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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> she does. elizabeth: thank you, i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching evening edit on fox business, join us tomorrow night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. elections have consequences as former president barack obama once reminded us. and his vice president is now leading this nation. and in less than a week in office, president biden is only further dividing the nation even as he calls for unity, endorsing the radical dems' continued persecution of his predecessor, donald trump, who is now a private citizen, after all. and president biden approving the sham impeachment process launched by speaker pelosi and senator schumer with the
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complicity of senators mcconnell, romney and other rinos. and today all of the senators of both parties were sworn in as jurors for the impeachment trial of that private citizen, that former president, president donald trump. who is, obviously, even to the vile and vicious radical dems, obviously no longer in office. the radical dems don't care, and seemingly the rinos don't either. they both want to further persecute the man they have sought to destroy since he won the republican presidential nomination in 2016. no matter the cost to the nation, the division they exacerbate and enlarge. the democrats and the deep state and the left-wing national media along with their masters on wall street, k street and silicon valley have not been held to account for a single venal act, and there have been hundreds of such acts committed as they
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spawned phony fbi investigations, created false dossiers, put together a special counsel and now two impeachments defrauding and duping courts and agencies and all with the averted eyes of a corrupt federal judiciary. radical democrats so emboldened that they now in front of all america knowingly violate the u.s. constitution as they slither across the floor of the u.s. senate intent on destroying one man and devastating 74 million americans who support his agenda and voted for donald trump. the constitution they violate, without conscience, is clear and unequivocal on the point. quote: the president, vice president and all civil officers of the united states shall be removed from office on impeachment. removed from office. and also straightforward and
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plain, when the president of the united states is tried, the chief justice shall preside. the president, the chief justice. the president is in an office, and the chief justice -- the president isn't in office, and the chief justice isn't presiding. what a sham. senator rand paul took to the senate making the point this is nothing more than the radical dems' endless effort to overthrow trump and his agenda. >> this impeachment is nothing more than a partisan exercise designed to further divide the country. democrats claim to want to unify the country, but impeaching a former president -- a private citizen -- the is antithesis of unity. unity is the opposite of this travesty we are about to witness. if we are about to try to impeach a president, where's the chief justice? if the accused is no longer
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president, where is the constitutional power to impeach him? private citizens don't get impeached. impeachment is for removal from office. and the accused here has already left office. hyperpartisan democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol the likes of which has never been seen in our nation's historiment democrats are wasting -- history. democrats are wasting the nation's time on a partisan vendetta against a nanolonger in office. it's -- nanolonger in office. it's almost as if they have no ability to exist without donald trump. without him as their bogeyman, they might have to legislate and to actually convince americans that their policy prescriptions are the right ones. lou: no such need to in this po. senator schumer and mcconnell will. >> this constitution for their
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vindictiveness and for their own petty purposes. and now claim radical dem senator patrick leahy will be allowed to preside over their trial which is also in clear violation of the constitution and mere decency. they also see, of course, no real need for witnesses. >> i don't think there's a need for a whole lot of witnesses. we were all the witnesses, you know? so it's different than the previous trial. and we are not let the republicans be dehe story just to delay it for its own sake so we don't do covid or don't to anything, but it'll be fair. lou: it'll be fair. and the republicans have no response to this. there is no action they take that seems intended to thwart this outrage. we'll be talking tonight about the left's efforts to attack former president trump with "just the news" editor john solomon with new are revelations on obamagate. we're joined as well by former
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cia veteran fred flights on former -- fred fleitz on john brennan's call to go after the dems' political opponents. and, by the way, that's exactly what they're doing. and former office of budget and management director who is launching two new think tanks defending trump's america first agenda. we'll also be joined by the hill's joe concha on the left targeting former trump aides. well, our lead story, trump supporters aren't the only ones who are realizing quickly that elections have consequences. democratic supporters in pennsylvania, new mexico and elsewhere are having early onset buyers remorse. president biden is planning to extend his ban on new leases on fracking from the original two months now to an entire year. do you remember when biden and harris kept telling their voters that they wouldn't ban fracking?
