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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 4, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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congresswoman claudia tenney, at last count ahead by very few votes. be sure to join us. 22 votes in point of fact, jim jordan, g maria: good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, february 4th, 6:00 a.m., democrats pushing ahead with 1.9 stimulus plan and% indicating potential compromise and what that means for your bottom line this morning. future of the republican party. congresswoman lynne cheney keeping her post with margaret they taylor greene still under pressure. congressman to walk us on the
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gop. biden administration show of force against beijing. we will talk with the secretary about the biggest threats facing america today. shake-up at parler, ceo john matze is out. and the robinhood fallout continues. treasury secretary janet yellen holding a key meeting with regulators after the recent market volatility surrounding gamestop, markets showing a gain, take a look at futures, 31 points on the dow industrials, nasdaq up 53 and s&p 500 higher by 6 as investors wait on initial jobless claims, they'll hit the tape later this morning and we will also get january employment out tomorrow. we will preview all of that. stocks finishing mostly up yesterday on strong tech earnings and hopes of stimulus, more money thrown to the economy pushed the industrial up and nasdaq could not hold to positive territory, ended
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negative 2 points and s&p 500 held to gain but just about 3 points. pretty good selloff by the end of the day into what started a big rally yesterday. we are waiting on the big game. commercials cost and preparation for super bowl 55, mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ maria: all right, let's check european markets this morning pointing higher. take a look. ftse 100 up 9, cac quarante i up 22 and dax index higher by 59 points this morning. in asia overnight, stocks were all in the red, markets slipping after a rise in chinese short-term interest rates. sign beijing may be tightening policies, tightening policies for investing in the stock market. shanghai composite down half a
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percent. japan and korea even worse. top stories that we are watching this morning, house democrats approved budget resolution paving the way to congress to pass $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill without republicans. the senate is expected to approve a budget resolution this week to move forward with the reconciliations process after president told house democrats he's willing to compromise on income restrictions on which americans are eligible to receive next round of 14-dollar stimulus checks. all of this as the new quinnipiac poll shows nearly half of americans think president biden is doing a good job. 89% of democrats approve of the president's work so far and opinion shared by 11% of republicans. house republicans voting to keep liz cheney in leadership role as conference chair. leaders held a meeting behind
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closed doors determine the wyoming congresswoman's fate. meanwhile gop is also facing backlash for decline to go remove margaret taylor greene, democrats are planning to vote today to strip greene of her assignment. republicans have held firm so far. congressman matt gaetz willing to risk seat to defend president trump. he would be willing to resign from congress to represent trump in hearing. he has not been asked to join the team. trump announcing new legal team after parting ways with original team a week before the trial. robinhood under pressure. facing more than 30 different lawsuits over decision to restrict platform. janet yellen to discuss recent market volatility related to
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gamestop and other stocks. scc will invest robinhood's decision to tighten restrictions. robinhood defended actions and the restrictions stem from regulatory requirements. ceo of parler john matez is out, matez says that over the past few months he's been, quote, met with constant resistance to original vision for the social media company in a memo on taped exclusively by fox business he writes this, on january 29th the parler board by rebecca mercer decided to terminate position. i did not participate in the decision. parler was forced offline last month after amazon web services cut it off and expect today relaunch for the beginning of february but things were delayed. we will see where the board takes the company now wound john matez, all eyes on wall street's
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gamestop saga. the jobless claims coming out. treasury secretary janet yellen will meet with top final regulators. joining hermes strategist linda and all morning fox business dagen mcdowell and strategic wealth partners president and ceo mark tepper. great to see everybody this morning, thank you so much for being here. linda, let me kick it off with you, your thought on the market performance and where it goes in 2021, how are you allocating capital? >> well, at federated hermes we are quite bullish this year. it's hard not to believe bullish when you see the liquidity that's out there and the improvement now in the economy not just here in the united states but around the world and around the world you saw near record improvements in earnings revisions and now talking about this new stimulus coming down the pipes, there's still a lot of money that's dry powder from the last stimulus. this one on top of it is very
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bullish and it's really hard to stand in the way of that. maria: what about the gamestop situation and the restrictions that were put in place may very well force a tighter regulatory environment? are you worried about regulations to come in financial services? how does that play into your investing? >> well, regulations for financial services in the bigger picture is concern in biden presidency. that's something that could come down the pipe here. as you know with the gamestop situation and we wondered at that time is this something that's systematic or a side show. the big skyrocketed last week on a relative basis and came down very, very hard in just a few days with market this week very impressive. that's the market saying, all right, you gave us a quick 4% correction and that is, yes, that's gamestop, that's one thing.
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but the vast majority, the general market in general is very, very strong as witnessed oil prices last week, credit spread last week and yields all still quite strong, not worried about the gamestop situation. maria: all right, let's talk jobs for a second. i know you said the fundamental backdrop looks good. january job's report due tomorrow morning, expecting 50,000 jobs with unemployment rate at 6.7%. we know we got a lower than expected job's number for december amid major uptick in coronavirus cases. linda, yesterday the adp number was better than expected. that's one sign of hope. what's your take on job in the backdrop and that's the growth story in the economy? >> the growth story and the economy is very good. as we all know, we made very good progress early. the easy jobs are in and harder to get the next ones. what interesting is the big fear
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out there and if you watch -- you watch the media, you read about it, you read about the next covid strain, you read about the terrible outcoming of vaccinations and i believe very strongly june of this year, vaccinations will be at plentiful as face masks are today. and we are very anxious to get this economy open. social distancing area, the big ones are in service and they are going to get the check and they are going to open and the summer looks really good for pinned up demand. maria: how about earning, we have the earning season in full swing, a number of names to report this morning, we are waiting on amerisource, a lot of healthcare names on the dock today. >> earning season for the fourth quarter is a lookback obviously. it was the covid and shutting down and closing down and that
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sort of thing but the outlook is very, very good. earnings revisions are going up not just in the united states but around the world. it's all about looking forward and i think we are going to see -- we are going to hear that from the ceo's of companies that the outlook is very good and that's what the market will be bidding up. maria: really, really good news there. linda real quick, let me get our panel to jump in. mark tepper. >> yeah, so we are talking about earning season. my question for you, linda, is, you know, as we kind of look forward, you know, we are talking about not just this earning season but obviously looking forward, guidance is going to be more important. seems like every company got a free pass last year. they didn't have to provide guidance, hurdles were low. i think that's going to be much more important this year, investors are going to expect some guidance and they are going to expect companies to execute, what's your take on that? >> well, of course, i believe that's true as well and they're set up to have -- to have really
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good years, have excellent guidance but very difficult last year, you throw a pandemic and close the economy like that. how can you estimate? we are starting to get back to a sense of normalcy, we are seeing more fig user coming in where the -- where you're getting back to where you were pre-covid and that would help companies to really -- to really look in more normalcy as they try to figure out what the future is. i would say the epicenter sectors of the markets think airlines, think hotels and watch those stocks and watch those companies and what they have to say. those are the areas that were at the epicenter, that will let us know if really we are starting to move back towards normalcy and then -- then we will start to worry about a hot, hot market. maria: all right, we will leave it there. linda, good to see you this morning. thank you so much. we will keep watching and talk soon, morning mover sooner is ebay, check out the stock, soaring better than 10% in the
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open. you heard linda talking about backdrop. ebay will emerge stronger from the covid pandemic, authorized increase in share buyback program, stock right now up 10%. we are doing everything online and ebay seeing a spike in business. we will take a break, when we get back, we are just getting started this morning, former georgia congressman doug collinses and talk about gop. new york district claudia has finally declared victory in her new york race. she's here to tell us all about it and why it took so long. next hour former acting secretary chad wolf discussing president biden's actions on immigration and what's being undone on the trump administration and what are the risks of the american people. in 1:00 a.m. hour former secretary of state mike pompeo talks immigration, china and overall foreign policy under the biden administration. don't miss the former secretary of state who was by the way
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sanctioned by beijing and the other thing people will be watching this weekend, the break down of best super bowl ads. don't miss mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, getting back in the race, georgia senate runoffs last night giving democrats control of the senate. my next guest can challenge raphael warnock in midterm elections. former congressman doug collinses, thank you so much for being here. >> hey, maria, great to be here. maria: would you make another run in 2021? >> we are looking closely at it. when you look at what is going on right now and what we warned
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in the campaign last year and run-offs, you give control in the senate and you have joe biden as president, it's a bad deal. we already lost jobs, we are going backwards in regulation. we are doing things that basically are going to hurt the american people all in the name of let's make everybody feel good. let's have a progress-lean. it's not good for the country and not good for the economy. we do not need to keep the democrats in power in house or senate. we are looking at it. maria: well, look at some of the things that we are seeing out of the biden administration, doug, and you see all of these things that they promised. he is going to put a task together to look at the supreme court, whether or not to add people. they are looking at a program to turn dc into a state, they are considering higher taxes for everybody, not just the top 1%.
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you have the commerce secretary the other day saying, we have to pay for the climate so we don't want to raise taxes on everybody else but it has to be paid for. all of the things that you talked about before the election are in fact, federalizing right- materializing rights now, can the republicans do anything to stop the agenda? >> well, they will have to keep pointing it out and getting to the problem is right now if the democrats do what i believe they will do and that is, we already saw it yesterday starting with the budget resolution so they can do reconciliations. they don't have to have republican help. they are wanting to get rid of the filibuster. the left, aoc and others will go ballistic on it because they promised their base to do whatever it takes to implement a radical left agenda. this is the difference that i've seen in the past, for
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republicans a number of years ago when we had all 3, discussion of do away with the filibuster and massive discussion and uproar, how can you do this, where's the complicit mainstream media when the democrats are saying, we are going to do it. when republicans do it is a disaster and democrats say they are going to do, which we knew they were going to do, the mainstream media says nothing about it. what they will try to do in 2 years or months implement they can to put this agenda forward without having to deal with republicans and make the irreversible difference. we have to be able to stand up. people have got to see for what it is and going the require republicans to be focused, however, we cannot be going 500 different directions. we have to get back to the fact that we have best ideas on the economy, best ideas on way of life, military, foreign affairs but we've got to make that in very logical arguments to the american people and show them what joe biden is doing.
