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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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"fox business tonight" for tonight. thanks very much indeed for joining us. "the evening edit" will be starting very, very shortly but i will be back with you tomorrow night and. we look forward to seeing you then. thanks for joining us tonight. "the evening edit" starts right -- elizabeth: the big showdown today with the new attorney general nominee. republicans grilling judge merrick garland on whether he will protect the criminal probes into both the fbi abuses in the trump russia investigation and also hunter biden and so much more they talked about. republican senators came away unsatisfied. now we've got this story. this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to obama era abuses of government surveillance of americans. watchdogs warning if that surveillance has in fact grown. with us tonight, ric grenell, congressman greg stuebe, jim trusty and erica cias, kristin tate and brandon judd on today's
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top stories. we have disturbing information how the fbi, even the irs can track you on devices without a warrant. this includes encrypted and locked iphones. that is what government watchdogs say. we have information on the cuomo scandal. it is now escalating. the new york attorney general said governor andrew cuomo could face federal criminal charges on the obstruction of coverup of 19 nursing home deaths connected to cuomo's executive orders. new york mayor democrat bill de blasio all of this is quote impeachable as democrats claim cuomo's thin-skinned vindictiveness and compulsive bullying. they're asking was that an attempt to scare people into silence, into not talking to federal investigators. cuomo is denying all of this. this is a disturbing story about the nexus of money, greed and power. you may be surprised at the large number of states that
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watchdogs say have now weakened it for seniors and their families when it comes to oversight and protecting them from potential nursing home abuses. we have got the story. also cnn now facing a credibility crisis how it handled the governor of anchor chris cuomo of his brother andrew cuomo. we'll gift you an update. this week we launch our new exclusive "the evening edit" series, your voice, america stands up. america speaks out against things like botch the covid-19 lockdowns, defund the police and much more. you will hear from families that are fighting back. they feel america deserves much better. the personal stories from main street. they are speaking up. and speaking out t starts today. also this, 18 state attorneys general urging president biden to reinstate a criminal operation to catch criminal sex offenders.
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we ask why was that stopped to begin with. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. joining me now back with us is the one and only ric grenell. he is the former acting director of national intelligence. now when ric speaks people sit up and listen. ric, do you believe judge merrick garland when he says he will protect the justice department probe into both trump russia abuses, special counsel probe? also hunter biden? because chuck grassley was not convinced. >> i have got to say senator grassley is so great on these issues. when i was acting dni he was aggressive with me, pushing me hard, we need more information and transparency is what is called for. so this is a senator who holds republicans and democrats to account. he was very tough on us and very fair at the same time.
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i have to go i share senator grassley's confusion and worry that what the initial answers from merrick garland were when asked, he couldn't say that this durham investigation would absolutely go on unless there were some sort of a specific merit issue that they were dealing with. the only reason to get rid of somebody is because of the substance isn't right. that should have been a very clear and easy answer for merrick garland. except it wasn't. i think everything changed today h today for merrick garland. most people gone into this thinking we voted for him in the past for a judgeship but when, he was grilled to be the attorney general i think that he made some missteps and he gave us some insight how he would decide on issues and i think that creates a lot of
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uncomfortableness for gop senators. elizabeth: yeah. because the republican senators would agree with you. they feel like he was putting space in between keeping trump russia abuse probe going and you know, what they want, really got to get to the bottom, drill down into what happened. the watchdogs for the justice department found 17 omissions and misleading instances of examples of the fbi doing that to the secret fisa court and violation of woods procedures like 50 times. i like you to listen to senator grassley here. because you're right, ric, he is really explicit. he was wondering hey, will you make the durham probe public? there are questions that merrick garland will not do that. listen to senator grassley here. >> what i don't want a return to the obama years. i don't want an attorney general who bragged about being a wing man and those are his words, to
