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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. pete: have a great sunday. go to church. maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo, today schools are still closed but the borders wide open. coming up president biden's immigration free for all. former white house senior adviser and the architect of president trump's border plan stephen miller will join me to react to the new biden agenda. plus on the record and under oath on the january 6th capitol breach, wisconsin senator ron johnson will preview his committee's hearing this week on who was aware of the threat and when including speaker pelosi
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and mike turner on what intelligence the congress has seen to warrant the police state outside of the u.s. capitol. the 7-foot wire fencing now expected to stay up through september. also former department of defense chief of staff kash patel on the wish hunt underway in the pentagon to root out trump loyalties and how it's distracting the military from real adversaries from china and islamic terrorists. all that and more as we look right here right now on sunday morning futures. but first this morning accountability for the january 6th capitol attack on tuesday of this upcoming week the senate will hold its first hearing into what safety precautions were taken ahead of the fateful day with current and former security officials expected to testify. will they find out what nancy pelosi knew in advance as speaker of the house she is in charge of everything involving
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the capitol? wisconsin senator ron johnson has been demanding answers and so far he's gotten crickets. senator, good morning to you, thank you very much for being here. senator: good morning, maria. maria: i have here your letters that you sent to the acting sergeant at arms and door keeper as well as the current sergeant at arms where you ask questions about security. let's talk about upcoming hearing. robert canty, the third, metropolitan police department. michael, former sergeant at arms and tell me what you're expecting out of this hearing and what questions you'll be focused on. senator: first of all, i was
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disappointed that the joint committees i was told were going to investigate this -- i lost my chairmanship to homeland security with new congress. they didn't even send their letter out to 22 different individuals to february 4th which is one of the reasons i sent out a letter on january 21st to the two former and two acting sergeant at arms in the house and senate. i got no response whatsoever. it would be far better if we were having the hearing on tuesday with a lot of information being returned. testimony from the people that were involved, other than just news accounts. right now we will be going to the hearing with what we head in the newspaper and what the house managers presented, i don't want to call the trial, so many parts, selective editing, editing out of context. we don't have the basic information i would like to have before i go into a hearing but this would be the first hearing they'll be a follow-up hearing and i'm hoping we start getting
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information from the people who were actually there and we did a full accounting of what actually what happened. maria: what you're saying you don't have any documented and had you gotten answers to those letters that you sent, you would have had documentation and you would have known going in what would be covered. you don't have that now? >> the only thing that we have seen steven sent letter detailing a lot of actions he took, what due diligence he undertook prior to the events. but we see conflicting testimony. there's apparently a branch of the fbi that got pretty disconcerting warnings about this but the day after that there was a briefing the same day that fbi folks involved in a joint session planning session said there was really no suspected harmful activity. people really were caught by surprise. this was not predictable. this was not foreseeable as
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house managers continue to talk about. maria: you know, you also have spoken about the term that speaker pelosi has been using and that is that it was an armed insurrection and i know that you've talked pretty widely about this because there's no way that you are, you know, downplaying what took place, in no way are you looking at this and saying that's okay, but the term armed insurrection you think is the wrong term, why? senator: i've been land-based in the press really for saying what the president's defense team was talking about. the fact of the matter is when i hear armed insurrection i think of firearms. i was asking the question how many firearms were confiscated, how many shots were fired and i know of one and i will defend the law enforcement official. one thing about conservatives and republicans we are consistent in the condemnation of violence, peaceful protests
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that turned into riots, we condemn it. we want to see those people that were involved in violent acts prosecuted to the full of the law. that's not the same standard that democrats use that really sat by in many cases encouraged the riots to occur over the summer which there was billion dollars of damage and encourage encouragement and vice president that would bail out the rioters. how does that make sense? the double standard, unequal enforcement of the law is what really troubles a lot of people on our side of the aisle. maria: you were at the impeachment trial last week and jim jordan joined us last week on this program and the congressman said that he believed they backed away from witnesses to protect speaker pelosi. listen to what jim jordan told
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us. here is congressman jordan. >> we would have called speaker pelosi because ultimately she's the person in charge of capitol hill. she's the speaker of the house and she's in charge of everything around capitol hill. look, maria, there are some key facts that the democrats, they want to talk about, like the fact that pimp bombs were -- pipe bombs were discovered before the president's speech and maybe most important, the fact that everyone sun had asked for the national guard to be present there beforehand. so the reason they pulled back is we were going to call those witnesses. maria: your reaction, senator, and your reaction to pelosi's pick now to lead the capitol security investigation. he has been pretty out there in terms of his feelings for certain republicans. he called josh hawley a little piece of blank who should lose his job.
