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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 18, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm EST

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security anywhere in this proposal. now, we'll be looking at this in just a couple moments with a former colleague and friend of mine from the white house, mr. stephen miller. steve and i worked together with jared kushner and my pal brook rollins, director of domestic ud personally, never got past. but we were able to at least execute some good parts of it. we will get to see miller here shortly but first a correspondent. blake, he has the details on this new immigration bill good afternoon blake greatest meth good afternoon larry and his good to see how this packages performed by the mighty . actually becomes law the% politics for second year, top headlines on the policies. the meeting through some of them. the top headline of course, an eight-year path to citizenship
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and expediting green cards for dreamers along with agriculture workers . out in economic side of things, the package calls for visas to support regional economic development . also make it easier for graduates for them to say the u.s. and it calls for work permits for the spouses of each one in the visa holders. in differing opinions here in washington as to what this might mean and the jobs in the economy. senator tom cotten said that rent present biden's immigration plan is a disaster because nothing securing our borders. and welfare benefits and even voting rights over 11 million people who come here illegally. and today with david of the cato institute makes a case on the other side larry, saying that by increasing the skilled immigration, the bill would allow u.s. companies to fend off the competitors around the world making sure that america continues to be home for innovation and entrepreneurship . but when you get back to the politics coming of the dynamics here. in washington, the biden administration said they are putting this forward and they
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want to start a conversation. but is still a long road for that conversation happened. larry: there may be some things in there. i'm not necessarily opposed to this and so forth if you can prove it. but i'm just saying that there is no coherent package. there's no coherent package with reforms. all of these countries have skills based merit policies to get into the united states. were not asking too much . what is your value. i am for illegal immigration. let me make that clear. if i get my pal steve miller. were talking about a million legal immigrants to add to the united states. legal immigrants have a long and illustrious history in this country. but not illegals. not that chaos at the border. and not adversely affecting american workers. so with that in mind, let's bring in stephen miller who really knows a lot more about this than i do . steve, thank you ever so much for coming on.
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his white house senior a policy advisor for president trump and i might add a brilliant speechwriter for unit and a friend. stephen, walk us through some of the low lights of this thing. that is really where we will start. why is it that they're singling out trump if you were deported under truck, use some special task to become a legal immigrant. i do not get this among other things. steve: yes, first of all there, it is going to be on and congratulations to you . nobody mourns the repentant deserving of the tuning into your show every day for a long time to come. but yes, one of the most remarkable provisions in this proposal has been reported that if you were removed from the country as an illegal immigrant during the trump administration, they could be readmitted to the country and credited to citizenship. this is unheard of before. no country i believe in world history, modern history but world history, scott the
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plaintiff the idea that make you has given a pathway to citizenship. what is and say to her border agents . and tour ice officers who worked for years to secure the border, to work these cases tend to find people living in the country ultimately any times who had a criminal record and remove them and then you let the backend. that is so demoralizing for our law enforcement officers. larry: amen. again, i'm a guy who like to see immigrants come into this country and grow and prosper but not this way. we had peace and calm on the border did we not stephen miller, the last year or two because of the trump walls. it. steve: is one of the president's signature achievements . roomy left the white house, we bequeathed our predecessor, the most secure border in u.s. history. and there was good for mexico, good for america in the northern triangle.
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it was good for the whole of the western hemisphere. never before new person coming to office the frist have to say to him, you have a secure border on your first day in office. leslie joe biden has. the young progressives working for him who don't know anything about law enforcement are smashing into pieces . in rural people getting hurt in the process. in a situation right now where unmasked and unvaccinated illegal immigrants are at the border they're being released into u.s. communities in violation of cdc on public health orders. that is crazy weather quick point that i want to make is that with respect to the legal part of this bill, his main contribution will be massively expanding migration. which we know, is low skilled migration at a time when our economy increasingly is becoming automated and becoming high-tech becoming modernize. so what you're doing we have a
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huge boost and low skilled migration, creating a large class of people in the country it will not have jobs. it is bad for the low skilled workers will be here today and spent the low skilled workers that you're bringing and who won't be able to find work. larry: what happened. we looked at this in 2018 and in 2019 and also in 2020. stephen, you are at the of it. you came up but look, i thought there was really in congress, more or less a consensus, not for a family change program that would go on forever before a skilled based merit program. we take off and you check certain specific items to show your skills, to speak the language and you know some history. and the constitution. it is not that hard. countries all over the world have this including canada to the north. what happened to that for you to get the divided people nothing of the sort in this bill.
