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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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kennedy: thank you for what the best of your day, and mine is well-written foam and twitter is twitter is a game at kennedy nation facebook kde fbn, apple podcast fox news fox, tomorrow's crushes it. anos attacking florida? that has the republican florida governor, ron desantis now firing back. that this is a political hit job. the white house threat after florida travel ban? the governor says this is dishonest political attack. governor desantis has talked about as potential presidential contender. with us tonight, brad blakeman, tom del beccaro, david webb, jim trusty. brandon michon, joe concha and brian babin on today's headlines. more on that's fight with the white house. what is going on with covid cases in florida. this new debate. a lot of talk about income
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inequality. not a lot of talk about shutdowns are creating income inequality an joblessness. more than half that lost jobs are minorities and women. "washington post" showed the shutdowns predominantly led 95% are led by democrat officials from coast to coast. and media not talking about how those shutdowns, yes have been botched. also this, five dozen house republicans now accused the biden administration of creating educational inequality. why? because the administration even though they said they were going to reopen schools in the first 100 days, it is now slow walking school reopenings. also this, this is amazing story we've got for you. we're digging into the numbers and into the data, into the documents. the little guy, the little guy battling back against the destruction caused by antifa rioters in half a dozen states. talking about politicians and elected officials who abandoned them, didn't call in the
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national guard when police were put on the run. also this, we're talking about how politicians, they're now not doing enough to protect the little guy. that is what these lawsuits are saying. these guys are fighting back. also the biden administration is now saying the president will be tough on china. but behind the scenes, the administration's actions tell a whole different story. that has got republican senator chuck grassley really furious. plus new questions over alleged conflicts of interest in the biden family. we have the story for you. tonight, major fallout for jeep and bruce springsteen. jeep pulls its super bowl ad featuring spring teen from youtube after news of springsteen's bwi ace. this is not about social media and people lecturing finger wagging america in the soaper bowl ad, anonymous leaks topspinning the story. we have the police report on
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springsteen's dwi arrest. it conflicts with what anonymous sources from springsteen's team are now leaking to the media. critics are saying this an effort to topspin the story. to this story, republicans fighting back against the white house for canceling the emergency order for the border. house homeland security republicans out with a new letter saying president biden, you are weakening the border. you are creating a new crisis. you're reinvigorating irregular migration during a pandemic. that is threatening the security of all americans. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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elizabeth: we have tome tom del beccaro and brad blakeman. >> this is a hit jock on governor desantis. had a great plan for florida, kept florida working. people engaged. he hasn't gotten into the political battles, the turf battles into the white house and others. this is, this is done to punish successful governor who has done right by his constituents. it is not going to work. people are fleeing from places like florida to florida, from california as tom knows, to places where governments run by republicans have worked like texas and florida. elizabeth: you know, tom del beccaro, i would like you to listen to republican florida governor ron desantis firing back at the biden administration. watch this. >> i think it is an absurd report that they would be doing that. i think it would be unconstitutional. it would be unwise and it would
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be unjust and if you think about it, restricting the right of americans to travel freely throughout our country, while allowing illegal aliens to pour across the southern border unmolested would be a ridiculous but very damaging farce. so we will oppose it 100%. it would not be based in science. it would purely be a political attack against the people of florida. elizabeth: what do you say, tom? >> he couldn't be more right. you know florida's 28th in the country among the states in infection rate. california has a worse infection rate. so is he going to ban travel to those other 27 states? of course not. this is really kind of stupid politics because they should be courting florida for future election but no, as brad points out, this is a hit job and california is their example how to handle covid, i don't know
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what to say. elizabeth: you know, brad, i hear what you're saying, tom. brad, now has the most cases in the country of this contagious variant, the uk variant t has 343 cases. that is twice as many as california. florida officials say they will handle it. they will move to shut it down. they are fighting back, brad, saying the way not to handle this is to do a wholesale shutdown. florida's revenues are coming in and there being, they're success story for the country. what do you say, brad? >> what i say is governor desantis is correct. we can't let the cure be worse than the disease this handling it, they're managing it but the cases based on the population are miniscule. you cannot shut down the economy of florida. you cannot shut down people's livelihoods. you cannot shut down schools. it is time to reopen, america. we have to be cognizant and aware of the risks.
