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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 20, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EST

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choose the people who elect the government, or do you choose tech monopolies, authoritarians. that's the choice, because that's always amazing to see you, sir. have a great weekend. that does it for us is be what a deepening crisis money, power, hubris and megalomania that may have left preventable covid deaths in its wake the fbi and justice department probing andrew cuomo for allegedly obstructing, stonewalling and misleading and undercounting covid-19 nursing known deaths in order to make themselves look better critics say cuomo tampered the federal government fights to stop the thread, a watchdog group alleges potentially 1000 preventable deaths could be linked to
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cuomo's actions could tonight we have kt mcfarland, michael pillsbury along with san diego mayor kevin faulconer, ford o'connell and tom homan. more on the super spreader disaster in nursing homes tied to the executive order turning into a political disaster for him did cuomo or anyone on his team right to government investigators? that's what the fdi went to general flynn for, that is the debate tonight, key question for u.s. attorney john durham of the trump russia investigation should they zoom in on the month of january 2017th and find the crime and why the obama administration and fbi under james comey kept trump russia in the general flynn case open when government documents more revealed both the cases were falling apart and top officials later would admit to that in shocking footage from inside a public school board meeting
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school board officials caught on tape making fun of parents even cursing them out parents who desperately need their kids back in the classroom they want schools reopen, the parents are fighting back and senators demanding more from hearings and what happened to the power outage in texas due to the massive ice storm it was not weatherized a lot of problems, this congress need to do another do-nothing hearing when they can look to other examples and read what happened with texas, should they look west to california california has chronic rolling power outages. that is what california officials told us as california is going green is not an issue we have the top i did official wanting to wipeout natural gas in 15 years even though the gas is reducing carbon emissions also border officials in the upper over bryden wiping out trump's borders acuity policy.
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sources for a potential preview for what's coming will show you how the obama administration wrongfully claims that thousands of detained illegals in order to save money the obama administration claims they only had minor criminal records government documents show facing charges of kidnapping, drug trafficking and homicide thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now ♪ ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network look who's back former trump deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland author of the resolution, trump, we the people, kt what was your reaction when he heard president biden telling the g7 meeting that democrat progress is under assault in the u.s.
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>> here's a man elected president of the united states and he seen democracy of the democratic process under assault in the united states and belies the whole point of them being president. the other thing that bothers me whether it's president obama or now president biden when an american president goes overseas don't trash talk your own country. you could do that at home and criticize your political opponents at home but will we look at the world i think we should not trash talker political opponents and we should not track tosh our country and to present a good faith to the world because otherwise the world will believe that democracy is dysfunctional and american democracy is at fault and he gets is no place. elizabeth: the biden administration is rolling back president trump's policies and removing sanctions on iran rejoining obama 2015 nuclear
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deal, what is president biden asking in return the u.s. allies in the media opposed the 2015 nuclear deal are we seeing conditions is president biden talking about flaws in the nuclear deal and i run cheating? >> this is a whole extraordinary thing it was a loudly deal on the first place and never stopped iran's nuclear program and they would put on pause for ten years and never stop the nuclear missile development program and it did not touch i run support of terrorist threat the region, it was a deal to start with and allows your deal now because the clock has been taking it president biden rejoins the iran nuclear deal here's what will happen within a decade iran will have nuclear weapons, missiles capable of delivering those weapons not just in the middle east but potentially to the united states, right iran will continue to support and be enriched in supporting it to terrorist allies in the region threatening israel, the gulf arab countries,
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i wrong will launch a nuclear's arm race and then middle east as i run get some of nuclear weapons other countries will want them in the final thing that really is a nail on the coffin is by strangling the american energy industry which he just pointed out and being fracking and natural gas in the united states not only does escrow per owner economy it once again makes us depend on middle east oil once again pulls us into the middle east and the conflicts and the wars that will never be able to win because these have been wars fought for 2000 years. elizabeth: general jack king would agree he is saying the obama team is back in a team that folded with the iranian six years ago just this week i wrong fired off missiles at a military base and iraq killing a civilian contractor, obama official been rose saying ironic right to be
