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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 19, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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hit because i was in labor, the same thing happened this time. dave: my wife is the same way she worked right up until the day before she had the baby, full-time. it is just one thing guys will never get how you do that. congratulations, have a wonderful baby girl. neil cavuto i leave you with a great news from lauren. neil: that's going to be hard to top. just a reminder what they're like when their two natures. i'll leave it at that. it is all just beautiful. a hallmark commercial. thank you, my friend, david if you could work a little harder, that would help. in the meantime, working hard to get vaccines out, that is not the problem there's plenty of vaccines a couple more for emergency use and you know that would lay the groundwork for everybody so there backing up
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the vaccines on planes to laguardia in the final mile you heard it so often the president is going to travel to michigan visiting a pfizer vaccine facility, the problem is that there buddy is going to talk to a number of the key players, how to get those vaccines, the final mile that makes it to the people who desperately need them in those states. with efforts right now, the nasty weather across the country, it is slow down vaccine production and shipments coming to the states and eight cases where they are heavy on supply but short on getting out the supply. we will explore that, jackie deangelis chasing all the headlines right now not only on the weather but the vaccine front and what is really disrupting with giving the dow another tease of record territory. to you my friend. >> a lot going on today, let's
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start the vaccine where you left off the president is going to michigan, kalamazoo michigan to go to the pfizer plant where the first vaccine were actually produced, he's going to talk to the workers who produced the vaccine and talk about the issues that you mentioned in the complications that were facing right now as a nation, his second visit to the state which should be noted because of the critical state as well it looks like he's doing two things at the same time the white house covid response team said the u.s. was on track to have enough vaccines available to put shots in the arms of 300 million americans by the end of july, it does seemed like it's a ways away but it appears to be on track. meantime watching two new studies out of israel that are digging deeper into the effectiveness of the pfizer vaccine one study found an 85% reduction in symptomatic over 19 and within about 15 - 28 days
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78% of asymptomatic cases more research needs to be done but the study suggest the vaccine prevents the spread of the virus which would be more effective than preventing illness if you were to become infected with it. president biden is going to be part of the virtual g7 summit today the first one since april last year, biden is going to pledge $2 billion immediately upfront and $2 billion later for a total of 4 billion with the global vaccine effort and other countries we know have struggled to get vaccines or put vaccine plans in place so the united states is going to be part of that process. neil: thank you very much for that, jackie deangelis on that the president has a lot of agenda changing items either in person when he goes to michigan what's happening at the border this is the day that asylum-seekers in mexico can enter the u.s. as they await
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their future, you might recall under president trump the weighting had to be done in mexico so individuals waiting could just give the court hearing and into the united states illegally and nobody ever hears from them groups argue on their behalf have insisted over the years a fraction do that, need as it may the biden administration is allowing them in the united states, how many, will take them up on the offer there in arizona with how all of this could fan out in the days and weeks ahead. >> there's 2 - 400 asylum-seekers that are waiting in new dallas mexico to have permission to come to the united states an across-the-board of 30000 in the administration is looking to process the hundred per day across the border, were showing you right now thousands
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of others who are trying to enter illegally you see the fence in the bar were in likewise so much barb wire, we are told that the area here, the fence is low that what will happen the migrants will climb up there and push this thing away with a stick or two by four and fall into the united states and three migrants in columbus new mexico fell off the fence and they were angry at border patrol because they sent them back to mexico and did not take them to the u.s. hospital. the border is essentially closed for essential traffic, this is the port of entry and normally on a day like today there will be a lot of tourist people coming with tourist guides and shopping let me show you downtown, virtually empty all these businesses but one is closed people however, are getting a lot more desperate, trying to get them from mexico, we have a slide to show you from
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saturday when a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby on the banks of the rio grande river ends freezing temperatures, we also pictures of nine individuals who were in a tractor-trailer truck and they're going to a checkpoint in texas in the x-ray pick them up and they were rescued there, also the number of rescues along the border have doubled since last year there is video of tucson of an area rescue where an individual got injured on the mountain. what is happening we talked to lindsey graham who is here in nogales basically getting everything from the border patrol about the situation and he's worried it's going to get a lot worse in the situation could backfire on president biden if this continues in the new immigration bill can be heard. >> that would change the magnets to illegal immigration, would never stop, if our asylum laws stay the way they were where few put one foot in the united
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states in your court date is five years from now and you don't show up people will keep coming by the thousands, the hundreds of thousands. >> the problem right now you have this pandemic and you have the state department saying for americans don't go to mexico because of the covid situation and instead you're bringing people in and the mpp program or in certain areas migrants are overwhelming the border and there's no more shelters bringing them in order and conditions were the virus cannot only mutate but also sweep through the populations, that is concerned when you bring people here in the administration since were testing them but they'll tell you that can always be false negatives if you will and there's no guarantee if you will that the virus will not spread in the border cities like this one. >> that's a legitimate fear, great reporting, thank you very
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much. before i get to my next guest were following multiple events going on in the white house healthcare task force one take away i have from that it got lost in the sauce the big winter storm across much of the country, it has delayed shipments of 6 million covid vaccine doses in the u.s. and it's going to take a little bit of time this is coming from the white house senior covid response team to make up for this, many states have been able to cover some of this delay with existing inventory and acknowledge others are not so fortunate they have been snowed in and unable to get to work and get the stuff out, 6 million doses can be compromised or delayed as a result of the weather, that's probably not too shocking or surprising of the overall size of that number, the 6 million doses. i want to go to john on some other developments including the fallout from janet yellen the treasury secretary who wants to go big on stimulus and the
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bigger the better so if there's any signs that some were looking for that they would have to dial this back or get in and through some ground, i think the message from the treasury secretary is no, that would be the worst thing to do in looking at wall street in its reaction, it seems to agree. what do you think? >> wall street is going to love the idea of a trillion dollars more flooding into the economy because that will undoubtedly create what's been called a sugar high earnings for the s&p 500, estimates keep going up and because of the economy doing extremely well, janet yellen talks about how there is real pain in the country and i think that's true and republicans and their $600 billion counter offer did address that, that is the point, let's make sure there's money that is going to the people who need it and i think what is so concerning for many of us is we have a trillion