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the president. that was eric holder, notoriously describing himself. i don't want to justice department that abuses the fisa process to spy on american citizens. that is why i am especially concerned about the durham investigation. simply said "crossfire hurricane" is a textbook example what shouldn't happen during investigations. what the obama administration did to the trump campaign, transition and administration can't ever happen again. elizabeth: what do you think, ric? >> reminds me of all the calls i had with chuck grassley where he was pushing me on some of the same issues. look this guy knows, this senator knows exactly what has been going on. he is in charge and he is getting to the bottom of that. we also have to say ron johnson. together those two have really dug deep to figure this out. and, i want to pick up on something emac, that you said because i think it is really you too. we have seen the evidence, that
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there have been very disturbing information. the documents that we released shown people to lie and to be very disingenuous on tv what they say versus what they say under oath. and so i think that the durham team needs to finish this and prosecute. i think the evidence is there. we've seen too much public evidence. i know durham has to go through the process. i trust him. let's see what he comes up with, but we're at the point where we don't need anymore analysis. we need action. elizabeth: yeah. >> i think that's the frustration we have. we've seen the evidence publicly so let's get to prosecutions. elizabeth: yeah. judge garland also testified as totally inappropriate, that is a quote, to target an individual based on politics. that was the discussion of the fbi trump-russia probe. this is, you know -- >> that right there is a critique of the fbi.
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elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying. you know, what may have slipped under the radar scene when the june door ham team went to basically -- john durham team asked for sentencing for prison time for kevin clinesmith who doctored an cia email to get a fisa wiretap on carter page. they brought up bias, brought up anti-trump political bias. judge garland saying that is inappropriate. are you confident this will stop, political bias in intelligence probes against an opposition candidate? >> no. i'm not confident. i think the system, let me be very clear. i don't think it is just the biden team now politically coming in. i don't think that they're the only ones to blame here. i think the system, let's face it, i went up against a lot of fbi officials and other intelligence officials to try to get them to understand what the truth was right in front of their face, and we have an
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overclassification problem. we have a problem in washington where they really work hard to protect their own bureaucracies. this is a system that is protecting itself. the fbi needs massive reform. and i say that knowing full well that there could be consequences for me saying this but i have to tell you that i have looked at people who want reform within the fbi, and rank-and-file are asking for it. they are trying to get to the bottom. they know that the system is, is really a lousy system when it comes to those who stand up with the truth and want their superiors to also notice it. it is pushed down. it is classified away. it is a very difficult system. this is, you know, we affectionately call it the swamp. it is funny when you think about it, the reality is the swamp in washington is kind of
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intellectually named because there is no fresh water coming in. it is stale. there are no new ideas. it just perpetuates itself. it is stinky. all these things give life to the fact that we have a system in washington that protects itself, that doesn't like the outsiders. doesn't like new information. and they're there just to protect their agency. and we need senators like ron johnson. we need senators like chuck grassley who will hold both administrations to account and remember that we've got some of the same leaders in the trump administration in the intel community are now saying over in the biden administration. elizabeth: republican representative ken buck sent a letter to judge garland last week saying protect the federal prosecutor, delaware u.s. attorney david weiss' probe into hunter biden or otherwise appoint a special counsel. today judge garland said there is no reason doubt that, that
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will stay on that that will continue. the question are people he hadfied by what judge guard garland saying here. former law partner for hunter biden's attorney, he is running the doj probe into hunter biden, he is recused himself. he is running the criminal division. he refused himself from the hunter biden case. two things before we go. are you confident in this hunter biden case and have you been threatened with retaliation for speaking out? >> look, when you speak out, a whole bunch things happen, crazy things happen all the time. it is part of the job. you know what you're in for. i will not talk about any of those problems. i'm fine. people should know, this is participate of the game and we are courageous enough to hit back and fight and that is what we're going to do because it is the right thing to do. but i do want to say that hunter
