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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 25, 2021 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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methane, natural gas on the property that adjoins the texas space shot spot. that is interesting. musk is a global warming kind of guy. he is a climate kind of guy. what is he doing going for methane which is very carbon-emissions intense? times's up for me. david asman with us. it is yours. neil: sturtevant, thank you very much. welcome to cavuto "coast to coast." i'm david asman in for neil can cavuto. bernie sanders says they are going to push joe biden further to the left. we're talk to a one restaurant owner who says that will not bring any relief to businesses
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already destroyed by the previous restrictions. then in north carolina where the race to get america vaccinated is headed to a speedway. the executive vice president, general manager of charlotte motor speedway, greg walter, is here to discuss his new public/private partnership to help provide a million covid vaccinations. you don't want to miss that. but first stocks sliding away from record territory. the nasdaq bouncing between gains and losses after hitting an all time high this morning. this ahead of a big week for earnings. apple, microsoft, facebook, tesla, they're all set to report this coming week. let's get to market watcher jonathan hoenig and former investment banker and impressive tweeter i must say, carol roth. we never miss a tweet by carol. the most fun tweets you can find on twitter. jonathan, first to you, rob portman, announcing that he was not going to be running for re-election in 2022. that seemed to be the catalyst to send the markets even further
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south than they were already. is there political nervousness on the markets today? >> there is nervousness, david, for a lot of reasons, one of which is the epic run we've had. i'm surprised frankly markets haven't been very nervous at all. we've seen strength, david. 89% of stocks are above their 200-day moving average. today we have 350 new highs. only one or two new lows. the market has hung in there quite impressive live. we've seen almost frightening short squeezes in stocks like gamestop up 100% just today. so stocks are long overdue for a correction. a lot of people have been calling for it but the market has hung in there and let's not forget, the nasdaq went up 89% in 1999. it went up another 20% in the first quarter of 2000. this is a tape that has been very tough to fight. david: carol, what do you think about the political pushback, if
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you will, into the bull market? i mean the bulls are saying look, no matter what is done inside of washington it will be the reemergence of the lockdowns. we saw a little bit of that happening in california. that is going to propel the markets, going to justify the gains that jonathan was talking about. but i see very serious concern about politics. >> yeah. i hate the fact that i haven't had any opportunity to argue with jonathan in quite some time here. now you will make me agree with him again, david. yeah, i think that, whether it is political news, vaccine news, earnings news, all of the news, it is all baked into the market in a really good way. if we learned things from warren buffett about investing, one thing that we look at is the warren buffett indicator. that is the total market cap to gdp. that is off the charts highs. almost two times.
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that is higher than it was during the dot-com bubble. when you add in political to current valuations what is going on with the fed, all of the signs like jonathan said, are pointing to there is too much good news baked into this market and anything that is negative could be that last thing that breaks the camel's back so to speak. david: let me try to end on a positive note. jonathan, if you judge anything by gdp right now, you're going to come up short. the reason is that gdp has been so devastated by these lockdowns. but that is going to turn around with the vaccines, is it not? won't there be, if not, justification for the run-up we have, at least we will find a settling point on these markets that will be buoyed by what happens with the, with the return to normalcy in the economies around the world? >> david, you know, truly from your mouth to god's ear and thankfully the scientists, they are the ones that have gotten us
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out of this mess. what happens with the market, reality is the markets are often forward-looking. we might see the case life gets better, earnings got better, but markets participated in the news actually fall off with buy the rumor sell the fact. no question, david, life will get better thanks to vaccines. thanks to efforts from the government in the previous administration. you will see a lot of return to normalcy, even reporting for a lot of companies whose earnings have been so haywire as a result of the pandemic. david: thanks to you for ending on a positive note, jonathan. we'll bring you both back to talk about china. we'll see you later. president biden kicking off the his first full week in office signing another executive order. there should be 30 by the end of the day. strengthening u.s. domestic manufacturing. white house correspondent, piecer doocy one of the real journalists inside the beltway.
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hi, peter. reporter: david, good afternoon. president trump emphasized buying american products all the time but president biden plans to tweak the policy a little bit. we expect it will happen any minute. on the way out there is a marine posted outside the west wing. that means the president is in the oval office he will put a signature on a policy reads like this. this policy directs agencies to close how domestic content is measured and increase domestic content. his first foreign leader call was with canada's prime minister justin trudeau. he hit biden with bad news, our neighbors to the north are upset biden pulled the plug on the keystone xl pipeline which canada was hoping to keep going. on the call, president acknowledged prime minister trudeau's disappointment on the decision to rescind the permit for the keystone xl people line,
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reaffirmed to maintain active bilateral dialogue and affirm cooperation with canada. on his way out president trump tried to ease restrictions on travelers coming into the country by plane from the eu, uk, and brazil. he wanted to start tomorrow, even though tomorrow joe biden will be the president. we do expect the biden administration to keep those restrictions in place. the white house is actually signaling to us they want to make the restrictions trump tried to get rid of stronger. david? david: peter doocy. thank you very much. thank you very much, peter. senator bernie sanders laying out a plan to pass parts of president biden's agenda if republicans refuse to support the legislation. how would that happen. well, listen? >> we're going to use reconciliation, 50 votes in the senate, plus the vice president to pass legislation, desperately needed by working families in this country right now. you did it. we're going to do it. but we're going to do it to protect ordinary people, not just the rich and the powerful.
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david: reaction from kansas republican senator roger marshall. senator, a lot of working people in america have lost their jobs and are worried that some of the measures, some of the executive orders that we've seen from the white house right now will not help them get another job, particularly raising the minimum wage, which of course is a death knell to many in the restaurant business. we'll be talking about that later but what do you think about bernie sanders' idea how to rush some of this stuff through? >> well, between bernie and the president there is almost sounds machiavellian. the president will do all these executive orders in the first week here, committing all the sins at one time and it is killing jobs. it will drive prices up for americans. it will drive the cost of gasoline up at the pump. it will drive the cost of electricity up. it will make us more dependent upon oil from the middle east. and then, senator, senator bernie sanders plan, that is
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will create uncertainty. your business folks don't like uncertainty going up and down through this process of budget reconciliation. having reverse it in two years hopefully. david: who is hurt mostly by the uncertainty. it is not the big corporations. they can after absorb a lot of costs. silicon valley companies no problems, they pay $20 minimum wages for most of their workers. small businesses the ones hurt the most by these lockdowns all over the country particularly in the restaurant business. if you double their labor costs, they're never going to get back on their feet, right? >> that is right. half the jobs in america at least are from small businesses and increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour in kansas is significant and what it is going to cost more mechanization, and
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increase cup of coffee for workers at mcdonalds. increase the wage will backfire. regulations even more so. the companies cannot handle the increased regulations and cost to run a small business. david: talk about the keystone pipeline. not only was that as peter doocy was telling us a slap at our neighbors to the north at the canadians who spent billions of dollars trying to make, jump through hoops and answer regulatory barriers and they did so the, now that has been canceled, but it is also slapped those u.s. oil workers, many of whom were getting very well-paying oil jobs. now they're going to lose those jobs. of course american consumers are going to end up paying more at the pump. >> exactly. some of those people are my friends work at pipelines putting that particular keystone pipeline n you're right. they were great-paying jobs. just studdenness of this, without having the courtesy to call one of our main trade
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partners. canada is typically number one, two, three, export for most of the products from this country. it was a slap in the face to canada who has been a great partner to america for decades. david: senator, if you will bear with me, i just want to switch to the pandemic for a moment. the new cdc director says the federal government does not know how many doses the u.s. currently has. you're a physician. that is your real job, if you will. are you worried about the vaccine shortages? >> i'm not. i think pfizer, moderna both have committed to 100 million each by the end of february. we have johnson & johnson and astrazenecacoming online as well. but what i'm tired of is excuses. what leaders do, make very complicated simple. government is making the simple complicated. what we do know we've given out 40 million vaccinations across the country that need to be put in peoples' arms. i'm tired of excuses. we have the infrastructure we're
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able to give three million flu vaccines in a day across this county interest. so why don't we use that current infrastructure using community pharmacists, county health departments, use that straight infrastructure that is already there? we can do this if we just get government out of the way. david: interesting. we already have two vaccines. we have another couple on the way. johnson & johnson, astrazeneca. i finally want to move to therapeutics. i have a personal story about this my wife and i had the covid bug about a month ago. we tested positive. we immediately qualified for regeneron infusions. we got them within 48 hours. all of our symptoms were gone. all indications are there is an excess of supply of regeneron antibody therapeutic, there are others, eli lilly, et cetera, but we can't get it out quick enough because of regulatory barriers. how do we speed delivery of those drugs which help for people infected? >> this is so frustrating.
