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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 18, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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want to see. i think this is a lakebed. they were microbes there at one time, they want to see if there are . >> will watch the apollo 11, the documentary. that is it for us. the evening at it starts right now. >> tonight it is getting worse governor cuomo. the fbi and the estate attorneys are now probing his covid-19 cover-up. on the nursing home staff. the gop lawmakers announcing an impeachment commission with subpoena power for witnesses ite-mails and documents. we also have this, nine top republican senators led by sen. ted cruz demanding probes. bigger deeper back story of any power and influence making major decisions that hit you and your family sprayed is the back story ignored by national media.
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more interested it and that democratic como as a heroic celebrity party tonight we have jim. congressman tom reeves in texas ranger and former deputy secretary david. mouse house judiciary and retired lt. col. we have the major headlines of the day. were digging into the documents. we have borrowed the money story of power and influence behind the cuomo controversy. but exactly why an out-of-control politician is so intent on intimidation and retribution of the democrats. so just because they're sounding the alarm for months is much much more. also tonight will bring in the story. it is the texas power grid within minutes of catastrophic failure, due to her powerful i storm. the texans are still battling a deep-freeze. the media and democrats are
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trying to shut down the narrative. the green energy in the first winter from texas are a problem. they are ignoring broader issue with that that even when energy efficiency and meant to bring plus were digging again into the documents . to have set a former fbi director james kobe, testifying that yes, he is responsible for everything that went wrong in all of the abuses under the obama administration and the trump probe. there is the question. should u.s. attorney john durham and his criminal probe of the trump russia probing also republicans battling back against biden on china. in china is not pressuring president invited them the g7 summit tomorrow . in this new uproar. since ring conservatives now censoring entire countries. and australia is an uproar. there arere outraged over what e doing of there. this is a fight over money. to the point where australia is saying that is so bad weather doing with the censorship, slick
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is dealing with a north korean dictator. that was a quote read this point the conservatives have been learning about all along quite and republicans pushing new legislation to stop biden's border policy that was unveiled today. we have word of the new caravan now for me. i'm elisabeth mcdonald and the evening at it starts right now. niliz: joining me now is jim. thank you so much for joining us. what is your take on what direction the fbi and the justice department would go in probe with cuomo. what would they be looking for. jim: i'm not sure that the fbi and the district of new york will end up really addressing point-blank on the issue of the elderly patients were put in yharm's way by governor cuomo. it mayay not be the actual substance of his decision-making
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and what happened to these folks. if i will say this, federal investigators take subpoenas very seriously. and if you have a situation where the governor's office decided not to comply fully, getting these inquiries. the given how think numbers are misleading federal investigators, that is a different's pandora's box is opening up . that the stuff of obstruction or false statements and was amazing about this is normally division there is negligence or intentional. another was a develop compile of subpoena because he didn't have their act together were they trying to mislead the investigators. while the secretary to the governor of that wide open the other day talking about how we froze because of a federal investigation . we were worried about trump so we had to mislead people about the actual numbers. that's a bad moment for the governor. it. liz: the transcript has been released. it's indicating that they work for your full of just trump those treating this like a political football. that's why they froze they were afraid of trump was going to use
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the data against him but they issue is that the justice department say to any state government, you cannot release information because we wanted first. but they had every cuomo did, to reveal the data to democrats state lawmakers who are demanding and for months about how cuomo created a super spreader disaster and nursing homes due to his executive order last year. you can't test the patient's for covid-19. any shut down a state or anybody saying that you can't release the data. jim: across the board, never freedom of information requests . state assembly memory request for unit across the board, you cannot say that yes but it was trump directing the doj to ask f for these things. that will not fly. tthe over fighting of the relee of information coupled with that secretaries comment the otherer day, very devastating about with the intense was when they do not
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give real numbers. liz: he covered up the true decimals make him look better. it's 15000 and counting. according to the associated press. now, cindy's going to sue the federal government restart an ingredient is trying to blame shift, blaming the cdc guidelines . and legal experts say that he does not have a case. they're just guidelines, not rules or laws for unit they're not set in stone or cement because florida governor desantis and we didn't hear any guidelines. we separated them and we did not put them back into the nursing homes, will put them in separate facilities for unit. jim: that is the key. the guidelines are not a defense to the dishonesty part or the obstructive part. they would come into play at some very aggressive state prosecutor try to characterize the nursing home deaths as second-degree murder in a reckless endangerment parking or involuntary manslaughter . some kind of recklessness based crime in terms of the actual death. and you can start getting into