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dollars from past stimulus bills that have not been spent on schools for example there's $115 billion that haven't been spent, only six out of the current 130 billion in the new bill is directed to go out before october. it seems a giving the government a giant , blank check, here's $1 trillion, do with it what you will maybe janet yellen has gotten caught up in this fever. who knows. neil: that is interesting i never looked at it that way, i'm going to steal that. there used to be a time in wall street and i know under the democrat republican administration, i sound like a broken record but eventually you have to pay for this, i don't know how, when and if it blows up in a future economic activity but i'm wondering if we got it backwards, everyone wants to see a market continued to do well
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but are we looking at a potential storm? what do you think? >> i think a potential storm is coming republicans never cared about the deficits when president trump was in charge they cared when obama was in charge they care when their minority party, there is no difference between republicans and democrats whatsoever when it comes to spending it's just power the other side tends to grab about it. there's a reckoning coming not this particular bill, $520 billion with interest payments this year alone with the government coming out, imagine that money coming into schools and imagine our debt when it gets to $30 trillion if you have a 5% interest rate which were gonna go back to normality you're gonna spend over a trillion dollars in interest that is going to limit
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the federal government on spending in schools in different federal programs that benefit the economy were getting ourselves into a problem that the essence of this, is this going to be a longer way off and over the last number of years, they have not had this type of problem, yet because you can last longer than what most people think you can. neil: it might've been a buy or sell order there, not quite sure which one. lives were learning what part of the discussion of the vaccine and getting them out, there could be overall i want to make sure getting the wording right herd immunity as soon as april that seems to jump the gun on former estimates of this moment when supposedly we got this under control for the gist of herd immunity. besides good health news that would be huge market news as
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well the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel that's a light at the end of the tunnel forget the tunnel. >> let's talk about where's their pain is leisure and hospitality, airplanes, all kinds of businesses that are been crushed by covid if we get to herd immunity or close to it by april all those industries begin to show up, here's an interesting antidote, friends of ours are trying to make plans to go on a golf resort trip they have contacted a number of famous resorts they are all sold out for may, that is a huge turnaround up until a month ago no one was making travel plans at all, it compounds the argument that the economy is doing well in manufacturing and housing, retail sales, data shows the economy is coming back so strongly, you open up all the businesses that have been closed down by covid, boy do we not need another true trillion
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dollar stimulus, i don't understand the economic argument for it. neil: at least one slot opened up in cancún mexico so maybe urge her body to look there a very small package. i'm looking forward to having you back a little bit later on these and other matters but we e also focus on the back-and-forth and the cruise story is getting rumors like the andrew cuomo story both investigated and finding out what is going on. it is a little lopsided that you probably know, when it comes to andrew cuomo it's festering in another way it's not the other side piling on to take sides. ♪ ♪ ♪ (upbeat music)
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>> there clearly needs to be a full investigation were talking about thousands of people who are lost, our seniors, elders, families that still don't know the truth and the questions need to be answered to make sure nothing like this happens again there absolutely has to be a full investigation. neil: the pylon over what andrew cuomo new and when he knew it
12:19 pm
regarding the individual in nursing homes and special care assisted living centers and whether he downplayed that, now it's gotten the attention certainly of republicans but not many of his own party. he never had a warm and fuzzy relationship with bill de blasio of new york but the fact of the matter is this goes way beyond he has some saying these can be potentially impeachable offenses so even building out our nations capital, chad pergram with more on that side of the story. >> mayor garlard it's a hearing this time for attorney general, five years after president obama tapped garlin for the supreme court but senators will ask merit garlin for his views in maintaining a probe and the hunter biden but republican senators want merit garlin with andrew cuomo a cover-up of cover deaths in nursing homes.
12:20 pm
>> you have so many different levels of federal corruption that needs to be brought against the governor of his second-in-command and others and this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> 90 a piece editors wrote to the new chairman of the judiciary committee durbin demanded an investigation into cuomo they said they will tell garland we expect him to commit to fully investigating this cover-up. even cuomo concede to the administration made mistakes. >> we could've done a better job of knocking down the disinformation, you would never knock down all the conspiracy theories the political conspiracy theories because they generate each day. >> the top republican chuck grassley also expressed concern about the body to administration terminating u.s. attorneys, he says this could interfere with ongoing investigations. neil: chad, thank you very much. james trusty the former d.o.j.
12:21 pm
prosecutor, brilliant legal mind but he can explain complicated matters to get through my thick school. i always appreciate that. let me ask you where this goes when already they're talking about investigations on the fbi, the justice department and extending and watching what is going on in albany, that is building fast, what is the building toward? >> that's a great question and you're not the only one struggling to figure out where this thing goes but let me throw out a quick sidestep when you hear governor cuomo talk about why these things happen in the apology, it's pretty much saying i'm sorry you feel untitled through an apology is a laughable moment to say there's any sign of remorse on the horizon. that goes to the big picture, the big picture there's plenty of room for moral blame and political accountability that doesn't mean it's on the same track with criminal prosecution
12:22 pm
so i think there's a decent likelihood that there won't be accountability in a criminal offense for the substance of what happened with these people dying in nursing homes, you can have a very aggressive state prosecutor who says i want to build a case for second-degree murder or manslaughter or reckless endangerment because are not intentional deaths but there's a recklessness requirement has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. that's very uphill but i'm not holding my breath for that type of walk for governor cuomo, you also civil rights looking into it but civil rights typically although they have vulnerable adult jurisdiction over some of the harm they typically are involved with intentional crime and i think that's going to be hard no matter what do you think morally or politically that will be uphill but where he has the most risk which is surprising to me is about response to d.o.j. the cuomo administration fought everyone about information until essentially the secretary for
12:23 pm