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>> i guarantee you, i guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel, no new fracking and not, not, not banning fracking. period. i make it clear, i do not plo pose banning frack -- propose banning fracking. >> there's no question i'm in favor of banning fracking. joe biden will not ban fracking. that is a fact. lou: to you feel better now? for more now on how president biden is killing thousands, tens of thousands of jobs, we turn to fox news correspondent mark meredith. mark? >> reporter: the biden administration has placed a two month pause, and as you mentioned, there are strong indications that more restrictions are coming potentially this week. the decision has rattled petroleum producers especially in new mexico where oil and gas drilling, as you know, is a huge industry. the new administration says addressing climate change a major priority of theirs for the
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100 days, but oil and gas producers fear the temporary pause may last a lot longer, maybe even a year. eventually, that could mean the elimination of some 60,000 jobs in new mexico alone. >> you also, or obviously, have huge potential impact for the states from a budgetary perspective. and it would have the potential to cost the state, to put at risk about a billion dollars of revenue that the state receives each year from the oil and gas industry and oil and gas development on federal lands. >> reporter: the president has nominated new mexico congresswoman deb holland to be interior secretary. her nomination not yet confirmed by the senate, but you can bet this issue's going to be coming up during the upcoming confirmation hearings. the state's delegation has also been mostly silent about the impact of new regulations except for congresswoman yvette harold. she's been calling for lawmakers to push back on any regulations that'll limit jobs in her state. >> we don't want to be reliant
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on oil, such as oil coming from russia, where they don't have environmental protections in place. we want to insure our families, our producers, our statement has the ability to produce oil, jobs, revenue and continue to grow the industry. >> reporter: now, we have been trying to reach out to new mexico's governor multiple times since yesterday trying to get an idea of how they may respond, but you can imagine, lou, a lot of these people will be getting an earful from their constituents as more regulations are implemented. and we're still waiting to see what the full impact will be are on the industry nationwide. lou? lou: mark, thank you very much. mark never reporting from washington. mark meredith. we have seldom seen a president create this much of a stir in his first days in office. well, the radical left isn't done. senator chuck schumer says president biden should use his emergency powers on climate change. which means more regulations. ed lawrence has that story on what president biden has
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planned. ed? >> reporter: yeah, lou. president joe biden adding more and proposing more regulations in the name of climate change. in the first six days of his presidency than any other in history. now, banning the drilling and fracking on federal lands and federal waterways, that is both republicans and democrats upset. listen to this. >> this is a president who wants to spend a lot of money taking revenue away from the federal government certainly is manifest in stopping drilling on federal lands. those are federal resources. those resources generate revenue that will otherwise have to be filled east by borrowing or either tax increases. >> reporter: now, oil industry sources tell me that they have been told a ban on new leases for the drilling and fracking on federal lands and waters will be extended for that one year. but a white house source now familiar with the regulations tells me that this is still a draft and could change in the next 24 hours because of the
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input, the backlash that they're hearing. one of those voices is the independent petroleum association who was working with unions and democratic senators to push back. >> working closely with the folks, the pipe fitters and others to get that message out. because what you're talking about here really is jobs, jobs, jobs. and what has happened over the last 20 years beyond the trump administration even as this energy and this shale revolution shale renaissance has happened, it's been of enormous benefit to the united states, enormous benefits to jobs and economic development. >> reporter: now, other regulations from the administration target the auto industry in the name of climate change. the biden administration wants to be net zero by 2050. affecting the future of auto jobs. there are new mandatory workplace safety regulations for covid-19 that are coming. that adds another layer for medical professionals. and treasury secretary janet yellen testified an additional
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10% tax, income tax on companies could be imposed on companies making goods overseas and import them into the united states. now, that is on top of raising the corporate tax rate which the biden administration wants to do. back to you, lou. lou: well, not even a week, ed, and already are raising taxes, reregulating stop, stopping fracking. this is an administration not afraid of overreach or backlash in extending its initiatives and policies. and thanks so much, edward lawrence, reporting. and this breaking news, speaking of biden overreach, a trump-appointed federal judge in texas has blocked president biden from enforcing his 100-day so-called moratorium on deporting illegal immigrants. and on wall street stocks slipping a bit. the dow down 23 points, the s&p lost 6, both from their record highs, the nasdaq down 10.
