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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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allstate click or call for a quote today neil: all right, here is one way to get more vaccines out get 100,000 troops to make sure they do get out. i'll be taking about that with dr. fauci today on your world at 4:00 p.m. and where all this is going now to charles payne. hey, charles. charles: hey, neil thank you very much good afternoon, i'm charles payne, this is making money. breaking right now all the major indices are higher and sectors in the s&p 000 are higher but there's a major shift in leadership. the market getting everything that it wants more stinks, more vaccines and stronger earnings and some of the best businesses are here to break down what it means for your portfolio and where the best opportunities are and i've got two of the very best economists on how much all this free money will eventually cost us and dramatic declines in american satisfaction on key issues on crime to race relations. and it's super bowl weekend and there can be plenty of ways to
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make money from bet and invest ing we've got you covered either way all that and so much more on "making money." all right, the market is higher on the verge of closing out a magnificent week amid optimism over massive amounts of money pouring into the economy, greater distribution of vaccine including that single shot option, perhaps real soon from johnson & johnson, and strong earnings which ultimately dictate the value of stocks and markets, for more on where we're going from here and what the big winners might be i want to bring in managing director michelle schneider along with wets enhancement group senior vp nicole web and fox business contributor scott martin. michelle, i'll start with you. we've got this jobs report this morning. i thought the ugliest part of it was that 400,000 decline the labor participation which by the way probably still at the fate of that $1.9 trillion stimulus they're pushing through but you take that, add in more
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vaccine, the ground is reopening as this economy and ultimately looks like the perfect storm for markets so what are your thoughts on where we go from here? >> there's still a lot of money on the sidelines, we're getting daily calls from people from every walk of life how do i get in the market, how do i invest, so i'm really looking at the potential of some kind of blowoff rally that hasn't happened yet so there's a couple of things to look at as sort of a baseline for warning, and one be the small caps themselves which of course are making new all-time highs today and performing well. the other be the transportation sector which has not done as well, flashed a warning mid- january is now back and bull ish but still has a ways to go to prove itself and has to hold here. that's the demand side, and then the next one be the consumer sector, because right now, that too has been lagging partly because of the gamestop which is weighted in that basket but also possibly because we need that consumer demand to come back, so you watch those three areas, if they holdup, i think we're going much higher.
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charles: nicole? >> yeah, i mean, i agree with everything michelle just said. my sentiment remains the same, rock and roll in 2021. it is a perfect storm, charles, to use your words and i think that we'd be remiss to not put out those already making $120 billion a month in accommodations, and the market is addicted. you couple that with their comments that it's going to be a blockbuster q 3 and q 4, and every central banker has learned from the great depression that it's that's down too soon, we'd rather inflate our way out so you look at that and it's a lot of wind in the sales in 2021. i couldn't, i just have a good position about the year ahead. charles: right. scott, what are your thoughts here? i mean, are we two sanguine about this or is it hard to deny? >> well, we are sanguine. i don't know if it's too sanguine. i agree with what michelle said about just the fact that there is a lot of support out there
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and nicole echoed that too and that's one thing she's right. we're an addiction as far as how the markets have become and that's exactly correct. the markets want stimulus and so the data as it gets worse, actually helps markets. now, the johnson & johnson news, dare i say, probably gives the market a shot in the arm because of the fact that we need a little bit more vaccine per me asian into society charles. it's the one thing that's kind of holding the markets back from even moral time highs is getting the vaccine through but once that happens the markets take off again. charles: so we're talking about all of this money going around let's talk about money going into markets and how to convey that because the u.s. equity etf's after a mid-year reversal was huge, 202e go back to you michelle because there's an old saying about following the money. so how do these etf's cash going into the market, how does it inform your investing decisions? >> well, we're really heavily into the small cap growth box that's where we have been putting most of our client's
