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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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tomorrow senator bill hagerty and economist art left for among our great gasper to miss the show encore presentation every week night at 7:00 p.m. thank you for watching kudlow, folks have a great evening. most grateful. kennedy: oh yeah baby welcome to it paid the media is a deadly word and dcp this quirky new covid relief bill will be immediately problematic. it is $1.9 trillion worth of mostly garbage made a text book like union and bailouts and senseless and bridge repair. here's presidents newsy yapping about its content. we need congress to pass my american rescue plan. it deals with the immediate crisis facing our small businesses. now critics say the plan is too big. let me ask a rhetorical question, what would you have me cut? what would you leave out?
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beware that's not rhetorical i will answer but what would i leave out? well everything if you're asking the heartless libertarian and they. this already been over $4 trillion in covid relief appropriation. we still have a trillion of that left unspent pretax receipts are up for 2020 believe it or not. the only claim further with the economy reopening in 2021. don't tell that to new york and california. their lawmakers were in the three to 50 billion in state and local relief to miss managed states that were in a pre-covid pickle. and now they get the choicest cuts of the bacon as a reward for shutting down their economy. hey, do you know what else i would cut? the see why international bridge payout for chuck schumer that's $15 billion for airlines because they gouged us and for so many years. i would pull the plug on the 1.5 billion for amtrak. you want to get amtrak back on track? privatize it. the trains are filthy though
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inappropriate amount of sugar lumps will fix a bog down bureaucracy. idioms that can be used diversely applied. it is obvious there is no reason or strength in congress and more. they should've started with what is truly necessary instead of reaching their sticky hand into her overburdened satchels to essentially steal in the name of relief that has almost nothing to do with covid. and that is the memo. fortunately there are some republican starting to push back on biden scolded spend the phone, watch this. >> less than 10% of the money in this massive $1.9 trillion bill is for health related items. the cornerstone of this is wasteful spending gets pork and buying off members of congress just to they can get their liberal which list using coronavirus pandemic as an excuse. the democrats are using this as achish cow. they are going to keep printing money until they
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solve their problem. kennedy: there just creating more problems. will there be enough pushback to stop the bill before it's too late let's get into it tonight's party pen with a host of the guy benson show on fox news radio, he is political or at it is that guy benson. while with reason editor at large and host of the fifth podcast, now in 35 countries, matt welch. the former state department deputy spokesperson fox news contributor my favorite buckeye maria harve. welcome back everyone. >> k kennedy. hi. kennedy: i will serve you guy, minimum wage is very much an issue here. progressive say the parliamentarian in the senate will allow the minimum wage provision into the bill that it does not violate the rule but it could certainly violate many americans 1.4 million of them will lose their jobs with force 15 delano minimum wage.
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what are your thoughts on that? and anything else problematic in the bill. you began a long list of them in your monologue. the minimum wage more than doubling the minimum wage is an issue. as you mentioned it would eliminate well over 1 million jobs. the senate parliamentarian can make a ruling one where the other. that is the economic impact of it. that overwhelmingly applies to teenagers and entry-level workers. to me with the state and local government money, $350 billion is way too high considering as you pointed out tax receipts are better than expected in 2020. we do not need to be bailing out states for the incompetence or irresponsibility. think the peace that offends me the most is the $128 billion for schools. and they sort of hold this out there as a requirement saying if you want to get these schools opened and the kids at learning in person we have to spend this additional money. it's kind of like a ransom
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note. except we have $60 billion roughly unspent from previous legislation to reopen the schools. the vast majority of the new 128 below him her talking about spending the vast majority of it would not go out the door until 2023 through 2028. is nothing to do with reopening schools. it has nothing to do with covid. matt welch, schools i know are a primary issue for you, when you sort of dissect this bill and a lot of the stuff you been writing about. but you've got so much money that has been allocated that hasn't been spent so they doing? are they sitting on the money? are they investing in bitcoin to hopefully increase their take a year down the road? >> guy is absolutely right this is a ransom note for that reason and also for this, imagine it's not just
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128 billion, which is through k-12 it is also the three had a 50 billion you're talking about. that goes to states, states spend about 20% of their budget on k-12. let's throw another 70 billion, with : even $200 billion. the white house has issued a bullet list of what is being spent there. to break it down, 80% of that, $160 billion is for hiring. it is for personnel. it's for more janitors. were still wiping down groceries and schools apparently even though that has nothing to do the spread of coronavirus. it's for more bus drivers because we are adhering to this artificially large separation of 6 feet instead of 3 feet between students at the teacher union successfully negotiated the center for disease control over the explicit scientific findings of its director from last july. so was all a personal gamut. this is what you need to do in order to reopen the schools.