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the fact that women, will getting all of these different conflicting guidance prayed we followed these guidelines. that would actually work in terms of fighting off that sort of fact but not for the false statements. that will not help at all. liz: so again, cuomo blocked the lawmakers and he demanded the date of months and said that he only came clean democrat new yorker lurch any position james said that the 50 percent . not counting the hospital nursing home patients. or to get to the story about god problem kim of new york . cuomo, he said threatened to destroy him. let's watch him here. >> the governor's mother is well-off, protected in her home. she does not represent the thousands of immigrants in minority and all sorts of that have loved ones that are still stuck in nursing homes worried that the administration is hiding information about life
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and death. what did it take so long for the executive to change course and every other state recognizes the fatal mistake that might've made it by sending covid-19 positives to the nursing homes. they immediately rescinded departed and immediately change course. it took us almost two months before the governor decided to change. in fact, a month later and press conference, he said he did not know about it . he lied . just like he is lying right now read. liz: what he say jim clarita. jim: when two politicians are fighting. it is not always easy to find out who is credible. when you say that rep. kim said that he was told that you will fear my wrath. that certainly kind of sounded like something big, wouldi say. i would say there's a lot of room f for political fallout and for moral blame whether criminal cases here is a different issue. we will have to find out. liz: okay jim thank you so much . let's bring in republican tom
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reed from new york. it's going to savee tom. congressman, is a back story in this . cuomo is reportedly, they say that cuomo gave nursing homes and hospitals protection from lawsuits over covid-19. after nursing homes and hospitals can cuomo millions of dollars in political donations. we say do that. tom: will first of all, fully agree in which he misrepresented his department of justice. and that is why the cuomo is sot furious right now. in trying to get ron to change his story and issue statements to try to get the department of justice clarification than what they knew about the department of justice. that is why the lied, they're just compounding in the governors. but i've always been looking at this from the perspective as a cover up. his criminal . but also we need to make sure that we understand why was the order having covid-19 positive patients sent into our nursingre homes where e had seniors, are most loved
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ones. that were there not covid-19 positive exposed to this superstar event . that is a problem. liz: melissa, who is cuomo's top aide, her father and her brother and her sister work at a lobbying firm for hospitals and nursing homes. the questions around that new york patient, near brother, he put patients back into nursing homes and hospitals so that they can keep thedi medicare medicaid money going to them. but, said this is absolutely outrageous and wrong. but the probe big because of false claims act because the nursing homes get paid by medicare and medicaid . and here ronald kim and democratic lawmakers in a report saying the liability shields are linked to higher nursing home death rates and the people are seven a half times more likely to die from covid-19 in nursing homes. and hospitals in states with his legal immunity for these facilities.
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tom: why would you send positive patients into those nursing homes with tax like that . why would you do that knowingly. in this whole argument that the cdc federal guidelines are going to sue the federal government and blame trump . that is run by political fact is a false statement when they issued a month ago when we were claiming and do not send covid-19 positive patients into nursing homes. and so this is exactly what cuomo's, he was doing this from day one. he is being influenced by these folks are big-time million dollar lobbyists. number two, the daughter of the father of the brother end of the sister his mother-in-law's the u.s. attorney in southern district of new york. well-connected people. i will tell you it is disgusting that is happened. and we will get to the bottom of it . this is just a tip off of the iceberg. liz: what would you like to see done when you want to get to the bottom of this . what will you do. tom: i want to know exactly the communication from his lobbyist
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to governor cuomo. and from this law firm to almost directly and why did the issue of covid-19 positive corner like this . defies common sense. and remember, we were involved in this in real time reading nursing home association arepresented, they said don't o this . will kill people. it is issued within 12 hours of cuomo issuing this order . 15000 people died it. we know these people. if we know who these folks are. i will tell you, there is reckoning coming and governor cuomo will be held accountable. liz: come back soon. we love your insights and perspectives. were so grateful you join us . were saying on the story for unit coming up the media and democrats are now pushing hard to shut down a narrative about green energy and power grid in texases . dozens are dead and families are battling to stay warm and that ice storm.
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another one can be coming. but this media paradigm the democratic narrative misses the problem that when the executives are talking about when it comes to the fragile power grid . were going to explain all t this and behind or what is behind the massive power outages . that is expurgated. >> this needs to be investigated in houston, where i'm sitting now is the energy capitol of the world right now we don't have any energy. and in texas, in particular running out of power as a demonstration. as to why we need to support and expand the energy industry. in my opinion, the current administration vertically approved executive orders from the keystone pipeline and ending natural gas drilling on public land is only going to destroy our energy dependence and we can us during times of natural disasters.
