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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 18, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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our special guest's former national security adviser robert o'brien. and folks, if you missed any of the show we have an encore presentation every night at 7:00 p.m. comes even maria: welcome and good thursday morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. it is thursday february 18th, your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. robinhood is on the hot seat. the company ceo going before lawmakers later today. plus, former home depo cofounder will be here ahead of the hearing coming up. now it's official, the reported fbi probe into his administration's handling of nursing home deaths with outrage in the state boiling over even among those in his own party. new york lawmaker lee zeldin is
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here later this hour. laying blame in texas, elon musk sounds off on the crisis hitting his state with residents still struggling for power this morning. and facebook's news ban, one country resulting in an information blockout. facebook shares down this morning but the broader markets are pointing to a decline this morning as we await weekly jobless claims this morning. investors are eyeing the american consumer with wal-mart earnings hitting the tape in about an hour. dow industrials down 87 points, wal-mart also weaker by half of 1%. markets ended down yesterday except for the dow industrials which actually notched a third record close. a third straight record close with the dow industrials up 90 points at 4:00 o'clock on wall street. nasdaq down was 82 and s&p flat. getting out alive, the new bed and breakfast coming out of horror classic making a buzz this morning. we will tell you all about it.
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mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: all right, let's check european markets this thursday morning. little change. ftse 100 pardon me down 41, cac quarante down 23 and dax lower by 23. mining stocks rallying on a jump in commodities prices. that helped offset under whelming and that shed light this morning in europe. most of the markets finishing in the red with the exception of china which was up one half of 1% in the shanghai composite. some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. power outages lingering for
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millions, causing pipes to freeze and burst. officials there ordering 7 million people to boil tap water before drinking it. at least 30 people have died in this extremewetter this week and another winter storm is making its way across this morning with 100 million people in its path. more ice in the south and northeast today. more details coming up. new york governor andrew cuomo under investigation by the department of justice and the fbi over handling of nursing home deaths, federal agents as well as u.s. attorneys office in brooklyn reportedly opened the investigation into the situation this comes as the governor's office released the full transcript of a 2-hour zoom meeting from lawmakers and de rosa, de rosa acknowledged cuomo withheld information to
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lawmakers. according to the latest quinnipiac university poll, 42% of people approved of how the biden administration is handling the in-person learning situation. biden pledged back in december to have the majority of schools opened by the end of first one hundred days. not the case. democrats unveiling their plan for sweeping immigration reform meanwhile. the plan offers 2 tiered pathway to citizenship, farm workers, those with temporary protective status and dreamers would be able to apply for citizenship after 3 years and all others after 8 years. the biden-backed plan raising the number of work visas and give the biden administration $1 billion annually to address factors fueling the immigration from central america. well, remembering conservative talk radio trail blazer rush blh
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limbaugh, he died yesterday. all paying tribute to rush. lindsey graham tweeted, conservatism lost one of its giants and advocates. former president trump awarded the presidential metal of freedom last year. rush limbaugh was 70 year's old. probing the retail investing frenzy, today is the house, the house financial service committee and reddit cofounder steve hoffman and one of the short sellers of melvin capital. welcoming tennessee house members david, and also joining the conversation all morning long, former wisconsin congressman, sean duffy and fox news contributor liz peek.
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great to see everybody with us. congressman, let me kick it off with you, tell us what we should expect, what you want to hear this morning at the robinhood hearing. >> certainly a lot of fireworks from the democratic side of the aisle. i think we need to set the stage that -- i think we should applaud in large part what robinhood has been able to do in the last years and that's essentially i think what we all want. that's attracting new investors to the market and something that they can do that's affordable, you know, the average robinhood users in their 20's and maybe has account of $5,000 or less essentially they have helped to with the buying of robinhood and
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part of the hearing will focus on the short-selling, with robinhood as i understand the platform, you cannot short-sell. the investors that were using robinhood, the account holders were having to buy the shares, in other words, not short the shares, but they were shut out for trading for some period of time because of the capital requirements of robinhood and i think that the robinhood founder and i applaud what he's been able to do but he will have to explain how that affected his account holders and -- and what requirements they're trying to take so that that doesn't happen to their account holders again. maria: yeah, i mean, what happens to the short-selling community when you have short squeeze players, individual
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investors doing what we've seen for so long happening in the short-selling community, hedge funds, will there be that voice in the room? >> well, there should be. i think -- on that point, they'll be challenges from the democratic side of the aisle and i think as you're pointing out, that's a normal function of the market and has been for a long time and it's interesting as an aside, these -- these people who are buying shares of gamestop obviously, they were beating the big hemming funds some period of time before gamestop started coming back down to earth somewhat. i'm also interested in hearing the testimony of gill which was
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one of the loudest voices at least in the reddit platform. promoting gamestop, kind of an interesting story when you read his background that he really had subscribed to old peer theory, you buy what you understand and he talked about, will talk about, i believe, he was a gamestop user, growing up he bought the consoles from gamestop, bought the games, the only dedicated retailer for those games and game consoles. he was a local leader in the company but i do want to hear his testimony and the fact that he was such a big voter on gamestop and reddit. maria: the point i was making is
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we've seen these kinds of situations in the hemming fund community for years and there wasn't any upset, why not let freedom run, let capitalism run and not put restrictions on that but we will be watching that. i want to ask you another issue that your committee is dealing with and that's raising the minimum wage. president biden is reiterating his support for 15-dollar an hour increase for the minimum wage during his tuesday town hall the other night. he could get pushback from the senate, democrats joe manchin, kristin sinema have both said they don't support the raise as part of 1.9 stimulus package and also great wall street journal piece today indicating that within that $1.9 trillion package there's also a tax increase on businesses. congressman, you're worried that it could cost 66,000 jobs according to the the institute,
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make the case and where is this going in terms of 15-dollar minimum wage in your view? >> well, to me that is probably the big issue that the senate will have to tackle in this stimulus bill. we can debate the need for a stimulus, i don't that we need and we essential don't need it that large when you consider what the other stimulus package that is we voted on last year. there is still almost 1 trillion-dollar of money that the federal government that we've designated, appropriated and hasn't gone out the door yet, hasn't filtered through the economy. i think we need to see that money or some of the money start going through but as for the 15-dollar minimum wage, not only the loss of jobs in my district. my district the vast majority of people who have jobs have the -- have the job as a result of being employed by a small business. if i go around especially my
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district, i'm not in california, i'm not in new york, we have relatively low cost standard of living in west tennessee, that could kill a lot of small business within my district and around the country. i think if democrats look even at the congressional budget office before it came out last week, the estimated at a minimum, 15-dollar minimum wide, we would lose 1.4 million jobs. it's a job killer at a time when the economy is really kind of on tenuous grounds. there's no reason and no justification to raise the minimum wage. i'd argue that the market certainly before covid was dictating that employers on their own pay higher wages an better benefit not only to attract employees but to retain
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employees. maria: all right, congressman, we will be watching the debate. great to see you. thank you so much, congressman david kustoff on the financials of the day. morning mover, revenue is up 65% from a year earlier and the company cfo cited health care becoming more digital as part of accelerated growth story at trilio, the stock is up 11%. we are just getting started this morning. the case against andrew cuomo is growing. reportedly it has reached the federal love with doj and fbi investigations. we have the very latest on the nursing home covid scandal coming up. emergency in texas to tell you about, ongoing disaster as another storm is ready to slam millions of americans. we will tell you when, the school reopening debate deepens, parents are looking for answers as the administration struggles with a plan to safely bring students back into the
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classroom. don't miss a moment of it, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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servicenow. maria: welcome back, deep francés on the energy continues, it's been a real recent run recently with the price of oil back above $60 a barrel. texas freeze raising u.s. supply and distribution. it could affect for weeks to come as texas governor abbott to halt exports until sunday. joining me right now the shorck result principal steven shorck, we are watching supplies being face-guarded in texas. >> absolutely, maria, from our perspective the biggest threat is the restart of the assets that have been shut down.
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normally waldrapp like a hurricane, when that production goes missing, but the biggest difference between here and a hurricane is the warning. with the hurricane you have at least a week to have an orderly shut down of your assets, rigs in the gulf coast, refining operations and so forth. the state -- the industry was well unprepared for the shut-in, the freeze-offs, the concern is when the weather does warm and we start assets, the way we shut down the assets creates the scenario of a great unknown. what kind of imagine was done in the haste of shutting the industry down and hearly the production could be much longer than what you would expect following a weather event such as a hurricane. maria: liz peek, jump in. liz: good morning. i guess the question is how long would the spike endure? oil prices were increasing on
6:19 am
the expectation of better economic demand. is this something that going to basically impact prices for the next several weeks or are we talking about this new ratcheting up of a new sort of level we are getting to? stephen: absolutely, liz. economic growth or the potential of economic both leads to stronger commodity prices especially industrial commodity prices and we've seen since the start of the year. so how high can we go? well, the correlation at the pump, the gasoline pump is 2.2 cents for every one dollar move in the price of oil, so 9-dollar rally, it's going to translate into a 20-cent increase in the weeks ahead for gasoline prices. keep in mind, we are also at the dy or dx moment when we transition to summer grade gasoline which is more expensive. so we do have the double whammy of the normal rise in oil --
6:20 am
gasoline prices from the switchover to summer-grade gasoline which will be compounded by at least at this point a 20-cent rise due to the loss of production in the rise of crude prices. maria: your thoughts on saudi arabia plan to go raise output, stephen. they will do that in the coming months even where oil where it is at this price. we weren't expecting an output increase. >> absolutely, maria, what the saudis are looking at the forward curve keeping in mind that the commodity markets are defined in the stock market and there's a national inclination for the stock market to be greater than forward market. that's what we switched over since december. this is a clear telltale and saudi arabia is watching this. they are also doing this to cut shell off at the pass. unlike the state-owned oil
6:21 am
companies saudi arabia which really has to have an agreement with its members in opec, shell oil for the most part, the entire part are owned privately. so they have shell has greater complexability to react to the market. shell production will after we get through this freeze, shell production will absolutely increase to take advantage of oil over $55 a barrel. saudi arabia aware of it and want to get their lot in before shell outpaces in the summer season. maria: good to see oil where it is even in a lockdown pandemic. it certainly doesn't look like a demand weak story there. stephen, good to see you. stephen shorck joining us this morning. coming up demanding answers, the case against new york governor andrew cuomo reportedly going in the federal level over nursing home patients and the cover-up.
