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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 18, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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you could have encore presentation every night at 7:00 p.m. that is even better. many thanks to fox for allowing me to it put more v shaped recovery chart on the air. i am cuddly, have a great evening. ♪ ♪'s before it is thursday, let's do this right. andrew cuomo. [laughter] york goose is cooked because now it is looking like you are not only a bully and a lousy politician perhaps also a criminal. that near governors scandal turning into legal quicksand after his public spat with the new york democrat state lawmakers comic-con very public. today msnbc claimed cuomo demanded he like to help cover up cuomo scandal, watch. spin back when we get closer to the truth behind the growing nursing home scandal in new york, governor cuomo tries implicate you in the
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cover-up if you don't lie for him. that is what happened to me and the last one week. he berated me. he yelled at me. he told me that my career would be over. he had been going against paper died tonight, not tomorrow, tonight to issue a new statements, essentially asking me to it lie. before that sounds legal. he claims when he refused cuomo only got madder and madder. but now they claim ron kim is making up the whole story. >> my office has had a long and hostile relationship with assemblyman ron kim. he had a legislature last week with my staff on the tape of the meeting he says positive things. then there's a story that moves the "new york post" recess the exact opposite.
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kennedy: because you terrorized him. no one is looking at this going wow, ron kim seems like a jerk. all that poor guy he lost a beloved family member. i now the governor killed all the old peoples going after him. and a portion for that governor, bill de blasio, good lord, now he stands with assemblyman can put you notes badly lost the blahs he appeared cuomo's latest outburst is par for the course. >> it is a sad thing to say, but that's classic andrew cuomo. a lot of people in new york state have received those phone calls. you know, the bullying is nothing new. i believe ron and kim and it is very, very sad. >> 's a doubt wild upward but we can't forget this whole thing is not about bickering politicians, it is about thousands of patients who needlessly died in york state because it nursing homes were forced to take them because of cuomo.
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>> you got obstruction of justice, he got perjury charges, you got so many different levels of federal corruption here that need to be brought against the governor. as well as his second-in-command and others. that's why this is just the tip of the iceberg. kennedy: it is but i believe he hit the titanic. growing list of lawmakers said cuomo should pay the ultimate price. it's - i know that the governor is stubborn. he did dig his heels in a little bit this week. that is really shocking i think to the thousands of families that lost loved ones. not even to hear an apology from him. it is almost inhuman to not apologize and not acknowledge something went drastically wrong. bad decisions are made by his administration. in somebody's be held accountable. >> if you are not going to apologize at least acknowledge or you look like you have a screw loose. in new york republicans looking at them forming an impeachment commission. will governor, once again wiggle out of trouble?
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or did he finally dig his own political grape rate let's make tonight's party panic got a lot to talk about independent form senior policy analyst and the federals contributor, inez stepman's earlobe comedian and part of the problem it is a podcast it is fantastic, dave smith great hair. and democrat strategist former dnc advisor, kevin walling. they've all got a lot to say it in entirely new way i'm excited about tonight. inez i'll start with you. have we reached the moment where we have seen the end of andrew cuomo's career? or as i asked a couple seconds ago, will he wiggle out of it? >> he has lost his biggest ally and wiggling out of things that was the coverage around donald trump. right now that orange man has exited the stage great i think it's going to fight harder to get the frankly media collusion that he has had. this is not a news story, janice and dean among others
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addenda fantastic job of exposing this parade this is not new information so much it is new the media is reporting on this information. so if he lost the media or who were his biggest fans for the last year he may not have any tight corners to wiggle out of at this point. kennedy: so david, does it reach obstruction of justice? and if so what is the proper punishment here? >> if the allegations that he intentionally misled about the evidence and nursing homes and kept that from being public because he was worried about investigation under the trump administration, then that is undeniably obstruction of justice. either way, the crimes -- look at the guy assumed the role of a dictator over the last year. all of these governors, cuomo especially have behaved in a completely unconstitutional manner. the only question is whether there is political will. in the same sense that james
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clapper lied to congress, right? we all know that. there's no political will to prosecute him. if he had been a part of the trump transition team qb sitting in a jail cell, everybody knows that, right? the only question is if there is political will to prosecute or not i don't know about that. there's no question crimes have been committed. but as inez pointed out i think in many ways the bigger story here is this guy, while he was taking these unbelievably disastrous moves. sending covid positive patients into nursing homes. everyone with a brain did this was crazy when he was doing it. and he was lauded by the entire media class giving puff peace interviews by his brother that he was the hottest thing since michael avenatti according to most of the press. that really says something about who these people hold up. kennedy: it also says something about us, kevin, because now there is an appetite for constant political bloodletting.