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sfx: [sounds of everyday life events, seen and heard in reverse]
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of fedex planes and vehicles engines] ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of children laughing and running, life moving forward] liz: welcome back. let's get you updated on what is going on in texas . the power may not come back and parts of the state but monday . and again plunged into darkness. is it with a one-two punch a historic freezing temperatures, snow and ice and dozens now dead rated officials ordering 7 million people to boil water, tapwater to be safe b freighted let's get an update from of the top meteorologist in the country. we love talking to him. rick.
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is there any more relief in sight for those people freezing without power . reporter: it is about to get better. we have a couple of more days to get through and then there is really b coming. from this really longy stretch f record-breaking cold. it is been so bitter and obviously semi- frozen pipes all of the water for unit and the water pipes are bursting and then freezing. to massive problems. these are overnight low temperatures from the o side. saw overnight lows and 23012 in texas . 31 in houston. and everybody . much in texas is at freezing temperatures overnight and this is what it feels like across texas and oklahoma right now. still like into the teens and everybody 11 oklahoma city and not just in texas that goes up towards areas of oklahoma and north of that as well. were going to start to see a bit of a warm up . low temperatures are very cold . and tomorrow night, temperatures are very cold we will start to see the
10:19 pm
daytime high temperatures creep up just a little bit. tomorrow almost everybody above freezing and then toward saturday which of the 10 degrees or so . these temps are so below average for this time of year, but at least get them above freezing for unit and then by monday and tuesday and wednesday of next week, we will see temperatures getting closer to normal. we still have a couple of days utto get through. but it's about to look better. see tip instantly to everyone. thank you so much wee really appreciate it . let's talk to one of my favorite guys . former texas rancher, david simpson . david your still filled with common sense . what is your take with what is going on in texas with the blackouts are free to. david: as rick said, this is a storm of unprecedented severity and duration. with the dynamics of this, over the last decade, texas has 4 million newew president.
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and the base electrical generation capacity it and thus with this is all about, the base generational electric it capacity. they have decreased from 33 percent of the red down to about 20 percent . is been no new nuclear energy unit built in texas since 1992. and gas-fired generation has been stable. texas has doubled it down the on greater reliancee on wind and solar which can be helpful when conditions are perfect. but that somebody needed when the weather is severe that's really been the problem that we have encountered over the last week wind and solar have not worked. liz: and the government is not delivering wind turbines in hospitals and fire stations and police stations in texas right now. it is about gas . in getting off of their own power grid enjoy the southwest powerful. if there's not enough backup energy. there's no ramp up obligation
10:21 pm
that we are hearing. wind and solar do not have to pay to maintain the liability of the greatest . and it's hard to compete against that . in the wind executiveson are safe thate don't have the battery capacity now to store wind energy. david: wind energy is not an economically feasible. he has to be subsidized in texas to be built. it is not a stable source of energy when the weather is bad. liz: so this is like out once in a century event it feels like it. where do you see this going forward, final word . david: i think i've completely look and her energy generation capacity in texas. speech of thank you david. another common sense, you're so practical and down-to-earth . just give me the information we love to hear a targeted thank you so much for your insights. we are coming into the bottom of
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the hour . watching the foxbusiness network print house judiciary on how former fbi director james comey testifies that he is responsible for everything in thehe trump russia probe and the abuses under the obama administration. here is the debate . sue the u.s. attorney charge comey for what went wrong and comey already testified. the story is next for unit. >> just shows an extraordinary effort by the fbi were despite and with a new was a political trip . they knew that christopher still's intentions was to help hillary clinton get rid of her e-mails and distract the public from it in the last quarter of the election. oh, i like it. how are you doing? (seagulls sounds)
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liz: back with is now escorted republican greg sits in the judiciary . toys but have you on . this could have you back on . sarah going through thehe government documents congressman and we found james coming testified at his judiciary saying that he is responsible for everything that went wrong the trump russia probe for unit suit is that mean u.s. attorney john durham has a case against him. greg: i sure hope the john durham has evidence that jim comey committed some type of crime. these absolutely going to send that to a grand jury and look
10:27 pm
over the evidence make a decision. the challenges are now under a biden administration and the question is, the investigation is been going on for so long and a lot of republicans have asked and well over a year now, when will the sand. when will there be indictment . solely one of the attorneys it was part of this. jim comey was ahead of the fbi when all this happened. and when they used to weapon eyes fbi to pfizer court to file members of the trump campaign. the certainly help the durham has a evidence of wrongdoing or a crime is indicted in charge for that. liz: he's not entered that he has enough evidence to bring perjury charges to misleading the secret and that the obama administration the news on the trump campaign. let's listen to james coming before seven judiciary last september. watch this. >> now apparently everybody's responsible but nobody's to blame. that is not theig right answer.