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those monoclonal antibodies are miracle drugs. david: they are. >> we have government getting in the way. let doctors make the decisions who would benefit from the most, whatever we need to do to get government out of the way to let the doctors make decisions. that doctor patient relationship is what is valuable. david: do you think there is a way, there is still a lot of antagonism between democrats and republicans, can you personally work with democrats to get this done? this is a miracle drug and still millions of people around the world infected by covid-19 despite the vaccines. we need the therapeutics. can you work with democrats to get this done. >> absolutely, david. to your point instead we'll talk about impeachment all week next week. we'll not have discussions like how do we get vaccines out? how we get the therapeutic agents out. the front page is talking about the impeachment, we need to talk about how we get vaccinations in people's arms, how do we get
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this economy going. david: senator roger marshall. good to have another physician in the senate. we need people with real jobs in there. good to see you, sir. thank you for being here. congratulations on your new tenure as senator. meanwhile california governor as we mentioned gavin newsom lifting stay at home orders not a moment to toon. some people say it may be too late. not stopping some restaurants filing lawsuits against them. we'll talk to the restaurant owner who is leading that charge right after a break. ♪
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the total body fitness solution that uses its revolutionary ergonomic design to help you maintain comfortable, correct form. that means better results in less time. and there are over 20 exercises to choose from. get gym results at home. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. go to to get yours now. ♪. >> our recovery plan also calls for an increase in the minimum wage at least $15 an hour. no one in america should work 40 hours a week, making below the poverty line. $15 gets people above the poverty line. david: the fight over the federal minimum wage. top aides in the biden white house speaking with senators over the weekend to discuss the president's push to raise the minimum wage to $15 an
12:19 pm
hour. that is twice the current level. blake burman at the white house with more. blake, it has been a long time since it has been raised. but a doubling a quite a jump for a lot of people. reporter: david, as we've seen from president trump, this is focus of him and his administration. the president pushed potential raising of minimum wage calling on congress to do so in his $1.9 trillion stimulus poe proposal. the white house has said that there have been conversations for many days now, outreach conversations with lawmakers and stakeholders about that perspective proposal. we do know there was a call over the week ofened with a group of bipartisan senator about this $1.9 trillion plan. here is what a biden administration said about the call over the weekend, quote, it was a productive, constructive discussion an opportunity to go into more details around the provision of president's american rescue plan. to help reinforce urgency of action, decisive action.
12:20 pm
any attempt to include the minimum wage will not fly with senate republicans in potential relief plan. >> the bigger issue whether or not we'll be specific on covid relief. if you want to do the other items, break it out, separate it out, take the time and do it correct but let's go back in and focus once again on covid relief. reporter: what would a 15-dollar minimum wage look like? the non-partisan congressional office studied this and came up with the following what is could like in the year 2025. 17% wage increase for 17 million workers who make less than $10 an hour, and others might see their paychecks rise as well. the cbo saved if would lead to 1.3 million job losses, a 2/3 chance it could go as high as 3.7 million job losses. david in the senate there is a 60-vote filibuster threshold democrats would have to somehow overcome unless they were to use the process known as reconciliation. in that case, all 50 democratic
12:21 pm
senators, if this ends up staying in a $1.9 trillion relief package, any relief package, all 50 democratic senator was have to ban together to get it to pass. david. david: unless they try to get rid of the filibuster all together. that will change a lot of things if that happens. blake, thank you very much. good stuff. democrat california governor gavin newsom announcing plans to lift regional stay at home orders but more than 50 restaurants and wineries suing over the state's restrictions well the damage has already been done. wine country coalition spokesperson joins us now. certainty yaw, good to see you. what do you think about the governor's attempt to sort of reconcile the views of those who want to end the lockdown orders from his previous views of the lockdowns? >> well, first of all we're super excited this morning to hear that the ban is being lifted for members our coalition and for the restaurant industry
12:22 pm
in general. this is such a sigh of relief. so, you know, it is just, really wonderful that this is happening for all of us. i mean just can't be more excited. david: by the way, do you think you actually had something to do with his changing position on this? >> i don't know. i really can't speak to that. f we did, then great. we need to now kind of evaluate what the next steps are to make sure that this doesn't happen to us again. david: again, there is, it's wonderful, finally a lot of businesses will be able to open again but there are some businesses that won't be able to get on therapy feet at all, right? this has been so devastating to everything that they have and now they're way in over their head in debt? >> yes. we've seen a lot of devastation to restaurants in our community and throughout the bay area. i think they're saying one in
12:23 pm
six nationwide restaurants are closing and permanently closed. we've seen some iconic restaurants close. and the staggering amount of unemployment that has happened in this sector, we have a lot to recover from. this is just one little step towards recovery for our industry but it is going to be a really, really long and hard road. some restaurants have taken on a lot of debt to try to at least keep their doors open. david: i heard the figure of six million workers who have lost their jobs as a result of restaurants closing at least temporarily. what's the number in california? has anybody put that together? >> i think last i looked there was 1.4 million jobs in hospitality in california and 900,000 of them had been lost. david: wow. unbelievable. >> [inaudible]. we laid off at the beginning, we had 50 employees. we went down to six in the first shelter-in-place order back in march. david: wow. >> we brought most of them back
12:24 pm
when we had ppp money. we end up to about 40. then we went back down as this mandate right before christmas, we went down to about 8 full-time equivalent employees. so we laid off a lot of people in my one restaurant alone right before christmas. david: one of the things of course that created egg on the face of the governor was his violation of his own close down edicts when he went out to the restaurant, was eating, was caught with a picture. beyond the hypocrisy, it was the unequal application of these edicts. you had the woman, i believe her name angela marsden. had out door dining that was closed. we have video going to a place from her closed restaurant t was an open outdoor eating facility for hollywood workers because they had the political clout
12:25 pm
that she didn't have. it is that unequal application of the law. i hesitate to even call the law because an edict is not a law in any sense of the word but is that really what undermined a lot of the governor's orders? >> well, i think the reason we brought our lawsuit was because it seemed irrational, unfair and really arbitrary that outdoor dining and outdoor wine tasting were banned basically while other outdoor and indoor riskier activities were allowed to continue to go on. so you know, whether you call that hypocrisy or you know, like you said, there is kind of inequitable distribution about what industry could be what. and that really is the basis of our lawsuit was there was no rational basis for these outdoor activities when following state precautions for them to be banned. david: unequal application of
12:26 pm
the law. it is un-american, it is unconstitutional, it was a sad chapter in the history of the united states i think what happened in the united states with these lockdowns. cynthia, a great day for you. i don't want to shadow the good news on this story because it is the end of a lot of lockdowns in california. still work to be done but it is good news today. thank you very much and congratulations to you. >> thank you so much for having me. david: absolutely. a crisis at the border, why president biden's plan to give illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship has some homeland security officials sounding an alarm. ♪
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♪. david: well as president biden prepares his clean energy push could china about to see a big financial boost as a result? jackie deangelis has some interesting details from the newsroom.