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we have to mitigate where possible. this cannot continue. our country is being forever hurt by things that are done by politicians, not based on science but based on political whim. and they have hurt an awful lot of people, many more than the disease itself. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. tom, we're seeing 10 million people unemployed. half of those unemployed are minorities and women. up to two million single parents stay home to watch the kids so they're not in school, they're not working. we're creating poverty in real time. the majority of botched shutdowns are led by democrats. that is washington post data. what do you say? >> that is always been true. when the economy is humming it takes several years before minorities and left in the middle class to finally catch up. when ever it stalls is the first to get hurt. what was brilliant about trump economics it sustained growth.
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here in california, across the country. they will come off growth. everybody knows, if you're the last person to get hired you're probably the first out the door. that is about to happen again. of course they want these people dependent on government for future votes. it is not good for them and it is not good for the country. elizabeth: you know, brad, we talked to historians who have studied prior pandemics, they never did shutdowns like we're doing it now. we're seeing experts say, we'll have to live with this like we lived with hiv, the measles and the flu. that is how to look forward at the position, scientists say, this is like a rich man's shutdown, many paychecks funded by taxpayers doing the shutdowns. brad, i want your reaction to the white house press secretary. they're now backpedaling of a talk of a talf ban on florida. let's listen to jen psaki. >> does president support leaving southern border open to
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migrants before he would even consider this idea of domestic travel restrictions. >> well the border is not open. we are -- >> there are several reports of migrants crossing the border, said local texas health officials have concerns there are migrants coming over the border who have not been tested by the, by the authorities. >> well, when long-term holing solutions are impossible, due to covid-19 capacity limitations, other reasons, some migrants are processed for removal, provided notice to appear and wait within the u.s. to await an immigration hearing. elizabeth: okay. all right. brad. critics are saying this is really real dishonest and misleading messaging from the white house. we have triple apprehensions than last year happening on the border. go ahead, brad. >> joe biden created this
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crisis, there is a migration to america and that is a fact. the people who are caught at the border have basically said we wanted to get in because joe biden said that there will be a moratorium. so joe biden created this crisis. and they're handling it very, very poorly. can you imagine in a pandemic not having a secure border? he has turned back all the good that donald trump has done to create a safe environment for america. long before the pandemic. it is all being turned back. by the way punishing florida, the people of florida for having successful governor who is not, you know, doing unilateral shutdowns? not based on science? he is not joining the crowd on politics. >> yeah. >> he is depoliticizing the pandemic. he is being punished for it. this will come back to haunt the democrats big time. elizabeth: so go after florida but loosen up on the border. that is what the implication is. >> yeah. elizabeth: tom, senator marco rubio slamming the biden
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administration anonymously talking about travel restrictions on florida, calling it authoritarian. florida, hair salons, schools, restaurants are open in florida. covid cases are down, lower than the national average. you look what is happening. new york, governor, california got heckled right, for over his shutdown. i think he got heckled yesterday. people are talking this is a rich man's shutdown of the question is, would people support lockdowns if it met them losing their jobs, them losing their paychecks? tom, we have mayor bill de blasio saying governor cuomo of new york should be stripped of all his emergency powers because we have new york officials saying the pandemic is over in new york when the governor says it is over, what do you say to that, tom? >> we have the same thing. newsom acting beyond his powers changing all sorts of laws, over 400, over 500 in new york. that is why there is such a big backlash over 1.5 million signatures so far to recall