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money, 3d printing, charles you and i have talked about it got close to 50 today. microstrategy, plug, so we've got ev's we've got blockchain, we're also into some oil, some travel companies, and also, cannabis which has been huge, but the big thing is the food commoditieses and the agritech that we talked about so hot off the press we got into harvest today, and i think that that's going to be something explosive, so maybe get in before the investment company does and it goes sky rocketing. charles: everyone trying to beat kathy at her own game. i was in 3d systems and a took it off the table, microstrateg ies so you all know that's a play on bitcoin and we've had the ceo on the show many times and i want to get to the thing that was least that you mentioned and that may be, you know, these oil sector. absolutely on fire, we got baker hughs data out a moment ago, oil rigs up 11 weeks in a row, that is absolutely huge, for those who are looking for
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less, you know, high-flying big volatile names. scott, i thought about you with the silver etf's also this week, more money flowed into that than we seen in a long time, your thoughts on that and gold, not necessarily acting the way you would with more inflation talk. just your thoughts on where we are there. >> yeah, look, we like commodities, charles as part of a balanced breakfast or portfolio if you will. just because i think commodities act unlike stocks and bonds at times and as wets managers that's things that we like to have in a portfolio is kind of a side gig to the main course. silver obviously pushed around a little bit by some of the short redditers, so that moves silver a little bit more than it did bouncing back today and obviously down a couple days prior. gold still to us hasn't performed as greatly as it did say back in 2020 but just as we go through more of the stimulus, more money printing, more low interest rate environment, which i think is ahead of us, i still believe that gold and silver are things you should hold in a
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portfolio. charles: all right, folks i got breaking news for you. the s&p 500 there are 11 sectors , 11 sectors, guess which one is down? technology. i definitely think it's actually a good thing that big tech is really leading the way because it really means that the true economy is starting to emerge here, and we've talked about this , charles, that big tech i thought, i was sort of a lone voice was kind of the dead money so really i think it's all of the new tech stuff coming out, the big data stuff, the agritech we just talked about, all of these areas really is where our money is going right now, and commodities to his point before, scott's point. charles: yeah, i think that's a great point. some of the things that are not in the s&p technology sector are
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absolutely sizzling, the system as software as a systems thing, some of these other cloud name, absolutely sizzling. nicole, your thoughts? >> yeah, i agree with everything you're saying but i also think that we need to take a look at the short-term what we already know, what we'll do well as a catalyst of reopening continues, what will benefit from steeper yield curves and inflation, and if there's one thing we're looking at it's the smaller cyclical that will benefit from the broader recovery and benefit quickly so we're looking at materials, industrials, manufacturing, travel and leisure and we think it's time to start moving and rotating back in. charles: all right, well now, one thing that i don't think gets enough attention is our earnings, right? that should be the only thing wall street talked about. we're in the middle of a very robust earnings season, even more importantly, you all this guidance has been phenomenonal. scott, have you changed anything since the earnings season has begun, almost every other day we see forward-looking guidance moving higher and consensus moving higher and change in
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leadership. >> everything has been pretty steady in our large cap growth portfolio charles talk about amazon, apple, google, microsoft , pay pal because it is confirmed by those earnings reports and coming up in the next couple quarters you think earnings are good today, my friends? how about in the next couple quarters, when on some of those companies, you're facing comps that are going to be really easy, so i think this is just beginning kind of this earnings restart earnings revolution as we go into the rest of the year, charles so those are the portfolio companies that we're concentrat ing on. charles: any time someone says earnings revolution we end a segment on that you can't get better than that. scott, nicole, michelle, thank you all very much, we'll see you again real soon. and investors are cheering of course that democrats are moving closer to the $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, but what does it really mean for the economy beyond the sugar high? later in the hour, senator tom cotton trying to squeeze democrats on packing the supreme