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they know that parents, like you candidate, like me are going bananas parade they're going bonkers right now and will do anything we will sacrifice live goats on television. we will go on vacation with ted cruz. we will do everything possible to reopen schools. so let's try to get a big payout in half the pensions. kennedy: matt i would do anything for schools i won't do that. i won't go to cancún with party ted cruz. now marie you as a democrat have to be delighted with this bill. is there no such thing as spending restraints in the democrat party anymore? believe me i know this is also infected the republican party. >> nobel is perfect that's how the process works. there's a lot of good in this bill. there are some money in this bill for american people, for small businesses, for the vaccine rollout. there's a lot of good in this bill connick kennedy. that's why every poll we've
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seen over 70% of the american people support this legislation. and so we get out of the weeds about how much should go to schools or how much was state local. beware that's on a reality. >> kennedy, kennedy, kennedy, the political reality is the american people are still hurting. they want more relief but when they elected democrats to take over the senate and joe biden to take the white house they did it and said we need more relief. one control to do so. this is a campaign promise that the american people by and large supports. and republicans can either get on board at that or tell their voters why they don't think they should have more money in their pockets. i'm have nothing to show for because i can't work full-time because i still have got kids who are home. it's like i know we follow the science, the sciences followed very, very arbitrarily and politically unfortunately and kids are the ones were paying the biggest price.
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the panels going to stay right here but we got much to talk about later in the show. now meanwhile the united states has a very solemn milestone half a million covid-19 deaths. 64000-dollar question now, when will life returned to normal? and now it is becoming very heated debate. president biden and his advisor state likely won't be until christmas. watch. >> as we get into the fall and the winter, by the end of the year i agrees the president completely that we will be approaching a degree of normality. kennedy: some people say it could be much sooner including former fda director scott gottlieb take a look listen here. >> he also said he thanks things a be normal by december part i think things are be normal in the spring and the summer of this year. kennedy: manning up the spring what is true. a recent wall street journal op-ed. my next guest claims the nation will reach her immunity that critical threshold by april.
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and things could start getting a lot better, a lot sooner. joining me now to discuss fox news contributor professor of surgery at johns hopkins school of medicine, what broke american healthcare and how to fix it, after marty mcgarry is back, welcome back. >> thanks kennedy. kennedy: i like this doctor mccarron the cited ua like. luis volk last march before this show went on hiatus the entire economy shutdown you said after three months of food stockpiled in the er is a bit overwhelmed in a few weeks for that thankfully did not happen. what you're saying now is so critically important. you are saying that so many people who are asymptomatic have contracted the virus and we have much greater natural immunity than many alarmists are telling us. that means we can get back to normal sooner. with the fox nation that means you're reaching the bulk of society.
