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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 23, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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and i remember tiger woods press conference about his accident is coming up very shortly live from california we will carry that. thank you very much for joining "fox business tonight", "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪. elizabeth: we begin with breaking news we are and breaking news mode, the los angeles county sheriff is about to hold a press conference to update the investigation into tiger woods car crash, you're looking at live video of his suv being towed away in a flatbed tiger woods underwent surgery today for multiple leg injuries after he was hurt in a single vehicle rollover crash this morning it happened that rancho palos verdes california. rescue crews did use the jaws of life to pull the 45-year-old tiger woods from his luxury as she be any suffered major
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damage, it careened off the road into a nearby brush at around 7:12 a.m., happened this morning we will bring you all of that as soon as the press conference with the update and tiger woods condition and surgeries moments away we will take you there live, were gonna start with what's happening in washington tonight we have major developments happening that affect national security also the future of america and democracy, tom dupree, ford o'connell, representative guy russian bollard. and also shelby will be with us and mark morgan on top stories throughout the night, we're going to take you to our exclusive series, your voice america speaking out trying to get the country moving again and get their lives back to normal critics blast washington for being stuck in distracting fights not to enough to vaccinate america. even the point of fighting over taking credit for trump's policies that work in undercutting those that don't.
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were getting more republican pushback against the nominee but let's break in right now gonna take you like to the sheriff in los angeles with an update on tiger woods. >> los angeles county alex. >> thank you captain mendoza. today at 712 in the morning the media's sheriff station received a call of a solo vehicle collision and hawthorn boulevard north of palos verdes drive. we arrived on scene at 7:18 a.m. and discovered this solo vehicle collision and it was tiger woods and deputies at the time did not see any evidence of impairment, anything of concern obviously
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lifesaving measures had to be taken for the occupant of the vehicle and the chief will be able to speak to that in regard, it was a solo vehicle during the course of the investigation there was another traffic collision that happened with people looking but thankfully there was no injuries associated with that. the vehicle traveled several hundred feet from the center divider at the intersection and rested on the west side of the road in the brush sustained major damage to the vehicle and you can see all the images of that. and without our lomita share station will conduct the traffic investigation and they will take days to several weeks to get the whole thing together, once the investigation is completed we will provide a detail report, it'll be available at request and we will not discuss anything further after that point. this point i want to introduce the chief of valley county fired apartment. >> good afternoon i am fire chief darrell osby of the los
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angeles county fired apartment at approximately 722 this morning resources for los angeles county fire station 106 received a report of a solo vehicle accident at the intersection of hawthorn boulevard and paul's very drive north. upon arrival of the scene of the incident the sheriff's on scene and resources and personnel for the los angeles county fire department observed a single rollover vehicle incident with one person trapped. the person trapped was extricated by the los angeles county fire department personnel. earlier it was stated that the jaws of life was utilized to extricate the person trapped, it was later determined fire personnel that a holiday into which is used for pride and in acts was used to pry the person
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free from the vehicle. the person was in stable condition was serious injury and because of the fact that they needed to be extricated they were transported to ucl a hospital in the education and harbor hospital is also a trauma center. as indicated there is a second vehicle accident with no injuries. thank you. >> the vehicle involved is a 2021 genesis a midsize suv. [speaking in foreign language] [speaking in foreign language]
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[speaking in foreign language] [speaking in foreign language] elizabeth: we will stay on the story for you and bring you an update on the condition of the condition and the surgeries that he went to, were going to be monitoring the situation, the developing story, let's listen back in.