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steve: no, they do not have a skilled system. that's exactly which mission. the idea that when you apply, obviously when it comes to immigration, the number of people who like to come in any given year, only exceed the number of people that you could theoretically invent because there's millions of people in the world. and so you have a ranking system where you look at education, language skills the economic contributions. and what makes no sense. for the whole country the whole country and all of the people living in it today. including immigrants living here today. they don't create that system the question you're asking if by. because there is a consensus among the market people at least. a lot of thoughtful people in washington who would like a system like that. importantly, the answer larry, is that for reasons that escape me, the biden administration is handed the keys over to the very far progressive left . that is
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bad for our economy and our security and our country. and finally, for joe biden. it is terrible politics bring us like he wants to get. larry: that is exactly right. is that the crime and better drugs. it is better jobs. it is bad for law and order on the border. and just back to the country rated everyone, all civilized countries now sophisticated countries have these skills based merit systems. the shame. thank you steve miller. i appreciate it . now breaking development out of texas. the state energy officials and the deadly winter storm and cold played so much strain on the power granted this past monday that it was second or even minutes away from catastrophic failure. that power grid is still not stable and it is causing chaos performers across the state. outside of dallas on a ranch with more. sounds like it bad story getting
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worse. reporter: is certainly is and it could be any far in the midwest. but this is texas where they are not used to dealing with these kinds of conditions and it is caused all sorts of problems for farmers and ranchers out here. they've had no power in some cases, the water so's there animals has been president a lot of their equipment like tractors is not an event these temperatures. so because of that, some farmers have reported losing cafs also reports that dairy farmers have spent millions lost millions of dollars of milk and then on top of that you see all of the snow on the ground. fields of wheat and corn out here that are covered so the effects of that are to be determined to. we will know when the snow melts how out in impacted those . because of all of these issues, the commissioner here say there could be a supply chain problem for the food industry.
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the state of texas has never seen before. this comes larry is grocery store shelves are already there . larry: the electricity grid, we thank you for your great reporting on this. i would just say this. last evening we heard from former energy secretary dan about this issue. and today, another terrific editorial from the wall street journal. we can bicker over natural gas and windmills and some subfreezing temperatures. but if the end of the day, in a broad-based energy base to sustain the systems when you have lousy winters free to stop global warming obviously prayed is global freezing . that is another conversation . you will not get it done without call and nuclear for unit that is key and more happy to have the wind. though wind power does not work during this time. nicole and nuclear. right now nicole is the only thing functioning . up next, not
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>> who gets a better deal, including my times are . >> when it comes from a broker who is paying for being faded and one not . can you testify that there is no difference assuming the same size of the order. >> size of the order is only one factor. >> you're doing a great job of wasting my time. larry: it was a taste of the game stop hearing today . that is kind of what happened in congress when you get into these difficult financial matters. a lot of questions were asked but in truth, the witnesses need to give real answers. i think he's a straight shooter, i know tim. another post to him making money. i also think that's just arts.
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[laughter]. sandra smith is here and she's the greatest, host on "fox news" channel and joins me now . your terrific always. so okay, you're watching this, you're not a specialist or expert in this . gentlemen, what came out of i this . >> i'm like you, it's hard to follow all the details of this nothing but now, they formed an opinion overme what happened on that day. there was a lot . this morning, to have the roaring bill behind the big run-up in the stock rises, took away that he is not. that's how he began his opening remarks . robin hood ceo said that he is sorry he could've done better. i think that is totally fair . worsen things and he admitted admitted he could've done differently. it. larry: like what. he has to say that this kind of wild trading with prices soar in the fall. so he is god have capitol
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deadequacy and requirements fora very important part of this. and secondly, the margin call so they had stopped training . coming. sandra: any operate the company that allows these retail traders. it is important not to call them investors . he has an app or a platform where they can do this for free. so i don't think should be shocked the nonparticipating in the same level as a sophisticated investor out there. but my other thing or take away his the 54 members of congress that were so eager to get these witnesses before then, could not find theiv activity. a line of questioning really just tells me they need to prepare for. and that they have a lot to learn . larry, you made a good point. larry: you think they need to prepare more . sandra: guess just a little before . but to come talk to you, gotten the phone and i talked to the former general counsel erector broker big deal.