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are you getting pushback for your article? >> what kennedy think we have to file the data. right back in the spring we were looking at numbers overseas that were scary, the fatality weight was from one to 10% press the data comes in we have to evolve our strategy. yes is out there standing the alarm along with many other people that the pandemic was coming. now look at the numbers. a 77% decline in cases, daily cases over the last six weeks. and a 72% decline in the seven day moving average. we've got a lot of people with natural immunity. that is why that is happening. it's not because people suddenly decided to wear masks in january. it's not because the vaccine kicked in to that degree in january. it is because of this natural immunity. you add to that 40 to 50% of the public with natural immunity from prior infection another 17% of u.s. adults now were vaccinated. and we are adding about 1.6 -- 1.8 million a day. we are rushing towards herd immunity levels by april or
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may. kennedy: hope that's true and i know we may still have to work masks and distance kill this thing is finally done. i'm thinking with the doctor last week and she said as it and the knowledge that she believes the virus is dying, do you share that view? >> in the natural immunity is powerful. think when you're looking at what's happening right now, it can only be explain by the fact that a lot of people feel great. but they actually have immunity people blur asymptomatic people never get tested sometimes you remember how hard testing was in the summertime? we've only been capturing a fraction of cases i agree with doctor gottlieb or he's been spot on he's the best commissioner's countries ever had pretty spoke with him this morning for he also thanks that come the end of spring we're going to start seeing signs of normalcy. kennedy: alright, so why is there such disagreement on things like masks? why is doctor fathi saying it's a possibility we could be in masks well into 2022? that is a depressing thought
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for a lot of people. because masks are symbolic of a life not lived. spinning actually when i listen to doctor fathi i don't get any useful information out of anything he says. because he speaks in such general terms. he talked even just now in the clip you played that we might approach some degree of normalcy. what does that mean might approach some degree? he is basically found a convenient way to talk around every major issue. right now he is completely silent on the school issue. kennedy: yes good point. >> were going to need to get back to normal. we are going to need to rebuild communities. loneliness is a serious issue in america, it's an epidemic and affecting the body's physiological reserves especially for seniors. in the fall are going to have to watch the variance and watch what happens in the southern hemisphere over the summer. it may prepared a possibly brace for what looks like a bad flu season in the fall. that's what coronavirus looks like.
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kennedy: you make a good point about seniors, loneliness is real. it's affecting both of those groups drastically print helped her more people like you brave enough to stand up, read the data and really talk about it and educate people. because this virus needs better marketing and better marketing means the truth, thank you. coming up former president trump planning his first post- presidential appearance been inside source said he will remind republicans he still has total control the gop. that is he really the northstar of the party? i will discuss with congressman andy biggs, he is next. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio.
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8:19 pm
nominee. president trump also partly posse set in motion a strategy to help ensure his allies when midterm election in 2022. so with the former president planning to keep his grip on the gop, what does that mean for the party's future customer joined the arizona republican congressman house freedom caucus chair is andy biggs, welcome back congressman. >> kennedy good to be with you. kennedy: 's of president trump leaves the republican party would you also leave their publican party? >> i don't think is going to leave the republican party think he has the power in the republican party right now. i think he is basically transformed and revealed that we have known all along that the republican party is the party of the working men and women of this country, his policies show what the regulation environment going to different jobs he's done great with foreign policy. his policies are really superior to what most americans want.
8:20 pm
will the fringe of the republican party try to take him downhill they'll be unsuccessful's the answer to that. so far what about republicans who really like his policies that really don't like him. especially after what happened on january 6. >> will you know, i've seen polls indicate very strongly that we're still talking 75 to 85% of republicans will vote for him again. i think what you can. i lived by the administration what is on the left, that tells me that president trump is still the strength and power to be reckoned with. people can say they should run away from president trump, you will not be successful the run against a or run away from the trump policies. it's just not going to happen. kennedy: he would be 78 and 2024 how does that work against them? will he will be able to exploit the youth and immaturity of anyone he is running against except joe
8:21 pm
biden. [laughter] kennedy: come on man. [laughter] do you really believe that? do you love him so much that you believe all that? i like you by the way i do. >> no really. look, i don't know if he's going to run for president or not. but if he does, i think today is going to get the vast majority for it is going to win that republican primaries throughout the country qb the presumptive nominee. kennedy: you talk to him? have you spoken with him? >> not enough that no periods to back have you spoke with people have spoken to him? [laughter] >> i spoke with people who spoke with people who spoke with him about that. kennedy: that's close enough. one of those people spoke to the spoken people, what have they said was to mark obviously is going to see pac to flex and say the gop is all about me, i am down with it in my gop. [laughter] what did they say about his desire? you see i don't think he wants to lose again.