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newsom. they're not just from republicans. they're from people who don't have jobs like waitresses and waiters. and people like that, salon owners. finally getting a haircut after two months tomorrow. they're upset with this. and that is what is leading these kind of revolts. joe biden backs that kind of policy he is wasting any chance he had at a honeymoon. elizabeth: tom, i can tell, i didn't say anything, i could tell you were cutting your hair by your several in the mirror. i'm just kidding. were you? that is for a later show. tom del beccaro will talk about how to do at-home haircuts. brad blakeman, tom del beccaro, great to see you. thanks for joining us. >> take care. elizabeth: just ahead, fox news contributor david webb. we have a big story for you. we're digging into the government records and documents and lawsuits in court. the little guy really battling back, trying to fight back hard against the destruction caused by antifa rioters in half a dozen states.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show fox news contributor david webb. david, great to see you again. thanks for joining us. okay. we're tracking these lawsuits now, the little guy battling back against destruction caused by antifa rioters in half a dozen states. what do you say to this story? >> about time, i will say that right off the bat. look, what we have here was a failure by the city officials, decisions made by mayor jacob fry and others to abandon a police station close to the diner that filed the initial lawsuit. therefore their actions enabled the rioters to go further to destroy their business. we saw these decisions all across america. these suits are warranted because there is a initial expectation as an individual, a business or otherwise, that law enforcement will do their job and when they're ordered otherwise to ignore their responsibility to both serve and protect by the city officials, then civil lawsuits are
9:18 pm
absolutely necessary. i think they will have standing of 4 1/2 million dollar beginning is their demand. but other businesses need to do the same. elizabeth: you're talking about a diner in minneapolis suing the city for 4 1/2 million. we'll dig into that in a second. in cincinnati, local businesses suing 90 protesters for property damage. in seattle, property owners and residents suing seattle. lawsuits in portland, ball more. are they getting any help from the government? their businesses were destroyed, the city backed off and let rioters run rampant over office buildings and police precincts, what do you think, will they get money back? >> it will be a mixed bag. let's not forget new york city, some lawsuits filed last year. we'll see with mayor de blasio
9:19 pm
in charge. soho businesses that were ransacked. will they get money? judgments alone can be enough. judgments are not satisfaction. the judgments can be used for individuals on the record, if they get a job, you took some of their salary for payment, whatever it is. the rioters need to pay up. cities need to pay up unfortunately. citizens will get some blowback, who pay foss are the city? the taxpayers, but in this case. it is very well-warranted. elizabeth: you know, you talked about that minneapolis diner that was destroyed in riots. it is now suing the city for negligence, four 1/2 million for the city. lake street pub, this is by the way federal lawsuit. that mayor jacob fry and city sat dak and watched rioters destroy their diner when the city abandoned the third
9:20 pm
precinct stood roughly 450 feet from the diner, didn't call in the national guard. that is what is scary for these guys, you don't call in the national guard, businesses watch the businesses get destroyed. that is the shopping and disturbing thing about it, david, right? >> disturbing, dangerous, in some cases possibly deadly. there were at times in other jurisdictions people that were harmed. a body was found in a burned out building. in the case of minneapolis goes back to what i said earlier, emac, they have an expectation that law enforcement will be there. if law enforcement is overwhelmed the city abandons the precinct, the governor has a responsibility and the people have an expectation that they will call in other agencies like the guard to protect the neighborhoods. there allowed to do this. they're expected to do this. this is where the city is on very weak footing and strong footing for the citizens and business owners.