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maria: are republicans going to win again? you still hear about nancy pelosi talking about election reform. this is her number 1 issue. she's going to force the issue forward so that mail-in ballots and mail-in voting becomes the norms. that's one of the ways that they were able to sweep in the election. >> that's a large concern. this bill passed the house in basically the form they talked about. i had spoke a great deal about it. what it dusker it goes to the fact that most of the bill is unconstitutional. there's not federal control of elections and there's issue that are going to have to be, you know, put oh there. republicans have got to talk about this and talk about election reform. election reform is not talking about an election that happened in the past. election reform is that people have security knowing that their ballot is cast, legal vote counts and it is not taken out by and illegal vote. we have to force that. they can't control the
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narrative. maria: i don't hear conversation about it. i hear nancy pelosi wants mail-in balloting and mail-in elections to continue. that's all i'm hearing. we will see what your colleagues do. meanwhile colleagues vote to go kim liz -- voting to keep liz cheney. declining to punish taylor greene over conspiracy theories and what's going on between gop and margaret taylor greene? >> maria, that is exactly the problem right now. we are fighting amongst ourselves. if liz chain yes was the leader, she made a vote that was unpopular with most of the base, unpopular, vote of conscious on her part. they had a long family meeting and they are going to keep her. that's a decision for them to
6:22 am
make and handle going forward. no one is condoning the remarks of margaret taylor greene other than publicly distancing ourselves from those very things and we are setting ourselves up for democrats to go down a path of punishing members and taking -- my problem, maria, is this, we are talking about an issue with liz cheney, margaret taylor greene, joe biden is signing executive orders. we have to get focused and get united because everybody in our congress is better at policy than what we see on the democrats side. maria: all right, doug colins, well said, we will see you soon. thank you so much, we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, more now on the threat from china. in wall street journal john bolton highlighting how the joe biden administration is making climate change a key issue on policy with beijing. president biden is eager to make climate change a central issue and he can expect intense debate. trade-offs are complicated and politics are difficult and uncertain but the biggest challenge may be international particularly dealing with china. america preeminent adversary emphasizing that success on climate change and china would not be easy as the biden administration may imagine. dagen, jump in here and let's talk about the biden administration and whether it's over its head. we have not heard joe biden a peep about role in the coronavirus and the fact that beijing sanctioned secretary of state mike pompeo 3 seconds after biden was inaugurated and we still haven't heard a word out of them about the fact that china keeps breaking promises across the world, why would
6:27 am
anybody expect them to keep any promises on climate knowing china is the biggest polluter in the world? dagen: right, that's what the john bolton op-ed goes into. to use john kerry's word, compartmentalized the issue. what is beijing going to ask the u.s. to do in exchange for working on climate change? secretary of state tony blanken used strong language, admit that the detention of the uighir muslim was genocide, however, bolton goes into what is china going to demand from the united states recognizing mainland china sovereignty over the south china sea, sovereignty over taiwan, will it require the
6:28 am
united states to ease up or scale back sanctions related to the uighurs and what would our friends in europe, they have been kowtowing and what about our friends in india who would push back on the move for climate change regulation and push back on any weakening of our stance with china. that -- so the issue is what are we going to giveaway as a nation for the name of climate, are we not going to stand up for the uighurs and are we not going to stand up for taiwan? china knows that we will come begging and it's appalling. maria: you lift a finger for
6:29 am
taiwan, there will be war. beijing says that any outsider gets involved around taiwan, there will be war. a year ago when they were in the middle of that i had talks with the trump administration, xi jinping said that anybody who says anything wrong about china will be crushed to dust. these are things that have actually come out of xi jinping's mouth. do we really need more of an education of what they are prepared to do and how they are willing to become the number 1 superpower of the world overtaking america? mark tepper. mark: sorry, i lost you there for a second, so i will hop back in. when it comes to china, look, they've been doing this for a while, they will continue to do it. the last thing that we want to see happen is for us to roll over and give them more leverage in negotiations. one of the issues i have with the whole climate change
6:30 am
discussion is we literally have a guy who flies around in a private jet. john kerry is a huge hypocrite. as we are looking to negotiate with china, how can you take us seriously when this is happening? we cannot affect climate change all by ourselves. it's a global effort. the rest of the world needs to participate or all of our actions are going to be for nothing. rolling over for china, i've had enough of it. it's time to stand up. maria: yeah, we have a great sound bite of john kerry telling us exactly who he is and we will play later on and complain that he has to fly all over the world in private jet. we will run that later n. the meantime let's take a break because we are looking at regulation nation, janet yellen meeting with regulators today, they will discuss robinhood and recent market frenzy and reddit stock picks and will see thoughts and proposals of new regulations coming out of the meeting. jobs in america, full coverage
6:31 am
today and tomorrow on january jobs, begins tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. eastern and we will have job numbers out and window on how it was in january. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday february 4th, take a look at markets this half an hour. we have a firmer tone this morning, fractional moves, nasdaq up 53 and s&p higher by 5 and a quarter. investors are waiting on jobless claims this morning. we will get those in 2-hours time and we are waiting on january jobs report. all hands on deck for that. this morning we continue to see the momentum after yesterday's pretty good performance. by the close, even with strong tech earnings and stimulus hopes, many of the averages gave up much of an earlier rally. dow industrials finished higher by 36 points, nasdaq went negative by the close, 2 points and s&p 500 higher by 3 points.
6:35 am
much to have earlier rally has dissipated by 4:00 o'clock on wall street. european markets little change, fractional moves across the board. dax index in germany best performer of half of 1%. in asia overnight, markets were lower slipping in chinese rise of short-term rates. tightening when it comes to investing overall, things gotten overheated. kospi was worst performer down one and a third percent. major settlement to report in opioid epidemic. lauren simonetti to report, lauren, good morning to you. lauren: good morning, maria, mckenzie will pay $173 million to 47 states and the district of colombia according to reports. the settlement in mckenzie work with oxycodone maker and the consulting firm said they had
6:36 am
intended to help the companies support the legal use of opioids. mckenzie stopped opioid-related work back in 2019. the justice department is dropping an affirmative action lawsuit against the yale university. ivi league institution violating civil rights law by discriminating against whites andation americans and yale denying the allegations saying it was, quote, gratify bid the doj's decision. american airlines warning 13,000 employees of potential layoffs, warning few people are traveling and federal aid to the industry set to expire at the ended of march, american airlines ceo doug parker urging support for an extension of the federal aid program. american expects to fly at least 45%less in the first quarter compared to same period in 2019. shares down 1 and a half percent right here in premarket and deutsche bank coming out on top in 2020, lender beating
6:37 am
expectations last year and posting a full year surprised net profit of 113 million euros where analysts had expected a loss of 201 million euros. deutsche bank noting profit for the fourth quarter compared to 325 million euro loss. shares are down 1 and a half percent in the premarket. maria, back to you. maria: lauren, thank you so much, the reddit frenzy fallout, treasury secretary janet yellen meeting with financial regulator groups including sec to address stock spikes and rally over popular stocks fading this week as robinhood faces more than 30 civil lawsuits related to trading restrictions imposed on individuals. one clear winner through all of this sunvest management hedge
6:38 am
fund. joining me right now ceo of aplic and cio alex, alex, great to have you this morning, thanks very much for being here. alex: thanks for having me. maria: so tell me your thoughts on what took place last -- last week and this changes the tech world. >> well, maria, in the words of any my new governor don't wig on my leg and tell me it's raining. what vlad said to elon said regulators, initially said you have to pay us $3 billion to cover the increase volatility and then robinhood limited trading and buying activity and that number came down to, i guess, 700 million and then went back to 1.3 billion. but you could limit margin trading and then limit a lot of your exposure but still no, they had to go further and limit all the buying activity to, what, protect these allegedly
6:39 am
unsophisticated retail investors. it just doesn't make sense and i don't think vlad either vlad or his lawyers are letting him tell the whole truth here. maria: wow, do you think it's more story of capital and need for capital, what was behind the decisions and do you think it is going to result in some new regulation that is these companies will face in robinhood and other fintec companies? alex: well, this regulator which vlad says doesn't know who controls, it's all the big banks that sit on the board and they haven't come out publicly and issued any statements providing transparency and the letters that are sent not just to robinhood but multiple other retail book ranking trading sites, not only do regulators need to provide for transparency on why they made these decisions to drastically increase capital requirements, but it's also the
6:40 am