8:22 pm
nobody wants to lose. nobody is aware of a winner mindset than president trump. i don't know if he's going to run or not. quite frankly i don't let anyone knows that besides himself. but the reality is, i think this is a great first step for him. it is a very safe first step for him to come on out. kennedy: they moved it to florida. so everyone could be closer paid because obviously it is probably the most open economy in the country. there's a lot of people they have been locked up. they would be glad to get a little bit of sunshine. we will see how that happens. but i still think that his brand is damaged. i don't think we can underestimate what happened at the capitol on january 6. >> i think when all the truth is out on january 6, certainly people have been attacking them for what happened on january 6. but i will tell you comic he
8:23 pm
is one of the most resilient political figures of our generation. i mean really. the people, like i said i've seen polls, not just in my homestay but other places. he is very, very popular still. his policies kennedy were so powerfully strong they infected they cross demographic lines people like hood's policies were doing. sometimes they wish they would've moderate his tone a little bit. others actually enjoyed the town's head this is what we need we need a fighter we need someone who will fight. did it hurt his brand of it? i will tell you this. it has sort republicans brand, not just donald trump's brand. when those dopes got into the capitol and did what they did, it really hurt all of us. kennedy: did hurt the country it was awful. and it's like i don't think people will forget that anytime soon. let's see what happens. let's see if the ted cruz and josh hollys and nikki haley's of the world want to do.
8:24 pm
because i think they are gearing up to run for president in 2024. we shall see, congress and biggs i was appreciate stopping by thank you. >> thanks kenny breaks before coming up the pressures building against new york governor andrew cuomo and the nursing home death scandal. top justice official says he should really be worried about potential charges. so what crimes might he have committed? the panel is back to break it down, they are next. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ engines revving ] ♪♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. kennedy: mercy he is all alone. new york governor and her cuomo should have sunscreen he's not taking heat from all sides by today than york state democratic committee submitted a resolution to censure the governor over starting behavior towards lawmakers.
8:29 pm
new york city mayor bill de blasio called for a full investigation into new york state staggering nursing home death in a state the governors conduct impeachable. now former acting attorney general for the justice department civil rights division said governor cuomo could face criminal charges, watch. >> what governor cuomo chief aide, secretary derosa admitted was the cuomo administration froze and decided not to present information. there were a federal criminal offenses with criminal justice for providing false data to the government and for concealing data from the government and conspiring to block a federal investigation. >> and sparring in a number of ways are the balls truly closing on governor cuomo? or is it just a dream to make it newark democratic politician will be held account will. i will start with you when the most problematic things across the most damage and death here
8:30 pm
was the liability immunity the governor offer these nursing homes. because office if you're not going to get sued, you are going to behave vastly differently. >> yep. by the sl some polling today the saw and her cuomo's approval rate is have dipped in new york but all that much, certainly not among democrats. it's got the lion's share by far of support among democrats in new york which leads me to it wonder could he shoot a nursing home on fifth avenue and still be just fine with new york democrats to pick one example. partisanship is a hell the drug. look to me i understand making very bad decision in the early going of coronavirus. a bad decision that other governors meet as well. the bigger problem is the cover-up of the consequences of that decision. now the attempted cover-up of the cover-up. he's berating and threatening
8:31 pm
them said behind closed doors to make the death disaster seem less serious than it was 30 start getting in serious trouble potentially legally politically and i'm hoping there's true accountability not just a tempest for a few days. kennedy: what does it take for someone like ron kim to come forth so publicly to guys point and say the governor threatened me. he straight threatens me. and then you have every other visible new york politician coming for saint jan it sounds like cuomo. so what has been the shift? there is certainly been a shift in witnesses coming for talking about this stuff. also finally there is some coverage about this. sue mesh term limits is a great issue. once you know we can't hurt you anymore in the long term. and also that donald trump
8:32 pm
lost and suddenly the media took an interest in him. and what to make a separation here. it's important here. newark media which is a competitive media environment has been tough as nails on comer for a long time. an express conference is challenge the national political media that is embarrassing and has been a long time. it is not been obscure cuomo's bad management bad behavior and force tactics if you pay attention to it. or if you watch fox news or read libertarian magazine that i could recommend. this stuff is all on the record and everyone has noticed at least since last july, longer if you count vanity fair articles. the national media loves these narratives loves anti- trump i just want to feel reassured. they just want all that that's terrible reporting it's not about governance. it's about your political crushes, stop it, stop having them they are bad.
