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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  February 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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how much hard they were hit and they tend to play more cyclic ally than the u.s.. you got to watch those. >> liz: okay so good to have you , courtney, okay you guy, a big big day for the bulls, because its been a big week. that'll do it for us at the "claman countdown." [bell ringing] connell: this is quite a winning streak for the market stocks adding to record levels the jobs report to be making the case for a larger stimulus package and additional relief checks for americans, and looking at the numbers at the close, up across-the-board, the dow and the s&p are up, and that's five days in a row that they've been higher the longest winning streak we've seen now in six months, but for the markets so that's good the dow settling up 92 it's the second day in a row of records by the way for both the s&p 500 and for the nasdac composite nasdac from your screen up by 78.5 points so that has been quite a run, now for the week, the dow for the weeks up more than 3%,
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the s&p for the weeks up more than 4%, and how about the nasdac? the nasdac with a 6% week, up by 786 points this is the best week for the stock market going back to november. so, that is not bad at all welcome to the show everybody i'm connell mcshane here on " after the bell" and it's time for the news that's happening at this hour. our fox business team coverage today, blake burman, at the white house, gerri willis in new york, but we start with edward lawrence, in washington, with the details on that jobs report which as i mentioned is being used in the argument for more stimulus, so edward take us through the numbers. >> yeah, jobs report and on capitol hill, so, you know out of the meeting with the president, democratic congressional leadership feeling a sense of emboldenment going forward, with their plan to support the $1.9 trillion relief package, and what's in that package will be finalized a week from today according to the house ways and means committee chairperson, but the house speaker says raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is on the table, so republicans are
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looking at this jobs report today and question such a large package. 49,000 net jobs were added, and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% showing growth as major parts of the economy are still shutdown in many states. >> some of the numbers that are in this bill, neil, $350 billion for states, you know, we came up with a number that was under 200 , that would pay down the revenue loss of states. this is, it's excessive. reporter: and representative dan muser can support getting behind money paying for people who lost the job because of the coronavirus as well as supporting $160 billion for vaccination production, distribution, as well as testing, but he looks at 61,000 jobs lost in leisure and hospitality in january, making the losses there in that sector 3.9 million since february, so republicans want a targeted measure that helps small businesses, specifically that area, and opens up the economy to bring back a huge number of jobs in restaurants
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and other sectors. democrats say that government will help the growth during these lockdowns. >> we call it reconciliation. there's nothing in reconciliation that precludes republicans voting for it. reporter: and that reconciliation process just means republicans are really passengers on this train adding almost $2 trillion to the budget deficit. going back to you. connell: all right, edward thank you, edward lawrence live in washington, so you take those numbers and edward was talking about the democrats on the hill doing this and you make the case for injecting more stimulus into the economy, the white house is doing the exact same thing we heard it from president biden today and blake burman has more on that for us this afternoon, blake? reporter: hi, connell they are indeed the number here at the white house they are being looking at is 6,000, just 6,000 private sector jobs according to the jobs report, created last month. it is part of the reason why the white house says this $1.9 trillion package is needed and needed soon. we heard from president biden on this front earlier today, and
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it's part of the reason why he says he is no longer willing to wait on negotiations to take place. >> i've told both republicans and democrats, that's my preference to work together but if i have to choose between getting help right now to americans who are hurting so badly and getting bogged down in negotiation, or compromising on a bill that's up to the crisis, that's an easy choice. i'm going to help the american people who are hurting now. reporter: the president over here at the white house met with congressional democrats in about a two hour meeting you can see in the oval office the house speaker nancy pelosi emerging from that meeting telling us she believes the house has the votes it needs to pass a $1.9 trillion package, and be ale to do that in the upcoming weeks. >> madam speaker, can you guarantee things will be done by march 15? >> absolutely. >> oh, yeah. >> without any question, before