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tim tebow announcing a major career change again. we will tell you all about it.
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approval rating did take a hit as a result of the scandal and some are calling for resignation. sean duffy is with us this morning. your reaction this morning. >> it's great to with you. when you falsify data there could be criminal liability and this is real and the governor has to be nervous but more than that, governor cuomo is a political animal, he had a rise and he thought he would be the head of the department of justice or he was going to be the next president and i think this is absolutely going to derail his -- his political plans because you can't lie to your constituents. we make mistakes but tell them the truth. they'll forgive you, when you lie about what you did in regard to nursing home deaths and that you're putting people back into nursing homes with covid and risking the very dangerous population, that doesn't sit well when you lie about it to the residents of new york. maria: yeah, i mean, he has these daily press conferences and even as he attacks this
6:27 am
subject, he continues to sort of walk away from the issue at hand which is did you make the decision to put these patients in nursing homes and why especially as president trump had the comfort ship right there, right, that wasn't used very much. >> there was a void, a void in information. well, there was a void because you weren't honest and truthful with your constituents and i think -- as you listen to the governor's press conferences, he was blaming trump, he talked about trump being a liar when really a lot of the blame was coming on him, himself, what he said about trump should have been apply today what he was doing and the misrepresentation of the facts, you know, in new york and new york city. so, again, i think this is politically devastating. i was in politics for ten years, if you level with people they'll forgive you for making bad decisions especially at the start of the information, we didn't have all of the information, we didn't have all of the facts. you could forgive someone for
6:28 am
not knowing that but when you lie about it in the aftermath, that's when people are unforgiving. again, he was so bold and so confident and he loved the press that he got around it and all the while he was bsing the american people and the citizens of new york state. maria: liz, you're a new yorker, what do you think the impact is on the governor politically moving forward? look, he's talked about, you know, a run for president, he's talked about the attorney general or others have talked about all of that around him, that's for sure. liz: yes, he has too. look, i think this is exactly right. i think his political career is dead because of the arrogance, maria. it's not just the cover-up which is unforgivable. i totally agree it's about being honest with your constituents. he was dishonest and amazingly he remains dishonest. his continued denial of anything that went wrong is really appalling, but i think also the fact that he wrote a book about
6:29 am
leadership, that he went on a book tour while other governors were listening on how you're supposed to roll out the vaccines. by the way, the whole experience in new york has been pretty dreadful not just the death per million which are right at the top of the state list, but also the fact that the vaccine rollout has been really problematic and a lot of people still can't get vaccines who are eligible. so i think he is toast in terms of his political career. the question is really whether they'll be charges brought against him, cuomo is very good, historically at deflecting blame. i'm sure he will find some skate goat in his administration. i don't think that will suffice. maria: all right, we will leave it there. we will keep talking about this later on. coming up cost on cutting off china. there's a new report detailing the impact on business which we want to pass on. then the game stop phenomena, we
6:30 am
are introducing you to one man that has no regrets getting on the trade. wait till you hear his story. back in a minute. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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♪♪ maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday february 18th, a look at markets this half an hour. we are looking at a decline at the start of trading this morning, dow industrials down 89, the nasdaq down 113 and the s&p 500 currently lower by 17 and 3 quarters, we are awaiting weekly jobless claims this morning. we will see if that's a market mover. things have been improving. the state of the consumer on tap this morning because wal-mart earnings are coming out. that's certainly going to set the tones for markets and perhaps the retail sector in general. wal-mart shares this morning down two-thirds of a percent. yesterday markets were mixed. get this, the the dow industrials hit another record high. third record close in a row. dow industrials up 90 points at the close and begins today's
6:34 am
trading session in unchartered territory. nasdaq was lower by 12 yesterday and s&p was down a fraction. european markets this morning kick picking up where wall street left off, we had earnings from barclays and the dax index in germany lower by 17. in asia overnight, markets finished in the red with the exception of china, shanghai composite was up over 1 half of a percent. it reopened after the lunar holiday and as you see it opened on the upside. cutting ties with china could cost americans hundreds of billions of dollars according to a new report, cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria, good morning. the u.s. economy could lose more than one trillion dollars worth of production and long-term global competitiveness if the white house pursuits a separation from china. this is according to a new report from the u.s. chamber of congress. that report found expanding u.s. tariffs to 25% to all trade with
6:35 am
china could cost the u.s. $190 billion per year and losing out on china's massive market for airplanes could cost the u.s. 875 billion by 2038. the reports suggesting that the u.s. government pursuit narrowly tailored actions to address national security goals and concerns when it comes to china. and let's stay in the region, jimmy lai losing another bail hearing. hong kong's high court denying bail for the democracy advocate and media tycoon overnight. the decision coming ahead of his april trial on charges of colluding with foreign forces. lai has been in custody since last december. one of the most high-profile people to be charged under the new chinese national security law in the city beijing imposed the law on the former british colony last june of months of prodemocracy protests. air bus hit hard by the pandemic, lost $1.3 billion last year. global travel was ground to a
6:36 am
halt and in juan the company was laying off 15,000 workers, air bus deliver hundreds of planes this year, they are expected to make a profit in 2021. now there's this, maria, tim tebow announcing retirement from baseball. he's hanging up cleats in 5 years as minor leaguer with the new york mets. i never want to be partially in on anything. i always want to be 100% in on whatever i choose, his retirement coming less than a week after the mets invited him to spring trainingment maybe the mets will do better this year. i don't know, we could hope. maria: all right, cheryl, thank you so much. back from bridge gate, convicted and then exonerated, brigett kelly and throwing hat in the ring, kelly seeking republican nomination for county clerk in new jersey, bridgett thank you
6:37 am
very much for being here. good for you to trying to move forward the scandal. what made you want to make the leap back in politics after what you have been through? >> thank you so much for having me this morning. you know, i guess the answer is why not? i've been through so much in 7 years and my kids have been through so much in 7 years, but my life prior to bridgegate was public service, i worked for legislature and then i went to work for the governor's office for 4 years. 16 in the legislature and 4 in the governor's office. it's a natural progression for me. unfortunately after bridgegate i wasn't marketable and people were not really looking to help me out and find meme moment so now i'm going to the taxpayers to ask them to hire me and to run for this office in byrd county. maria: look, do you find that the publicity from the bridgegate story was a real
6:38 am
hindrance. has it humanized you with voters, how has that impacted you and how you resonate with voters in your view? >> well, we started -- we declared -- i declared on january 25th. the response has been good. at the ended of the day people have realized that force is bigger than briget kelly and they have watch med grow up over 7 years. when you're on trial and the federal courthouse in newark, you're being watched every day, what you're wearing, what you're doing, your response to things emotionally and what not. i will say that's probably been the hardest thing because there's always been, maria, almost asterisk next to the in fact, and to me as a woman, that's been very difficult for
6:39 am
me, the glare of bridgegate and the side notes of bridgegate have been harder for me and i think that that will be difficult during the campaign but it's not something that i haven't had to deal with before. maria: well, women are emerging with real force in the gop. election day brought new 17 female republican members to the house of representatives. your thoughts there because it clearly shows us that voters wanted a change even though the democrats are -- are in the majority, the republicans are ever so close partly because of this wave of females. >> no doubt, and, maria, what years ago when i got into public service and government as a polysy major in college, i was the only one to be in public service. women are no longer afraid to stand up for their beliefs and for themselves and i think that there's been, i mean, i like the
6:40 am
shift for 100 different reasons but i think it empowers women and i think they feel empowered. many of these women are working moms that have children at home and they're raising their families. you know, they're capable of a lot and i think for so listening women have been underestimated and i think that women are showing the world and especially our nation right now that they're not going to be or allow themselves to be underestimated. maria: bridget what's your platform, tell me what you would like to see happen and you can move the progress in new jersey now? >> so the role of county clerk is largely administrative and for me that was what i liked about government. government works for the people. i like the governing part of politics. so for me i think that in the clerk's office it's about efficiency. i think that, you know, we have so many seniors and you have seen with the vaccine and the ability to have to be on a computer. i think we have to be the office
6:41 am
will have to be accessible to people of all abilities in terms of being able -- you can't have everything be something that you have to get online to do. so i really will work for efficiency. right now it's all democratic rule in bergen county and that needs to change and hopefully with my candidacy and those runs in office we can make the change be much more accountable to the taxpayers on where the money is going. maria: liz peek, real quick, jump in. liz: i was going to say it seemed to me very impressive that the republican party took such interest and made such an effort to select many republican women, have you had any outreach from the party to encourage your run or to help you out? >> i have. the response has been overwhelming, what's been nice is that many of these people are no longer afraid of my former mother. that was -- that was a big part of the last 7 years that a lot
6:42 am
of republican women that i was friends with and close with were afraid to reach out and now that i took the steps, it's been very encouraging because women are no longer fearing retribution from -- from men of higher statutes and so for me it's been heartening and it's nice to get the call -- get the phone call and it be somebody that you use today talk to that now is encouraging you to do something positive and really kind of be part of the team. maria: all right. we will be watching the journey. i'm sorry. did you -- liz? liz: no, no. maria: come back soon. we will see you soon. coming up the gamestop phenomena, we are introducing you to one man that has no regrets getting on the whole frenzy as ceo's of robinhood and reddit go to capitol hill for grilling. the chicken wars live on.