8:33 pm
seaports very, very lazy or aptly right what's most interesting here marie, i thought about you watching the governors reaction here. he is not doing a good job responding to this. there are ways to get yourself out of a political crisis. but instead they roped some and he handled him a shovel and he just keeps digging. are you surprised at the way he's reacted to this? >> little bit kennedy. he has been a good politician for a long time. i agree with a lot of what guy said. cuomo and other governors worked slammed last spring they were operating on very little information about covid. it's one thing to make mistakes and then. but what has happened with not getting the full information out there, with not taking responsibility. with not just apologizing. apollo that's genuine action goes pretty far with most people. our comeback but someone
8:34 pm
saying i screwed up here. and so, i have been a little surprised. i hope he changes course i think there'll be a lot of blame to go around we finally get through covid about how this was mismanaged at many different levels. and cuomo will not escape that scrutiny i don't think. kennedy: i don't think he will either. i think the tide has certainly shifted. and not in his favor. the story is very much unfolding and still ongoing. and he's got quite a battle ahead of them. meanwhile texas still in a texas size mass as of sunday 14 million texans were under orders to boil their water before drinking it. and some did not have water at all. people across the state melted snow to flush the toilets and lined up for hours at poorly stocked grocery stores. many homes and businesses lost power during the storm last week. those who didn't pay to another price. some texans receiving energy bills for his much is $5000 or
8:35 pm
more for skyrocketing energy costs during the storm. governor greg abbott there said those texans will not be responsible to make those payments. today the family of an 11-year-old boy who died in the deep-freeze filed a $100 million suit against the state power company. so what went wrong in texas? who is fixing it aside from ted cruz because he's belgian great work there. guy i will start with you. the right ones to blame renewable energy. the left wants to blame republicans for not thoroughly embracing renewable energy. there is a failure across the board. >> yeah, i don't think the real answer this falls into any perfect partisan buckets. sometimes you can say these people they are at fault, it is obvious .8,.be connected.this is what happened. i think we are going to be stating what happened in texas, this multifaceted failure for weeks and months
8:36 pm
to come. promises that has to be some accountability. the republicans run that states of some of this has to be on them. some of this has nothing to do with politics though her even policy. i think that we should have, i am not a texan we are praying for those people in texas were still affected by this. we need to very honest aboveboard look at what happened. and where there are real genuine apologies to be had. to marie's point on another state on another crisis i think the people and charging to make sure those apologies happen. not just apologies but actual changes in concrete steps to make sure something like this could never happen again in such a resource rich state like texas. support map there's a lot of blame being leveled which is the organization that runs the grid. because in 2011 when there was the storm with low temperatures like this, they were warned by him investigators they had to
8:37 pm
winterize various apparatus read weather's natural gas lines or wind turbines because all it failed and they did not do that. how are they going to internalize these lessons for themselves? in either even other states moving forward. >> i think a lesson here is similar to a lesson in michael book about the financial crisis and the people who called it in the people who kind of saw it coming. but that wrong anyways because they could not imagine is going to be that big. we lack imagination as humans sometimes to think things can go 100 bad instead of just 50 bad. and the question as crucial as a living. [laughter] >> we just let their 2020. we should widen those bands you think we know by now it is possible. kennedy: to guys points, people are hardened. people have been through it. which yes it steals the spine
8:38 pm
especially in places like texas. it's also a very cruel thing to have gone through a pandemic with all of that fear and the lockdown to a lesser degree like new york and california. but it is especially heartbreaking in the shadow of the pandemic. it was especially heartbreaking as predictable and then the pandemic. experts on diseases would have predicted something like the global pandemic. but you are right, the texas authorities were warned about their grid. they took themselves off of the national grid for their not connected to the rest of the country. they were warned about their natural gas supplies which turned out to be the biggest cause of some of this. they're going to look at everything. but the kind of deregulation that some politicians and public service in texas have pushed for, i know you love deregulation, candy, that is one part we know led to this. add in part led to these huge bills that now governor abbott says they don't have to pay.