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then. before then. yes. reporter: you could probably hear from back there it was a consensus among that group as well, connell but getting a package through the senate could be potentially another issue as there is no room for error there, for democrats if they go down the path which it looks like they're going to which is through that budget reconciliation process, 50-plus one votes in the senate. by the way, connell not to look too far down the road but the house speaker also told us after that meeting, that president biden made it clear that once this measure is wrap ped up, here potentially the upcoming weeks, month or so , that the next big thing that he is eying is infrastructure. connell? connell: after, the $1.9 trillion bill if they get that far. blake, thank you, blake burman live on the north lawn let's dig into this a little bit more with our powerhouse friday panel steve forbes who ran for president as a republican, and robert wolf, the former ubs america's chairman who advised the former
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democratic president and barack obama and robert i'll give you the first crack at this. you heard edward and blake did a nice job of laying out both sides of the argument on capitol hill. the white house, and republicans versus democrats. does the package, this relief package, need to be this big? 1.9 trillion rather than more targeted, what's your view? >> well first of all, bigger is better. today's numbers were absolutely brutal, especially the revisions , and not to go in all the detail, but they are still north of 10 million people that don't have jobs since the pandemic, and so listen, i don't think it'll end up being 1.9 trillion. it certainly is going to be much much bigger than the 600 billion that the 10 moderate gop'ers brought to the white house, i think my gut tells me it will be somewhere around the 1.5 trillion level, and it's going to be more target ed on who gets the direct payments. my gut tells me that it won't be minimum wage won't be included,
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and there will be some revisions to what's going to the state. things like police and fire, but i'll add more after i hear steve 's view. connell: what is your view, steve? normally i'd ask you how republicans should maybe work with the white house, and what they should be pushing for , the way things are setup it's probably more important for how joe manchin, a moderate democrat ends up working with this white house if they only need the 51 vote, but where do you see the pushback being what is your view? >> i think it's the size of the relief package, 1.9 trillion versus the 600 billion the republicans put out there that jobs report if you look into it, actually wasn't so bad as the headlines made it out to be, if you look at jobs created by the household survey it was actually up 200,000, and 600,000 jobs were lost in hospitality and leisure, much of that is due to these crazy lockdowns you see in states like new york, which is badly hurt employment there. for the first time, you saw a rise in hours worked, and pay,
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average weekly pay, and the hours worked, connell is now the highest its been since 2006 almost 15 years, so things going in the right direction. the american people of $1.5 trillion of savings, the savings rate doubled since the pandemic as people held of to their cash, there's about $1 trillion of unspent money from previous relief packages so should be targeted and focused, should not distort the labor markets. the less this government does in that respect, to have aid for small businesses, view checks to people below certain income level, then let the economy ride and the economy will ride, a lot of pent-up demand and investment demand there, let it roll. don't get in the way of key regulations, i mean with re regulation, and talk of raising taxes and the like and bailing out badly-managed states like new york and new jersey. let things roll it'll do it by itself. doesn't need uncle sam right now on that level. connell: let it roll, says steve forbes as i go back to you robert on this i do want to introduce the commentary from
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larry summers this week which i'm sure you saw of course the former advise or economics to president obama, and he wrote about it in the washington post. essentially saying this biden package might actually be too big, and he agrees with a lot of democrats that the obama stimulus in 2009 was too small, he says it was a half as large as the output shortfall, but that the biden proposals three times as large as the projected shortfall, so again, he concludes it might actually be too big. your thoughts in response to what steve just said? >> well, my thoughts to larry s ommers is i'm not really disagreeing, i won't think it will be 1.9 trillion, i don't think minimum wage will be on it and i think the $1,400 needs to be more targeted to income level s and overall family levels , so i don't think 1.9 is what's going to be the end result. with respect to what steve said, i mean, we're talking about