11:18 pm
it really looks at this with no political lands whatsoever. and he said that there iss no evidence of any conspiracy and is listen to the testimonial day. nono disadvantage to the retail investors . much higher likelihood that robin hood restricted the trading to t mane their risk to your point. because they got that margin call. and that is in the fine print that they can shut down the trading on that . and any point if they have to . that's what they did. larry: by the way, join getting firms have done this. we haveer a stand up with that robin hood fellow . >> despite this market conditions in general, at the end of the day, what happened is unacceptable. to our customers i'm sorry and i apologize. larry: well okay, i am sorry he sorry but i didn't hear much of that one. and again, you've got the basic points as far as i know. sandra: he was dealing with unprecedented situation larry . can youed look back and say thee
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were some things he could've done better could've he been better prepared to capitalize. i don't know . don't know what he could've done . . larry: sometimes it just happens. speech of but one take away as you have lawmakers on that committee. they are now saying tax the rich . and attacks on these stocks. amc, it's really something to see these wall street nursing infantry dark economy is a casino furnish was to try to prevent others high frequencies. this really important that they know that is lowering the cost of training for these retailers. larry: thank you . lower the cost of training and capitol investment for unit which raises productivity and real wages for working families which you will never understand. because it very socialist views which i respect. but i do not absolutely agree with that. you want to make this a perfect cost anything . have to go to
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bitcoin and watch it this what you would have to do . so he's going to do the water flow and they're going pay him a couple of bucks . start going to make him rich or poor by the way. his operations are so huge. not to get rid of that incremental cost you have to go to bitcoin in the ledger. but they are not ready for that technologically. sandra: i think that's fair . larry: my last pointai is that i don't want the sec and others in the army and the navy and the marines to start promulgating mandates on the stock market . and tax hikes are really stupid this point . lengthy exchanges work this out . private companies exchanges with private companies . speech of we just learned that from a guy who has hedge fund who headed up the hedge fundn who got caught in that short squeeze, the markets work themselves out . this rally come these retraining forms, the going to be watching my cox now. if they was not exactly the
11:21 pm
amateur investor he made himself out to be he's a licensed stock dealer . larry: you think . i'm still trying to t figure out the bettr . byy the way, just to be more on. , think short-sellers they entered play a crucial role in market trading. a safeguards and counterbalances sandra: watch what they arel calling for the settlements . so if you want immediate settlement, can you have a shortselling more. one of the unintended consequences and by the way,nt things important and i can tell you wrapping up a really important that we want the individuals investor to thrive. but this quick, day-to-day an hour to hour trading somehow lawmakers are encouraging,ul i would be careful of that . larry: is kind of concert . is sandra smith ceo . she's got the whole story down right. by the way, watch her and john roberts on american reports, weekdays from one - 3:00 p.m. eastern on fox.
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i love it. in the next here on kudlow, bidenn harris finally admits thy stopped. can understand the lockdowns are doing better in the free state of florida for unit in the feeling that my pal charles may have an explanation he joins us next right after the break.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪. >> contrast states like florida and california. >> jordan california, california basically locked out of the numbers that different from florida. it. larry:de there's still parts of this fires that we think we understand and can . party divisions beyond our expectation . we've all learned by the time that there is a virus that continues to surprise us very hard to . . larry: will biden called an advisor. in handling the pandemic better
11:27 pm
than lockdown california, florida is better. florida actually has fewer cases, fewer deaths and fewer hospitalizations . in florida is economy is doing much better with job creations and school openings because it is largely open. that is the answer. if so, play hard more states trying to open up just like florida . the big success story. let's bring in charles. hosted making money on foxbusiness . i want to get to date governors to sentence fragment just give me a first take on this. give a disagreement you see it differently. it. charles: no, just thinking answer is disingenuous. so that they don't know but the biden administration does not want to admit it that these democratic governors were overreacting and initially signaling that they were basing their decision-making on science . when i it became apparent that
11:28 pm
