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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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way. that does it for us. thanks for watching "fox business tonight." tune in tomorrow i will speak with steve moore, her shades schlapp. do not miss the debut of larry kudlow's new show. kennedy: alright welcome to it. the new york covid covid continue sprayed the pug nation it under apologetic governor, andrew cuomo, once again blaming everyone but himself for the nursing home deficit happened because of his misguided leadership. and now the calls for him to step down growing louder by the day precluding from within his own party. cuomo's mistakes a bit under a microscope for months. last week it all reached a breaking point after the cdc reported many thousands more than cuomo initially reported had diapered on top of that, one of his top aides admitted they hid the data out of fear federal prosecutors would use
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it against them. but in a prescott pacific governor cuomo offered no rational explanation for what happened. he also doubled down on his now impossible to believe cover story, watch. to be met to be clear, all the deaths in the nursing homes and in the hospitals were always fully, publicly and accurately reported. the numbers were the numbers always. kennedy: the numbers were the numbers, but they were a secret print that's a direct contradiction to akon at the cdc envy, his own administration. because of lies like that new york republican sites time to strip cuomo of his emergency powers. at the very least and loss investigation. i would to see subpoenas about the state level, the state senate and state establish issue subpoenas immediately broke the department of justice to launch an independent investigation.
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kennedy: it is happening for democrats are up in arms including new york assemblyman ron can whose uncle died of covid in a nursing home. >> you do not lie about life and death information to the public. if the entirety of the date it was disclosed and we knew the entire truth, we would have stripped away his powers and made sure we put safest staff and nursing homes and done a number of things to save lives. speck and selleck those who died for the exact same way, those families. magnification be brought to justice plain and simple. i think he should admit what he did. i don't think he will. but he should be brought to justice. the department of justice in the united states senate department of justice should investigate. and if they find he did something wrong, then they have to bring him to justice. xo will enter cuomo pay a price for his cover-up?
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his lies and needless a desk, joining me tonight to share her story voices first centers director is here. she lost her father, daniel to covid in a facility. in york republican senator's been filing losses left and right is one some big wins, jim tedisco is here. welcome to both of you. tracy and want to start with you. would your father be live today if it works for governor cuomo's directives for nursing homes and rehabilitation centers to accept covid positive patients? >> my father would absolutely be live today, kennedy. i want everybody to understand something. this is not a fight that us families ever wanted or ever expected we would have. but we are here and the swarthy cards we were dealt. we need to see it through to the end. we are not going to stop now until we hold andrew cuomo and all of his promos in the cuomo
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crime syndicate responsible. kennedy: the governor said he and his administration did a beautiful job fighting covid. you agree with that, tracy, was it a beautiful job? >> it was not beautiful to have to make the decision to take my father off the ventilator over the phone. that was not beautiful. it is not beautiful, not to be able to have a funeral and be limited to ten people without a priest at your father's gravesite. it is not beautiful to console your mother every single day because she does not want your dad to be dead. that is not beautiful, nothing about governor cole's response was a beautiful part it was criminal. kennedy: speaking of that, jim tedisco, you been filing lawsuits. you as a representative you have sort of a four-part plan in order to bring action and accountability to governor cuomo.