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court. we learned something that scares the heck out of me, i'm going to get reaction from fox news contributor deneen borelli. we'll be right back. some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. charles: well, in a very early hours of the morning, the senate
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engaged in a procedure to greece the skids for budget reconciliation, folks there will be $1.9 trillion flooding into the economy and it's all deficit spending and there are debates on whether we need it but the question should really be on what does it really mean for the economy beyond the sugar high that we expect. i want to bring in bmo capital markets strategist brian bellski, and constant hunter, and constance, you've titled in your presidential address to name the national association of business economics the covid economic reset, the quick quotei en. i love the way it sounds but i have no idea what it means, so explain it to me, me and the audience. >> sure, so, can the quicksonic , basically, you know, taking after don kiote, sort of the whimsical, the bright side of life, and taken from the french "daily" so
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the daily experience, and i just love the literation, so i threw it in there together, and basically what's happened as a result of covid is we have shock ed our economy on a number of dimensions, some of them bad, some of them not as bad, some of them actually good, and so one of the good shocks is the digital transformation taking place an we see this in the gdp data. we see a huge surge in processing equipment spending, software spending. we also saw a large step change in online purchases, and that indicates that we've seen more people go online, a higher number of older people going online using technology and of course, we speak with our clients and that could shock the economy into having higher productivity on the other side of the pandemic. now the question is is part of this rescue package going to help that endeavor or hurt that endeavor and i think there are parts of this rescue package
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that actually have a multiplier above one, and so when you say that it's all deficit spending if you have a multiplier above one, some of that speaks for itself in higher gdp. charles: okay, i gotcha. >> but not always. charles: i gop you. okay, and by the way it's obvious i don't speak french and i'm still struggling with english but brian here is the point, $1.9 trillion. the market obviously loves it but there will be some sort of a hangover won't there? >> yes, good afternoon, thanks for having us. there will be but i think the thing that people are missing i think we've kind of compartmentalized the virus in this return to normalcy, charles many people thought that when the calendar turned 2021 that that be the automatic sign that we're going to return to normalcy and we wrote about it in november of 2020 when we outlined our view on 2021 and beyond, and we don't think normalcy is going to return for several more years so what does that mean with respect to stimulus charles? i think we're getting more.
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we're going to get more than 1.9 trillion and remember, you have to go back to the great recession, and for all intense and purposes, qe started in august of 2007 when the fed opened the window and it lasted seven years. we as strategists were against q e for the last three years that we saw it, and i think economists are going to follow the same kind of path and want the stimulus to stop and it's going to continue, so at some point this is going to unwind but it's not anywhere near, not in the next 12-18 months. charles: constance, i've got to ask you about the fed. i read where so far, powell's fed has seen the lack of descent if you will and of course, we know he wants to see inflation well above 2%, i think, to achieve some social justice, if you will. what are the dangers of that? >> so i guess, you know, nothing galvanizes people like crisis and certainly, when you look at the demand effects on