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biden's business partner, lawyer, in this whole mess with the doj, this is an individual who was interviewing for the job when all of sudden 50 former intelligence officials said don't look at the hunter biden laptop because it is just russian disinformation. this individual was was interviewing for a job and close to the biden team and should have spoken out said, no that is not true. and so i have a very, you know, big concern about those who, when they see the truth they don't speak up. elizabeth: got it. ric grenell we'll stay on these stories. we'll have you back on soon we hope. great to see you, ric grenell, thanks for your service to our country. coming up florida republican congressman greg stuebe on the cuomo nursing home scandal it just keeps getting worse. talk from a former attorney general, governor cuomo could
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face federal criminal charges for underreporting and covering up nursing home deaths in covid-19 this is a terrible of nexus of money powering greed. this is what watchdogs are saying. we have got the update next. >> i am grateful to john docket and i'm grateful to william barr for opening up this investigation because if it wasn't for these brave people like john, to do this reporting, feel it was important for us families, over 15,000 ever us here in new york, i wouldn't be here today and i don't believe there would be a an investigation into cuomo. i actually think he would be in the seat today instead of merrick garland. look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show, house judiciary republican greg stuebe. congressman, great to have you back on. okay, former assistant attorney general john dakus, out with a heavy-duty op-ed saying that governor andrew cuomo's underreporting and coverup of nursing home deaths from covid-19 could lead to potential federal criminal charges of obstruction of justice, defrauding the government. what do you think? >> well you know, it is one thing to make mistakes as a leader and send covid positive patients into nursing homes where you have all at risk individuals and then have those individuals die at high numbers and then admit you made a
6:18 pm
mistake as a leader. it is another thing to intentionally and deliberately mislead federal officials and mislead the public about the deaths that he had in nursing homes, all because of policy positions that he took as the governor of the state of new york. so if he violated it, appears, based on the language being used in the now what we're finding out from people coming forward, he intentionally, deliberately misled the public, misled the fbi. when you have members of the fbi and doj investigating deaths due to covid in nursing homes, and you're not being honest with them and giving them misinformation that could be punishable under federal law. i hope there is full, fair investigation on this, to the facts we know now, as it has been stated are true. there is a lot of federal offenses governor woman may may have violated. that he didn't know the deaths were occurring and decisions to
6:19 pm
misrepresent this information was being made at a level below him. elizabeth: yeah. the u.s. should be noted, just passed half a million of people now dead from covid-19. this is a doj probe involving false claims act, false claims act in medicare and medicare, and congressman, cuomo stonewalled democrats and stone walled the justice civil rights division which demanded data for all 600 new york nursing homes. it has jurisdiction to investigate medicare and medicaid fraud. is that where this is headed? >> he stonewalled the trump administration saying this was a political hit job in fact it absolutely wasn't. it was fact all asker istation to get asker istation from the deaths. look at states like new york and florida. he had 16,000 more deaths and we're larger and more diverse and we have a larger elderly population. to hide and misrepresent the information not only to the doj
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and is a disgrace to the american public and disgrace to the citizens of new york. he should be held accountable if he violated federal law. elizabeth: meant government and cdc scientists did not have the right date to track and stop the spread because new york is considered a gateway to other states. they were being misled trying to stop the spread where it was going, so government health officials were misled. cuomo is accused of a pattern of compulsive bullying silencing people to speak up and that is a backstory. the other thing nursing home executives, hospital executives got blankket of immunity to lawsuits after they gave millions of dollars in political donations to governor andrew cuomo. remember he ordered them back in. said don't test them. gave them blanket immunity a lot of states, governor, a lot of
6:21 pm
them mimicked, copied, pasted what governor cuomo did. states were not given limited i am mind. now it shuts down whistleblowers. 37 states have the blanket immunity from lawsuits protection. new york democrats are saying you're seven 1/2 more times likely to die in a nursing home in a state without legal protection. what do you say? >> which is exactly why in states like florida our governor here in florida decided to limit any visitation at all into nursing homes, not to send any covid positive patients into nursing homes because we all know the facts that those individuals that are at nursing homes are more at risk. so to make a different determination and then try to hide that information to the american public, how many people in florida died as a result of, to the decisions that were made and information that was misrepresented because there were other states that were making decisions based on the decisions that were being made in new york because they had such an epicenter of cases in the beginning?
