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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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if you missed any of the shall we of an encore presentation every night at 7:00 p.m.. many thanks to fox for allowing me to put my v-shaped recovery charts on the air. i'm kudlow. have a great evening. >> from the beautiful state of california that still locked down california florida to states that could not be more different from tackling the coronavirus. new data shows the covid results basically the same. why on earth to california push its economy and its people off a cliff? they could have just stayed open for business. on one side democratic governor gavin newsom, slick hair, the other republican ron desantis. oh ron a state dying like an underwater petunia.
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on the other hand newsom opened opened his data but is booming like an old west over town when they were still silver to be had. florida doing the same or better than california. you don't believe me? lets look at the scientific breakdown friends. courtesy of johns hopkins university and as far as no cases florida's in a better place with a .3% of its population contracting covid versus 8.8% in locked down california. hospitalizations in california 244 million, 218 for florida. fatalities california's 10.5 per million, florida 7.4. despite those numbers gavin newsome pushing lockdown after lockdown is the only way out of this mess. watch. >> the fastest way to open businesses permanently is to eliminate and end this pandemic.
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this deadly disease and as we make progress not only with vaccinations but through nonpharmaceutical interventions like mask wearing an physical distancing we will get there sooner than later and we will provide support for people like him and hundreds of thousands of other businesses. kennedy: i'm amazed you could hear my writer so clearly in the bullhorn. desantis practically bragging about the comparative success of the state's openness. watch. >> florida has much lower per-capita covid mortalities, much lower per-capita hospitalizations and much lower unemployment rate, opened schools and actually we have businesses starting up a new. kennedy: let's ask the doctor which system works better. >> the draconian measures of lockdowns are excessive and they have great public health costs,
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right? kennedy: now where would you rather live or at least what type of system would you rather live in meet the senior editor chris bedford here along with editor peter suderman contributed "fox news" contributor and hosted the richard fowler show, richard fowler so appropriately named. gentlemen let's tackle this one. the biggest one for me it's not just be a con me and things are open and florida's leaving it up to people to decide with their own version of common sense is schools are open and the mom of schoolchildren who have been stuck at home for a year. >> parents are able to put their schools in florida in businesses and churches are open and there still some precautions. been through a cross country here in covid 2.5 times. candidate that
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kennedy: did you do the cannonball run? >> i'm not even sure. we went down to florida before christmas was normal there. there were children sitting on santa's lap and bands playing in the streets. they were were alive majors producing some of the elderly people in some of the folks that are young and children are wearing masks out of precaution. a lot of people were completely normal. it was wonderful to see. california today i was talking to a brewery and a brewery was shut down by l.a. county even overruled that were not against the rules and the policies miscommunication. they are destroying businesses and destroying lives. you don't have to go that far. i can be here in d.c. for st. patrick's day and sit by myself or go across the river to virginia and see live music and be with people. that's the difference. kennedy: i like to see my music
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by myself but i don't think i'll ever get my wish. peter what ron desantis has pointed out in not only has he been of -- derision the biden administration talking about shutting down domestic travel and to florida but he's making the point when the full economy reopens florida is going to be in a much better position. that place could just explode from economic benefit. what do you think? >> i think florida is going to be so much better positioned with regards to coronavirus. biden they are going to shut down domestic travel and are restricted in some ways. some hosts peer partisan vengeance. and closing a lot of exterior ports is a bad idea. i think it's clear the broad-based stay at home order in the shelter in place order saw put in place a year ago were just totally unnecessary and
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draconian and quite costly. they did work very well but still california's kind of and intermittently lifted some of those restrictions as many states have but they have also intermittently reapplied them. this is us just have no idea. in some ways the problem is not just that they are under the most severe lockdowns but it's business owners don't have any kind of clarity so you see all of these stories about restaurant owners spending thousands and thousands of dollars to build outside places that are comfortable where people might want to eat back in and they find out a few weeks later actually we are not serving any more. california has proven once again that it is a model that is not to be followed. kennedy: the governor maintains with his political career, i was joking about the bullhorn but gavin newsom is not only dogged by hackers is also on the recall