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>> if the deputies arrived on scene and rolled over and someone inside the vehicle they cannot remove them and obviouslt that he was alive and conscious and that's the extent of that. >> there was no evidence of impairment so subsequent of that there was no effort to draw blood for example at the hospital. >> nothing was removed or found at the scene? >> no evidence of impairment at this time. >> tiger woods was conscious when you got there, did he say anything to the paramedics that arrived and can you tell us if they'd did use the jaws of life how did the extrication process take place. >> the information i got back from my personnel and the things that they do were doing an assessment is brought to my
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attention that he was conscious, exactly what was said is unknown but he was conscious. our personnel makes an assessment and a determination of the level of consciousness, make sure their breathing, control any serious bleeding and address any serious injuries. and he had serious leg injuries and that was brought to my assessment. the jaws of life are used as a package to extricate people that are trapped in vehicles and it was later determined and brought to the attention that the jaws of life are not used to extricate tiger woods. we use the holiday inn tool tool used for crying and to pry him from the vehicle and he was taken from the vehicle and the caller in a spinal precaution and he had the proper splints because of the nature of the
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incident being a solar vehicle rollover and the fact that it required an extrication that met criteria to the nearest trauma center at ucla hospital where he was transported in serious in stable condition. >> which leg? >> that i do not know he had serious injuries to both legs. >> wasn't his decision to go to harvard ucla and given his condition at the time -- >> the determination of where to be transported was made by the paramedics and the captain on scene and the reason tiger woods was transported to harbor ucla hospital is because a trauma center criteria, the nature of the incident it was a solar rollover vehicle and the damage to the vehicle and also required him to be extricated, that's one of the criteria that meet the trauma center criteria and he was transported to the nearest trauma center which is harvard ucla hospital.
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>> can you tell us if you had injuries other than his leg? >> he was not airlifted in there was no other life danger in injuries to my knowledge. >> i know it's a little early, any indication of the speed at the time the vehicle lost control, all the reporters saying going down the hill he was going 50 plus -- [inaudible question] >> the time across the center divider to the point was several hundred feet away, obviously that indicates they were going at a relatively greater speed than normal. however, because it's downhill in his slopes it curves that area has a high-frequency of
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accidents, it is not uncommon. [inaudible question] >> no skidmarks, no breaking, the first contact with the center median and from there across into the opposing lane of traffic hit the curve, hit a tree and there was several rollovers during that process. [inaudible question] >> that's why the track traffic investigators make the big bucks they make. [inaudible question] >> we reached out we've been in touch with his manager and they will say anything on his condition right now. >> is he in surgery and being moved to his own room. >> we noise serious condition as a result of the accident and that's about all they want to say. [inaudible question] >> weather is not a factor.
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>> we arrived on scene at 7:18 a.m. and they arrived within 45 minutes. >> we got the call from the sheriff department at approximately 7:22 a.m. and our resources arrived at 728, i don't have the information right now that it took to extricate into the vehicle. [inaudible question] >> did someone call 911? >> we had a neighbor called 911 that's how the call was received at the station. >> no evidence of impairment at this time that'll be subject to the investigation. [inaudible question] >> were looking at signs of under the influence of a narcotic, medication, alcohol, odor of alcohol, all these
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different things that would give you an idea in their behavior but there was none present. [inaudible question] >> were going beyond what we have at the time so the investigators will have to figure that out. >> today have a black box to show how fast his car was going, did his vehicle have that. >> the investigators if they have it they will be able to download that and that will give us a good idea. [inaudible question] >> not that were aware of. >> was he able to communicate. >> he was able to communicate and he was conscious and i'll leave it at that. [inaudible question] [speaking in spanish]
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[speaking in spanish] elizabeth: let's get you updated, it appears that the sheriff is saying there is no indication, no evidence of impairment in tiger woods car crash, he suffered serious injuries to his legs, the question is what are the serious injuries, we have not heard an update as of this moment what the injuries entail, it can be fractures, can be dislocation, can be a serious knee injury, this is just speculation there is no evidence of impairment meaning narcotics, medication or alcohol the sheriff said he did not take a blood sample from tiger woods, let's listen back in. >> what are the factors that will be considered. >> that is something we will have to explore if there was
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distracted driving. [inaudible question] >> if it pertains to the vehicle as articulated earlier it was a rollover accident so tiger woods was trapped inside the vehicle so our firefighters and our paramedics used the plywood bar and the acts surprised her to the vehicle away from them so they were able to safely ask orx or came from the vehicle. [inaudible question] >> they recognized him and he identified himself as well. [inaudible question] >> we don't have that capability nor do we want it. >> it's taken a long time it's
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been there for several hours just moving the car now is there a reason so much, time has been taken up this crime scene and other certain factors are evident you're hoping to find or is it simply the fact that it's tiger woods and this is the way were going to handle it. >> any serious accident of this nature will take time it usually takes hours and removing the vehicle is one of the last steps and they've done other markers, took in their measurements, gathered up the stuff and three or four hours is pretty normal actually. >> the celebrity component is not played a factor. >> i don't think that will play a factor. [inaudible question] elizabeth: you're watching a live press conference at the l.a. county sheriff with an update on the car crash involving tiger woods single occupant car crash, it did rollover, serious injuries to his leg no update on what the
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injuries are, what the nature of the injuries right now it should be pointed out a month ago tiger woods underwent his fifth back surgery and undergone final fusion surgery and information were getting right now is no evidence yet that there was impairment involved in tiger woods car crash your scene the suv on the flatbed taken away from the scene will keep you updated on this evolving story comes in and will get you details as soon as we can. were gonna take a break, we will be back in two. stay right there.