10:28 pm
>> is that the director have any responsibility to make sure the facts are right with a given to the court. >> not in connection with the certification but in general, and if you directors responsible for everything is being done in ethiopia . i'm hoping you're not saying that i'm not responsible for unit i was a leader so this perfect sunbeam entirely in mayan responsibility. the director is responsible party to. >> are you responsible for this misleading evidence given to the pfizer court for he did yes or no. >> yes in the sense of command responsibility and know that i did not have personal knowledge that would lead me to understand it there will not supply complete information. liz: so the last part, is what the critics are saying that comey, that is objectionable because under, the fbi, and you and i have talked about this. the cia florida comey that this is international rumor. and that was financed by hillary
10:29 pm
clinton's campaign and comey team was informed that by the own sources, that this was gossip over peers . comey himself said testified that later in june of 2017, that the report was unverified. we knew the time was unverified but they still use it to get a wiretap on people like corner pagege . greg: they still misrepresented an amended information intentionally to the pfizer court . to get a pfizer warrant to spy on carter page and trump campaign . you can tell me that they didn't know . was ahead of the fbi. he would've been briefed on though these things and he did not know coming sure s as heck should have known. information was not collaborated accurate and had the duty to investigate that . so i sure hope if there is evidence that john durham has that there was
10:30 pm
misinformation, he absolutely should be held criminally liable for that. liz: comey e-mail saying that the report, the anti- trump winstallations information wasn .collaborated for unit eight turns around to the fire department said it was verified in order to get a pfizer wiretap. it can violate private citizens constitutional right . it is powerful and could be a one half to copy and anybody they talk to him and him those people talk to can be listened in on . so listen listen to james coming. in times when it seems like in the same testimony, the same hearing, that when james going entered comey as saying i am responsible, responsible, i am responsible. he may have realized it that he then backtracks and then he starts saying that are needed let's listen to what he ended up saying. watch . >> i do not remember learning
10:31 pm
anything. i don't remember any thing about the facts . don't remember specific words . don't remember anything and i don't recall any information like that. don't remember any information. i don't remember learning about it . not that i recall, no. i don't remember any discussion. now . i don't remember using that word. i don't remember ever being informed. i don't't remember using that word. i don't remember. i don't remember receiving anything. i don'ti remember using those ae hearing those words . i don't remember exact words unless i write them down. liz: your reaction. greg: list . telling . criminal defense lawyers one of the first and continue to do is not teincriminate yourself . and disable i don't recall. he knew he was under oath and those committee hearings and if he lied about anything to later could be proved that he did have
10:32 pm
that information in line to the senate committee he could be held accountable for those lies. so he's just going to say, will i don't recall and i don't remember when in fact he probably did. so i sure hope is evidence out there in this investigation for him to get to the bottom of this. >> speech of critics and americans we keep hearing it in their tired that he will be held accountable. the doj inspector general found the fbi team led by comey committed 17 significant errors in commissions omissions as well as 50 errors in the rules to protect the citizens constitutional lights.ik your final words sir. greg: this is been going on with the entire time i've been in congress and republicans republican members of congress are frustrated that this is taken so long to get to the bottom of this. we keep getting told members of congress, is coming is coming.
10:33 pm
so i hope the market people get an answer to the soon. liz: it is good to see you and come back soon. i've next retired col. and republicans now battling back against china. china is now pressuring biden headed the d7 tomorrow. tomorrow if hunter biden story is next for unit. >> i think we are in a dangerous slippery slope here because we have a president of the united states who does not understand the threat from china that is downplaying the simile because his family ties bring the hunter biden and the laptop that we found. all of the information is telling. finally moved in. it's a great old house.