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tell me a little bit about that. >> first and foremost we have to understand this governors in total denial. he absolutely lied today about having that information available for us. we've been trying for nine, ten, 11 months now. he is been stonewalling, lying, distorting the truth, having a complete cover-up. this is a governor who has a more angles in a geometry book. today he put out maybe the 30 or 34th excuse why he has no blame. in some other group or some other individual, this time it was a d.o.j. inquiry that happened three months after all of us were calling for investigations. we were calling for hearings, we were calling for subpoenas. i had to eventually file a lawsuit with the empire center pretty clearly illustrated that the governor has continued to lie. new yorkers paid and died
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because of that. they died in a nursing home and they paid now because the judge, kimberly o'connor, has decided three things. first of all this governor has continuously violated the open government law. secondly, she decided he had to give us all the information. not only the numbers but the surrounding issues in his actions when and margie put covid contagious people in with healthy people and cause this wild fire loss of life. just as importantly, there is a penalty that he had to pay the lawyers bills and the attorney bills. will he is indemnified. this is added salt in the wound. now that penalty goes to taxpayers. the taxpayers have to pay for these lawsuits now. kennedy: and qualified community for corrupt governors with sp like tracing other family members who lost
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thousands and thousands of relatives. and now we are hearing the real extent of it. and there was a reason they were lying about it, tracey, they wanted to keep the numbers low, the nursing home deaths low making it look like new york was doing the job compared to other states. i thought was was a shell game right when the governor says who cares where they died? it matters where they died they should indicted allport how you feel you hear the governor saying things like that, tracey? >> us families are so used to the continual disrespect from governor cuomo. he can lie and manipulate and escape the fax all he wants. we know the truth because melissa derosa never expected her meeting with fellow democrats would come out. i will tell you this, she was not remorseful. she spoke to the cuomo administration she has her finger on the pulse of the cuomo mono administration but she was not remorseful that 15000 senior citizens died
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preventable deaths and cause undue pain to thousands upon thousands of people. she was apologetic to her fellow democrats because of the political fallout it caused them. it gave them a bad election. that says it all to me. kennedy: yes, that was the most important thing to her was apologizing to people within her own party for some political difficulties. so jim, are we seeing democrats reach out to you? are we reaching critical mass here? and do you think this governor will be impeached and removed? >> the first thing we need to deal you mentioned that his takeaways emergency abilities. your due diligence with checks and balances with that we have to support my bill unless the committee members who control the senate are willing to subpoena, the commissioner, melissa derosa and the governor and have an inside
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investigation. this is a bipartisan. this rises above politics. i have got a bill that sponsored by as you said, a democrat in the majority, december of his members are sponsoring, several of my members in the senate for an outside independent bipartisan investigation with subpoena power task force that can drill down and get the real answers with the real numbers are. what that executive order met in march and other surrounding issues that cause this. we not only need closure for the loved ones but the next pandemic comes up we really have to know what to do better than we did now. three to keep pushing keep suing keep calling for accountability. the voices growing against governor, mono are getting louder and louder. tracey you may never have closure. but help at some point you have justice, thank you both. >> thank you. see for course governor has
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always had sights set on a higher office but many on the left of cinemas a solid bet for the white house when enclosing president biden. >> i think he needs to serve a gold standard perspectives and a helluva job. >> i think is doing incredible job. >> new york governor enter cuomo's briefings are lessened and leadership. i think governor cuomo is capable president. [laughter] my godparent has his nursing home scandal derailed the potential plans for the presidency? what a simple apology put them back on track? with an ex parte panel turning strategist alexander wilkes, gordon group communication principal michael gordon is back. and media podcasts hold in the spectator contributor, stephen l. miller he is on the mother love inc., welcome one and all. alexander emma to start with you i don't think it apologies going to do here.
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look what he did for gavin newsom parties reach the threshold for recall. i don't know what he does but hey guys i think it's too late for that. >> i think this scandal is bad enough or democrats in new york and their allies in the media to finally take notice sadly enough. the bottom line is cuomo has been a jerk for years. it is the worst kept secret that he bullies reporters, he screams at them, he abuses his power. this should come as a surprise to nobody. it really is a lesson and why it is so dangerous to have this myopic view of politics and power for the fact that the media and democrats were complicit in this quest to get rid of donald trump by any means necessary even if it meant covering up this enormous scandal. i mean there are basic questions that still have not been answered. for example, why did the uss
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comfort and the center sit empty while the support patients were returned to the nursing home? there are questions that need to be answered. >> that's a great point, alexander. there plenty of beds there for them. as an incredible mobilization. those facilities were ready in record speed. and really could have provided much safer space. expect because they were for the president. >> so it is interesting here, michael, we are seeing some bipartisan coalescing around this anti- cuomo threats. it's nice to see because someone like that who bullied people's entire career should be bullied out of office. >> it's party time some bullied by, when for so many years.
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you've seen it with the blowsy or jumping over the story. and of course the truth needs to come out. if cuomo was smart he will be the one to get the truth out whatever it is for democrats and republicans need to be on the same page because this is a health issue it's not a political issue. kennedy: is a health issue. there be more pandemics in the future. that sucks and i know that because steve and i look at cuomo and everyone, they were so aroused by his press conferences in the summer and cuomo sexual. he is a hack, he is a strong man though. which makes him an insufferable bully. democrats like it because they are like he's our trump. i would say he is there trump a lot of people said he wanted me first television performance. a lot of people don't think he deserves it. he managed to outperform the
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bottle with the playhouse. his problem is if trump is not there to suck all that media oxygen anymore. the further he fades from the photo more than media's going to look for him to cover. cuomo and a lot of other issues like the white house don't have that cover anymore. there's going to need to be something that fills that giant trump sized hole in the median, right now is in your cuomo. see for this appetite for blood and certainly cuomo blood in the water so to speak. with got lots more on the way but first up scandalous behavior from the anti- trump group, the blinken project with the conservative group facing allocations with millions and millions of dollars it raised. where that money apparently wet, fox news media wizard joins us to break it down, next.