9:21 pm
elizabeth: wow, 1500 businesses heavily damaged in minneapolis. david webb, you've been great. thanks so much for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up, former federal prosecutor jump trusty on this story. more questions over alleged financial conflicts of interest in the biden family. we have this story, the biden administration is saying it will be tough with china. its actions speak otherwise. senator chuck grassley really angry about that. the story next. >> all of these invests that hunter biden have been involved in were really shady and sketchy and this one in particular that you mentioned where the chairman has gone missing in china. i think you know, there will be more to ♪♪ ♪♪ [ engines revving ]
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9:26 pm
former president. lead impeachment manager jamie raskin of maryland, warning if mr. trump returns to office and there is another riot. it is the fault of congress. >> the more difficult the struggle, the more glory in the end will be our victory. good luck in your deliberations. reporter: democrats relied on extensive, at times dramatic video during the presentation. showed rioters storming the capitol. president trump's defense attorney said the video is important but accused house impeachment managers tugging at heartstrings. when you bring in a movie company and hire a large law firm to make a professional product that takes things out of context, presents it as entertainment package. what i said this is not a blood sport. it is not about entertainment. it is about reporting facts to the american people. reporter: he said he doesn't need much time to defend the president. that beginning tomorrow at noon eastern time.
9:27 pm
the reason schoen may not need time there is not 67 votes to impeach president trump. not sure if the house impeachment managers will demand witnesses. >> we bring in jim trusty, former prosecutor we'll move on to another case. we are talking about another biden family member accused of cashing in on the biden family name. ethics experts say this is really bad. conflicts of interest of son-in-law howard kline. a chief investment officer or a company called startup health. can you talk about this? >> the biden family might be full employment act for lawyers. there are some issues here. i'm a big fan of waiting for evidence. i don't think we should prejudge guilt on the initial smoke that may have fire. there seems to be a pattern developing of family members lining up to cash in on the family name.
9:28 pm
the good news when it comes to contracting like health care contracts with the government there is a lot of regulations in place. there is a pretty good amount of transparency. once you identify the relationship between the parties, like this is a biden family member, it is not that hard for investigators to dig through and see if those relationships circumvented the rules. so the paper trail is usually pretty strong. there is a lot to look for. if there is a case it shouldn't be that hard to develop. elizabeth: the son-in-law, mr. krien, overseas his company's investment and the company says it is hundreds of companies that are you know, invests involved, that they're investing in. who they are talking to about investing in, these companies hope to break through with the federal agencies battling the global covid-19 pandemic. and that is a boutique tech firm, yosi health, developed software to streamline the vaccine rollout. they reached out to krien's company because of his access to the biden administration, to the
9:29 pm
president. and the relationships with state and federal agencies. what do you say to that? >> well that is a lead but that is not a case. that is the starting point, okay, for whatever reason the potential recipients of this business are viewing this as a conduit to get to the biden administration, to get favorable treatment because of the name associated with the business, but of course you have to prove the full transaction. you have to prove there was a sir women venting, cutting the line, favoritism, changing the rules, whatever you call it that would justify actual criminal prosecution. elizabeth: joe biden assisted in the launching of the company by granting direct access to the white house for his son-in-law, arranging a meeting with the former president barack obama. the company was young, weeks old at the time of that meeting. i want to move on to this. you know, senator chuck grassley is saying, wait a second, you know the biden administration, president biden is saying that we'll be tough with china.
9:30 pm
senator grassley is now saying, okay, you will be tough with china, why are you getting rid of a trump era order that would stop confucius institutes, that is the china institutes, confucius an institutes inside of u.s. universities. there they are thought to be an inroad in order to get access to academic research and r&d what do you say with that story? >> we have enough problems with the american educational system without china helping. there is plenty to look at in terms of what our young students are learning from k through college. china takes a very long-run, infiltration-minded review how they will conduct themselves. you have to be intentionally naive to not think that the chinese communist party is not working against our interests every day of the week. i will give you a real quick example from today. 1.7 million counterfeit masks for health care providers were
9:31 pm
just recovered in a new york warehouse. these are, basically chinese manufactured defective masks that go to our front line health care workers. they unleashed the flu. then they actually hurt you in terms of protecting yourself from it. it is amazing. i hope this administration will somehow overcome the potential personal interests they may have with china and stand up for this country against a really insidious kind of enemy we have. elizabeth: yeah. it is about rolling back on tiktok, you know, sale of tiktok u.s. operations to a con sorry chum of u.s. companies. huawei, huawei is trying to sue its way into u.s. 5g network. the final thing, the president talked with chinese leader xi xinping, the first talk with the chinese leader since he won the election. the president didn't answer a reporter's question whether his administration would punish china over handling over the covid-19 virus.
