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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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airplane travel in the u.s. yet kids are lower risk. dagen: dr. marty makary as always. this is "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: tonight new controversy over the biden administration and china. republicans planning a big legislative push to stop what they say is weakening of trump era policies on china as president biden face as firestorm of criticism. critics say he downplayed human rights abuses in china at cnn's town hall. we have government documents, other documents revealing that hunter biden's fund in china is connected to chinese companies that undercut u.s. green energy. those companies are connected to companies that are involved in potential human rights abuses. we have ric grenell, governor
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bobby jindal, jason chaffetz, harmeet dhillon and brad blakeman. we have a lot of headlines for you tonight. the other top story of the day, dozens dead, millions still without power. texas officials are battling winter's version of hurricane harvey. the debate. climate change activists pushing for the power grid to go green but critics warn it is not ready. that push would be dangerous. plus, democrat lawmaker now alleges new york governor andrew cuomo threatened to quote, destroy him if that democrat lawmaker did not provide political, quote, cover and protection for cuomo's top aide who admitted cuomo and his team covered up nursing home deaths after governor cuomo caused a superspreader disaster, a nursing homes with his executive order. now a petition to impeach como has thousands of signatures. democrats now accuse him of obstruction of justice.
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governor cuomo trying to desperately battle back. cnn, not covering any of that at the town hall last night even though the rest of the country is talking about it. "the washington post" accuses cnn of conflicts of interest because chris cuomo is whitewashing the story. also america's big vaccine push. president biden last night wrongfully claimed, quote, we did not have vaccines when he came into office. despite the fact that president biden, his vice president kamala harris and health care workers in december all got vaccinated. now this controversy. how little the democrats have set aside in the 1.9 trillion covid relief bill to get the country vaccinated, get the country moving again, and protect it with ppe. this is what is being called, power drunk. look at this story. we've got more on a los angeles county health inspector caught on camera literally dancing after she incorrectly ordered a local brewery shut down for
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covid violations. turns out she was wrong. that cokohner of the brewery is speaking out. we are tonight remembering conservative media icon rush limbaugh and his legacy. he died after a battle with stage 4 lung cancer. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. let's get started right now. we begin with former acting director of intelligence, ric grenell. ric is a straight-shooter. when ric talks, they sit up, take notice, listen. ric, good to see you. what was your reaction president biden down play and seemed like he was excusing china's human rights abuses at cnn's townhall. what are your thought? >> elizabeth, i hope you don't mind, take one quick second we're sending prayers out to rush limbaugh's family. it's a rough and somber day for many people. he is just an icon. i hope with can constantly say that.
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in reference to the cnn question and china question, look, i think that if this was just one little mess-up on cnn we would not be talking about this. this is real serious pattern how the biden administration, the biden picks, the nominees have really been downplaying china and the crisis that we're in with china and overmaking the russian threat. russia is a problem. china is a crisis. and when you look at the cia nominee bill burns, and he had a great career as an outsider for little while but the last six years he has been running an ngo cozying up to china, accepting money from communist businessmen. joe biden's pick for national security advisor, jake sullivan, look at the words. google jake sullivan and china. look what he said in the past about china. these are people that absolutely
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have missed the threat from china over the last 20 years. joe biden last night was talking about how he knows president xi and president xi likes him and you know, they have this cozy relationship. they had a two-hour phone call. look, i think that we're in a dangerous, slippery slope here because we have a president of the united states who does not understand the threat from china and he is downplaying it simply because of his family ties and hunter biden and the laptop that we found, all of the information that shows they have been selling access? elizabeth: yeah. we'll dig into that in just a second. let's listen to president biden, he asked about china's abuses against hong kong and taiwan. there is basically a genocide as human rights watchdogs groups are saying in china. china is committing against muslim uyghurs. president biden, quote said, this is just a cultural norm. watch. >> so the idea i'm not going to speak out against what he's
