ambassador to the eu. that was scrapped by the state
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department hours beforehand. top democrat seeking his testimony followed up saying we consider this interference to be obstruction of the impeachment inquiry. and then they also said that they would be issuing a subpoena. nancy pelosi says that sondland needs to go up to the hill to testify. >> now he said to his lawyers he is fully prepared to come to testify. there will be a subpoena issued for him to come testify. reporter: in a tweet today, president trump described the proceedings going up on the hill as quote, a totally compromised kangaroo court. as for sondland, he suddenly become a key figure in the investigation especially regarding the president's decision to delay aid to ukraine. his text messages with the u.s.'s top diplomat in ukraine, bill taylor, shows taylor worried aid was being delayed for political reasons. now sondland responded in the text that is not the case. fox has been told before
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sondland responded in back and forth text exchange, he called president trump and asked the president what he wanted, according to a source the president responded by saying there was no quid pro quo involved. but once again, connell, yet another day here in washington. yet another threat for subpoena. back to you. connell: blake burman on the north lawn for us. melissa: "fox business alert" right now. twitter announcing it has found that some email addresses and phone numbers it collected for account security have inadvertently used for advertising purposes t said no internal data was shared externally to third parties but doesn't know how many people were impacted by the issue. how could they have used email and phone numbers, wasn't shared with outside people but used for advertising we need a lot more color. a lot more color. connell: how many people were impacted would be interested.
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revitalizing small towns. how the show, small business revolution is changing owners lives, helping entire communities. we'll speak to the co-hosts of that show, ty pennington and amanda blakeman. how it affects mom-and-pop shops across the country. melissa: nasa is tracking multiple asteroids heading towards earth. who better to discuss this with than legendary astrophysicist kneel today grass tyson. he joins us later in the hour. you don't want to miss that. connell: adam silver defending the tweet by the houston rockets gm about the protests in hong kong. how this fight could impact the organizations business over in china. as the story changes day-to-day, karl rove former advisor to president george w. bush will join to us respond to that. >> it is not something we expected to happen.
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>> the long-held values of nba are to support freedom of expression and certainly freedom of expression by the nba community and certainly daryl morey, as member of the houston rockets has that right as one of our employees. as i also suggested that there are consequences from that exercise of in essence his freedom of speech and, you know, we will have to live with those consequences. connell: sounded like he was changing his tune a bit today. nba commissioner adam silver defending free speech of nba players, management, staff, while acknowledging at the end there is a price to pay with china. china already canceled coverage of two nba preseason games being played there. from a tweet from the houston rockets gm. former bush advisor, karl rove joins us what has become a big political story around the
4:18 pm
entire world the last few days, karl. as i pointed out, seems like the commissioner realized there was not only backlash in china but there was backlash here at home he had to deal with and how he handled it today. how did he deal with it? >> that is absolutely right. a deck ago i have a friend who is involved helping american businesses sell into china and i asked him who are the among the biggest companies he represented, nba was at the top. that was a decade ago. the chinese are mad for american basketball. you touched on it. we have a tweet by the general manager of the houston rockets. what happens, state-run tv cancel broadcasts of popular exhibition matches between u.s. teams. a major chinese company that made smartphones ended endorsement deal in u.s. fan event in shanghai, canceled. all the big-name chinese fans not showing up. ticket sales in shanghai for upcoming exhibition match, they
4:19 pm
disappear off the electronic board you can buy tickets. a shoe company in china we'll not deal with the usnba stars. the chinese foreign ministry says quote, the nba knows clearly what to do, what to say and what to do end quote. talk about thuggish behavior on part of the chinese. connell: all the money lost in the short term scares some nba executives. >> oh, sure. connell: the commissioner as well. you made a key point in the beginning, the nba is huge in china, very, very big. so if you're the nba, there are some of the numbers behind it, lost in the tencent deal, what have you, if you're in the nb and, can you call china's bluff here? in other words would they really go through with this and ban nba basketball top to bottom? i don't know, they might? >> if they were a normal consumer based society, people free expression and free choice but they aren't. this country has several million
4:20 pm
uyghurs, muslims in the far west part of the country essentially in concentration camps. this is a country that controls content on the internet this is country where freedom of speech, the ride of the individual to make these choices is next to zero. connell: i heard someone say, karl, i thought it was interesting, may be a gross exaggeration, i don't know, i heard an analyst on china speculating if they banned the nba, wasn't joking around might have social unrest to deal with, that is how much people love the basketball, come on, give us our basketball? >> i used to be on the board of international broadcasting that oversaw radio free europe and radio liberty that broadcast behind the iron curtain. entertainment is powerful. we ought to use those services if they cut out american basketball, you're right, one of the things we ought to do is advertise of american basketball into china. connell: throw one more topic,
4:21 pm