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reopening. the republican plan gave $20 billion for school reopenings nationally. it's viewed by economists that we need north of 150 billion. they talked about in december, giving to police, fire, emergency responders, somewhere around 160 billion. they put zero on. for the party that's supposed to be law and order they are giving zero to police and fire, so we know that the 600 billion was a meaningless number and it's somewhere between probably 1 and 1.5 and i think that that's where it's going to probably end up, whether they get republican votes there will be some. i don't know if we'll get to 60 but there's going to be a bill before mid-march. connell: do you think, or do you agree with any part of that, steve, in terms of i guess a, there could be republican votes to be had here, and if a number somewhere around 1 trillion is reasonable? what do you think? >> well, they got to look at what those makes up those number s. if you include bailouts for badly-managed states, no. in terms of how about the un spent money that's already
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there, how about spending that on a police and fire, and there's almost 1 trillion hasn't been spent, and in terms of helping low income people, i think republicans are already on board for that, and the thing is , connell if they go for this big number, or number approaching that, the federal reserve is going to be printing a lot of money. you already have a lot of cash out there, and we're going to start to see something we haven't seen in decades, a real inflation, not the kind of numbers we've been seeing so far that's not going to be good for anything. connell: go ahead, robert on that. >> i'd just say that we just had the largest deficit in debt under president trump and all of a sudden you're talking about fiscal conservatism? come on where were you a year ago when they were ballooning it and it was supposed to "pay for" connell: steve was one of the people talking about it to be fair, he's not an elected member of the congress i'll say that but there have been people on that side of the aisle, steve being one of them, that have talked about it i get your point and it's a fair one, steve, that robert makes and we'll make this
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the final point to you on kind of the hypocrisy of some of the congressional republicans that's fair. they didn't talk about this issue in the past but i guess at some point we have to deal with it. is that your point? >> you have to deal with the fact you're going to be not doing the kind of deficits trump was running up. what you've seen with the pandemic post-pandemic is going to be far larger than what trump ran up, and the key thing is the federal reserve will have to be printing money to finance that, so do a more targeted approach and let the economy roll. it's amazing how resilient this economy has been, resilience of the american people, get those blue states off their duff, start opening up and in terms of opening up the schools, europe has done it, japan has done it, we should have done it months ago here. they are afraid of the unions, and they are really wrecking the lives of millions of young kids. outrages us. connell: steve, thank you, and i almost forgot to ask robert, do you still root for tom brady this weekend? >> are you kidding me i'm all in for tom brady number seven is
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coming. connell: all right >> i'm on the same page on that. [laughter] connell: there you go we'll actually talk about the game a little bit later thank you, gentlemen have a terrific weekend. >> thank you. connell: enjoy the super bowl and we also have a possible game changer we'll talk about as one company's advancement toward a one shot vaccine it could get emergency approval from the fda so we have a board member from johnson & johnson on the show right after the break talking about that effort, plus betting on the big game, online gambling, it is set to surge for this year's super bowl, so many of us stuck at home we'll talk to the fox sports analyst mark schler coming up a little bit later in the show and big bucks amid the pandemic we are live today from a shrimp boat on how the seafood business is really cashing in. stick around you don't want to miss that. we'll be right back. i have an idea for a trade. oh yeah, you going to place it? not until i'm sure. why don't you call td ameritrade for a strategy gut check? what's that? you run it by an expert, you talk about the risk
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connell: fighting the virus with one shot, the drugmaker johnson & johnson filing for emergency use authorization for its covid-19 vaccine making it potentially the third vaccine we'll have enter the u.s. market and here now with the very latest on that is dr. mark mccle llan member of the board at johnson & johnson it's always great to have you on the show.