12:31 pm
fascinating story, jackie. reporter: hey, david, this is really interesting. you think about president biden and this push to make the country become greener. most people think that is a good thing, but when i tell you who it will benefit it will benefit china and here's why. think about this, biden wants to transition to the alternative energy space and some of the moves he already made in that end are to overturn the keystone pipeline and an order to ban new permits to drill on federal land for 60 days. if you peel back those layers, think about the markets as well, you will see a really interesting outcome and how china benefits. nobody is talking about this. alternative technology, electric vehicles, they all require silver as its key component. it is called photovoltaics. it powers solar panels and helps with electric cars. according to the world silver survey, 96 ounces of silver were used in photovoltaics in 2020. other reports suggestion a nearly 70 million ounces of
12:32 pm
silver will be needed by 2030 mo to meet the energy united states. from 2013 china was the single largest producer of silver in the world t dwarfed the u.s. its production, mining over three times as much silver. this is not only about alternative energy but biden's energy policy. president trump took a hard stance against china, it was about the america first policy. it was to bring jobs back home and penalize china for some manipulation of the markets and trade system. president biden may not be taking the same approach here and his early actions as we're watching him unfold are an indication of that, david. china will benefit greatly from his energy policies. david: very interesting stuff, jackie, thank you very much. meanwhile china has overtaken the u.s. for the first time as world's top destination for
12:33 pm
world foreign direct investment we're back with capitalist pig hedge fund manager jonathan hoenig and investment manager carol roth. carol, let's talk about china. remember how joe biden i think it was about a year ago he was talking about china and he said, he sort of scoffed at the idea that china could eat our lunch. come on man. this was a time china was literally buying lunch for the biden family. do you think there is any worry, any worry that perhaps the bidens are compromised in some way or joe biden specifically in dealing with china? >> i'm worried about everyone. what is that saying. >> david, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? we've been followed how many times as a country by china. china is run by a communist party and whether it is their treatment of the citizens ever hong kong, whether it is treatment of the uyghur muslims, whether it is their violation of
12:34 pm
their property rights. whatever happened with the virus, how many times are we going to give them a fast? whether it is biden, whether it is our congress at large, whether it is our big u.s. companies that keep making investments into china, we are the ones who are boosting up this communist party at the expense of america and the world. so i am worried about all of it and i think that the old saying pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. this will be a big issue with china. david: you are a master at the use of those old sayings. i love that stuff. jonathan, there is also this, "the wall street journal" had an article today about how china is has become very adept at working with the world trade organization. they are very good at manipulating these international organizations, whether it is world trade or the world health organization, which we're rejoined, the world bank, et cetera, all these international institutions they
12:35 pm
know just which skids to grease if you will if not out right bribery. does that concern to you that when the biden administration seems compelled to get more involved with international organizations? china is the most adept nation at manipulating them? >> china is are corrupt, david. i don't think america will change, or iran or socialist north korea but china you have to give them a little bit of credit. one of the reasons they have become that destination had this nation for foreign direct capital because they have become a little bit more free. in november, david, china actually signed a free trade deal with 15 other pacific asian countries. the u.s. and india actually sat out of that. we're not going to change china but we can keep america free. i think moving more towards free trade, lowering the tariffs is the way to insure direct capital and investment keeps coming to american shores.
12:36 pm
people as people leave high-taxed states like new york to go to florida, low-taxed states, the same thing goes on with countries, lower taxes, tariffs, regulations. money flows to our shores. david: i get all that, carol. i'm a free trader as well. there are issues about china stealing our intelligence, our intellectual property, et cetera. issues that will be dealt with by the world trade organization which is the "wall street journal" says has now been manipulated very carefully by the chinese. do you have feel comfortable allowing these international organizations to deal with issues involving disputes between china and the u.s.? >> no. you can't have free trade with a company or with a country that doesn't value individual rights and property rights. unfortunately we have a lot of these organizations like you said that the wto, which we happen to by the way, marched china right into. it was our fault. david: that's true. >> and the world health organization are running cover
12:37 pm
for china. as you said. they know how to grease the skids so to speak. this is a big issue. what the united states should be doing is allying with the other countries that do value individual rights, property rights and human rates and getting tough on china instead of going, oh, this is cute, maybe they will eventually many brace democracy and freedom and we'll all be happy and live in kumbayah world. it is not going to happen. david: carol, jonathan, we should have you on this subject, jonathan, i see him shaking his head. we have a very strong disagreement here. we have to leave it at that. we've run out of time. great to see you both. we've run out of time. you're a wonderful pair. >> thank you. david: businesses coming up with plans of their own to entice employees to get a covid-19 vaccine. the pay out being offered still ahead. ♪.
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♪ david: cold hard cash to get you covid vaccines. some retail chains are paying employees to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. grady trimble in chicago with the latest on this hi, grady. reporter: david, we're seeing a few different approaches to this how employees approach it, some are mandating it, some are encouraging it, and as you mentioned offering incentives. we've seen al dedo along with other companies, trader joe's and dollar general. offering additional four hours of wage for each employee who get as vaccine. instacart which is hugely popular during the pandemic, they are offering employees and contractors $25 as a stipend if they get the vaccine. another less popular approach we've seen talked about is what
12:43 pm
united airlines is strongly considering all though it is not a policy yet. its ceo said last week at a town hall with employees, that he might make them get the vaccine. he might require it for all employees, he wants other companies to get on board as well. here is what he said at the town hall. i don't think united can get away with, and realistically be the only company that requires vaccines and makes them mandatory. we need others to require leadership in the health care industry. there are those simply encouraging their employees to get that. we talked to walmart and target. that is what they're doing as of right now. they say the vaccine will be available and it will be free for any employee who wants it but there are no incentives as of right now and they are certainly not mon dating it as of -- mandating as of yet. david: grady trimble hunkering down for the winter storm on your way. grady, thank you very much. protests escalating in
12:44 pm
washington state a police officer said to be fearing for his safety drove through a crowd. we will have a live report from the state of washington right after the break. ♪.