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elizabeth: welcome back former acting director of national intelligence ric grenell had a lot to say about president biden foreign policy. watch this. >> if this was just one little mess up on cnn, we would not be talking about this, this is now a real serious pattern of how the biden the administration, the biden picks the nominees have really been downplaying china in the crisis that were in with china and overplaying the russian threat, russia is a problem, china is a crisis. elizabeth: joining me now former
6:22 pm
assistant attorney general tom dupree, tom it's great to have you back on, the biden of administration wants to take on china but wants to take on climate change at the same time in joe biden is ready to deal with china in order to get a deal on climate change. how is that going to impact their national security issues. >> i think that's a very narrow road, the fact is it's very difficult to take the hardline that we need to take with china at the same time were pursuing ambitious goals that president biden is talked about in the area of climate change. i think ultimately they put the president in a very difficult spot and he'll be under a lot of pressure from the wing to make aggressive effort on climate change but at the same time he's got to be mindful of the china threat and not lose sight the danger that they pose to our nation's. elizabeth: we also have republican senator mike lee that says this is an issue and reports of former obama administration officials undercut president trump and his
6:23 pm
administration setting up a back channel to iran involving officials like john kerry. senator mike lee said it republicans do that they would be charged with the logan act just like general flynn with the civilians doing iran to talk to a foreign power, general flynn and russian ambassador. i like your meeting with senator lee. >> if you have former republican officials doing this during a democratic administration there would be called for those individuals to be prosecuted. this is something people in the obama administration actively investigated people for doing. and i think that is really disheartening in a word, really uncool for them to do this during the trump administration, actively undercutting, then the current administration in charge of the united states government. elizabeth: what do you think
6:24 pm
tom? >> i think uncool is an act description i think of a few more adjectives i would like to use its mission critical that the united states have a single voice when it comes to foreign policy that's why the logan act is out there you don't want people who are not in the government might have their own political agenda to push basically undermining those people in the government who are trying to negotiate in trying to execute our foreign policy and national security strategy and i have no doubt if the shoe was on the other foot the democrats would be screaming blood he murder. elizabeth: there's that and we have the nominee for one of the most powerful government jobs in the country is u.s. attorney general president biden's picture that judge garland he said he will keep politics out of the justice department republican chuck grassley and lindsey graham not convinced they worry that you will see the same kind of politics that you saw under the obama
6:25 pm
administration inside the justice department. what do you think. >> time will tell on that i thought mary garland did a good job on his confirmation he did what he needed to do he kept republican support and kept it close to his desk, i was heartened to hear him recognize the importance of keeping the justice department independent in the importance of keeping politics out of the decisions investigation of the like we seen enough of that in the past of politics in the activities of the justice department so we'll see if he walks the walk but i like what i heard. elizabeth: tom, it's good to see you, thank you for joining us let's get to hans von spakovsky atop analyst, hans i'd like you to listen to this exchange between the senators and judge garland and i want your reaction back after the soundbite. >> we should expect the same level of commitment from you to protect durham as we expected
6:26 pm
from billboard to protect, with durham with the staff, resources, funds in times needed to complete the investigation? >> senator i do not have any information about the investigation as i sit here today and another one of the very first thing they going to have to do is speak with mr. durham to figure out how the investigation is going, i understand that he has been permitted to remain in his position and sitting here today i have no reason to think that that was not the correct decision. >> do you believe the durham investigation is a legitimate investigation question. >> senator i don't know anything about the investigation. elizabeth: he does not know about the investigation, he has not read about the steel report,
6:27 pm
he only read about in the paper he did not read the d.o.j. ig report on fbi trump breccia abuses. what do you think about all of that? >> i think he was avoiding answering the question, i'm not quite as optimistic, they released a 500 page report wrongdoing, errors, mistakes and for the incoming attorney general to say i'm not familiar with what happened is just shocking that he would think that is a good answer. it was a very simple question, the question was would he allow john durham to complete his investigation and the obvious answer to that is yes the fact that he would not stay yes should raise serious concern with everyone who wants his investigation to be completed. elizabeth: we have problems with i wrong, russia and china those
6:28 pm