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doing in hong kong, what he is doing with the uyghurs in western mountains of china and taiwan, trying to end the one china policy by making it forceful, i said, he -- he gets it. culturally there are different norms of each country and their leaders are expected to follow. elizabeth: all right is genocide and forced attention without due process in prison camps are those cultural norms? >> yeah. i mean this is part of the pattern with president biden is that he literally believes in consensus rather than our american ideals and the idea that you know, you have your cultural sensitivities and i have mine and they're different and we don't have western values is something he would go into a
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negotiation and cut the situation in half and we can't do that. the whole idea of having an america first policy is to stand for western values, stand for capitalism, stand for the rule of law. we can't cut that in half. we can't decide we'll have consensus with the chinese when they have genocide going on, what we have half a genocide? this is the consensus idea. consensus sounds like a nice word but it means that they get to veto our policy and we meet somewhere in the middle. meeting somewhere in the middle may be good for a business negotiation when you're selling a house. it is not good for western ideals. elizabeth: yeah. how do you meet in the middle, forced labor, sexual abuse and detention camps and suppression of minorities. you mentioned hunter biden. hunter biden still has not, eastern though he said he would divest his 10% stake in that chinese private equity fund that has unvested in facial
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recognition software. chinese company sells facial recognition software for use in chinese detention cams. that is what hunter biden 10% ownership stake in this chinese investment fund is doing. it is also investing, rick, in, hunter is making money off china's investments in companies that you know, harvest cobalt and copper for green energy like solar panels and batteries. i mean, he is, the fund invested in a big cobalt and copper mine in the congo. it is run by a chinese company accused of major human rights and child labor abuses. your reaction to that? >> my reaction, we've known this. we knew this before the election but 50 former intelligence officials went out, manipulated intelligence and said that hunter biden's laptop and all that information showing that he is cozying up to china, they said this was just russian
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disinformation. don't look at the laptop. don't look at this. joe biden said during the campaign that he didn't know anything about this. he never spoke to his son about any of these deals yet there is evidence showing video evidence of them on a trip together into china. none of this is making sense and media in d.c. are completely disinterested. but the fact of the matter is, joe biden keeps talking about russia because he doesn't want us to look at china and go teach on what his family has been doing which is selling access. elizabeth: also, we've got the republican study committee saying and it is led by jim banks. they will push hard on new legislation that would stop president biden unwinding president trump's orders to stop china from trying to make inroads into u.s. telecom networks and 5g, into u.s.
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universities and china selling into the u.s. power grid. do you think they will be successful with that, rick? what do you think of that? >> i hope that they are successful. this is a very important topic and democrats and republicans should understand in a post-covid world having our entire supply chain or allowing china to have leverage, having our supply chain in china, having the chinese have leverage over us on equipment that we need, on businesses, this is just a recipe for disaster in the future. we should learn from covid-19. we should learn that the chinese are manipulating and leveraging our local politicians, our universities. this is a very serious problem and the idea that jake sullivan and our cia nominee, bill burns, think about that, putting someone in charge of the agency that is already demonstrated for the past six years that he is cozying up to china, this is unacceptable. he should be rejected.
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we're going to have to get tougher nominees and tougher individuals within the biden administration if they want to convince us that they're going to be tough on china. elizabeth: ric grenell, great to see you. thanks for joining us. come back soon, okay? you're great on the show. >> thanks. elizabeth: coming up former louisiana governor bobby jindal. he will join us with the update on texas now battling the winter version of hurricane harvey. dozens now dead. millions still without power. the debate, the biden administration and climate change activists say the time is now to overhaul the power grid for green energy. officials are pushing back hard. the grid is not ready. it is buckling. it would be a dangerous move. the story next. >> yet the last nuclear power plant that was built here is could man chee peak outside of fort worth. in 1991 it came on line. construction started in 74. the coal-fired plants have been reduced by a third of capacity.