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its money, $15 million a week to consulting firms controlled by cofounders. what a racket. what of those cofounders, steve smits appeared on real-time when the group's financial dealings were so legit, guys. spit back out of $87 million that was raised by the blinken project, about 63 -- 66 million of that money went to voter conduct -- contact. >> where the other medico? >> the law requires that you make disclosures pretty but you don't have to disclose subcontractor payments. kennedy: well isn't that convenient question of just wincing of the near times reported another blinken project cofounder have been accused of sexually harassing almost 2000 men. so what else would these blinken project pretenders up to? and how did they get with it so long? joining me now on the fox news channel howard kurtz is back, welcome back howie. select thank you.
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kennedy: this is a very curious story. this is better money than being a tik tok star for this is very impressive for the call you've got to do is a find is something that resonates with a few groups of people. begged them for money and give the money to yourself. that's legal, right? >> rights. steve smits is the biggest same on the blinken project he resigned over the weekend. he's the former campaign manager, msnbc contributor. to be fair he said he did not know about the allegation of sexual harassment against john weaver, he detest john weaver. he himself was inappropriately touched when he was 13 is suffered from depression. it's not just see smith, jennifer horton of the founder of the group said she was demeaned and lied to when she took the allegation spreadsheet talked as weavers some alleged victims are another founder. the blinken project to be a really brilliant idea to post screenshots of some of jennifer horne's private
8:21 pm
twitter messages to a reported looking into the story. not only an outrageous invasion of privacy but it could be a violation of federal law. that's according to george who'd also been with the blinken project. kennedy: and george conway has been aptly discussing in terms of his family. he should be ashamed of himself. not just for being associated with this a group of total lowlifes. and i understand there plenty of people out there who prate hated the presidents. but there had to be better ways of going about the messaging then enriching the people who started the organization. it's like we sort of cringe only hill about el han omar is making a few million dollars in her campaign. that's time of a thousand. >> you know it's a bit of a racket even in normal regular political campaigns with a make the by some of the time and so forth but what troubles
8:22 pm
me is that, look it's kind of a mission mind melt between the blinken project haters and plays like msnbc and cnn they put them on all the time to bash trump. >> who hired several of these guys as contributors. >> right now that the allegations come out msnbc had 17 appearances with blinken project leaders, did not ask any of those appearances about these allegations until finally george, it was aspirated and then cnn's anderson cooper had him on talks about trump not ask about the allegations. but it seems like they no longer serve the purpose out the spotlight has shifted to the blinken project itself. there's going to be an outside investigation and there are a lot of questions to be answered. kennedy: that is exactly what happens. their utility expired paired but it would have been nice if some of these media organizations would have looked into where that was money was going at who is behind it. i have to tell you, creeps
8:23 pm
like a weaver, they are known creeps. people know they are doing this stuff because people talk within organizations. there were people within the blinken project were bringing up these complaints. and shame on them for not taking them seriously. and shame on the media for being complicit in all of this. there's so many parts of the story that are really nauseating. >> there's allegations weaver's apologize with a purported, i don't know every single person of the blinken project knew about this. the team did a great job since last june almost nine months ago a specific sexual harassment allegations were brought to the group. so what happened question we've not gotten a satisfactory answer yet. some of these other networks not terribly interested in finding out. let's talk about donald trump. >> they were certainly raking in the doubloons. and now they will rake in some indictments that seems appropriate. howard kurtz thank you so
8:24 pm
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kennedy: it's no big surprise that president joe biden supports strict gun control agenda, he has been talked about for years but on the third anniversary the parkland high school shooting yesterday president urged congress to crackdown saying quote, i'm calling on congress to enact common sense and gun law reforms including background checks on all sales betting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war in our streets. just last week white house press secretary jena psaki said he's eager to take on the nra, watch. >> the president addressing
8:29 pm