they were not. sort of shoe from helphe pension have now they have a lot of questions that they have tons answer to invite of the fact to all of the stats and screenprinted florida is doing r,demonstrably better. their opening also these other p issues larry like the psychological holes that are going to linger for a long time. larry: is a key point. let's enter of charles, i want to hear from florida governor ron desantis on fox's morning. >> we have been able to avoid a lot of the instruction of these lockdowns and when you look at the mortality for 2020 guys, covid-19 was obviously a big part of the increase in mortality. there are lockdown debts in some of the states. and a lot of the media does not want to talk about it. but that will be a really lastingg negative legacy for all of this . larry: is gotten so bad out there. this is california . . left-wing
11:29 pm
state fruits and nuts and so forth for unit that actually there's a big revolt in califora entry follow the parade governor gavin newsom would have to be given recall petition. the got the signatures . the probably be a new content. charles: people, regular folks in california are feeling thehe pain. they felt that for a long time. they are waking up. the stubborn up to the fact that to your point, it was supposed to be the land of milk and honey, the most amazing golden state in the nation . a cutting a piece of the action for unit silicon valley in hollywood doing extraordinarily well and everybody else's barely making it day-to-day. larry: i just can't help myself. do you think it is a coincidence charles, be honest on this. i want you to be totally honest. these blue states, a lot are opening up more including california. little by the way to new york,
11:30 pm
tillinois, the mayor of chicago wants to open the schools. this is after the election . his jet engine that just a coincidence charles . charles: is notot for unit it's hard to say that i don't think so. it lives and money and all the things that are associated with this larry. it breaks my heart that we couldn't get a stimulus package on the nancy pelosi philip $2000 prayed and even have to say, only venture about mitch mcconnell's intentions anymore considering how is personal has gone back and forth the president trump . is heartbreaking that politics superseded the well-being of america. larry: walmart to $15 an hour for unit i love that charles . know why pray to because it is a private company that isiz maximizing wages presumably the workforce has earned a productivity. it's not the federal mandate. it's a private enterprise system.
11:31 pm
let's maximize wages through good hard work. i applaud walmart and then to be shows why the federal government should stay outan of declaring mandates on what you should pay the workforce. the quick take. charles: quickly, walmart of the biggest companies inio the worl. they will transition to $15 eventually. they are ready take a . good wage in place were they opened afraid of people lineup, their down the road . whenever walmart opens in a new community particularly the suffering seen it myself in alabama for unit two forces on a small mom-and-pop shop operating out of mississippi is business suicide. that should be the right word because it's mandated by the government . by applaud walmart and amazon and all these other companies are doing whathe they can. they want to retain these workers . a cost a lot of money to retrain somebody. staying dry thing because they can ande is smart and same thing to somebody you cannot afford
11:32 pm
$50 rated my tires money the neighborhood who take anything. larry: thank you charles . your next . last question . no thinking . right off of top of your head. stock market gold are rare. charles: gold. larry: best of the best we can watch making money with charles . weekdayss at 2:00 p.m. on foxbusiness and think charles . the biden administration now is receiving funding for the controversial world health organization to the tune of 200 million bucksdo of u.s. tax dollars. wese work to talk to the former national degree advisor after thee break. does he think it's a waste of money for a good idea. did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah!
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month, united states intense pay over 200 million in current obligations to who. this is a key step forward to fulfilling her financial obligations in the who member. larry: maybe not so fast. you're the right the secretary of state and he said the u.s. the denser bank $2 million to the world health organization. former president trumpon previously calls that all funding to who because, all behind here. who did not do a bang up job to make china complain about what is really happening in the beginning of the coronavirus . because of that, became the global killer that itr was, dont really trust w joe. i don't know how important this is or not. more importantly, our next guest, robert o'brien, great friend brilliant investor, national security advisor to president trump. robert, you have criticized the
11:38 pm
who from time to time is a corrupt group for left mr. lincoln said, lincoln other. since a waste w of money or something that we should pursue. robert will first, everybody's watching and talking about this back on tv larry some thank you for having me and congratulations on joining foxbusiness for unit the american people and most generous people in the world for unit and we've got to find a public health. through a stop pandemics and we want to use the bounty of this country to make sure that other people s can live healthy lives but the problem with the who is that is been a organization breed is not been transparent. it is not an independent we spent five or six times as much at the who is china desperate in china totally controls the who. so i'm hoping, i think in principle there is nothing wrong with that spending money for national public health.