4:18 pm
i know we've talked about 100 million doses of j & j's vaccine being ordered the u.s. government. when does that come online, how soon can it be done and how does this change the dynamic in your view of what we're dealing within the united states? >> well, connell, first, the fda has to complete its very detailed and intense review of all of the data from its very large 45,000-person trial, have to have it reviewed by an independent advisory board and that group is going to meet on february 26, and if that all goes well, if it's like what happened with pfizer and moderna vaccines, the j & j vaccine could be available within just a matter of days after that advisory meeting so starting in march, and j & j is on track for something like 30 million- plus doses in march, and another 30 million per month after that getting up to 100 million plus by june and it's one dose so it's 100 million americans vaccinated by the june timeframe on top of
4:19 pm
at of the vaccination that we can potentially do with the additional pfizer and moderna vaccine so that's really going to get the vaccine availability up in the second quarter. connell: what would you say to people who end up receiving this vaccine, because up until now, just for the general person that is signed up to be vaccinated they pretty much know they're getting the same type of technology if they get the pfizer vaccine they get the moderna vaccine, it's the same type of technology it's a two-dose vaccine this to your point is one dose. it tested very well in terms of either keeping people out of the hospital, and keeping people alive, 100% rate i believe, so obviously phenomenonal, then there were questions brought up about the south african variant of the virus with a 57% efficacy rate against moderate to severe disease there so what would you say overall to people who are reading all of this and just trying to make sense of how this vaccine compares to the others? >> i think the first thing i'd say is watch what happens with
4:20 pm
the review at the fda over the next few weeks and that public meeting that's going to come up in about three weeks from now as all of those kinds of questions are going to be discussed in detail by the fda staff who are experts by a whole set of independent expert review ers, before the fda makes a decision so that's going to provide a lot more incites about it. i think it's important, though, connell, to remember that the virus is changing, so as you said a lot of the patients who were in this clinical trial, in south africa especially, have this new variant which is more worrisome. it's easier to transmit, it tends to cause more serious symptoms, we think, and the virus, the vaccine still prevented all of the very serious complications, no one went to the hospital who got that vaccine, but we're going to have to keep watching and there is already work going on with pfizer and moderna to see if they need to modify there's just to make sure it stays really effective as the virus continues
4:21 pm
to mutate, and just a reminder the more people we can get vaccinated as quickly as possible the less chance there is for the virus to mutate , the easier it's going to be to control this pandemic. connell: okay so to that point how does all of this affect your estimates which are tough to do on a rolling basis on the timing of when we can control the pandemic? i'll just give you an example. i had a conversation with the guys on the show a lot the other day logistics expert named brandon daniels was saying that he thinks the high risk population in the country can be vaccinated and the high risk population pretty much can be dealt with by the spring and then by the summer, we'll have broad enough vaccination that we'll be able to, this is his quote, "explode our economic growth." are you on a similar line of thinking there or is the variance and all of this kind of thing has that changed the way you look at things? >> you know, this is a complex process, but i think that the likelihood, if the j & j vaccine is approved of having enough vaccine available for any american who wants to
4:22 pm
get it to be able to do so by june or sooner, is very high, because remember, there are a couple of other vaccines also in development. novavax and astrazeneca. the challenge, connell that goes along with this is two-fold. number one, we have to keep increasing the availability of shots in arms, so we're averaging about 1.3 million doses per day now, and if we want to get to all 260 million adults who are eligible for these vaccines by june, that number is going to have to climb a lot closer to 3 million per day to keep that on track, and then second, remember that a lot of americans who aren't yet sure about the vaccine, this all happened fast, if you look at surveys, particularly minority populations, people in rural areas, republicans, there is still some real issues to address to help people get informed, and make a decision to get us to those very high numbers of americans vaccinated.
4:23 pm
connell: right, fair enough as usual thank you very much for coming on, dr. mcaclellan, the former fda commissioner and on the board of johnson & johnson as we wait for that vaccine and thank you, sir. speaking of vaccines kind of a different type of opening day today, at yankee stadium, in new york. bryan llenas what do you have coming up for us? reporter: connell, that's right. the iconic yankee stadium now a mass-vaccination site how the bronx, bombers and the city of new york are hoping this will help minority communities get vaccinated, next.