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we have china pressuring biden headed the g-7 meeting tomorrow . with god republicans saying to president invite and that were going to go after you because your policies on china our weekend that is led by congressman thanks . what do you say to this story. sue and i would say the president asked for a party to good sent me a tweet, bidens china policy, very equivocal bulk on a message that are sending to china. it in part i think it reflects in the obama approach to foreign policy which is we can be so exquisite and how we do this. but it's like flicking your fingers when everybody else is throwing a sledgehammer. not sending clear messages and not really sure yet they just don't know what the t heck they want to do they can't decided. or they're mimicking kind of obama former policy. not wanting to appear tough but on thehe other hand, not wanting to appear weak. he kind of mushy.
10:39 pm
liz: let's listen to rick on this . he would agree with you. let's watch former acting rick grenell. >> this is now i a real serious pattern of how the biden administration and the effects of the nominees and really been downplaying china. and the crisis that we are in with china. in overplaying the russian threat. russia is a problem in china is a crisis. in the full idea of having an america first policy is to scan for values. is to stand for capitalism and ten for the rule of law. we cannot consent and half targeted we can decide that we're just going have consensus with the chinese when they have a genocide going on and what are we going to half the genocide. liz: that was in reference to president biden sank to the sand and town hall on tuesday that chinesei president xi jinping gets it when that abuses, biden
10:40 pm
said i'm a not going to speak ot against that. the cultural norms in different countries for unit this about hong kong time on and what china is doing his leaders for your response . james: that's a perfect example. so on the one and 30 administration is rather they continue these in the south china sea and containing the demonstrate i, strong policy . they reaffirmed his support for taiwan. they expressed outrage at what is being done to the hong kong citizens. the spoke out against the coop but on the other hand we have, we just declared and genocide, the grossest human rights abuse that you could possibly duplicate his official u.s. government policy and the president equivocate on it. we go back to the world health organization parade although the one thing that we have learned is the world health organization is completely incapable of dealing with china. the secretary of state and secretary on the president of tethe united states allowing the
10:41 pm
organizations because we will work with it to deal with china. they speak out about and the point is that not only are we confusing here in the united states. what is china and russia thinking . to the point, china is moving ahead as quickly as i possibly can. so while the united states has a new on-site the messaging. china is just trying to get down this far down to the track is again . liz: and we have top republican saying that china is after the and ministration the right about trump era protections for the power grid . just trying to get access. and in the five jeep telecom network and the university sprinted and then the t republin saying incoming attorney general eric andar mayor garland . lookg into hunter biden in the election, money laundering and charges and allegations swirling around him. thens you have biden not
10:42 pm
investing yet as you said he what about 10 percent ownership in chinese find it . and investing in materials that competes with the u.s. greeny energy and also connected to companies and permitting human rights and child labor abuses. it. james: i think we really have to stay focused on the policy . that is crucial. when a crucial point. it is like were declining and tried climbing on everest . and then we got to the second step and then biden says let's go back to base camp and talk about this. want to think about policy with china. they're not thinking that it is moving out and the other is that we want to be tough but we want to cooperate when we can freighted newsflash targeted never critical issue to us, the chinese are on the wrong side of the coin. where are we going to cooperate that's useful to us in the answer is nothing. so the united states andit this what deal with the strong policy than we know with the chinese will do. the going to put the ball down
10:43 pm
the field as far as they can take advantage of that for unit you're playing catch up even if you tough lever on. liz: republicans consistently send the biden family is taking advantage of the presidents position in order to make money by selling excess . rick also talk to us about that with us last night . said the media is continuing to downplay the seriousness of the biden family ties to china. let's watch this. >> joe biden said during the campaign but he didn't not know anything about this . never spoke to his son about any of these deals and yet there is evidence showing video evidence showing them on a trip together into china. none of this is making sense in the media. they're completely disinterested. but the fact of the matter is that joe biden keeps talking about russia because he doesn't wanted to look at china . and go deep what his family has been
10:44 pm
doing which is selling access. liz: what do you say to that col. james: we have got want to track your . walking to comfort if they are concerned about family access, let that running through the course. the truck going. don't put those together . focused on the policy issues because this was going to get us all killed. then on the other issues. they have to be run through investigative reporting in all of that they sell wrap their heads around trump and present that they never bothered to look at the policies which were good. liz: we hear exactly what you're saying . thank you for joining us. and thank you for your service to our country. coming up, and morning about this. rush limbaugh at the morning about this prayed about since her to entrances or should print is going from sensory conservatives to the entire country. australia saying listen, you're
10:45 pm
censoring so any things that we cedo in this country . or effectively censoring the entire nation freedom going break this down with joe next bargaining