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which i don't have a problem with if it means actual accountability for politicians and every level of government from any party. i don't have a problem with that. but is this just a bloodsport? or does the governor really need to go to prison? >> i think he's in serious trouble, kennedy pretty think were getting to the point with the covid crisis we are moving with 2 million vaccinations are so a day, now to the point of accountability but we can look over this last year end see what governors did come and see what the federal government didn't hold this people responsible part if there was gross negligence. if there was a cover up, which it seems like there is in albany with governor cuomo, then he needs to be held accountable. i'm the governor while and the democrat on the panel i would see transparency. >> i've heard that from democrats on the show always but it makes me wonder is anyone safe? and that's why, david probably grew three on this as
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libertarians don't invest in politicians that's a really stupid thing to hitch your wagon to someone's political star because human beings can do very dumb things. and here is andrew cuomo, really thought he could get away with something. i look at this and he really was a gilded star of the democrat party for months and months. >> he wrote a book about covid crisis well was going on in his response. >> his incompetent government kills people pray there has to be some accountability there. here on the west coast the campaign to recall california governor gavin newsom is speeding across the finish line part got 1.7 million signatures already paid the organizers say they have tuna thousand more than they need to get the recall on the ballot. they're going to keep gathering more until the march 17 deadline in case the governor tries any legal shenanigans to get the signatures toss which he will
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parade yesterday newsom and belly coronavirus relief bill was 600-dollar payments to more than 5.7 million californians. the timing has to be a total coincidence, right? a bribe to keep himself in office question it could be too little too late? look at that hair, california cannot turn down that hair, inez. [laughter] >> it is a time honored tradition to bright people with their own money that's definitely going on here. by the way shattuck to my husbands aunt heather she is the og of gathering signatures she's been doing it for very long time the old-fashioned going door-to-door. savard like take give a shout out to warrant the og. go ahead and sorry. [laughter] >> i mean let's just keep doing the shadows forever think that's better news than anything that governor newsom has done. he is vulnerable because of two primary issues. one is of course the lockdown spree but the most important
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peace under that is the schools, largely remain close in california. that has a real big backlash but at some point democrats even left leaning states, he's making the state unlivable part which is why the majority of californians and some recent polls are considering leaving the state for the second issue is crime. and had a lot to the d.a. in san francisco and l.a. but those two issues are making state unlivable. that is wise actually vulnerable to recall. kennedy: don't go to texas with the texas storm is been the best thing for california in years. and it is awful don't get me wrong. so dave, can you visualize a world where you have got two of the most powerful and visible governors in the democratic party, and the country both in prison? >> well probably not. if there is any justice in this country they both should be, along with all of the other many entire dictator
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governors for they should all be charged with crimes against humanity. i hope they are. but short of that i will root for a recall election against gavin newsom. but you know, look, if you wait any shred of seriousness believe that we have a constitution and bill of rights in this country, then there has to be some type of consequences for even if it is just the voters voting these guys out, how can you support one of these politicians who is laughing at you and the cameras go off. newsom is out there having dinner with no mask on. he does not believe any of the stuff, none of them do parade there has to be some type of consequences and were going to have any semblance of a free society. kennedy: that's a really good points. it's not just the optics of whether it is an l.a. county supervisor or the governor of california not paying the laws they're projecting onto all of
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their citizens. that's only part of it. kevin it is not just the french laundry dinner they spent thousands of dollars on wine and no one was in masks. everyone else's kids are home, women aren't working because her staying home with their children. the economy in california has come to a grinding halt. you have problems with unemployment. there's not a lot of correct public assistance. schools are closed. but then you have the pre-pandemic problems. like the problems with all the utilities in the state causing wild fires and homelessness that no one has an answer for. all that adds up to bad news for gavin newsom. >> that is true candidates all compounding factors rethink fundamentally governor dismissed safe at the fairly democratic state he has not seen a child was left flank which took out gray davis as you remember back in the '90s. also facing issues with utilities actually throughout the state. governors fundamentally safer think it's problematic.