completely different topic before we let you go, gets a lot of attention on the internets if you will, ellen degeneres sat next to your old boss, george w. bush at a football game. people thought, oh, my goodness. her commentary afterwards, we know each other, we may not agree on everything, we'll sit there to enjoy football. >> and she said we're friends. we're friends. poor bono who worked closely with president bush on aids in africa, all his liberal friends would castigate him being a friend of bush, he stood up for his friendship. says something ellen degeneres was very kind to the former president. i thought very generous of spirit. very pointed in her comment that said we don't have to agree with somebody in order to be their friend. that is what is great about our country. we can have disagreements and remain friends. her audience in the los angeles studio she broadcast from enthusiastically applauded comment. that is where most americans are. it is hardcore on either side
4:22 pm
who say i'm a liberal i can't have a conservative as a friend. i'm a democrat, can't have a republican vice versa. i had coffee with four of my pals. everyone of them i'm confident did not vote for george bush twice. that's okay. we're friends. i admire them. they are my friends. what a great country where we can have the kind of political disagreements we have, still be friends with people with whom we might disagree. connell: 100%. nice reminder from ellen degeneres. >> good for her. connell: good for her. thanks for coming on. melissa: i never heard anyone say poor bono before. not really? okay. speaker nancy pelosi announcing a new plan. it is not about impeachment. we'll tell you how her drug price plan could impact your wallet. plus joe biden slipping in the polls. it is upsetting a group of major donors. what it means for the 2020 race and money. that's next.
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connell: bipartisan support, speaker of the house nancy pelosi outlining a plan making prescription drugs affordable. ry vaughn on capitol hill. reporter: president trump accuses the democrats the do nothing party. she is in a hospital in seattle talking up her plan of lowering the cost of prescription drugs. >> we have the confidence of what we are doing is right thing to do. it is needed, well-thought out by our committees as what we are proposing. humility to listen to any improvements or, the other side of the aisle may have of people may have, but we are determined that this will happen and in my view it could happen this year. reporter: pelosi's bill would make a few major changes that
4:28 pm
would help make drugs more affordable to patients t would let the federal government negotiate with drug companies directly. the cost for over 250 drugs supplied by medicare t would cap seniors out-of-pocket drug costs $2,000 a year for four prescriptions. the plan would bring a lot of financial relief for patients. also at the same time could bring catastrophic costs to drug companies. pelosi's plan would target negotiations for most patent protected plan drugs supplied by medicare. companies that don't reach a deal could face a fee. for other companies that don't negotiate at all, they could face a pretty steep excise tax, 65% on their annual gross sales. that tax rises 10% every quarter, that companies refuse to negotiate with the government. connell? connell: hillary vaughn, on capitol hill. melissa. melissa: here to react, vince coglianese, "daily caller" executive editor. what do you think about her plan? would it really lower drug
4:29 pm
costs? >> if the drinking is not available yeah i guess. this is not -- here is why it is nuts, because when nancy pelosi says this is negotiating drug prices it is not negotiating when you hold a gun to somebody's head and say if you don't agree we'll charge you a 65% tax. we'll increase that tax 10% every single quarter that you don't play ball. that is confiscatory policy. that is not negotiation at all. that is not what nancy pelosi is talking about here. melissa: also if you tax them, they will pass that on to the consumer. i don't know how, but, it doesn't get to the heart of why you see drugs that cost a fortune here and are cheaper in other countries. i was traveling this summer. they were selling z packs for five dollars n this country we pay so much more for drugs. if you bring the price way down, they don't recoup the research costs they have not incentive to make them, i don't know how do you find a middle ground on this problem? >> here is one way to look at this. people don't realize the federal government, our taxpayer money
4:30 pm
funds tremendous amount of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. we're talking billions of dollars. almost every drug that has been approved over the last decade has been federally funded by taxpayer supported research and development. the taxpayers should expect it is kind of crazy to think we pay more in the united states than you would find in other countries for medicine that is paid for by u.s. taxpayers. that is our research and development money is going to drugs that the prices are cheaper in other countries. that can't stand. melissa: what is the solution? >> lower the timeline which a company has to provide a generic alternative to the same drug if they're going to take taxpayer money in order to support research and development. i think there are solutions out there. but nancy pelosi is creating an environment where it will be chaos. it will make things more expensive or remove pharmaceutical companies entirely. melissa: while you're here, i want to ask of dollars drying up for joe biden. donors are reportedly growing frustrated with former
4:31 pm
vice president joe biden's presidential campaign. it is showing in the money. his fund-raising haul fell by $7 million in the third quarter. what do you think of this? >> it is sad. interesting barack obama, the former president of the united states, who he served with has not spoken up for him really, at his moment in need, as we're watching him slip in the polls and fund-raising as you pointed out. behind pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. that is not a good sign. it is kind of a sign that campaign like joe biden, so dependent on wealthy donors, causes wealthy donors to jump ship. bernie sanders does not have the problem. elizabeth warren much less. they rely on a lot of small donors to get by. they make a lot of money. joe biden this is another warning sign pointing to the end of his campaign. melissa: that is interesting because apparently $44 was average donation, the highest of among dems that break out those numbers. they say the game of financing politics has really changed. it is about the grassroots. about the small donations.