tech companies, reddit and discord were limiting the activity and still limiting the activity on the sub forms for retail investors. maria: what's your take on amazon, jeff bezos announcing he will step down as ceo transitioning to executive chairman in the third quarter of 2021 handing the reins to andy jassey, plans to focus energy and detention and new products and initiative's alex. how much would role change, what's your take on jassy running things? this is really the guy who has been running the big business at amazon which is, of course, web services including the cloud services, that's where the money is, right? alex: so, in bezos' letter he said the word invent or invention about 8 times. he's all about inventing new businesses. that's pretty much days, we need
6:41 am
to invent. jassy was bezos' chief of staff 17 years ago who put the bug in his ear to say, let's go do this completely different model called aws, you know, they were doing $4 billion in volume on their marketplace for products and so clearly he's putting the guy in charge who is all about spinning out new things, taking risks and inventing. maria: that's good news, you know. the company has been taking a lot of market share from some much bigger players when it comes to the cloud, right? alex: yeah, and we just saw google release finally disclosures on their google cloud business. what you're seeing and you have to giver bezos credit, amazon is a monopoly. they are a conglomerate of multiple platform businesses, aws being one of them and it has a win or take all dynamic, you are see one or two winners,
6:42 am
amazon and microsoft and google is a distant third here. maria: really interesting. alex, great to talk with you, thanks so much. alex: thank you. maria: we will see you soon alex moazed joining us. claudia tenney declares victory in new york race. she's joining me next to talk all about it. what else to watch besides the big game? we are breaking down this weekend's super bowl commercials ahead, you are watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, declaring victory. the new york state supreme court is holding off on certification but gop candidate claudia tenney is declaring victory over incumbent democrat as she holds 125 vote lead. the court's review has been thorough, transparent and fair to all parties. ballots have been scrutinized and we are confident all legal votes have been counted. brinndeesy campaign declared democrats will be declared the winner. claudia, congratulations. >> thank you, good morning. i'm continuing -- maria: your opponent continues to say that he's still the winner. how is this going the play out? >> well, the judge issued a an
6:47 am
order last week to determine that all the ballots and legal votes were counted an they were counted in open court, the last number of courts subject to objection, the judge ruled in open court and that was basically the end of the court's jurisdiction and out of the blue under the leadership of famous mark, who said trump is only trying to continue this whole presidential election issue because he's trying to delegitimize biden's win, we are looking at the exact same thing of my opponent, anthony, desperate measure. they claim that the voting machines weren't working and these are dominion machines. anything that was not registered by the machines was hand counted
6:48 am
and added to the totals. this is a frivolous claim to delay the action and the reason is because nancy pelosi's majority is very narrow and she would like to make sure that we keep us out of office as long as possible. there really aren't any other remedies for my opponent to delay through appeals which he has the right to do. the judge has ordered that 7 of the 8 counties certified countid the 8 counties completed work and all votes counted. there's really nothing left but the judge was concerned about the future and actually that's something for the appellate court in my opinion, not something for this judge to determine. maria: i mean, this is embarrassing at this point. your election was november third. today is february 3rd and you're still fighting to make sure that
6:49 am
you see the fairness that you should given what we are looking at in terms of the vote. tell us what your constituents want you to do in washington? how will you fight for them? what are the most important priority that is you see yourself needing to cover? >> well, maria, as you know i'm a small business owner. i served in the 115th congress when we had the tremendous economy that was created by and really for the first time a glimmer of hope in my region. as small manufacturing owner our business has been through '86. president trump lowering back regulations, helping compete was critical to our survival and all of the people around my district. i mean, i get hundreds of businesses and round tables of businesses. we need to get back to focus on small businesses and right now because of the pandemic, the small business community was
6:50 am
hurt the most. and you can walk into a wal-mart and buy a phone but you couldn't go into a small business franchise verizon store. you could go into a wal-mart and just buy anything on it but you can't go to a small retailer. these people have all been hurt by the pandemic. we need to continue on the good policies that we had, fight against this apparent socialist policy, fight against the terrible policies coming out of albany, governor cuomo which is part of the reason my reason was difficult. governor cuomo did last-minute changes which changed the rules and they blurred the lines between the job of a board of election versus the department of motor vehicle and look at the dangerous policies of nancy pelosi. hr1, guess what she wants people to do, register voters, but she also wants colleges and universities to have the very
6:51 am
important function. this is what the democrats are doing. it's a certain kind of confusion that leads to this uncertainty in elections which is unacceptable. it's 94 days since the election. it's time to end this and it's time to -- maria: well, i'm glad that you mentioned that because that's what i just said to doug collinses. their number one priority is election reform. they want to make sure that the mail-in ballots flow in easternest. earnest. real quick. this is basically phase 5 of stimulus. $5 trillion in one year on the credit card is how coah and company are putting it. democrats said, yeah, we will go
6:52 am
1.9 trillion without you. >> will probably get passed through reconciliations and surpass filibuster in the senate. it's a bad idea. i think this is going to -- stimulus for the market but you will have to pay. i think you will see a collapse in economic conditions later on. maria: all right, congresswoman, we will talk to you when you get to washington once again. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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6:55 am
maria: it might be a huge night in sports but wouldn't be the super bowl without the commercials. every year big companies dish out millions to create unique ads to enjoy on super bowl sunday. joining me now sports and entertainment reporter mike, mike, a lot of commercials making a buzz this year. let's take a look at one that
6:56 am
you have from uber eats and we will talk about it. >> we are back, 2020, man, that was a great year. >> not. [laughter] >> really sucked. >> sucked donkey. >> good one. >> we will see you for the game which for legal reasons cannot be named. [laughter] >> they're bringing back mike meyes, saturday night live. a lot of people loving this one because last year of our lives has been pretty miserable for all of us, so those feelings and nostalgia really coming through. you want to remember the good-old days and also because uber eats, the company that's doing this, is really promoting local restaurants. they're encouraging people to shop locally and order from local places and also donate $20 million in restaurant relief in the next couple of months so it's actually a positive message behind this we'll so it brings
6:57 am
it all together. definitely good sunday for all involved. great game, entertainment value in super bowl commercials, let's go, great time. maria: i love it. i know there are a lot of highlights, mike, we are all going to be watching. thank you. the word on wall street is coming up next. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ . . .
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 4th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. going it alone, democrats pushing ahead with the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan without republican support. new jersey congressman jeff van drew is coming up this hour. countering the chinese threat, a show of force from the united states sending a war ship through the taiwan straits. former secretary of state mike pompeo will join me on this plus his reaction to being sanctioned by the chinese communist party. a change at the top of merck to report.
7:01 am
kenneth fraser retiring as ceo effective later this year. merck reporting earnings last hour, missed on the top and bottom lines. the stock is trading up half a percent. a shame shakeup at parler, john matze fired as the company fights to get back online, they terminated the founder. amazon using a.i. in delivery vans that has drivers pushing back. the fallout at robinhood, janet yellen holding a meeting with regulators. markets have turned negative. we are waiting on jobless claims this morning, out in an hour and-a-half. we'll get the jobs numbers from january out tomorrow, dow industrials right now down 16 points, the nasdaq up 41 and s&p higher by a fraction. yesterdaystocks finished near the flat line, giving up much of an earlier rally. the dow and s&p finishing higher for a third day in a row. elon musk just couldn't stay
7:02 am
away from twitter. what he is saying this morning is making a buzz. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets this morning little changed. ft100 down 17, the dax higher by 28. in asia stocks all seeing red, markets slipping after a rise in chinese short-term interest rates, a sign beijing could be tightening policies around investing. the shanghai composite down one half of 1% many. house democrats approving a budget resolution paving a way for congress to pass president biden's coronavirus relief bill without republicans. the senate is expected to approve a budget resolution this week to move forward with the reconciliation process. this coming after the president reportedly told house democrats he's willing to compromise on income restrictions on which americans are eligible to receive the next round of $1,400 stimulus checks. congressman matt gates willing
7:03 am
to risk his seat to defend former president trump, saying he would be willing to resign from congress to represent president trump in the upcoming impeachment hearing. he says he made the offer weeks ago but has not been asked to join the team. trump announcing a new legal team after parting ways with his original team, a week before the trial and a week after they were named. robinhood under pressure, the company is facing more than 30 different lawsuits over the decision to restrict certain stocks on the platform, treasury secretary janet yellen and regulators are set to meet later today to discuss the recent volatility related to gamestop and other stocks. the securities and exchange commission already saying that they will investigate robinhood's decision. robinhood is defending the action, saying the restriction stems from a need to meet regulatory requirements. a lot of speculation it was because they needed capital. parler ceo john matze says the app's board terminated him from the top spot. he said he has been met with with, quote, constant resistance to his original vision for the social media site.