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we're not investing in new gas-fired generation plants and yet there has been an explosion in the construction of wind energy farms all throughout west texas and that is an intentional public policy decision from the highest levels of state government. the governor, the texas legislature, that are now calling for these investigations but it is an intentional public policy result of their actions. ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now former louisiana governor bobby jindal. all great to have you on. climate change activists want the grid to go totally green but power systems collapsed in texas after what is being called the winter equivalent ever hurricane heart say and do we want that? >> absolutely, not liz. our hearts go out to many of you are our neighbors. many are without heat or water. having been through hurricanes without power and water for weeks. we know how tough the situation can be. the governor will look into the transmission company to see why they weren't better prepared even when folks knew the storm was coming. three big lessons that came out of this. one to your point, our transmission lines aren't ready. we need resiliency, far left around president biden, snap
6:17 pm
their fingers make everything electric. they want to ban gas powered cars. they want to ban any oil and gas consumption. that is not realistic. unless we invest in infrastructure you will see more brownouts and blackouts. that is not good for the economy, that is not good for our quality of life. secondly, i'm sorry, go ahead. elizabeth: no, go ahead. finish your thought. secondly we need more base load generation. you need more natural gas plants, nuclear plants, you can't put all your eggs in one basket. in texas they needed natural gas to heat their homes. they needed natural gas to power their plants. you have an administration that doesn't want to drill for oil and gas. democratic governors in the northeast don't want to build pipelines. they want to make it scarce. they want to make it expensive that will create more and more problems. this is where ideology is trumping science and trumping common sense. elizabeth: texas republican roger williams says this
6:18 pm
reinforces the need to increase oil and gas production, not less. misdemeanors of americans in the energy belt are without power around heat for days. listen to governor greg abbott on this. watch. >> this shows how the green new deal would be a deadly deal for the united states of america. our wind and solar got shut down and they were collectively more than 10% of our power grid. that thrust texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis that was power spread out by that ercot organization you were talking about. as a result it just shows that fossil fuel is necessary for the state of texas as well as other states to make sure that we will be able to heat our homes in the wintertime and cool our homes in the summertime. elizabeth: you know, here's the thing. we hear climate change activists. we hear anchors on msnbc. yes, everybody understands majority of outages came from natural gas and coal plants. more than 2/3 of the power
6:19 pm
generation. twice as much power of wind was wiped out. wind turbine generators froze. that is not the story. the problem the texas grid was weakened. it lofted a lot of baseload power because operators could not be see return on investment. they were undercut by wind and solar which was subsidized. guys wanted to invest, we'll not go there. we'll not invest in it. there is not, more you rely on wind and solar the more nat-gas and coal is needed to back it up. you can't store wind and solar energy, governor. what do you say. >> liz, that's right. reality texas already decreased the amount of energy they expected to get from wind. it is not as reliable in the winter. they didn't even get that from wind. there were problems with instrumentation and pipelines with other plants. we should make sure ear cot is held accountable and other generators. you're exactly right, we can't put owl your eggs in one basket.
6:20 pm
it shows until we have reliable, affordable battery storage powered by wind and solar. we will need natural gas plants and nuclear plants. they are not being built. elizabeth: yeah. >> because of ideology, we need affordable abundant energy in this country. it is critical for our economy. it is critical for our quality of life. oil and gas is critical for the american economy. the left -- elizabeth: hear's the thing. you're absolutely right, governor. we keep hearing from our sources too. how can the biden administration people like jennifer granholm and john kerry say go cold turkey, go cold turkey on all oil and gas, shut it down, shut down oil and gas jobs when you have things like millions of oil and gas jobs, only hundreds of thousand of renewable jobs in the country? go cold turkey when the base load is not there to back up solar and wind that exists on taxpayer subsidies? what is the ideology? >> that's right. elizabeth: they're shutting down
6:21 pm