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inflation, that demand we see services inflation is down significantly than prior to the pandemic, and that's over 60% of the cpi basket, really really important factor here, so when we say substantially above, i want to put a guardrail on that. i think the fed be really happy with 2.3 or 2.5% inflation. i think if you started the inflation consistently above 2.5% and if it's not demand-pull inflation, they are going to be very very cautious about that. you're right. it's going to lead to faster growth which will help sort of bring some economic justice, as you said. charles: although, brian, do you know what? 2.5% considering they used to stop right ahead of 2%, is a major difference, and they have said they will let inflation get hot. you just said you were worried about qe. it's not going to end anytime based on the old school rules of the game so when does
2:19 pm
it end? >> well, i think it ends when we start to see all stocks and all of the economy running on all cylinders and i think you have to go back to the original formula of investing that you and i learned a long long time ago, stocks lead earnings which lead the economy, and this year, we're going to see this very strong unprecedented earnings growth. i think 22, 23 we're going to have very strong gdp growth. remember its been 39 years since we saw inflation, so hurry up and wait and so i be very very patient on this. it's going to surprise everybody at exactly the same when people think when everybody says we're never going to see inflation again everybody talking about inflation, we stop talking about inflation and stop worrying about inflation that's when it's going to hit us. charles: yeah, although, i got to tell you the folks, the housewives and house husband's, always text me, e-mail me, and get on twitter whenever we have phones that say there's no inflation. they say have you ever been to a supermarket? brian and constance, you two are the best i wish we had more time we'll talk again soon though,
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charles: well, this mornings jobs report saw more painful news for retail and leisure workers, or should i say, follower workers. retail lost 37, 800 jobs and leisure lost another 61,000, this goes along with the loss of 536,000 leisure jobs in december , so in many ways, the workforce has changed forever, and will look different in a post-covid-19 world meanwhile the promise of the gig economy being challenged by new policies and efforts to unionize workers so what will the future of work look like? let's ask z-work co-chair chris
2:25 pm
sorell. chris i would like to see , i would like to see workers, you know, move into higher-paying jobs because leisure and retail are the two lowest-paying segments but even higher paying jobs in areas like transportation and warehousing, even that dipped last month, so where exactly is labor going? >> charles thanks for having me i really appreciate that and i agree with you. i feel tremendous sim path it for those impacted by covid. it's tough times and a lot of folks are struggling, but i do think long term, i feel very positive about labor's participation, their power, in the workforce, and where the labor market is going. we look at a lot of companies at z-work they're doing amazing things to help empower workers. its never been a better time for workers to decide where they work, when they work, how they work and i think you're seeing companies rise to the occasion and realize this is a good opportunity, if they want the
2:26 pm
best workers they need to accommodate these workers needs and figure out how to work in this new environment, so, i think that it's long term, i'm very bullish on where the labor market is going to go and the types of tools and power that the worker will have to have high-paying good quality jobs. charles: so what's that then, i know you say that 9-5 is dead but does that actually mean more flexibility, it sounds like you're a lewd to that or just the fact that it feels like at least i can speak for myself i'm working more, not less, working from home. >> yeah, look, i think that the 9-5 model has been decaying overtime and i think what we all want is to be able to work high-quality work that we get paid well for , and do it in a way that suits our needs. i think that the tools we're seo work smarter, not necessarily longer, and i'm excited when you look at the opportunities for workers to be able to work
2:27 pm
from different locations, work with companies they may not have ever been able to, because it's in a different part of the country. i'm excited to see , you know, the companies that are figuring out how to use this as an opportunity to have the best workers they can, and to be able to accommodate those worker's needs so i think overall, we're moving in a really good place and there's some tremendously-exciting companies. look at what zoom has done for the future of work, and we're looking at really amazing companies that are going to be the leaders in bringing both sides together, and forging a new path so that we all have good jobs and work the way that suits our families and our needs charles: let's talk about forging ahead because i want to discuss this fact that your spak offering is coming up it's a pretty crowded spak world right what is it 118 spak's, five a day, and so for some people, it's raising red flags.