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4:28 pm
p.m. they will be giving out thousands of vaccines a day via appointment-only and only for bronx residents. they have about 15,000 appointment slots open per-week. now this is a major effort in new york city to accomplish really two things. one, the bronx is the hardest- hit burrough in new york city the highest death rate as well as the highest positive iterate so they are hoping they can really help the community here as well as to close the stark racial disparity when it comes to minorities being vaccinatedment take a look at the numbers in new york city, 29 % of the population is latino, 15% of the vaccines given out have been given to hispanics in the city, 24% of the population of the city is black, and only about 14% actually 11% of the vaccines have been given to african americans in the city and white americans are disproportionately getting vaccinated and it's not only here in new york city you see the same numbers nationwide
4:29 pm
and when you speak to experts they will tell you it's because of a number of reasons. one it's lack of access to sites and to the doses. two, there's a huge level of distrust in the community, and m ariano rivera, the fall of famer for the new york yankees spoke earlier today trying to convince people that look you can trust the vaccine. listen. >> now, it's time to support you and let you know that it's okay to be vaccinated. when i time come, i'm online to get it. >> [applause] reporter: so really, it's a big deal, really, that trust runs deep when you speak to people in the community and this morning there was huge lines in the cold , wet weather, elderly, teacher, many of the , you know, the first responders and whatnot and the teachers have been waiting to get vaccinated. connell? connell: all part of that 1b group, right these stadiums can help. i saw something this afternoon from the nfl about vaccines. can you tell us what they are up
4:30 pm
to? reporter: yeah so the nfl commissioner roger goodell sending a letter to president joe biden letting him know all 32 stadiums in the nfl are ready and able to be open as mass vaccination sites it's a big deal right now about seven nfl stadiums are doing that, and look, the super bowl is this weekend, we have 7,500 healthcare workers vaccinated lucky enough to get a ticket thanking them for all they've done but a big deal, the biggest problem though is that we need supply and that's something that all of the mayors and governors are telling you we need the supply first. connell? connell: right. we're talking to dr. mcclellan a few minutes ago getting the j & j vaccine out there because supply is the issue thank you, brian, bryan llenas in the bronx at yankee stadium. we have this story coming up, it's a real survival story. you'll want to stick around for this. one woman detained in a chinese prison camp is getting a
4:31 pm
firsthand account of what it was like and what she experienced giving that account to fox's benjamin hall and we'll bring you that report later in the hour. plus, the efforts to recall the california governor gavin newsom, that is actually gaining some traction. organizers saying more than 1.4 million signatures have been collected so far, and just 1.5 million are needed, by marca mid-year election. california. and again the big game is just days away and a record 7.6 million americans are expected to bet online. march shlera from fox news weigh ing in on that and more joins us next. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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the most common side effects are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. we spoke up and it made all the difference. ask your healthcare provider about nuplazid. connell: all right let's get to the betting now, on the big game you know, with the super bowl this weekend i think it's fair to say we're anticipating a huge surge in sports betting online gambling has just become legal and more and more places and gerri willis joins us with the details on all that. gerri? gerri: hey, connell that's right so with super bowl on this sunday, you can bet, that there will be a huge surge in online betting, to a new all-time high of 500 million, from 300 million last year, and this is because as you say, online wagering is surging, and it's popular, and more and more states are making it legal, in fact more than half of americans , 51%, are expected to bet in some form on sunday's game between the tampa bay
4:36 pm
buccaneers and the kansas city chiefs, and many are going to do it online. a fair portion, in fact, 7.6 million of the 23.2 million who will legally wager on the big game will do it online. now, last year, another seven states allowed online betting bringing the total number to 20. now this all comes as fox bet owned by the fox corporation, the parent of this network, in addition to companies like poke stars, stars casino, officially launched sports betting and online gambling in michigan. that's the latest state to legal ize online sports betting, kip levin, fox bet ceo had this to say. listen. >> if you look at how fast the overall market has grown, there are now over 20 states that the have some form of legal sports betting, now live and upfront. there's broad interest in obviously big big dollars and as well, i think the states under the current environment, an opportunity for them to legal ize it and regulate it and