9:32 pm
then we had the w.h.o. supposedly doing a probe into the origins of covid-19 but not even, hardly looking at the accident, potential accidental leak from a lab in china. your reaction to that? >> look as an attorney who handles criminal investigations, defends against them, i wish w.h.o. investigated everyone of my clients. i would never face a conviction because these guys are thoroughly compromised. they're some kind of combination of incompetent and corrupt when it comes into looking into the root cause. their own role was completely complicit with the chinese government saying there was no human-to-human contact. they're the worst people you want as the cop on the beat, unless you're a defense attorney hoping to have a perfect record. elizabeth: all right. jim trusty, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> see you, liz. elizabeth: coming up, brandon michon, he is the dad whose
9:33 pm
video went viral after he laced into local school board for slow walking reopening. we have brandon next. this story too, republicans are saying biden administration you're creating educational inequality for slow walking school reopenings when scientists and health experts say yeah, it is safe to reopen schools. that story next. >> you think you're some sort of a martyrs because of the decisions you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. the garbage workers who pick up my freakin' trash risk their lives every day!, more than anyone in this school system! figure it out! or get off the podium. you know what? there are people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out! it is not a high bar. it is not a high bar. raise the freakin' bar
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♪. elizabeth: okay. let's welcome back to the show brandon michon. he is the a parent pushing for schools to reopen. brandon, before we get to the questions, that video of you reading to your local school board the riot act, it will never get old. if i was sitting on school board i would reopen tomorrow because brandon michon read me the riot act. tell us what happened. what got you so angry? >> thanks for having me. we had gone for months asking our school board to come up with a plan to take action to get our kids back in school. after months and months not making decisions various events happened before, you get frustrated. you speak up. we have elected officials who ask for our confidence in them to make decisions for us, they
9:39 pm
have to step aside if they're not willing to act and be true leaders. elizabeth: okay. your reaction to more than five dozen house republicans now saying the biden administration, you got to get schools reopened. the president's campaign saying we'll do it in first 100 days. it is not happening. they say this is creating educational inequality. low income families getting slammed. they can't afford computers. they don't have access to the internet. what do you say? >> they're correct in a lot of ways. i was talking to a construction worker this morning who has two kids at home. he can't work from home. he doesn't have someone there to watch them and to steward them through the work day. it is hard with elementary school students. it is hard for high school and middle school students to stay focused. adults cannot stay focused five hours in front after tv. what i emailed the board why aren't we as elected officials reaching out to school districts, dozens of them same
9:40 pm
as my count in school size to ask for their opinions? why can't we swallow our pride and seek out advice from those who found ways through mitigating techniques, the cdc and other, you know, health care professionals have said, why can't we go out to get their advice to figure out how they're doing it? elizabeth: you know we're seeing, the cdc director saying it's safe to reopen. brown university looked at 200,000 students in numerous states, schools, and they found the covid case rate is lower than what is happening in the outside community. children need schools for therapy, things like autism and even depression. you wonder what is going on with the administration promising one thing, doing another? we know it is tough for teachers. everybody understands that but we have mailmen working cops, working, firemen working,
9:41 pm
grocery workers working. turns out democrats get a lot of money from the teachers union. 90% of the donations go to democrats and joe biden. your reaction to that? >> i think teachers have been put in a tough situation. i said it before, no kindergarten teacher signed up to be online professor. my county has not been offered or received first dose of the vaccine. there are numerous other people in high-risk jobs as well who have not had a chance. all we ask as parents to give the option to go back. if you want to stay at home, do online learning that is great. give kids option to be back in school five days a week. there are some out there who don't have the ability to work from home or don't have the ability to steward their kids and it is creating a equitable gap between the haves and have-nots. elizabeth: republicans saying schools should not get federal
9:42 pm
aid until they reopen. you know, reopen, teachers saying we got to get vaccinated but you know, you got to wonder where is the money going from the federal government to the schools? where is the money going? now they're getting a ton of money, and the question is, are the schools following science or are they following the teachers unions? what do you say? final word. >> i don't think they're following the science because the data is showing that schools are safe. the cdc and other health care professionals said it is safe. what we need to do, we need to reach out to yours peers, ask for their advice, figure out how they're getting it done, figure out a way to get our kids back into schools. i don't want to get on the political side. i think this bridges income, race, religion, gender, there are some things that allow people to care about the betterment of their children. all we're asking for to get them back with their teachers to be learned and be mentored. elizabeth: final question what has been the reaction to your video that went viral of you reading the eye i don't think act to the school board?