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your reaction? senator: i really thought the president's defense lawyers did on outstanding job, they blew the house managers out of the water, and i think what happened the house managers realized that dishonest parts of their case was revealed by the team and they threw a hail mary guard and caught everybody off guard and my guess is senator schumer talked them off the ledge in terms of calling additional witnesses which would have pulled more holes in their case and really start revealing the truth. so i don't think we ever should have had -- i don't want to call it a trial. we never should have had the impeachment political theater. that in itself was inciting. you take a look at his tweets, you take a look what extreme partisan he is. he's last person, i don't know
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the man, the last person that ought to be heading an investigation. lindsey graham called for an independent investigation shortly after the breach on the sixth and something independent of congress. it's difficult to figure out how to do that when you have a president that's a democrats and you have total control by congress of democrats, but we need a more independent and fair investigation and i don't think we will get it with the general that nancy pelosi has appointed. maria: she's also wanting the 9/11 style commission to investigate things all the while the show must go on and that show i'm referring to is the 7-foot wire fencing and the barbed wire protecting the capitol. are you going through metal detectors every day? senator: no but we are going through security obviously. as i've been saying, this is the 7 or 8-foot fence with wire, it was meant to create a narrative
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that 74 million americans that supported and voted for president trump are suspected domestic terrorists or possible armed insurrectionists and the capital needs to be protected against. i'm not aware of a heightened threatened level now that the inauguration is over. i've listened to senator cotton, has access to more intelligence. he's saying the same thing. i don't believe we need the fences and we sure don't need 5,000 national guards people. you have the fences up at a minimum, you can let the national guards folks go home. but, again, it's all about a political narrative to say that the capitol needs to be protected, you know from the people that voted for president trump. maria: well, this is the opening shot in terms of who's taking place on the agenda. i want to take a break and i want to get your take on texas power disaster millions suffering this morning and what that has told us about the destructiveness of green energy. that's just one of a broader
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maria: welcome back. we are back with senator ron johnson who sits on the senate homeland security and foreign relations committee. senator, i want to talk about what the broader biden agenda means but let me first begin with texas. disaster happening there. and there was reaction to the disaster throughout the weekend this weekend. senator cruz is being slammed for going to cancún meanwhile it took president biden nearly a week to sign a major disaster declaration for texas. governor abbott says he only got part of the federal aid that he requested. what is your reaction in terms of the green new deal and its impact and how does that fit into what we are seeing in
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texas? senator: i think what we saw in texas certainly shows what following the green new deal would be, unreliable wind and solar power generation really is and how it needs fossil fuel backup. we've also learned how vulnerable our grid is, unreliable green energy and also to disturbance from the sun, solar winds and also potentially emp attacks. we need to do a lot more about, you know, hardening our electrical grid. i've been on this case as the 6 years of chief of homeland security but very few people seem concern about it but this is a warning in terms of what happened to texas, how vulnerable we are. maria: on first day in office president biden signed executive order that lifted the security on the power grid for 90 days, trump's executive order the year prior secured the power grid by giving china no access. is there any connection here?
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what are your thoughts on the executive orders and let's talk broadly about the biden agenda, what can you tell us? senator: i would say the biden agenda is radical. massive spending, massive tax increases, open borders, attack on fossil fuel which, again, we are seeing following of doing that, canceled keystone pipeline and canceled union jobs and this is a radical agenda and, of course, the press is not reporting on it as radical as it really is. americans need to be very concerned and the problem with the biden agenda, it'll all be done most of it, a lot of it through executive order and you won't hear about it. they'll do it, sign it with a pep. they'll use budget con resilluation to spend massively, $1.9 trillion when personal savings -- personal disposable income is up 5.5%. savings in 2019 up $1.6 trillion and the bottom 20% of wage
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earners got $45,000 on average transferred payments. our economy is ready to take off and now we've already appropriated $4 trillion in covid relief and now the biden administration is going to shove through $1.9 trillion even though liberal economists are worried about overheating the economy which could be leading to run away inflations. i just couldn't be more concerned about the biden agenda appeasing people like china and appeasing people like iran. it's going to be dangerous. maria: real quick, senator, all of these ideas have to be paid for. we have the $1.9 trillion spending plan. is the renew raise coming next? when are you expecting them to introduce tax increases and what that you would they look like real quick? senator: that would be in budget
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reconciliation. they'll punish the wealth. take money away from people that actually produce and invest in the government and give it to government and transfer payments to other people. again, i don't think it's the formula for success. maria: all right, senator, we will be watching and obviously talking with you along the way. we appreciate your time this morning, thank you. we will watch tuesday morning 10:00 a.m. hearing on who knew what and when, senator ron johnson. coming up armed guards, fence, mike turner is here on the shocking reasons on why nancy pelosi is pushing for all of this now until past september of this now until past september of 2021. yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example.