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maria: welcome back. let's take a look at the human side of the gamestop trading frenzy. my next guest bet big buying $1,200 of the gaming retailer. he wasn't surprised however when the stock plunged losing most of its value. joining me right now investor in gamestop, tony moy, thank you very much for being here.
6:47 am
>> thank you. maria: tell us why you invested in gamestop at the time and you knew it was a risk, right? >> oh, yeah. i knew it was a risk. i had just gotten into the stock market within the past six months because of the tumultuous 2020 trying to make ends meet as an artist and i had just started learning about all of the things with the stock market and getting into it. i knew what the risks were. but i also knew that the sort of message behind it was one of, you know, sort of ramp shortage of the stock and i saw it as a part of a larger message, online protest, if you will, to kind of bring light to the issues at hand. we should take a look at it. maria: so tell me about the issue at hand, tony, because
6:48 am
we've been watching hedge funds make certain bets for a long time for as long as i'm in the business, make a bet against the company, hedge funds do a lot of research. they make a bet. if they were to make a bet they could actually, you know, compile the situation and make it worse, sending the company stock down. you knew this going in. you tried to do the opposite. >> yeah, i mean, it's been done before and there's nothing wrong. i don't blame companies for shorting. it's an instrument in the economy as anything else to be -- to be honest from my perspective. but it was -- the ability to make short over 100% shares of the stock is an issue and kind of what brought gamestop, you know, with their floats and everything else to the point where the numbers kind of made sense and where people essentially kind of looked at and said i like the stock.
6:49 am
and i -- i don't have a problem with them doing it. tesla, for instance, is a great example of where on the paper in the very beginning, in their infancy, they weren't doing really well and a lot of people shorting the tesla stock but a lot of people believed in what tesla was trying to do that made tesla what it is today where they were able to additionally raise rounds of capital and funding and money to keep on doing what they were doing even though at the time of relative shorted security as well. maria: what do you want to see happen at this hearing today? we've got the hearing happening on capitol hill. what information do you think investors need? >> i think ideally you want to look at the market structure discussions. it would be great to see what vlad and ken, all they have to say what has been going on
6:50 am
behind the scenes. if we can get some of that. definitely that's 24 hours that shifted everything that turned the tables when stocks were kind of limited in their purchasing. that had a great effect to what could have happened, you know. so i'm looking for discussions into making sure that this scenario is not -- it isn't good for the economy. it continues to happen. today it's my 1200 bucks that i put in. i'm responsible for the lossesment i totally got that. my bills are still going to be paid but the funds that are going off on with other people's moneys like, who knows what else they might be shorting that are being shuffled behind the scenes, musical chairs and all that with the shares and that's
6:51 am
someone else's money. they are responsible for that. maria: yeah. >> eventually the economy if it goes too crazy. virtual protest. maria: we will be watching. great to have you, thank you so much, tony moy joining us there. gamestop investor. coming up the fried focus, burger king tries to come out on top in the fast-food chicken wars. it's making a buzz this morning. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:52 am
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plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. maria: welcome back. it is time for the morning buzz. first up getting out alive. the famous silence of the lambs home is being converted into a bed and breakfast, you heard that right. the four-bedroom, one-bathroom house near pittsburgh may
6:55 am
undergo a few renovations but the owner is wanting to give the full buffalo bill experience. sean: it was so good. you can go back to the classic horror movie and stay at the bed and breakfast where buffalo bill was skinning people. frankly i love this, take an old movie, 30 years ago and bring it back to life and i think this is awesome. maria: okay. i'm not so sure if i want to vacation there. next up, burger king bringing some competition to the chicken wars. liz, it's new sandwich will include jalapeños, cream cheese and priced at a dollar less than the competition. i'm not going to tell you how many calories it is, liz. liz: i want to know. you know, it's kind of
6:56 am
interesting. chicken sandwiches because of chick-fil-a and all the publicity they got, maybe because so many boomers have heart issues have completely overtaken the hamburger wars. remember all of these places used to be hamburger joints and it's all about the chicken sandwiches. burger king is rolling out a new one. mcdonalds and wendy's and others are doing the same thing. it is interesting to me. it has to be awfully good for the poultry industry, i would think. this is really intense competition and not only on price but as you mentioned on all the chicken sandwiches. who would have thunk it. maria: we are waiting on wal-mart's quarterly earnings, we will preview that and the word on wall street, next hour,
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 18. your top stories right now, 7:0e east coast. robinhood is on the hot seat today in washington, the company's ceo going before house lawmakers later this morning, following the trading frenzy surrounding gamestop. former home depot co-founder ken langone will join me coming up. what he is expecting this morning. governor cuomo is under investigation, the reported probe from the fbi and the justice department focusing on his handling of the nursing home deaths and the coverup. new york congressman lee zeldin joins me later this hour to
7:01 am
discuss. texas in turmoil, power outages extending into a fourth day this morning, another storm is threatening the south. elon musk sounds off on the energy crisis. facebook's news ban, the technology giant's standoff with one country resulted in information blackout. facebook shares down about 1% this morning. rest of the market also expected to open of lower today. look at futures indicating a decline on the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500. the state of the consumer in focus, we are waiting on walmart earnings expected any moment, company expected to generate $148 billion in revenue for the quarter. markets ended mixed yesterday. the dow notched a third record high in a row, a record close on the dow. up 90 points. and we are just getting the walmart numbers. it looks like it's just crossing the tape right now. plus, more alike than you think,
7:02 am
the survey shows how many americans think their pets are just like them. it's making a buzz this morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. walmart earnings below expectations, hitting the tape right now. let's get to cheryl casone with the numbers. cheryl: so the stock is down because they missed on the earnings per share. we were looking for a buck 51 on earnings per share which would have been a 4% jump year over year. the company actually missed on that. they came in at $1.39, the adjusted number. the revenue was a beat, that was a strong beat, $148.47 billion was the revenue estimate. we came in at 152.08. so the couple things going on here. u.s. same store sales which is crucial here, that was a jump of 8 and-a-half percent. that was better than the estimates for same store sales. if you strip out fuel for walmart, that was 8.9%. they're giving out guidance, not just for fiscal year 2022, and they're talking about japan, they're looking at some divestiture as well and they're
7:03 am
talking again about some of the -- same store sales excluding fuel up 8.9%. okay. so a lot of headlines are crossing here, maria. a couple things we'll be looking for, walmart plus will be interesting, the new subscription model. i'm looking for headlines as i'm talking right now on that. because that is their amazon competitive side. they're trying to go after that amazon prime customer if you will and also any update on the vaccine distribution. remember, their pharmacies last week started giving out covid vaccines. those are the first headlines i'm seeing, continue to watch it. the stock is down almost 3%. it's falling and this is a dow component. back to you. maria: well, it's pretty unbelievable to me that you've got comp store sales up 8.6% ex-fuel, much better than the expectations. you've got revenue much better than the expectations, cheryl. and yet you've got a stock that's down 2 and two thirds percent. the fiscal year guidance perhaps
7:04 am
could be an issue since they're talking about fiscal year guidance being flat to up fractionally, maybe the guidance is an issue here, cheryl and of course tensioner miss on the -- the earnings miss on the bottom line. cheryl: they're talking about covid related costs. that's a billion dollar number right there. that's pretty high to be clear. a billion dollars for covid related costs. they're also talking about the employee base. remember that the digital sales have been strong and i'm getting that number now, online sales, 69% for the quarter, that actually is past the 35% increase from a year ago. so that's actually another strong number that i'm looking at here, 69% jump in digital sales that they're talking about and, yes, same store sales were very, very strong. operating income, a jump of 3.1%. and they're also of looking at 2022 net sales to grow low single digits which could be not maybe -- that's something else
7:05 am
the street might be looking at right now. the stock is coming back a tiny bit. the digital sales number, i want to get you. a billion dollars in he covid costs, that's a pretty steep number for the company, maria. maria: all right. so the expense is one issue. i want to point out that walmart is raising the dividend. so again, you've got largely a pretty good report here. even though the earnings are below estimates and the guidance is flat to higher, i'm not buying this negative reaction here. let's keep watching walmart. this is certainly something to watch in terms of the overall retail sector and that takes us to the word on wall street right now, top investors watching your money this week. joining me right now is matson money president and ceo, mark matson, chief investment strategist, mark lishini and francis newton stacy. great to see everybody this morning. thank you for being here. mark, kicking it off with you. futures are indicating a lower opening with the dow industrials
7:06 am
pulling back from an all-time high yesterday, down 81 points this morning. but what's your take on the walmart fourth quarter earnings here? comes after yesterday we saw a big beat on retail sales. the company and the state of retail is important to the overall economic growth story and there are a lot of positive things within this report right here, mark. look at ex-fuel comp store sales, 8.6% increasing for the quarter. your take? >> my take is similar to the way you context ualize it. the covid related expenses of $1 billion was a huge influence to the profit margins. otherwise, it's a pretty stellar report. some disappointment may have been fed through into the stock ,after a remarkable track record of consistently beating earnings estimates. the fact that it didn't on the
7:07 am
earnings side perhaps is disappointing as well as the forward guidance. like you, in terms of the same store sales and what's indicative by way of the retail sales number, headline up over 5%, really be. lies what you seewhen you look l sales, up 8, 9%. it's really remarkable and speaks to the pent-up demand and spending that we're likely to see, the consequence of more consistent reopening of the economy and the amount of savings accumulated by way of the employees and the transfer through the different forms of fiscal stimulus and covid relief programs over the last year or so. i would look at this as an opportunity if it stays down one or two or of three percent to be a buyer of walmart and other retail franchise as opposed to being a seller here because of the aforementioned reasons. maria: don't you think you want to be looking at the retail story with context? i mean, look at those retail sales numbers that we got