4:32 pm
those are folks that can keep giving and keep giving where wealthy donors max out pretty quick. >> you saw it in the 2016 cycle. bernie sanders lasted way longer than the traditional expiration date because he had all of those small donors that powered his campaign. he has the same email list. getting all the same people donating to him. he caused a lot of headaches for hillary clinton. expect him to potentially do that again to this cycle to whoever democrat is in the lead. melissa: vince, thank you. >> thank you. connell: learning their fate. two more parent were sentenced for their role in the nationwide college admissions scandal. how much time will they spend behind bars and what does it mean for everyone else involved? that is coming up next. melissa: reviving small town businesses across the country. we'll talk to ty pennington, host of the television show, "small business revolution," his dos and don'ts starting a small business, if you think about it. that is coming up. connell: if you had a rough day at work you definitely want to stick around for this.
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4:37 pm
officially sensing first couple in this case, one month in jail for greg and marcia abbott. they both before the judge. greg abbott speaking tearfully, that his daughter suffered from chronic lyme disease but others also victims of his crime. he apologized to every single soul demoralized or offended by my actions. prosecutors say that marcia and gregging a bottom who have homes in aspen and manhattan, the only parents charged in the college admissions scandal to pursue the exam cheating route guys. they shelled out $50,000 to hire a paid tex taker to correct the s.a.t. exam and subject cheating test through the mastermind of the scheme. the government relayed how marcia flew to california with her daughter so the teenager could take her test at a center controlled by the scheme's mastermind. gregory abbott, founder and ceo of food and beverage packaging
4:38 pm
company paid the bribes from the family's currentable foundation. they both pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy and fraud. they asked for 8 months behind bars for each of ever the parents. they will spend one month in prison of the dozens of letters sent to the judge including by fox news judge andrew napolitano a friend of greg's who wrote, the greg i know is exceptionally selfless. also in court today, attorneys for each of the abbotts detailing immense family pressures unfolding of time of the crime, failing marriage, a son struggling with drug addiction and daughter they were trying to help suffering from lyme disease. in marcia's letter the offer made by the scheme's mastermind by rick singer i should have walked away. by then i saw him as a lifeline. i was afraid what happened to my daughter if i backed out. look back i'm horrified, what should have been flashing danger was registering instead as help. over the weekend u.s. attorney andrew leland in an interview in
4:39 pm
boston if lori loughlin goes through trial and convicted the most famous face in the scandal the government would ask for higher sentence for her than one of the defendants recently senses like felicity huffman, if loughlin goes through two trials she face as higher sentence unless there is resolution for the case before that. connell. connell: the saga continues. molly line in boston. melissa: a major college admissions change. how the a.c.t. is modifying the exam and students may not be taking the test for the full three hours. why they may not be. what you need to know. that's coming up. plus interview you don't want to miss. there he is, i'm sitting down with famed as toe physicist, my son's hero, neil degrasse tyson. we'll ask him a very important question and talk about his new book. he might even get stumped. that's next. ♪
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♪ melissa: asteroid alert. nasa is tracking multiple asteroids approaching earth's orbit at unimaginable speeds. who better to ask about this phenomenon than neil degrasse tyson, astrophysicist and author of, letters from an astrophysicist which my son read
4:44 pm
in one night and loved. a fantastic new book. all right, sir, thank you for joining us. so should we be afraid of these asteroids? what's the deal? >> they're not at unimaginable speeds. i can imagine what speeds they are. for you they're unimaginable. melissa: okay. >> no, the solar system is a shooting gallery basically. you think it is just peaceful, tranquil outer space but there are rogue asteroids. there are thousands of asteroids broken lose from the asteroid belt that cross the orbit of the earth. they are out there. it is not a problem they're out there, provided we know where they are and how to track them, excuse me, provided we know where they are, how to track them and how to deflect them that third part is an issue. it is not good enough to know you're about to die by an asteroid. you want to do something about it. melissa: are we able not to deflect them? >> we know technologically how to do it there is no funding in place. there is no organizing