2:28 pm
let's talk about the value proposition of your spak, and by the way chris sorry we only have a minute left but i want to hear exactly what you're doing here. >> sure, absolutely. so, look. we are operators and i ran a public company, my partners ran a public company. our goal is to find a really great high-tech company that we can help grow and be a partner with. it's hard to be public. it's hard to know what mistakes to avoid, how to leverage the opportunities, and we think there's some amazing high growth companies out there that we can be a long term partner with and help them grow and that's our differentiator. we aren't in it just for the financial transaction. we're there to be a real partner and to find these amazing companies that are changing how everyone is working in the future, so, we're excited and we're excited to participate with some amazing companies we're looking at out there. charles: well, chris, we wish you luck on that of course we'll check back in with you and i really appreciate your incites i feel better about where the workforce is going particularly after the ugly jobs report this morning. >> thank you. charles: the macro trends
2:29 pm
advisors founding partner rochelle, let's start with this whole spac craze, through the roof. the more we talk about it being a mania, this is the real mania and pretty big names get involved every day but they all can't be great there's just so many of them. >> you're right, and the thing to remember, charles, is before the gamestop reddit world retail investors were jumping into spacs sort of like crazy and i think there's a good news story and a little questionable news story. on the good news side, i think it's great that we sort of continue to dem okay rail entitlement tease investing and i think people, like the ip ox craze and this is a way to get into the world of investing and potential hot stocks before they're hot. the problem is, there's so many of them i don't know there's enough companies for them to buy and i wonder what happens to the spac world when some of the blank checks can't find checks to write, or they start
2:30 pm
writing some questionable checks , because they feel like they have to do something, and i'm familiar with the spac world, there's a group i'm talking to about potentially being on the board of one, so i'm really digging into it, but that's going to be the big challenge. can they find the companies to buy? charles: as an investor, someone whose active in that whole area, with my own research firm, we've been looking at them for trading opportunities, because to your point, when they go crazy, man, they go through the roof. you know, but some like virgin g alactic, i must have been in it four or five times and next dip i'll get back in again. let's talk about the broader market because here we are again , last weekended terribly. we're down the last four session s gave up all the gains of january. we've completely reversed all of that. what's the message of this rally in this market telling you right now? >> well, listen. i think we're pretty deep into earnings season, and earnings were ahead of expectations, and more importantly, guidance has gotten more and more transparent and i think more and more
2:31 pm
positive. three quarters ago early in this thing, guidance was awful and guidance wasn't really telling a story and now, i think its gotten a lot better and i think there's more optimism. charles: yeah, i tend to agree with you and it's great when your optimism is based on forward-looking guidance. to me that's nothing more comforting when the ceo telling me how great they may do the rest of the year. people should remember that it takes a lot of guesswork out of investing. mitch i'm sorry i took you from the beach you can return my friend we'll see you again real soon. in the meantime, super bowl weekend is kicking off and before the big game, we have ways that you can make money from betting to investing and i'm going to share my super bowl stock picks with you. that's next. i'm searching for info on options trading, and look, it feels like i'm just wasting time. that's why td ameritrade designed a first-of-its-kind, personalized education center. oh.
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president biden's nearly $2 trillion coronavirus relief package, just moments ago the house approving a budget plan without republican support, the senate approving the plan earlier this morning; however, the process to get the stimulus plan officially approved is still a couple weeks away. meanwhile, it's super bowl weekend, and if you're betting on the game, believe it or not you're not alone. in fact this year online sports betting is anticipated to surge 67% from last year, and this all comes as fox bet officially launches sporting bets and online gambling products. for more on where all of the action is going to be let's go to geraldo rivera it willis. you always know where the action is. gerri: [laughter] charles you're very optimistic, but yes, so i've taken a good look at this okay? we'll have an all-time high of online sports betting, 500 million that's up from 300 million last year. keep in mind this is legal betting, that's why the numbers so low, right? what's going on with the popularity of online wagering is rising and more states are legalizing it, as a
2:37 pm
result, more than half of us, 51 % of americans are going to bet, well, in any form, on sunday's game between the tampa bay buccaneers and kansas city chiefs. most of us, many of us, actually , will do it online, in fact 7.6 million of the 23.2 million who will legal ly wager on the big game will do it online and last year another seven states allowed online betting bringing the total number to 20. now, all of this is coming as fox bet, you mentioned them, this is owned by fox corporation , the parent of this network, in addition to stars casino officially launched sports betting and online gambling products in michigan, very recently. the latest state to legalize online sports betting. kim levin, fox bet ceo, had this to say. listen. >> if you look at how fast the overall market has grown, there are now over 20 states that have some form of legal sports betting, and now live and
2:38 pm
up running and there's broad interest in obviously big big dollars and as well, i think the under the current environment an opportunity for them to legalize it and regulate it and get the tax dollars that come with it too. gerri: now, if you want to participate, you have to check out your states rules. they're all different. for example, here in new york, sports betting is legal but only at four upstate new york casinos brick-and-mortar. now, so far, this is an interesting fact as i send it back to you charles. the biggest money gambler on this game is jim mcinvale put down 3.4 million on tampa bay and hi does it as part of his business to promote his business but he doesn't always win so it's a very very big wager. this is where my money is going as well, on tommy. back to you. charles: all right, that's tampa bay with the points or to win the whole game outright? gerri: what is he voting? oh, me? just winning the game. i mean you know?