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effort reached its threshold. as soon as they verify all of the signatures they can get his job on the ballot and he may be thrown out. this in things like homelessness and the utility cartel which are also destroying the state from the inside out. richard it's pretty simple, where would you rather live in a state where the state government says go ahead and use common sense, think for yourself and protect other people and protect yourself but we aren't going to close things down or a place like new york or california where those with authoritarian governors would like to do the thinking for you? >> well sometime common sense is not always that comment or people who'd don't wear mask and they are in crowds. i do agree we have to have clear rules of this is a hot operate because it's the key to our economy but when you'd dig into
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the numbers both in florida and california will you find is this florida's leaving the country when it comes to uk variant press of the most number of cases at 379 cases of uk variant and that is more for problem. kennedy: they also have more variant testing facilities. >> with that being said if the variant spreads it's more harmful and it kills more people and for us to begin to say we think shutdowns of the early pandemic were a bad idea it's wrong to say we know we have 400,000 dead americans and 3000 americans dying per day and we are not at the end of this thing and they are almost 200 million americans who haven't and vaccinated. while i do agree we need to have a clear reasonable way to reopen businesses in this country think we also need to be clear the cdc guidelines that are in place on wearing masks following social distancing guidelines --
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kennedy: everyone is doing those things. i don't disagree with you i think some of the early lockdowns were fine when people were happy making bread in there on homes and wearing jammies and having cocktails five days a day -- five times a day but once the league knew more about social distancing and masking and sanitizing and now we are on the verge of most people most adults getting vaccinated. we have to shift a bit because the government have begun doling out hundreds of millions in relief funds to help schools stay open. but why are they reopening yet if they are getting all this money? naperville illinois the school announced they were giving $10 million back to taxpayers that they didn't use on in person schooling this year but why isn't everyone doing it quick cdc guidelines are clear
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schools can open at their discretion with minimal dangers to kids and teachers and the money is there for extra safety measures. they haven't been spending it on anything else so why is everyone still doing nothing and when will the biden administration kick their heinz into gear? they have money for ventilation because they are spending it on schools. it only takes a fraction of the school budget to operate digitally so now we are hearing not only our schools getting billions of dollars, that money is not going to come for three or four years. >> the goalposts on schools have been moving unending glee. teachers are saying we need vaccines to go back to work. we are front-line workers but then they said okay once we get vaccinated a fax that of the children at to get vaccinated to because otherwise we can't go back to work. there is no vaccine that say for these children or so far proven to be safe for the children to
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take. that's not going to happen to you union demands like in chicago to end racial injustice in the school system before they return to work. how many more? how about this, how bout that? how about if you're front-line worker get back to work and you don't need her money but this is than basically and excuse for a left-wing to start in massachusetts they are pushing for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants to solve covid. it's unending and it's really sad. kennedy: yeah and you talked about moving the goalposts. the goalposts are being moved by the teachers union and the unions have been the worst body of all. these teachers unions, this has been a risk bigger than the lincoln project. >> i don't know about the comparison but i'd definitely agree teachers unions are the prime movers here and it is really to change the joe biden
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who ran on reopening schools and getting schools open in 100 days has completely backed off of that and there was one reason and one reason alone that he is back up and that's teachers unions. teachers unions are at core democratic union. joe biden has been clear he's not going to upset in any way at all. that's what their demands are about. it's about teachers unions, unions that have just refused consistently to show up for work and to do their jobs despite all virtually all credible findings. just last summer, this is not something that is new and not something we just started to learn. this has been clear since last summer. it's safe for young children and high school kids might be more complicated but elementary school kids, school should be open. safe and teachers unions are the obstacles.
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kennedy: absolutely. either you are an essential worker or you are not. you can't have it both ways. you can't say we are so worried about her teachers that we are going to stay home so we don't have to do anything in person. it's lazy and unacceptable. resin biden said he won't rest until schools are open five days a week and we know that's not true because the mainstream media says he goes to bed earlier than any president in history. i think at 4:30 p.m.. your thoughts. >> the president is doing a town hall right now so he's awake. there is a lot of misinformation here the number one people in chicago are teaching right now they've been teaching since it began in the pandemic whether ritual or person now. kennedy: that is not the same thing and you know it. it's apparent don't you dare make that argument. it's absolutely wrong. >> what teachers and educators are asking for is to go back to work and for good reason.
