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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  February 21, 2021 6:30am-7:00am EST

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congressman mike turner, former white house advisor stephen miller and former nsc staffer cash patel, and maria special gases we can catch is so 10:00 a.m. eastern time. start smart, tuning weekdays from 6 - 9:00 a.m. eastern for "mornings with maria" right here on fox business that will do it for us, thank you for watching. we will see you next time. ♪ >> welcome to the wall street journal at large, you may have noticed now that joe biden is safely installed as president and the democrats controlled congress but the tech platform to help put them there have begun paying attention to things that all last year they somehow strangely missed. throughout 2020 the media would do absolutely anything to protect president trump of the
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republicans and unfavorable light to put a positive spin on democrats and their allies it was to suppress stories that were harmful to electing democrats, hunter biden emerged shortly before the election dismissed as a russian intelligence operator station blocked by tech platforms similar troubling story circulated before the election about the lincoln project the group of former republicans who turned other party in working to elect democrats. none of the stories made their way into the main news media nation anyway. once election was safely over we are about to learn more on the biden story turned out was not russian propaganda and in fact the issues being investigated by federal authorities. the lincoln project has been revealed to be a group of opportunist who made a lot of money for themselves and may have covered for the sexually exploited atlantic someone of the number. but perhaps the biggest beneficiary of all of last year's bad news blackout was andrew cuomo, most of last year the governor of new york treated by the media as a cross between george washington and mother teresa, his daily coronavirus briefings were carried in a reverential tone live on network
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news he got a lucrative book deal, painted lovely pictures and won an emmy. >> is doing exactly what should be done and he's reliable, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the situation. >> i have to admit i am a fan of andrew cuomo and i wish very much that he were president of the united states now. >> i know you been portrayed as some sort of a homecoming king of this crisis in the headline from jezebel health i think i'm in love with andrew cuomo the new york post dubbed you the new love god and chelsea handler wrote you a new essay dear andrew cuomo i want to be your first lady. gerry: forgive me i think i'm tearing up, of course on cnn that revealed what a wonderfully empathetic person he was. >> i have a little button nose and she was afraid the swab would actually hurt because it extended my nasal cavity.
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>> this was actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun that you mounted on the front of your pretty face. gerry: this is what passes for journalism supposedly. only a few dissenting voices back then pointed out the real story that was going on new york's covid record was in fact the worst in the nation recent terms of deaths in other respects two. the biggest scandal of all the governor's health officials had ordered the elderly covid patient be readmitted to nursing homes resulting almost certainly many tragic deaths. the true number of fatalities was obscured by cuomo's officials. last month the state attorney general said the death toll in those homes could be 50% higher than what was officially reported. an interest last week the top eight admitted in a private meeting with state legislatures
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that the administration had covered up the numbers for fear that they be criticized by president trump. so far the governor is defiant. >> we are below the national average and number of deaths in nursing homes. but who cares, 33, 28 died in the hospital, died in the nursing home, they died. gerry: yet the crisis is deepening. federal prosecutors have been investigating the state handling of the issue. democrats in the state senate moved to reset the governor's emergency powers, some republican lawmakers are calling for cuomo's impeachment. what next, one of the democratic state senators who called for resending the governor's is john lou, he joins me not thank you for joining me. >> nice to see you. >> the administration, the cuomo administration has acknowledged that it essentially lied about
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the numbers. what do you think should be the consequences of that for governor cuomo and his administration? >> the immediate need is to revoke those emergency powers that were perhaps necessary nearly a year ago when the coronavirus was upon us and as you mentioned earlier in his report new york being hit the hardest by far with the infection and death rates. but now are starting to emerge, the vaccine rollout is becoming more effective and efficient. meaning getting 80 - 85% of the population vaccinated so that we can finally get life back to normal, get business is open, get people back to work, get school kids back in classes. gerry: i understand you want to talk about that and i get you what to talk about the future
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but governor cuomo is on a tremendous scrutiny from your colleagues, from others in new york from federal authorities two. let me ask you this given again that we know the numbers that people were sent to nursing homes rather with covid and elbow certainly lead to some deaths, what do you think of the practical consequences of the governor's decisions. you think the governor was responsible for significant numbers of people dying who maybe need not to die because of the order? >> people have different opinions about what is happened, the governor made specific assertions even a couple of days ago and has continuously referred to a federal guideline and wolves that he and is a administration followed even the issuance of the nursing homes guidelines back and last march, other legislators, some of my
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fellow legislatures disagree with him on that point. that is a continuing controversy obviously he's in the media. gerry: forgive me for interrupting. >> my focus is not about what happened in the past time for that may come but right now the immediate need is increasing public confidence in getting people safe with the vaccine. gerry: forgive me for interrupting we have to take a break but i think the argument that he cites they were federal guidelines but they were permissive not prescriptive in patients with covid could be returned, not that they were required to be returned and nobody expects it i think it needs to be interpreted by states as meaning they were forced to send anybody back to nursing homes that was a decision made by new york state itself, i think that's right, isn't it? >> apparently there are plenty of people as you mentor before
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looking at this including investigators of different levels of government. that is beyond my pay grade, my focus as a legislature to change some of the roles that are no longer necessary so we can restore checks and balances that otherwise would be in place if life was normal and we want life to get back to normal as quickly as possible. gerry: senator lee we have to take a short break but we'll be right back with more questions on the developing crisis around on the developing crisis around govern on the developing crisis around govern on the developing crisis around govern ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase.