7:04 am
in a memo he wrote in part, on january 29th, 2021, the parler board controlled by rebecca mercer decided to terminate mise position as ceo of parler. i did not participate in this decision. parler was forced offline last month after amazon web services cut it off. it was expected to relaunch before the beginning of february. things were delayed. i spoke with john matze yet. he explained that the board pretty much fired him and are looking for next steps. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me right now is ceo mark tepper, private wealth advisor allie mccartney and matson money president and ceo, mark matson. allie, markets are higher in the premarket although we are seeing a mixed story within the dow. investors are waiting on some news on the economic recovery and efforts from capitol hill. house democrats will pass a coronavirus a aid package without republican support, they
7:05 am
say. president biden says he's open to narrowing the qualifications for who receives direct payments but is standing firm ton $1,400 check amount. this package, allie, will mean $5 trillion in stimulus in one year. what's the impact on markets and the economy in your view? >> right. it's amazing. the link between liquidity, so stimulus from government and stimulus from the fed is what's clearly bouying this market. this is an interesting one because this is the first major agenda item that has been out there and as much as the assumption is that we want a compromise here, this may be the first political act that sort of gets slid through without compromise. the hope is that doesn't happen. this would be the last bridge we all hope, right, until we have true jabs in the arms, inoculation, we have people resume economic activity and
7:06 am
this would be the third time that individuals receive direct economic payments which seems to be as you alluded to the one thing that there is maybe some wiggle room in for biden. the other issue right now is that this does include aid for states and local governments and that is pretty contentious within the republican party for sure. maria: yeah. i mean, do you think all this money will continue though driving markets up. i know the stimulus has been a positive for stocks. when do markets shift and start worrying about 5 frill i don't trilliondollars -- 5 trillion dn one year. >> i think you'll have an inflection point that will coincide with the resumption of economic activity and a great number of people in the country being vaccinated where instead of markets and individuals investing forward to a normalization, you actually have that normalization and a recognition from the investing public that at some point the
7:07 am
punch bowl is going to be taken away and whether there is a taper tantrum in a few months after that or in 2022, i think you see a bifurcated year where in the first six months until we have that resumption of activity we continue to see liquidity and we continue to see markets go up. bouyed by other countries, for example the ppoc in china, two days ago injected further liquidity in continuing bond buying. the second half of the year you have this resumption of activity but you also have this sort of oh, god moment where people start to understand the repercussions going forward. maria: yeah. all right. we're also talking this morning about this ongoing gamestop saga and its repercussions, treasury secretary janet yellen set to meet with top financial regulators today on the robinhood trading frenzy. shares of gamestop are higher, offer of previous highs this morning. mark, what's your expectation in terms of where this goes? will we see a higher regulatory framework for financials? >> i think this is a really a
7:08 am
warning sign for investors. look, the average investor owned robinhood is a millennial, in the ballpark from 1,000 to $5,000 in their account. this is speculating and gambling on steroids. this gamestop debacle is really terrible. i suspect there will be regulations. look, investors get wrapped up in hindsight bias. they see somebody else getting rich, they want to jump in. they have herding bias, they want to would do -- want to do what their buddies are doing. it becomes addictive to people like checking facebook or instagram. they're checking accounts 10, 20, 30 times a day. i was talking to a gentleman the other day, checking his phone at 2:00 you in the morning looking at prices. it's the destructive and it's addictive. maria: wow. let's talk jobs and the backdrop, mark tepper. the january jobs report due out tomorrow morning, we're expecting 50 of thousand jobs added to the economy in the last
7:09 am
month, that's the economists' expectation, expecting the unemployment rate to stay at 6.7% following a lower than expected jobs number for the month of december amid a major uptick in coronavirus cases. where are we on the backdrop. we thought we would get a low number for adp. it was better than expectations for january. >> maria, the biggest black eye from the covid-19 fallout is still the jobs picture. weekly jobless claims continue to print in that 800,000 range. week after week after week. and that's more than we saw during the worst week of the financial crisis. as you mentioned, last month's jobs report was a complete bust, a complete whiff, a lot of it in the restaurant industry, most restaurants have been shuttered, right. but i think it's important when we try to look at how are we eventually going to bring the unemployment rate down because it's probably really above 10% right now if you look at the
7:10 am
real unemployment rate so you've got to look at where the jobs come from, right. so 50% of nonfarm jobs are with large companies, most of those companies are doing just fine. 50% are with small and medium size businesses and they have been hit the worst by the pandemic, by lockdowns, and i'm talking the with small and medium business owners every day and i don't hear a lot of them talking about aggressive hiring plans. most of them are still talking about right-sizing. right. now, the economy continues to improve because the fed's been accomodative. more stimulus is on the way. but maria i feel like if we want to fix this unemployment pick, we're going about it the wrong way. sending people $1,400, that's not going to do it. we need to protect small businesses. we need to protect the goose that lays the golden eggs. maria: yeah. it's actually incredible to me when you see all of these large retailers allowed to stay open and doing really well and all of these small businesses having
7:11 am
been shuttered. i mean, this keeps happening. and initially i thought this will fix itself. it never fixed itself. you're abs lutely right about small business getting crushed much harder than any others during this pandemic. washington, are you watching? allie, mark, thank you very much for being here on that. great word on wall street. mark tepper, you're staying with us all morning long. we'll keep talking. coming up, former acting homeland security secretary chad wolf is here to discuss president biden's immigration policy and the impact. next hour, former secretary of state mike pompeo will join me, talking about president biden's china policy, immigration the latest with russia and a lot more. here all morning long, dagen mcdowell and mark tepper. we'll get back to dagen in a moment when we come back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪
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bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at maria: welcome back. stimulus showdown, house democrats taking steps to pass the coronavirus aid package without republican support, this with the senate set to approve a budget resolution later this week which will move forward the reconciliation process, president biden expressed an openness to sending direct payments to smaller groups of americans but he would not budge on the $1,400 check amount. joining me now is the chief political correspondent for the washington examiner and fox news contributor, byron york. good to see you this morning. how does this play out? >> well, we're not sure entirely. first of all, it's going to be close in both houses. i mean, remember, house democrats having lost seats in the election when they thought they were going to pick up seats have a very, very narrow majority. so nancy pelosi cannot just get
7:16 am
what she wants immediately without having to convince some members of her own side and then of course the senate is 50/50. i think one of the things that's happening is the most partisan activist democrats are afraid that president biden, who spent a million years in the senate and likes to sit down and negotiate, they're worried about him actually negotiating with republicans, making concessions they don't want to do that. and if you listen to democratic activists, and some democratic senators themselves, they say use our majority of, use our majority of, even though it's not even really a full majority, 50/50 in the t senate, plus the vice president. and they're going to try to push it through with the barest, barest of margins. maria: one of those policies that the dems are trying to get through is on climate. and then you've got the eco
7:17 am
unfriendly biden administration climate czar, john kerry, he's under fire after he flew in his private jet to iceland in 2019 to accept an environmental award. here's kerry in his own words on why he took the ride. this is a must watch. watch. >> it's the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. i negotiated the paris accords for the united states. i've been involved in this fight for years. the time it takes me to get somewhere, i can't sail across the ocean. i have to fly. maria: oh, my goodness. what problems. byron, what's your take on this? [laughter] >> fly commercial? me, i mean, are you serious? you know, the climate hypocrisy of elites flying in private jets is really the easiest criticism to make. one of the reasons it's easy is it's actually true, it's valid. and clearly there are other ways to get to iceland. there are commercial flights to get to iceland.
7:18 am
i believe john kerry was a private citizen at that point. i assume he would fly in a u.s. government plane now. but this is a kind of lifestyle with many environmental activists who are hollywood stars, other very wealthy people. they don't want to fly commercial. maria: right. well, dagen, you heard what he said. someone like me who has to travel the world. what do you want, someone like me, i have to travel the world. dagen: the only thing that he has ever been good at is marrying rich. i don't think that his ego would fit in coach. so i kind of understand this. but this goes back to the rules for the not for me mentality of people, the left-wing ruling class, if you will. where their rules that they impose on most of america hurt those with the least the most.
7:19 am
so this is not surprising. but it's frightening how much damage the biden administration has already done to american -- america's energy independent and also our energy jobs in this country in just two weeks. maria: i think you're spot-on, dagen. and byron, dagen makes the right point because we really do focus more on policy on this program. so let's put john kerry's arrogance on the side for a moment and just look at the policy and what this means in terms of china, in terms of immigration, in terms of the cost. i mean, are we supposed to believe that china is going to keep its promises and not be the polluter of the world so we can fix the climate? is that what we're going on here, to hope that china keeps its promise to stop producing products for the world and be good for the climate? >> it's not really clear. if you remember, the briefing that kerry gave about a week
7:20 am
ago, he admitted that the united states is only a very small part of the world's emissions and that even if the united states got to zero emissions, about 90% of the problem would still remain. and also, one of the reasons the kerry private plane thing was galling to many people is not only that the administration has cut maybe 11,000 jobs killed in the keystone pipeline decision, many more thousand jobs killed in the federal lands exploration decision, but then kerry brought out that old democratic chestnut of creating green jobs and all these people who lose their jobs in the energy business will get them back making solar panels. and this was a promise that if you remember barack obama started his presidency with. he appointed a green jobs czar, van jones, who was going to help
7:21 am
create millions and millions of green jobs that never materialized. maria: right. and so what is a coworker supposed to do when you say to him go build a solar panel. we're just supposed to create all these new skills that these people do not have because you just fired them and you killed the xl pipeline. byron, obviously we'll keep spot lighting this. great to talk with you this morning about it. thank you, sir. byron york joining us today. coming up, the debate over safety over privacy, amazon puts cameras in delivery vans, drivers are pushing back, though. we'll check it out. stay with us.