the governor leaked out what they did in the bottom line federal investigators take subpoenas very aggressively. if you're not complying that is the hook is not about the death themselves, it's the cover-up and you can have a false statement or obstruction charge in the mix with that. neil: without behavior and saying we think that was a political attack and we weren't forthcoming with the state officials asking the same questions because it would feed this attack narrative that we were getting from trump, how do you see that? >> there's not a trump exception for falsity. that might be the political cover in terms of telling the statehouse in albany the reason i can't be forthcoming was the evil orange man was after me. but when it comes to the federal compliance, the federal subpoenas that's a different story you can't just say i picked and choose because i know
12:24 pm
trump was up to no good. the bottom line if there was a certification that you have with federal subpoenas where you're basically saying these are our records in accurate, if you have that then you have risk for the falsity and it really doesn't matter what the excuses are it's either an intentionally false statement or not, the key by the way normally the issue did they scrub and not provide everything, once you have a devastating moment where the secretary mr. rosa said we froze because of the federal investigation there's your intent and put you in a different ballpark and being able to say we can't gather all the information plainly. neil: i'm going a little long can you answer one question the governor keeps coming back that we never lied about the total deaths, the misrepresented what's going on its nursing homes, but the total death we never got wrong and we never deliberately got anything wrong in that regard that the deaths
12:25 pm
were the deaths were the deaths. what do you make somewhere in different columns i think that's what he saying but the overall spreadsheet on this to put it this way, we were right. >> these are factual determinations i don't know how they made the representation to the federal government but it sounds like reconstruction of surgery we didn't really lie we half lied. i don't think that will sell well with somebody taken a serious look at the conduct of the governor in his office when it came to compliance. neil: great stuff always. i have a good idea of where these docs connect. james trusty the former d.o.j. prosecutor, you've a great sense of humor, and that will come out. >> never. neil: watch me. in the meantime were learning resident biden is not only going to michigan to visit the pfizer
12:26 pm
plant but he apparently wants to go to texas next week after the state storm and so many without power now there's food shortages, the recommending texas oil their water, it's a mess and president biden wants to see for himself. more after this. >> we should've been recognizing that we had not weatherized our energy generation out there. ♪ lored to fit your investing goals and interests. and it learns with you, so as you become smarter, so do its recommendations. so it's like my streaming service. well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪
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neil: here's the good news on texas in the storm, the power is coming back for a lot of folks, here's the bad news almost nothing else is, food shortage, water shortage, grady trimble in fort worth, texas with more. >> what you see will give you a
12:31 pm
sense of how great the need is this is a mobile food pantry in fort worth and car after car comes through the volunteers and national guard load up the car with boxes of food items for these families and then they send them on their way. there's a steady stream of cars census open an hour and a half ago and there's no sign that it's going to stop anytime soon so far they served 850 families who as you said might have their power back but the issue that grocery store shelves are bare you cannot find water or food items at grocery stores and that that the ones that are open. many are still closed, dozens of walmart in the area remain close because power outages and food spoilage issues as those stores try to get things back online these people are dealing with a world of hurt a lot of the folks told me they have been struggling financially because of the pandemic then you add this natural and power grid disaster to the mix and it makes for dire strings. >> i need water, there is no
12:32 pm
water. >> we've been out of water it's been rough. >> my food spoiled and i can't find food at grocery stores for my daughter and i was so happy there was milk and produce for my daughter. >> 7 million taxes remain under a boil notice at this hour millions more dealing with other water disruption like frozen and bursting pipes there is some good news to report, that is temperatures will rise above freezing for the first time in about a week some relief could be on the way. neil: grady trouble, thank you very much. grady in fort worth, betsy price is a mayor of the fine city, think of for taking the time, how are things in fort worth? >> you try to be optimistic,
12:33 pm
it's a little bit better because the sun is out and people are feeling better and we moved from a high of 330,000 people with no power and today were down to 10000 there telling me by the end of the evening power will be restored to everyone. neil: what the heck happened, i know everyone has been piling and on the grid and it was like a domino effect, it wasn't as if the storm wasn't telegraphed and warned and you knew it was coming not you specifically but what happened. >> the power generation is a state issue but clearly people look to their local officials to get answers in a catastrophic failure across the state and the storm of the century because it's the first time we had a storm that hit the entire state, it just appears it's in charge of generation were not prepared
12:34 pm
for the severe temperatures in the snow and ice that we had clearly were on the front line at the local level for what we can do and when the time comes we get past that were asking tough questions and will demand answers from our state officials and providers. neil: the governor has come under a great deal of criticism that he would long brag about everything in texas, i get that but that scant attention to the cooperative that runs the grid in the state and that's prompted some to say that we need more federal oversight roles, are you for that, do you think that's a slippery slope? >> i basically think it's a slippery slope but first and foremost before we have more federal oversight, we've got to get to the bottom and find out where the failures are exactly,
12:35 pm
who is responsible and what could've been done and that is true on the electric distribution as much as it is on water certainly every major city of tidewater failures also. neil: are you worried that people to hear this and most of the news that comes out of texas the economy and your state has attached low taxes, good environment have drawn so many to come to your state that this will put a bump in that and that people will start thinking, the state has all sorts of energy issues, ironically in a state that probably has the most robust energy and the country. >> we probably do have the most robust energy in the country. i'm sure there will be a few companies that will pause but there's so many that are looking to relocate with covid and so much room for movement and this
12:36 pm
has been a once-in-a-lifetime storm and i do think classic texan style in fort worth will address and solve it and will move on to keep our economy robust. neil: mayor betsy price, thank you very much. we'll see what happens my best to you and your constituents, they have been through a lot. in the meantime the targeting of the gamestop operatives that bid up the stopped solid crash in all the media around it, is it up to the government to cure that and to fix that? or should investors be where, it's on you. more after this. ♪
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past life. neil: that was awesome mars rover perseverance touching down on the surface, this one has the works that have the rover in a helicopter and cameras all over the place, microphones to pick up sound, it's going to be taking sediment, soil from the surface and eventually that will make its way to another rocket expected to come to mars take that back to earth first time we've ever seen that i cannot go on and on and off about it, in large part they had to do with it, the paleo system engineer 2020 project, he is brilliant as well. very good to have you, i cannot believe all the details that had to go exactly right yesterday on this landing and they did. what is the first or next thing we will hear maybe even seen from the crater area where the
12:42 pm