11:39 pm
and this is a step the president to take that straight . just out doing something or getting something in return for unit whole series of reforms for the who that were recommended. it would lead to ae more transparent and independent w joe is not just by beijing. i'm hoping that as part of the payment of these s dudes that they're getting some ofho those reforms through. larry: we have the means by the way to provide humanitarian aid including coronavirus and vaccine age and so forth. if around . with or without the who. let me say but the china peace here. because that is where i really wanted to tappan previewew been vocal critic of china on a number of grounds, humanitarian grounds, democracy grounds in taiwan grounds and concentration camps. and so forth and so on and you and i have worked together in some important project . taking american investorss, from china stock market fraud.
11:40 pm
in china keeps in a way. it said that for a minute. how do you see the biden folks . these were trump policies . is a possible the biden folks might be generally following those policies.d yplease do have a bipartisan foreign policy in america, any years ago. what do you think about this. robert: one of the things the country is polarized and folks are i think looking for a bipartisan agenda.e one foreign policy is an area where there can be a lot of bipartisan agreement . seen some very goodts statements from secretary blinken . and from the president biden. they seem to be taken it relatively hard line in china and calling out china for its human rights abuses for undermining of democracy and calm, . in for territory in the attacks and territorial
11:41 pm
integrity of india . are trying to bully taiwan. there's a whole litany of issues that i think unite all americans, republicans and democrats. against the behavior, we love the chinese people and bleeping allies with china, we fought in world war ii with the chinese premier lots of chinese-americans overcoming from china. they decide to stay. the chinese people with chinese communist party of the paste several years has been aggressive with their neighbors and the name and in the united states . and as a bipartisan area where we can come together as republicans and democrats and independents . and set up for our values and democracy. he said that the production of art industry in our intellectual property. and so far the initial biden administration are doing that. larry: let me take off a couple of key points are . prevention 5g. we want to keep while way out of our communications system and for national security purposes. youu and i took us a while but places like britain, and france
11:42 pm
and spain . maybe most importantly, japan and india and australia. they want to keep them out . in fact, that relationship in south asia is very important. with thea biden group keep those in place. robert: i hope they will . and again, it's a matter of u.s. national security. it isot nonpartisan political condition. it's a surveillance stated that they get control 5g backbone from all of that information whether to medical records, or text messages or your financial records car important national security matters for our government. that would allhw traveled on thr highway. and go right into the cloud computing in beijing and they would have access to everything from your grandmother's medical records to our national secrets. so supported that we maintain a 5g network that is comprised of trusted providers . doesn't necessarily mean american
11:43 pm
companies although that is great. with the from japan are our allies areut south korea for the nordic countries. and that would be okay. we just have be careful about having a 5g backbone and information superhighway to beijing. larry: we put a lot of controls in the administrations particularlyn on technologies. and again, your area of national security. do you think divided people keep them. robert: i hope they will because what happens when they take these technologies. not only do they unfairly compete with our companies but they have a direct impact on her national security. so i'm hoping that sensitive computer chips and high tech items, algorithms and various things we shouldn't get exported to a communist country. will maintain tight controls and some are again the initial indications are that the biden folks will follow the policies
11:44 pm
and the prior administration with chai thank you soy: importt for unit. larry: thank you ambassador robert o'brien . thank you. at present biden continuing to push to spend and spend and spend. i just want to ask this question . the economy, it's a v-shaped recovery . something is not setting up for the baby inflation pressures . i don't know why we need all of this new so-called stimulus. we have two great economic thinkers. this in james after the break . a v-shaped boom going on. why spend all of this money. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. obsession has many names. this is ours. the new lexus is.
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larry: let's take a look at the economy. contrary to administrative pessimism . most of the economy is booming. everything but most . that is because of the covid-19 shut down for unit cases are falling in vaccines are rising the time. in this very hopeful. but able to share you this right when i was in washington, coined the phrase, during the pandemic that v shaped recovery. i say we are still in it .