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volume on the big board picking up to 5.9 billion shares. a reminder, listen to my reports on the salem radio network each day. up next, "just the news"' john solomon is, well, going through declassified obama gaipt documents. new revelations on the greatest political scandal in our history. john solomon here
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to find the answer to a new and better way to lose weight. lou: breaking news now, newly-released, declassified documents show several high ranking members of the justice department and fbi tried to get andrew mccabe to recuse himself from the russia collusion case. according to notes taken by mccabe, then-deputy attorney general rod rosenstein wanted rosenstein to step aside for his connections with democratic politicians and, of course, mccabe never did. also breaking tonight, the fbi knew carter page had had no connection to the russia collusion false narrative days before securing a nice a warrant to spy on the 2016 trump campaign. "just the news" obtaining that newly-declassified document in which page denies connections to
7:18 pm
sanctioned russian officials while talking with fbi informant -- perhaps more than informant -- stefan halper. page also denied knowledge of the now-debujt theory that they leaked to wikileaks are. secured a warrant to spy on page and the trump campaign. joining us tonight is the editor-in-chief of "just the news," john solomon, best selling author. and, john, good to have you with us. this is quite something. you know, we've got proof now of so much vile and outright vicious crime on the part of u.s. government officials and their allies including little this -- informants and helpers like stefan halper. what in the world were they thinking that they could mire themselves in this false, we now
7:19 pm
know, clinton narrative, embrace it and spread it across corrupt enterprises that we think of as the fbi and the department of justice? or at least we did. >> yeah, you nailed it, lou. that's exactly what went on here. thanks to president trump, we have declassified documents, and they really lay bare -- this was the one document of all that the fbi did not want out. why? because on october 17th, 206, four days -- 2016, four days before they got the fisa court to approve a warrant for surveillance on carter page, they had their informant, stefan halper, rub up against carter and run are an operation against him. and the goal was to get him to admit to the four things that christopher steele had in his dossier about carter page. and they wrote in the control document if carter page knocks us down, we're going to move on because that's the right thing for the pbi to do. if there's no -- fbi. if there's no criminality, you move on.
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well, carter page did not meet with the two russians, they didn't have anything to do with the wikileaks dump, he did not have anything to do with the platform at the republican national convention. three key allegations that were part of the christopher steele dossier. they should have followed their plan. at that point they should have shut down. instead they proceeded with the fisa warrant knowing that they were misleading the fisa judges, they were keeping exculpatory information from them. this is the clearest ed of a knowing and -- evidence of a knowing and willful violation of a law that we've had so far released to the american public. lou: and, john, tell the audience how the fbi actually coached stefan halper to support all of the corrupt acts that they were engaged in against the campaign. >> yeah. it's such an important point because remember what james comey said to chris wallace back
7:21 pm
in december 2019, we didn't do spying. i'm sorry, when you read these control documents from stefan halper, he was spying. they instructed him how to wear a wire on his body, who to target, they gave him a false cover story. pretend you're interested in going to work for the trump campaign, and use that to target the mike flynn and george papadopoulos and carter page and other senior members of the trump inner circle, and here are the things we want to know from them. here is how you get the information. that is spying 101. i asked several former spies and several former fbi executives, i said is this spying, or was james comey right? they're like, oh, this is spying. this is what we call spying. james comey even last year was still in denial of what his own bureau was doing to the trump campaign. when you read these documents, and we're going to put them out, the american people will know donald trump told the truth, they were spying, and james comey lied to us.
7:22 pm
lou: you know, john, you and i have talked over the past years but certainly in the last few months before the election, both of us decrying the fact that these documents weren't being released. the administration had in its power the ability to release these documents but did not. the question will persist, why not. because i don't know about you, but i think clearly these documents would have made a huge difference in the minds of many americans. i don't know if they would have changed the outcome, but it certainly would have changed, i think, a lot of minds and awakened a lot of minds as to what their government was actually doing to persecute this president and his campaign. >> my reporting shows that president trump relentlessly fought with his own bureaucracy. mark meadows, chief of staff, fought to get this done, and time and again the career bureaucrats at the fbi, the cia,
7:23 pm
the intelligence community kept stepping their foot out, bringing up last minute legal blocks. quite frankly, on the 20th therm therm -- they were trying to get the documents ready, but donald trump and mark meadows, they persisted, and now we have a much more accounting of the fbi's conduct, and it's not a pretty picture. lou: and you can and i both know -- you and i both know and so does this audience not a single one of these criminals will be held to account. >> well, i hope you're wrong about that, hope we're wrong about that. listen, there's only been one, a junior law student could have made that case. i do see some evidence that they're circling in on four or five former leaders of the fbi. let's see if john during. ham can deliver between now and march -- john durham can deliver between now and march. lou: it's starting to feel like we got what we got.