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maria: welcome back, take a look at this video just shot last week for sunday morning futures. this is what our nation's capitol will look like now for several more months to come. a virtual police state, 7-foot wall of raser wire that stretches for miles and lawmakers have said that the current threat level does not merit this. so why did capitol officials recommend to congress this week that it stay up through september? here is what former acting dni ric grenell told us on the program last sunday. >> i think let's be clear that many dc politicians, nancy pelosi and all her friends love this. this is like living behind a gated community. they want to be away from the people anyway. so in many ways, they are loving the exclusivity of what's happening on capitol hill. maria: joining me right now is ohio congressman mike turner, he sits on the house intelligence
6:23 pm
and armed services committee, congressman, wonderful to have you this morning, welcome, thanks for being here. congressman: appreciate it. maria: so you see serious intelligence. is there anything that you could tell us about that you have seen that would warrant this kind of police state around the capitol? congressman: well, maria, i can't confirm or deny any information that's in intelligence briefings that members receive but i can tell you my personal belief and this is absolutely unnecessary and the american people know it. in 9/11 when the capitol was a target, we didn't go to a wall and raser wire around the capitol. this is being done by nancy pelosi. remember this is a woman who said that the walls are immoral to protect the public. i believe it's part of their narrative of fear. they want to protect fear of the american public and even as you know, we have metal detectors now going to the house floor to vote and fearing other members
6:24 pm
of congress. this is absolutely the wrong signal to be setting to the american public and certainly in a free democracy, we certainly shouldn't be aware of -- afraid of the people who are the american public. maria: so you are going through metal detectors then to go vote? i had asked senator ron jon and you said no, you are actually going through metal detectors when you have to vote? congressman: correct. they've been installed by the house floor. you have statements by the speaker and statements by the other members of the democratic leadership saying that there are members that are afraid of other republican members. this is all part of perpetuating the culture of fear against the american public, against republicans and certainly against those who supported donald trump. maria: look, we were told that this was going to cost half a billion dollars just until mid-march. what is the cost of this kind of fencing and barbed wire and having all the national guard
6:25 pm
troops there? congressman: i think the cost is certainly significant but i think the cost to the image of america. i mean, we are free and open democracy. there's no threats to the capitol that justifies this, there's no threats to certainly members of congress themselves and yet by walling off the capitol, by walling off the symbol of democracy, they are indicating that we are in peril instead of serving the american public. maria: tell me as part of this broader agenda, we have spoken this weekend about what you believe this is in terms of the broader issues that the democrats want to push forth. the biden agenda, what can you tell us about it from your standpoint? congressman: well, if you look at the biden agenda already he's -- he's not only overturning the trump agenda, the trump accomplishments that have given us one of the strongest economies we've ever had, but he's implementing policies that are against 10% of the american public and public opinion.