issues for the biden to administration. we have problems inside the justice department needs to be cleaned up given what went on, his merit garland, do you think judge garland will clean up the justice department? >> he keeps saying that but he did a lot of dodging and answering questions. again i was shocked when he said one of his top priorities would be gun-control. we have much more serious problems in this country including violence and organized attacks that were in american cities all across the country last summer which he by the way refused to label as domestic terrorism and he says gun-control is a big issue, the last attorney general who said gun-control is his big issue was eric holder which led to the reckless operation fast imperious. elizabeth: hans von spakovsky, thank you for joining us we will be staying on these issues with
6:29 pm
you, come back soon. we will keep the viewer updated on developments in the car crash involving tiger woods. we are monitoring the situation for you, this is exclusive series your voice, your standing up. just ahead shop owner karl menke took on the governor of michigan and he got criminally charged in his operating license revoked and he fought back. this is about your voice, americans speaking out and standing on. that story next. >> you think your martyrs because of the decisions you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day, more than anyone in the school system. figure it out. or get off the podium. because you know what there's people like me and a lot of
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elizabeth: this is the next chapter in our series your voice america speaks up, america speaks out, joining me now are so happy to have on karl manke the owner of a barbershop at michigan he famously fought against democrat governor gretchen whitmer shut down, it is so good to see you can you give us an update on what happened. >> you bet. on april the end of april our legislator told our governor that her assignment was up in her 28 days were over and if she needed to extend that she was
6:35 pm
going to have to work with the legislature, she refused to do that and decided she was going to go beyond her governing assignment and she was going to become a ruler and to begin to go by her executive order which turned out to be illegal and she had to back off from 190, i opened up on may 4 and the first day was fine and then the law started to come in and of course i had practiced a little bit i was a little bit concerned about going to jail so i don't like confined areas i would go in my bathroom and close the door and lock it and see how well i was going to do in jail and i determined that time i'm going to do okay i will do good enough and i decided i was going to open up my shop and take the chance. elizabeth: you practiced what
6:36 pm
was it like a prison you locked herself in the bathroom we haven't heard that story before you had your operating license revoked and is it correct to say your criminally charge but you beat all that back but you have now one, is not the story? >> is there still a charge out there, i'm not certain what it is they might have something to do with the health department. which what happened they took my license illegally i think they were charging me somewhere in the neighborhood of $7500 a day plus a thousand dollars a haircut which i could care less, let it run up to a million it did not matter to me but after 21 or 27 days i'm not sure which it was the supreme court ruled d her assignment and it was illegal to grasp my license and they had to return it because they did not give me a hearing, then they gave me the hearing and the hearing went before her
6:37 pm
administrative judge and at last i know it's still hanging there. >> go ahead. elizabeth: go ahead and finish. >> i said what happens we know when we've had enough it's when we have too much and in michigan we have had enough, as far as i'm concerned the liberal leaders of ours have taken their erotic fears and turned them on to the constituents, we have a state that is on the cuffs of historical neurosis, there are people falling off the edge every day, since april things have been shut down, mental health is down, we are in dire dire shape here. elizabeth: have you had any covid-19 cases in your
6:38 pm
barbershop? >> i have had people that have gone through that it told me they had it i've had at least 45 or 50 people that have told me that they had covid virus, here's the other point of this thing. 99.7% are recovery, they're not dying but the headline is to keep the fear going, false evidence, what they do they keep the fear going which then people are concerned about the constitutional rights, they are afraid, they're willing to set the things aside for the security that they will not get because there's no way that this government can never control a virus ever. elizabeth: i just want to establish you have not had any new covid cases coming out of your own barbershop, is that
6:39 pm
right? >> no, i've never had any, from what i understand they had contact tracing like 3000 people to my shop and the governor hired that firm to do that in my understanding there was not any there was not one, not with one case. elizabeth: got it, karl, thank you for coming on and sharing your story with us. we really appreciate it and getting the update on your story, were going to stay on top of your case and what's going on karl manke he fought against the shutdown of his barbershop and is winning right now. thank you for joining us. >> one thing before i leave they're looking for the horse's teeth in the wrong end, it's not happening here. elizabeth: all right karl, thank you for joining us. congressman guy reschenthaler on
6:40 pm
washington getting caught in fights again and not doing enough fast enough not moving fast enough to get all of america vaccinated. we have the stories next. >> it's absolutely amazing 1.7 million vaccines being a minister today, it is fascinating to watch a vice president and president executing a plan while simultaneously denying its existence.