11:49 pm
let's, retail sales . check this out . it looks like a v shaped recovery.ut manufacturing productions. check this out . look at that. the shaped recovery. and now, here weight. housing permits is a very part important part of the economy. his v-shaped . is . good. despite the spikes, it is still going on. in the numbers we just got through the month of january . and retail sales in the housing and production. if they were fabulous, not good but fabulous. there is one. there's inflation. signals around the world, raw industrial think the strength. i can hardly see event raw industrial commodity pricesom . see the right hand side of the chart. they are bulging. that could be a comeback from the crash. the pandemic a year ago or it may show strong growth in our a hint of future inflation. but there is more. if the atlantic reserve gp now
11:50 pm
model, suggest that line .5 percent growth. that is a big number. and n so, i just ask humbly, doe need another $2 trillion in federal spending. $2 trillion. let's ponder that. you foxbusiness contributed . and "fox news": this targeted and foxbusiness contributor. any thank you to both of you. let's start with you these are . big numbers. but these are i big numbers. in another unemployment claims were sloppy today . think there's a lot of runs this reporting period the openings are starting to open and that will help. what is your take onl the economy. can america be confident that in the rest of the yearthis year we will have growth in jobs and we will be able to consume for
11:51 pm
families. liz: larry, i think the answer is a resounding yes. the table is set for just what you're talking about. a v shaped recovery. but incredibly, the democrats are not even talking about economy. you not heard a single democrat talk about exactly what you said. the gdp now for the first quarter is on and half percent . this astounding number. all we need is to get reopening's taking place in big states like california and new york . these jobs are going to come back for unit is $1.9 trillion stimulus is not about boosting the economy. it is about bailing out blue cities and states guaranteeing that the democrats keep control of congress. in 2022 andnd that's what it's about. it's not about the economy. larry: really, and we have debates and so forth. but somebody debate in washington as far have become patrick . and always troubles me. i'll be the first guy.
11:52 pm
if these numbers that china tonight, if they have gone south, all in college. i don't see any evidence that they will. so my question to you is live with the democrats consider this then again, why do we need this now so-called stimulus aid ppackage created we had as4 trillion last year. this could be another 2 trillion this year . federal reserve is pumping in 1.4 trillion right of new money this year. these numbers show a moment. none of us. james: yes and i think it is really the democrats empowered specifically, the president who are leading this region of gloom trying to ignore all of the good economic news to justify this huge new plan. but the number of pets is to work with joe biden in the obama administration led the economic team. a lot of them are saying to the president, this is too vague. your risking inflation and it's
11:53 pm
a needed . and larry summers and jason furman. and steve among the obama administration economic team trying tot say to the president, we do not need this . and as you mentioned, the economic into is really encouraging. and nurses bizarre distance in washington where we will get a good number reported from the biden administration. and the president of biden will give a very depressing bleak look about a future. in a good example is that reports last week, 6.6 million job openings in december. this is historically a huge number. larry: by the way, hate pessimism . with facts, - we'll have enough time today. i'll get larry summers or jason furman to come on . to friends, and economists . and what happens when the music stops. do you know what, i mean.
11:54 pm
what happens when we stop putting in trillions. i don't have too much time but some point the music is going to stop. and then what. liz: and then the feds start to tighten and watch out below. we have been through this before. at some point, they're going to have to cut off the money supply is when the area. inflation is the big risk here . larry: okay will play it dead day ended time for unit let's dman: "fender bender," take 1. stay with us folks. tonight's matchup: me versus an ugly fender bender. if i can eke out a win, it's going to be a miracle, baby! uh, mr. vitale? it wouldn't be a miracle because geico gives you a team of experts to help manage your claim. it's going to be a nail-biter. no, the geico team is there for you 24/7. geico is awesome, baby! (shouting) too much? i think we got it. yeah. thanks. thank you.
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psst! psst! you're good. larry: a quick look at the larry: quick look at theuc markets today. dow is off 120 points s&p down 17, nasdaq down 100. but we are still in a fabulous bull market. come back to us tomorrow please former chairman of the council of economic advisers, kevin and general jack keane are among our guests. if you miss any of this show you could have encore presentation every night at 7:00 p.m. that is even better. many thanks to fox for allowing me to it put more v shaped recovery chart on the air. c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c t evening. ♪ ♪'s before it is thursday, let's do this right. andrew cuomo. [laughter] york goose is cooked because now it is looking like you are not only a bully and a lousy
11:59 pm
politician perhaps also a criminal. that near governors scandal turning into legal quicksand after his public spat with the new york democrat state lawmakers comic-con very public. today msnbc claimed cuomo demanded he like to help cover up cuomo scandal, watch. spin back when we get closer to the truth behind the growing nursing home scandal in new york, governor cuomo tries implicate


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