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♪. >> who dat. who dat. david: more violence erupting in tacoma, washington. protesters set a large fire, they damaged buildings, they marched with signs in response to a police car that was driving through a crowd, apparently the police officer thought he was in danger. dan springer is live in seattle with details. dan? reporter: david, a pretty volatile situation last night in that coma. the month was demanding the police officer involved in that incident saturday night be fired. they migrated in front of the pierce county jail, they were demanding all inmates inside be released. police arrested two people near the protest who were armed wearing all black with tactical riot gear and ski masks. they are were trying to pick a lock to gain access to a rooftop. the man was armed with a handgun. the woman had double bladed knives and baton.
12:49 pm
they were booked on suspicion of first free burglary. they were protesting the actions of a tacoma officer before. they broke windows of cars and government buildings that housed a 911 call center. seven county employees had to be evacuated for their safety. the video touched off the violence is shocking a tacoma police car can be seen plowing through a crowd of people, running over one person. the officer was responding to a large group of street racers doing doughnuts in the middle of the street. when he arrived he found himself surrounded by people, some began pounding on the patrol car. here is one of the witnesses. >> there was never a call made for people to disperse. they never one time told people to get out of the way. people approached the car, starting yelling, you know. like a group of kids. started yelling at us. david: in a statement tacoma press said people hit the body of the police vehicle and its
12:50 pm
windows as the officer was stopped in the street. the officer fearing for his safety tried to back up but was ahn able to do so because of the crowd. the officer had his lyft and sirens activated while trying to extricate himself from unsafe position the officer drove forward striking one individual and may have impacted others. we know two people were taken to the hospital from that incident. one was released. one is still in the hospital. we don't know his condition. the officer has been put on administrative leave. he is being paid right now while the sheriff's department investigates. the mayor of tacoma said those who are involved should be held responsible. david? david: i just got to throw a compliment your way. you give the most, right down the center reporting of anybody in the pacific northwest of all the trouble that they have had there these many months now. congratulations to you. i'm glad you're on the ground to report on all this. appreciate it, dan springer. thank you very much. >> thanks, david. david: with riots continuing in the pacific northwest some are
12:51 pm
calling for a stronger response from president biden. so how should democrats respond to all this? let's bring in california -- okay. we were going to have congressman, democrat congressman john garamendi. apparently we lost him. we'll try to get him back after a short break. stay with us.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
12:55 pm
♪. david: we do have democrat congressman john garamendi back with us now. he represents california. excuse me, congressman, let me thank you first of all for hanging with us there with our technical difficultyies. the questions of the riots taking place in the pacific northwest, we really haven't heard anything from president biden about the intensity of those riots. some which have been focused on federal buildings. and focused on the democrats as well as the republicans. one of the signs i saw we don't want biden, we want revenge with a picture of an ak 47 underneath that. do we really thinking norring these rioters is the best policy here? >> well, we are, what, four days into the biden administration. they're forming up their cabinet. they're forming up their
12:56 pm
department of justice. as well as the department of homeland security. all of those agencies are in the process of being formed with the appropriate people in place. i can assure you this, biden will not stand for violence, whether it's in washington or in oregon or in washington, d.c. this administration is going to make sure all protests are peaceful. if they're not, people are going to be arrested and prosecuted. david: so what should we hear from president biden? is it necessary for him to make a statement? because some of these riots are really getting out of control. >> i'm sure you will. he has made statements about the, about the violence that occurred here in washington, d.c. at the capitol. i can assure you will hear from this administration about violent demonstrations wherever they may be. he will not stand for it. nor should us, nor should
12:57 pm
anybody, local government, state government, or the national government. there is however, we need to be cognizant of the fact that the federal agencies are in the process being formed with leadership being put in place, just a couple days ago, we have a new secretary of defense. the secretary of the justice department, the, attorney general, has not yet been confirmed. nor has the confirmation for, i think the homeland security was just confirmed a couple days ago. david: yes. >> so in any case as this administration forms up its organizations you will see violent demonstrators being dealt with very, very strongly and appropriately. david: now some people are concerned though, that the talk against violence has been somewhat selective. you didn't hear much talk about it when the protesters or the
12:58 pm
rioters were attacking white house in the springtime. 60 secret service officers were injured as a result of that attack on a major federal building. are you concerned that the talk against violence has been selective? i think we might have lost him again. yeah, we did. so sorry. our apologies to congressman john john garamendi. we tried our best but we did have technical difficulties. we want to switch to another story bernie sanders assuring democrats they will push the president as far to the >> congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez wants him to forgive student loan debt. congressman jamal bowman called for a more progressive cabinet. are they right in. >> look, we're going to push joe -- the president -- as far as we can. david: well, this as the biden administration is set to sign yet another executive order
12:59 pm
later today with another slew to come this week. republicans are saying this is not exactly what unifying america is all about. to fox news contributor kristin soltis anderson and the hill correspondent, reid wilson. good to see you both. reid, first to you. at the end of the day, we're going to have about 30 executive orders and actions. this is a lot more than any president that has preceded president biden. does that concern folks inside the beltway? pleasure. >> well, i don't think it concerns anybody other than republicans and the groups that oppose some of these orders. some of these orders are things that i think you find get pretty bipartisan support. for example, today president biden is signing an executive order bolstering the buy american programs that are already mandated through the federal government. just signing some loopholes and trying to get, basically, what the white house says will help improve american manufacturing. that was a hallmark of the trump
1:00 pm
administration too. david: but, kristin, you know, it's an irony that we have this buy american executive order, if you will, at the same time that you have a cancellation of a key measure that would have prevented the keystone pipeline from providing americans with cheap energy and prod -- and providing a lot of american middle class workers in the oil industry with more jobs. >> that's right. and even our neighbors up north, the canadians, have expressed their displeasure. prime minister justin trudeau expressing to biden that he does not agree with the decision to cancel the keystone xl pipeline. you know, it'll be interesting to see to what extent biden's early agenda focuses heavily on things that are pretty bipartisan like covid relief, making sure we get as many vaccines in as many arms as possible and how many focus on checking off things of bernie sanders' and aoc's wish list.