4:37 pm
get the tax dollars that come with it too. gerri: now, if you want to participate, check out your state's rules. it's different everywhere. for example, in new york state here, you can only bet a gamble on sports from three brick-and-mortar locations, casinos in upstate new york and i'm sending it back to you, connell, i'll say that the biggest gambler, money gambler in the super bowl, betting 3.4 million, is a guy named jim mcinvale, a guy who does this every year it's part of the way he promotes his business. he's betting on tampa bay. as am i. back to you. connell: 3.4 million. oh, wow. gerri: i'm not betting that much connell: well, yes, you're betting more we know we senior bank account gerri. thank you. gerri willis on the sports betting let's bring in mark sler
4:38 pm
a, do you know what's funny about this , mark, is not that long ago just on the betting and fox is excited with this fox bet app and the rest that it would have been almost tabu to talk about sports betting in a segment about the super bowl, but it shows you how much things have changed, ha >> yeah, it certainly has and obviously, i think one of the things that led us down this path is all the interest in fantasy football and the daily games and the daily wagering and all that kind of stuff. it just makes it for a lot of people makes it more fun to have a little skin in the game and watch what's going on and as you mentioned the fox bet app, the pick six right now pick six things with going on in the super bowl if you're right on those six you can win 250 grand of terry bradshaw's money and they have already given away $4 million on the fox bet app so pretty cool stuff if you want to be involved in that. connell: a lot of people watch fox on the weekends would like to take $250,000 of terry bradshaw's money that's one of the great promotions of all-time i want to talk to you about the
4:39 pm
game a little bit. we treat everything around here as an investment, right? so i'm going to treat the two quarterbacks that everybody is talking about as an investment. i want to bring up the two contracts for tom brady and patrick mahomes, because they are so different given their ages, and you get tom brady at 43 years old, two years, $50 million, where patrick mahom es in his early to mid 20s, 10 year, $450 million, plus, he can make more than that with incentives. which one would you do, is it obvious? i mean, you take a bigger risk obviously with mahomes. you have a lot of money on the line to get hurt but he's such a great player which one would you rather? >> well the thing about the nfl contract is you might as well write them on toilet paper because that's about what they're worth so each contract really is, there's the upfront money, but you know, it's one of those things where there's so much back end or
4:40 pm
back-loaded money in most contracts that after about three or four years, it comes down, it behooves both parties to re negotiate the player gets more upfront money more security upfront and then obviously, they can spread that money out over time, so, there usually is some type of out for both sides, after about three or four years , so they create these contracts that are really long contracts but they're not really , they are written to be rewritten over time, so that's kind of how those things work. both guys, if you get to the super bowl, both guys are incredibly valued at that point, so regardless of what you're paying them, it's money well spent. connell: yeah, to the point about not as much money being guaranteed as well, in the nfl, mahomes from what i read has 141 million guaranteed. that's a lot, by the way, but he could makeup to 500 million or a little bit more than that if he was to go the whole length of the contract and hit his
4:41 pm
incentives. so much attention on brady and his age, oldest player to ever play in a super bowl we get that talk to us about mahomes a little bit and what you see there? i mean, this is as dynamic a player as the league seen in quite a while, right? >> there's no question about it he's exceptional and i think the thing that really blows you away, you know and i call the 70 /30 rule, 70% of the time you're on schedule. it's a normal play. you're on schedule. you're throwing from the pocket you're handing the ball off just managing the game. it's the 30% of the time you're off schedule that really sets guys apart. some guys like brady, scramble within the pocket, some guys like mahomes can get out of the pocket that's where he's the most dangerous and they are the most dynamic as a football team, so really one of the things that's interesting about this game is as much as mahomes can hurt you from the pocket because from the neck up he is a cerebral football player as anybody, where he really kills you is when he gets out and scrambles around when he becomes school yard football, so for tampa bay one of the big
4:42 pm