9:43 pm
are people reaching out to you? are you get positive reaction, brandon? >> overwhelming support. this is a great country and there are so many people throughout the country in similar circumstances. they just want to see their kids, grandkids or neighbor kids happy and learning. elizabeth: brandon, great to have you on. come back soon, okay? >> thanks so much. elizabeth: sure. next up "the hill" media columnist joe concha. fallout for jeep and its super bowl ad featuring bruce springsteen as new details surface out of springsteen's dwi arrest. some of springsteen's team is anonymously leaking to dial down the story but we have the actual dwi police report. we'll break it down for you
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i signed up because i was curious. i learned about my grandfather's life on ancestry and it was a remarkable twentieth-century transformation. he did a lot of living before i knew him. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at ♪ elizabeth: welcome back to the show "the hill" media columnist joe concha. joe, so great to have you on. your reaction to the story, what
9:48 pm
was your reaction when you saw jeep deleted bruce springsteen's super bowl ad from youtube after news got out that springsteen had a dwi arrest back in november? critics are asking why didn't springsteen reveal this before the super bowl ad ran? he needs help should get help but why didn't he do it before doing a jeep driving commercial? >> the guy on a high moral plane endorsed kerry, obama, hillary and biden, the most partisan person in music. jeep decides to hire this guy who is from the jersey shore. they stick him in the ad in middle of kansas, dressed him up like john wayne. they could have chosen anybody else, any celebrity, this is the luck here. for for springsteen to say nothing, this will air 97 million people before super bowl, there is dui you don't know about, maybe find
9:49 pm
somebody else. he didn't do that here. now jeep had to pull the ad. they say the ad overall is on pause. it is gone. you will never see it. elizabeth: mothers against drunk driving are angry about this. they're really upset with this whole story. the police report we just showed pulled information out of this police report on his dwi arrest. if he needs help, people would want him to get help but according to the arresting officer he drank a shot of patron tequila. got on his motorcycle, started the engine. the patron bottle that shot was poured out of was completely empty. he claimed he had two shots of tequila in the last prior 20 minutes. smelled strongly of alcohol, glassy eyes, visably swaying back and forth. he refused to take a preliminary breath test despite signs of intoxication. joe, you're reaction to this. now there is anonymous leaks to new jersey newspaper saying his alcohol content was just a quarter of the legal limit.