7:08 am
yesterday where the number crushed the expectations, 5.3% gain in retail sales yesterday but when you dig deep into the numbers, department stores were up 23 and-a-half percent, nonstore retailers up 11%. electronics were up almost 15%. furniture up 12%. all within the retail sales number. is this a reason to buy stocks right now? how does this impact your outlook for the markets here? >> it's bullish, maria. i think it is a reason. if you look at what that is suggesting, it's suggesting that the fact that the consumer even though they're still marred by the pandemic, 10 million plus or so that are underemployed in the economy, you have a 6.3% unemployment rate which means you have a 94% roundly speaking employment rate. there's still many people that are working and consuming. in addition, we know that savings rates by way of those who aren't spending money on vacations and going out to eat
7:09 am
and as well as fiscal trans ferc it's 13.7% when over the last decade the savings rate averaged 8%. household net worth, at $123 trillion, is double when it last peaked prior to the great financial crisis. there's a spending tsunami that's accumulated here that's pent-up and is i think going to be released as people feel increasingly comfortable not only about their employment status and potential employment status but as well this more uniform, consistent reopening of the economy that's being augmented through the game changer in the form of wider distribution of vaccinations. i think that's a positive signal for economic activity. maria: maybe it's the expense side of the business that's worrying investors. walmart shares are down 3 and a third percent right now in the premarket, just pointing out that the company has been raising wages. they are now up to $15 an hour for the average associate. so that also could be playing in
7:10 am
here, the cost of covid and the change this made, the cost of labor going up. all right, the other big story for markets is energy, francis, deep freeze on the energy sector. oil prices are hovering near a 13-month high this morning. check this out. $61.42 a barrel. the texas winter freeze raising concerns over u.s. crude supply disruption. analysts say the weather could affect output for weeks to come. your reaction to what we're seeing in the energy sector, in texas, and throughout the country. what does that mean for investing? >> well, this is a tailwind. energy is up 20.8% year-to-date and that's consistent with the inflationary narrative, it's consistent with the reopening narrative, it's consistent with the pent-up spending demand narrative, et cetera. and so this is just a tailwind for energy prices for that because it constricts supplies in the short term, maybe weeks. of course, prices at the pump are going to go up.
7:11 am
those were already slated to go up because we do have inflation increasing and the cost of living is actually getting higher and of course the most correlated assets with inflation, commodities and oil certainly are there. maria: and we've seen that across the board in commodities, francis. food supplies in particular, things like orange juice, soybeans, all up over the last year. is that a reason to buy those commodities? is there a reason to buy the companies in your view that have pricing power? >> definitely buy them on a pullback. the thing is, we still have accelerating growth, we still have accelerating inflation, we still have strong fiscal stimulus support. we still have strong monetary stimulus support. we have the asset purchases are still very strong. so the entire headwind basically is going to be deflation if we have problems in the credit market. we don't see that on the hour hn as of of now.
7:12 am
we're going to have more liquidity in the market and prices are going to go up as a result. maria: let's move on to gamestop. today the house financial services committee will hold its hearing of on the gamestop short squeeze that's happening today at noon. it comes as goldman sachs looks to cash in on the online investment boom. the bank launching an app that lets customers invest at least $1,000. goldman says users can put money into automated portfolios instead of individual stocks. mark matson, what do you make of this shift and any expectations for today's hearing? >> well, i think this is a story that investors really need to pay atension to because -- pay attention to because it signals a danger for investors to invest in apps like robinhood and maybe even the new goldman sachs app. look, this is a perfect storm. you have the socialization of investing with reddit and other social media pumping up stocks. you have the ease of trade through robinhood, making a good portion of the money through the
7:13 am
trade flow which most people won't understand. look, if you don't know how companies make money, they make money off of you and your ignorance about how the markets work. and then finally, you have all this stress with a lot of people buying gamestop. it's down approximately 90% from its top, speculating, gambling, causing bubbles. so you have the gameification, you have the socialization of the ease of trade making it a gambling app and investors would be really well advised to stay away. the goldman sachs app is more of an asset allocation, robo advisor, but the problem with those apps is that you can build a prudent portfolio but if you get afraid or you get -- want to chase different types of markets, you press one button and in a short period of time you're into another model so there's zero discipline in these robo advisors. maria: yeah. i saw also jp morgan having an
7:14 am
app doing retail bank through an app in the u.k. as well. a lot of technology throughout financial service these days. mark, it's good to see you this morning. thank you so much. mark matson, mark lushini. and francis newton stacy. much more ahead. coming up, the case against andrew cuomo seems to be growing. very the latest on the nursing home covid scandal. congressman lee zeldin is here to weigh in. joining the conversation all morning, sean duffy and liz peek. we'll get back to the fantastic panel when we come back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. (naj) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (naj) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (naj) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments
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7:18 am
governor handled the covid-19 nursing home deaths crisis at the height of the pandemic. according to this report, the probe is in its early stages and he focusing on members of cuomo's coronavirus task force. joining me right now is new york congressman, member of the house foreign affairs committee, lee zeldin. always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being here. what do you want to know in terms of this investigation? what is your reaction to now you apparently the doj and the fbi investigating? >> i think it's great that they're looking into this and they need to continue this track even though we've had a change of administrations and a new attorney general is coming in, hopefully there's going to be a smooth transition where we don't see an investigation stopped because of any type of political influence. when merrick garland is coming up for his confirmation hearings in the senate, this is a great example to use to ensure and
7:19 am
secure commitment that the justice department is going to remain independent, free of any type of political influence. it's really important on behalf of the thousands of families of dead new york seniors that this investigation goes all the way to the end and it's not just the debate over whether or not there's obstruction of justice after the -- as part of the coverup and the requests are being made for info but looking back to the original order, because it did result in the loss of life. we've just learned that there's over 9,000 infected patients that were placed with healthy nursing home res p dents. the governor -- residents. the governor of the state undercounted the amount of deaths that took place and you have a lot of democrats who serve in the new york state legislature who are talking about stripping his emergency powers and they're upset that they're getting played. maria: so what's going on here within the democrat party do you think, congressman? because you're right, suddenly
7:20 am
now some democrats are turning on andrew cuomo over this situation, wanting to strip him of emergency powers, others saying it's over for him, he needs to step down. after the presidential election, we all were looking at him as perhaps someone that the biden administration was going to tap in terms of ag or another role. did something happen other than obviously his own actions that has part of the party now turning against him? >> well, for one, you could see one of the deterrents behind the scene as to why govern know cuomo might not have wanted to pursue the ag position is that you have an active real doj, fbi investigation going on against him. i think that part of the governor's attitude has resulted in this back-firing where he's
7:21 am
written self congratulatory books, praising his leadership. when asked a few weeks ago, his attitude was who cares, when he was asked about the nursing home deaths and the coverup and the interest and wanted to get more information. so the state legislature, for many of the democrats you could see that there's a lack of accountability, seems like there's a lack of respect for the -- from the governor, towards the state legislature so why continue to give the governor all of these emergency powers if there's no of accountability? maria: congressman, let me ask you, switch gears, ask you about the retail investing frenzy. the house financial services committee will hold a hearing today on the gamestop short squeeze, that's happening at noon. you're on the committee, among those testifying, the ceo for the trading app robinhood, red reddit's co-founder and one of the short sellers. what can we gain out of this, as a member of the committee, what are you looking snore. >> for one, we need to look at
7:22 am
this as a fact finding mission and not a motivation not to let any good crisis go to waste where dems might be trying to create more regulation, create more taxes. we need to fight for the little guy and get answers, if anything nefarious took place, that needs to come out of. let's be responsible adults inside the room. maria: congressman, thank you so much. congressman lee zeldin. we'll be right back. give me co. this is my granddaughter... she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back. turmoil in texas as bad weather causes commotion in the south. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is blaming all the power outages on a lack of a green new deal. she tweeted this, the infrastructure failures in texas are quite literally what happens when you don't pursue a green new deal.
7:26 am
tesla's ceo elon musk tweeted criticism, hinting they're not earning the responsible are in their name for leaving millions without power. sean duffy is here this morning and your reaction. sean: does aoc think we're stupid. the bottom line is you had windmills that froze. we have windmills because of concepts and policies that come from the green new deal. windmills don't work when it's freezing. and solar panels don't work when it's really cloudy and snowy out. we need fossil fuels. i'm all about saying can we make a transition to greener energies. yes, but when you're not ready for it, and you have windmills and solar panels and not enough gas and coal supporting your grid, you have huge problems like you see in texas. again, she was talking about global warming. we have a freeze in texas. now there's going to climate change. the media backs her up and doesn't call her out on this stupidity, it's outrageous.