7:24 pm
john solomon, it's great to have you with us. thanks so much. appreciate it. and as john said, those documents will be available on just the news in the coming days. up next, huawei using deception -- imagine that -- to target president trump's policies toward the chinese telecom giant. deception? we'll take it up with foreign policy expert fred fleitz. he joins us right here next. please stay with us. ♪ ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop. get a hobby. you should meditate. eat crunchy foods. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. are you kidding me?! instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette
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♪ ♪ lou: while president biden is killing jobs at home, china is exerting its power over our universities. a huawei employee now claims he was the ghost writer for a 2019 article supposedly written by mit's nicholas negroponte in which he defended huawei against president trump.
7:29 pm
huawei, it turns out, has funded mit and negroponte the's media lab for years. how about that? by the way, it's just an interesting coincidence, negroponte's brother is none other than nicholas negroponte, the former director of national intelligence. the department of education is investigating mit for concealing donations as well from huawei. they might want to turn some of this over to, or actually, our law enforcement and intelligence agencies for investigation as well, don't you think? well, joining me now is fred fleitz, former cia analyst, former chief of staff at the national security council, now president and ceo of the center for security policy. your reaction, fred -- first of all, it's good to see you, but your reaction to the news that a former dni's brother was, is
7:30 pm
accused of, well, having money that wasn't reported from china and also his articles supporting huawei were ghost written by huawei employees according to those allegations. your thoughts. >> lou, it's good to be here. well, i knew john negroponte. i can't imagine he had anything to do with his brother being involved in this. this just shows the global threat that china poses to our security and the international security. and my real concern -- lou: whoa, whoa, whoa. wait, fred, fred, excuse me, let me interrupt. i asked you really a straight forward question. isn't this disturbing that we have this at mit? you're talking about the brother, john and nicholas negroponte, brothers, and one of them head of dni. again, cia is not investigating this, apparently, the fbi's not
7:31 pm
investigating it, it's the education department. how big a bunch of fools are we going to play to be? this is outrageous. >> i think it's very outrageous, and i believe that china has enormous influence in academia, in sensitive -- who are sensitive researchers. the trump administration was getting after all of this, and i don't think the biden administration understands this threat. and what i was going to say what troubles me is that biden a appointees cannot bring themselves to call china an adversary. this is dni haines, the new secretary of defense austin. they said china is a competitor, lou, not an adversary. lou: right. >> no, france is a competitor. china is an adversary or an enemy. and in the biden administration can't call it an adversary, we're in for trouble. lou: well, i think we're in for trouble, and i know that you think so as well because words matter. and the words that are being
7:32 pm
used here are absolutely, it's scurrilous to see this kind of nonsense. we're talking about over 400,000 americans dead, we're talking about 25 million americans infected by the china virus, and we've got people talking about the biggest issue including the president, apparently, the biggest issue is xenophobe what and that it's xenophobic to call the china virus which originated in china the china virus. i mean, are we really in that deep an orwellian pit? your thoughts. >> the chinese government sees this. they see that the biden administration wants to deal with it multilaterally through consultations that they're going to drop the trump administration's confrontational and what they claim is war-like approach to china. china can't wait. the pressure will be off. their economy will soar because
7:33 pm
they're cheating in international trade. they're all ready to take advantage of what they see as an extremely weak and naive u.s. president. lou: is it just geo political theater that the theodore roosevelt strike force is in the south china sea, and at the same time the chinese are launching overflights of dozens of aircraft over taiwan? is that -- are xi and biden just playing on the world stage here? to make it look better for biden? >> i don't think xi is worried about biden at all, and i think these flights of chinese air force planes over taiwan is very serious. it sends a message to to the world, to taiwan and to the united states that china does plan to take over taiwan, that that invasion is coming. and i've got to tell you, we cannot show weakness to china right now because that day could be moved up substantially if
7:34 pm
that's what biden is going to communicate. lou: well, biden has already put our troops back into syria, sent them in straight away, a day after his inauguration. that's serious too. this -- [laughter] this president seems to be trying to unwind everything that president trump was doing including bringing our troops home. >> i think that's right. and, i mean, a related issue is the iran deal. i think biden is determined to rejoin this deal, and iran knows it. it is trying to put preconditions down so whatever talks we start with are on iran's terms. and, lou, we will get a deal worse than obama's deal at this rate. lou: well, perhaps we will get lucky. i admit, our luck looks a little shaky here of late. fred fleitz, good to have you with us, thanks so much. up next, president trump may not be in office, but the trump agenda will play a major role in
7:35 pm
politics for years. we're joined by former office of management and budget director russ vaughn, establishing a think tank dedicated to the agenda of donald j. trump. he joins us next. and please visit, pick up your copy of "the trump century," a great read about the great president. you can also pick up your official "lou dobbs tonight" mug. we encourage you to do so. very chic. that's, we'll be right back, please stay with us. ♪ ♪ introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel. the first full prescription strength non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel... available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel. voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ these days, it's okay to do some things halfway... but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them.