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kennedy: is that a safeguard? is that a rational safeguard by ucla? >> they opened up the schools here that i'm making a point. the teachers opened up schools insofar 100 cases of covid and won his party died. the safety concerns are real for many educators and that's why they are saying we have no problem going back. what we are we are asking for safeguard so us and our families and the community can be safe. these are not high demand. kennedy: you've had a year and no one is doing that. but the money fall. if the kids want to go to pots or do homeschooling or go to parochial or private school let the parents have that money back. >> apposite covid test in schools today because these teachers weren't vaccinated.
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kennedy: the vaccines aren't here. >> that's why we need safeguards. that's why we need safeguards. kennedy: that's why teachers are fighting for safeguards. kennedy: the teachers are fighting for themselves. they aren't fighting for the kids bring millions in taxes still without power and water three days after the latest winter storm for the powered grids shut down sparking outrage and demand for answers. who is to blame for the breakdown in why can't they get the power back on? he's bigger than texas forest jones joins us next. i'm a performer. always have been. and always will be. never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving.
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government? "fox news" lawrence jones is here. welcome back. we are on the virtual couch talking about the zlobin and no one has a better perspective than you. you are from texas and you like me get very frustrated with state governments from time to time particularly when problems arise that should have been solved before they began and now you have this colossal failure. what can they do now? >> well right now they need to get the power on. it seems like they were warned in 2015 many legislators have talked about it. they are depending on these turbines. they don't know how to purchase energy at a reliable rate when these things happen. there were no reserves so this was about to happen. kennedy: i just want to talk to you because i know you brought this up earlier. why weren't their reserves?
8:21 pm
and i just want to lay this out for people because this is incredible. texas not only is the greatest energy producer and an abundance natural gas and other resources but also they have three power grids in the united states the western grid the eastern grid in the texas grand prix texas literally has its own power grid. >> they didn't think we would ever get to this point despite people warning them that this was a potential one day and so this was poor planning. look i love texas. i don't like bastion texas. anyone who knows me knows i'm texas until the day i die but when bad government is they are yet point out. the most frustrating point is people that aren't for texas they don't know the politics of texas and they don't know the demographics they are paid a lot of these politicians who are republicans who get on national tv and blame the democrats. you are in charge.
8:22 pm
i know they have a lot of ideas and even aoc but her policies are in texas so when you have the governor who i have immense respect for what you got it wrong, you got it wrong and now moms and dads and aunts and uncles and a lot of people are suffering because they can't get the heat on. you can't release a statement with no real update and then you have this lady here that is the chair of the electric reliability counsel. she lives in michigan. the chair lives in michigan. kennedy: how is back? this is the commission that is in charge of the grid and if you know that you are going to have a storm and you know you will have inclement weather why have you passed the baton to someone who lives in michigan? that doesn't make any sense. i love michigan. they are a lovely summer homes on many many lakes where i would
8:23 pm
love to frolic but don't live there if you are in charge of something so massively important as texas. >> this is what happens when you have an efficient government. these things happen but the most frustrating thing about this kennedy is government is always in the business where they don't belong. this is where they belong and they never get it right. maybe, just maybe if they get involved they can do the actual things that they are responsible for and get them right that there's a lot of calls for investigations and a lot of lame game but the people in charge won't take accountability. i think the reason why as they have heat in their house. their waters still on. things are going just fine for them in probably their donors as well. kennedy: yeah that you have the system that's been created with kickbacks subsidies and tax breaks for things like wind and people made a lot of money in
8:24 pm
taxes off of wind power but didn't bother to take some of that money to make sure the device would be insulated if it was desperately needed when everything else froze. lawrence jones i love you perspective. thank you so much my friend. good to talk to you brit coming up joe biden's agenda as a new target and it involves your 2nd amendment rights. joining me to discuss all that and is disgusting, that's next. you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your prescriber or an online prescriber if cologuard is right for you. i'll do it.