gun violence in the country and putting in place additional safety measures is something that the president has a personal commitment to paredes obsolete obsolete taken on the nra twice and won. he is happy and eager to do that in the future. >> all this is second amendment lever said that very concerned by how far president biden can go. they are buying up firearms and ammunition all across america. my next guess that more gun control increases the condition that lead to massacres such as parkland or joining me tonight libertarian party vice president spike cohen his back, welcome back spike. speck thanks for happy act on happy presidents' day. >> nt as well and as your president i will send this, i would celebrate the second amendment at all of its forms. all of these things, sheila jackson lee has put forth some legislation that's the most prohibitive gun control we have seen in this country. people are buying lots and
8:30 pm
lots of guns or another worried about the pandemic, the word about civil unrest. now they are worried about a president who wants to shred the second amendment. speck is a pretty safe that when gun gabbing present gets into office to buy stock in gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers. and the anniversary of the parkland to the reason this mastered and was able to happen is because the murderer knew that the mass shoot her new he was going to be the only person there they gun. the police refused to engage the shooter until after all the shooting was done. joe biden is proposing a series of policies that would disarm that many more americans, make them even more at the mercy of murderers and helpful the police will show up and protect them in time. the old when the police are minutes away, it rings true here for these types of proposals only make things worse. kennedy: there was a police officer they are paper deep on the police movement they want
8:31 pm
to take all of those officers out of schools. when i heard that plank of the platform it may be think of parkland automatically. go ahead. >> here is the thing part even though that officer was there, he did not really feel terribly inclined to run into gunfire. he stayed back and called for reinforcements that's what happens. you are always going to be able to defend yourself better than a third party will part with gun control is a belief that guns are so bad that we should only get them to people who either don't care with the laws are or are a third part of its uninvolved until you call them. you yourself should not be able to defend yourself against someone who has a gun who wants to kill you. it makes sense in that place is of most gun control are the places that have the highest murder rates including with guns. >> absolutely. that's what happens, we talked about a national database at every gun has to be registered. making it a felony to have a
8:32 pm
firearm or ammunition without a license. you have to complete a government training course. this is just a few items on her laundry list. my question for the congresswoman is what you do about the guns that are already out there? what you do about the people who aren't very interested in completing a trading course who already have a nice cash of weapons that they either stole or obtained nefarious lake? >> or obtained legally and have no intention of giving up her bellsouth look at the fact they are trying to blame this desperate they keep tried to scapegoat people with mental health issues. let people with mental health issues get weapons for this is how that plays out. if you are the victim of abuse or better ptsd or someone battling depression, you now are less likely to go and get the treatment you need because you know it could affect your ability to legally own a firearm to protect yourself. today you still have the gun but you're not getting the mental health treatment you need. these are the kind of big brain genius ideas that come
8:33 pm
from gun grabbers every day. >> the stigmatizing of a mental illness is something that is incredibly reprehensible here. how do busybodies in washington defined mental illness? is it someone who has been depressed for a few months because of the pandemic? is it someone who suffers from anxiety? doesn't that include most of the country if the umbrellas brought enough? >> it would also include, in the way it's worded, the bill includes people with brain diseases. i have multiple sclerosis does that mean i can't own a weapon? we don't know. >> i think you should be able to own lovely weapons. >> i used to have weapons but i sadly lost all of them in a tragic boating accident. [laughter] 's figure going to need a bigger vote, spike. that's what it all boils down to britt art speight come back early and often thank you my
8:34 pm
friend. >> i'll be happy to thank you again. >> remember when minneapolis decided as a good idea to defund their police department? now the city faces a surgeon violent crime a wave of complaints from residents, officials there have voted to give police $6.4 million in additional funding. former acting dhs secretary john wolf was on fox news today. he said the reversal is no surprise, please watch. >> defund the police movement that we saw over the summer is a complete failure. as you look at what these communities are looking at and you take law enforcement officers off the street, you will inevitably see more crime in those communities for the actions that minneapolis is now taking just shows you the failure throughout the summer but is this mean for folks who want to abolish the police?
