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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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our special guest's former national security adviser robert o'brien. and folks, if you missed any of the show we have an encore presentation every night at 7:00 p.m. comes even better the second time, thanks for watching kudlow. i am most grateful, have a wonderful evening. ♪ ♪. kennedy: welcome to it, joe biden is backpedaling faster than unicycles on the edge of a volcano remember his promise to get kids back in school within his first 100 days? will now it is looking more like the first thousand. and that could be a stretch for the commander-in-chief last night went on cnn for a friend little town hall where he was pushed on almost nothing. but parents across the nation, including myself, come on man we want answers. not softballs. if that's too much ask sleepy joe's prom began last week when his press secretary jen psaki said this. >> his goal that he set is to have the majority of schools,
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so more than 50%, open by day 100. of his presidency. so at least once a week hopefully it's more. >> high less like the president tried to clean things up in through psaki right out of the campaign bus, watch this. >> your administration set a goal to open the majority of schools in your first 100 days. you are now saying that means those schools may only be open for at least one day a week. >> that is not true that's what were supportive but that's not true and it was a mistake in the communication. >> it was a mistake in the communication. it's a communication breakdown for it i feel so much better
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now. honestly the only good thing to come out of this whole mess, the republican party's realizing parents are furious throughout the school issue. and they have begun using the broken promises and reopening delays to raise funds and helping win back seats in the 2020 midterms. i don't care about your seat, when our kids going back to school? what eat tonight's party pen with newer post columnist, karol markowicz is back along with democratic pollster and fox news contributor jessica tarlov it. and power of the future cofounder and executive director daniel turner, also back, a great hump day show. let us begin. so carol, now we are hurting whispers, no one really knows what is going on. they don't have a plan, the not talking to each other there is no science there's no directive. we are hearing whispers about maybe summers colbert summer school would be a very good idea for in person learning for kids who have lost so much time, precious time. you think that's going to happen? >> i don't. but congratulations to the biden administration making the trump administration look like the most organized and well oiled machine of communication. i first heard the summer school plan it turns out they didn't use teachers and have a
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whole new staff of unionized workers to fill in the teacher role over the summer. i don't know, i don't see it. they can't get schools open now they get schools open in the summer is going to be more remote learning just had a school location. >> that again you're punishing children imagine how upset children are going to be if they find out they have been hosed all year with digital learning, note socializing no activities no sports, and they've got to spend the summer in summer school and they were punished. jessica i went to summer school because i failed english as a sophomore had retake before my senior year really sucked. once i was a waste of time, but it made my summer before my senior year very sad. so, the teachers unions they are driving the bus here. they're getting less and less popular by the day. what is your take on this when you look at this from a little bit of a more democratic charitable angle? to back that is a nice way to phrase it compared to what carol said, saying now the
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trump administration look super competent to the biden administration. also shocked you failed english, will sidebar about that later. i think that they just seem to get on the same page here. there cannot be a breakdown in communication from the cdc to jen psaki to the president, whichever order that's all coming in, we've seen the cdc director having to walk back her comment about how is it safe for teachers to return without being vaccinated. you heard the same thing from anthony faucher who is the most trusted person in the country when it comes to public health. and for good reason. i don't want to hear about what the teachers unions want in this. higher private teachers to commit in this do you need to do kids seem to be in the classroom where the once a week. that's not really going to school that's getting to go outside for a few minutes and being pulled right back in. i don't what classroom monitors of these random people have no educational value some people been the ones in charge. so far there is a liability waiting to happen. >> but it needs to be fixed
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and we need to be on the same page every single step of the way about what is safe with all of the science, science also says these kids are suffering, their having mental health breakdowns and a lot are frankly killing themselves over it. so far why is it vice president harris discussing that? that's the kind of stuff that should be discussing and addressing to make it seemed like they care. but it's not even about caring at this point. they don't have a plan, daniel. they are not on the same page for they say different things every day. and they say different things from each other. so when jen psaki hears that she is the one responsible here, and it was a communication breakdown, as her neck on the line? >> we do know from cnn that joe biden likes to put his own log on the fire in the oval office. so i hate to play the what about is in game for this was the trump administration,
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maitland collins obese screaming from her seat in the briefing room saying you said you had a plan. you said this was your goal, and now you've move the benchmarks. so is it a surprise that joe biden took advantage of covid and the pandemic, drawing campaign to boost his career? of course operator corsi use it to help his campaign to get election he is a politician. politicians will say whatever they have to to win the election. and joe biden did it and now it's got all the cards. all right joe where's your plan? elective my own log on the fire in the oval office and all the media plods and say boy that's a good president. kennedy: that's great he's adorable birds not only schools reopening, last night biden had more flip-flops than the loss and founded a beach club. including, once again changing the target date for when the country is going to reopen. not just schools, first he said spring, and then the summer, and then thanksgiving. and now he says we may be back on track in time for santa claus.