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♪ ♪ lou: president biden has taken 33 executive actions in his first week in office, 33 executive orders; 23 of them executive orders. that's more than any of his predecessors. twelve of them are aimed at reversing president trump's america first agenda. but watch what canada joe biden had said -- candidate joe biden had said just in october about governing through executive orders. >> i have this strange notion, we are a democracy. some of my republican friends and some of my democratic friends even occasionally say, well, if you can't get the votes, by executive order you're going to do something. things you can't do by executive order unless you're a dictator.
7:40 pm
weaver a democracy -- we're a democracy, we need consensus. lou: how's he doing on that the consensus thing? more executive actions by any president at this point in their term ever. just like fracking, and the list goes on. our next guest has launched a new think tank and advocacy group to advance president trump's america first agenda and to combat big tech censorship. joining us tonight is the former director of the office of management and budget and president of the center for american restoration, american restoration action. russ, it's good to have you with us and congratulations on the new organizations. and their purpose is straightforwardly america first, the president's agenda, to preserve it. that's a tall, tall and tough
7:41 pm
order. >> it is. thanks for having me on, lou are. we want to stand for the proposition that this president stood for which was that we're america, and we have a people that are for god, for this country and for community. and we want to make sure we are ending endless wars, we want to make sure people have an opportunity to participate in social media without their views being censored, that they can trust in fair elections, that they can have immigration enforcement so that we don't have amnesty and to not have a war on energy like you just mentioned, and this administration is already redeclaring a war on energy. and so these are the type it is of issues that the president fought for. we're going the continue to fight on behalf of those issues from an america first perspective. and this new administration is giving us a ton of proposals that we need to battle back. lou: i guess a lot of people would say one thing that we are blessed with in this country is
7:42 pm
a capital city filled with think tanks and donor money gushing toward them to drive the agenda. how is, how is this going to work differently? because we have had a border that the president succeeded in securing against illegal immigration in large measure because of his rich with manuel lopez obrador -- relationship -- with his actions against the cartels. this president means to leave that border wide open, means to, as every other nation with any sense is securing its borders because of the china virus pandemic, this president in his wisdom has decided to open it wide to refugees, illegal immigrants and smugglers of all sorts. it doesn't make a lot of sense. what can a think tank do here to
7:43 pm
help as we're watching a president who has all of the power and every instinct to send an executive order flying on a moment's notice? >> lou, it's a great question. this is the going to be an action center that's designed to rally the 70 million people across this country that support president trump's ideas, the america first agenda and to rally them to participate in the elective process, to be able to work with their members of congress, to provide accountability, to use the very tight margins in the house of representatives and the united states senate to be able to push for legislation that puts pressure on the biden administration. we believe that this is going to be something that is always going to be oriented towards the fight. we intend to be fearless, faithful and frugal with any resources that we are given to be invested into the fight, and we're not going to take corporate money because we want the fight to be always generated from where the will of the american people is and where the
7:44 pm
biden administration is, pressing at the lines. and we want to fight it there and not based on any kind of agenda the that's given by donors. >> well, that's a noble aspiration. at the same time, it's pretty clear corporate america's made a decision. they're not going to give money to anyone who challenged -- they're not going to give any money to rewill palins period, i believe. -- republicans period, i believe. that's where we are. and i believe somebody's going to have to make a decision about where corporate america should be in our elections. and i would hope that your think tank would consider whether or not corporate america should be involved in our elections. who, you know, who's made this decision, and how much are we going to put up with it? because the president is a populist. and he may have at various points been a reluctant the populist, but he is a populist. and to square it up with your
7:45 pm
money raising, fundraising is wonderful. but the fact is corporate america, big tech, wall street, the chamber, the business round table the -- by the time you get through with the u.s. multi-nationals, the swamp and the oligarchs, of course, of wall street and silicon valley, they swamp every breast in the country -- every interest in the country. how do you balance that, how do you create a countervailing force against that? because that's what the american people need. >> i think you raise very important issues. you know, for a long time the conservative movement has stood for the free market system and unfortunately right now, we have big businesses that are aligned for the most part with the state. and to the extent that we have that system, we have to come up with new ideas to address that. and the way to do that is to not be indebted to those corporations. to have fresh ideas and creative thinking about ways to be able