6:22 pm
how many lives could have been saved if we would have gotten accurate information that was hidden from us from new york governor cuomo? elizabeth: okay. congressman stuebe, so great to have you on. we're so grateful you joined us. thanks for you are insights there. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: next up former federal prosecutor jim trusty with his take on senators grilling the new attorney general nominee judge merrick garland. the durham probe, and we have disturbing information how the government has gone next level doing tracking and surveillance of americans. we're talking the fbi and the irs. we'll stay on the story next. lo. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you,
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♪ >> today you will need to be clear about what your position will be with regard to special counsel durham. we should expect the same level of commitment from you to protect durham as we expected from barr to protect mueller. elizabeth: okay. that is more from senator chuck grassley today, grilling attorney general nominee judge garland at his nomination hearing today. back with us is former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, senator grassily and ron johnson have been adamant where
6:27 pm
we can never have it happen again where the fbi is allowed under ad administration such as the obama administration, abuse the secret fisa court in such dramatic fashion, length and breadth of it in order to spy on an opposition campaign. so are you edified by what judge garland is saying today, jim? >> i'm not there yet. look, they were asking the right questions. they wanted to get commitment from the durham probe would be continued and same visibility as the mueller probe. attorney general barr did not have to turn the memo over to the general public. he did that for the good of the order. we didn't get a commitment on that. at the same time, garland is not in office yet. he is not in a position to say what i know this investigation involves. he gave kind of a middle ground answer, i'm not inclined to shut it down but i don't know enough about it. that is not exactly reassuring
6:28 pm
but not a disaster. i hope he keeps an open mind and talk to durham that it needs to be both public and supported. elizabeth: this fisa court is meant to catch terrorists. for the first time we've seen the fisa court used to go after a political opposition candidate. they have powerful wiretaps that can hit people's devices, phone records, who they talked to, we're in a bold new era of government surveillance. fbi according to government watchdogs, they have in house fbi unit that can crack into, encrypted iphones to track people. what do you say to that? >> there is always this technological cat-and-mouse between law enforcement and the bad guys and unfortunately it is tough to keep up with and unfortunately normal citizens
6:29 pm
get caught up in the lack of privacy. i don't really begrudge the fbi to trying to keep up with technology. there are people worthy of their inquiries. the problem with everything that happened with the fisa court not really about a breakdown of the criminal justice system in general, or even the fisa court, it was individual bad actors a group of people who thought the rules didn't apply. they were happy to be political in their outlook because donald trump was on the other side. so i think there is need for accountability, but not necessarily for overhaul of the whole system. elizabeth: well that is the issue, unaccountable government bureaucrats is what senators grassley and ron johnson have been talking about and other republicans for some time. senators from both parties have been worried about next level government surveilance. it took off under the obama administration. now we're talking about the irs tracking people without a warrant, via the apps that they're using on their iphones, to track the weather, or to look up for groceries,
6:30 pm
whatever the app is, the irs is now tracking people via the apps. people are not liking this, jim. >> look it. that is true, if that is true that is a horrible development. we're not talking about the irs, dea, fbi or secret service. we're talking about an agency almost never brings emergency cases. they bring cases to prosecutors that they have looked at for years a lot of times. so the fact that they would claim a need to have that kind of cutting-edge surveillance ability is a little bit against my experience in government that i had for 27 years before going private. elizabeth: you know, so we've got the john durham team, right? judge garland made, made statements that he would protect it. the durham team, you and i talked about this, jim, they were, they are concerned about political bias, political bias in intelligence or fbi officials going after investigations. that is what happened with surfaced in the trump-russia