9:50 pm
the "new york post" saying you know, anonymous source tells us, he took one shot of patron tequila after he pulled over his motorcycle to talk to fans. this feels like topspinning right now. >> yeah. i mean if you only did one shot, well below the limit you would take the breathalyzer, right, unless you're trying to cover up whatever number that is going to show. look, bruce springsteen elizabeth is worth more than $500 million. you can't just call an uber, ford fest teva pulls up, $500 million i would have a driver named alfred driving me around putting people at risk. he could have killed somebody. let's face it. elizabeth: yeah. this is a tough story. we'll stay on it. joe, thanks so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> good to see you, elizabeth. elizabeth: same here. coming up texas congressman brian babin on the white house canceling the emergency order for the border. house homeland security republicans out with a new letter saying you know what, president biden? the border policies you're going
9:51 pm
to create a new crisis and threaten the security of americans. that story next. >> the department of homeland security is going to be turned into a catch-and-release operation. that is literally what they're working to do. that empowers cartels to make money, moving human beings for profit across the border, endangering them, endangering american citizens, having them placed in stash houses, oh, by the way, creating distractions and other channels to move vast quantities of fentanyl and dangerous narcotics in the united states where we had overdoses pushing 100,000 between may of 19 around may 20. this crisis of epic proportions this crisis of epic proportions driven by political ♪ ♪ ♪ this crisis of epic proportions driven by political when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:56 pm
united states of america. and it's playing politics. i just joined, you just had chip roy on a second ago. i joined representative roy in a letter to president biden asking him to please stop playing politics with our border. he certainly ignoring it. and what he is doing is greatly endangering our sovereignty. he is endangering us from every aspect, public health, criminality, terrorism, drugs be, human trafficking. it is all -- he is empowering the cartels and it is a does graceful thing to be seeing in the first month of president biden's presidency. elizabeth: 3600 troops will remain at the border as president has ended the emergency declaration. border arrests already are fast moving on tripling under the new
9:57 pm
administration. 79,000 are apprehended this month, versus 29,000 last year. highest january total since 2006. we're also seeing tripling too of single adult border-crossers. congressman, i would like your reaction to what top border official tom homan, fox news contributed is saying about the freeze of deportations. federal judge as you know in texas extended, extended the suspension of this 100 day freeze on deportations that the president put in place. let's listen to tom homan. >> president biden has declared the entire country a sanctuary jurisdiction. >> yeah. >> which means more tragedy is going to come. mark my word. people will die. people will be raped. people will victimized by criminals that shouldn't being here. what kind of message does that send to the rest of the world. if you come to the country illegally, get back to the border patrol, don't commit ago
9:58 pm
straighted felony, you're home free, you get to stay because i.c.e. is not looking for you. no longer illegal to be here illegally. elizabeth: what will this mean for your state of texas and the rest of the country, sir? >> this is why this federal judge has ruled the way he has is because it is going to greatly endanger people in texas. quite frankly the entire country as tom homan just said. he will make us into a sanctuary nation. the fund fundamental responsibility of the federal government is to protect americans. not ignore the law. not actively encourage, incentivize illegal migration in a way that empowers cartels and endangers both american citizens and the migrants themselves. the situation is going to do nothing but worsen, and, as he said, there will be people that will die result of this. elizabeth: that is scary stuff.
9:59 pm
>> that is scary. very scary. as border security caucus of house of representatives co-chairman i can tell you it will be a very bad situation and it will worsen on a daily basis now that he has rescinded this declaration. elizabeth: the latest morning consult poll, a poll of voter reaction to president biden's executive orders found they do not support these border changes. five of the seven least popular actions the president took pertain to the border. you know, we, again and again this is humanitarian issue. the u.s. supports legal immigration. this story is more and more about crime. because you have human smugglers and poor people can't pay what they owe to the human smugglers. cartels take it over, have them be drug mules. your final quick word. you have 10 second. >> my final word the fight to secure our border is more
10:00 pm
critical now than it ever has been especially with the biden administration coming in. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. i'm liz beg mcdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thanks for you i'm connell mcshane in new york. have a great night, everybodiment. ♪ ♪ david: good evening, everybody. i'm david asman, and this is" fox business tonight." president joe biden today admitting that communist china is a major threat to the american worker, our economy and our way of life. the president making that admission during a meeting today about infrastructure with senators in the white house. now, biden is warning that the has to, quote, step up and fix its ailing infrastructure or be left behind by an economically surging china who promises to eat our lunch. but just take a listen to what president biden said about china in 2019


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