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the optics alone of him having that dinner in the closed space the optics of not opening schools on time i'm hopeful this bill you mentioned the outside his work is whether sacramento will actually deliver resources to the school that so that he can campaign on during this recall part i think it is an uphill battle to take out gavin newsom. kennedy: i think people have reached their limit i really do. if they see there is a viable alternative they may take it right now. because arnold swarts at eiger was great for california at. [laughter] i was there in 2003, i hosted a game show with gubernatorial candidates including mary carried the adult entertainer. and gary coleman, god rest his soul per the panel returns later it is game nights. coming up, aside from that, to be painkillers to stop killing people? once is that the best way to stop the murder rate? would it really work?
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kennedy: progressive's have landed themselves a sugar daddy and joe biden. now they are pressuring the president to make all their big government spending dreams come true. but will anybody step in before the socialist sugar babies clean out the nation's bank account? chuck schumer, elizabeth warren and aoc squad will forgive a $50000 in student loan debt per borrower. biden was a capita at ten grand, that would still cost us three to $37 billion. and colleges have absolutely no reason to lower tuition after that but at the same type biden also hopes to push the national minimum wage up to 15 bucks an hour is for the 1.9 relief package. which of these policies is worse for the economy? tony meno's fox news contributor professor of business and economics at the king's college in lovely manhattan. bryan is back. welcome back. >> so good to see you.
8:19 pm
if our good to see a bit terrifying the prospect of $15 an hour force at minimum wage which it hurts states like west virginia and mississippi and arkansas. and possibly $50000 in student debt forgiveness per borrower. so which of these is worse for the economy? >> you've got one very bad and the short term, katydid minimum wage hike. we are talking nationwide $15 an hour, forget about regional differences, one-size-fits-all. that is like shooting yourself in the foot. there's a lot of pain in the short term if we do that. now it depends how fast that rolls outward with interesting about this is progressives push it but then they want to roll it out over like four years. that's a bald-faced admission they know hiking the minimum wage like that is a job killer. they want to do it's going to hurt in the short term for the long-term chronic disease here is the debt giveaway. what it does is it under minds
8:20 pm
of financial markets. farming essentially for a generation is going to look like it is an optional thing when it comes to paying it back instead of a commitment. and that is going to spread way beyond student debt. it's going to hit mortgages is going to hit credit cards is going to hit any kind of death the people rack up. their view is going to be the politicians are willing to get involved, it makes right to put a financial system cannot survive that, kennedy. that's why see that is the long-term chronic problem here. suspect the more power politicians realize they have, the more they appeal to people who want to give out these forgiveness programs. but they do so much long-term harm and. that the thing i don't understand about you teach college kids every day. you teach at a private school. at some point you make a decision whether or not you're going to try to get good grades in high school go to
8:21 pm
college. for an adult bayview go to committee college then college. you have to weigh the risks and benefits. and people are not forced to do that when they don't have to pay anything back. they also don't have to worry about where they go to school. >> that is right. here's the thing that is something you learn about throughout your life when you learned about it we take it on your forced to take it back. you learn about when the payments are high and you have to make sacrifices. but you learn. the adults in your life are willing to teach of the lessons of responsible investment and responsible borrowing. it's like school, heavey don't hold kids accountable for the greater the younger not going to care when they get older. they think they're going to be entitled to the aid. what we're doing to the generation's were not going to teach you about responsible financial management looks like. here's the collective effect of that bread we lose our capitol system but we lose our financial system because people aren't going to want to put up capitol to invest if they know that politicians can walk in.
8:22 pm
any socialist system starts with undermining the private commitments people make in financial markets. that is what this it debt forgiveness is about. it's not just about 10,000 dollars but not just about $50000. it is about the fundamental functioning of capitol markets in debt and the prosperity they can help create in the system we call capitalism. supports the memes of production for you own your own means of production if you are making the commitment to go to college and you paid the price of tuition over a number of years. when you give that to the government, that is absolutely socialism. now this path or i hope someone throws the brakes on maybe it would joe manchin. certainly with the minimum wage it does not look like he is amenable to working outside a budget reconciliation with the president. we may be safe there.