1:01 pm
using the honeymoon period as a new president to do things that might be less politically palatable later on. david: and, reid, with a tremendous loss of house seats among democrats -- and they were expecting a blue wave, it was just the opposite in the house and, of course, a 50-50 split in the senate -- is that really the definition of a mandate? >> well, it's not up to me to say what's a mandate or not. i think every president claims a mandate no matter how big or small their margins of victory are. but i think that point actually speaks to the cover that president biden is going to get if bernie sanders, if representative ocasio-cortez say, hey, we've got to do the most progressive things possible, he's going to lose -- david: forgive me, reid, but what would be an example? he's already made some pretty far-left moves as a part of those executive the actions. what would be a step too far from biden's position, too far
1:02 pm
to the left? >> well, i think we've seen this in the medicaid for all conversation from the primary campaign. clearly something that, say, a bernie sanders wants to do and something joe biden is less comfortable with. he's always been part of the moderate, centrist wing of the democratic party even as that has evolved over the years. clearly doesn't mean what it meant in the 1980s, 1990s. but he's got the coffer because something can only pass if it gets 51 votes in the senate, in a lot of cases, 60 votes in the senate. so if you've got a proposal that's not going to win over joe manchin or susan collins or, say, a rob portman, your agenda's not going to go very far in the senate. david: kristin, then you have these incremental moves. biden did speak out against medicare for all, but there are these incremental moves back in that direction, are reinstating the penalty if you don't have a kind of insurance that qualifies
1:03 pm
under obamacare, it would be one of those moves. is it conceivable that the bernie sanders of the far left of the party will be satisfied with these little, incremental moves in their direction even if the overall goal is out of reach? >> i doubt that they'll be satisfied. they may be pleased that biden's moving that way. but remember, for folks on the more extreme wings of either party, there's never really a time where they go, oh, okay, we won. we're good here. there's always pressure to keep pushing things further. i think right now they're feeling with democratic unified control of government that now's the time to strike. if you've got ideas, put them forward, push them now. i don't know that biden has a mandate to do much in particular besides not be donald trump. he was fairly quiet on the campaign trail, taking a bit more of a backseat while trump took up all the oxygen which means i think it would be a mistake for him to assume he has a great deal of mandate to do a ton of specific things.
1:04 pm
certain things he said he would do, instituting protections for the dreamers, those are things i think two-thirds of americans are supportive of. but a lot of other things are much closer to the 50-50 proposition. so he doesn't necessarily have a mandate to do everything he wants to do. he may need to pick and choose what he uses his limited honeymoon to pursue. david: and you mentioned, briefly, immigration. immigration's one of those key issues, particularly if there's amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants here in the country now. thank you both. meanwhile, tensions are flaring as china flies several bomber planes and fighter jets into taiwan's air space. fox news correspondent benjamin hall as the latest on this. >> reporter: yeah, hi. it has not taken long after biden's inauguration for china to start flexing their muscles and to see exactly how the biden administration will respond, and that's exactly what we saw over the weekend, china flexing their muscle, sending in these fighter
1:05 pm
la planes to buzz taiwanese air defense systems. in fact, 15 chinese aircraft entered that defense zone on monday, on sunday, a day after 12 war planes including nuclear-capable bombers also entered the zone. this mock attack prompted the biden administration's first public remarks on its relationship with taipei, the state department saying, quote: we urge beijing to cease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure against taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with taiwan's democratically-elected representatives. there was some u.s. military movement in the area around the same time which did anger the chinese. the uss theodore roosevelt pro moting freedom of the seas. it is also beijing's increasingly assertive maritime agenda and control over the critical shipping lanes. china has stated openly that it intends to reunify with taiwan
1:06 pm
and by force, if necessary, by 2035. it has also more recently called for a reset in the u.s./china ties under the biden administration. and on thursday they warned the u.s. to, quote, cautiously and appropriately handle taiwan issues to prevent harm to u.s./china relations. president trump was a major supporter of taiwan. he sold billions of dollars in weapons including air defense systems as well as green lighting high-level diplomatic visits which previous administrations had not done. china looking very carefully to see how biden will treat the his relationship with taiwan and just how far china can push relations there. biden says he wants to reach out to china. david: interesting situation developing. benjamin, thank you very much. president biden has said he plans to work with allies to keep pressure on china, but with china gaining more clout in the world trade organization, poses a significant channel for the u.s. back with kristin soltis anderson and reid wilson. kristin, china is clearly the biggest threat to world peace at
1:07 pm
the moment. i think most sides would say that. but if -- a lot of people see president biden as somewhat compromised not only by previous positions downplaying the threat from china, but as also by, you know, his family's relations with business dealings in china that some people say might compromise him what. how much of a difficulty does this pose for his stance, the world view of how he stands with regard to china? >> i think with all the scrutiny on his family at the moment, i'm not as concerned about that being an issue with regards to his position on china. i think we should judge him on what his administration does, who are his appointments and what does his policy look like. the biden administration is going to face the problem that in recent years china has made efforts to expand its sphere of influence in part because, frankly, america has stepped back. places like africa, building
1:08 pm
infrastructure, reasserting american influence and showing china's not necessarily the partner you want to have around the world is going to be an important priority i hope the biden administration will take on. david: well, and the question, reid, is how we respond to china's actions. there is something called the taiwan relations act that dates back to 1979. it's kind of vague in what happens if worse comes to worse, but what should the biden administration do if, god forbid, china invades taiwan? >> well, it's not up to me to give advice, especially not of a military sort, but it's going to be a noted difference in the president's relationship with china and taiwan than what we saw from president trump. remember, one of president trump's very early congratulatory the phone calls after he won election in 2016 was from the president of taiwan. that broke some diplomatic customs that we've had in the past, but -- and it's clearly e not something that joe biden has done yet.
1:09 pm
we'll see whether or not there's any sort of engagement. but historically, the u.s. has not sent high-level diplomats to taiwan for fear of upsetting that delicate balance with china. david: right. of course, that's diplomatic talk. we'll wait and see what happens if push comes to shove with taiwan. i want to get back to immigration because former dhs secretary chad wolf sounded the alarm over president biden's plan to provide a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants. take a listen, i'll get your reaction. >> i'm afraid that some of the actions that pride. en and the administration has taken is actually going to cause an immigration and border security crisis on our southwest border, and that's something we don't need right now. david: now, kristin, what would you say to those immigrants -- and there are millions of them -- who have done things the legal way, who are waiting for their, for some entry to the u.s. whether it's a green card or something short of that who say, look, you're just about to offer what we've been trying to
1:10 pm
get for years, and actually i have a member of my family who's in that position, a member from central america who's been trying to get in for ten years legally, and suddenly you have people who have been here illegally jumping the line. >> i think this is where the politics of immigration are so complex and why, for instance, you saw someone like president trump actually do better with hispanic voters than in the past or than might have been expected despite the fact he'd taken a hard-line position on immigration. the issue, however, is that you do have significant majorities of americans that say it's not tenable to say these 31 plus million -- 11 plus million people should all leave, there needs to be some kind of solution to give them status here in the united states. that does tend to be a majority position. the question is how you structure that, and without it being a magnet. former acting dhs secretary wolf, i assume that's his concern, if all of a sudden it sounds like there will be
1:11 pm
amnesty granted, does it act as a magnet -- david: well, it's already happening. we've already seen the reher generals of these caravans. we have another one developing in honduras, reid. i'm just wondering how biden threads that needle. obviously, there are enough people not only in the republican party, but some democrats as well are wary of giving a complete amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants in the country right now, so how does he thread the needle? how does he decide who gets a pathway to citizenship and who does not? >> well, i don't think he makes that decision. i think we're probably going to see the reemergence of another gang of six or gang of eight in the u.s. senate trying to hammer out an agreement between bipartisan groups here. remember, senators like dick durbin and marco rubio and even the late john mccain were parts of efforts in the past to come to some form of agreement. kristin brings up a great point here, it's simply untenable to continue this, you know, to have
1:12 pm
so many people here without papers in an undocumented way. there is bipartisan support for coming up with some kind of solution, we'll just see what kind of solution can get 60 votes in the senate, and that's going to require sort of -- [laughter] more gang activity on capitol hill. david: yeah. well, it's also untenable to provide amnesty for 11 million while so many millions around the world are trying to do things the legal way. we represent a legal body in the united states, not an illegal one, and it has to be done legally. kristin and reid, thank you both for being here, appreciate it. coming up, rage over minimum wage. businesses warning hiking those wages might be the last straw for already struggling companies. that's next. ♪ they really hawk but we just walk because we have no time. ♪ and in in the in the city thea pity 'cuz we just can't hide.