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>> well, you know, all of the experts, all of the committee i put together with researchers in the world in the united states on this committee of mine headed by dr. fauci she and others, they tell me be careful not to predict things that you don't know for certain what is going to happen because inner going to be held accountable. my mother would say with the grace of god and the goodwill of the neighbors that by next christmas i think we will be in a very different circumstance, god willing than we are today. >> yeah, this country more people on the street living in tents because they are not going to have any jaws. their business will have completely dissolved and the government is not doing anything about it. i don't sit here any urgency in his voice. but this time it was a jen psaki doing the cleanup work, jen. >> the question of it when we
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get some semblance of normalcy. that time also needs to be shifting. dr. fauci she said that maybe in the fault and out seems is being slid to early next year, the president said maybe around christmas. what is going on here? when do you think will get back to some? >> this is the question as i'm sure is the case for all of you. every neighbor, every friend, every family member asks. at least me in the street when i'm my dog in the morning. we want to be straight with the american public. the president once things return to normal as we all do. we don't know with that timeline is going to look like. >> speak for yourself i love that there is less traffic. enough this complicated with the pandemic things change we all know that. why keep making promises you can't keep? so let me ask you, carol, is there a timeline here, it keeps shifting. so when he says next christmas i don't think he means
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christmas 2021. i think he truly means christmas 2022. >> it's definitely a concern but it's not something we could switch a light switch and have everybody go back to normal. i think we need to spread the message that vaccines bring normalcy. get both of your shots and you can start living a more normal life. you can stop wearing a mask, you can start seeing your family and friends. if we take that path i think more people will want to get the vaccine quicker. if we go with even after you get the vaccine you have another year of not seeing anybody in living and masks, who's going to be in a rush to get the vaccine? it's just playing against their own interests. that and the pandemic. >> i've been saying that the whole time whoever is marketing this is doing such a bad job. you are lying to people about the wrong thing. if you say like we need heard immunity. reading 80% of the country to be vaccinated before we can go back to normal, but even if you get backs and it's not going to back to normal.
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where's the urgency there again jessica? >> i am not sure but i agree about the marketing of the vaccine but seems like journalist specifically science reporters are doing the best job about the spread there's a big peace written by an epidemiologist talked about how we need to back in school, here's the science that says that. there needs to be consistency about how we talk about these vaccines. they are really, really effective. i don't know if he saw the nbc peace about the four people coming to get was in oregon who got covid after they had been vaccinated. but they did not die, they got covid had mild symptoms and they were okay. we are trying to avoid people dying so we can be out in public again interacting with putting up businesses and going about some semblance of a normal life. i think that you need to define what going back to the real world is for people. right now, i was just outside people are eating indoors in new york city 25% capacity. hopefully we won't see his fight, then it will go to 50 that some samples of
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normalcy. everyone looked happy at their tables. the don't get covid of it even happier. this is a definitional problem. i think about when it comes to students to restaurants to gyms, workplaces. there just is not enough good communication from the cop with the businesses and governments about what they need to do when they say. kennedy: when they lock everything down at nixon's words. they are exhausted in florida, to know why? they're busy going to the beach, going to the theme parks, going to school. going around the entire state that got the same numbers as california. california and new york had very impressive lockdowns we talked about this last night, daniel, will they ever cede the control they gained in this pandemic? >> here's the biggest problem. we keep looking at government to decide what is normal for us. i don't like government i don't trust government. i have a real fear of
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government that used to be a healthy part of our american dna. i have a block from what looks like berlin in 1970. there's a wall of the capitol building that would astound you. government likes that. they don't want riffraff walking up to the capitol, they don't want people near them. i think government likes his control breath and joe biden likes his control. he think nancy pelosi he likes his control. government to say you can have your life back. it's my decision and i don't government is far away from it is possible. kennedy: the meantime aoc and hurt lefties, push ahead to forgive $50000 in student loan debt, even after president biden last night shut down his fellow dems, watch this. >> i understand the impact of the debt and it can be debilitating. i am prepared to write off 10,000 dollars debt, but not 50. >> progressives apparently not happy at all with his reluctance.