7:22 am
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included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. maria: welcome back. safety versus surveillance, amazon is installing artificial intelligence cameras in its delivery trucks. these cameras recording drivers
7:25 am
100% of the time, aiming to improve safety but are also causing concerns over privacy. dagen, this is an interesting story. what do you think? invasion of privacy or is this a good safety tactic? dagen: ultimately, it's how this a all powerful unchecked technology monopoly uses this information. and we don't yet know how amazon will eventually exercise all this power. and how it might use all this information. that's the only thing that i have a problem with, that you as an individual don't have any control over what amazon is doing with these cameras in their delivery trucks and i don't want to go off on a tangent but i go back to the fact that amazon web services decided to put parler out of business. they pulled the plug on them and where does this censorship stop? how will they use all the
7:26 am
information that they've collected on americans potentially against you? and again, it's not just with monopolies and the house democrats said this in the report they published in october. our economy and our democracy are at stake. it's how amazon uses all this information to put competitors out of business, which we know that they've done. we know that they've collected in the past and lied about it to congress, collected information about sellers on its marketplace to then essentially, my words, steal their products, recreate them under a private label and try to put competitors out of business. where does it stop? i went off on a tangent but, again, what are they doing with that information and are they legally collecting it? maria: and don't forget, this is the same issue around ring. remember ring, the ring doorbell, amazon acquired ring
7:27 am
and then there were investigations into, well, wait, what are we recording when somebody comes to your doorbell and rings your bell. it's all surveillance, mark. mark: yeah. and, you know, i don't -- i personally don't see much value you in the video data they would be collecting but like dagen said, we don't know how they're going to use it. i don't know. i'm just looking at it and thinking what the heck could they possibly do with it, right? look, i don't see much of a problem with cameras in delivery trucks. i'm not sure why they have to be a.i. if they're on 100% of the time. something doesn't add up there. assuming amazon probably wants to monitor productivity, so they could be more efficient. but i'm really not sure why they care if their drivers roll a stop sign. that seems strange. maria: i'm looking at a report about ring. amazon keeps records of every motion detected by the ring doorbells as well as the exact time they're logged down to the millisecond. they disclosed every interaction with ring's app, it's also
7:28 am
stored. so that's the ring situation. no wonder the drivers are upset about a.i. cameras in the trucks. when we come back, former acting homeland security secretary chad wolf knows a lot about surveillance, he's here to discuss president biden's immigration policy. stay with us. at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 4th. a look at markets this half hour where we are looking at higher opening for the major averages, although just fractionally, dow industrials turning positive, up 3 points. it had been negative 20 minutes ago. the nasdaq staying firm, up 44 points this morning. the s&p 500 right now up 3. investors are waiting on initial jobless claims this morning. they'll be out in about an a hours' time. we'll look at the january jobs report due out tomorrow, that typically is a market mover. stocks yesterday finished near the flatline. it was a strong start, the dow and s&p 500 closed higher for a third day in a row, off of the
7:32 am
highs of the day. the nasdaq ended negative, down 2 points yesterday. european markets this morning are mostly higher. the bank of england keeping rates unchanged, saying it asked regulators to make sure banks are ready for negative rates if they are needed. fq100 is negative by 28, the dax higher by 30 points right now. all of the indices in europe off of the best levels of the morning after the bank of england this morning. in asia overnight, markets finished lower across the board, worst performer overnight was korea, down one and a third percent on the kospi index. roundup making beyer striking a deal to resolve future claims that the product causes cancer. lauren simonetti with those details right now. >> its a $2 billion settlement, covers all present and future claims by individuals who were diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma that were exposed to roundup before their diagnosis. in june, beyer reached a $9.6 billion settlement
7:33 am
resolving the bulk of the more than 100,000 lawsuits that were already filed over roundup and as part of the settlement glia,e key indegreed corres ingredientn the market. shares are unchanged in the premarket. the electric car frenzy is fuel for churchill capital, the blank check company, no assets beyond $2 billion in cash. the stock has risen dramatically on reports that it was in talk to merge with the ev startup lucid motors, sending churchill shares up for man 220% -- more than 220%. before that, stock was hovering around $10 share, take a look now, at 29, 86 in the premarket. apple is close to finalizing a deal with hyuandi kia to manufacture an apple branded self-driving electric vehicle at
7:34 am
kia's assembly plant in georgia, apple reportedly investing $3.6 billion and taking an equity stake in kia. the car scheduled to go into production, you've got to wait, in 2024, if not later. finally, amedicationing video to show you -- you amazing video to show you. a robbery suspect leading s.w.a.t. officers on a wild chase, climbing and swinging from power lines like tarzan. it happened in downtown phoenix after a man called police about a man stealing his car at gunpoint. the man eventually slid down power lines where police shot him with rubber bullets and arrested him. wow, what a dramatic standoff, maria. maria: the immigration agenda among the most aggressive in terms of undoing the trump administration policies. the biden administration is planning to reopen a holding center in texas for migrant
7:35 am
children detained at the border. this facility has been unoccupied since july 2019 and will house now up to 700 migrants in the next two weeks. this move coming days after president biden signed a number of executive orders aimed at reversing trump era immigration policies including establishing a task force which he says will reunify families separated at the border. joining me right now is former acting department of homeland security secretary, chad wolf. chad, it's great to have you this morning. thanks very much for joining us. i've got to get your take overall on the biden add administration policies with regard to immigration. first, let's start on this new facility being used in texas. your reaction? >> well, this is the same facility and certainly other ones like it that we used in 2019 during the crisis that we had and as you recall, maria, we resoundly criticized for opening these types of temporary sheltering facilities for migrant children and migrant families so we certainly see them doing that again here.
7:36 am
i would say that we certainly see an increase of unaccompanied minor children coming across the border illegally and that's a concern. what's different today than was different in 2019, we had very few options in 2019 to address this issue. today, fortunately the biden administration has a tool in their tool chest that they're choosing not to use and that's a cdc public health order that allows them to remove these children quickly back to their home countries, back to mexico. but they're choosing not to utilize this tool and that's dangerous on a couple different fronts. right. because the cdc has told dhs and hhs that these children and other ofs like it in a covid environment should not be health in these settings. this is an avoidable problem at the moment and it's concerning. maria: chad, let me ask you about the commentary yesterday from secretary of state antony blinken who confirmed that the biden administration intends to
7:37 am
suspend and terminate the safe third country asylum deals that you and your colleagues and the trump administration brokered with el salvador, honduras and got ma a la. is that -- guatemala. what is your reaction to the termination of those deals that you brokered? >> it's extremely unfortunate. we spent a lot of time to get those asylum cooperative agreements in place with those three countries, had a very visible effect on addressing the 2019 crisis and we see today and i think viewers understand, we are in another crisis, there are over 3,000 individuals crossing the border illegally every day is what cvp is currently facing and so whether you look at the aca, the asylum agreements you mentioned, you look at the deportation policies and a number of executive orders the administration is putting in place today, it's sending a signal to the cartels, the human smugglers and human traffickers
7:38 am
and others that the border is open of. all have you to do is make it across and you will likely remain in the u.s. as immigration proceedings go through. what we saw in 2019 that is is a recipe for disaster. so i'm very concerned about my former dhs colleagues, the frontline men and women of cvp, particularly in a covid environment, having to deal with an influx of individuals coming across this border and again, this is a a crisis that was completely avoidable. maria: yeah. and when i took the show to the border, what struck me was the fact that border agents were acting like nurses. they were there and instead of doing their job, in terms of securing the border, they were left having to deal with sick kids, people coming over that they had to bring to the hospital in all different situations. it was a lot of kids being put in dangerous positions when we brought the show to el paso, texas. here's what white house advisor steven miller told me. i want you to walk through all of the changes in immigration
7:39 am
and tell us what you think is the most aggressive and what is the most dangerous but first, here's former white house advisor steven miller with me on sunday, walking through what was most concerning to him. here it is. >> this isn't republican or democrat or liberal or conservative. this is just fundamental common sense. if you're here illegally and you commit a crime, you should go home. this is why it's so important that this texas lawsuit filed by attorney general paxton ultimately be successful. maria: what do you think, chad? what are the most aggressive and concerning points of the biden administration immigration policies? >> well, i think so far certainly the suspension of mpp which is our migrant protection protocols or the remain in mexico program, that's putting at risk some of the asylum reforms we put in place.
7:40 am
halting border wall construction is putting the security of the southwest border, the men and women of border patrol in harm's way. i would say also the pause you played there on deportations for 100 days is very, very dangerous. you're asking law enforcement officers, dhs lawen forcement officers to make very, very tough decisions. i think in that executive order it says that november 1st if you came before or after you could be deported. if you came before but not after. so you're asking law enforcement officers to now determine when someone illegally crossed the border to make a decision. all of these start to add up. they begin, again, to have that pull effect, that pull factor that we continue to talk about that is sending a signal again to the cartels, the smugglers, the traffickers, the individuals that control the pathways to the borders that send individuals to get into the united states, you send a signal to them that it's open for business. you get them across the border, they'll stay here. that's what they they want to hear. it's what we saw in 2019 and again it's extremely, extremely
7:41 am
concerning. maria: so chad, can the republicans do anything to stop any of this? i mean, we just touched a bit on ken paxton and the state of texas. paxton, the attorney general of texas, is suing the biden administration and as a result of that suited has been able to block biden's order on deportation at least temporarily, this 100 days situation. is this the only sort of lever the republicans have? is it the attorneys generals? are we going to see more state ags push back and what else can republicans do to stop some of these concerning reversals in immigration. >> it's very tough. obviously, the president has an executive authority here. i would say it's certainly in the courts, whether that's attorney generals or other third party groups. what we saw over the last four years was a number of advocacy groups running to the courts in california to try to get
7:42 am
nationwide injunctions. the courts are an avenue for that. congress at the end of the day can address a lot of these issues. you're probably not going to see a lot of help from congress given the makeup on some of these tough issues. that will be a slow effort as well. so i think in the short term, it's likely going to be in the courts. if there's going to be any remedy, any way to address this issue. i don't see too many other paths. maria: all right. we will leave it there. chad wolf, it's great to talk with you. please come back soon. we need to continue documenting and communicating to our audience what you're seeing as the most concerning here. this is obviously one of the most important issues for the american people. thank you, sir. we'll keep watching. chad wolf joining us there. we take a break. when we come back, ousting ceo john matze from parler, the company he founded. harvard law senior fellow is here, joining me to break down the company's leadership shakeup, along with florida's crackdown on big tech. jobs in america, we have the
7:43 am
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maria: welcome back. parler sha shakeup now, ceo john matze has been ousted after the app was taken offline, i obtained a memo from matze last night, writing this, over the past few months i met constant resistance to my product vision,
7:47 am
my belief in free speech and my view of how the site should be managed. matze told me last night they fired him on friday. joining me now, is distinguished fellow, vivek wadhwa. thank you for being here. your reaction to what's taken place at parler overnight? >> welcome to the tech industry. this is what happens in silicon valley all the time, that the founders get blamed for anything that goes wrong with the company and they get replaced. the interesting thing would be if they hired someone like the former ceo of twitter to come in and run the company because at this stage when the company's about to grow dramatically, you need to have experienced managers on-hand who know how to deal with the problems and rebuild the company. so if they brought in some like costello and had the former ceo side-by-side with him as visionary, that would be a great team. that's the way it goes in silicon valley. maria: it's interesting you would say dick costello.