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kennedy: it's no big surprise that present joe biden supports a brisk gun control agenda but he's been talking it for years and on the third anniversary of the parkland school shooting yesterday the present urge congress to crack down saying i'm calling on congress to enact commonsense gun lover forms
8:29 pm
including requiring that run checks on all gun sales banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines eliminating immunity for gun manufactures thin knowingly put weapons of war under streets. the president is eager to take on the nra. watch. the president addressing gun violence in the country and putting in place additional safety measures is something the president has a personal commitment to. he is obviously taken on the nra twice in one big happy and eager to do that in the future. kennedy: all amendment lovers at dickinson about how far prism biden will go and they are buying up firearms and ammunition all across america. my next guest says gun control increases the conditions for incidents such as part-time for joining the libertarian vice president's spike owens is back. >> thank you for having me back on. happy presidents' day.
8:30 pm
kennedy: thank you very much and as your president i will say this. i would celebrate the 2nd amendment does all of its forms and sheila jackson-lee is put forth legislation that's the most prohibitive gun control we have seen in this country. people are buying lots and lots of guns right now. obviously they are worried about the pandemic and worried about civil unrest but now they are worried about a president who wants to shred the 2nd amendment. >> it's a pretty safe bet when the gun grabbing president gets into office. on the third anniversary of the parkland shooting a shooting where the reason this mass shooting was able to happen was because the murderer knew the mass shooter knew he'd be the only person there with a gun and the police refused to engage the shooter until after all the shooting was done joe biden is proposing a series of policies
8:31 pm
that would disarm that many more americans and make them more at the mercy of murderers and hopeful that the police will show up and protect them in time when seconds count the police are minutes away rings true here. kennedy: there was a police officer there but the defund the police movement want to take all of those officers out of schools. when i heard that plank of the platform it made me think of the president automatically. >> well here's the thing. even though that officer was there he didn't feel inclined to run into gunfire so he stayed back and called in reinforcements. you are always going to be able to defend yourself in a third-party will. when gun control is the belief that guns are so bad we should only give them to people who don't care what the laws are for a party veteran involved in say call them and you should be able to to defend yourself against someone with a gun.
8:32 pm
it makes sense the place that has the most gun control are the places that have the highest murder rate including with guns. kennedy: sheila jackson-lee is talking about a national database where every gun has to be registered making it a felony to own a firearm or ammunition without a license and you have to complete a government training course. these are just a few items on her laundry list and my question for the congresswoman is what he do about the gun severity out there and what you do about the people who aren't interested in completing a training course who already have a nice cache of weapons that they either stole or obtained nefariously? >> or obtained legally and have no intention of giving up. we need to look at the fact that they keep trying to blame this come they keep trying to escape the people with mental health issues and saying we should let people with mental health issues get weapons. here's out that plays up if you
8:33 pm
are victim of abuse or a batch of ptsd are battling depression you are less likely to get the treatment that you need to go as you know it could affect your ability to legally own a firearm to protect yourself so you still have the gun by you aren't getting the mental health treatment you need. these are genius ideas that come from gun grabbers every day. kennedy: and the stigmatizing of mental illness is something that's incredibly reprehensible here because how do busybodies in washington to find mental illness? is that someone who has been depressed for a few months because of the pandemic? the someone who suffers from anxiety? doesn't that include most of the country if the umbrella is broad enough? >> guess who it also includes? it also includes in the way h.b. 127 sheila jackson-lee's bill. includes people with brain diseases.