7:27 am
the policies hurt the most vulnerable in the country, those that don't have the money to get out or a generator are the ones that are hurt the most. maria: it doesn't add up either, liz. i lost count of how high the cost of the green new deal will go. i think we were talking about $100 trillion for it at one point. does she think we have the money to spend 100 trillion dollars on a green new deal 1234. liz: i hope not. that would undermine everything about our energy grid. what happened in texas a is a once in a generation deep freeze that initially, yes, put wind turbines out of business. those wind turbines were producing about 42% of energy. they went to 8% and oil and gas and coal picked up the slack. and then the freeze got so intense that those sources also began to experience some problems. this is not -- there will be all kinds of finger pointing in
7:28 am
this, it's not about the green new deal. it's basically about an unbelievably freak ice storm that hit the state. but no, highly subsidized wind turbines and solar cannot be relied upon the way good old of fashioned fossil fuels can. that's the message from this experience. maria: let's slip in a break. we want to come back and talk about robinhood in the hot seat today, the company's ceo will be before house lawmakers following the trading frenzy surrounding gamestop. what to expect from the hearing coming up. a new casino coming to long island, the opportunities could bring big money and why many are against it.
7:29 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 18th. a look at markets this half hour. we are expecting a decline at the start of trading this morning, take a look, dow industrials down 91.
7:32 am
the nasdaq down 94. s&p 500 right now down 14 and-a-half. we are waiting on the weekly jobless claims out, they will be out in one hour's time. that could set the tone for markets. walmart is one issue this morning, it is trading down about 3% after reporting fourth quarter earnings earlier this hour. it was a mixed report. it has gotten worse. it's now down almost 5%. it appears that covid related costs and the guidance for the year ahead weighing on sentiment this morning. cheryl gave us the numbers earlier, even though revenue was above expectations and the comp store sales were very strong, cheryl noted the covid expenses and that seems to be the issue for the stock this morning. that is a dow component. that's one of the issues that the dow industrials are lower this morning. but the dow is pulling back from a third record close in a row yesterday. take a look at yesterday's market, dow industrials up 90, nasdaq was down 82, s&p lower by 1 and a quarter point. today we begin today's trading session in unchartered territory
7:33 am
once again for the dow industrials after three straight record highs. take a look at european markets this morning, also a negative tone. earnings from barclays and credit suisse weighing on sentiment, fq100 down 42, cac down 11, dax just turned positive, it is now up 20 points. in asia overnight, markets finished lower for the most part with the exception of china, the shanghai composite was up half of 1%. china reopened after the lunar new year holiday for several days of celebration. meanwhile, this. investigating last most's gamestop -- month's gamestop trading craze, there will be a hearing today on the gamestop short squeeze, happening at noon today. among those testifying, the ceo of robinhood, reddit's co-founder and ceo, steve huffman and one of the short sellers will be there as well, testifying, he's from melvin capital. joining me now is the co-founder
7:34 am
of home depot, ken langone. ken, it's great to have you back. thank you for being here this morning. >> good morning, maria. thanks for having me on. maria: so first i want to ask you about this financial services hearing and the whole gamestop situation, having watched and participated in markets for as long as you have, what do you want to know? what's your take-away on what took place with that short selling frenzy around gamestop a couple weeks ago? >> allowed me to plead ignorance, maria. i don't know what i asked. certainly, the dramatic rise in the price of the stock, 400 bucks a share i guess it got as high as, i don't understand it. and i don't think a lot of people like myself understand it. i think it's a risky proposition because of a lot of innocent unknowing people are getting involved in something like this, they're going to get burned. they're going to get burned badly. you know, we certainly need free markets and we should have free markets and we will have free
7:35 am
markets but there are a lot of people who lack the confidence to understand the risk they're taking and the only way they learn about it is when they actually get the loss and then it's too late. i think, look, i'm looking right now on your screen, the stock is $46 a share. i know that if i was running gamestop right now, i'd be making an offering to the public for as many shares as i could sell because the inherent value of this company, reasonable value was probably about 15 bucks a share before this all started or maybe lower. but certainly there's a lot of mystery here and if congress does nothing more than unravel what happened, that might be to the good. i caution the unknowing public, you better be careful because this is how you lose. maria: yeah. no, that's i guess why the hearing is happening today. ken, let me move on to the economy. we've got walmart earnings out this morning.
7:36 am
$152.1 billion in revenue, ken. better than the estimate. earnings, $1.51 a share and check out online which was up 69%. they also talked about comp store sales up 8.6%, better than the estimates. give us your take on where we are, ken, in this in terms -- in this economy, in terms of the reopening. will business get back to strong performance with all of the pent-up demand that we're expecting? when do you expect that? >> first of all, retail demand is traveling along very nicely. i'm expecting when home of depot reports, i'm expecting they're going to show very strong sales as well. the one thing i would say regarding walmart is don't bet against walmart. they're fabulous operators. they know what they're doing. and they have very thought out -- well thought-out game plan. doug mcmillon is a great leader. he's got a great team. i think walmart is going to respond to the amazons of the
7:37 am
world strong. they're not going to give up their territory. and we all know, for example, that amazon's retail business is subsidized by aws. their web services. but walmart i think is -- they're certainly ubiquitous and they offer great value to their customers. so this is one quarter i don't understand the hassle about it. i'm incredibly impressed with the comp sales of a company this size. it's a staggering number. maria: it's true. we also saw good retail sales numbers yesterday. look at the numbers within the retail sales report, ken. 5.3% month over month, but look at -- when you look inside the numbers, department stores up 23%, nonstore retailers up 11%. electronics up 15%. furniture up 12%. it looks like people want to get back at a it and shopping and they're doing so online even if
7:38 am
the corners of the country that are actually still on lockdown. >> people are spending money. maria, let me digress for a moment. the thing i would be concerned about most of all at this time is inflationary pressures. i think they'll come if you look at the price of oil, if you look at commodity prices, they've all moved substantially higher. at some point these costs that go into manufactured products are going to have to be passed along to the consumer and that will happen. and when it happens that's when you -- and you're also going to get wage inflation, no doubt about it. the thing i worry about are higher interest rates, then we've got to start asking ourselves the question what about the impact on the federal budget. you know, if rates go up only 200 basis points, all across the line, 30 year all the way down, that would of not be a dramatic increase. if it goes up 200 basis points, you're adding $600 billion a
7:39 am
year to the federal deficit. i mean, this is a staggering amount of money. we've got to begin to address the issue, what happens after pandemic. what comes after the pandemic? retail sales are very, very positive and very encouraging but on the other hand, remember, we pumped a lot of money into this economy, our government has. so, look, it's new territory for all of us. all of us. nobody's been through something like this before. maria: i think it's close to $5 trillion of money thrown at this economy, when you include the most recent $1.9 trillion bill that president biden is going to push through very soon. but look, ken, we know that money is mobile. you look at some corners of the country and you feel like you're not in a lockdown, like florida. there's a mass exodus to low tax states, many new yorkers from other high tax states like new
7:40 am
york, california, headed to florida amid the ongoing covid closures and restrictions. they're taking their business and their revenue with them. i spoke with florida governor ron de santis on sunday. here's what he said about the environment today. watch this. >> maria, you have lockdown states that are putting people out of business. we focused on lifting people up. by doing that, you actually have new entrepreneurs coming to start new ventures, new restaurants are opening in florida, new hotels are opening in florida. people view florida as a place where they can follow their dreams. maria: how does it feel to you, ken? i know you're in florida as well as in new york. can you give us a sense of the difference? >> florida is on fire. i was with the governor a couple of weeks ago and he said something rather humorous. he said he's thinking of sending a contribution to govern know cuomo's next campaign because what's happening in the exodus
7:41 am
is unbelievable and he is right about one more thing. watch industry flock to florida. you got the summer months, july, august, september there, pretty miserable down here. a lot of humidity and so forth. but i've got to tell you right now, florida has a lot to offer. and real estate values are going through the roof. why? because people are saying hey, wait a minute, there may be a better place than where i right now live. the other state that i would bet big on in spite of what's going on this minute is texas. texas is a can-do state and so is florida. i've got to tell you right now what this governor in florida has done is first class in every respect. he knows how to run a state. he's doing it well. he does it with humility and thoughtfulness. you go to the restaurants in florida, they're doing it. the mall, people are being very respectful of with the pandemic.
7:42 am
they're wearing masks and keeping their social distance. so, look, the numbers speak for themselves. maria: well, we have learned to adapt and to live with what we're dealing with, partly because of incredible institutions like nyu langone medical. ken, what can you tell us about nyu, the professionalism, the technology, the incredible outcomes at nyu langone is a testament to your leadership, bob grossman's leadership and all you've done there. what can you tell us from your -- put your nyu langone hat on for a minute and give us a sense of what you're seeing in terms of the covid response around what your expectations are rest of the year, ken. >> let me say this, first of all. the credit really goes to bob gross man and his team. they're first class in every respect. and he put together a hell of a team. last summer we like every other hospital in new york, we were stressed out and only focused on
7:43 am
taking care of covid opinions. i'm happy to tell you that now we are dealing with covid but more importantly we're also able to do all of our regular work, all of our of elective surgery, orthopedics, cardiology, you name it. and we came through it in flying colors. in fact, happily i can tell you that we just got a letter from the rating agencies telling us of the positive outlook for our credit standing because the team that bob has put together -- and believe me, maria, i'll take credit when i deserve it. the big credit for what happened at nyu belongs to bob grossman and his team. they have done an incredible job. i've been around a lot of capable and talented people. i can go down the list of all the people. the most important thing of all is leadership. i want to tell you right now, bob grossman has brought inspiring leadership to this
7:44 am
place and the results speak for themselves. i'm especially proud, maria, that as we've begin out these -- given out these vaccines, the compliments that i frequently get are how efficient we were, how organized we were, how things got done, how people were treated with respect, how we were polite. maria, i couldn't tell you how much -- i can't describe my pride and my humility of being part of this great organization. it's a wonderful thing to see. maria: i can imagine, ken. i know i have experienced it firsthand myself. thank you and also the amount of talent that you and bob grossman have been able to attract in terms of leading scientists, leading doctors, that's what really we can attribute the outcomes to. these outcomes are incredible. ken, thank you so much for all of the above. great to talk with you this morning. >> maria, say hi to your family and hope your mom and dad are doing better. bye. maria: thank you so much. ken langone joining us.