8:23 pm
the long-term damage really comes from this debt forgiveness we are all lucky have to pay for for the top 30% of earners in the country. our right brain onyx, thank you. >>. kennedy: here's an unusual question for you. should we pay murderers to stop them from murdering? that is a strange new proposal from one activist in baltimore said it would dramatically reduce violent crime in the city paid this activist is guilty to order night tonight to his a 15 year old gang member said the people he knows a killer into it for the money by the local police is a very's typical of such a proposal could this be a good idea question are turning out recent senior editor and author of panic attack young radicals in the age of trauma, get your sound time for st. patrick's day, robby soave is back. so it robby. i look at some length and oddest face press i went to go to my local government and say
8:24 pm
if you don't pay me i will continue to bug her, your thoughts? >> believe it at that. there's more we can say about it. does sound crazy in some way it's a morally suspect for exactly the reason you say incentivizes people to commit crimes or threaten to commit crimes so they can get money. it is true that people who are at risk of committing crimes are poor, or in bad circumstances. and just giving people money is usually a better government pretty for talking about solutions, things the government might do we do job retraining or something like that. they tinker with it unnecessarily and it doesn't work. because the bite potential improve their lives. supports an interesting point it's much more expensive it's must more costly in the long
8:25 pm
run. it's far more oppressive. sacrifices peoples civil liberties ultimately. this is been tried in richmond, california violent crime went down by 56%. so if i were a mayor and my city were in a crime with, i would have to look at that and go you know, got to incentivize people to do something. because our wave doing it is not working. there is a libertarian argument for direct payments in getting rid of some of these behemoths systems and programs and onto any good. >> exactly but if you're going to do welfare, i'm against it as a libertarian. for going to do it's better to give people money than minimum wage for example which is what we're just talking upgrades also distorted incentives for that one proposal they did try think there were incentives for at risk youth and if they met certain benchmarks they want drugs they could shop you get payment.
8:26 pm
it's an intriguing idea. let me tie the number one thing we can do right now to deter murder and violence which has gone up by the way it is alarming, would be to get schools reopen to get businesses reopened. and get people working and learning again. because people whose time is occupied because have to show up for a job or short for school are less likely to commit crimes. kennedy: do you know why? they are tired. that's what means to be an adult for if you are tired you are an adult it's a good thing you should be busy working and creating and pushing forward with your life not sitting around with your stinky friends inking about ways to throw bottles at cops. idle hands of the devils playthings. before you telling me i turned that out the hard way in vegas. [laughter] i believe it was an adult dancing club called the devils playthings. [laughter] what we talk about crime?
8:27 pm
[laughter] future crime. future crime that will be averted, headed off at the pass if you pay people money price still think it's a great idea. so instead of selling your platelet move to a city where they'll pay you not to commit crime. go to city hall and give them a list of all the crimes you might commit. make them a really bad and then they just have to start forking over money purity think it's, that in game stop. we've had people putting in jail who commit murder is probably still just the best way to discourage it, right? [laughter] we have to get so fancy. sewer your solano to what happened robby? just kidding. it's a fantastic discussion thank you. >> robby soave right there. coming up during this very special presidents' day week, we've got a great presidential quiz for you all. it is called present your luck for emergency amateur panel knows how our commanders in chief throughout the years you would too can play long it is
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kennedy: there we go welcome back it is game night here on the kennedy show. time to play "prez your luck" prick test your command of america's commander-in-chief. with the new president getting started and her last one, refusing to go quietly it is the perfect time to play our party panel will get points by answering historical trivia. each contestant will have one chance to "prez your luck" or double their point total on the question of their choosing. but if they get it wrong they lose it all. let's get to it shyly, inez, david, kevin, are you already to "prez your luck"? >> let's do it. >> i'm so ready. >> president barack obama at tense : first through fourth grade, honolulu, hawaii, kenya, or indonesia?