rocket is. >> they do so much for having me today perseverance landed safely on the surface of mars in the first series of activities we will be performing in the next week or so is going to be engineering checkouts, we will ensure that our instruments and systems are working upon touching down surface. we will be deploying our cameras and testing out all of our seven instruments we will be taking images to see where we landed so scientist complain where they want to drive and collect samples because that's one of the missions goals and we will pick up a deployment site for a helicopter, currently the helicopter is sitting beneath the rover and we will drive to a
12:43 pm
safe flat spot and that's what e we will deploy the helicopter and the drover will drive back so we could your first powered flight on another plane. neil: all you guys are scary smart, i was the guy behind you trying to cheat and look up the answers on a test. the one thing that amazes me about the jezero crater unlike neil armstrong in 19629, he could visually see there was rocks and boulders in the way and had to quickly change his dissent, this capsule had the memes to see what was in front of it and to know and how to proceed and that was the result of multiple images that were taken of the area but how did it know how to navigate around that. it is a machine after all. >> absolutely we have a new technology on board perseverance
12:44 pm
called prn, that basically adds were descending down towards the surface the thrusters in the cameras were working together to look for a flat region or we can safely land and what it sounds like a good spot it guides to that leading site so we can safely use the umbrella goals at a sky crane to lower onto the surface. this is a new technology perseverance executed yesterday and given all the uncertainty and according to the plan and successfully completed. neil: just amazing, the super cam for k advanced cameras all over the place, there was 16 hours something like that when will we get more of those images and what is the rollout of that? >> actually over 20 cameras on board perseverance, one of the
12:45 pm
new cool cameras that we put on the rover was the edl cams and unlike curiosity landed in 2012 perseverance has cameras from the defense stage in the rover looking up and as were going down the atmosphere to land we were recording videos and taking images and also recording the sound. those are all going to be downlink and the rover will send that tort orbiters around mars the odyssey in the orbiters and the trace cast and all of those are going to be transmitted back to earth in the next few days so we will see the images and we can start studying how the activity executed. neil: i keep thinking about and we can look for the descent and landing feature you were talking about, you mention what circling above, united arab emirates in china had a spacecraft circling mars, getting crowded up there,
12:46 pm
what is going on? >> mars is a hot topic now, everybody wants to go to mars and is a great scientific place to study, were trying to answer the fundamental question was their life on mars was their life outside of earth and perseverance going to mars and attempting to collect samples in one date turning back to earth and scientist across the globe will study this for decades to come. neil: i told people this weather we discover there was life there or not this is a stunning achievement in the application elsewhere as we continue to conquer the heavens and i hope we do in the species and that will never be a waste regardless of whether you find signs of life or not. i want to thank you very much you give us hope, the paleo system engineer mars 2020
12:47 pm
project but he and his colleagues made possible. just incredible. enough of me. more of me after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning! this is where everything started. the four way is engulfed in history. you're sitting in the place where giants ate. the four way is the heart and soul of the community. ♪
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neil: governor andrew cuomo speaking in new york dealing with the weather in the slow
12:51 pm
opening a restaurant to the businesses of the metropolitan area and these impeachment calls by many within insane party as well as similar talk in washington about a justice department investigation, all of those reasons i want to dip into the new york governor right now. >> a 17 year which is done a great job by the way for 4 - 43, all numbers down. in new york city the bronx still highest, double manhattan the bronx, higher than queens, higher than brooklyn, higher than staten island, staten island has picked up but it's the bronx and we have to focus on the bronx. the bronx is not as bad as it was, they say it's now six-point to it was 7.8. but the bronx is high and there down from 7.8 but that's not
12:52 pm
good enough relatively they are still high we have to focus on the bronx, the bronx should be the place they get the most vaccines, the most testing that's where you have the highest positivity and that's where you have the most vulnerable communities black hispanic and poor communities so focus on the bronx. here's the slide that i love that nobody loves. opening the economy is the red valve, the economic valve, you watch the gauges so you calibrate reopening, watch the infection rate and the hospitalization rate watch the positivity rate. and depended on those numbers you open the economic valve or you slow the economic valve. the numbers are all going down.
12:53 pm
now is the time to start doing more reopening. if the numbers change if those dials change then you close the valve which we have done a number of times this is been a constant calibration by data to what the virus is doing, the virus moves left, we move left, if the virus moves right, we move right, reopening new york city restaurants are now 25%, 50% statewide they are 50% in connecticut, they are 50% on long island, new york city was closed, new york city is not 25% in one week will go to 35% in new york city restaurants which is consistent with new jersey, what is happening now people in new york city, staten island, manhattan are going to new jersey to those restaurants so it's not really accomplishing a
12:54 pm
purpose so new york city restaurants will go to 35% next friday that will be consistent with new jersey, connecticut is still 50, long island 50, we understand that but were responding to the data obviously more sensitive to new york city because of the density, concentration and history but were headed in the right direction were making progress, the numbers continue to be good and will continue to make progress. president biden i think is exactly right, i've said this from day one i respect local governments and their role in education but schools must open, schools must open. vaccinate the teachers, vaccinate the teachers they want to be safe, yes i understand that.
12:55 pm
i've spoken to dozens of teachers, vaccinate the teachers they are in the included class local governments can vaccinate the teachers but the students deserve in class teaching, this remote learning is a poor substitute for in class teaching in this remote learning when they do the study, it will show discrimination in education caused by remote learning. it will show, this is my bet, it will show poor families, black families, hispanic families, those children did not do as well in remote learning. they did not have the equipment, they did not have access, they did not have people to help them, every day you're not in
12:56 pm
class is a furtherance of discrimination in education. the great irony is education was a great equalizer. education said i don't care how much money you have, where you grow up you can become the president of the united states, now there's a caveat, if you have a computer, if you have internet access, if you have someone to help you on the computer, in class teaching as soon as possible, students deserve, you're not going to be up in the economy without parents having children in schools so parents can go on with their life and work and also keeping people at home this is because a whole set of ancillary issues that were not even familiar with there must be violence, substance abuse is up,
12:57 pm
mental health issues are up, open the schools in the local government should be aggressive on in class teaching, unless there's a community or school that has an infection spike, that is different but if the school does not have an infection spike and if the school is safer than the surrounding community then why isn't the school open five days a week. the teachers have concerns, legitimate, yet the teachers get the vaccination. vaccinate teachers, reopen schools. nursing home residents have now all been offered the vaccine, 100% of nursing home residents have been offered the vaccine, 100% of nursing home staff has all been offered the vaccine.