7:48 am
twitter was pretty much one of the companies putting parler out of business. you were saying he was out for some time before that. >> he was out. these people will bring professional skills in and do whatever is needed. you leave the ideology aside, you need a professional manager at this stage of the company. maria: i understand, yeah. dagen mcdowell, jump in. dagen: vivek, great to see you as always. do you thinker there's a place for a conservative social media company like parler that doesn't get shut down and is this a direction you think that the social media landscape goes, where there are more niche platforms, niche services? i'm thinking about the invitation only kind of podcast clubhouse now where you have to be fancy and famous to be invited to participate. >> clubhouse is the boy's club. you've got the silicon valley extremists on that platform. you know what, what you need to
7:49 am
do, i know regulation is not a good thing but you need some regulation as a way to control these companies, maybe remove section 230 and rethink the whole thing so there's clear guidelines. we will not accept the planning of violence on our platform, will not accept profanity or pornography, however you can express any views you want to. we need clear rules. right now, the tech industry is judge and it's jury and they're taking advantage of this to do whatever they want to do. we need to have multiple platforms, we need to break up big tech companies so we have multiple options and everything. so the answer to your question is, yes, definitely we need conservative social media platform. we need liberal platforms. we need elitist platforms like clubhouse. we need checks and balances. maria: are we going to have different groups catering to different groups.
7:50 am
i noticed sephora is shutting door to conservative women, the sephora makeup store. i was shocked to see that. on sunday morning futures the other day we were talking about what all of this blacklisting leads to. is it becoming okay to say we're going to shut down speech of conservatives? well, maybe we'll have a bank that won't give mortgages to conservatives. well, maybe we'll sell widgets to only democrats. i mean, is this where this is going if we are a allowing blacklisting and censorship to come at the expense of certain groups in our population? this is incredibly dangerous. >> maria, i know you don't like it. i don't like it either. but this is what the first amendment provides and this is democracy. so what we have to do is we have to prevent the monopolies from happening. the problem you're having with facebook and twitter is they're monopolies. you have no other choice. this is why you're so angry. they're dominating it. that's the problem with amazon. it's a monopoly. we need anti-trust regulations
7:51 am
to break the companies up and let the free markets rein. waning. i -- rein. i can watch fox news or msnbc. we have choices. on social media we don't have choices. this is why we're getting so angry. maria: i want to say, this is a story that i read yesterday. sephora makeup store cuts ties with beauty influencer for being a conservative, says republicans are not aligned with their values. this -- i understand everybody -- you are a private company, you can do what you want but this whole path of canceling some people in the culture, of saying we're not going to serve you because we don't agree with you, this is incredibly dangerous and this is the beginning of dictatorships. we all should be upset about this, vivek. everybody on both sides. >> this what is social media has done to us. social media divided and
7:52 am
polarized us, turned us into enemies. this goes into the issue of these companies are controlling what we see, how we think, so they're making us radicalized, extreme left and extreme right. i have problems with both. maria: maybe it's section 230. like you said. maybe it's all about section 230 which needs to be rolled back. vivek, thank you. we'll be right back. people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. john travolta showing off his famous grease dance moves along side his daughter ella for a new super bowl ad. check this out. >> it's the red one. >> i know. ♪ >> still got it. maria: [laughter] travolta and his daughter seem
7:56 am
to go together in the scots miracle grow commercial. it's been 43 years since the film grease was released. like martha stewart said, he's still got it, huh. dagen: it does. he's still got moves. i learned during covid in the last few months, i relearned the brooklyn shuffle which is from saturday night fever which you do to night fever by the bee gees. i'm learning. i've got the hit grease next. maria: did you see the beegees documentary. it was so good. dagen: it was. that's why i learned the brooklyn shuffle. maria: mark, your thoughts on travolta. mark: he's still got the moves. looking pretty good out there. super bowl commercials used to be the best part of watching the
7:57 am
game. they've been kind of weak. i'm looking forward to pizza, wings, a drink or three and watching the goat square off against the baby goat this year. maria: all right. let's slip in a short break. when we come back, former secretary of state mike pompeo will join me live exclusive, breaking down president biden's policies at the border, china and russia among others. it all starts next hour right here, "mornings with maria" is live. my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working but first always going for a run or going to the gym. i love reading. i love cooking healthy. it's super important to me. i was noticing that i was just having some memory loss. it was really bothering me. so i tried prevagen and it started to work for me. i wish i had taken prevagen five or ten years ago. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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8:00 am
. maria: welcome back good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is these, february 4 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast, going it will alone democrats pushing ahead with 1.9 trillion-dollar stimulus plan without republican sport, treasury secretary janet yellen saying president biden want aid package tone with bipartisan sport new jersey congressman jeff van drew here to discuss that why he deleted twitter altogether a show of
8:01 am
force from united states send aguiarship through taiwan straits, coming up secretary of state pompeo here, the sanction by china chinese we will discuss change at top of merck frazier retiring as ceo of pharmaceutical giant reporting earnings earlier this morning missed on top an bottom lines trading down a fraction, philip morris crossing the tape san francisco battle to reopen schools to get bay area students in the classroom why teachers refuse to go back to work markets are pointing higher this morning we are expecting a gain out of dow jones industrial average right now investors waiting on jobless claims in 30 minutes' time dow up 28 nasdaq up 56 s&p higher by 7 1/2, we are all about jobs. we are previewing january jobs' report, will hit the tape tomorrow, we are all hands on deck for that yesterday, stocks finished near flatline a big rally
8:02 am
earlier in the day, was all but reversed by close dow s&p 500 higher by a fraction third day in a row nasdaq negative 2 points lower at 4:00 on wall street, plus this paying you to move? one city cash snv for remote workers making a buzz this morning, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . >> european markets this morning little changed we had bank of england meeting kept interest rates unchanged said asking regulators to make sure sure banks are ready for negative rates should they be needed cac quarante in paris up 13 dax in germany up 38 in asia overnight markets lower across the board, take a look worst was korea kospi indices down one and a third percent futures pointing to higher opening this morning for stocks in u.s. they have been mixed throughout the morning investors are wait a second on economic recovery, effort, from capitol hill, house democrats take steps to pass
8:03 am
coronavirus relief package without any republican support. president biden said he is open to narrowing qualifications for exactly who receives direct payments standing firm on 1400 there are a check amount, joining me right now former atlanta federal reserve president ceo, dennis lockhart first your take put your old former atlantis fed hat on for me what you are expecting in terms of economic growth for 2021. >> well, certainly by the numbers, it will be, a year somewhere between 4 and 5% perhaps which is historically very, very strong number. but we are still -- digging out of some holes created last year so, the number -- reflects the fact that we're still in a bounceback kind of
8:04 am
mode. >> yeah, i would imagine so treasury secretary janet yellen to meet heads to discuss robinhood trading forensics to involve members of securities and exchange federal reserve board as well as new york fed, do you have expectations about this meeting and what last week's trading frenzy might mean in ray of regulation? >> well, i think this is probably an exploratory meeting or review of the situation i am not sure there will be any decisions that necessarily come out of it. but it is a concern i think for two reasons, one integrity of our market is fundamental to our economic system. secondly, they always have their eye on something that might trigger a financial event of some kind a systemic event harms everywhere taking
8:05 am
it very seriously but whether any conclusions will be drawn regarding a regulatory action i sort of doubt that. maria: okay. so, are what do you think are the priorities in terms of this lockdown in i mean look at small business community right now, dennis under stress, survey from feds regional bank finding 90% small businesses across the country say they have not seen business return to pre-pandemic levels finds 30% say that without additional stimulus, the businesses actually might not survive, dennis it is a sad sight to go in new york city see all small businesses closed for me, then you see things like walmart gigantic he big box stores open giving the go ahead small businesses being told board up shut down. >> yes, the kshaped recovery is a real thing, i think.
8:06 am
and, small businesses as well as probably the bottom quartile quintile of income household income have been hit very hard. they continue to suffer. it is not a good situation. while other people have been able to weather this, other firms have been able to weather this more easily, partly because of scale i saw that report as well, i note it was a survey in october and november. so that seems like ancient history now but probably still exactly the case, the picture that is painted in that survey. maria: so do you think that in stimulus will be a big help dennis? you are talking 1.9 trillion dollar deal making the total stimulus number up to 5 trillion dollars, in just one year. how important is that? and what about inflationary pressures dennis?