8:33 pm
>> hawaii? kennedy: i'm sorry that is incorrect. the correct answer is indonesia. he went to indonesia for some time, his mom remarried. >> is it wrong i was rooting for inez to say can you? [laughter] story me back to birthplace customer act of some funny. here's question which democrat became their political career as a republican on barry goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign? was it joe biden, hillary clinton, bill clinton, or chuck schumer? david what say you. >> it's unfair for you to give me these libertarian questions, it is hillary clinton. kennedy: davis on the board with one free leads the pack but he could face a tying run from tavern wallingford kevin this is your first question here ago. which two presidents have had
8:34 pm
a son to go on to become president? was it thomas jefferson and thomas edison? john adams and george w. bush? franklin delano roosevelt george w. bush or rutherford b hayes and burt reynolds? >> i like the last impaired but i'll think it's number two. sue for all my gosh kevin that is absolute correct. we have a tie game it is a barnburner here on "prez your luck". herbie goat next round. inez this one's for you. which president dedicated the statue of liberty on october 28, 1886. wasn't my boyfriend ... as a grant? george w. bush? grover cleveland? or abraham lincoln? that would have been effete. [laughter] to back it was cleveland. see for you are absolutely right, inez. you are on the board. it is a three way tie for now. well done. this one is for dave. true or false, gerald ford
8:35 pm
became both vice president and president without ever being elected to either office. >> i know he was not elected to present was a vice president i will say true. kennedy: you would be correct, fate is on your side dave smith you are the lead by one. kevin here we go your chance to tie yet again. it's a nailbiter. which president by while invented the swivel chair was it john adams customer thomas jefferson? james mattis or james monroe? >> i think is old tj thomas jefferson i hope. before you are so good of this, kevin you're giving dave a run for his money per inez can tied up here. inez do you want to "prez your luck" are doing to wait for another round with greater point total? >> i think i have to "prez your luck" i'm behind. kennedy: equally to the next round. >> i'll do it now. okay you are going to trend seven your luck on this one. how many presidents are made
8:36 pm
named james customer four, five, six, or seven? >> i'm trying to count in my head. i don't have time to go through all of the presidents in my head print i'm just going to guess and say six. kennedy: knew our rights, inez oh my goodness. that means that you now have three points. okay so she is in the lead that's how you "prez your luck" party people. dave you can follow her lead our plan boring damon be victorious and damning them by nature but who was the first president to travel abroad while in office customer theft exciting part was that the theater roosevelt, abraham lincoln, thomas jefferson, or bill clinton? probably on jeffrey epstein's plane. [laughter] >> i am going to say thomas jefferson. kennedy: no, he was too busy writing and doing horrible things. >> use much better. >> he was swivel the whole
8:37 pm
time. sewer exactly right is the swivel chair. i know still the lead comic kevin would you like to "prez your luck"? >> let's do it kennedy. kennedy: it's double or nothing here but not really it is just "prez your luck". franklin delano roosevelt's mom clothes him in dresses until he was five, true or false? >> that sounds true to me. super oh my gosh kevin you leap into the lead you now have four. you can only "prez your luck" once. but you were in the lead, inez this is for you. he was the smallest president at five -- four and 100 pounds is nick game, wasn't george washington, george jefferson, james mattis or franklin pierce? back james mattis. kennedy: of my gosh you're right you're tied with kevin party reach out for. dave, true or false, which president, ulysses s grant, while president ulysses s grant was arrested and fined
8:38 pm
$20 for riding his horse to fast but is that true or false? >> that is a weird question. true? kennedy: it is true. yes. to make it seem too weird to just make up. kennedy: he was quite the horseman. he was known to remain quite a horseman at west point before he was like mr. horse guy. okay kevin who was the first ever foreign born first lady? adams? bilotti and trump, haner vanburen or baldwin? >> what goeth a. kennedy: oh my gosh you are so good at this that hurts my feelings. okay, so that is it. kevin you are the winner. and you are the champion of "prez your luck". dave could have "prez your luck" in the last round and beaten you. >> what? there was fraud. kennedy: there is no fraud.
8:39 pm
you had an opportunity to "prez your luck". [laughter] and you blew it. that's okay comic debut for one before you will win again, inez great job on game night, he came in second place. kevin is a fruit and cheese plate hedge away from home i do not know. thank you guys, were sticking around out politics has crept its way to just about every aspect of our lives. a new study says it is rowing everything. do you feel that way? if so what can we do? we got answers, that is next. ♪ ♪ why do you build me up, build me up... ♪ ♪ buttercup... ♪ ♪ baby just to let me down! ♪ ♪ let me down! ♪ ♪ and mess me around... ♪ ♪ and worst of all, worst of all ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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aspect of our personal lives influence who our friends are, where we shop even what jobs we seek. is it possible to avoid politics anywhere? let's get back into it with the panel, inez stepman, dave smith and kevin walling sprayed the w is for winter. >> sorry day. support dave you will come back and wait again. inez, boycotts are up. i don't boycott because i don't have time to keep lists of what i am supposed to boycotts. whether it's in beans or starbucks or sporting good stores. people get so mad that you're going to boycott yourself into a corner part are we really that polarized? >> increasingly brp that logical endpoint of this is every single interaction our lives we have with other human beings we have to filter through the lens of politics. we now have online battle between my pillow and the
8:45 pm
david hogg pillow productive question the politics of whoever makes her pillows. when has reached that level of absurdity, there's a deeper problem here. we don't have the same kind of 30,000 foot underlining committed to 7076 to free speech. to a small liberal tolerance. this exhibit under attack. when those things so you have no more space for us to have fun or do things that make us like each other as fellow human beings. we just go straight into bare knuckle politics all of the time. sewer that's very good point inez. davis the gupta consider their rooms full of paper and all they do is look at other peoples twitter accounts define things they might've said in the past a few years ago. that violates today's standards so they can cancel them. >> yes, people actually get excited at the prospect of getting offended these days. like if someone says something they think could be interpreted as offensive they
8:46 pm
are ready to pounce on and get wide-eyed. but i think from the libertarian perspective that me and you might have on this, kennedy, the size and scope and power of the government has been extended extraordinarily. basically since 911. and in the entire 21st century. i think is the government gets a bigger and bigger and more powerful it leads to this dynamic and the culture where everything is politicized. we are constantly fighting over who is going to rule over the other half of america. the truth of that we are very big country. we have different cultures have two distinct cultures in the left and rights. we now live in this system where one of them wins and one of them loses. we are constantly at war with each other but the only answer is to declare a truce and rollback the power of the government.