12:58 pm
73% of nursing home residents have taken the vaccine. which is probably the highest number we have of any subgroup if you will 73% are now vaccinating the doh is going to put out guidance but they recommend reopening visitation for nursing homes, this is going to be a big deal for nursing home residents and families. neil: we will continue monitoring andrew cuomo we were told an announcement he's reviewing what's happening in the empire state it got really banged up to the degree in texas where power ran out and it was dangerous in the snow in the new york city metropolitan area a lot more upstate but a lot of this turns back to the vaccine and getting those vaccines out the governor says the teachers to open up school sooner no questions as far so we will keep
12:59 pm
monitoring this because there has been an uptick in criticism and that's putting it mildly over how he handled the covid response particularly reports of these understated deaths in nursing homes and that was not the deliberate intent in the deaths given out were accurate they were just delineated differently and that is a mouthful for some saying it was deliberately underreported in nursing homes and assisted living death, this is also caused a number of democrats to part company with him and his treatment of his critics many say this is standard behavior that your democrat and criticize the governor you will pay dearly for it, new york mayor bill de blasio says that's happening quite often and he thinks the governor should be scrutinized for this behavior and others have gone so far to say begin impeachment proceedings, democrats say now is the time to take the control away of the
1:00 pm
covid response, it's all over the map, the governor was praised early on for handling the crisis in the empire state now they picked apart for things he might've kept hidden now only in the empire state but the rest of the country. we will continue monitoring it will look at the markets, they had earlier gained a couple of developments were closely following the effects of the storm and the talk about stimulus and getting more money to people, the sooner the better lauren simonetti following all of that. >> good to see you we just heard from doctor anthony fauci and he was talking about when children under the age of 12 could be vaccinated, pfizer will start a trial under 12 and data will take one year to compile. if parents work and concerned for their young kids, the earliest we will know is the beginning of next year, trial
1:01 pm
results on teenagers are underway, the result are not expected, this fall we have a ways to go. the current vaccine approved on the market for emergency use or those 16 and up. those vaccines are delayed because of winter storms in texas in the midwest, it's been felt across the country in all 50 states, 6 million doses delayed. >> 10000 vaccine center located in areas with power outages so they're currently unable to receive doses. >> he says don't worry those doses are safe during cold storage in facilities and hubs and they hope to ship them out next week but 2020 was crazy in 2021 even crazier, i want to show you boeing a really good day for investors in the playmaker today, there are
1:02 pm
reports that they are telling about a thousand employees that their commercial airline division washington state headquarters to clear their desks and doesn't look like they're being fired there just told work from home work from anywhere you would like because boeing is reportedly looking to sell the building to save money in the grounding of the 737 max which was nearly two years because some $20 billion, not to mention they lost a record of $12 billion last year and there also dealing with weak demand because of the pandemic, back to you. neil: thank you very much, lauren simonetti touched on the pfizer vaccine booster that they're looking at right now, jonathan seminary has more than that right now from atlanta. >> in a perfect world and how people would get vaccinated soon enough that we wipe out this virus once and for all, researchers across the nation and around the world for that
1:03 pm
matter are looking at the possibility that this virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future and vaccines may need to be updated periodically as were already doing for the flu pharmaceutical companies are already researching possible boosters in case new variance develop resistance to existing vaccines and federal health officials say johnson & johnson is testing a potential booster for the windows vaccine candidate awaiting fda approval. >> that pending with what the fda has to say if the vaccines approved in the first place there may be a second shot of johnson & johnson. >> meanwhile pfizer and biontech have submitted new data to the fda suggesting a two dose vaccine may not require hospital grade old true low-temperature freezer storage as originally thought the fda agrees with these findings vaccine files could be stored up to two weeks in freezers that are commonly found in regular pharmacies that
1:04 pm
would help expand the vaccine reach into communities far away from major medical centers. the cdc has published data from safety monitoring of the pfizer and moderna vaccine already being a minister in the u.s. while about half of people experience minor temporary side effects such as soreness around the injection site or not feeling well for several hours, severe reactions were rare and treatable and federal health officials say they are encouraging and they help the results encourage more americans to follow through both doses on these life-saving vaccines. neil: thank you very much, how do you feel about the vaccine news and interesting pull or than half of u.s. workers who are working at home they do not want that to change, they want to continue working at home even with the progress were seen on these vaccines, the boosters and all the rest, the read on all of
1:05 pm
this, the independent women's forum director, dr burton financial group principal, thank you both very much, that doesn't surprise me if you're used to working at home in the convenience of working from home, it might be factoring into this it could be a concern that their inches about the vaccine and some people getting populations about the vaccine. what's happening here. >> the public health either the equation, that is a new environment for us to be working from home and i personally have worked from home for nine years but it's a lot more fun to work from home, it's a lot more fun to do anything when there's not a pandemic because then you could go out for coffee or working lunch or a normal child care arrangement or the schools are open or regardless whether
1:06 pm
they work from home or not, i would say what were seen in terms of working from home, it's not just a trend it's a big shift if the financial side were companies and maybe we can save a lot on our office risk if we move into a virtual office and allow our workforce to work from home, this will be more of a permanent shift for many sectors of our economy rather than a short-lived trend. neil: there's going to be a lot of losses dr, sarah, back in the office is, therein lies what could be an interesting defining point, how is all this going to go down? >> there is a couple of different things that were looking at and i've been digging into other people that i work with about the ramification of productivity were seen a lot of
1:07 pm
studies and looking at pre-covid studies impose covid studies and it looks like for creative, professional type work that there is a definite productivity uptick for the things that are more boring that we might call them that is getting to be a tougher gig, microsoft even came out with big numbers on their workforce that they saw a big productivity boost a drop off later especially doing it over and over again kinds of things, i think what we'll see is what were seen at boeing people are saying we can close down a huge facility, make a big cost-saving for the company and keep productivity at a good level and i think it's going to be really company by company of how they'll send workers back or keep them at home and i think it's going to be something to keep an eye on for attention of employees as well. a really big thing to see which
1:08 pm
companies and their stocks do well because they have a liberal work from home policy. neil: that duck tales very nice into my next subject, that is walmart planning to raise the minimum wage for workers in many cases more than $15 an hour north of 25000 workers can be affected, this was done without any government, responding to a marketplace where finding labor in competition with the likes of target and a host of others necessitates that i'm wondering if that is the way to do it rather than by a government demand? >> i think that is a great first step to look at the differences and are looking at it across the board at $15 increase we had a lot of discussion about location by location or state to state or do you need to pay the worker in
1:09 pm
iowa as you do in new york city, there are some of those issues that i think could be worked out but do this outside of the government you know i'm going to say that's my favorite in walmart doing this they're going to be getting the same thing of being able to attract the workers, their stock took a hit when they announced this but i think the recovery is going to be strong and that they are going to be able to set themselves apart with this kind of move. neil: your thoughts on this and whether input smaller merchants at a disadvantage, they cannot afford like walmart to pay this type of money, i'm wondering if it can make their situation more problematic. >> i think the market is always going to set a price for labor depending on what labor were talking about and of course location is so important cost of living in different u.s. cities
1:10 pm
is very different for more rural parts of the country so we will see differences there i agree when you have a one-size-fits-all government policy moving toward a 50-dollar minimum wage that's problematic for a number of reasons amber see that push not just on minimum wage but other areas like the proposed pro act would make it much harder to work as independent contractors. this relates working from home because we want to see a robust vibrant flexible set of work opportunities for people that might have public health concerns, they might be working mothers with young children who prefer to have flexibility and maybe they're willing to make an exchange in terms of lower wages or in terms of flexibility in their schedule but ultimately i would caution against anything that looks like a one-size-fits-all but takes away the intermediary opportunities for workers. neil: we are going to washington to answer for this with the
1:11 pm
stimulus plan to give the economy one final jolt to deal with the lingering economic effects of covid. we will be exploring that and giving you the latest on what's happening in texas most have gotten their power back, hundreds and thousands still without it i do want to minimize for those but they have all new problems right now water issues, shortages of food and a whole host of places and some studies that are shown just house close the state came to a worse energy disaster. more after this. >> it wasn't just the storm was not telegraphed and warned, you knew it was coming, you specifically mayor, but what happened? >> the power generation is a state issue but clearly people look to their local officials to get answers is a catastrophic failure across the state and a storm of the century.