7:46 pm
to insure that we have freedom in this country comes from being able to think creatively and to do what president trump did which was to get up every singl- single morning, figure out what is the moment this country is facing right now and to come up with policy ideas for the moment. lou: well, russ, we wish you a lot of luck. the country needs exactly what you've articulated. we appreciate it. russ vought, congratulations again. we look forward to talking with you soon. up next, president biden's comments about china virus travel restrictions, history in the balance. the hill's joe concha will talk about that when he join us right after these quick words. after these quick words. please stay with us. sfx: [sounds of everyday life events, seen and heard in reverse] ♪♪
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7:51 pm
let's start with what is remarkable revisionism on the part of the biden administration. i'm not sure that's exactly right. it's just ignoring and seemingly daring to contradict everything they've said on the campaign trail whether it's fracking. have you ever seen the likes of in this? i mean, it's just in your face, bald, you know, the hell with what i said on the campaign, he's what we're going to do, whether it's fracking, you name it. >> yeah. and it seems, lou, that we're supposed to have a media that is supposed to call this stuff out, right? i mean, tim russert was one of my favorite journalists ever, you know, meet the press moderator, nbc, he passed too soon. and he did a very simple thing when he interviewed those in power, he played back an audio clip of that person saying something and then doing another after that point. so you could very easily do that with joe biden during these press briefings, right? where he says, and i think you
7:52 pm
played the clip earlier, as far as executive orders, we live in a democrat, and if you go ahead with executive orders instead of going through the congress, that makes you a dictator. all any reporter has to do during these press briefings is read that quote back, and i want to see how he handles it. as you mentioned, he's done more than two dozen executive orders compared to, as you mentioned, trump four in his first week, obama five in his first week, and bush zero in his first week. that's just one example of i 40 easy -- how easy it would be to call out this administration. not many people outside of peter doocy seem very interested in doing that. lou: doocy's doing a terrific job in his new post as white house correspondent for the fox news network, and we congratulate him, and he is doing a terrific job. one of the things -- we should put this up. peter asking mr. biden a
7:53 pm
question about a phone call with putin. could we roll that, please? >> muslim ban, he also, though, has supported and himself even before -- or we did, i should say, even before he was inaugurated, travel restrictions in order to keep the american people safe. lou: well, that wasn't the right sound bite, but you take my point. save me here, joe. save me. [laughter] >> all right. peter's a jersey guy, by the way, north jersey guy, so we can all appreciate that on some level, lou. basically, today here you had, again, president biden signing all these different executive orders, right? and he won't take questions afterwards to, you know, explain exactly what he's doing without going through a democratic congress and a democratic senate. so then peter doocy, again, is forced to call out a question, in this case he said what did you and vladimir putin talk about, because biden spoke with the russian president. and biden responds, we talked about you.
7:54 pm
he sends his regards, and then he runs off like bo jackson, like off the stage before anybody else can get off another question. so that's how it is now with joe biden, lou, right? he has a staffer during normal press conferences call on reporters from a predetermined list of people that will not ever take him out of the safe space and ask something resembling a damage challenging question. and when he is in those impromptu press conferences, he runs into an unfriendly person. obama went 308 days without a solo press conference, from 2009-2010, everyone's like, ah, but he's nice to us. so i guess that's the important thing. lou: yeah. and pledging that his would be the most open and transparent administration. it appears that mr. biden is going to struggle a bit in that regard. joe, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. look forward to seeing you again
7:55 pm
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lou: just the news editor just the news editor, john sullivan said this about the fbi's criminal investigation of the trump campaign. >> according to all fbi people i talked to, they should have shut down. instead, they proceeded with the fisa warrant knowing they were misleading the judges. they were keeping information from them. this is the clearest evidence of the knowing and willful violation of the law we've had so far released the american public. lou: extraordinary. joining us tomorrow, former civil rights activists, bob woodson. investigative journalist, sarah carter and writer mike lynn among our guests here tomorrow be with us for that. the national bestseller of the country, the president changed the course of history forever. find your official copy.
8:00 pm
lou dobbs thanks for being with us. see you here tomorrow and good night. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> welcome to it for decades. hollywood inseparable virtual virtue signaling -- [laughter] one of those little things. listened to stars go on and on about morals and candidates are superior to yours. we watched as they change people for not following their mate a code of ethics. guess what? a big old steaming pile of bs according to a new report, they are doing everything they can to skip the vaccine line and get a job before healthcare workers and the elderly. that's why


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