7:45 am
appreciate that, ken. we'll be right back. stay with us. we have a market that is going to open of lower, big numbers out of walmart. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:46 am
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maria: welcome back. the shinikok indian nation announcing plans to build a casino in the territory on the eastern end of long island. construction is set to begin this summer and tri state partners will help in the construction and operation of the casino. joining me right now is tri state partners managing member, jack morris and council chairman
7:49 am
brian polite. thank you for being here. congratulations on this big idea. jack, tell us more about the casino, what we should expect. >> thanks. good morning. you should expect a real vibrant know that -- casino that will house approximately 1,000 machines and approximately 30 poker tables that will include texas hold em, we'll have restaurants and great amenities there for all of the patrons and we're really looking forward to everybody being part of this great day for the shinikok nation. maria: what about the impact this is going to have, brian? do you expect this to bring a significant amount of revenue to this region of new york? >> yeah. good morning, thanks for having us. absolutely, yes we do.
7:50 am
the hamptons is kind of with the local economy a tourist economy, from memorial day to labor day is when we see the most economic activity and then it dies off pretty steadily after that and after january and february it gets really dead out here. so we're hoping to not only have an immediate economic impact for the shinikok nation but also the local region and the year-round tourism. maria: and i know that the shinikoks have been trying to build a casino for 20 years. tell us about the journey that you've been on to open this casino. >> so just to put it in perspective, i'm 38. we started this when i was 18 years old. so it's been a journey for the shinikok nation. there's been a lot of hurdles and a lot of adversity. the story is one of adversity but also perseverance. we feel like we checked off more boxes on this journey than we
7:51 am
have in the past. we have steadfast partners, a unified tribe and we're red i do make this happen so we're really excited. maria: jack, the area is already prone to heavy traffic throughout the year. that's a lot of the comments that i got from people. how are you planning for this? what does it mean for the locals? because every time i raise this with someone in the area, they say oh, god, this is going to mean huge traffic. >> well, look, as we know, the hamptons in the summertime is the busiest time of the year and there is traffic in the hamptons. let's face it. but off-season not as much and i think it will help the businesses off-season, having this additional casino here will drive business for the local community as well. jobs, there will be hundreds and hundreds of jobs that will be created. and it's really about the shinik
7:52 am
shinikok nation. they've been here for hundreds and hundreds of years. they were here before anybody else and if this is what is needed to help bolster their economy and to help them with their health needs and whatever else, education, it's the least we can do for the shinikok nation and everyone should welcome them. maria: brian, real quick, when do you expect this to start? when do you expect an opening? >> well, we're starting --
7:53 am
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7:56 am
pets. i think i do with dusty. 20% of people think that their pets are just weird and act differently when they aren't being watched. 30% say their furry friends are anxious and drama queens. liz, you have two dogs, right? liz: we have two dogs in the house right now. one's a mature sensible dog and the other one is a puppy who is giving us a lot of joy and sometimes a lot of heartburn. [laughter] maria: similar traits as those guys? what do you think? i think i have similar traits to dusty, i will say that, but -- sean: my little skippy at home, he doesn't have traits like me but he has traits like my kids, he likes treats, it's excitable, pea pg&es -- pees on the floor, like my kids, unlike me. maria: we all love our furry
7:57 am
friends. quick break and then demanding answers, the case against new york governor andrew cuomo reportedly now at the federal level over the administration's handling of covid patients and nursing home. it's all right here next hour, "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. lease the 2021 rx 350 for $429 a month for thirty six months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. whitney and jane are always sharing tips on ways to save money. cvs carepass... it's my savings secret. carepass members get 20% off cvs health brand products. free 1-2 day shipping... plus, a $10 promo reward. thanks for sharing! join carepass today and get yours.
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. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, thursday, february 18th top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. . >> robinhood is on the hot seat the cane ceo going before house lawmakers later this morning, telling the trading frenzy surrounding gamestop. >> mick mulvaney on battles to come walmart stock to watch under pressure down 5% this morning, after fourth quarter profits missed expectations guidance came in right revenue
8:01 am
did beat estimates investors reacting to the rising comforts around covid walmart a dow component weighing on the broader markets take a look we are expecting a lower opening pg when market opens an hour and a half now at lows of the morning down 102 points on dow, nasdaq down 99 s&p 500 lower 14 1/2 markets, ended with mixed yesterday, dow jones industrial averages notched first record close dow up 90 points new unchartered territory level of 31,613 on blue chip average nasdaq pulling back -- 82 yesterday on wall street governor cuomo under investigation reported probe from fbi and justice department, is focusing on handling of the nursing home notes kovsh nick joins us later on growing scandal, getting students back into the classroom speaking with one principal, with the school
8:02 am
reopening debate raging across the country, proving them all wrong tom brady register all haters in new social media post making a buzz this morning, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . maria: european markets this morning also with negative tone, ft 100 down 42 cac quarante down 14, dax in germany has reversed course now up 26 points we did have earnings in the banking sector, credit suisse, weighing on sentiment in europe this morning, in asia overnight, markets finished in the red there as well, exception of china, shanghai composite up, about half of 1%, of course, chinese market reopening after the lunar new year holiday, top stories that we are watching this morning, right now, power outages for millions brutal arctic air sweeps kin more than one million people have been route power in texas alone since monday causing
8:03 am
pipes to frees and burst officials ordering seven million people boil tap water before drinking it at least 30 others died in extreme weather another winter storm making its way across the country in morning 100 million people in its path more snow ice expected in south northeast today cuomo reportedly under investigation by did department of justice and fbi over handling of nursing home deaths federal agents u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn reportedly opening investigation it comes as governor's office released full transcript of a two-hour zoom meeting between state lawmakers and top aide mellissa derosa derosa imagined cuomo withheld data. >> -- president biden less than favorable ratings when it comes to reopening schools 4 % of people approve how biden
8:04 am
administration is hostage in-person learning biden pledged in december to have a majority of schools open by the end of his first 100 days not playing out that way. did democrats unveiling plan for sweeping immigration reform the plan offers a two-tiered pathway to citizenship for millions of un dominating grants dreamers able to apply for citizenship areas after 8 raising number of work visas giving biden administration one billion dollars to address factors when fuel immigration from central america, remembering conservative talk radio trailblazer rush limbaugh this morning died yesterday morning after announcing stage iv lounge cancer diagnosis fans friends some leading lawmakers all paying tribute to the giant of radio south carolina
8:05 am
senator lindsey graham tweeting loss a giant strongest dwokz presidentp awarding icon presidential medal of freely at state of the union last year telling fox news he remembers limbaugh fondly. >> he was a very warm person he loved this country answered loved his life. >> rush limbaugh was 70 years old. >> we are looking at retail investing frenzy, this that took place over the last several weeks, house financial services committee will hold a hearing on gamestop short squeeze at noon among those testifying ceo for trading app robinhood reddick cofounder steve huffman, gabe plotkin, joining us right now former
8:06 am
acting white house staff of chaff former acting budget director founder, mulvaney. >> sean did you havey liz peek mick mulvaney thanks for being here we wants tour take on regulatory framework how it might change what you are expecting from this hearing this morning and do you believe that will yield more regulation in financial services as a result of this? >> yeah let's start with the hearing. and what sean can tell you i sat on committees together that is washington just doesn't understand how wall street works you will see evidence of that today, unfortunately i don't think that message got through to a lot of folks testifying today i was reading through some of robinhood's opening statements 12 pages of small print foot noted great legal brief that is political show that you are going to see today, maria, people are not going to watch it and learn watch about what actual happened watch and find out what political temperature is in washington, d.c., about
8:07 am
this. somehow, robinhood-managed to do something difficult to do in washington upset both parties, robinhood bipartisan when you have circumstances like that, you are likely to see more regulation, washington loves this idea not letting a crisis go to waste, they are looking for excuses to regulate my guess they will use this hearing as excuse to do what they wanted to do anyway. >> i think this is a really important point that you make, and that is the fact that lawmakers do not understand how wall street works, how are we going to change that? because that is you are right, eye witnessed that over years you've got the people who are -- writing legislation, who are making and creating laws allowing an industry where they actually don't ins understand how it makes money. >> you are going to hear about paying for order flow dark pools the people using those
8:08 am
words, three-quarters of the time easternmost going to know what it means why is that the skill segment to get a job in congress has this has nothing to do with skill setness to actually do job, members lean very, very heavily on staff help get ready some do it much better than others some do a lousy job you will see that today but i think we should find here is that there is going to be a disconnect between what panel wants to talk about if fact what happened how industry works politicians want three minutes in for youtube ads not going to be very productive longer term what do you hope you hope where rubber meets road regulations drawn up executive branch the folks there, actually understand the markets, sec understands cfp. but understands you hope level of recognition there not going to see with lawmakers themselves. maria: let me bring seen did you havey in on this point
8:09 am
duffy you were there when a member of congress, do you agree with this what we're saying. >> i do, great to see you i am a big fan of robinhood, robinhood app, how many retail investors brought in to the investment community. but you and i both saw, the intelligent level do you think right some leaders of financial services to make rules regulations that impact retail investors or should we actually rely on -- freedom, the freedom to choose, what is right for me and my family and taking risks, that make sense for you and your family as opposed to nanny state idea democrats i think coming out with in the hearing today. >> i, not just democrats upset about it a friend of mine jeff duncan right wing conservative from south carolina wrote a letter attacked robinhood so sort of bipartisan but you are right i think when they should focus on probably won't