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angry that the u.s. broke the i run deal, what is your reaction to that? >> they may not like it how donald trump got the leverage but donald trump's got the united states enormous leverage over i run economic leverage, oil leverage, military leverage the whole region is looking at iran as a power that needs to be contained in a power that should not be allowed to go back where it was. the biden administration should use that to renegotiate the deal that does stopped iran's nuclear program and stop by ron's relationship with al-qaeda and support for terrorism, my worry is a buy bid administration to get back to the good old deeds of the obama team there giving away everything upfront that maybe iran might continue to be good in the end when you negotiate with the country like
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iran you negotiate with the position of strength when you give up all your negotiating power and chips and all your cards upfront you're not going to get them to go along with everything they will just pocket what they got and say what we give me next. it's a big mistake to have this approach that they're taking and it will only lead to the one thing the promise that will never happen which is a nuclear arms race in the middle east is. elizabeth: thank you for your insight, come back soon great information i really appreciate it. the spring and hudson institute of finding strategy michael pillsbury the author of the book the 100 year marathon. let's get to the china part of this, your thoughts are present in biden telling europe that they must join the u.s. and pushing back on china. is president biden taken a tough stance on china? >> yes at the level of rhetoric or declaratory policy he's been tough on china, secretary tony blinken has credited president trump for being tough on china
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what we don't know is a level of action are they actually going to enforce the trade the are they going to do the things that president trump started in particular holding china accountable for the virus in the wuhan stonewalling they've done it looks good on the rhetorical side and i'm worried when the reviews are finished with her doing a review one at the pentagon when they're finished what if they agree to have more rhetoric and not taken a tough action. that's what i'm worried about. elizabeth: that's an interesting point you made, senator tom cotton told the reagan institute that china is an evil empire in praise and spies on americans and imprisoned innocent people in concentration camps and slave labor and factory denies basic freedom to its people and he's saying if that's of the chinese communist party does to its own
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people imagine what it will do to the rest of the world, what do you say to that? >> it's a fear a lot of people have had in the last few years and it's growing that china used to be thought of as a country poor, backward not that smart intellectually they never had a nobel prize of any kind and nothing to worry about the bestseller was the coming collapse of china by gordon chang, that was a widespread view now it turns out that was totally wrong there on the way to surpassing us so their approach to the uighurs is apply to us it's a disaster for the united states but is happily slowly not as if it will happen tomorrow probably five years or so off but if biden really takes the easy on china and does not implement real action against him he'll be like tom cotton talking about what the chinese are doing is bad but tom cotton proposed 11 pieces of legislation and none of them
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passed he got no cosponsors on his legislation be on for five senators. he is guilty of the same thing. >> i used to be a senate staffer and senators either wanted to get things passed in effect history or go on television and a lot of senators prefer going on television it's much easier than doing the hard work of getting cosponsors and getting the white house to approve legislation we have some exceptions and some senators have succeeded and we have this issue that let's not go to the olympics in 2022 this is the genocidal country how can we celebrate the olympics, so far there's not legislative action. elizabeth: we heard you saying were saying on the story recovering questions about the biden family dealings with china is that an impact because president biden said he would
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not interfere but it's what's going on with the d.o.j. probe of hunter biden then he appointed a former law partner to run the division the investigation there, a lot of dealmaking is between hunter biden and the biden family from china, is this a factor. >> this is a big issue over the coming year as the investigation unfolds remember when biden was a candidate he did not know anything what his son was doing they thought he was the smartest guy in the world he went to yale law school, so for that is holding but more and more findings in the investigation and actual prosecution then the way china influences is not just hunter biden but a wide swath of people will become a campaign issue in 2022. elizabeth: thank you for your input we really appreciate it, come back soon. >> coming up former white house press secretary, deepening crisis the fbi and justice
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department probing governor cuomo and his team for misleading and obstructing the federal government now it's about cuomo stonewalling in nursing home just to make himself look better did that hamper the federal government and trying to stop the spread a lot of story and a lot of stuff and action and we have the updates for you next. stay right there. >> the centers for disease control is trying to figure out how the disease spread he was affecting how it's being affected and when you cover-up and don't provide the data the centers of disease affects all of us across the country because a scientist can't do their job ♪ ♪ thar she blows! whoops! loading zone. darn it. pull hard to starboard! too small! seriously? because it...ugh. oh! follow him! steady... steady...