1:12 pm
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stop in or book an appointment to shop safely with peace of mind at your local xfinity store. neil: after the storm and the power outages, they have relieved substantially in texas now come the water and food
1:16 pm
shortages, casey stegall in dallas. >> we've gone from report earlier in the week two people burning their own furniture inside of their homes in an attempt to stay warm to now people relying on the fresh snow for their drinking water because either their pipes are frozen and they have no water at all or they had pipes burst which flooded their property or if you do have service there are a lot of people that have to boil it because it's not safe to consume more than 14 million texans under boil water advisory that is more than half of the states population many communities have open water distribution sites and were seen in long lines forming at those places and also long lines of people in search of food showing a period of food banks and grocery stores the growing number of stores running out of inventory supply stretched so thinly.
1:17 pm
>> the temperature in the house was 33 degrees and now the power is back on so it's warm but we don't have any water so i'm here to get water i been to several different stores and no one had water. >> this is what it looks like in nashville the home to country music blanketed in snow and round to report to virginia many people woke up to freezing rain forecasted to snow today at least 56 deaths have been blamed on this extreme winter weather across the entire country, the bulk of those are in texas and it's difficult nailing down an exact number from emergency management officials. back to you. neil: thank you, my friend casey stegall, texas congressman with us right now, thank you for taking the time, how are things looking right now? >> things are starting to thaw
1:18 pm
out and i think we've gotten control of a more systematic curtailment of energy where we need that so we don't trigger outages where we left 4 million people without energy and without heat in their homes with their pipes bursting in their homes flooding and then you have major plants, manufacturing and agriculture operation that have been without power there is an economic disaster to follow right now were focused on public safety and keeping people warm and safe, it is been -- there will be a lot of lessons learned is the bottom line but i think were starting to come out of the woods at this point. neil: governor abbott wants to reform your electric grid operator the electric liability council calling it, what is the problem there?
1:19 pm
>> the independent operator, when we have a grid that is off the national grid is 90% of the population about 26 million texans, there was responsibility to bear by the operator in the sense that they did not winterize the assets, they triggered some of the generation units, natural gas and coal fire plants by not managing the supply and demand and not having earlier low rolling blackouts that would've been power outages and more manageable and then the whole question of baseload that is you have 25% of our energy supply from renewable energy but the wind turbines are not going to turn when they're frozen
1:20 pm
solid and the solar panels are much help with snow, sleet and ice so you have to have the predictability the steady flow of energy and that means out of reserves in a baseload to undergird the renewable portfolio and that something that was not anticipated and was not in play and it's going to be something that were going to have to change not only in texas but i hope other states will take no as well. neil: i'm sure you heard from the alternative renewable energy sources they were not the problem in percentage terms there were a number of related events that happen with the percentage was small that there was a bigger problem with the natural gas facilities that could not handle the cold and this goes back to more traditional energy sources, the whole thing was failing and very little checking on whether the system was up to snuff, i'm sure your constituents are wondering, if this were to happen again will it happen like it did like
1:21 pm
this week, how can they be assured whether it's renewable or natural gas, heating up when the temperatures are going down and others failing that texas is up to handle this? >> i think the governor is going to be on top of this we meet every other year as the state legislature and this is going to take front seat for all legislators, i do think cots responsible for managing the grid and it doesn't appear that they did that very well and the reserves were there. neil: i guess what i want to know do they submit reports and say we did a rolling blackout were ready for this, you have these and other states, you have these reports that they have to file that we did this, we did
1:22 pm
this and some of the problems, even in california against much opposition from utilities there, much more aggressively policed right now and i'm just wondering whether any of this especially once in a century type storms but was there anything going on was there anyone overseeing that it was going on because that should be standard operating procedure right? >> i agree with you, one would think in the best and biggest energy state in the union that we would have control over these things in preparedness at a level that would've manage things better than they are, we are deregulated in a public utility commission that oversees and whether or not they were filing reports and transparent how they were managing i don't know, it was too little too late the way that they were managing
1:23 pm
curtailment it was too little too late with reserve power and now we have a situation where were just trying to keep people warm and safe and alive so we can do the postmortem through this legislative session and then we've got a look at federal legislative policymakers and what incentives we put in place that move the needle, distort the market rather renewables without baseload or regulation that make it harder to keep the steady stream of predictable reliable fossil energy like coal fire plants, long before this happened we were pulling plants off the grid because of regulation made them cost prohibitive to run there's a lot of things in the mix we have to look at. neil: a lot of loss of power to the grid with the thermal power plants it seemed to feed on itself from one to the next. you have your work cut out for you.