6:26 pm
opening the border, once again attacking our energy production from which we've got energy independence. oversures to china and concerns and how the administration will be soft on china and soft on china and certainly turning upside down our middle east policy. these are issues that are concerned about and as we look to appeasing their left and looking to implement a socialist agenda, i think the wall has even greater understanding because we see that they're separating themselves off from the american public. maria: well, what you're saying is very disturbing, congressman, because we are well aware of the major threats that the country faces, whether it'd be iran undermining the abraham accords in the middle east or china where china has made it very clear that they want to overtake the united states as the number 1 super power. tell me about that agenda that you and senator johnson say is
6:27 pm
quite radical. congressman: right, so with iran, you know, as we know the iran nuclear deal -- was flawed and continued malactions with the middle east. by this administration going back to the agreement they are giving the out to become a nuclear state and they tushed on in with the abraham accords, the administration was able to accomplish by coalescing our allies in the middle east. iran just attacked saudi arabia in oil production and now the administration is once again turning to iran. they are adversary. the american people aren't our adversary. same with china. the administration knew that it was certainly our greatest vulnerability for jobs, our greatest vulnerability for our economy and certainly to other
6:28 pm
allies. this administration is turning its eye from our allies and to those who are adversaries. maria: well, i don't understand why president biden would be doing that if 60% of the people do not want this. what's your take on why -- what's behind some of these decisions, for example, canceling the xl pipeline in a nanosecond. 11,000 jobs are lost. you say 60% of the people are against it. will this hurt them in 2022 that you and your colleagues can take back the majority in the house? >> absolutely. and i think it's part of that radical agenda. they are trying to get these things done early so that the american public just accept them even though the american public reject them. i think we are also seeing that the american public is understanding that china is a problem. you are beginning to see those administration nominees that have ties to china having difficulty. i think in 2022 we will see candidates that have ties to
6:29 pm
china having difficulty. i think the american public are going to reject a path that puts american jobs at risk. the keystone pipeline is an excellent example of just a lack of caring for those people who need to put food on the table. those people who need to earn a living and it's certainly going to be part of the 2022 campaign and i think we will be winning the house back. maria: well, look, we also have to talk about some of the domestic issues like schools are still closed and yet the border is wide open. the immigration bill this weekend is our focus now. congressman, it's great to see you today, thank you so much for weighing on this all of. this congressman mike turner joining us this morning. straight ahead stephen miller is here to break down the democrats new border plan, why he believes it could single-handily destroy america as we know it. no more sovereignty, open wide borders. stay with (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us!
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don't miss our weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. maria: welcome back. a new forder crisis is -- border crisis is afoot that would extend amnesty and citizenship to nearly 20 million illegal immigrants. a population 5 times the size of los angeles. this legislation comes hot on the heels of president biden's keeping executive orders to erase president trump's legacy. stephen miller was the senior adviser to president trump and architect of the
6:34 pm
administration's immigration plan. he joins us this morning. stephen, great to have you today. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: you have studied immigration issues for more than a decade. i remember years ago you were a congressional staff near the house and then you moved over to the senate. you were studying and working on immigration issues in the senate before joining president donald trump. so give us your expert opinion and assessment of president biden's new immigration bill. stephen: thank you, the reason i studied immigration so closely because so fundamental to what it is to be a nation. the right of the people living in the country to decide who enters the country on what conditions, for how long and how to establish national boundaries and borders. that's fundamental to what it means to be a country. the legislation put forward by president biden and congressional democrats would fundamentally erase the very essence of america's nationhood. for the first time i believe in
6:35 pm
human history this legislation proposes sending applications to previously deported illegal immigrants and giving them the chance to reenter the country on a rapid path to citizenship. this is unheard of. these are people that ice officers, great time and expense found large numbers of them with criminal records, returned to their home countries at taxpayer expense and now we are going to have the secretary of state and homeland security mailing applications for readmission and amnesty to previously deported illegal immigrants. this is madness, this is on top of the fact that the current administration has already dismantled border security, canceling president trump's historic agreements with mexico and with the northern triangle countries, restoring catch and release and additionally gutting interior enforcement issuing a memo, preventing ice from
6:36 pm
removing the vast majority of criminal illegal immigrants that it encounters and the last thing i will say about the memo is that they have engaged in a fraudulent representation to the court in the texas litigation because they are claiming this is a resources issue. i know for a fact that ice has the resources to remove these public safety threats. this is a policy choice deguyses -- disguised and that's a lie and a lie that threatens public safety. maria: i know that the ice border patrolmen and women are now being told that they have to get authority to make any moves. they need authority from above before detaining anyone. i spoke with mark morgan, the former head of customs border and patrol and he told me that we are averaging 3500 apprehensions every day. so then another 500 turn-back,
6:37 pm
4,000 people coming to our border areas every day. let's take a look at this map because we have a map showing all the most porous areas pretty much and as we zero in on the map, we see texas as well as california and the rio grande. this is the rio grande river. i actually took the show to el paso and witnessed people coming across then. i wanted to mention this because this is one of the pocket-book issues where it impacts people and their lives. you can talk about it as headline immigration bill but when you zero what this means with 4,000 illegals coming every day, you get a sense of how this impacts the american families. walk us through it -- >> stephen: simple example.