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david: well, stocks kind of wavering t, nasdaq swinging between gains and losses after hitting an all-time high this morning. let's go to lauren simonetti with the top business headlines.
1:17 pm
hi, lauren. >> reporter: hey, david. from wall street's point of view, the vaccine rollout is in the driver's seat, and so is the latest stimulus, and both appear stalled today, and that's why you're seeing the major averages struggle to find direction. but the s&p and the nasdaq, very choppy trade. the nasdaq is performing better than its peers, that's ahead of key earnings from apple. could be its first $100 billion quarter thanks to the iphone 12. the stock earlier hit an all-time high. tesla also reports on wednesday. expect a sixth straight quarterly profit. i don't know if that's enough to justify the stock rallying about 700% in the past year, but nonetheless, here we are. and facebook, they're reporting on wednesday, and they're expected to see a big recovery in advertiser spending. all in one-third of the dow, one-fifth of the s&p 500 open their books for the last quarter this week. and check this out, david, gamestop. heavy volume, shares doubled at
1:18 pm
one point, then they turned lower. what a story. so gamestop shares are being propped up not by fundamentals, but by freshman traders collaborating on social platforms like twitter, and they're looking to push out the short sellers. right now gamestop is up 12%, but it was up well over 100 moments ago. and let's end on some good news, investors tracking the latest vaccine rollout, and moderna says its two shots do protect against emerging variants of covid-19. those variants are more contagious and, in some cases, appear to be more deadly per u.k. data. moderna is also testing a third shot, a booster. that could provide further protection against future mutations. so moderna is a winner today, and it's good news that we do have these vaccines, and we hope to get them rolled out quicker. david: absolutely. never in history have we seen an effort such has been made during this pandemic.
1:19 pm
that is great news. thank you very much, lauren. well, businesses are slamming the push to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour nationwide, particularly in industries like restaurants that have been decimate by the coronavirus lockdowns. new york state lost one million jobs in 2020. to fox news contributor gary b. smith. gary, great the see you, thank you very much. there is a lot of good news with the vaccines and the therapeutics and, hopefully, we will see an end to this pandemic in 2021, but 2020 took such a toll. we just got this news from new york state labor department, a million jobs lost. by the way, as early as july they were saying we'd end up with 500,000 jobs lost for the year which is bad enough, but it's double that. one million jobs lost. no industry has been decimated, i think in manhattan anyway, more than the restaurant business. and no industry is more sensitive to a raise, particularly a doubling in many
1:20 pm
cases of minimum wage than the restaurant business. is this really the right time to be talking about nationally doubling the minimum wage? >> well, david, first of all, nice to see you. david: nice to see you. >> the question is, is it ever the right time to raise the minimum wage. minimum wage is fantastic if you're a politician the because it makes you feel good, and people never see or don't account for the unintended side effects. look, let's just say that $15 right off the top is not the same as it is in new york city where you might say, well, the cost of living's so high as it is in des moines, iowa. so, first of all, the whole idea of a national minimum wage is kind of silly because it never takes into effect the cost of living. but, you know, the politicians will say, look, all these low paid workers are suddenly enriched. they're making more. you always hear the argument now
1:21 pm
they're above the poverty level. and in many cases, that's true. what the politicians never tell you is something the economists realize, all those workers are making more, but the restaurant owner is making less. and people say, well, that's okay, he can afford it, he's the millionaire whatever. but the fact is that restaurant then, a, it can't expand and, b, because it can't expand or maybe open a new restaurant, he or she can't hire more workers. so that's always the trade-off. do you want fewer people making more, or do you want more jobs out there? most people would vote for more jobs that reflects what the market is willing to pay. david: and you mentioned what the folks inside the beltway don't understand. frankly, that's a huge category, what they don't understand. [laughter] but one thing that particularly democrats have troubles with is the idea of incentives, that you can -- you need to provide
1:22 pm
incentives for growth, and you need to take away disincentives. doubling the minimum wage is a disincentive to growth, and there are incentives, for example, the trump administration had this plan that was derided as being the three martini lunch plan to allow to go back to the days when you could have 100% deduction for business lunches. they were saying, well, that's just a boon to the rich. but you're going to need some kind of incentives to get customers back to restaurants, and at least that was an attempt at that. i haven't heard any attempts at providing incentives for businesses from the biden administration. not yet anyway. >> look, the biggest incentive, david, we know is always going to be to lower costs whether that's to lower marginal tax rates -- not a stimulus, but marginal tax rates -- or the cost of doing business. when you increase the minimum wage, you might as well tell the restauranteur, look, we're going to charge you double for all the
1:23 pm
chicken you buy because that's going to help out the chicken industry. but again, it's going to raise the cost of them doing business. they have to either shut down, hire less people or raise the menu prices. what happens when they raise the menu prices? people say, you know what? i'm not going to eat that that restaurant anymore. tafd david yeah. the number one rule of economics is so simple. two words, incentives matter. i wish -- >> exactly. tawf david -- i could a tattoo that on a lot of these politicians' arms. good to see you, gary. republican senator rand paul firing back at a media that he says is making anyone on the right sound like liars. things got very testy on "meet the press" yesterday. you'll want to hear this. ♪ the things you say, you're unbelievable ♪♪
1:24 pm
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1:28 pm
>> i won't be cowed by people saying, oh, you're a liar. that's the problem with the media today. they say all republicans rely cars. there are two sides to every story. interview somebody on the other side, but don't insert yourself into the story to assert we're all liars -- >> there are not two sides to the story. this has been looked at in every -- >> sure there are. there are two sides to every story, george. you're forgetting who you are. you're forgetting who you are as a journalist if you think there's only one side. you're inserting yourself into the story to say i'm a liar because i want to look at election fraud. dafd david that was a little exciting for a sunday morning. republican senator rand paul calling out george stephanopoulos for inserting his political views into his questions. kelly jane torrance and liberal commentator ethan bierman join me now to discuss this.