2:39 pm
come on. charles: [laughter] okay. well, gerri willis we can't get them all, so while you may be betting on a host of things this sunday, believe me you could bet on almost anything , wall street clearly hoping for a repeat win for the chiefs. check this out afc winners often bring the most return to the market call it a coincidence but that's serious stuff right there , for more on all of this i want to bring in sports grid president lewis mayone. lewis thanks for joining us. obviously, you know, just everyone's at home, we may not have as many super bowl parties but i would imagine betting is going to be through the roof. what are you seeing so far what's happening? >> charles big weekend, my friend. big weekend. it's going to be through the roof. i think it's going to be a double from last year. i don't care what anybody says. the betters are coming out in full force, charles full force, and listen, tell your friend over there, take the points and take tom brady. he's going to do it. don't believe that afc, remember , our boy, tom brady is
2:40 pm
on the other side now. charles: he is, he is on the other side although i've got to tell you something, a couple years ago kansas city should have won that was a bogus call they made on kansas city when the guy was like offsize on defense way at the end of the field, but when teams learn to win and this is what tom brady has done, right? i feel like patrick mahone learned to win and he has a swagger that's unequaled except for maybe a brady so that's why this game is so intriguing. >> yeah, this game is going to be spectacular. i mean, you have the old and the new, to me, you have to see what tom brady is going to do. is he going to come out conservative? tom brady runs that offense, he runs that team let's face it and how is the kid going to return fire? you know, and to me, i think that this is going to be one of the most spectacular offensive super bowls we've seen in a very very long time, and i think that this young kansas city
2:41 pm
chiefs team, that defense, is going to have to come out strong because tom brady can pick them apart. be sure that tom brady is going to be able to take them down on that defense, big score, big scores here. charles: what's the most outlandish thing someone could bet on with respect to the game? >> [laughter] more ways to win it. you can go from everything as you're in parlay, you're see ing games, they have so many things but i like the gatorade, the color of the gatorade. charles: [laughter] >> i'm going to red, charles i'm going red. [laughter] charles: i'm wearing red too today too but for a different reason. hey, so, over/under you're saying it's going to be a lot of scoring so what's the over right now? it would seem like both sides could put up at least 30 points. >> yeah, and that's why if you think they are going to put up 30 points no matter what sports books you're talking 55-ish point, you're saying 60, i think have fun and go over and i think
2:42 pm
you take the points and take tom brady and that beautiful offense they have there at tampa bay, i think that's the way to go to have some fun and listen, there's a lot of great bets to be placed and you know, these bets are all over the place and that's what i love, just check them out, fox bet, i mean you have some incredible, kip levin tells you this is going to be a big big day for sports gaming, legalized sports gambling. charles: i can't wait, i usually have the big super bowl party at my house but we won't have it this year, just my daughter and my granddaughter coming over, but we'll be glued to the tv. lewis, thank you very much, my friend really appreciate it. of course, there's other ways to make money on this right and not just sunday. the investment angle. couple a few stocks to consider, pen gaming obviously this has already risen to be the number one stock on the russel 2,000 yeah we know the david portnoy angle there, i don't know you can go wrong, think about churchhill downs more than a racetrack, it's an
2:43 pm
amazing stock you should be looking at caesars has come on strong, and don't forget about gambling in general. macau is going to come back and going to come back huge and when it does, when casinos will certainly be the number one play there although las vegas sands has been acting great as well. in the meantime every day i do this show there are just really so many topics and so many ideas and so many friends everything i want to discuss with you, there's just never enough time. that's why i invite every single one of you please read my daily market commentary. it's free, i work hard on it. it's up every single day at w please check it out. so, hedge fund billionaire ray d allios warning this game stop frenzy is about wealth and equality and part of this greater thesis that we're on the cusp of a civil war in this country. this is america satisfaction and five key societal issues in this country plummetted from last year and we'll get reaction from fox news crib contributor