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keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at elizabeth: let's get you updated on tiger woods the associated press is reporting that he had serious injuries to both of his legs this is a fluent story and will stay on the story and give you the latest developments. joining me now pennsylvania republican guy reschenthaler, we talked about that you need to get -- it's good to see you we need to get america vaccinated and fast, we have these
6:45 pm
distracting fights involving the biden administration, taking credit to trump's policies and undercutting trump's policies there is a big fight with the reporter and the spokesman for the trump administration about the gas pipeline in germany confirming out of russia, basically try push back on that and now the biden administration pushing back on that. what do you say to the story. >> there's a common theme, that's joe biden taking credit like you said for a bushman's that president trump on his or administration you can get away with that because the mainstream media did not fairly and accurately cover the president trump a administration so when joe biden makes the outrageous claims he gets away with the unquestioned and thankfully we have fox news and fox business to call him out, president trump was with 18 businesses to make sure russia can go to pipeline
6:46 pm
into germany to exert control over western europe. when you look at the vaccine it was the trump plan, operation warp speed that brought all the vaccines to market, joe biden was say there wasn't a plan simultaneously implementing the plan that trump had in place is completely outlandish and thankfully you in the conservative media are calling out biden for misleading the public frankly. elizabeth: let's listen to the fight that happened over the politics it is policies when it came to russia and germany and the pipeline. let's listen to this. >> you've only been in office for a month, are you telling me in the last four weeks these 18 companies decided to say oh my god we better not do anything? >> you guys are taking credit for stuff of the previous administration did.
6:47 pm
>> i am speaking for the department of state, the people who have been working this, the people who are working this now were the same people a month ago. elizabeth: that was a associated press report of matt lee and republicans are criticized the biden administration for being inadequate slopping out a redundant of sanctions that were put on the pipeline project by trump, what do you say to that. >> congrats to the reporter for holding the biden administrations feet to the fire the biden administration is backtracking on this policy and where the successes and what the biden administration is doing or doubling down while denying the plan that trump had weatherby foreign policy or the vaccine and normally the press does not call them out on it it's interesting to see biden simultaneously condemned trump is a administration while implementing the same exact measures that trump did when
6:48 pm
they want to capitalize it in the pipeline in the vaccine. elizabeth: there's also pushback on president biden kamala harris saying the vice president saying they inherited an empty cabinet and starting from scratch when it comes to covid-19 vaccine, let's listen to trump's former hhs chief of staff brian harrison take that on. watch this. >> is absolutely amazing, 1.7 million vaccines being a minister today, it's fascinating to watch president and vice president executing a plan while denying its existence. for that to be true you'd have to believe the top legislation in the united states army four-star general goss who i had the privilege to serve with didn't take to order enough vaccinations for operation vaccine. if you look report for leo we purchased 1 billion vaccine doses to vaccinate all americans many times over.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: congressman if they inherited an empty cabinet starting from scratch how do they get to 1.7 million vaccinations a day? >> exactly it totally defies logic, common sense of the facts on the ground. biden here is scott vaccinated themselves before being sworn in, we were also on track to vaccinate 100 million americans whoever the president would've been within the first 100 days, biden got out and said that was his goal, that undershot the goal that trump was on track to vaccinate during the same period of time, they completely ignored the fact they completely have abandoned logic and they did away with it because the media does not hold the democrats to account and they did not cover trump fairly and accurately. elizabeth: to your point national institutes of health director francis collins says the trump administration deserves a lot of credit for ramping up so rapidly in the
6:50 pm
covid-19 vaccine, it's great to have you on, good to see you, come back soon coming up, former cpp acting commissioner mark morgan fired up and ready to go the biden administration is creating another large-scale border crisis as drug traffickers reinvented drug smuggling once again, you won't believe drug traffic is are trying to sneak in narcotics. ♪ i was paying. sofi helped me pay off $23,000 of credit card debt. and i just couldn't have done it without them. psst! psst! sofi helped me pay off $23,000 allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! you're good.