1:24 pm
thank you very much we will see how all of this goes, thank you for taking the time be safe in your constituents and hope they get back to life. stay with us the top 48 recorded points and you hear teachers bulking and going back to work, sometimes when they're on their own they say other things. ♪ before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -well, audrey's expecting... -twins! grandparents! we want to put money aside for them, so...change in plans. alright, let's see what we can adjust. ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. okay. mom, are you painting again? you could sell these. lemme guess, change in plans? at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
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neil: i want to take you back to albany new york governor cuomo is responding to the criticism and the growing wave of investigation of how he handled the nursing home deaths saying i want to set the record straight primarily for the families of the nursing home people we created a void by not producing enough public information fast enough. this is been the subject of the latest wave of comments, let's
1:29 pm
go back in to the governor of new york. >> it is cruel to the public health professionals who dedicated their lives to public health service. our public health officials here who could be making millions of dollars in the private sector, millions, these are some of the best professionals you can find in this country, they are working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, they don't deserve political attacks and unfounded scrupulous attacks. it was untrue, unfair and also you suggested the people of the state of new york they're not getting the best guidance that is a lie, and you do it with no information and you do with no
1:30 pm
credential and you do it with partisan politics. new york follows the science and the data. new york has the best health mines in the country who are doing this and they talked and advised with the best health mines in the world. our health commissioner is doctor harold zucker i worked with a lot of people federal government, state government, private sector. he is a nationally respected medical professional, he is a doctor and he is a lawyer which is an extraordinary combination that you don't see often, harvard, you pin, john hopkins, he has been in federal hhs, the world health organization, then often international institution of health and taught at columbia and yell, he has gone through a bullet, zeke, stars and more you
1:31 pm
could not find a more qualified man to do this. at this time than doctor zucker. i would trust him with my mother's care, i cannot offer a more ringing endorsement than that. and it is his decisions that people now question with no credential, you mention politics, you can make any accusation, no evidence, no background but we are lucky to have him and i am sorry for the abuse that he has had to subject himself to do good things for the people of the state but i want you to have an opportunity to hear from him because many of the questions question his
1:32 pm
judgment and they were wrong and i want new yorkers to know who their doctor is on the state level. >> thank you, governor and thank you for the kind words. i have thought about this a lot. neil: i want to be very clear that they governor, may be deliberate it slight intended that the issue people having is not with his blue ribbon list of doctors, they're not talking about his task force and whether it was hiding things from the public on the nursing home deaths or the medical professionals doing their darndest to deal with the covid-19, the issue that was raised had something to do directly with the governor and his office, not any of the other individuals. that was coming from the state attorney general of new york a democrat when she said his
1:33 pm
office had misrepresented the number of deaths in nursing homes and assisted living centers that that came from his office she was not siding other doctors in the task force, also his criticism what is centered on the governor's handling of this particular issue how many were dying in nursing homes and whether the governor intentionally or not but many in harm's way by allowing them to return from hospitals to nursing homes, the governor said following federal guidance at the time that might have been a death call that they were testing positive to the virus and all of this to maintain the separating facts from politics i know the governor wanted to do the criticism that is come from the democratic new york state attorney and two dozen democrats at the state legislature and assembly who want to take away the governor's oversight of handling covid in new york is
1:34 pm
focused on the governor it is not focused on his doctors, it is not focused on his medical team, it is focused on him because he is the chief, he is the boss, he is the governor, i just want to set that straight, we will have more. you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over,
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my strongest ally and my closest asset. the gold standard, so to speak ;) people call my future uncertain. but there's one thing i am sure of... neil: we've been following andrew cuomo in new york he's devoted the most time he ever has since nursing home scandal whatever you want to call it that he was charged in the governor's office was charged another reporting deaths in new york state nursing homes. you are expecting an outright apology for that the governor had another way to present this, i was not aggressive enough knocking down, we were busy, we were doing our job and tried to save lives, no excuses, i was not aggressive enough in
1:39 pm
knocking down the falsities, i heard them and saw them and dismissed the politics as personal agendas, the fact of the matter is i'm not here to second-guess games, i'm giving you the strikes until he knew the sequence of events but it was the democratic attorney general of the state of new york who came by and said your office has understated these deaths by a factor of thousands, it was not fingering the governor's task force or very well acclaimed and highly respected doctors, it was on his office and charges that the numbers did not jive it was confirmed with his study out of the attorney general's office, this is been a wave of lawmakers in the new york state legislator assembly to say wait a minute exactly what are you telling us it if this is happening and these deaths have been massively underreported maybe we shouldn't keep you in charge of the covid emergency response that we
1:40 pm
granted you last year that was coming in is coming from democrats many republicans are for this as well by two dozen democrats are and now what number are speaking out because they say they were fingered by the governor and abused by the governor for speaking out against them including one new york assemblyman new york mayor bill de blasio who always had an acrimonious relationship with the governor says he too has been on the receiving end of that wrath from governor cuomo, this is much bigger than a political argument the left versus right, this is targeted at the governors in his office response to this crisis, he has always argued in describing the death count that he was very busy, he said this repeatedly with the virus itself in new york that was out of control no numbers were deflated that the total death count in new york those who died was always
1:41 pm
reported the distinction and it's a very important one is that the deaths in nursing homes seem to be dramatically underreported, total deaths, the governor three weeks ago your dad your dad. really in the end what does it matter. the distinction is it matters mightily if you are saying the situation in nursing homes isn't nearly as bad as you might've known otherwise at the time you said it and that's what's launching investigations that's what has the fbi looking into this. that's what has the justice department sniffing around in two dozen lawmakers of democratic persuasion saying this is worthy of further investigation and taking the overall role you play dealing with the covid cases that are still in new york and maybe giving it to someone else or not putting you in charge, some of these to say the governor should be impeached. decidedly fewer, i think it's
1:42 pm
important to make that distinction but this is not a matter of politics or one-party bashing the governor of another party, this is the governor's own party, these are the governor's own friends and colleagues, the attorney general of new york he's a republican, a democrat, i just want to set all of that right i want to go to hadley dr barton on this, i am wondering where this goes because obviously the governor gristle enough this he was praised for his early response to covid his press conference were in arms, he does a good job and the issue goes back to whether he misrepresented some bad news when it came to nursing homes that stood out back in the early days and charges that he had that we don't know for sure but that's really what's going on here, how big does this get?