4:45 pm
institution or knew miu miu municipal funding or international funding to do this. consider if ans asteroid comes you don't know necessarily what part of the earth it is going to hit. you really want an earth-funded defense system to protect all of earth. because it will hit a place that they don't have a space program you say too bad, you want to protect the species. that is not something yet we figured out how to do. melissa: wow. >> it requires cooperation. that is the problem. melissa: then it is hopeless. it is totally depressed. on this specific topic though, my son thompson is a huge fan. as i said he read your book, he has been bending your ear in the green room. sorry about that hear as urgent question. listen. >> hi, my name is thompson. my question to you how do you think the universe will end? melissa: is it going to be that
4:46 pm
asteroid hurt he willing at us? that will be the planet, not the universe. >> how the universe will end, currently show we will expand forever and as we expand the universe cools because the density of energy becomes more and more diluted. we ultimately approach the temperature of absolute zero. so the universe will end not in fire but in ice. not with a bang but with a whimper. melissa: hmmm. you say that the way you do on some of your programs and how have you managed to bottle so much interest in science and in space? you know you've gotten a whole new generation of people so engaged in the field, so excited about it, here in new york you run the biggest museum, you're known all around the planet, what is your secret? >> no, it is not -- first of all i'm a fan of carl sagan's edict,
4:47 pm
when you're in love you want to tell the world. so there is an energy to share the love of this topic but also i'm just reawakening a curiosity i think we all certainly had as children and may have been lost in adulthood or beaten out of us or faded but i can take some cosmic knowledge and fan that flame, have it, fan those embers, have it reignite, send you off so you want to be a part of space as well. that is not hard to do. i have got good material. the universe continues. melissa: you have great material. you have inspired many members of my own family. tell us a little bit about your new book. >> so it is just a collection of letters that exchanged letters that i have received, spanning the last three decades. most of them are concentrated in a 10-year period where my email was actually public. took a few clicks but you could get to it. there is a whole chapter there on parenting, a chapter on death
4:48 pm
and dying. a man who had six months cancer diagnosis, he will die in six months wrote to me, thanking me for helping his retired years go as, where he can become a lifelong learner. i was very moved by that. i included that letter. there is chapter on hate mail, one is from an angry fourth-grader after pluto got demoted. melissa: oh, yeah. >> a 22-year-old young man, deadpanned apologized, dear dr. tyson, when i was 10 i called you a poo-poo head for demoting pluto. i want to apologize if that hurt your feelings. so that is in there. there a letter i wrote to family and friends i wrote on september 12th, 2001, witnessed the collapse of the towers from four blocks away. that was very important part of my life as it is for all of us. there is a letter to nasa in there. there is a testimonial to my father. melissa: wow.
4:49 pm
>> it as lot of communication, with many people, many people in search of meaning, they have a bit of angst about their purpose in life. melissa: yeah. >> they came to me, i have some cosmic perspective to shed what path they might take. melissa: my son wanted me to ask you, does science disprove religion? we don't have time for that. don't worry, you don't have to answer that here. neil degrasse tyson. thanks for coming on. >> i appreciate it. connell: that was something else. melissa: almost fell off my chair here. economic fears weighing on small business. how one team is helping american entrepreneurs overcome challenges in small towns across the u.s. connell: unconventional type of therapy, crushing your stress while you crush your cars. melissa: i like that. connell: we'll bring you up close and personal when we come back. ♪ the.
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my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to.