6:31 pm
probe, political anti-trump bias. are you convinced that judge garland can clean this up? >> no verdict at this point. it is too early to know but i'm telling you, this is a huge character test. this is a giant test for him as an attorney general to see whether he is going to be transparent, whether he is going to be fair-minded. whether the durham probe will get the attention it deserves. whether the biden investigation into hunter will carry on? i think there is probably a very short list of other major moments for his integrity. none are bigger than the durham probe and looking back into the fbi conduct back in 16 and 17. elizabeth: jim trust at this, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: still ahead, we're launching a new exclusive series rolling out this week, your voice, america stands up, america speaks up against things like botched covid-19 lockdowns, defund the police and so much more. next up san francisco salon
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owner, erica ciaos, will talk to us how politicians retaliated against her for speaking out after nancy pelosi got her hair done in her salon even though it was shut down. people are fighting back, because they believe america deserves better. the story next. >> get out. get out. get out. get out. get out. get out. get out. ♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, tonight we're launching your voice, america speaks out against things like botched covid-19 shutdown rules and lockdowns. joining me now, eric caios, erica is the owner of the hair salon in san francisco that was shut down. it is where nancy pelosi broke shutdown rules to get her hair done. people retaliated against erica for speaking out.
6:37 pm
so great to have you on. how are things going for you? >> they're going okay. we're trying to survive in california. the governor did let us open a couple weeks ago so we're all trying to get things back rolling over here. elizabeth: so you, talk to us about the retaliation against you when nancy pelosi got her hair done in your salon even though it was shut down. we covered your story when it happened. what was the fallout from that? bring our listeners up to speed. >> so retaliation that hurt me most was the negativity of attack on my yelp page, just consistent emails, text messages, threats, just to the point i was really scared to reopen my salon. and more so because i worked so hard and so did my team for years to have the good reviews that we did. i mean we had over 600 negative
6:38 pm
reviews. so for me to overcome that, and to try to reopen was almost impossible. elizabeth: so now you're reopened, is that right? so you guys are open and back and running, you're not reopen yet? talk to us about that. >> i'm actually into the reopened. i completely shut down my san francisco location. as for trying to reopen a hair salon in, even in california, we literally been shut down so many times. i wouldn't even know when to reopen, to be honest. again we've, the majority of the country has been reopened since june and, we just, again reopened three weeks ago. elizabeth: this is painful. so erica, we're tracking lawsuits that people are filing against covid shutdowns and covid restrictions. erica, we're finding lawsuits, people are speaking up. they're filing lawsuits in every
6:39 pm
state except south dakota and wyoming. nearly 98,000 businesses permanently shut down, permanently closed and the economy has lost almost 10 million jobs since the start of the pandemic. do you feel that hair salons and restaurants can do the right thing? it seems like you geese are abiding by the rules. everything you were told to do you were doing, is that the case? >> yes, we were absolutely 100%. i mean we should have been, we were supposed to reopen in san francisco in july. our covid cases were soup he low. the mayor came out two days before all of us had partitioned our salons, restaurants, we were ready to open, they said no. that the cases had risen. i did my own digging and called one of my friends at a, a nurse at one of the hospitals and the cases were low. so we should have reopened. i have no idea why we didn't to be honest. elizabeth: we hear you.