jobs, that ideology shuts down power and hurts americans. your final word. >> one of the best things the trump administration did was make america energy independent. biden is going the opposite direction. that is dangerous reversal. heart breaking to hear john kerry tell my oil and gas workers in the state of louisiana on the gulf coast and america, good luck you will have to find new jobs installing solar panels. it is condescending and unrealistic. not many more millions of jobs. these are good paying blue-collar jobs across the country. elizabeth: solar jobs, we're seeing 19,000, maybe some of these jobs. oil, gas jobs, welders, pipe fitters, make a lot of money. governor, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: next up former house oversight chair jason chaffetz on a democrat lawmaker that new york governor andrew cuomo literally threatened to destroy him if that lawmaker did not provide political cover and political protection for como's top aide who admitted yeah, como
6:22 pm
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♪. >> he is paid to care and he hasn't realized that yet. and he need to care. he needs to show empathy and covid knows no political party. we're covid orphans. we'll tell you covid knows no political party. he is the only one that made this a political issue. he needs to stop. it is insulting to me as a democrat. it is insulting the democrat party, republican party you're with, covid doesn't discriminate. elizabeth: that was daniel and peter arbeeny. they lost their father to covid-19 in a new york state nursing home. joining me former house oversight chair jason chaffetz. jason, first euro your reaction to the a beanie brothers are saying? >> there are thousands and thousands of stories. they are correct about governor
6:27 pm
cuomo. when he says, they died, who cares or some quote like that, you know, he is out there winning awards and accepting the pats on the back from hollywood. he is, you know, writing a book in the middle of the pandemic. i don't know how he does that. but these are real families and real people. elizabeth: when he said who cares people died, that sounded pretty self-incriminateing when he says who cares. if he is so copastetic, who cares who died, he shouldn't care about releasing all the documents and transcripts what exactly happened behind the scenes in his administration for covering up the true number of nursing home deaths related to his executive order that created a superspreader disaster in nursing homes. by the way, nursing homes were blocked for testing of covid due to his executive order. i like your reaction to democrat lawmaker ron kim. he lost his uncle to covid-19 in a nursing home.
6:28 pm
he said, governor threatened quote, to destroy him, if kim did not cover and provide political protection for cuomo's top aide, melissa derosa, yeah we covered up the true death toll. we froze because of president trump's doj probe. what do you say to that? >> well it really does demand a significant probe by federal investigators. unfortunately my understanding melissa derosa's mother-in-law is the u.s. attorney for southern district of new york. they will have to bring in somebody else from the department of justice to properly do an investigation without a conflict of interest. you have nine, i think it is the democratic lawmakers that are calling on the governor to take some dramatic action and step away from this issue. you have the one specific democrat who is saying that he was threatened. i think anybody in law enforcement would like to know
6:29 pm
specifically. remember this is allegedly a coverup of the numbers. it is not just about new york. the centers for disease control is trying to figure out how the disease is spread, who it is affecting, how it is being affected. so when you cover up, don't provide the data, the centers for disease control it affects us across the country because then the scientists cannot do their job. elizabeth: that is an important point you just made. you know, you wonder if the biden administration, if the doj there would do a probe because of what you pointed out. melissa derosa's mother-in-law is the u.s. attorney for southern district of new york, audrey straus. this lawmaker, says cuomo stonewalledded us for seven months. it only took your democratic state attorney general to pry the information out of you. you wouldn't including nursing
6:30 pm
home patients put in hospitals, dying in hospitals to your numbers, you wanted to make yourself look better. we now have a impeachment push for new york lawmakers. it has 16,000, 18,000 signatures. what do you say to that? >> i think it is warranted. he earned this. he was out there every day trying to put this calm blanket on it. ends up he was absolutely covering this up. that doesn't comfort some republican lawmaker not in his state. that comes from a democrat within his own administration who is one of his aides. not only was he not giving the fed this is information. that is the allegation but he wasn't also giving that information to the state of new york, to the democrats who were asking for this information and here you have his top aide, the person who is literally at his right hand to help him execute this, trying to explain this on tape and telling people that that is exactly what they did. what else do they need to have?