6:38 pm
they are fail to go abide by the cdc guidance and they are processing for entry and release 100% of illegal immigrants under the age of 18. in other words, any illegal aliens 17 or younger who is smuggled to the border or trafficked to the border is being processed for admission through health and human services and then resettlement in the country. so ask yourself, who is going to pay for the education, what does it mean when classrooms god willing reopen, what does it mean for classroom size, what does it mean for health care, you add on top of that the families that are being released. who is paying for the medical bills? who is paying for the healthcare costs? you pay with your local property taxes in many cases and your sales tax and many forms of local tax on your rent, on everything that you do in your life and one way or another you are paying for those local is alsos so when people show up illegally having never lived here a day in your lives that's
6:39 pm
coming out of your public book and it's a public safety issue. ice disallowed from removing vast majority of immigrants with criminal records. whether you're in louisiana, whether you're in arkansas, whether you're in montana, whether in new york state, illegal immigrants are being rereleased into the community who have already committed crimes and we know there's a high recidivism rate. that's going to cost lives. that's a public safety calamity. you add an amnesty bill on top of that. if you give low-skilled immigrants a path to citizenship that will mean a net physical transfer of trillions of dollars long term to pay for social security, to pay for medical care, to pay for medicaid, to pay for state and local services. this is an extraordinary expense to give that to 20 million illegal immigrants.
6:40 pm
maria: yeah, there's a good piece in the la times that i want to point out because under president biden's direction, border officials on friday began processing the first of an estimated 26,000 people who had pending cases in the united states. they reversed the asylum system as you say. those people were waiting in mexico. now they will be in the united states. it radically alters the asylum system and it was actually one of your administration. president trump administration's most successful parts of the immigration plan. stephen: president trump secured the southern border with deals with mexico, el salvador, guatemala, honduras and others. we were able to ensure that if you were apprehended illegally you were safely and humanely returned home. this was a game-changer. president biden hasn't only failed in his duty to protect
6:41 pm
american citizens, he has -- went out of his way to privilege illegal immigrants over american citizens. so when your kids can't go to school, when your spouse or you have been laid off because of covid-related shutdowns, 200 countries in the world can send their illegal immigrants to our border without masks, without vaccines, without health care, without any rules at all. how is that fair, how is that just, how is that moral, how is that right? it's not. maria: it's horrible to think that our schools are closed but the border is wide open. this is the reason that texas, the state of texas is suing and we had the ag, the attorney general of texas ken paxton on this program last week. listen to what he had to say. i have to get your reaction. >> these were laws put in place by elected representatives basically requiring that if you come here illegally and you're caught that you would be deported and he basically said, no, we are not going to do that
6:42 pm
anymore. the border is open, you can stay and we are not going to deport you and you can see what's happening. we are having people come in from other countries through central america and they believe he opened the borders for them and most americans believe he opened the borders. that's not just a change in policy, that's a change in law. if he wants to do that, seems to me that he needs to go back to congress and gets pretty much what he wants. maria: stephen miller, your reaction. stephen: the attorney general of texas is 100%. this is a fundamental constitutional issue. does the president of the united states have the authority to suspend law at will? because if he does, it's not just immigration, then president biden can rewrite every federal like to his liking, he does not need congress at that point in time. he would assume the powers not of a president but of a king. that's why it's so important that this legislation that this -- that this executive action,
6:43 pm
i'm sorry, be stopped in court because this can only be done legislatively. i will submit to you a bill sent to congress to release criminal aliens in mass would never, ever have a chance of becoming law which is why this was done by executive action. maria: unbelievable. real quick, stephen. have you spoken with president trump? there are report that is he's perhaps thinking about running again in 2024, perhaps with florida governor ron desantis. we also know that the president will make first public appearance this upcoming week at c pac, what are your thoughts on president trump right now? stephen: yes, well, i've had had the opportunity to speak to the president and excited to make comment in cpac, vision to stand up to china as the president was doing before he left office and reclaim manufacturing and a
6:44 pm
vision where our schools are open and our border is close today illegal immigration and vision where big-tech monopoly is dismantled and free speech and free expression and free thought can reign because that's what the country is about. where everybody can eastern a -- earn a high-paying wage and products made here not in china and not overseas. maria: i'm glad that you mentioned the cancel culture and that continues to deepen and that's a serious problem. i would think on either side of the aisle you don't want people just canceling out groups. stephen miller, we will continue the conversation when we see you next time. stephen miller joining us. up next pentagon's push to push out right extremism in its ranks, what is far-right extremism exactly, kash patel