1:29 pm
just to make clear, kelly jane, what it was, senator rand did certify the various states' electors. and so he was not one to go for noncertification. on the other hand, he said that just to say that there were problems with the election that need to be investigated does not mean that i'm a liar. what do you think? >> yeah, david. i doubt there's any election, especially a national one, that occurs with zero fraud. there's always bad behavior. whether it was enough to overturn the election is another story. but rand paul has a point. george stephanopoulos, of course, is a democrats, he worked in bill clinton's white house, and a lot of people in the media go through that revolving door from media to democratic administrations and back again. and there's no question that the media coverage of joe biden, the new president, is very different from that of donald trump. i mean, you had cnn's director
1:30 pm
of communications tweeting that his inauguration fireworks would inspire our friends and shake our foes. [laughter] this is not manager they ever said about -- something they ever said about donald trump's fireworks. rand paul, he certified. he's not one of those people who wrote in not to certify the results and make joe biden president. he's actually more reasonable thanker you know, some on this. -- than some on this, and it's strange that george stephanopoulos would pick him -- [laughter] to attack that harshly. david: welsh ethan, on the other hand -- well, ethan, you have to admit that virtually every night on 90% of the media during the trump era you would hear very harsh, 90% of the news would be negative on what donald trump did. so far it's early days yet, i admit, but so far we haven't had anything but positive news, glowing analyses of what's coming out of the biden administration from the media. >> well, i don't agree with that
1:31 pm
because the basis for criticizing the former president was over 30,000 lies told. and then we still have the sedition caucus that appears to be participating in that. and it's also a sad lie from rand paul when he says all republicans rely cars. that's not true. -- are liars. that's to not true. this is the most bizarre form of victimhood put forth. remember, nine out of top ten facebook posts day after day after day, the largest reach in the world is facebook. nine out of ten are conservative posts, conservative-lean aring posts. so this is just false victimhood. david: hold on a second, you mentioned social media -- [inaudible conversations] david: do you deny that social media has ganged up on conservatives and, in some cases, censoring legitimate news stories like hunter biden's connection with china and the ukraine? i mean, that was a legitimate story that was actually censored
1:32 pm
by twitter. and even the founder of twitter admitted that it was a mistake. >> no. by the way, i was on fox news debunking the hunter biden story. look, if you're going to focus on stories that are baseless, that lack a factual basis -- [laughter] that are just allegations, you're going to be called out. furthermore, if you're going to lie or incite violence, you're going to be violating somebody's terms of service, and they're going to hold you accountable -- david: let me move on to ooh -- to a related subject. republican senator josh hawley saying he has been muzzled after voting not to certify the election results. there's the cover of the new york post. kelly jane, one thing he mentions is what the chinese have. they have something called a social credit score; that is, you're judged, you're eliminated from the possibility of getting any credit if you're not politically correct according to their standards, and he sees
1:33 pm
some of that being played out in the united states. do you? >> i do, david, and i think he made some very good points in that piece. i can't help but mention, by the way, of course that hunter biden laptop story was broken by the new york post and, yes, we did have it suppressed by facebook and twitter. and, you know, ethan mentions a lot of the top stories shared by facebook are conservative. that's partly because the traditional media doesn't let those voices get heard. and we are seeing, i think, a move to deplatform if people on the right. it started, of course, with banning donald trump from twitter, but it's been going on before that, and it's been continuing. someone like josh hawley, you know, losing a book contract because people don't like one of his political views. he mentions in the piece it's not just, you know, big politicians like him that this is happening to, it's regular people. david: right. >> like he mentioned in the piece, you might cut someone off
1:34 pm
in traffic, and people will follow you home -- [inaudible conversations] david: let's give ethan a chance to get in here because we're run aring out of time. but, ethan, there was an era in the '50s, the mccarthy era, in which people were blackballed if they were seen as too far to the left. now it seems like you're getting the same thing on the right, no? >> no. because it's not government action that's silencing people. david: i didn't say it was -- [inaudible conversations] in hollywood it was tone by private companies. isn't it a shame whether it's done to either the left or to the right? >> look, i don't like silencing people, but lies that incite a violent insurrection that -- david: that's not what we're talking about. >> -- is what simon and schuster is doing. you can't incite insurrection and just be like, oh, those were just words. that's not how our system works -- toughed david okay. well, inciting insurrection had nothing to do with that new york post article on hunter biden. thank you both, gang.
1:35 pm
we talk to the head of charlotte motor speedway on their partnership with the state of north carolina to get the vaccine doses out quickly. more in a moment. ♪ -- just can't turn and walk away. ♪ it's hard to say what it is i see in you. ♪ wonder if i'll always be with you. ♪ words can't say, i can't do enough to prove
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david: house speaker nancy pelosi set o formally send the impeachment article -- there's only one -- to the senate today, but even some democrats fear the push for impeachment could interfere with the confirmation of biden's cabinet members along with his agenda. jacqui heinrich on cap top hill. >> reporter: good afternoon, david.
1:40 pm
the impeachment trial does give senate minority leader mitch mcconnell really an upper hand in these power-sharing negotiations which have to happen before any of these big bills can come to the floor. if the democrats will agree not to eliminate the filibuster, things can get moving. but if not, mcconnell can really make things difficult for chuck schumer. if schumer doesn't try to enact big change by limb eliminating it, the progressive left will come from him. and if he does, republicans will weaponize the power grab in the midterms. success will come in areas where there's a big enough bipartisan effort to move forward, things like covid, the economy and infrastructure, keeping in mind republicans are leery about the size of the country's debt, so democrats might need to pare back their expectations. >> things that require a lot of money have to go through congress. so a lot of the things he wants to do in terms of covid relief,
1:41 pm
infrastructure repair, immigration reform, those things are going to require congressional action, and if that's the risk for the democratic party that on those issues they may not be able to deliver all the things that the base wants. >> reporter: more contentious issues like immigration reform and gun control always divide the parties. eliminating the filibuster could kill high hopes for big change, but house speaker pelosi indicated immigration is biden's next big focus. >> we're pleased to see the president, the administration come forward with an immigration proposal, very pleased that in the house linda sanchez will be taking the lead, senator menendez in the senate. it has the basic principles that we've talked the about all along,, and we'll see what the timetable is on that. >> reporter: this weekend democrat senator dick durbin said the country -- or the party, excuse me, should consider eliminating the
1:42 pm
filibuster if it's going to get in the way of big change but that the parties should start with only dialogue in the beginning. david? david: careful what you wish for. jacqui heinrich, thank you very much. new questions emerging about trump's business future and whether or not his organizations can survive. charlie gasparino has some details on this. charlie? >> david, there are two big stories out there involving the former president, trump. one, obviously, is the impeachment, very big. the other is what's going on with his business dealings, the trump organization. obviously, the events that transpired over his last couple weeks in office were not good for the business empire. we do, we have been doing reporting by me and lydia moynihan, my producer, on what the future might be. we are reaching out to people, including eric trump inside the trump organization. here's kind of what they're telling us, and they're doubling down on the notion, david, whether you believe it or not -- and, you know, like i said, i'm just here to report, you guys decide. i cover both sides of the story.