6:31 pm
why isn't the biden-harris administration moving on this immediately to the point, to appoint a proper prosecutor who doesn't have a conflict of interest to get to the bottom of it and get to the bottom of it now. elizabeth: so everybody's, new yorkers, everybody is supposed to be okay, right, we're all supposed to be okay, go by the rules, go by what elected officials working on our nickel decide and do. we're supposed to be okay. we're also supposed to be okay with governor cuomo threatening a fellow democrat saying you're going to feel my wrath. i will destroy your career. his uncle died of covid-19 in a nursing home. calling mocking janice dean with sexist remarks she should stick to the weather? this is what taxpayer are paying for? this is what we get for our money? really? we have 15,000 people dead. he put 9,000 patients back in. that's, why step up and apologize? just be, put on your big boy
6:32 pm
pants and say i'm sorry, take accountability and take responsibility? your final word? >> yeah, i think not only should he apologize but he should step aside. he is not up to the job. he is showing willingness to be disrespectful to people who lost their lives. he says he doesn't care about the, how they died. and he has got a huge conflict of interest now because they were allegedly covering up. that comes from his own aide, step aside, governor. that is what needs to happen. elizabeth: okay. before you go, i know you're fired up, we like to take a moment to reflect, i know you want to talk about this, talk to us about conservative radio legend rush limbaugh. he passed away today. >> you know, he was iconic. he really gave the conservative movement a voice. he was, that guiding north star. for those of us who were young into politics and trying to think through tough issues, how do we think about this? how does it fall within the conservative movement. rush would give voice to that.
6:33 pm
i had a neat moment with him at the state. union. i got to go there as former member of congress. he was up there accepting that award, recognition from the president. i got to kind of exchange a little bit with him. i tell you, always remember him. he was iconic to the conservative movement in his voice. i don't think it can be easily replaced if at all. but gosh, we miss him. god bless him and his family. elizabeth: jason chaffetz. thanks for joining us. it is good to have you on. come back soon. stay right there. we will be right back.
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6:38 pm
were no vaccines when he got into office when president biden had taken the shot in december and kamala harris and fda already approved the moderna pfizer vaccine, so what is going on there? >> there were so many odd moments in yesterday's town hall. that was one of them. obviously issues are there. millions of americans are not vaccinated and are getting vaccinated every day. vaccines don't appear poof out of thin air. only thanks to back in may, president trump prioritizing this, pulling off amazing feat getting not one but two vaccines out in the market. that we're in the situation right now. in addition we have the herd immunity kicking in. overall things are looking better no thanks to joe biden. some of the hitches we've seen in some. states like california are entirely due to incompetence at the state level actually putting vaccines the states are getting
6:39 pm
into arms but i don't know how the federal government's fault. that needs to be improved. we are seeing it improved. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. let's listen to what president biden said last night. watch. >> i shouldn't say it that way as you remember, when you and i talked last, we talked about one thing to have the vaccine which we didn't have with we came into office but a vaccinator. how do you get the vaccine in someone's arm? you need paraffin, needle, mechanisms to get it in. elizabeth: okay, again, moderna, pfizer vaccines approved. he already got vaccine, so did kamala harris. kamala harris keeps saying administration started from scratch. if that were so how could we be at 1.million vaccinations a day if we started at scratch? >> it is such a lie. such a lie dr. fauci seems to be adored in the administration, wait a minute not true, he said
6:40 pm
yesterday that we started from scratch. we had a robust program and we have been rolling out the vaccine in the states. that you know is going as it should. in fact "the new york times" took the biden-harris administration to task yesterday saying their plan to vaccinate americans is not ambitious enough. that instead of the 1.5 million per day that the biden administration was projecting which you pointed out we already surpassed we should look to vaccinate 3 million people a day to get to the herd immunity level throughout the nation as quickly as possible. but let me tell you something, looks to me like democrats are reveling in the power that they are getting from the situation. they want to drag it out. i think they're in no hurry to really conclude this crisis so that we can move on to governing america. i think that is part of what we're seeing here. elizabeth: that would be terrible. >> a perpetual state of covid panic. so. elizabeth: we have ranking republican jason smith on house budget, he was at aways and
6:41 pm
means hearing. he is pointing out less than 10% of the 1.9 trillion covid relief bill is going towards america getting vaccinated and protecting america with ppe. less than nine%. what do you say? >> not surprising that the administration is using this vehicle to push a policy agenda that has nothing to do with covid, namely, vast expansion of obamacare, reversing some of the reforms that the trump administration had put in, also now subsidizing millions more americans. getting inflated health care and you know delivery of health care in america. anybody who is telling the truth knows that the system is broken and it isn't being fixed by subsidizing it some more. it is unfortunate they're using for that, as opposed to relief americans are truly suffering need. not surprising, i'm sure you will see some other goodies tucked in there have nothing to do with relief from covid problems in this country. so less than a month into the