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alexander causey of cortez as the president tweeting the casing and student loan forgiveness is looking shakier by the day. we've got to sent a majority leader on the board to 50, biden is holding back. [inaudible] we can and should do it, keep pushing. so we'll biden given to the pressure from the progressive wing of his party? carol? >> i have to imagine somebody in the biden administration did the math and said 50k just can't work. otherwise, biden was ready to make it rain money on everybody throw most of the campaign. there has to be some sort of background story here on weiss choosing not to do this. but in general, aoc's unhappiness by the best thing for the biden administration and the american people. so keep at it. [laughter] 's before i to agree with you there. i don't think they should pacify that part of the party. and jessica actually grew present biden here.
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he said that if you went to an elite school, maybe you shouldn't have debt forgiveness if you are going to be the top 20% of earners in the country, which is what will happen. so will he stand firm? >> i believe that he will. he was consistent throughout the campaign which is part of the why he skyrocketed when it got to south carolina to the top of the heap and never relinquishes spot by saying we need to have a moderate pace on these positions. we can't afford to do this. and also be can't get the votes for it. we do have 51 with kamala harris been the tie-breaking votes, but president biden is committed to passing legislation that does have some republican support. with republicans i'm including joe manson and kristen sinema. there's no way they're going to over 50000 student loan forgiveness i think he'll hold tight to the 10k.
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>> nor should they. i know so i got a callous person here, this is an area we made a choice. i like being an older person or someone whose mental or in cannot take care of themselves, those of the kind of people we should be looking out for. someone who signs up for a liberal arts degree that might be meaningless in the future, why should i be on the hook for that? these are choices. >> exactly, i hope he holds firm to this in credit where credit is due. good for him for not giving into this site of the party. i am not on the hook for your poetry degree and the fact you are in debt is in your decision. i think it's a poor decision but you voluntarily made it these of the negative parts of freedom. sometimes in a free society people make bad choices and they have to live with them. i will give joe biden credit where it is due and i appreciate the fact he saying no, we are not on the hook for yours student loan. 10,000 is too much but it's a step in the right direction has to hold the line firm. they would set that terrible
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precedents. i think of reagan and 86 produced promise you drew this one deal it was patty have to face it again local rio earth immigration briefly do this one deal on student loan it's going to come back again, and again, and again, it will set a terrible precedents. support reagan also said nothing less out of than a temporary government program. [laughter] the party panel returns will be led by first that millions in taxes still without power and water, three days after the latest winter storm. the power grids shut down sharking outrage and demand for answers. who's to blame blame for the breakdown? why can't they get the power back on? texas native is bigger than texas lawrence jones joins me next. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy.
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8:21 pm
the power company to the texas government? the host of keeping up with jones on fox nation, lawrence jones is here. welcome back frederick outnumber the burchell couch today talk about this a little bit. note has better perspective than you've heard you are from texas. you, like me, get very frustrated with state governments from time to time. particularly when problems arrived that should've been cell before they began. and now you have this colossal failure. so what can they do now? >> there are investigations with eye support. right now than he get the power on. it seems like they were worn in 2015, many legislators have talked about it. depending on these turbines, they do not know how to purchase energy at a reliable rate when these things happen. this was bound to happen. before i want to stop you brought this up earlier, why weren't there reserves?