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gerry: i backward new york state senator john liu, you intimate colleagues want to take emergency powers away from the governor you think are no longer necessary your entire republican colleagues in the state assembly want to go much further they think andrew cuomo given the cover-up, given the performance over the last year that actually
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more stringent action to be in taken and impeached isn't taken emergency powers back from them something that would happen and something stricter needed? >> the emergency powers were granted for only one year but that is still more than two months away so we might -- i think we need to do something sooner because again we want to restore the system of checks and balances that always can provide a better result for the people, the cuomo administration as governments all around the country in the world they have dealt with a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before and they responded with lots of decisions, some decisions made quickly in the absence of information and to look i feel like i know what you're trying to get at, my perspective is that the administration of new york state
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they made a lot of decisions that were good in the right direction and saved new yorkers whether there was bad decisions made, obviously so. i would be shocked anybody would be shocked if in all of this no mistakes were made the important thing is there should've been full information provided to the public, in fact that's what the governor was getting lots of praise from the country and many of the media patriots for being forthright with news whether it was good or bad news. gerry: let me ask a final question were running out of time i think that everybody understands the crisis came upon us governors had to make decisions with short notice and mistakes were made, i think the bigger concern is the attempt to cover up the decision and we know that melissa derosa the top
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aide told your colleagues a week before last that the decision had been made quite deliberately to cover-up the numbers who had died as a result from nursing homes into cover-up those numbers precisely for political reasons because they were concerned they didn't want to be attacked by the trump administration. that is not a mistake that is something much more serious than a mistake that you're making emergency circumstances, isn't it? >> which is why immediately the calls were revoking the emergency powers came and it's something that we are deliberating very carefully in both chambers of the state legislature in new york and the action in my opinion is necessary to restore full public confidence in state government. gerry: great thanks to senator john liu. thank you very much indeed. democratic states struggled to reopen the schools while florida has been open for months we will take it up with the florida education or next.
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it. >> all be thankful for the sure strong in fact driven leadership strong in fact driven leadership from governor strong in fact driven leadership from governor ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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gerry: by the media spent most of the last year praising new york and andrew cuomo in disguise the real villain was florida and ron desantis, new york shut down most of its economy for months but florida kept things open and there was predictable warnings and that this would lead to a soaring death toll but a funny thing happened on the way to for this catastrophe the state economy mostly free from markdowns dramatically outperformed others most notably new york. in florida the most recent appointment rate was 6.1% in new york it was eight-point to
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percent. but surely you would ask the economic gain must've been the cost of human sacrifice. no, 136 per million population the state death toll from covid is just a little bit more than half of that of new york. florida has done a better job of keeping its economy going while limiting the tragic human cost of the virus. one of the biggest long-term human cost is the damage done to the nation's children by being out of the classroom and the pandemic across the country blue states dowd to keep students a home in the biden administration seems to be continuing to side with the union despite the fact that scientific evidence the risk of covid in schools seems to be minimal. last week the administration said it was helping all schools would be open just one day a week by may, this week the president went further. >> i said opening the majority of schools in k-8 grade because of the easiest to open, the most
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needed to be open, the goal would be five days a week. >> as you heard that does not apply to high schools, hereto for this performance that has been exemplary, most state schools but over for the last year ensuring vital in person teaching for the state's children. why did the unions across many blue states keep resisting and what is a real risk to children and teachers, here to discuss florida's experience as a state education commissioner richard cochran. thank you for joining me speak to. >> they could probably. gerry: what is been your experience they kept the schools open, according to the teachers union that should've resulted in a massive expansion to the epidemic through schools with terrible consequently, what is been the expanse? >> the experience has been fantastic, basically we opened up on day one, we opened up all 67 counties and we phased-in the 37 counties we have basically