6:42 pm
administration we're already excusing about genocide and lying about covid vaccines and slow walking the solution of the problem and lying what is in the bill, supposedly helping americans who are suffer when nancy pelosi and her leadership withheld that support from americans under the trump administration that they needed. so, not off to a good start for america. i hop we do better. elizabeth: all right. harmeet dhillon, thanks for joining us. good to see you. come back soon. >> my pleasure. elizabeth: okay. up next some people are saying this might be what's called being drunk on power. a los angeles county health inspector caught on camera literally dancing after she incorrectly ordered a local brewery to shut down for alleged violations of covid restrictions. we have more on the story next. stay right there. >> but i think it is resonating with people because this is part of a bigger problem. it is a disconnect between government officials and those people on the front lines trying
6:43 pm
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allstate. click or call for a quote today. ♪. elizabeth: okay. joining me now is radio host and i heart media correspondent steven gregory. steve, great to have you on. footage, good to see you. the l.a. county health inspector, you got the footage of her literally dancing on camera after she ordered incorrectly a local brewery to shut down. can you tell us more about this? >> sure. this happened on super bowl sunday. this morning that brewery was selling their beer to go. they were doing retail sales which in l.a. county you can do without having food service provide or food truck. the inspector came in ordered them to close on the spot and said they had to have a food truck. well, the employee tried to contact the owner. the owner talked to the inspector, you need to speak with your supervisor because we can without a food truck.
6:48 pm
meantime super bowl business had been impacted. while the employee was in the back room trying to get more information, copy some paperwork, you see her on camera start to do a little bit after dance. now, just about an hour 1/2 ago i was on the media call with the los angeles county health department i finally got a response as to what the inspector was doing? and they told me she was simply drying her hands off after having wiped her hands with sanitizer. that is what she was doing. as far as dancing go i don't know if that is cdc recommended way of doing it or not. elizabeth: okay. all right. we hear what you're saying. that is quite the explanation, steve. the point is, steve, it shouldn't have been shut down in the first place, right? we have the co-owner of brewery speaking out. take a listen to what he has to say. watch. >> the stuff they have been doing isn't working. we need to allow people to be able to go back inside. we need to be able to allow people to have a beer without having to buy a meal.
6:49 pm
it's killing us. it is killing us small business people. i'm hoping that this maybe is the changing point where people see what happened on this and maybe things will change and get better for us. i hope sew. elizabeth: what do you think? is this a wakeup call? >> yeah. so many restaurant owners reached out after the story first aired they are intimidated and bullied by the health inspectors. on the media call, they paint a opposite picture claiming the version of the events is completely opposite when you heard with mr. avery owner of bravery viewing. that is footage of small snapshot of 12 to 15 minutes of footage. she is going through, rifling through merchandise on the shelves, touching bar equipment. picking things up, looking at things that is a small snapshot
6:50 pm
of the whole picture this is wake-up call. health inspectors when they go there have a lot of power and control. i think what happened here she just didn't realize the power she wielded and didn't seem to care about the impact at all she had that day. elizabeth: yeah. you know, it is, she is following other people's orders. that is also the point. i mean that is what's happening around the country. that restaurants an bars being shut down ad hoc and rules on the fly. >> right. elizabeth: so what, we know, remember it was 15 days to lower the curve. what are the rules to open? your final word? >> right. so, basically to your point the problem here is that she didn't know the rules. she thought she knew the rules. that is how fractured it is here, l.a. county putting this together. elizabeth: all right. steven gregory, thanks for bringing us the story. come back soon. >> take care.
6:51 pm
elizabeth: coming up cnn under fire, "washington post" says, listen, cnn you have big conflicts of interest. chris cuomo your anchor there is not covering, whitewashing the story of his brother new york governor andrew cuomo nursing home death coverup. the executive order he created a super spreader event in nursing homes. former deputy assistant to president george w. bush, brad blakeman joins us with his take next. stick right there. take fuzzywuzzy28. blamin' losses on a laggy network. only one or two. verizon 5g ultra wideband is here, the fastest 5g in the world, with ultra... low... lag! stop blaming the network and start becoming the best gamers in the ga-- that escalated quickly. (sam) 5g ultra wideband, now in parts of many cities. this is 5g built right. only from verizon.