6:40 pm
it is amazing we're seeing politicians pride themselves for their courage in locking citizens in their homes and shutting down their businesses. i mean california is a lockdown state but its covid numbers look worse than florida's. what do you say to that? >> to be honest the thing too with newsom, his restaurants were a stone's throw from salons. he is a restaurant owner. he should be working with the people. they know that they can open safely. the reason why they haven't or why they didn't i really don't know. i mean you should put people before politics. and in california there was nothing. no help, no, i called them, my hair, my local supervisor, no anticipates for reopening at that time. i think now because of the recall -- yeah, we can reopen because he is afraid he will get recalled. elizabeth: yeah, we hear what
6:41 pm
you're saying. we're hearing the same thing too from people in california. the stimulus the country needs is reopening. not 1.9 spending. less than 10% is going on vaccines and towards ppe. we have a lot of double standards, politicians breaking their own shutdown rules. we found a judge in austin, texas, he was fined for violating his own stay at home order. what do you say to that, final word? >> you know if you're going to be in politics like, you're going to have these rules, then comply, stay home yourself or go out and bust your butt helping us, you know? if you're, if you're restaurant owner and you're a politician should be helping restaurants reopen. you're right the double standards i don't understand, i really don't. elizabeth: has anybody come to you to help you from the government? >> no. no one.
6:42 pm
the people, you know who helped me? the people, the people. elizabeth: go ahead. >> local business owners, the people are, came out and help me, other business owners. >> wow, so they shut you down and they don't help you. all right, erica, thanks for giving us an update. erica kois, thanks for coming on. thanks for your story. >> bye-bye. elizabeth: coming up young americans for liberty analyst, kristin tate. cnn hid with a credibility crisis in covering its anchor chris cuomo's brother andrew cuomo. we have the story next. >> i'm more focused on moral issues and moral failings which led to the loss of a lot of lives people, grandparents in nursing homes for new yorkers. i'm a new yorker. so this is, this is our governor here who has an imperial way of dealing with these issues, very well may have put lives at risk.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show young americans for liberty analyst kristin tate. cnn in credibility crisis in its anchor chris cuomo governorring his brother governor andrew cuomo and covering up the nursing homes in new york state. we've been covering this story since last year. we have brian stelter, chris cuomo, there is problems with how they're covering the story. can you break this down? >> you're exactly right, all throughout 2020 cnn aired regular prime time banter between chris cuomo and his brother andrew cuomo that made light of the horrific situation in new york. one of the particularly cringe-worthy segments when chris cuomo held up a giant nose
6:48 pm
swab in an attempt at comedy. that permanently damaged cnn's reputation or what was left of it. it created a conflict of interest made it impossible for the network to fairly cover of the cuomo administration. it was disgraceful but not particularly surprising. most americans realize cnn is basically an arm of the democratic party. i mean, it is just no surprise. elizabeth: so andrew cuomo makes 10 appearances, that is the estimate on chris cuomo's show. no discussion of nursing home covid-19 deaths. the story was breaking out right at that time. cuomo's press conferences, he didn't talk about it. i don't think he mentioned it in his book either. now we have, you know, anchors like jake tapper and then we have, they have been covering it. jake tapper covered it but only recently. this story started last spring, the spring of last year. brian stelter finally covers it but didn't push back when a
6:49 pm
guest from powe lit at this fact told stelter that cuomo order patients back into nursing home, made no quote significant difference in covid-19 deaths when democrats, when watchdog groups saying yeah it did. even the state attorney general said it is an issue. >> right. these anchors at cnn refuse to do their job while they wrap themselves in these sanctimonious labels like journalist. all the while throughout the year as this is going on, 13,000 nursing home residents at least in new york died of covid after cuomo's disasterous nursing home policy. this was a death order that could have directly resulted in the deaths of thousands of people and while this was going on, cuomo literally wrote a book praising himself for his handling of covid-19. it is pathetic. the glowing media coverage is exactly what allowed governor cuomo to be so reckless with human life. you know what, liz? he is up for re-election in 2022
6:50 pm