8:07 am
are you watching the spike we are seeing in iron ore, in orange juice so many food items? >> two good questions there let me address the first one. you know, i think the policymakers are having to -- figure out whether they want to take he the risk of over shooting or take at a risk of under shooting, this is a bridge kind of -- of policy package to bridge for uncertain period of time. we just don't know when ship of the economy is going to turn divisively, it has not yet. so i do think you can make a strong case for going big as the -- as the administration has argued, regarding inflation the problem for the moment, is to get inflation up. there is, of course, some
8:08 am
alarmists noise out there, i understand that, because there is a feeling of things are changing. but the fed would welcome a higher case of inflation, at the moment. and -- and the risk of run away inflation -- broadly across prices, i still think is a very low risk. maria: all right. we will leave it there dennis great to talk with you this morning, a lot of important issues, thanks very much for being here,. >> thank you, maria. maria: all right. we will see you soon dennis lockhart joining us this morning much more ahead coming up former secretary of state mike pompeo here in fox business exclusive react to being sanctioned by chinese communist party rolling back of his policies by biden managers, then one city is ready to pay big bucks to move there making a buzz this morning, find out where you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪
8:09 am
♪♪ ♪ .
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8:12 am
maria: welcome back, stimulus showdown how democrats taking a major step house democrats rather in passing a coronavirus aid package without republican support. they approved a budget resolution to do so senate set to approve a budget resolution this week will advance to reconciliation process joining me new jersey congressman, jeff van drew congressman always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure, and i always enjoy being on the show. maria: so walk us through what is taking place here? the republicans are pushing back on this 1.9 trillion-dollar age package democrats say fine we will move forward do it without you; right? >> which is never good government is not what we should be shooting for, not
8:13 am
what the president talked be talked about more unity working together trying to accomplish goals together need more than one set offize i was disappointed with that republicans were disappointed devil in details with these things you have really got to make sure that we're doing this the right way that we're not spending too much, that we're not spending too little. the stimulus has to be the right amount to make sure that we focus it correctly, and we have been been little a part of that they don't really seem to care to have us, to be part of it too much, but i think that is going to backfire on people, elected you know it is about 50-50, in the house of representatives, and people want their congresspeople to work. and to be involved. >> well you made a good point a minute ago you said look all this talk of unity i keep hearing president biden
8:14 am
talking about unity you are in house of representatives you see it all tell us do you see efforts for unity? he says that a lot but with executive orders 34 at least just first week and a half all undoing trump or republican policies, so do you see unity? i really don't at this point i hope we will, i am constantly going to reach my hand out in my committees the things i am involved with try to create unity to a degree where there you are substantive issues where you zree soft on china i can't be unified with that allowing open borders irwant be unified with that not following rule of law in some election laws what we're doing i can't be unified not because those aren't good things maybe we can become unified if folks on the other side would be willing to listen meet us in the middle but when we are
8:15 am
changing so much, maria, you know, i -- i think this is very serious. i think the united states of america is facing a largest challenge we have ever had since the civil war. i worry about the republic. just talk about china just for the a second we have before, it is okay for us to have every kind of restrikeion in the world expense cost going to spend money with world health organization who lied to us didn't even he tell us the truth, china doesn't have to obey any you know or follow any of the rules, regulations, and requirements, that we do, i mean literally is like going into the boxing ring both hands tied behind your back i don't understand what we're doing i don't understand stand why we don't want to be first in emergency it is bizarre. maria: i have recognized how serious this threat is if we want our kids their kids to
8:16 am
have same opportunities that we had we better get smart, about the fact that a communist country wants to overtake america they are doing everything they can, lie, steal cheat to do so to become number one spur power i haven't heard one peep out of china about coronavirus not one peep about pushing back on their bad behavior there is blistering going on a hate is beyond you don't hear anything from commander in chief about stopping this, if in the name of unity,. >> a i don't feel -- you are exactly right. i don't feel him having this large presence of trying to pull us all together. of being accepting of the idea that there are folks with different ideas there are conservative folks republicans some ways some areas may be we can work together that would be a wonderful thing to see.
8:17 am
but just to go off own your diminish united states i wish people would look at it understand it understand what is happening to their country. >> me, too, and you have real credibility on this subject you were a democrat you switched parties because because you did not like what was going on you are a moderate in middle on many why our audience is as well, i know you recently deleted twitter account some said because of the backlash related to support of tournament trump tell me what prompted to you delete your account it is very hard to read twitter i agree with you way too much hate nobody wants to see it i can't imagine continueing in this model. >> you hit it right on the head, there is too much hate too much hurt. really didn't work for my
8:18 am
constituents, my people. ever, because of that reason they don't want to hear or read about that. i mean we should be really trying to look forward, to do better, to move the country forward, to have better ideas, and more open ideas whether right or left or -- and more tolerance. it just wasn't good you know sometimes you are like sometimes you say you read something and you just get a bad feeling? that is it, that is not something i wanted to be part of so many o ways to communicate my people let me know what they are thinking about everything, and we do a newsletter, we do tele town meetings facebook like crazy all kinds of things i didn't think it was good, good for psyche people honestly people that work in the office the people in the district. maria: good for you congressman, i am glad you did it look we have a number of --
8:19 am
issues out there, that are so polarizing, and there is like a lot of show nancy pelosi wants to keep will national guard troops gaurling capital until mid-march does it feel a blue state 24-7 where you are i want to ask whether or not they are armed when that looks like in terms of having all these troops around -- >> it is not the america that we know now i know we have to be safe i know that we have to be careful. first of all, we don't see threats all over, i am sure, there are al threats, we have to be careful. we should have been more careful from the get-go. however, without question, we have over dope it, in my opinion, i think over did it doing it now i think we certainly overdid it officially even at the inauguration, and, are i think -- i tell the like i was going
8:20 am
to inauguration in venezuela or a third world country, i mean it wasn't necessary -- i want to thank the national guard they have they have not in all cases treated as well as they should to having sleep in garages not being taken care of as well as they should i visited new jersey national guard great to see them men and women who are doing their job doing their duty not making a complaint just doing what asked to do. i think it is honestly i think a little bit of showmanship i think just trying to show what terrible problems, you know president trump caused, and now because of president trump, we are in a lockdown. just not accurate at not necessary. >> a lot of games and shows, you are right. >> everything is. >> -- just like ripping up the president's speech at the state of the union. i mean, who does that?
8:21 am
it is just really an embarrassment. congressman thank you, sir. . >> let's get to work, thank you. >> yeah, exactly, i know that is what you want to do thank you tier we will be right back. stay with us we've got former secretary of state mike performance 'here don't miss it he is coming up. at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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8:24 am
divide head of the cdc says yesterday schools can safely reopen without vaccinating teachers many districts remain closed across the country dagen what do you think about this teachers union refuses to go back to school. dagen: the teachers unions are putting their own power ahead of america's children, in many cities, especially in
8:25 am
chicago. again, those were the least get hurt the most, by this callous behavior i will point out despite with a cdc said yesterday federalist wrote about this when asked in press briefing wednesday has no science medical credentials cricketed what contradicked saying they have not released -- directives on schools i don't know why biden sides with those, children don'tcrat this easily, get back to work. >> money given biden's plan for at least 130 billion dedicated funding to 12 schools another 350 billion flexible state local aide would help school districts,
8:26 am
this is on top of the 30 billion education stabilization fund from the first cares act what are they doing with all this money. >> doesn't matter o how much money you give them if they don't want to go back to work schools needs to be open kids needy to be in schoolteachers needing to back to work distans learning did he are deprives kifdz socialization, young kids shouldn't be depressed you are seeing more we need to fix this i hope we don't look back 10 years from today rebrett what we've done to kids. maria: of course, we are going to regret it dagen said the right thing get back to work teachers former secretary of state mike pompeo will join us discuss the latest on president biden immigration foreign policy don't miss it will react to beijing sanctioning him, stay with us.