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♪ ♪ >> whether a person died >> whether a person died in the hospital or died in a nursing home, people died, people died, who cares 33, 28 died in the hospital, died in the nursing home, they died. elizabeth: that was new york governor andrew cuomo earlier in the year saying who cares where nursing home patients died whether in the hospital or nursing homes they died but the federal government does care this is a tale of hubris and
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mania that may have left preventable covid-19 deaths in its wake critics say governor cuomo gave another off-the-wall press conference today according to a source who was there joining the now former white house press secretary ari fleischer, this is what were hearing the justice department and the fbi probe is now about governor cuomo misleading and obstructing the federal government about covid-19 deaths in nursing homes they needed to know where the virus was going and they did not get the information from them. >> that's a real history could've something been done differently if we learn from new york who went through this first and if we had known because governor cuomo was honest instead of lowballing the number of deaths in nursing homes that there's a real problem at nursing homes and nursing homes have to be treated specially, differently the way florida treated their nursing homes and elderly citizens in march and april last year.
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i don't know anything about criminal charges i'm focused on moral issues and moral dealings which led to the loss of a lot of lives of people, good printer nursing homes for new yorkers and i'm a new yorker, this is her governor was an imperial way of dealing with the issues that may have put lives att risk. >> that's what the center for public policy is saying potentially a at least a thousad deaths could be connected to the actions where he covered up and undercounted the covid-19 death toll in nursing homes tied to the executive order last march ordering patients back in and say nursing homes you cannot test for scientist need the data in order to track where the virus is going cuomo did not give them the right data scientist haveav been saying as you point out new york is a gateway for the virus in other states like wisconsin and texas i would like you to listen to tom reed it's aboutut accountability let's listen to republican tom reed.
1:20 am
>> why did the issue covid-19 like this itr defies common sense, remember we were involved in this in real time, the nursing home association represented us and said do not do this you will kill people and that was issued within 12 hours of cuomo is suing the order in 15000 people died we know these people and we know who these folks are and i'll tell you there is bracketing coming in governor cuomo will be held to account. elizabeth: there's a reckoning coming the d.o.j. probe involving false claims acts of potential problems medicare and medicaid. here's the things he's gotta be careful yet to be truthful with fbi it tripped up martha stewart in general flynn. >> you have to be truthful with everybody in the fbi in your constituents and elderly constituents and their children. the governor says what difference does it make, it just doesn't matter, what matters is
1:21 am
scientist rely on the date as is see trends and when the analyze the trendsnd accurately they can send warnings to other nursing homes they can send warnings to other states and by downplay the number of deaths in the nursing homes governor cuomo interfered with the ability to gather accurate information and any scientist will tell you in the middle of an epidemic can be a killer. elizabeth: democrat lawmakers like ronald kim saying cuomo is bullying people pulling them up angry bullying them in blocking demands only coming clean after the new york ag found the kirby nursing home deaths were actually 50% higher let's listen to ronald kim. >> the first word that came out of his mouth was asking me if i were an honorable man. and he continued to yell and let me know that i have not seen his anger that he could go out
1:22 am
tomorrow and start telling the world how bad of a person i am in pretty much ruined and finish my career and livelihood it was part of a ploy in retrospect into pressure me and scare me into an issuing of statement. elizabeth: go ahead you have ten seconds. >> democrats are raising this now because the attorney general of new york sees governor cuomo playing with the numbers and out alexandria ocasio-cortez has demanded anpa investigation. the democrats are rebelling against her will see how far it goes. elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate it we'll be right back, stick right there. ♪
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1:27 am
can we look at that, what do you think? >> i'm sure he's looking i at tt that goes to the very heart of how you conduct fbi investigations under the and turning federal guidelines you have to have facts supporting to initiate the investigation or keep it going not to mention lying to the fisa court and withholding critically important information from the fight the judge who was signing off on the fisa this is during the same time jim comey was telling the cia director that the steele dossier was not credible saying he signed the fisa affidavit which is based on the steele dossier i've never seen such lawlessness it breaks my heart to see the fbi operating under jim comey, those were the dark ages. >> i hear what you're saying you're calling it the dark ages the fbi sources are so upset about this and basically they
1:28 am