and that could be how cuomo is ultimately held accountable. the voters in the state of new york know what is going on. now you have even democrats in the state saying that he needs to be held accountable, stripping him of his emergency powers probably won't be enough. elizabeth: all right. kristin tate, thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. thanks for having me. elizabeth: up next, national border patrol council president brandon judd. 18 state attorneys general now urging president biden, put back in place, don't get rid of this nationwide i.c.e. crack down on criminal illegal essential offenders. we'll ask why was that stopped to begin with? the story next. gives us a dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show national border patrol council president brandon judd. brandon, your reaction to this, judge merrick garland at his confirmation hearing today to be next attorney general said he wasn't aware drug cartels game, game the u.s. asylum system when border patrol officials have known that for years. what do you say to that? >> that is amazing especially somebody who was nominated to the highest court in this land that he did not know that
6:55 pm
criminal cartels are using our own system against the more than public? they're using our own system to create profits and generate high amounts of revenue for the country of mexico and other countries? i mean it's amazing that somebody as high up asghar garr he merrick garland did not know that was going on. if that is true that is really hard to believe. elizabeth: brandon, which want to thank you for your service to our country. you and i talked about this, this is not about illegal immigration. it is about crime. in other words if you cross the border illegally, if you try to do it that way you are exposing yourself to criminals attacks instead of just going to a port of entry, can can do it more safely go there. if you try to come in between the ports of entry, to cross inlegally, you're going to get criminally attacked, maybe drug cartels, maybe human smugglers
6:56 pm
trying to dragoon you, if you don't pay their fees you're draganed dragooned to be a drug mule. >> that goes to your point, he didn't know this was going on if you cross the ports of entry are an illegal act. only people crossing the across the border are pushed by criminal cartels general rating. it is legal to go to a port of entry to ask for asylum. it is nottism legal to cross the border illegally to try to game what ultimately, to game the system, try to get what you're ultimately trying to get. that is just a wrong way to do it. elizabeth: brandon, we have this coalition of eight states attorneys general now urging the biden to reinstall operation talon. this program removes illegal
6:57 pm
criminal sex offenders. why was that canceled? >> again, it is politics. what i see coming i believe an injunction is going to come. if an administration is saying by policy that law enforcement officers cannot enforce the law, when they see a crime happening, that is going to be struck down as illegal, even if the biden administration tried to pass an executive order saying that i.c.e. agents cannot take into custody people that they know are here illegally f they take them into custody, prosecutors say we will not prosecutes them that is we have discretion that's a specific thing. to specifically say you cannot take somebody into custody violating the law, that is, in essence, that is also a violation of the law but it's a violation of law by our government. elizabeth: you know, ashley moody, she is the florida attorney general, quote, this just disgusts me, they would cancel operation talon. we showed data, more than 19,700
6:58 pm
illegals arrested by i.c.e. between october 2014 the most serious prior conviction with sex offense. were talking about 20000 people. >> you have to ask yourself when will politics get out of the way of what's best for the united states citizens. if there is 20000 sex offenders in the united states that means they have committed crimes against at least 20000 united states citizens were people in this country illegally. you have to ask yourself when his politics going to get out of the way for what is best for united states citizens instead of pandering to far left groups that want to see open borders and in order to push this narrative they want to decriminalize these people that commit extremely heinous offenses against united states citizens. larry: are you worried about the
6:59 pm
biden of administration neutralizing ice, ice ages have to ask their manager's permission if they're going to go after illegals charged with crimes or theft are you worried about ice getting neutralized under the biden of administration? >> of course i am, when you look at this and say what are the magnets that draw people across the board are illegally, if they know that they can come into the united states and then there's a safe haven if they're going to be able to get away with anything that they want here in the united states because of politics of course there's a concern but you're opening up the flag late to illegal immigrants on the border and that's overseeing right now over the past week and we saw a huge surge of illegal immigration in the rio grande valley sector in texas and that's the magnets that are drawing people here to the united states. elizabeth: brandon judd, thank you and thank you for your service to our country, it's
7:00 pm
good to have you on come back soon. i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening. ♪. larry: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow" i'm larry kudlow. today's question, big point why are the democrats and president joe biden hiding the good news about the fight against covid-19 that is a huge question, look at this, new cases of the virus have dropped 73% since the january highs, new deaths are down 769%. 64 million cumulative doses of the vaccine have been administered according to the cdc and that byhe


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