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trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week. it starts acting in my body from the first dose. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, ... if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, or severe stomach pain. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. >> modifying a major task starting next september high school students can retake
4:54 pm
specific sections of the a.c. t. college entrance exam instead of retaking the entire test, which lasts about three hours. never in the 60 year history of the a.c. t. has there been an option for a partial retake. connell: meantime trade fears are weighing on mainstream. small business optimism declining in september, nearing the lowest point of president trump's office. this according to the national federation of independent business, and we're joined now by amanda burkman and also ty pennington, from the show small business revolution and the whole idea of their show which is a streaming program as you helped to boost small businesses around the u.s. so i'm going to talk in specifics i told ty, as he walked in the studio i watched episode 1 of season 4 and he's remarking he wasn't in that one enough, so i have to watch episode 2, which i will but we have this news today on small businesses in general that aren't as confident and i'm
4:55 pm
wondering when you talk to people around the country working on the show what do you notice about their frame of mind ? >> they need people to support them so politics and policies have an impact on small businesses but they need people to support them and we try to show that we believe in them, so we love small businesses and we believe that they are not only the life blood of our country and our economy but truly in our small towns and our neighborhoods and communities so each season, we revitalize a different small town in mainstream and do that through small businesses. connell: so you go in this case, ty, to a community in arkansas and then you pick i believe six businesses, are there common concerns that they come up with that you hear is it kind of individualized to each business and what they need to do differently and get themselves turned around? well each business p has its own struggles. some you've got to do physical
4:56 pm
changes whether it be cosmetic or just the layout of the business, to make sure they can get more customers in et cetera but a lot of times it's something else like marketing, branding something of course that amanda and her team specialize in, but i think just like with any business, it's different. the one thing they have in common is that they are usually on a main street in a small town , that really needs to have more energy, more zest and you're just trying to get your business to be the spot that people go to. connell: the areas that have been hit hard by the economy generally speaking is that the types of areas you're going into >> well most of the small towns that have these main streets are a few miles away from the big highways with the big chains so every small town america is feeling that effect and that's what i love about being part of the show. i mean part of this movement is that it is really trying to shine a light back on the charm of those small towns and the small businesses that are trying to succeed in them.
4:57 pm
connell: one of the things, amanda i was watching season 4 and the first episode of it is the emotion of people like when you came out on stage and you say well your town won! people are looking for, i mean i don't know if that speaks to the times or always like that but people are just looking for something they, i don't want to use the word desperation but so much emotion and happiness to see you were there to help them out. >> i think you're right and it's this hope and optimism. everyone is hungry for the sense of community now and you see that in our small towns and communities and this pendulum swing where millennials want to move back to smaller communities where they can have great quality of life and know the business owners within their town, their kids can ride their bike down the street and feel safe but they need to feel like there are businesses that they want to patron and they need to feel like it's a town that's going to not only allow them that quality of life for their families but they can work remotely and -- connell: that's interesting.
4:58 pm
because we do a lot of stories on that. i suggest to everybody checks it out so you could go, amazon prime, and check it out, small business revolution. >> yeah. connell: thanks to both of you for coming on. >> thank you. mel? melissa: jam packed action a new way to relief stress after a rough day? crushing cards, why not. fox automotive editor is live on the scene with the details you always get the best assignments. >> i have a new respect for people who drive this thing, it's a painful and difficult thing to do but it is a lot of fun, and getting to do things like this, so here we go.
4:59 pm
it's as much fun as it looks like. so i'm going to try to get this thing in reverse which is the tricky part. i've got my friends matt and dan from the track here giving me a little guidance of the best way to pull that off. let's go in reverse here, and here we go again. this is where it gets hard. we're going backwards. the steering wheel has a couple of levers to help you turn around and here we go. that sure is fun. melissa: wow! i don't really understand how you got to do that and not us, but it does look fantastic. wow! connell: that was really cool. we should do this one-time. melissa: yeah. connell: just do the whole show from there. melissa: i love it.
5:00 pm
connell: got 15 seconds, go over that car again. there he goes. melissa: you had a tough day, people giving you a hard time, run over a car we love it. that does it for us what a show. connell: bulls & bears starts right now. >> we are not apologizing for darryl exercising his freedom of expression. i regret, again having communicated directly with many friends in china that so many people are upset, including millions and millions of our fans. david: nba commissioner adam silver defending houston rockets general manager now deleted pro- hong kong tweet. this is the growing rift with china deepens and china is taking another aggressive step putting its partnership with the nba further in jeopardy. hi, everybody this is bulls & bears thanks for watching i'm david asman. joining me on the panel is


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