8:34 pm
i have multiple sclerosis. does that mean i can't own a weapon? we don't know. kennedy: i think you'd be able to own a lovely weapon. >> i used to have weapons but i lost them all in the tragic boating accident. kennedy back you're going to need a bigger boat. will you come back again? >> i would be happy to. kennedy back member when minneapolis i would be good idea to defund the police department that now a dearth of cops on the streets in a waive of complaints by residents officials have voted to give the police $6.4 million in additional funding. acting dhs secretary chad wolf was on "fox news" today and he said it's no surprise. please watch. >> the defund the police movement place over the summer is a complete failure but as we look at what these communities are looking at and you take law enforcement officers off of the
8:35 pm
street you will inevitably see more crime and those communities the actions that minneapolis is taking just shows you again the failure of that movement throughout the summer. kennedy: what does this mean for folks who want to abolish the police? the panels back alexander wilkes michael warden and steven l. miller. steven i've said this the entire time and this is what is so frustrating. if you just defund the police you are going to have much more crime and you will never meaningfully tackle justice reform which is the greatest miscarriage of justice in this entire story. >> so much for ian all mars at hatami of social worker -- there's a mythology that more police equal bad police and that's not really the case. the problem is it's not so much more police that lead to the problem. we have public sector police
8:36 pm
units that are protecting bad police say you can't ring up the issues in the larger problem is most of the cities where this is happening have been run by one party for decades and guess which one that is in places like minneapolis, oakland and los angeles and new york city places where every time you try to uproot problems you have the discussion until we talk about who the party and charges and that's more or less the problem here. they kind of copout of taking responsibility for the bad old looking and policies. we have to defund we have to defund and that's never the case. kennedy: you bring up a great point. criminal justice reform and kids not being in school because of the pandemic, those boiled down to public-sector unions. they really do but no one wants to take on the unions because they fund campaigns but michael this was bound to happen in a very important moments of places
8:37 pm
like minneapolis, they are going to have more cops and that doesn't necessarily mean those new cops are going to be better trained. >> let's not forget systemic racism the police cannot stand and with that said defunding the police and i was with president obama mrs. an uzi said defunding the police you lose half of the public and there's no chance to get any reform when you say that. so the goal should be to reform the police, to get rid of the racism in the police but not to defund the police. kennedy: alexander what happens to some of these vulnerable communities where you have little old ladies who have lived in neighborhoods for decades especially in the pandemic and they just can't up and leave but unfortunately if someone breaks into their house and they hear gunfire and they call 911 in places like minneapolis the
8:38 pm
response time is somewhat slower because you have 200 fewer cops on the streets in minneapolis so what happens to them? >> look these communities are the ones that pay the price for the idea that wealth they can spend their way out of. if you are nancy pelosi new support policies that led san francisco go to hell it's no matter because you can escape to your dated enclave in napa valley. if you are wealthy manhattanites that support defunding the nypd it's okay if crime goes up because -- ordinary people cannot get out of these situations as easily and they are the ones like i said that pay the price for these policies. hopefully that leads to some actual change with what i fear here is what you brought up in the beginning that this will stop the need defensive criminal justice reform because it
8:39 pm
accidentally went too far in his damage the brand of reform in the name of this crazy idea. kennedy: it was crazy. it was distraught but then now it's sad is what was necessary what libertarians have been calling for the entire time that's not going to happen and the new york post is screaming this week in the headlines about a serial killer on the a train which is not -- it's a subway line and it's there fine. women, older people teenagers they want to take the train because they might be slashed by a murder psychopath. come to new york any time. we will party and play hopscotch. a boost to an all time high today more than $50,000 but why and how can you get in on all the fun of cryptocurrency joins me to explain how you can get rich in minutes.
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c it's the currency they can't be printed instantly to liberty lovers dream. the cryptocurrency the milestone amassing $30,000 per coin for the first time ever. this after bitcoin surge this year for a variety of reasons. experts say since more companies are opening up to the cryptocurrency its future looks very bright so how do you and i venture into this financial frontier and get rich doing it? joining me venture was chairman of the bitcoin foundation brock pearce is here. welcome to the show. see back thank you so much for having me. glad to be here. kennedy: what is driving up the price of bitcoin cooks is that institutional investors are the games stopping bitcoin?