1:43 pm
>> certainly i thought from the very beginning of this pandemic that i do not envy people in position of power and leadership governors, mayors and full administrators trying to navigate in an evolving crisis for our country, that said if you're in a position of power and leadership you're also in a position where you take responsibility for their actions, governor cuomo another press conference is a lot of use of passive voice, yet it decent english class he says mistakes were made, misinformation was spread, lies were told, who did the mistakes, who made the mistakes, who shared the misinformation and the open question what degree was his office responsible for misinformation about nursing home deaths and is going to take responsibility at the end of the day for what happened in new york and how his office has navigated the crisis. neil: dr were still in the early stages of knowing who knew what
1:44 pm
at when but sometimes i nobody saying we did not do enough to knock down and counter all of this aggressively otherwise people will believe it we did not think it was necessary. sometimes you have to get in front of something and say if i caused pain to families deliberately or inadvertently pain is pain and not to swipe it away and say your dad your dad, you're still dead but i think what is missing is he's given an iq response to an eq issue, a heart issue people who lost loved ones and he's dismissing and say whether they died in the nursing home or died in the hospital they are still dead i did not exaggerate or understate anything i'm not quite sure that is the proper response at the very least it seems tone deaf, what do you think? >> hadley said something that was very insightful and not the person on responsibility,
1:45 pm
wherever they are through this crisis has had a tall task, my wife sitting beside me through this whole thing, she was one of those people that was making for a large organization it's very difficult. with that said i think you hit the nail on the head eq versus iq, is the point taking one step further not only insensitive what he said but was there actually some sort of cover up/other malfeasance going on here and if that is the case then there needs to be some serious reconciliation done, if this was just getting the numbers in the wrong place and a really bad situation then have a little more empathy, i think there's one big step to this and
1:46 pm
that is where is this is a real malfeasance going on or do we just have some misunderstanding as the governor is trying to put forth and i think if it's the former then he has some real problems to look forward to. neil: i want to thank you both very much i did not mean for this to be the subject but you handled it, other issues but i do think this is a big economic and business as well, the governor has been very good in the past and relaying the urgency of the covid response and he's been very effective in communicating that and a good champion of the people in the state that does not mean he can be subject to criticism, that is what happens to leaders. sometimes a better part is to stand back and say if there is a problem with something i said or didn't say it's on me, john f. kennedy famously took the problems and the fall and the blame for the fiasco. it was created and concocted
1:47 pm
under his predecessors in administration so the military power being submitted to the young president when he took office, kennedy had his doubts about the project and whether it would succeed but he was the one who implemented it and endorsed it and let it and ultimately it was a debacle in a failure, john kennedy could have blamed that on his predecessor or anyone else but himself, he could even use the old excuse on the new guy, this happened under the old guys, he did not he took the blame the buck in his case like a hairy truman line stop with him, here's the lesson we learned from that soon after he acknowledge that and took the blame and the heat for that his poll numbers went up ten points. his dad famously said at the time you should screw up more often. we will have more after this. i invested in invesco qqq. a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100,
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1:52 pm
federal guidelines he was following that he never deliberately understated nursing home deaths but the total count were named accurate to this day he did not distinguish one over the other but investigations ensue when democrats calling in albany, that is right democrats and some say he should be impeached a separate fbi investigation, charlie gasparino and other things i want to talk about but i did want to pick your brain we seen this happen before where a politician of either party, donald trump comes to mind resist and only gets worse, where is this one going? >> andrew cuomo, i've known him for years i actually like andrew i maybe one of the few people that do but he's got a bad temper and so he made a lot of enemies along the way and one thing he doesn't do is admit any wrong and if he came out early and said we screw up and what we knew early on and i apologize to the families we would not be having this conversation. if you remember he was great for
1:53 pm
a month when the white house was in disarray about covid messaging he stepped into avoid it but after about a month he outlived his welcome and he became much more demanding more from, condescending and did not address the social unrest at the time and did not address his lockdowns were destroyed small businesses so he's got a lot to answer for in this is going to put, this is why it is such a nasty issue now but i do have some breaking news possibly to move some stocks, i want to transition to that, the tiktok deal remember tiktok was supposed to be sold to oracle and it may or may not be sold in the biden administration has determined what to do a tiktok in terms of putting it into the u.s. hands were to user data is being secured is not being used by the chinese government which a chinese company as a parent
1:54 pm
company of the short video app that you do to every night. here's what we know there may be a bidding ward at least according to my banking sources microsoft was interested in it, they may become re-interested from my banking sources they may make another run at tiktok, they would probably do it the way i'm understand during with a private equity firm or partner that they may do it particularly if the current arrangement with tiktok and oracle does not get to the biden administration, we should point out a lot of stories have been written that that is off the table tiktok and oracle handling the user data and securing it and it's not going to happen, the oracle people the tiktok people are pushing for it with the biden administration. the biden administration is low walking they did not like the fact that oracle was going to
1:55 pm
make a lot of money and president trump was behind the deal and in one of his big so supporters steven mnuchin the treasury secretary was acting like an investment bank, they have thanksgivings about it but is still being pursued the bigger story loses if the biden administration says no to tiktok oracle my banking sources are saying you could receive microsoft jump in, there is talk at the company about making another run is not definite, they probably won't even admit it you put calls into them and they had no comment. there is talk about whether this makes sense to make another run at tiktok. neil: incredible. i very much, we started talking about governor cuomo he is cooking reporters questions on all of this nursing home, let's listen in. >> testimony was delivered on the 12 by doctor zucker. adjust , with access to tax-smart investing strategies that help you keep more of what you earn.
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neil: all right, a couple of quick things before i get to my buddy charles payne here. governor cuomo is going to great lengths right now to explain what happened in this under counting of nursing home deaths but in going on and on about it and saying that he did not really adequately respond to some negative issues that were coming up, and then that this was creating a void that he was not stepping into it to clarify, that's kind of not his apology but his clarification here. more or less acknowledging if you feel that way i feel bad
2:00 pm
that you feel that way, meanwhile a number of top democrats says it has everything to do with you. now a number of fellow democrats who are saying enough is enough. the governor ain't done. here comes charles payne right now. hey, charles. charles: neil, back in the day, we used to call that hemming and hawing. [laughter] we'll see if he gets away with it. neil: you're right. here we go, thank you, my friend charles: good afternoon, everyone i'm charles payne and this is "making money." breaking right now the market is making a pretty good comeback folks but we've got a changing of the guard not the kind of rotation that we've talked about before. in fact it's good old fashion cyclicals led by the pharma economy. i've talked about it the number one performing stock is deere. there's still a lot of time for you to make money and perhaps there is indeed a


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