1:43 pm
this is their side. the 70 plus million people that voted for trump will translate positively for their business, and they're just trying to figure out a way to make that a positive. they are saying this, you know, we raised the question with various trump officials how about banks? the deutsche bank doesn't want to deal with you anymore. that was your longtime lender: the other banks were leery even before that because of donald trump's past potential, past issues with banks involving some of his casino properties. what they're telling us is that they're going to find other banks. they're also telling us today they actually are still the dealing with deutsche bank because there's still outstanding financing arrangements they have to deal with them. they're looking to capitalize again on his popularity by possibly doing something with social media. i don't know how you do this but, again, a potential trump competitor to twitter. interesting quote by eric trump that lydia got earlier today -- or yesterday, as a matter of
1:44 pm
fact. we asked him about his business empire, about rumors about selling doral. denied, not doing it. about having to sell the d.c. hotel, not doing it at least now, that might come in the future. here's what he said, these are premier properties, and there are hundreds of banks out there. we are not worried about finding another bank. he didn't elaborate what that bank would be, but it's a big world out there are. the trumps have very close ties with the saudi royal family, and as you know, that is a bank to a large extent. so i bet this is not the last you're going to hear of the trump organization and, you know, they're trying to hang in there. david, back to you. david: i tell you, green fees keep going up at all of their golf courses. i'm sure there's money to be made there but, again, it's the hotels x. they're hit by the pandemic just like any other hotel as well. >> that's true. david: got that going against them. charlie, great reporting. thank you very much, appreciate it. well, schools all over the
1:45 pm
country are pushing to stay remote despite parents calling for the return of in-school learning. we've got a report on that next. ♪ do you think time would pass me by? ♪ 'cuz you know i'd walk a thousand miles -- ♪ if i could just see you tonight ♪♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to nicorette knows, quitting smoking is hard. you get advice like: just stop.
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david: the biden administration's vowig to reopen schools quickly, but a lot of public schools are pushing to stay remote. kristina partsinevelos has details on this. hi, kristina. >> reporter: hi, david. schools across the country are facing an uphill battle when it comes to reopening during the pandemic. take, for example, success academy right behind me. they have opted now to close and stay completely remote until the end of the academic year, so that affects 20,000 students across the area. the school network also has decided, too, that they're going to cut short the academic year. they're going to end on may 28th with the hopes that more people like teachers and staff will get vaccinated so they can reopen early, on august 2nd. we know president biden has signed an executive order to accelerate the reopening of schools. he did allocate $130 billion in
1:50 pm
financial aid to public schools, but we can see there are many situations where schools are closing, and it shows we may be behind that goal. right now the federal government does not have data they can provide to the public in regards to which students are in remote learning, which ones are in a traditional class. but if you take, for example, this graph of that i got, they've been monitoring it. in the middle of america, it's a little darker, that shows more students are in traditional in-classroom learning. but right now less than one-fourth of u.s. public school students are actually in classes. so you can see it's a trying time. just in chicago, for example, the chicago teachers union just voted not to return to in-person learning, and this comes even though the district has been pushing to get teachers back to teach at least k-8 students. the union says they want teachers first to at least get one out of the two vaccines before they start in-person
1:51 pm
learning, but the problem is the district is saying the teachers may not get vaccinated until mid february, and it could take months. so, david, you have a she -- scenario right now where there's no -- you have pretty much teachers that if they go in, they could be at risk if they're teaching in person, but if it's the completely remote learning, students could really suffer especially, especially when it comes to mental health. david? day david gotta get those teachers vaccinated. that would go a long way to solve this problem. >> reporter: exactly. david: thank you very much. charlotte motor speedway now open as a covid-19 mass vaccination site. charlotte motor speedway executive vice president, general manager greg walter joins us now. greg, good to see you. this is a terrific idea. whose idea was it? >> well, or actually, something, david, we worked on about a year ago with our local health d. to model what it would be like to do a mass inoculation event.
1:52 pm
david: let me just stop you there, a year ago, before this was actually called a pandemic, you were seeing the possibility of this happening? >> exactly a year ago we actually worked with the health department, what if we needed to inoculate thousands of people at once? we used that playbook, in essence, for this weekend. david: you were prescient. that's extraordinary there. you decided this could be a possibility. so how many vaccinations can you do daily? >> we did 5,000 a day with this model. i think there's bandwidth to increase that by 50%. david: 50%. so you eventually could be churning out tens of thousands of vaccinated people. >> absolutely. david: wow. >> absolutely. you know, we are entertainment and event builders. we host people from all over the country and all over the world for sports events, festivals. plunging people -- bringing people in, pushing them through
1:53 pm
the facility, this is a natural for us. so to be able to put this together with our partners at honeywell, sports entertainment, this was a natural way to serve the community. david: are you being reimbursed by some of the pharmaceutical companies or by the government itself or what? >> yeah. so we have -- there were hard costs involved with the endeavor, we decided to actually lean in and give our facility for free. ful -- so we display this some things, but there are hard costs that the group will share. david: so you're essentially going to eat the cost, they're not too big. but i'm just wondering whether you have caught up on the news that there may be a shortage of vaccines. is that -- are you capable now of doing more vaccines if you have greater supply? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely are. the governor -- we set the goal of vaccinating a million people in north carolina by july 4th.
1:54 pm
and what a great way to celebrate the fourth of july, with by saying we've accomplished that. so we're ready, we're standing by. as many doses as we can get we can get in the arms of our community. david: now, are you still able to do events there despite the fact that half the time you're using the speedway as a vaccination center? >> it's a balance aring act. you know, we've been doing multiple things out here. we just had a christmas light show that was hugely successful. concerts, drive-in movies, a awe sorts of food drives, mask distributions. so there are a number of things going on so, yeah, with 1,000 acres, we can balance it all out and make them both work. david: now, there are some people that have had -- overall these vaccines are very safe, from what we can tell. they did go through the full three phases and everything, but there are some adverse reactions to the vaccine. have you noticed any of those, and what kind of facilities do
1:55 pm
you have to deal with anything that is untoward like that? >> you know, when you're vaccinating 16,000 people in a weekend, statistically there's going to be some people who may have a reaction to it. patient health was on site. we had facilities to take anybody that did have a reaction. we're not the health care professionals, we're the entertainment and have fun folks, but atria was set up to handle the couple we had out here from what i've heard from folks internally, everyone's well. david: well, you do great work. it's just amazing you came up with the idea before we actually knew there was a pandemic at work throughout the world. charlotte motor speedway, they do, they're doing god's work, it's clear to say, in the south of the country anyway. greg walter, great to see you, my friend. thank you very much for being here. well, meanwhile, twitter is introducing something called bird watch. you may not have heard of it. it's a community-based approach. this is how they describe it, to
1:56 pm
misinformation. now, twitter says this is going to allow people to identify information in tweets that they believe are misleading and write notes that provide informative context. is that going to make things better or worse? ♪ ♪ you shut down your heart, hang on every word you say ♪♪ when yo, you pay less with pay per mile insurance from allstate you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today . .
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♪. david: well the dow is still negative not by anywhere near what it was earlier but look at this, the s&p, the nasdaq, both in positive territory. nasdaq well in positive territory. good time to hand it over to my friend charles payne. good to see you, charms. charles: you too, david asman, my man. thank you for doing the show today. david: thank you. charles: good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." breaking right now, hold on to your hats, boys and girls it is getting wild. the wall street is battling with the shorts and and wall street losing its grip and ability to dictate and intimidate. big investors are chasing also. they're going back to the comfort of those megagrowth names. all this excitement is this sign of a market top? we have amazing guests throughout the show where the market goes from here. americans are more concerned with the direction of


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