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. liz: we are so happy to pet back with us know the media: this joe. given talking about censorship. what is going on in australia. australia is serious the various. the sounds of the top. joe: the first chance i get to a particular the latter just brought the wrong way. the me break this down . facebook originally blocked the pages of health emergency services, weather forecasters charities in all because australia pass legislation that said that you need to pay for our content that is produced by
10:50 pm
our local news media. so facebook was taking it and aggregating the content of the profiting off of it without ever paying australia released his media companies as far as actual compensation. this is a very good argument to make now facebook decides we will take theid whole country off-line . think about the spread half the population is facebook users come about 12 million facebook users of a population of 25 million the woke up yesterday andla said, i cannot get on my facebook page for his remarkable gracie australia taken a stand here . liz: so australia is saying now that facebook and social media think they are bigger than everybody else in the rules do not apply to them. would you sayth to that. joe: i say that facebook made $86 billion during the last fiscal year, . sure they can afford a party to get comments on the content . he belongs to the mediait companies in omaustralia. the need to be compensation for that . circuits, they're taking
10:51 pm
a stand here and applaud them for it. liz: the basically making freak revenues off of it. you kept been crazy we love having you on. were so sorry we ran out of time. you are so terrific breaking that down for unit. joe: i willld hold you to it. liz: next up, retired acting director republicans pushing new legislation to stop joe biden and his border policy and congressional democrats unveiled a the plan today and we will break it down next.
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will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $800 on new sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. liz: let's welcome back to the show, former ice acting director liz: have you on sir. so what is your take on the democrats today and billing diversion and findings immigration reform legislation . what your reaction to it. n it. >> this planet is very heavy in amnesty and giveaways. so pathway to the millions of people here illegally, critical pathway to daca recipients . bathroom green card for people who are supposed to be in a temporary status. they talked to the security reading.
10:56 pm
they talk about technology. facilities and technology between the courts . but att the same time, do not hire, they talk about the authority that te secretary exercise to put the ball down . both in 2006 and 2007. in this latest generation walkway and the secretary has the authority to waive the environmental statutes of that they can get this thing done . why does he have that authority you because you could not build walls and the borders . be sued we still be litigating cases from the 2006 installation. it is lotta giveaway here. it really is on the security part. there's nothing here about hiring agents in closing the loop old for the amnesty . and the authorities, or use of alternatives to detention which is inexpensive social welfare program. for people who are here illegally. few people - we did
10:57 pm
this a month ago. that we would go soft on immigration enforcement is often the water the whole world knows it because that's why the caravan's formed and everybody watching. they're talking about record numbers at the border last and so far this month. and early last week at the border, so you . conditions in place were you going to have another surge . 14 was bad. eighteen was worse than that and now we took all the tools that solved it off the table. think about the workforce that has to go through this again . these agents have to go put hands on people these people are coming over, and crowded conditions,, trailers and stash houses . and then our agents have to interact with them and then go over the family sprayed just think about the stress that will cause just thinking about a surge on the border. it. liz: in an explosion of
10:58 pm
covid-19. in hearing of the caravan and political reporting the border states like texas are really uneasy . out like the white house is doing that. missing at the white house is walking into political cause due to the freeze and the halt on deportation. and that's basically the president of biden will soon be dealing with a minority in congress . any continues down this path. you know i have talked about it. this is about crime it's not about immigration. that seems to be a lack of focus and the biden administration when you see per capita homicide rates just south of the border higher than the middle east. when you see narcotics being shipped across the border via drones planes and even submarines and votes. shoved intoo vegetable trucks or housewares fans. any which way. even into things like food like
10:59 pm
burritos we are saying and trying to get drugs across . than human smugglers. if those guys, there going to become drug mules. this is about crime sir your reaction . ron: you're right it's about all of that . the only people who will be benefiting it be the cartels bring the make money at all those transactions and you talked about for unit people who represent border states, they know what it's like. we have seen it happen and we know what happens whenhe you tae all of these tools off the table for unit the border will be enforced like it was the last three years. it. so where you go from here . what we do. final word . ron: i think republicans will have to hold the line on the political side parking the margins are small so they've gotta make sure that the security regime is not represented in this plan is glorified. if we secure the border i think people will be very generous to giving people an offense here . without that security and
11:00 pm
confidence. liz: thank you ron for joining us prayed thank you for your service to our country prayed i'm elisabeth mcdonald you're watching state evening at it on foxbusiness . thank you so much for watching we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪♪ coincides with the open border policy by


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