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elizabeth: let's welcome former cpp acting commissioner mark morgan back to the show. it's good to have you on board or authorities increasingly warning the biden administration is setting up a large-scale illegal immigration crisis at the border but president biden's attorney general nominee merrick garland said i have not thought about whether illegal border crossing should be a crime, what was your reaction when you heard that. >> lives it represents how radical the far left open border advocates have become the would-be attorney general stuttered and stammered and said he thought about what are the most significant issues facing the country and it was a central theme in the election.
6:55 pm
it's unbelievable he cannot clearly say illegal immigration is a crime and appropriate consequences should be applied in accordance with the law. it really was disturbing to watch today. elizabeth: let's watch judge garland on that. let's take a listen. >> do you believe illegal entry at america's borders should remain a crime? >> i am not thought about that question, i just haven't thought about the question. i think the president has been clear that we are country with borders and concern about national security, i don't know of a proposal to decriminalize but still make it unlawful, i just don't know the answer to that. elizabeth: it's not just people coming from south america or central america, you been on we had other officials on same
6:56 pm
people coming in from pakistan, china, africa, ironic, the middle east, can you speak to that? >> liz i appreciate your willing to continually bring this up to the iraqi people. on average trying to illegally enter the border they told cpp from a hundred and 40 different countries. when were talking about border security first of all is not just about the southwest border and is not just about illegal immigration of the northern triangle, it's a variety and there really is respect to the western hemisphere and beyond and that's why borders are so important to address what we face everything will day to protect this country. elizabeth: lindsey graham says racine caravan aftercare caravan potentially coming. we also say the el chapo's wife was arrested in virginia for
6:57 pm
trying to set up another narco trafficking ring, can you speak to that. >> i don't know the details about the investigation but i have read the affidavit that supported the rest, kudos to the fbi, these investigations are challenging and it takes sophisticated techniques and tenacity and long-term commitment cooperating witnesses and et cetera and i'll tell you what the fbi did a tremendous job and it reminds the american people in your viewers that we talk about threats amended ago this is another example the cartels and the smuggling of the organizations are alive and well and they threaten our country everything will day and they keep telling people if you have a mass overdose in ohio mark my words that they came from the southwest border and driven by mexican cartels this is another indication with respect to the threat facing our border everything will day. elizabeth: el chapo's wife
6:58 pm
walking guzman's wife if found guilty she could face a minimum of ten years in prison a maximum life in a 10 million-dollar fine, i want to move on to the subordinate authority in cincinnati ohio actually one of their german shepherds sniffed out 44 pounds of cocaine packed in cereal boxes this thing called frosted cocaine cornflakes. looking at the packaging. street value $2.8 million, can you talk about this, new way of smuggling drugs coming out via south america and through cincinnati going to a private residence in hong kong kitty talk about the story. >> as acting commissioner of cbp, these come up on a daily basis, i was still blown away by the different techniques and tactics that these criminals were using, if you talk to cbd officers the other day they see this all the time as soon as we
6:59 pm
learn a technique or tactic would close that down they come up with another one there very innovative. i always joke halfway that they can teach a business class at harvard with the resiliency and innovation. but this is no surprise, it is done almost every single day and it's another example of the constant threat on our border and why border security among all of our borders is so critical for the safety and security of this country. elizabeth: you guys cbp sees 37000 pounds of drugs on any typical day last year at ports of entry. it's amazing the work that you and your team have done and we thank you for your service to our country mark morgan. thank you for joining us, come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: get too wrapped up, tiger woods serious injuries to both of his legs in the car crash will be staying on the story for you we thank you for
7:00 pm
joining us thank you for watching, i'm elizabeth macdonald that does it for us we hope you have good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow stocks taking a big comeback after spending much of the day deep in the red jay powell very dovish, that has something to do with it. the dow is up 14, s&p up almost $5, the nasdaq down 68 points, it was up down, up down, finished okay. this afternoon i want to start again, there is an economic boom being spurred by the promising developments in the fight


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