things that they want to do is contain him within the pocket and make him play 95% of the game on schedule, because that eliminates some of those big plays that they can make, those school yard plays that end up being 70-yard touchdowns and that's what you try to eliminate if you're tampa bay. connell: really quick answer, mark, because we started talking about betting. who are you betting on this weekend, what's the pick? >> listen if i was a gambling man and i'm not i'd say kansas city. they are so dynamic that's the direction i'd go. i'm not going to bet against mahomes and that offense. connell: good enough thanks for joining us enjoy the game. mark schlereth, from fox sports ahead of the super bowl. so i think it's fair to say a pretty good show so far, on a friday, about the only thing that could improve the programmed to is if somehow, the ashley webster was on a shrimp boat. [laughter] ashley: [laughter] as random as that is, connell,
4:43 pm
low and behold, i'm on a shrimp boat apparently there's some big game going on here and i came to tampa bay for the shrimp but why not? this is an industry that struggled of course because restaurants have been closed down but consumer tastes have changed, and that's helping keep this industry afloat. i'll explain, coming up, live from tampa bay after the break. research shows that people remember commercials with exciting stunts. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ connell: we are back now with a firsthand account of the weger inturnment camps in china, millions of muslims have been detained in the secretive camps which china has always claimed exist for "reeducation." the u.s. though declared all of this to be part of a genecide just last month and fox news correspondent benjamin hall actually spoke to a woman who spent nine months in one of these camps. benjamin? >> we have all heard about these camps inside china but there is very little firsthand evidence from inside them, where we got that yesterday and it is frankly worse than imagined. and she is 42 and now in the u.s. and detained in camps twice. the first time for a month, of forced learning and singing about the greatness of china and president xi but the second time , everything was different.
4:48 pm
she was bussed in though others arrived by train and their hair was chopped and she was stripped and her jewelry was torn from her. what followed was nine months of horror, gang rape, violent beatings, and inhuman treatment. >> any woman under 40 was raped everyone in the camp experienced this , and of course, i did too. i was beaten, i was kicked and stomped on when when so much of my private parts i was bleeding and had to have my ovaries removed. >> there were around a dozen people in each cell. about 10,000 were in her camp but over 1 million have been detained. there are reports of forced sterilization and describes being given random injections every two weeks that made her feel ill. she says she can not forgive what has happened to her. >> i have finally realized that there's no such thing as good chinese, the torture, mental
4:49 pm
torture and physical torture, they have no hearts. >> the chinese government says these camps are for counterterrorism, but the u.s. government said a month ago that this is genecide, for her part, she says she's only telling her story to try and help those who are still stuck there. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. connell: let's bring this to david sears, the retired navy seal, as all what you just heard could have an affect on the biden administration's policy toward china, so your reaction, dave, to benjamin's report and then again, how the biden administration should handle this issue, the weger muslims in china as it develops its policy. what do you think? >> yes, it's horrifying it's absolutely disgusting and i think you're going to see more of these things come to light as we get more exposure into china and more people escape from these areas and they have so many people detained in these camps there, that word is bound to start getting how much china is to try to suppress it and
4:50 pm
that's a huge test for the biden administration, they have a lot of these coming up. it has nothing to do with the biden administration any shift to a new administration, the international arena is going to test and they are going to watch and not just with china they are going to watch the rest of the world watches how the administration is going to handle this , are they going to handle it via words or take some actions. i think that they cannot let this go and maintain credibility in the world stage when it comes to issues out there so they have to draw a hard line with this and impose sanctions, they have to censor to the un and take things up and bring actual actions on this. connell: let me introduce iran to the conversation as well. the administration so far, i watched jake sullivan as the new national security advise or give a briefing yesterday as talked about things like walking and chewing gum at the same time and trying to push china or russia or other countries in the direction they
4:51 pm
want them to be pushed on certain issues and cooperating where we can cooperate. that's obviously easier said than done on iran. the talk is whether or not they go back into the nuclear deal that was made under the obama administration. there was reported to be a national security council principal's meeting in the situation room about this today. your thoughts on how they should proceed there in terms of iran, which seems to be clearly in violation of that agreement, right? >> right, iran is clearly in violation of the agreement and they've said they are going to violate it because we did first. i think though in 2018, you had israel came in and managed to steal records that showed iran was never in compliance with this agreement anyway, and that was strongly shown through some other measures as well, meaning you couldn't do inspections under the agreement, in certain military facilities you couldn't do on site ones, she were always covering that up. the administration needs to kind of sit back and at least send