8:35 pm
alex wilkes, michael gordon stephen l. miller. i've said this the entire time have you defend the police are only good have more police are going to have much more crime and you never meaningful tackle justice reform which is the greatest miscarriage of justice in this entire story your thoughts? >> so much so much for the academy police officers for their smiths mythology that more police equal bad police the problem is is it more police, the public sector police unions who are protecting bad police. you can't uproot these issues. most of the cities where this is happening have been run by one party for decades but you can guess which one that is. so like minneapolis, oakland, los angeles, new york city, places where every time you try to uproot bad problems we
8:36 pm
have this discussion right up until we talk about who the party in charge is. that's more or less the problem here. they kind of cop out of taking responsibility for the bad public union policies by suggesting we have to defund, we have to define, that is never the case. before you bring up a great point for each of the biggest issues we have criminal justice reform and kids not being in school because of the pandemic, those boiled down to publix sector unions but they really do. but no one wants to take on unions because they fund campaigns. but, michael, this was bound to happen and a very important moment was lost. so places like minneapolis they're going to have more cops. that does not necessarily mean those new cops are going to be better trained. >> wright, business as usual for the police cannot stand straight and systemic racism in the police cannot stand. with that said, defunding the police i'm with president
8:37 pm
obama on this freedom as soon as you say defunding the police to turn off at least half of the public. this chance to get any reform when you say that. so the goal should be to reform the police, to get rid of the racism in the police. but not to defund the police. kennedy: so alexander, what happens to some these vulnerable communities where you have little old ladies have lived in neighborhoods for decades. especially in a pandemic they can't just up and leave. but importantly someone breaks into their house or they hear gunfire here 911 places like minneapolis and seattle the response i missed so much slow because you have 200 fewer cops on the street in minneapolis. so what happens to them? >> these communities pay the price for the ideas that wealthy liberals can't otherwise spend their way out of. if you are nancy pelosi and you support policies, it is no
8:38 pm
matter. you can escape the gated enclave in napa valley for if you are wealthy manhattanites that support defunding the nypd, it is okay if crime goes up because you can escape. ordinary people cannot get out of these situations as easily. and they are the ones, like i said that pay a price for the policies. hopefully that leads to some actual change. but what i fear here's what you brought up in the beginning, this will obscurity real attempts at criminal justice reform. the act simply went too far and has a damage the brand of reform in the name of this crazy idea. soon i guess it was crazy it was destructive. and now, it is sad. because what was really necessary what libertarians have been calling for the entire time, that is not going to happen. the "new york post" was
8:39 pm
screaming this weekend, headlines about a serial killer on the a-train, just not my party pals on prom night that is a subway line it's terrifying. women, older people, teenagers they don't take the train out there worry they'll be slashed by a murderous psychopath, they call the guy don't worry, come to new york anytime we both hang out, party play hopscotch. party panel returns after the break including senator ted cruz's sharing some questions that should have been submitted but never got asked during the impeachment trial. how much more entertaining if those questions had not been chopped. the panel breaks it down the comment next. ♪♪ [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] ♪♪ uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right?
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♪ ♪'s before the silicon the
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unanswered question but the second impeachment trial former president donald date trump. ted cruz agreed in the texas senator is sporting a pretty wicked mullets. tweeted out a list of impeachment trial questions and he says came from real senators but were not asked during the trial. it included questions, can we build the keystone pipeline if we had hunter bite into the board? yes. can manager swallowtail to stop. [inaudible] so was this impeachment more of a joke than a solemn duty? and it's funny as these questions sound, don't the american people deserve serious answers to them? yes they do pray let's get back into the party panel, alexander willis, michael gordon and stephen l. miller. mr. theo, when the most important question just for nancy pelosi. how much intelligent happy for the c-uppercase-letter. and why didn't you do more to act on it? she is the speaker of the
8:45 pm
house. >> she is and she should accept responsibility partially for what happened that day because the capitol was so woefully unprotected. it is unbelievable to see the lack of security there. this is a woman who claims power at every opportunity but she's going to find senators for not wearing masks and bypassing the metal detectors, which she herself did. on this one instance the most basic duty was to protect the house of democracy, she left it unguarded and has no answers for it. >> i also wanted an answer, michael, from the answers about ms. charging the president. had date realize this too, it become much more about the president that dereliction of duty, which was pretty obvious. and less about incitement which is much harder to proofread so why did they
8:46 pm