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all of her teachers come back they wanted to be with her students and be able to help them get the world-class education and we have today 65 % instruction. and we are safe we have proven that you could do it all of the data, all the science that your hearing now from the cdc was available to us in july and august when we were getting sued by the union and had a trial and all that data without their and we wanted every court level because we knew it was safe and the opportunity was there for those kids to get the education. gerry: how many teachers and how many students seem to have got sick or even worse than get sick as a result of being back in school, do you have numbers for that? >> we've been open for seven months we have not had one student death to in face-to-face instruction in schools. gerry: not one? >> not one. we've had students who chose to
6:52 am
do distance learning and are at home who have died but not one related to having face-to-face instruction. and listen to some of your earlier part of the show it all comes down to leadership leadership is everything we have governor desantis who read the data, looked into the science, talk to the stakeholders and the leaders in the educational community and medical community and made a decision based on fact while he was reading we are governors as you alluded to who are writing books about how great they were on the whole epidemic even though they probably arguably have cost thousands of lives. that is a game changer and that's why we opened the got sued and not all the opposition to your point we had people that put fake coffins and gravestones in front of her office building and this is going to be catastrophic, we have open and we were open, we never closed our pre-k system we never closed afterschool programs all summer long our colleges never closed necessary hand-to-hand combat training for first responders all of that was always open and
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we have been widely successful. gerry: you might've heard president biden say he thinks teachers should be a priority of the vaccination obviously were rolling out vaccinations across the country some states including florida and in some states teachers unions are saying only if they get vaccinated will they go back to school but your experience in florida, are you prioritizing teachers, do they need the vaccination in order to feel safe at school? >> who is driving that when you hear president biden say or the teachers union say it in the union bosses for them it is not the teachers, the teachers themselves if you look at survey after survey they feel comfortable in her classroom there confident and they're safe if you have a teacher that has a vulnerability or one the vulnerable levels your over age 65 and you're getting vaccinated. we have a state that has a larger senior population going back to what you're talking about governor cuomo leadership is everything governor desantis
6:54 am
protected our senior center homes he was putting people into nursing homes a game changer in the same thing with what were doing with the state were prioritizing our seniors which we should and prioritizing those teachers who are seniors that are vulnerable as we should but the reality we are not seeing any of that play itself out in our school system and so yes those teachers will get the vaccination but who is holding up face-to-face instruction nationwide is simply the teachers union why are we allowing one single special interest group to destroy the hopes and dreams of a generation of children. i do not understand the. gerry: it's remarkable to with the media of the last year were new york andrew cuomo has been the hero in ron desantis has been the billing and now some are beginning to wake up to the reality. my thanks richard cochran. >> thank you. gerry: one of the loss of the most important conservatives in this country remember a talk this country remember a talk radio icon rush limbaugh n
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gerry: when the history of the conservative movement of the last half century is written, a few giants will stand out. milton friedman and william f. buckley built the ark architecture. ronald reagan and margaret thatcher were the political practitioners, elected leaders who made the principles of conservativism a prague mat ific reality. but no history will be complete
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without a proper appreciation of the role played by rush limbaugh. he was as smars as any of the media. his contribution to the advance of conservative ideas was as a popularizer. he had an up rivaled ability to channel and articulate thed mood and sentiments of millions of americans whod had become just tired as what they saw as the ten twraition of their -- denigration of their ideals. he would lampoon the hi hypocris of media elites. but at the same time, he would remind and reassure listeners why they loved america, the shining beacon of hope and opportunity in a savage and often unfree world. yet at times it is his blistering critiques of the cant of the elites contributed to the fraying of the bonds that hold the country together that his own sunny optimism, delivered in thatter resistible way, offered
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a glimpse of the america that he and so many cherished. well, that's it for us this week. i'll be back this week right here on "the wall street journal at large." thank you very much for joining us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jack: welcome to bare ron's roundtable where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i'm jack otter. warren buffett's berkshire hathaway prepares itses annual letter to shareholders. we'll take a look at the company's investment strategies. but we begin, as always, with what we think are the three most important things investors ought to be thinking about right now. earnings season is wrapping up, and in the fourth quarter, profits rose. is there room


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