8:22 pm
i just want to lay this out for people. texas is not only the greatest energy producer and abundance of natural gas and other resources. nearly three power grids and the nine states that western grid the eastern grid and the texas grid. texas literally has its own power grid. >> we didn't think we would ever get to this point despite people warning them this was the potential one day. so this was poor planning. look i love texas, i don't like bashing texas but anybody that knows me from texas till the day i die. but when bad governments there you gotta call it out. they don't of the politics of taxes they don't understand the demographics there. for republicans to get on national tv and blame the democrats. while you are in charge.
8:23 pm
i know they are easy punching bags they have a lot of dumb ideas. even to make aoc a target. but her policies are in taxes. so you have the governor who i have immense respect for but you've got it wrong, you've got it wrong. and now my mom and dad, aunts and uncles and a lot of people are suffering in taxes because they can't get the heat on the keep releasing statements with no real updates, that is the problem. and they've got this lady here who is the chair of the reliability council in texas. she is in michigan the chair of the person responsible is in michigan. >> this is basically in charge of the grid. if you know you going have a storm had in clement what are bided to pass the baton on to someone who lives in michigan that does not make any sense brad love michigan they are lovely summer homes on many, many lakes were i would love to frolic, but don't live
8:24 pm
there if you are in charge of something so massively important. >> this is what happens if inefficient government, people who have favors that are connected these things happen. the most frustrating thing about this is, government is always in the business, or they don't belong. this is where they belong. and they never get it right. so it may be, just maybe if they get their nose out of things they should not be involved in maybe they could get the actual thing they are responsible for rights. and right now there's a lot of calls for investigation. there's a blame game. but people in charge won't take accountability. i think the reason why is that heat in their house. their water is still on. things are going just fine for them. and probably they are donors as well. >>'s before you have the
8:25 pm
system that's been created it is kickback, subsidies, tax breaks, things like wind. people made a lot of money in texas off a wind power. but did not bother to take some of that money to make sure the turbines would be insulated if they were desperately needed when everything else froze. lawrence jones i love your perspective, thank you so much my friend. >> thank you my friend. kennedy: good to talk to fred coming up nine new york democrats that clear governor, obstructed justice in his nursing home death scandal. is impeachment on the horizon? and cody faced legal problems. the panel panel returns to discuss after the break. mercedes-benz suvs were engineered with only one mission in mind. to be the best. in the category, in the industry... in the world. lease the gla 250 suv for just $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas. lease the 2021 es 250 all-wheel drive for $349 a month for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. before breaking tonight in a report by the fbi and u.s. attorney in brooklyn are probing the quotable administrations handling of cases in nursing homes for this after democrat lawmaker today accuse the governor
8:30 pm
destroying him if he did not back off the scampered assemblymen, is leading the charge investigate the governor and says cuomo called him while he was bathing his children telling him quote, you have not seen my wrath. and i can tell the whole world what a bad person you are. and you will be destroyed. he said his wife was so distraught she could not sleep, the governor has of course denied the allegations. now kim has joined eight other democrats in sunny q's and the governor of committing obstruction of justice and covering up nursing home death numbers. would a phone call like the one to kim be another obstruction of justice? and could cuomo actually face real consequences for his covid failures question the party panel is back with karol markowicz, just guitar left, and daniel turner. so the spokesperson he denied speaking that when he tried to centigrade his character which makes ron kim's claim seen
8:31 pm
that much more believable, carol. >> yes. not a single person that i have heard has been like what? governor cuomo threaten somebody? no way. everybody believes, completely believes it. so we have a situation where it is obvious he obstructed justice. it's obvious he's been lying all along but everybody knows the story has been ongoing. anyone who watches your show no is known that. here he might finally have to face the music. it's really an incredible case of how far somebody can fall. he was a media hero of the covid moment, then he completely lied about much that he was for and here we are purchase tickets people like janice to dean who lost family members who were screaming about these failures and how it wrong and on ethical and moral it was. what an injury was to families over and over again when the governor would go on tv and congratulate himself for it