8:27 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 4, we are awaiting jobless claims the initial jobless claims any moment we will see if that moves markets, right now futures are indicating a gain at start of trading, the dow futures up 28 the nasdaq futures right now 62, and s&p futures up 8 1/4 we have seen a bit of a weak spot in the month of january tomorrow morning the labor department january jobs' report, will give us another indication as to how the jobs picture is looking, of course, we are looking at policy impact on jobs for the very latest in terms of weekly jobless claims numbers, lauren simonetti with numbers they are just coming out right now lauren. >> yeah this is better-than-expected, 779,000 americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits last week maria for the final week of january, it
8:31 am
is the third week we've seen the numbers decline so moving in the right direction. as states start to easy restrictions following covid-19 surge around holidays market reaction muted on this 779,000 filing for first time benefits last week, the first -- the final week of january, follows the better-than-expected surprisingly positive report of yesterday, are ahead of the government january jobs' report the number that is also better than expected nearly 4.6 million expected 4.7 million look that is much better because height of the pandemic we were nearing number of 25 million for people still receiving unemployment benefits so this has come down sharply yes still elevated number back to you. maria: all right lauren thank you so much, we are taking a
8:32 am
look at foreign policy, just one day, after president biden was inaugurated china sanctions on 28 americans including former secretary of state pompeo former white house advisory steve bannon, peter navarro in a fox business exclusive former secretary of state mike pompeo thanks very much for being here what has been the fallout from the sanctioning of you from the communist party? >> welma good morning thanks for having me on the show. you know. the sanction that took place was intended to do a signing thing to send a message to the next administration biden administration if you are series about protecting america american sort of jobs wealth all things that matt most to people that listen to your show watching, you will be punished, so they were trying to send a message to
8:33 am
secretary of state national security advisory saying careful don't do right thing for america don't protect americans if you do you will he be punished that was the message, kind of a badge of honor some ways we took seriously, 50 years failed policy from america flipped on its head we put, a real premium on protecting americans from the threat that chinese communist party presents to each and every one of us. maria: yes, you did you were the first administration first secretary of state to actually change the approach to china, in this 40 years of engagements, because ever since nobody is aon first went to china we were under this impression that china was going to open its markets that china was going to see democracy see what is happening in hong kong say okay, we will move to the middle, that is exactly the opposite what has actually taken place, and you and your colleagues and administration recollected that a fair sustainment. >> it is we recognized the
8:34 am
strategy that -- this is republican and democrats poetic this isn't partisan, the strategy that had been in place for decades was one of appeasement tolerance, it was about chasing the dollar for cheap labor inside of china the huge detriment to ordinary since tens of millions of jobs lost because united states refused to tell chinese you can't dump your products here you can't steal our intellectual pretty president trump administration turned this on head to grow billed out militarily on backs of american wealth transferred 40 years now the a giant milt capacity people's liberation army then let them inside gates let them lobby here influence here gave them capacity to build chinese technology inside our country so they could spy on us, united states of america things the american leadership failed the american people on for decades and decades our administration turned the tide
8:35 am
all across the world, still more work to do i i am confident american people's voices will be heard. >>. maria: that is most important thing american people have understood, eyes opened even corporate america, in some corners corporate america figured out you were right to do this pushback that you have been doing, also, there are other tests one test sanctions for biden administration chinese bombers practicing mock attacks on ussiflt theodore roosevelt chinese bombers in taiwanese airspace water space i want to keep talking about china but let me go back to this before i move on to other things then get back to china did we hear from the biden administration sanitationing a former secretary of state is a big deal. shouldn't we have the commander in chief come out and tell beijing right up front you will not sanction mike pompeo you will not
8:36 am
sanction former government officials, this is nonsense to us we haven't heard a peep out of joe biden on any of this is that right. >> it is the obligation of every administration to protect the previous administration and all people who are working on behalf united states government, i hope they will do that. but, more importantly more importantly than protecting myself or others, this is bigger you gave jobs' report as you opened this segment, this policy with china matters about every one of the people out there seeking employment if we get this wrong we will live in a world so deeply different we will see the sanctions on our leaders pale in xaern to pain absence of prosperity if we don't get this right one of the things i promised that we did we protected american jobs protected american businesses made sure intellectual property was in a better place these are things that will ultimately matter i hope this
8:37 am
administration of hear voices american people are aware what happened in covid didn't have to happen millions of jobs lost as a result of wuhan virus didn't have have to happen the chinese communist party acted in a way created enormous risk hundreds of thousands of lives loss in the united states billions of dollars, in personal income for ordinary people across america those are things that i really hope the administration will focus on. >> what i keep saying if you want your kids and their kids and their grandkids to have the same opportunities that you had, growing up you better wake up to understand, that a communist nation wants to overtake united states, the whole world should be worried about, i am going to getting back to china biden administration planning a holding uncertain in for migrant kids at border unoccupied since 2019 go, going to house up to 1700 people days after president biden signed a number of
8:38 am
executive orders aim reversing trump immigration policies including task force to rereunify families spraitdz at border what are thoughts on executive orders relateing on immigration. >> i worked hard on immigration issues american nash security depends on sovereign united states of america we have to know who is coming in and out of country we are compassionate people every one all across the world wants to come be here in america we have a responsibility to the people here in yu united states to make sure we know who is coming across our borders regulate immigration that preserves jobs prosperity wages for the people that are here in the united states i hope the next administration doesn't undo all good work we did, to keep america safe from drugs across our border illegals across our border illsthat flow from open
8:39 am
borders here in the united states. >> we can hope looks like secretary that is exactly what they are doing undoing president trump, and your -- approach to foreign policy, i want to take a break, but when we come back i want to ask you what is most concerning. because we've got 4 executive orders our -- 43 executive orders audience needs to understands vulnerabilities, you know so well stay with us talking more china-u.s. extending nuclear accord with russia for another five years we will talk about that with secretary pompeo when we come right back you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of fedex planes and vehicles engines] ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of children laughing and running,
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maria: welcome back we are back with former secretary of state pompeo president biden nominee for commerce says she she is quote no reason to lift trading contributor bs on chinese companies like huawei or gte seems going back-and-forth will you make the case why your administration put limitations in terms of investing in chinese companies tied to military and how important this is so far doesn't look like they are going to lift restrictions. >> i am counting on that i think american people need to count on fact they won't lift restrictions either are either two things first money wealth companies are tied to the people's liberation army wants to control east china sea
8:44 am
ultimately support china's effort to become a hegemonic global power will cut kids grandkids living in different world first technologies, that infiltrate united states infiltrate europe things that kids use right, we use that are in our cars in our television sets in handsets phones, this information also american information whether personal information where we live who we language hang out with or medical conditions dna goes back to the chinese national security state, it will be used for bad intent to harm united states, of america and those sanctions were put in place by our administration protect american people from twin evils,. >> leverage to try to black mail people one way they use our data. >> yeah absolutely. they will use that information, they will use artificial intelligence to get it up then they will turn around tell us if we don't act if a way consistent with what
8:45 am
chinese communist party wants, they will impose real costs on united states. maria: you know i think one of the most important things that you did as secretary of state was not just educating the public, about the -- the realities of the chinese communist party but, also, educating our allies, so, right now, you led the allies to understand better this threat 12 countries have now pulled out of the china initiative so is 30 countries banned huawei because of all this do you think allies there are? is there anything you see in terms of all executive orders that could threaten that what is most concerning to you sir? >> concept we introduced distrust but verify a twist about what president reagan talked about with soviet union not a promise that chinese communist party has made over last 0 years they have lived up to, i spent a lot of time traveling the world taking to,
8:46 am
leaders, from europe, to asia, to south america i reminding them china might show up with a little bit of monday to intent behind that to create leverage power they augment not join an idea that is any western any democratic, in any important way, we had progress we built that enormous coalition built the quad japan, india australia united states of america powerful economies can work together push back against the threat chinese communist party poses. maria: so a word on taiwan, obviously, china is threatening taiwan they sent 12 aircraft on last saturday, 15 last sunday, flying fighters bombers into taiwan international zones, as the biden administration coming in now we know this week uchlths navy sent a warship through taiwan straits this morning first time a ship has gone through waterway since biden administration took over
8:47 am
secretary what does that tell you? do you expect china to try to acquire taiwan, will u.s. support taiwan? >> maria we only listen to words of chinese communist party leader general secretary shoou we have a policy recognizes only one china we have a deep commitment legal commitment to support, the people of taiwan, are administerings did that offered for sale billions of dollars of weapons to help defend themselves the right approach the right approach every time with respect to the to taiwan is appeasement cowardize allowing chinese communist party to think they can bully us or bully taiwanese people into something that allows the chinese communist party to do to them what they did to people hong kong. that would be unacceptable. >> just what is happening in hong kong should be enough to spur the biden administration
8:48 am
to say something get involved, they have acquired hong kong i mean it, it seems then u.s. has said it is deeply disturbed by the reports of systemic race section y'all torture of uighur woman entrapped in china's camper quick i want to get to middle east potential of threats there, to your abraham ao accorded. >> i made a determination what was taking place in xinjiang in west genocide a big word for horrible aatrocious tees focusing a relationship forcing women sterilized the chinese chinese smut stop treating people this way i think other tunz begin to understand secretary blinken in confirmation said he agreed
8:49 am
genocide was taking place i hope the world reunite to push back against horrible despicable tragedy taking place in western china today the foreign policy we must touch on u.s. extended nuke accord with russia another five years? is this a good move in what about the work around saudi arabia, and a new armistice deal there what will this mean for iran abraham accords you put in place historic extraordinary whatever word you want to use the fact you were able to convince five nations in the middle east to have normalized he relations with israel. >> we want the gulf states to secure their own nation we want them to join together to do that that is what they are now working alongside israeli fantastic news collectively halting armed
8:50 am
sales to countries a mistake american jobs manner weaponize would be sold to the region those countries could begin, to deter threat from iran it would really do harm, to the historic understandings that took place as part of the middle east peace process that the trump administration laid out real risk to abraham accords i hope they reconsider those decisions you begin taking about -- start with -- russians the mistake i think made there, that while i think weapons agreements are good strategic weaponize good things if he verifiered adequately frort most important new nuke nuclear power chinese party, our administration working to bring chinese. >> i had of arms control structure close at one point leverage to convince russia's they too needed to work the bring china into this structure is all gone. >> you have really seen
8:51 am
biggest threat this country faces you are among the very few who stayed with president trump, until the very end, trump supporters would like to see you run for president that is on docket in 2024? >> no pig -- no big announcement i caredeeply about issues we've got to get back on track america karnt be secure can't do good national security if we don't have a strong economy back home i intend to continue to work on that all the things that our o administration working on for four years i care about deeply will find a play to continue to try to make life better for american people. >> excellent steak have i spoken with president trump, by the way? >> i have. i have spoken to him a call from him yesterday i missed him will catch up with him before too long as well. maria: we hope you come back when ready to make that big announcement i am ready for you secretary good to see you this morning.
8:52 am
thank you, sir. >> thank you, thank youma have a good day see you soon. >> and to you secretary mike pompeo joining us this morning we will be right back. for every trip you've been dreaming of, expedia has millions of flexible booking options. because the best trip is wherever we go together.
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8:56 am
like an old 19th century mansion, right in middle of town, for less than a million dollars. less than a million in new york city gets you 400 square foot studio. >> we can do show with you in mississippi city could do show from under right mark you in? >> look, i didn't even realize this was a thing, it is pretty cool but apparently, it is a thing there is other cities that do this as well so 6,000 savannah, georgia 2000, oklahoma 10,000 big winner topeka, kansas 15,000 bucks, if you move to topeka a beautiful web site. >> with all the high tax fleeing going on i guess a lot of takers we will watch that
8:57 am
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