8:39 pm
he was singing a very different tune about regulating these industries just a few years ago, not even that long ago. this ought to be learned here. [inaudible] we have to plan for them. kennedy: allows me to it give another shout out, the second one to five days. right party panel thank you so much. guy, matt and marie well done. coming up the number abiding administration colluded, colluded i saved iranian officials to underline then president trump strategic plan. one of the main suspects of course it is john kerry. how dare he. mike baker, he's going to break it down in a moment. stay with me.
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8:44 pm
democrats had a shadow state department work at the iranian officials to undermine the trump administration strategy. the washington times claims kerry was often in contact with iranian's and relationships and blossomed into a high level national security. allow the iranian regime to work directly with obama administration veterans that say iran hoped to power in washington. this is the same iranian regime that just today said they plan to happily enrich uranium as much as they want. john kerry has denied tried to undermine the former president pay but if he did should there be consequences? and was it illegal? here to break down former cia officer chairman ceo, get your square today. it is mike baker. welcome back baker. >> thank you very much kennedy, thank you. yes this is shocking. and yes there should be consequences. but no there won't be. i guess we are done we can talk about the kardashians now.
8:45 pm
i just think this story came out a couple years ago and got almost no coverage about john kerry having these medians with the eye iranian foreign minister. these shadowy meetings and on the sidebar conversation outside events or conferences around the world, and if you could find a story about those meetings, it was typically favorable towards john kerry covering for him because again like everything else over the past four years, trump and the press was looking for any reason to bash the previous president. so this should not actually be a surprise to anybody. and it wasn't just john kerry having these conversations.
8:46 pm
i'll put the spin on this, i'm going to try to put this in the best light for john kerry and wendy sherman and all of these people from the binding obama years who were involved heavily in the eye iranian negotiations for this jpl ac, the plan of action agreement. i think the foreign minister of iran proves to be probably one of the smartest people on the planet. he ran and influence and propaganda campaign. and basically meeting his minions in meeting with members of the former obama biden administration. i note right. so they, the foreign minister of iran and basically knew exactly what he is doing. he wasn't talking to kerri because he wanted to create some back channel to the trump administration. he was talking to kerri because he was looking as you say bypass the trump administration and gather information, atmospherics insight which in some circles we call intelligence from people like john kerry and others that they were communicating. kennedy: that still have committee clearance i'll have you know. and john kerry goes well people like me what we do is we talk to people at conferences. that's it people do we pry on private planes to conferences
8:47 pm
and we talk to people. is it illegal and should he be punished? what a load of crab it is. i don't to the what about and whether you're on the left or right. let's think about this, just play along this game. what if nouns are in the course of this year during the biden administration it becomes public that john bolton for instance is made and quietly in the shadows of conferences with the chinese foreign minister. or one of the other members of president trump's previous administration is meeting with say the north korean lead negotiator. you can imagine the uproar this would cause. i think it is fine. you want diplomacy, right? but you don't want a previous administration and existing administration crashing in their agendas. there is no way. kennedy: people were very upset when nixon was going behind johnson's back directly at negotiating with the south vietnamese government, come on man we can't do that we are better than that. mike baker you are the best
8:48 pm
respect we are racing to an agreement i guarantee that brady look at who biden is put in. so far we are lance armstrong and a bicycle. it's been that we are racing thank you you're welcome. kennedy: topical storm is next. as doctors, we make evidence-based recommendations to our patients. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported a 49% reduction in pain severity. with 9 out of 10 using less or a lot less oral pain medicines.