are agreeing with what you're saying president obama has said to comey in early 2017 put the right people meaning carter page he got investigative reporter john solomon he's been on this and said the key dates between january 4 and the 24th of that month nearly every major assumption of their theory foror collapsing they found no derogatory information on flynn that's a direct quote and later on to your point comey, clapper, lisa page, peter strzok would say there's no there there we did not have the case but there authorized and fisa wiretap power. they were doing, what do you say. >> incredibly lawless in essence they made their own judgment that donald trump wasn't morally fit to be president and that they turned around and weaponize the fbi against him and against
1:29 am
his people involved in this campaign and administration. unforgivable this cannot happen again i would like to see more restrictions placed on the fbi it's hard to get warrants and other types of complex process but they gotta make sure that this never happens again in the political judgments of the top leadership of the fbi cannot be weaponize in this fashion. elizabeth: it's interesting what do you think john durham is going to do with this is seems like there's potential perjury charge that can be brought because of what these fisa court was misled by thehe fbi, what do you think of a perjury charge? >> i think that's a possibility i've always thought i'd hate to wish ill on a former colleague but i boys thought andy mccabe lied three or four times to the fbi investigators investigating the leak to the wall street journal but i think there needs to be criminal statutes and play
1:30 am
i don't believe the biden administration and biden appointed attorney general filed criminal to her just i believe john durham who i know personally will come up with overwhelming factual information a well supported report and i think the truth will come out through his report to the american public. i'm very skeptical any prosecutions will come out of it. elizabeth: i hear richard saying, final word john durham is a guy who went after other high-profile people. >> he wentho after two fbi agens during the probes and he will take it where the facts lead him. elizabeth: it is good to see you, come back soon. great insights. we love your perspective, up next kevin faulconer will talk
1:31 am
about us the shocking footage of the inside school board meeting, caught on tape making fun of parents, cursing them out parents desperately need their children back in the classroom they want schools reopen but the parents are fighting back. that story is next. >> you think your martyrs because of the decision you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from the virus. the garbage workers to pick up my trash risk their lives every day more than anyone in the school system. figure it out or get off the podium because you know what there's people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. it's not a high bar, raise the freaking bar.
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♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪
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♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay, joining me now is california republican gubernatorial candidate, he's the former elizabeth: joining the california republican candidate the former mayor of san diego kevin faulconer, it's okay to have you on you heard about the shocking footage from inside a public school board meeting in oakley california northeast of oakland they are caught on tape making better parenting cursing them out, what is going f on he. >> this is absolutely shocking and it's great to be back with you it is outrageous i say that as a parent with two kids in public school the fact that our public schools in california are not open with no reason behind it. the cdc said it's safe to reopen in our governor gavin newsom continues to dither and really putting at risk whole generation of california kids right now. elizabeth: we have the school board president in oakley resigned at the superintendent issued an apology let's watch what happened.
1:37 am
watch this. >> it's like whatever i wasn't doing anything bad i honestly don't care about that part but you know what are we alone? >> asked. >> [bleep] if you're gonna call me out i'm going to [bleep] you up, sorry that's just me. i forget there's real people one the other side of the letters that the writing. >> were realmb community members we have kids or known kids have gone to s the schools that havea vested interest in this process and they don't know what we are behind the scenes and it's unfortunate that they want to pick on us and they want their babysitters back. elizabeth: parents think that teachers are babysitters this is an attitude at another school board member is on the audiotape saying they want their kids back in school so the parents canpa o
1:38 am
ahead and smoke pot and marijuana, what is going on. >> it's appalling in your seamless outrage all across the state and parents are struggling to put food on their table, public school should be opent right now and to see that mockery and behavior that's why you see the level of anger and rightfullyly so it's off the charts in california because our schools are not open. elizabeth: we reach out to the school board for comment we haven't heard back so removing on this video to keep looking into it. now we have the crazy stuff going on in los angeles where parents are so fed up their going on strikens against teachs there saying were not going to do remotee learning anymore or knocking to put our children in remote learning get back in the classroom, your word on that. >> the computer screen is no substitute for classroom.