2:44 pm
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2:48 pm
republican minorities, minority, rather, in the fight if the court expansion is introduced in a bill, but the thing is, it failed along party lines i'll bring in fox news contributor comment on this and i've got to tell you deneen, that was brilliant on senator cotton's part but unfortunately it does raise a huge red flag. could president biden really get behind court packing? >> well, senator cotton was trying to get democrats on record, but you got to think about how many times was joe biden the presidential candidate asked, would he pack the courts? if he said that he would not, i'd like for someone to bring it to my attention because i never heard it. his radical base and joe biden, they want to pack the supreme court, charles and what he did was come up with some so-called commission to study, reevaluat ing the supreme court and involved with this commission are also a consideration to imply term limits, so think about that for
2:49 pm
a moment. charles: yeah, well, if anyone, any elected official is talking about term limits they should start with themselves. i want to rifle through things in the gallup poll and the nations policy to reduce crime is just satisfaction and confidence in this 27%, it swoon ed more 20 percentage points this is shocking what are your thoughts? >> well it is shocking. you have to remember that president trump was all about the safety and security of our country but what did we see throughout especially most of last year, these massive riots that took place in big cities, you had the black lives matter and antifa going up and down and causing havoc and extensive damage, and they were mostly not held accountable for their actions, charles and don't forget, democrats didn't even call them out on it during their convention. charles: the nation's security
2:50 pm
from terrorism has already dropped 14 percentage points and we've only less than two months into the year. your thoughts? >> well, i do believe the fact that we did not see any terrorist activities happen in our country under president trump was really remarkable, but what we're seeing with the biden administration are open border policy ideas. he already changed the immigration policy, some of them, where the caravans are already making their way to the united states, so the door matt is out for people and we don't know who they are, terrorists or otherwise. charles: and i've got to tell you it was always a travel ban. i don't think it was a muslim ban, indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world was never on it and i'm concerned about just reopening these things so quickly. what about race relations only down 23% already off 13 percentage points?
2:51 pm
>> well yeah that's a huge issue, charles getting back to black lives matter, for example, they're all about everything is against the black person, and it's all the white person's fault, and all of their violence and rhetoric is not good for our country, but unfortunately, they have that platform, they have that mega phone and you and i, we're on a national broadcast channel. if there was systemic racism, charles we would not be on this television network. charles: real quick, with less than 30 seconds, wall street ray dalios has been talking about the nation being on the verge of the civil war and he sees the gamestop thing as part in parcel of that. i hope he's not right but is he on to something here? >> well i hope he's not right as well, but you have to look at the fact how americans are so frustrated right now, charles with the lockdowns with the pandemic people getting mandated out of their jobs like the keystone xl pipeline, thousands of workers will now be unemployed because of biden's
2:52 pm
stroke of a pen, with his executive orders, so a lot of americans are frustrated but i hope we don't go in that direction. charles: deneen borelli, always a pleasure thank you so much always appreciate your incites. folks have you heard investors are too bullish? wall street loves to say that whenever the market is up so i say individual investors aren't exuberant enough. we'll be right back. how am i doing? some say this is my greatest challenge ever. governments in record debt; inflation rising and currencies falling. but i've seen centuries of rises and falls. i had a love affair with tulips once. lived through the crash of '29 and early dot-com hype. watched mortgages play the villain beside a true greek tragedy. and now here i am, with one companion that's been with me for millennia;