8:32 pm
not only denied because he wasn't challenged by, carol is right, jessica, he wasn't picked as the covid hero of the moment. but now he is in some pretty deep yogurt. >> definitely deep yogurt not greek the full fat stafford albi the the first to admit he was my covid boyfriend for the first for five months of the pandemic, my actual boyfriend was like as you stop watching this guy? and i cannot get enough of it. that was happening across the political spectrum. people needing answers and they wanted to feel like someone was on top of the story and was taking care of them. my friends out on the west coast are saying why aren't more governors doing things like that? we get to this point in a scandal it's how easy it would have been to get out of it if you just apologized. if you have the press looking into it, and asking questions
8:33 pm
and challenging him when he went on certain shows. they weren't doing that either. >> no, i understand that i do want to give a shout out to cnn who has been writing governor cuomo really hard about this and invited him on the show to talk about the twitter feed. and i think he's going have to do a sitdown interview, i do not know with who. he will do that. but it seems like this has gotten a lot bigger than it had to get, if he had dealt with it when it's first brought up. kennedy: it's so weird because his brother -- that's absolute right. no one, is so far investigating him in terms of federal attorneys. so what does he deserve here, daniel? >> i will say this, we went to the same high school in queens, arch ship malloy, i hope dick will live from the hall of fame to say the
8:34 pm
least. it's ash wednesday the start of the christian week for a season spread wire we hold in this? he is done multiple things that should be shameful for the archdiocese of the diocese of new york from the queens brooklyn for the people of new york. as carol said, anyone surprises threaten people? he sounds more like a deputy calms director of the biting white house with these type of threats of people who are investigating him. so look, his behavior has been shameful. he at the very least it should reside in shame, but he won't he's a cuomo we think he's better than most of us. and i just hope the press and the people of new york put pressure on him because he deserves nothing less. kennedy: will eastern orthodox christians do not begin lenten season for the 20 day so again beguile the sales on easter candy. >> cu eight today. [laughter] now to the growing family feud within the gop, senate minority leader mitch
8:35 pm
mcconnell reportedly said he plans to totally ignore former president donald trump after trump took mcconnell by the woodshed in a brutal and lengthy statement which he so eloquently wrote, quote, mitch is a dour soul and unsmiling political hack. if a publican centers are going to stay with him, they will not win again part he will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our country. mcconnell reportedly laughed out loud when he read the letter of courses all comes after mcconnell blamed the former president for his role the deadly capitol riots. book a trip be the one to get the last laugh? so carol, here's how i see this before so i think mitch is a think he was funny for that's number one, number two i don't think mitch mcconnell is to be the leader of the gop. he doesn't want to run for president he does not want to be the guy in charge he's just really mad. he feels like president trump cost him the majority. and for that, i do not blame him. >> rights for its like a
8:36 pm
divorced couple becker. it's like please get it together, mom and dad, find another love move out with your lives. i really hope that both of them do. the thing is, all of their successes over the last four years were tied to each other. i don't think you can talk about the trump administration anything you think might have gone wellin the administration without song that mitch mcconnell. they actually worked quite well together. it is really sad that they're going to have to move on from each other and learn to love again, so sad. seward the same time, jessica, everyone dismissed donald trump he doesn't have a platform you don't see them anywhere. so he releases a scathing letter. it's like people, in my veins yes. and it has been pretty boring with the biting administration. we're just have to call them on their missed statements and an aptitude. we have missed the drama. >> i have not missed the drama
8:37 pm
necessarily. donald trump hit up fox news this afternoon to talk about rush limbaugh. then he was on newsmax, pushing the conspiracy theory that he actually won the election. i don't know if they're going to get in trouble for letting him set but we are back to where we were at square one with him since he lost come a few days after november 3. so, i guess i welcome him back into the fray because he doesn't split republican voters in mitch mcconnell's absolute correct, they would have won the seats in georgia that had a medford truck showing up saying give them $2000 and kelly loeffler david perdue did not know which way to look, what we say what we want to give them for covid relief was to mark the end up losing. 2022 it looks like david produce and take a crack at running again. but trump with mcconnell condor civil war so the republican party's all about. as a democrat i will bring my pit corn, lowfat popcorn to watch it unfold but i do like