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6:56 pm
there are deep inconsistencies at best and a cover-up at worst that has been perpetrated by the governor with regard to covid. and networks like cnn will not report this news, but they were quick to report on the governor's emmy. they were quick to report on his book. they were quick to report on things that served chris, his brother, and the governor well. but they're not reporting the news now. elizabeth: well, we should point out cnn anchor jake tapper is, but chris cuomo is not covering it, whitewashing the story of his brother, new york governor andrew cuomo. he puts out an executive order in march of last year saying, nursing homes, you've got to take back in patients, and you can't test them. and then he makes himself look better by not counting hospital deaths from nursing home patients in the number. and the state attorney general had to get the information out of hum. i mean, he went on chris cuomo's show ten times, and chris cuomo
6:57 pm
didn't point it out. and if now we've got reportedly the fbi and the u.s. attorney in brooklyn investigating governor cuomo. people are saying you have got to give back your emmy, democrats are saying that. your world. [laughter] >> well, let me tell you something, he had the awe it is aty, governor cuomo and chris cuomo, to chastise president trump when president trump bent over backwards to give everything governor cuomo requested whether it be ventilators, whether it be a hospital ship, whether it be supplies. and look what happened to all the federal assistance that was given to the governor. it was never used. if he had used those facilities for the elderly, we wouldn't be in this situation we are in now. elizabeth: yeah. >> he did it for his own political purposes at the expense of lives. he lied and people died. that's a fact. elizabeth: he gets donations from the hospital industry, that's a question too. the hospital industry gives political donations to him. the question is the hospital
6:58 pm
industry makes money from medicare. i mean, why did he use -- why didn't he separate them into other facilities? why put them back into nursing homes, you know? we understand the hospital administration gets a lot of medicare money, we get that, we understand it. but people want to get to the bottom of it because the ap is saying 15,000 people died because, cuomo, you created a super-spreader event in new york nursing homes putting patients back in, and then you tried to make yourself look better by covering it up, lowballing the numbers and not counting hospital deaths. and then bullying a fellow democrat, ronald kim, whose own uncle died of covid in a nursing home, saying you're going to feel my wrath, i'm going to destroy you if you don't give political protection to my aide who confessed, yea, we did cover it up. what do you say to that? >> well, i think that it's quite clear now, and democrats are onboard with the fact that the governor was not acting in the best interests of the citizens. he was acting in the interest,
6:59 pm
the selfish, greedy interests of hospital and nursing home industries. you know, they get paid, as you just point out, by the patient. when a patient leaves, they lose that subsidy. so you've got to get more patients in order to increase the government subsidy can or at least maintain it. but these people were infected. and now who does he blame? the hospital workers, in nursing -- the nursing home workers. this is crazy. they should have been moved out and segregated. elizabeth: yeah. like florida did. where does this go from here, brad in you've been front and center in all sorts of political scandals in the pastment where does this go? >> i think it's going to be a multilevel approach. i think the state's going to be investigating, the feds are going to be investigating, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. of there's going to be a political ramification either by impeachment or stripping the governor of his powers, and i think there's also going to be possibly even criminal liability.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: all right. brad blakeman, thank you so much for joining us and breaking that story down. again, reports coming in the fbi, doj investigating governor cuomo. thanks for joining us. we're going to stay on that story. i'm elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit." 9 have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone, and welcome back to "kudlow." now today, tough day, america lost a titan of conservativism. broadcast legend rush limbaugh died at the age of 70. last february limbaugh told his listeners he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. president trump awarded him the medal of freedom at the state of the union address shortly after that announcement. i knew if rush personally, knew him for a long time, and i along with his legions of fans and conservatives will dearly miss him. he was a patriot who fought for freedom, liberty every day, and he influenced million a


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