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charles: so folks, you know the drill. every time the market's up big, there are two assumptions everyone makes. a, it's overvalued and 2, there's too much individual investor enthusiasm. but you know the ratio on the s&p 500 is 22 versus 40 for the trailing and by the way, i think we will see earnings about $185 to $200. that makes forward earnings pe numbers even more attractive. meanwhile, individual investor bullishness peaked in december, according to the american association for individual investors. i want to bring in rob luna. listen, i'm not necessarily a fan of pe ratios but i do like forward-looking valuations. on that note, i think the market's reasonable. certainly it's not overvalued. maybe you think so. what are your thoughts on where this market is right now? >> yeah, no, i agree. you got to trade the right side of the chart, the left side really doesn't matter. that goes for both sides,
2:57 pm
undervaluation, overvaluation. you have to look forward. 22 sounds expensive. when you look at what interest rates are now, you can't really look at that stuff. i think valuations are not cheap by any means, but there's a lot of good value if you're willing to do the homework in some of these individual stock names. charles: every year, we just finished 2020, i would invite folks to take a look at the top 100 winners. for the most part, they will have outrageous so-called pe ratios. it feels like there are obviously other things that drive stock price, right? >> yeah. top line growth, number one. amazon's a prime example. i have been arguing on major networks for 15 years that that stock is a great stock to own and everyone's saying it's too expensive. you can't look at that. you have to look at forward growth. what we are dealing with right now, a quarter of the economy is shut down. obviously that's going to improve so there's a lot of upside to some of these projections. you cannot be looking at pes, especially when you have these outliers like we are looking at
2:58 pm
now in the economy. charles: another famous wall street axiom i think is mostly missed. the individual investor is dumb, extremely poor timing, and again, i mentioned this, according to aaii, individual bullishness peaked in december. so i say it's time for wall street to stop bullying individual investors and overall, these sort of contrarian indicators, do you use any of them at all? >> you know, no. really, i think the whole wall street nonsense is really just a smoke screen to cover up some of the inefficiency they've had. look at some of the top analyst calls. a lot of these guys have been wrong. there's a lot of information that's really leveled the playing field. if these guys are willing to do their own work, i think the average investor is smarter than wall street is giving them credit for. charles: i'm with you on that. every morning, i'm sure you and i, the first thing we get up and start looking at the upgrades
2:59 pm
and downgrades. it's shocking, you know. and really, it's really funny for grand slam winners, i saw a few today that went from sell to neutral. when are you going to say it's a buy? you were wrong. they do it every morning, don't they? >> that's exactly it. that's why i'm saying we don't even look at analyst expectations. a lot of times, we will get on this show, we have seen it last week, talk about a stock and three, four, five weeks later, an analyst will upgrade it. that's when i say maybe it's time for us to sell. charles: yeah. i hear you. i ride those a little bit because once one says it's a buy, the next week, two or three folks will say it's a buy. i'm with rob. let all of them jump on the band wagon. less than a minute, i need two things from you. you have been killing it with your stock ideas. please share an idea before the closing bell and ahead of the weekend. also, who have you got in the big game? >> i'll tell you where i put my money this morning. no better advice i can give than that. i bought zoom. i love the pattern here. the stock has come back down, consolidated. get in that. let me tell you, super bowl,
3:00 pm
people talked about twitter, me coming on for a grand slam. i will give it now. tampa bay bucs. don't take the points, take the money line and parlay that with tails on the coin toss. charles: rob and the patriots. i've got kansas city. liz claman, over to you. liz: i got the bucs. you know, how can you bet against brady? have a good one. charles: it's hard. it's hard. liz: tell me about it. i know, being a browns fan. you guys, wall street is about to wrap up such a wild week with new records and the longest winning streak in six months. the dow up for five straight days while the s&p, nasdaq and russell 2000 look to close at all-time highs. the dow for its part needs about 132 points to join them. it's up 75 right now. markets are cheering more stimulus as the biden administration's $1.9 trillion covid relief plan just took its second major leap forward in the wee hours of the moin


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