6:45 pm
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♪♪ maria: welcome back, next up this morning, biden's pentagon with defense secretary lloyd austin ordering 60 day top to bottom review of extremism in the u.s. military. this just weeks after austin fired everyone serving on the department of defense advisory boards where some are calling effort to purge the pentagon of trump loyalists. kash patel, former chief of staff of the department of defense under president trump. he joins me now, kash, good morning to you, thank you very much for being here. assess the situation in terms of the defense secretary lloyd austin's moves. kash: thanks for having me, maria. at the defense department like any department in the united states government, when you stop trading in logic and fact you stop trading in politics. this is a prime example of what's been done at the defense department. by their own spokesperson and
6:49 pm
their own secretary of defense, they have said they do not know the problem and whether it exist and they don't have a name for it. they don't have a solution for it but they will label it anyway. they have self-admitted that the problem doesn't exist to their knowledge. that's because it doesn't, maria. in my two tours at the department of the department of defense, white supremacy is not ramped at the department of defense. that's offensive to men and women of the uniform. maria: doesn't this continue the narrative that nancy pelosi have to be afraid of within? kash: absolutely. it's the continued politicization of the defense department at the expense of our national security. under president trump we put the men and women of our uniform services up front on the battlefield to defend america. what they have done here is
6:50 pm
internally target our men and women in uniform and politicized the event by their fencing, their barbed wire and baseless claims of racism within the department of defense that is so absurd that they issued a stand-down orders. these orders are given in war and not at home in the united states of america at the pentagon within. maria: meanwhile there are serious threats to the country. i want to take a short break, kash but i want to get your take on china and your reaction to president biden calling the president biden calling the uighurs genocide a president biden calling the uighurs genocide a president biden calling the uighurs genocide a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
maria: welcome back, i'm back with kash patel, former chief of staff in the department of defense. you were also number 2 in
6:54 pm
intelligence office under ric grenell and you along ric grenell, john ratcliffe have laid out the issue around china and the threat it poses. i want to get your take on what president biden said in the town hall this week that the fact that one million uighurs are locked up in concentration camps, he said, well, this is just a culture norm. it's a chinese culture norm. kash: this administration's take on biggest threats of america which is china. they are in genocide in china against the uighurs, that's factually not in dispute and for the leader of the free world to say genocide is the norm. can you believe if president trump would have said the genocide of uighurs is cultural
6:55 pm
norm? it allows for this outrageous conduct and more importantly the death and defamation of a minority population in china who are encamped, in fenced enclosures and cannot leave and are undergoing reeducation therapy. this is a serious threat to the world. maria: and not only that but i'm glad that you mentioned the left media allowing this propaganda to take place. look at these headlines from the global times. xi jinping could have written it himself and we are looking at the global times which is the mouthpiece for the communist saying, china's strength to self-correct evidence as texas freezes and blacks out. why china with the same power grid won't suffer outrages like in the united states. you have op-ed saying how great china is. who is writing the headlines, kash? kash: i have no idea, certainly
6:56 pm
not people who care about facts and putting national defense first. if you take extension of joe biden's view about china and he's gone out about the origins of the wuhan virus, the china virus, he wants data from china to tell and inform his decision. when we were at -- when we were at dni with ric grenell and john ratcliffe, the data has existed. we know where the data is coming from. this is a hard fact that the virus came from wuhan and this is the type of politicization of both intelligence community and the defense apparatus that the american people deserve more and the media is getting away with it and thankfully we have people like you and our defense department needs better leadership and better reporting from the media so that the american people can actually call out genocide and call out the origins of the worst plague
6:57 pm
that has hit the world in 100 years. maria: yeah. well, you said it well, kash patel, please come back soon. we need more time with you and all of your experience. that'll do it for us on sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo, program the i'm maria bartiromo, program the program aga ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm maria bartiromo, program the program aga when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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