8:38 pm
how little mitch mcconnell cares about this. this likely turn the cocaine mitch thing into a fundraising activity, he has the thickets skin of anyone in washington. >> he knows he is out of power i don't care, i won my close race i am fine. kennedy: so how do you see this daniel? you are an actual republican. i don't know about actual conservative. a lot of republicans i could do without her i grew jessica in this point, it's nothing but splitting the republican party and that is about. i'm genuinely envious of the democrats have. they have true anti-semites in their coalition. have people who are genuinely dumb who are members of congress. they have people who slept with russian spies. kennedy: chinese spies come on. >> this coalition of ms. fitz and they cobbled together and they don't attack each other,
8:39 pm
they stay united credit which the republicans had that. reagan's 11th commandment, stop attacking each other. because the opposing side is much worse than a little bit that separates us on this side. super come be a libertarian it's much more fun. our person never wins and we always get to be consistent. and then smoke whatever we want at the end. [laughter] super want to thank you all your wonderful, carol, dano, jessica brilliantly done. coming up the conservative icon rush limbaugh is a dead at the age of 70. i'll explain now he transformed talk radio entrance from the political landscape forever with my very own former and future radio cohost, bryan suits, that is next. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income.
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8:44 pm
the rush limbaugh show since 1988. which grew to be syndicated on more than 600 stations with an audience of 15 million americans at the height of the show. he also inspired meat when i first broke into broadcasting and 1991. he was blowing up at the time. anyone who wanted to do talk radio, listen to him. not if you agreed with him because he did not do shift the paradigms he really created it. so, was the real legacy of rush limbaugh fox news question return to me now i am 640 los angeles radio host, i was a cohost of bryan suits on kevin and been pretty work together and talk radio in seattle. and on kfi and on kennedy and suits. talk about what he talked about what he created, bryan for the thing that struck me as he developed in an penetrable logic for people who agreed with him. there are so many liberal talking points in the mainstream media. finally you had somewhere where you could tune in and
8:45 pm
listen to them talk about a subject. and he would give you points so you could take apart someone's argument you disagreed with. >> yes. you have the william f buckley's who were at the top of the pyramid of conservative intellectuals were then you had rush limbaugh coming around inventing the industry that i am in where he spoke just like any guy. not only did he talk, but he mocked. that was the difference. he found a sweet spot with liberals that they hate being mocked. and he made fun of them, he mocked them, sometimes it was infantile sometime it was very clever and timely. he reflected a gigantic audience. i am lucky to have worked at two places that he made. we are taught what that today, with america's news talk station exists without limbaugh?
8:46 pm
probably not. i would take k vi in seattle which was the first conservative format radio station built around limbaugh. we were immensely proud about the facts were the first place to do that at kfi he became so huge, we gave him his own radio station but we put in mind k eib here on the west coast here in l.a. he invented the thing you and i, loved about radio which was storytelling, reading the news, ripping the headlines giving it your own tapered without him arguably you are i would be working at a cutlery store. more you. [laughter] but in storytelling it's what he did so brilliantly and it inspired me to it get into talk radio paid when i got back from bosnia and the army the first stop i had was up in seattle on your show. when i walked out of the studio your boss offered me a job and talk radio. i had been in music radio i
8:47 pm
did not know how to get intact radio. she offered me the gig there in seattle. it is because i admired the guides so much. i wanted to do it he did. he is sitting in the studio just reading the news and giving hot topics? kennedy: that was the thing that was so important. you and i started our broadcast careers at the same time. when you use your voice different you were entertaining. thus the thing he always did. people made fun of him for being a showman but he really took ownership of that. it had to be a performance and he married that with a conservative philosophy that was very easy for people to digest and make people angry which turned out to be his superpower. >> it was the clinton eight years to his perfect use a guy who came like we did from music radio. you understand you only have one or two minutes to deliver information, be entertaining
8:48 pm
and whatever. we turned that, just like he did into talk radio. safar absently paid bryan thank you so much for sharing that with me and having a hawk for russia. we love you rush thank you so much we'll be right back. psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long.