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kennedy: kansas city chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes is a new daddy pres got a baby girl he says he cannot wait to introduce her to his new daddy, that was reffing the passer. this is a topical storm. you're my baby i love you topic number one, and alaska got the scare of her life and she reportedly went to use the outhouse and wasn't bitten by a bear living in the toilets. that is right, it was a real live pool bear, you've got to admit that that crappy place to hibernate. this is probably why he is still single. shannon stevens and her brother were snowmobiling in the alaskan wilderness when she stopped to use a remote outhouse. but it turns out, that seat was taken. shannon said she sat down felt a very sharp pain that made her scream in agony. and she had not even eaten that day. shannon's brother rushed to her aid with a headlamp and discovered she had been bitten
8:53 pm
by a bear in the toilets. of course the bear says he just wanted to make sure shannon was using the best tissue paper. she suffered minor bleeding but says she cannot blame the bear for wanting a peace of her suite behind. by the way that story courtesy of tm freeman on twitter, brought this to our attention and keeping us all on top of this woman's bare bottom. topic number two. is a winter wonder video to warm ric hearts from the san antonio zoo, check out this hippopotamus eating snow. incredibly this is still more than ted cruz did to help texas. ask of this hippo was also offered a trip to cancún but he decided not to go because he did not want to come off looking like an animal. it took us a while to find this video. summit incorrectly labeled it. [laughter] carissa christie eating mashed potatoes.
8:54 pm
[laughter] i don't know how they made that mistake. anyone can see those smart mashed potatoes. [laughter] ends up not liking the snack and he spit it out. that's another way for chris christie. i guess that hippo was not hungry hungry. topic number three. here's a headline more jarring and then a bear up your butt. jamaica is running out of weed. this must be why ted cruz had to go to cancún. everything is not in jamaica after heavy hurricane season followed by a drought has yielded a disastrous crop. in other ways its total schweigert's bad news for the reggae industry an entire country is about to sober up and realize all of their songs sound the same. also, now that they're not high a jamaican bobsledding team seem kind of silly. plus without their fix, they are all becoming a bunch of jamaican jerks. i am not kidding. it's really making them crazy. on the bright side jamaican
8:55 pm
said the lack of wheat has really motivated them to grow more weed. topic number four. [laughter] chris christie smokes he just wants more mashed potatoes. [laughter] it is much money tonight we meet a mug made a bad executive decision, robert hallock of tennessee, there he is was arrested for impersonating barack obama on a gun permit application. in his defense he does look more like him then fred arneson ever did pretty course the real obama would ever apply for a gun because he can't prove his citizenship. also michele is already protecting him, robert was denied for his gun permit and his real name and filed the second application under the name president barack h obama britt also had a letter of the united states seal it was the greatest obama deception since if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. the police charged robert with
8:56 pm
perjury, forgery and identity theft. or as is known in law enforcement, the full florida. we'll be right back. how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ...and then what happened daddy? well, you see here... there's a photo of you and there's a photo of your mommy and then there's a picture of me. but before our story it goes way, way, way back with your great, great, great grandparents. see this handsome man, his name is william. william fell in love with rose and they had a kid.
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♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: think of her watch the best arbor day involvement twitter instagram at kennedy nation on facebook at kennedy afghan e-mail katie at the end of turn night steve hilton, it's wonderful, make every day i can day. as just voted to advance president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief package. the bill could head to the house floor for a full vote later this week. plus, the never ending u.s. lockdown. despite a sharp decline in covid cases and hospitalizations, our nation is well behind some countries on the global stage. meanwhile, dr. anthony fauci suggests one restriction could stay in place until, guess when? 2023. and -- 2022. and andrew cuomo seems to be passing the buck. the new york governor i


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