either add another article of impeachment or charge improperly in the first place? >> right. so i think the focus was on the incitement. that is they thought they had the best case. that's her put all the focus of their efforts. you know, was thinking about the questions that ted cruz launched. i had a question for ted cruz, does he think walking theater while phoenix et cetera for him? sue i think any walking phoenix looks good. ted is having a little bit of a follicular identity crisis right now i do not begrudge a man for questionable facial hair, lord knows. i did like the question, steven, have it in the house managers had sexual relations that chinese communist spy? please explain. >> what's one really like to know about for guidance committee breaks before it was the house impeachment
8:47 pm
manager. >> again going back to stories that go under the surface will trump sucks up the mediocrity, i don't think we are done with the lovely from china. chuck schumer set off to great start here. the left hand not know with the far left-hand were doing here i think we realize you guys want to call witnesses we will call like q1 and shawna guided committee or make a circus out of this we can install this for six to ten months will joe biden's approval tanks. the question i want to have now is the protester over the riots are over, trump is gone, impeachment is over, why disease knighted state capitol fenced off like it's the german occupational zone for this is purely political theater. people need to start raising lowercase about this. that's up to the d.c. mayor implosive, to democrats. >> that's absolutely right. these are the defund the
8:48 pm
police movement. this is a militarization and police with a large it's awful. party panel think of a metal seatback you soon, alex, michael, steven, great job tonight. topical storm is next. ♪ ♪ look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [laugh] dad i got a job! i'm moving out. [laugh] dream sequence ending no! in three, no! two, keep packing! one. ♪ ♪
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's before snuggly has tested positive for coronavirus and of the jersey shore has two situations. [laughter] that's a reality check and this is a topical storm. topic number one, last week a gorilla glue girl capture the hearts of americans by turning her head into a battering ram for now just in time for valentine's day her knight in shining solo cup has arrived. all right folks in louisiana meet gorilla glue guys a drink or not thinkers superglue in a plastic cup to his face because he did not believe gorilla glue girl is telling the truth about how strong the adhesive was. it's like they say, there is a lead for every crockpot. here's a video of him doing what he calls the gorilla glue challenge with this not a real challenge, deathly not the point of the original video. >> i'm going to take it on this couplet in my mouth. then had a lick it and get it off.
8:53 pm
[background noises] went on my mouth. [laughter] 's before there it is. [laughter] i don't know why that makes me so happy. that's what i call face plants right now the internet is died for these two to get together so they can literally become inseparable or to just try to seal the deal with elmer's. oh mercy. topic number two. a new report claims hustler magazine founder larry swenson funeral will feature boos and strippers, what? the sendup of take place at the house vote club in las vegas to be open to the public for $50 fee. you can literally pay your respects. this is also probably only chance to have a lap dance to the song amazing grace very ripe with a stripper's name will be tragedy. and in honor mr. flynt the pole at half mast. organizer asking to please dress tastefully paired by that they mean covered it with cream. the party will be covered is
8:54 pm
probably still get something, just the old adage, no matter what a stripper tells you, there is no in the reposing room. topic number three. your valentine's day gifts aren't done yet pretty also got you some stuffed animals. yep, a group of squirrel monkeys at the london zoo were celebrating valentines by chowing down on mealworms as opposed to earthworms or more of an appetizer but according to the zoo-nine-year old mail is pictured here sharing the squirmy treats with the seven female mates. in other words, his love life is a barrel of monkeys buried what he expect? he is a swinger. of course to get tons of tail. there he is. i have not seen a monkey with this many partners since curious george prints hard to hold them seven women, luckily he's got gorilla glue per this is the most tree hackers caught on video since the last
8:55 pm
bernie sanders rally. only these ones have a better grasp on economics. also the females here, less hairy. [laughter] topic number four, it is a mug shot monday. and tonight would be to 65 year old woman who painted herself into a corner when she went on an anti- joe biden graffiti spree. place the emily winters of fairfield, connecticut is deface the walls of a school entity gmac's department store with phrases like beijing biden, call me kamala, biden for socialism, and united states of china. what can i say, it is always nice to see a band of the show making news. there she is. the town's residents were shocked to learn a woman of her age was leaking around so in political division. then again older women do love selling. winters was charged with criminal mischief after turning herself into confessing to the crimes. unfortunately she wrote her confessions on the site of a post office. i am guilty of making signs.
8:56 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sewer thanks much you watch the show tonight. tomorrow peter, janice, prospective also permitted dropbox new show, though, larry kudlow host, you will love a good night. president biden's new immigration and border policy heads to capitol hill this week but republicans increasingly slam it as a runaway train that could hurt national security. we have brandon judd, kim klacik, jim trusstry, brad blakeman, james carafano and detroit police chief james craig on this story. we have this, left-wing groups demand all 500 miles of border wall built with taxpayer money be attorney down. a weakened i.c.e. dealing with biden deportation freeze


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