8:10 am
whether or not market functioned properly not got's job to protect people from their decision it is government's job to make sure the markets functions properly, i think that happened here, if folks presenting today do anything i hope they convince folks on panel that markets work the way that that they were supposed to work yes difficulties here difficulties there, some made a lot of money some lost a lot of money that is going to happen in any he o o properly functioning market not sure if that message is going to come across. >> let me ask you about minimum wage, president biden reiterating support to increase minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour are could get pushback from senate democrats joe manchin, do not support increases of 1.9 there would stimulus package do you expect 15 dollar minimum wage included in stimulus package? what about 1.9 trillion-dollar bill there is article in the journal this morning says hidden in fine print are tax
8:11 am
increases on small business. >> sure, any time a 1.9 trillion-dollar bill, by the way, larger than budges that i wrote when i was at office of management budget, are lets understand what how much money that is, that is more discretionary expanding than government does in a year they are going it in a couple of weeks absolutely to be accepted small print a bunch of stuff nobody knows about until after they vote on bill part and parcel your first question i forgot your first question. >> 15 dollar minimum wage do you think that is going to pass we he could put a brushstroke 15 dollars across the country we know standard of living is different across the country what does this he do to small business i watched business managers before said to pay 15 dollar minimum wage got to fire certain people i have got to figure out what to cut. >> what i think you are seeing pushback from senator sinma,
8:12 am
manchin other democrats as well case everybody in washington knows that the states can and do set their own minimum wage there is no need for a federal minimum wage the only reason you are hearing about it is because states like california bernie sanders, vermont illinois wanting to higher than that know if they do, they will loss out an opportunity to surrounding states but in home state wisconsinmen mini-- in illinois i think above 12 dollars they want to go higher know they could lose businesses to neighborhoods states large democrat states want to raise in their states know they can't without losing in competition trying to force their position nationwide there is no reason for it closing in new york city different than montana ministage a system we should follow have been following no need for federal minimum. >> all really an important
8:13 am
important point to make great to see this you morning thank you, sir. we will keep watching all the above mick mulvaney. >> the kaez begins new york governor cuomo reportedly reaching the federal level the latest on the nursing home covid scandal rocking the state school reopening debate deepens parents look forrance as administration struggles with plan to bring students back into the classroom. tom brady firing back at some biggest cites making a buzz this morning you are watching "mornings with maria" live onbu. in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:17 am
estimate 2%, betting on quicker than expected economic recovery goldman lifted full year gdp forecast, to 7% that is what nancy lazar cornerstone macro has been saying sometime 6 to 7% growth 2021 joining me chief economist moody's analytics mark zandi thanks for joining us we saw walmart earnings on numbers this morning, and it is scene seen as disappointment your reaction to where we are in terms of broad economic growth story, mark. >> i think kicking into higher gear we got -- support we needed in that package, that is really helped to support the economy coming into february. and i think president biden congress going to come up with another large package that will start feeding into economy by late march early april all of that combined with, the fact pandemic seems
8:18 am
headed right direction towards, by midyear eased i had up looks like a good economy how you get to 7% gdp, in corporate earnings i think economy looks pretty good going to remainder of the year. maria: thank god the number of coronavirus cases has begun to decline. really. we are actually getting through this nightmare of the last year and a half. mark. but when does all of this stimulus become too much stimulus we are talking now when you include 1.9 trillion-dollar bill president biden supporting pushing forth 5 trillion dollars in stimulus mark thrown at this economy when could you start worrying we've got issues with debt? >> well -- i think putting cart before the horse let's get going to get that unemployment rate back to where it was pre-pandemic, i mean 6.3% and then still 45, million people out of workforce that are not being
8:19 am
counted as unemployedlet get that back down to 3 1/2, 4% where we were, that is going to take all that additional support to get there, and once we're there take a look around see how we're doing where the economy is, at that point, kind of sticks to script hopefully it does, then i do think lawmaker need to pivot think about long-term fiscal situation deficits economists are wont to say i say it there is no free lunch this is very costly but at this point i think we need to keep foot slat on accelerator make sure inflation back being 2% target get there first then worry about debt. . >> liz peek jump in. >> mark good morning, there is a lot of -- trillion dollars that is not yet been spent from the prior bills will be coming out next 8, 12 weeks i
8:20 am
presume. will the isn't that enough in addition to the economies that are shut down, reopening like new york and california? to put most of the people back to work who lost their jobs? in december jobs' report looked pretty terrible almost entirely due to shutdowns not economy seems to me the consumers have money consumer net worth up savings up i don't get the need for extra 1.9 trillion dollars. >> i think a hole to dig owes of subjects we get back to herd immunity by midyear assumption close to 1.69 trillion congress is debating given the fact by my calculation 1.5 trillion dollars in excess savings -- given all of that we don't get
8:21 am
back to full employment until mid 2022, that is probably where we will sell, but issue if that is the -- the outlook what we get that is fantastic that is great. so you know by my arithmetic about with a we need there is now discussion about what is next, what happens after 1.9 trillion, congress administration working on another package, and there we have to start thinking about how to -- if -- structure if we're going to have more spending on education, health care, and housing all those, types of social services need to be paid for that would include tax increases on businesses, so, given what we know so far i think it is just about right to get us back to full employment by mid 2022. >> we are expecting that is next package they are working on a revenue package, to a raise revenue to pay for a lot
8:22 am
of programs. do you expect that president biden will stick to the 4.3 trillion dollars in tax increases he talked about on the campaign trail? >> a probably not. i mean i think that was -- campaign trail, a lot of -- spending on government, social services infrastructure, a lot was paid for by tax increases i don't think all those will get through if you told me half got through would i say, you know, sounds about right -- the package we will get on the other side. >> great to see you mark zandi. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
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on publishes in australia from sharing or even viewing news articles applies to national and international nice pages the battle between facebook and australian government over proposal that would force tech companies to pay news outlets for content. sean did you havey reaction do you think could happen here. >> governor desantis -- going to make sure individuals have rights in regarded to their individual -- content on social media platforms so, yes, it could happen here -- the influence of facebook, google apple has become great you are going to see more government states pushing back, advocating for more individual freedom but also pay for content make a lot of money on platforms. maria: why not pay for content everybody else is paying for content. >> exactly so we're not paying for content, and, therefore, going to take our ball and go
8:27 am
home from australia doesn't make any sense they have a lot of money -- >> exactly, it costs more than to report. coming up demanding answers case against new york governor cuomo reportedly to federal level over his administration's handling of coincided patients in nursing homes, stay with us. hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe,
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hey frank, our worker's comp insurance is expiring, should we just renew it? yeah, sure. hey there, small
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business owner. pie insurance here with some sweet advice to stop you from overpaying on worker's comp. try pie instead and save up to 30%. thirty percent? really? get a quote in 3 minutes at wow, that is easy. so, need another reminder? no, no no, i'm good. uh, yes please. oh. ho ho ho, yeah! need worker's comp insurance? get a quote in 3 minutes at . maria: good thursday morning. thanks for joining us breaking news on economy right now, i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 18th, weekly jobless curriculums 765,000 unemployment claims filed last week, we also, want to look at markets ahead of all this data we've got the philly fed indices out you housing starts right to cheryl casone with economic data right now. cheryl: crossing i want to get to problem looking for that is the claims number to your point initial claims estimate expecting 765,000, we
8:31 am
were at 793,000 last week 861,000 so that data coming in a little bit hotter than expected. as for the continuing claims data right now, revising last week, by the way, 848,000 okay here we go, so revising last week higher than expected initial 861,000 continuing claims number we are looking for 4.413 million came in -- about in line on continuing number 4.494. if you will. now that philly fed number crossed as well we are looking for 20 on philly fed came in 23.1, also, moving through other numbers that we're looking here, housing starts, and permits i want to get to that really quick i've got to go down sorry for delay housing starts -- 1.58 million, on starts 1.58 million, are permits 1.repeat
8:32 am
that rich? >> 1.-- 1.88 million there as well, all right getting those two numbers in we are looking at import export as well crossing i send it back to you for o not a lot of market reaction kind of where we were earlier as far as dow, frankly walmart news we've gotten that out to viewers this morning, so there you go crossing kind of holding steady on that back to you. maria: one number that really strikes me this morning is housing starts, housing starts down 6%, versus estimate of down 5/10 of a percent decline relative to expectations could indicate we are seeing weakness in what had been, the one of the strongest areas of this economy that is housing. housing starts, down, worse than expected building permits up but issue this market has
8:33 am
worsened in face of all this. cheryl: building permits -- that is half a percent veef on permits but start to your point breaking ground weakness seems to be for housing market. maria: yep absolutely we will watch impact there because dow industrials, are actually worsening face of housing starts numbers, had been shows decline 6% relative to estimate down half of 1%, holding new york governor cuomo accountable fbi and.s. 'sic i blyn ministrastanradlstg he esiuresi death du he tghgh oe runa paicndic g report,po, the t iig earleatas ow noror epli pty aiaikhahasuc ane,omomutis ininatve>> ->>oue
8:34 am
opopallialalors l aff,f,f, tt t demococ slslsssls li rallra craereder up this information, these deaths in nursing homes were the result of governor cuomo's executive order march 25 only governor in america put covid-positive patients back in nursing homes by executive order. prohibiting testing a toxic brew families deserve answers what they want they want someone that will take -- accept responsibility accountability for actions, this governor you know declared himself to viewers across the country a hero of covid-19. with briefings got emmy award wrote a book in middle of it, and it is a fiction a work of fiction because this governor, literally has -- leaves country in covid-19 deaths we