8:47 pm
and has some decentralization. in say rural alabama's going to be a little bit different than downtown brooklyn. but that's okay we don't have to be at war with each other. and if we are going to war with each other's going to uglier and uglier. kennedy: kevin will have about 30 seconds. have you seen this in your life have you lost friendships are seen people make disastrous decisions just because of politics? >> yes i've seen others do it. i'm a democrat that goes on fox news but i try to see all sides of the issue. think we need more of that in this country. i think it's important to have that dialogue. into dave's point we should be americans first and residents of brooklyn and alabama second grade hopefully that will be a uniting factor for all of us. kennedy: absolutely and that's what the reasons i love having on the show. well said, kevin, dave, inez, great job everyone come back early and often. topical storm is next. we are just getting warmed up. ♪♪
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surgery to remove a shoe from its stomach. although the owner says he just really wants his foot back. at the crocodiles living in a florida theme park in florida visitor saw her swalwell a sticker that remained her stomach for three months print one point medical residents tried to reach an body by hand with a flashlight to pull the shoe out or is she called it soul-searching paid but in the end through choosing to cut the croc opening get the footwork out. inspected to make a full recovery, after a wild crocodile. [laughter] she said she is sorry and she could never forgive herself for all the trouble she has called. but those could have just been crocodile tears. topic number three. [laughter] that's my creepy dance whiteboard. if you can't afford the jersey shore vacation house are still a hollywood home for you. this when i would would searcy by. the buffalo bill house from
8:54 pm
silence of the lamb is becoming a bed and breakfast. but you may not want the breakfast for the home is located just outside beautiful pittsburgh pennsylvania, which is also the most part of saying that the owners had plans to make it a tourist attraction so movie lovers can pay to sleep in the peace of cinema history part or you can say that for free if you help them move a couch to his van for the house features for bedroom and one king size bed in case you're a great big fat person. guests will share a communal bathroom so please be courteous and put your lotion in the basket. otherwise will be just like any other bed and breakfast. otherwise they have a different way of tacking you in at night too. fortunately you can't stay here for a while for the entire house is been booked solid by army hammer. he was heavily imposed by silence of the lambs. then he said that movie gave him nightmares.
8:55 pm
but being caught by an fbi agent. topic number four. it is time to hear from you again. remember the best comment of this month will get my name tattooed on his back. this is viewer mail part harper kicked us off with, i watched you by mistake tonight. you sound like a clucking hen. my goodness where did you go to school? the former nyc mayor's words, you are a poor journalist. ucla fight fight fight. she writes it and said her shows a disgrace, how are you talking to arthur? i am right here. jennifer tweets, i had forgotten how much i loved your show. it's like watching my own snarky asked mitch with beavis and butthead. the fact i laughed when you said packer proves i will never grow up. hearing your sister i love this one. this ends with where do i
8:56 pm
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subscribed to my podcast candidate saves the world. this week is congressman thomas massie comment talk about living off the grid baby you're going to love it pretty all right good night, make every day a can a day. ♪ dagen: days without power and clean water, a new winter storm making its way across the country as millions in texas are facing unprecedented conditions. and a threat to people who are looking for work here in the u.s., the latest move from the white house on immigration as illegal border crossings spike. we talk to tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director, about the move. plus on the defense, new york governor ann drink cuomo still denying a cover-up in the nursing home scandal as a news report signals just how far the investigation is going. and a double standard and a mob mentalit


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