4:52 pm
the message to iran that we are going to, you're going to stay on your sanctions and watch what happens to see what you do in your june elections so the president, president rahan i'm is coming up for re-election or a new term of elections is coming in june i believe. if they put in for example, one of the hard-liners in iran they've already been sanctioned as terrorists by the united states, so now you're going to have a government led by somebody under sanctions of terrorism. i think that one of the other major mistakes that the administration could make is acting as if the last four years didn't happen, and just trying to reset for nostalgia, or as a contrarian move to trump adminitration to rejoin the deal it be a huge mistake of foreign policy i believe. connell: right, i've heard a lot of people say that change for the sake of it just because you didn't agree with other policies, to be careful what you
4:53 pm
wish for in certain cases, dave, thank you. david sears, the former navy seal with us a lot of foreign policy challenges for this new administration. in the meantime, using a crisis for criminal activity, u.s. customs and border protection officers seizing nearly 15 million counterfeit n-95 face masks since the denuclearizationing of the pandemic. the agency also seizing 180,000 prohibited covid test kits and more than 38,000 prohibited hydroxychloroquine tablet which is are typically used to treat malaria. plus many of us here at fox are wearing red, and we're doing that to raise awareness for the american heart association, and it's go red for women, movement, you know, despite all of the devastation of covid heart disease that remains the number one cause of death in the u.s. , as well, as worldwide. we'll be right back more on after the bell in just a moment. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;)
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♪♪ smooth driving pays off you never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today connell: cashing in on the high c's pandemic-related food shortages are causing more americans to turn to fresh seafood, you know like shrimp
4:58 pm
and ashley webster knows all about this. he joins us today with the story , ashley? ashley: yeah, hey, connell. listen, forrest gump made a lot of money didn't he making his business on a shrimp boat, but in reality, it is not easy. the margins are very thin and when a pandemic shuts down restaurants, one of your top customers is not easy, look at these numbers the actual numbers of restaurants requiring shrimp and ordering dropped 70% in 2020 , but then there was the flip side, that you talked about, connell. more people eating seafood. takeaway and delivery up a stunning 270% and even in the retail area, in the supermarkets more people buying fish, and in particular, frozen shrimp, up 25%. the one message that i've heard from the people here of course is they want consumers to buy u.s. shrimp. a lot of shrimp consumed in america comes from asia, but they say that's a mistake.
4:59 pm
take a listen. >> people are getting educated about what is available to them, and when we were at a shortage in the grocery store, it was no chicken, there was no beef, there was no pork, people started eating more seafood. years ago people bought based on price and i think today people buy based on what they taste and the quality and i think based on that, yes. we are coming back as far as american households are concerned. they're buying more of our product, domestic product. ashley: so interesting, consumer tastes have changed and of course there was a shortage of pork and beef and chicken last year and that also turned more people on to seafood and by the way this particular boat is headed to key west tomorrow for 25 days of fishing, so i guess i'll see you at the en of the month. back to you. connell: there you go. very good. boy we were talking to you about the chicken wing shortage just yesterday and now there is the effect of it we're all eating shrimp down there in
5:00 pm
tampa, florida, the great ashley webster woulds the forrest gump of fox business , once he gets running he never stops, ashley webster, thank you very much. ashley: have a good one. connell: thanks for watching us, everybody today and every day i'm connell mcshane in new york, have a great echosystem would end we'll see you monday. david: good evening, everybody. i'm david asman filling in for the vacationing lou dobbs. president joe biden today sound ing a dark note on the future of the american economy, a weaker than expected jobs report showing 49,000 jobs added in december, less than expected and only 6,000 in the private sector, and an unemployment rate at 6.3%. now president biden came into office, promising to compromise with just 16 days into his presidency, biden has ditched his calls for unity with the republicans. instead, dispatching vice president harris to break a partisan tie in the senate for his first major


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