8:35 am
lead the country covid-19 nursing homes deaths covered up lied about it continues to lie about it we are pleased to see u.s. attorney in brooklyn fbi is getting involved, sources say, you know we need more answers, families they deserve dignity. >> but why? i mean why would he do that? why would he put covid patient in the nursing homes do you have any idea what was behind this decision? >> maria that is why we need the subpoenas, and there are -- there is now a lot of saber-rattling going on in democratic party in albany discussions of hearings discussions of impeachment i called for inteeflt last week and i stand by impeachment last week i stand by that call governor lied about deaths in nursing home we need to get to bottom of why defies all common sense all common logic why you put covid-positive
8:36 am
patients in most vulnerable population in new york made no sense to governor cuomo's decision you got to follow money one greatest donors new york hospital gave him millions in campaign contributions was there a financial benefit to -- to this -- you know order for them -- freeing up hospital beds president trump says uss comfort javits center thousands of emt beds never used wasn't about hospital capacity he made tragic error won't accept responsibility and blame had many families furious callous staffers attacking them in this process we need -- >> that was the question -- because i wonder what the backdrop is here. why not hospitals why not comfort ship? why? you are saying, there's --
8:37 am
could be relationships that could be money but that is what an investigation is about. democratic new york assemblyman, vocal expressing criticism of cuomo during pandemic kim is alleged the governor directly called him threatening to quote/unquote destroy him urging him issue a statement covering for top aide mellissa derosa her role in the scandal, nick, if derosa is his aide why did she go on this call and explain what he did what was that all about? now, according to ron kim, the governor's protecting her. >> well, i think the governor is protecting himself that is what he cares about first and foremost is if his administration notorious micromanage makes smallest decisions in state government been involved the at highest levels of state government since his father was governor he thinks he is smartest owner
8:38 am
to occupy this office defies logic why she would go on videoconference call to mitt to legislators many when this a history with governor cuomo the fact they with withheld covered up information because they are afraid of trump justice department -- a lie is a lie -- ron kim got screamed at belittled by cuomo threatened to destroy him open secret in albany democrats hate the governor more than republicans he is a bully, that is a tactic he used to govern state 10 years now on full display for all new york to see we are the business capital of the world in new york, you know at least for now, he mismanaged this virus declared himself a hero we need to get answers get to bottom of this but we need to o topple you know this kind of administration, governance by fare is not for 2021, we need
8:39 am
a government you know for and by the people we need to restore that in next election. >> you have got a lot of business capital titans leaving new york setting up shop in florida in texas because of this tax bite that they continue to face only getting worse, liz peek jump in here. >> nick good morning. i think -- the question a lot of people have if we get rid of cuomo isn't it likely the justice democrats far left party of new york -- i would love to see republican governor failing that people are very concerned about what comes after cuomo. the. >> well, especially after de blasio i can understand why we are in a search for the best possible governor the republican party can offer up we have a great stable of
8:40 am
candidates putting search far and wide exactly the kind of reason why we are doing that, it has been my mission, to, you know, make the governor's office race in 2022 top priority republican party only way to change new york is change governors of the state of new york i believe leticia james -- joe biden couldn't appoint him to trinidad right now, and andrew cuomo, ego knows no bounds will not leave quietly in this in this current climate so i expect he will run reelection will be running a strong aggressive candidate that i hope future out there, by the third quarter of this year. >> all right. we will leave it there good to have you this morning we keep watching thanks so much, cooling up we opening our schools, why are we failing students, parents are searching for answers, as the administration struggles with plan to safely bring students
8:41 am
back to school, and teachers back to work. then tom brady trolling his doubters you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ ♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up. saving 50% vs. other carriers with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. call 1-800-t-mobile or go to
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children back into the classroom vice president kamala harris invoicing response asked about cdc guidelines whether teachers should be vaccinated must be vaccinated before returning to classroom watch this. >> can you reassure teachers listening right now safe for them to go back to school, even if they are not vaccinated. >> teachers would be a priority cdc said they don't have to be vaccinated to go back to schoo -- >> joining me to discuss that troy high school principal joe, thanks very much for being here you are on the front lines of ail this. as principal at your school, first your reaction to the vice president's answer there. >> to a good morning, maria. thank you for having me. you know it is a difficult
8:46 am
situation but i do know that a parents and students want to be back in school. and i think it is our duty due diligence to give families parents options, and as we do here at troy high school, we have you know an opt out policy, that where parents could opt for children to be fully remote or a hybrid model strategic plan in order to get as many kids back in the building, as often as possible. >> so what are you doing there at troy in temperatures of number of kiz in classroom number of teachers in the classroom what stance has your school district taken on reopening. >> let me first say teachers here have been incredible, and different levels of concern, obviously, with this during pandemic, but i think they all know the best place for kids
8:47 am
is to be in school. and what we do if we had about 35, 40% parns opted for children to go full remote we have a fully synchronous model where kids we have nine periods in a day 41 minute periods everyone has a schedule whether home or in building follow that master schedule. 41 minute classes, four minutes passing time break time if home, so, remaining -- you know 45 -- remaining people that are students that should be in school divided in half a, and b day schedule purple and gold school colors purple, two days they do a, and b day the gold group at home fully, fully synchronous,
8:48 am
remote, and follow along teachers have classrooms on remotely on their books various screens in person kids as well follow state mandates, six foot social distancing, kids have been great with keeping the masks on we were concerned about that early on, but they are doing a great job some teachers, think it is you different levels, of concern some have masks on some have shields some stay behind desks, we asked them all social distancing stay behind desks once, has become safety now, so we do -- ask them make sure proximity all the time as well as students. maria: you have not had pushback from teachers unions? not at all we've had
8:49 am
conversation and, again, dealing with something like this, that most educators have never dealt with, in our lifetimes. >> right. >> we sat down at table teachers from administrators district office school board, came up with a plan over the summer knowing that the best place for kids and our students are to be here as much as possible, so we go backback -- >> you are managing it, and it is great to hear you walk us through how you are managing it seen duffy you have a big family most your kids in school what can you tell us jump in here. >> my kids go to private school they are open, they wear masks all the time almost too much, safe my question to you you keep talking about follow science the science shows younger kids are at lower risk younger teachers at
8:50 am
lower riv if you were to advise white house president wouldn't you say get kids teachers back in school reserve the priority of vaccinations for older, higher risen individuals in our population? >> yeah. yes. i -- i agree with that, to extent again, it is really is a personal choice i do believe schools are safe, i know we've been very successful, we haven't had outbreaks transmissions within our building we make sure that our kids are able to, you know, encourage them wash hands, safely distance, masks on i do think older population is more at risk from their the science that i know of, and i think in time everyone will have opportunity to get the vaccine and i think we are well on our way. maria: what are they missing by not being in school joe? give us one or two lines what
8:51 am
you think is most important, that kids are missing, because they are only at remote learning? >> not in your school. >> we even -- talk about unwritten curriculum, and i think the social emotional part kids are missing is so important, to have that human interaction to be able to negotiating your way through high school setting i am a high school principal the younger kids younger setting he to be able to follow rules engage with classmates teachers alike, so, i think that social part is so important, and we can't we can't put our youth at this risk we have to get them back as soon as we can, and get back to what was once normal. maria: it is a very important point, social skills problem-solving all comes as a result of in large an groups together joe mariano thank you so much we appreciate you
8:52 am
joining us tom brady fires back on some biggest critics and is making a buzz this morning. stay with us.
8:53 am
8:54 am
it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the new sleep number 360 smart bed what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, with temperature balancing you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and
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automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $800 on new sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. maria: welcome back,time for morning buzz tom brady never forgets his haters brady posted a video on social media, writinging this -- i keep all the receipts never let them define you buccaneers quarterback super bowl mvp and only one of two quarterbacks in the nfl to win a super bowl with two different teams. >> liz? >> maria i don't understand why there are still haters the guy is amazing a remarkable career, i really don't understand why he has to respond to that.
8:56 am
people should just applaud him agree he is really had a remarkable bunch of victories every possible way an inspiration i think. maria: he is. and what is not to love? look at how hard he worked and now keeps winning i guess jealous what do you think. >> i think great, hit back at haters mock them when as great as tom brady is. i think fun awesome good for him! maria: the goat, more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
maria: welcome back. here's the morning mover, walmart selling off better than 5% right now. stock is down after the company said mixed earnings report.
9:00 am
week guidance, increased spending. shares 139.29 with walmart on track to shave more than 50 points out the dow industrials at the opening of trading and we expect the decline of 171 on the dow jones and we are at the lowest of the morning with 30 minutes before the opening bell. have a great day. so great to be with you. stay with fox business. "varney & co." begins right now with david asman at the helm. david: maria, isn't it great to have larry kudlow? answer to a dream. good morning. i'm david asman in for stuart varney and here's the big story, the deep freeze tightening grip on texas with nearly 2 million without power, 1.4 million just in the houston area. we will head to the lone star state for live report in the arctic air and snow is taking aim at the northeast. we will tell you how bad it could get.


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