1:39 am
it is safer teachers to be back in the classroom safely teaching and it's safe for ourla kids toe back in the classroom safely learning parents have every right to do exactly what they doing saying we've had enough. that's why you see an outpouring across california again because we thought failure after failure from our governor newsom who said a couple months ago the schools will be open by s februy another b broken promise and parents are fed up and rightfully so. elizabeth: i find it amazing that a school board member would say were going to [bleep] you up just because the parents are frustrated. we have other parts of the country, teachers hiring in person monitors so the teacher can teach via zoom so taxpayers are paying for that is a saddening story. thank you so much, your final word. >> schools across the country been able to figure it out in california has and it's a
1:40 am
disaster. that's what you're seeing this is across the board this is parents of all parts of the state, democrats, republicans, folks know it's not working and that's why you see the recall continue to gain tremendous momentum in california and it will qualify. elizabeth: great to have you on, thank you for joining us. next the gop strategist ford o'connell senators demanding more from hearing into what happened in the power outage in texas. due to the massive ice storm, what is going to happen with the do-nothing hearing what are they going to get done. can you look inside to what happened in texas and i califora chronic rolling power outages, you need to weatherize your system, you need to get ready, be prepared, what went wrong with beau biden official who wants to wipe out the gas in 15 years even though net gas is working. story next. >> we've been through this
1:41 am
before in the 80s we had one that lasted three weeks three times worse in this we didn't lose power we were fine but we had natural gas power,nt coal-fired power and nuclear power and we had 0 wind turbines and 0 solar. ♪ a migraine hope from aimovig. to show up... ...for the sweet. the hectic. the tender. the tense. and the fiery. but for many, migraine keeps them... ...from saying... ...“i am here.” we aim to change that... ...with... ...aimovig, a preventive treatment... ... for migraine in adults. one dose... ...once a month... proven to reduce monthly migraine days.
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but now, there's a new scan that can detect lung cancer early, when it's more curable. if you smoked, get scanned. talk to your doctor or learn more at elizabeth: joining me now gop strategist ford o'connell it's great to have you on we have senate energy they want to hold a hearing on the electric grid reliability joe manchin wants to do it, your thoughts on that this is about the nasa power outage in texas due to the decreased air, your thought. >> i don't think anything will come about what's going to happen democrats will push for green energy and republicans will talk about the imports of possible people and they will payo attention, here's the key thing from texas if you're one of the 50 state governors you need to make sure your power
1:46 am
grid is runningur for all whethr extreme heat or extreme cold you need to realize he could push for green energy all you want the green energy is not reliable and if you move away from fossil fuel you will have powder outages, the idea would texas bs without power is exhibiting working in the grocery store going hungry it's inconceivable. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying hundreds of thousands without power in texas there heading into a potentially deadly weekend a record low temperatures half of the state is told to boil water dire lack of food in freshwater because delivery trucks are dealing with icy roads were not seen wind turbines being sent down to texas hospitals or to fire stations or police stations by the federal government we understand that when power is coming on their working on battery storage it's a fraction of what were seeing in terms of backup power from net gas and fossil fuels we understand this
1:47 am
is in a democrat or republican issue it affects all of us is about common sense. >> i think you're absolutely right i used to work at the heritage foundation on energy issues green energy is great but what you need isbo in all of the above approach when it comes to reliability when you talk about solar and wind and georgie is not just the power that generates it's your ability to store and distribute right now it's not up to "primetime" and that's why generators you're being sent to texas are running on traditional fossil fuels because we know they work. elizabeth: we know doogie energy and other utilities are working onra wind storage it is very expensive and you see california doing rolling blackouts because they push a lot of renewables in there so the incentive to the financial incentive for the energy crowd to invest when you're up against the governor subsidized like wind in that
1:48 am
sector may not be paying and has not paid to keep up the grid in a number of states. your final word. >> i think the government subsidizing green energy and bad behavior the reason why california is to have times the number off power outage of any other state is because of the push to get off fossil fuels and let me tell you something when the lights go out people don't care what the energy source what they care about is what it warns when you bite off the spot market is ten times the price of regular energy per megawatt hour. elizabeth: ford o'connell good information, comeor back soon. elizabeth: coming up tom homan on president biden wiping out trump's border policy for a preview of what is coming were good to talk to you how the obama administration wrongfully claimed the detained illegal set free into the country in order to save money they claim they
1:49 am
only had minor criminal record government documents show charges of kidnapping, drug trafficking and homicide. that story next. >> this is fundamentally flawed and this is a serious effort at immigration reform we nor immigration s system needs needd reform this is not it and does not go nearly as far as border security measures andan enforcement that we need so little disappointed in the biden administration of putting a wish list together of those on the far left and submitting those. ♪ find a parking spot? thar she blows! whoops! loading zone. darn it. pull hard to starboard! too small! seriously? because it...ugh. oh! follow him! steady... steady... oh! thunderation!