8:45 pm
>> welders definitely nhtsa chose no component to this practice by this last week has been huge. elon musk tesla announced they bought $1.5 billion worth of that coin. elon is updated is twitter. that sent the markets movement mastercard announced a plan to integrate the dettra studio bank any world say they are going to be providing services for cryptocurrency. this is big stuff. these are big brands, big names and attaching their reputations to bitcoin i think it means bitcoins here to stay. kennedy: does that mean the people that never done crypto even though the market is -- there are tons of cryptocurrency's youth and two
8:46 pm
and some people say it's going to crater. one of the biggest financial bubbles that we have. do you think this is going to go to 100,000 by the end of the year? that's amazing. >> i think it certainly possible but as we have seen with crypto it's very volatile. it does go up and down and i don't encourage anyone to invest in cryptocurrency bitcoin or anything like that but why encouraging to do is to invest in yourself. go buy $10 with the bitcoin so you understand what this is all about so you make informed decisions for yourself. kennedy: how hard is it for people to buy crypto? should they use one of the apps like coin base which is like the td america. of crypto? >> if you're just starting out i recommend the easiest on-ramps
8:47 pm
coin base definitely very safe, very easy at it place to start if you are buying your first 10 or $20 also worth noting what happened last week, it was 10 years ago in this last week that du quoin broke the buck for the first time meaning it's gone from 1 dollar to 50,000 right for all of us and it certainly feels like the retail public is a part of this. we are seeing the little people participating where spence of women participating so i do think that is what we are seeing in common with the robinhood movement and the wall street movement. if the average american feeling like they can participate in the democratization of opportunity. kennedy: i like it and rock thank you so much. please come back. i love talking about this. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: topical storm is next.
8:48 pm
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kennedy: instagram -- posing naked which is something that elephant will never forget.
8:52 pm
that's the topical storm topic number one in the most striking case of symbolism ever caught on video the trump plaza in atlantic city has imploded. watch. ♪♪ the 34th story tower is brought a planned demolition by those in dynamite flask of zero president trump insists he told the dynamite explode easily. all they did do was hire rudy giuliani to keep the standing for four more years. politicians are reacting predictably. josh hawley and ted cruz say the casino still is a chance to make a comeback. smart retailer green has got to find the man who shot their safe lasers at this iconic property bernie sanders has been selling free hotel shampoos may have left behind. perhaps the most impact the most impact it was a oc who said in the building at the time and
8:53 pm
almost got crushed by the falling concrete bridge he later clarified she was actually in a different casino but was nonetheless totally shocked. topic number two in the netherlands and i skittered that half half-naked and took the plunge into an icy canal and still the russian judge only gave him a three and began with an unidentified dutchman seen gliding across the canal dressed only in his. i can imagine. it was smoking to think of such an idea. nevermind but then the dutchman fell through the ice into freezing water. witnesses said he looked as cold as the kamala harris holiday card. "cnn" said this was a dangerous stunt because he should have been wearing wearing a mask but thankfully he was rescued and sustained only minor shrinkage. later this gator joked about his total failure and took a bow to thunderous applause which was a
8:54 pm
trick he learned from andrew cuomo. topic number three, now the story of an indecent proposal a florida man stole his girlfriend's diamond ring to propose to another woman. in other words he said he went to jared's buddy really went to caitlyn. joseph davis is now the run from the police and the two angriest women in florida are still one girlfriend's diamond ring that she inherited from her grandmother and gave it to his other girlfriend to pledge his love or as it's called in florida typical courtship. after the victims consulted with police they discovered joseph had put his name to both of them and had taken woman to the other's house pretending was him. and normal amount of lying for men. the ring was returned to its rightful owner but davis is still at large produce lasting enjoying a couples massage with his new spanish girlfriend.
8:55 pm
topic number four and now to new jersey to florida for north where edison invented the light old. this guy thought of this. a new jersey man said it on fire to clear the snow or as they call it in jersey lawn care. police say the homeowner poured half a gallon of gasoline on a small section of his backyard and then lit it on fire causing response from a hazmat crew. the worst thing to happen on grass this year was the nfl halftime show. the man says he should have known this was a bad idea he tried the same thing last week. talk about flaming idiots and then again we have all felt burned out this year. and the bright side the gas fire made new jersey smell better for a few minutes. there must have been some hair in it. i will be right back.
8:56 pm
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this week congressman thomas massie talks about living off the grid. you're going to love it. goodnight day. make every night at kennedy night d. [♪♪♪] >> there are people out there that shouldn't have to be fearful for having their own thoughts. oscar wildee said you better be funny or they are going to kill you. >> americans aren't afraid of being called names. historic eel they are not, unless it keeps you from being able to make a living. >> i wouldn't support a company that fires someone because of their political views. >> they are afraid of president trump and they are afraid of his ability to make a comeback.


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