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kennedy: an instagram's being slammed for being naked on top and endangered elephant, that some of the elephant will never forget. that is a bareback first trap and this is a topical storm. topic number one. in the most striking case of symbolism ever caught on video, the trump plaza in atlantic city has imploded. , watch. ♪ ♪ the 34 story tower was brought down the planned demolition by dozen dynamite blast brother president trump is essentially dynamite to explode peacefully. it was easy to bring the building down all they had to do was hire rudy giuliani to keep it standing for four more years. this casino sells a chance to make a comeback. marjorie taylor green is vied
8:53 pm
to found a man who shot their space lasers at this iconic property. and bernie sanders has been going to the rubble for free shampoos and candied that may have been left behind. perhaps the most impacted his aoc his head is at the building at the time and almost got crushed by the falling concrete. she later clarified she was actually in a different casino. but was nonetheless totally shocked. topic number two. in the netherlands and ice skater got half naked and took a plunge into an icy canal. and still the russian judge only gave him a three pretty began with a laugh as an unidentified dutchman was seen gliding across the canal and answered and dressed only in his underwear. i cannot measure this guy from answered and was smoking to think of such an idea. oh wait nevermind, but in this dutchman got it that, falling through the ice into a freezing soup. witnesses say he looked as
8:54 pm
cold as the kamala harris holiday card paid cnn said this is a very dangerous thoughts because he showed them wearing a mask for thankful he was rescued and sustain only minor shrinkage. later, the skater stood to speak, jokes about his total failure took about two thunderous applause was a trick he learned from andrew cuomo, get to know me. topic number three. how the story of an indecent proposal pretty florida man stole his girlfriends a diamond ring to propose to a nether woman. in other words, he said he went to jared but he really went to caitlyn. joseph davis is now on the run from the police. in the two angriest women in florida after he stole one girlfriends at diamond ring that she inherited from her grandmother and gave it to his other girl front to pledges leopard or as it is called in florida typical courtship. after the victims consulted they discovered joseph had been lying about his name to
8:55 pm
both of them. you had even taken one woman to the other's house pretending it was his. in other words a pretty normal for a man. the ring has been returned to its rightful owner. but davis is still at large fees last seen enjoying a couples massage with his new spanish girlfriend. i will rub you the right way. topic number four. and now to new jersey. the florida of the north. or edison invented the light bulb. and this guy thought of this, a new jersey man said his yard on fire to clear it of snow. or as they called in jersey, lawncare. park owner poured half a gallon of gasoline on a small section of his backyard and then lit it on fire. prompting response from a hazmat crew. still the worst thing to happen on grass this year was the nfl halftime show, let's be honest. the man said he should have known this was a bad idea
8:56 pm
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that twitter and instrument kennedy nation from facebook it's candy fbn, e-mail kennedy fb gerard knight bryan, robby soave returns, and dave smith, oh my gosh. it is such a night for liberty. there is a giant nerve gas and, thank you have a great candidate. bite. toll on a key industry in texas. hear from the official issuing a red alert. and failing to get our kids back to school and botching the message. the white house's mistake in communication from top spokesperson. former white house press secretary ari flyer ther sounds off the -- ari fleischer, sounds off. coming up. plus, the loss of one of the biggest voices for conservatives in this country, we remember talk radio icon rush limbaugh this hour. i'm dagen mcdowell, and welcome to "fox


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