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1:54 am
having a surge right now that having 120,000 this coming month there already arresting 3500 a day in the border patrol thinks 4004 - 500 got away for other crisis, it takes money to secure the border and if you would spend his time to help secure the border rather than open border policy we can save money down the road. elizabeth: is he factoring in the court system to handle the caseload take into account the cost were out of humanitarian country were talking numbers were talking about the court system, the health system is he taking that into account. >> obviously have said many times presidentai trump said the wall in the mexico program has kept tens of thousands out that saved us money in detention, court costs,tr renewal cost, the
1:55 am
walls work well save moneyey trump's policy save money but now they're turning the all off and will spend a lot more money dealing with m a crisis. elizabeth: this might be a preview of what's coming because in 2014 government records show obama administration released more than 2200 criminal illegal aliens that were arrested saying they committed minor crimes of their committed crimes like sexual assault, homicide and drug trafficking. >> absolutely i was there i was third in command or as all of our they want to limit detention so people had to be released in the policies again were not as bad as they are now under biden there much worse but obama they were bad a lot of criminals walk the street the biden administration says sexual predators and all the serious criminals are a threat and there will be a nice priority when
1:56 am
he's not saying he's not changes take three city policies so our biggest city new york, chicago, l.a., boston, chicago all these cities do not workti with isolating sexual predators out of jail every day for the last several years in the keep let them out, their century city somewhat work with ice, he could say their priority all you want for ice ice will not be able to catch them a majority because of be released in century gels because they've done nothing to hold sanctuary cities accountable. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying critics of the often said washington, d.c. deals in numbers and statistics and there's a human story behindbe e numbers a human cost to the actions undertaken in washington, d.c. were going to bring you home let's listen to what angel moms and dads and husbands and wives have told us what happened to them when you release criminal illegal aliens the u.s. is a humanitarian country full of legals
1:57 am
immigration what the story is about is about crime. watch this. >> my wife was getting ready to go to the gym at that point in time and she s was pulling out e car from the garage and as she was pulling out the jeep evidently pulled up behind her car and blocked her from leaving and i was in the house and i heard the horn, the car and i guess at that point time they shot her through the window. >> announced to meet a classmate asked for a ride home and his intent was to murder josh for his truck, he brutally beat him, crushed his face and beat him in the head with a closet rod four times untilim it broke he strangled him over and over tuagain, tortured him tied him p like an animal and tied him up in a field and set them on fire. >> intoxicated himeg from behind
1:58 am
going 120 miles per hour. >> he was killed on may 12, 2014 by repeat illegal alien who is driving and jumped the wrong way 35 miles and slammed head-on to my son him and his partner randall called eber back to thed station and a drunk driver illegally pulled in front of the ambulance with no regard to anybody else and my husband ambulance flipped over and he and his partner both lost their lives. elizabeth: these stories are harrowing. the emotional gut punches so hard. why aren't the families we talk to, why don't thehe politicians talk tok them. they are set aside why is that put aside, these arepo human
1:59 am
stories. >> almost every one of those peoples i personally met to i do not recognize but that's why i talk about this why do i get angry with this issue people haven't seen the tragedies that i saw what ihe wore the uniforms on border and the dead children i carried in the making aliens in the tractor meeting these moms and dads, terrible stories and joe biden sitting there saying duis are not a public safety you can't arrest a public alien with a dui a lot of these moms and dads have lost her children to a crime of dui that's right so frustrating. in the heart of the white house, right now, he's meeting with immigration activist in nancy pelosi eats enter meets with actavis, have you ever met an angel mom and dad, i say no, i know the answers. >> i'm glad you told that story, this is about politics, this is aabout an agenda and nobody border and they're willing to sacrifice and put lives in danger to but d more people to
2:00 am
equal more seats in the house to the electoral college this is about selling open borders for future policy, i don't take that lightly there is no other reason you would turn your back on. elizabeth: thank you we appreciate it, come back soon. go get a slurpee. >> grappling great apes. >> people would come and watch people box and wrestle. >> but, this whole "gorilla magilla"... >> people would come and picket the facility. >> no barrel of monkeys. >> i was told "don't open this envelope until i pass away." he's a good boy. >> that sounds like an ultimatum. >> it was. game on. ♪♪


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