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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and i remember tiger woods press conference about his accident is coming up very shortly live from california we will carry that. thank you very much for joining "fox business tonight", "the evening edit" start now. ♪ ♪ >> we begin with breaks news, we're in breaking news mode, los angeles county sheriff about to hold a press conference, updating the information on tiger woods a crash. tiger woods under went surgery today for multiple leg injuries, after he was hurt in a single vehicle rollover crash this morning in rancho palos verdes, california. he the suv suffered major
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damage. it careens off-road this morning, we'll bring that you as soon as press conference with the update tiger woods' continue and surgery, we'll start with, washington tonight . we'll take you to our exclusive series. critics blast washington for being stuck. >> and distractiontion on point of fight over taking credit for president trump's policies that work and we're getting more republican push f back against e the nom he. t
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nominee, right now life to sheriff in los angeles. >> los angeles count, alex villanueva. >>' thank you captain mendoza. today at 7:12 in morning lomita sheriff station received a call of solo vehicle collision in hawthorne boulevard, north of palos verdes drive. we're arrived on scene at 7:18 and discovered solo vehicle collision, it was tiger woods. deputies at the time they did not see any evidence of impairment or anything that of concern. the life saving measures had to be taken for occupant of the vehicle, chief osby will speak to that regard during the course of the investigation, there was
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another traffic collision with people being looky-loos. thankfully no injuries with that the vehicleut traveled several hundred feet from center divider. atle inter second and rested on the -- intersection and rested to west side of road in the brush. and' with that, our lomita sheriff station will conduct traffic investigation, and take from days to weeks to get it together, once the investigation complete, we'll provide a detailed report. its will be available based on public record at request and we'll not discuss it further after that point. i want to introduce you chief darrel osby, l.a. county fire department. understand. >> good afternoon. i am fire chief darrel osby of los angeles county fire
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department. at approximately 7:22 this morning, resourcing from los angeles county fire station 106, received a s report of solo vehicle accident at intersection of hawthorne boulevard, and palos verdes drive north in rolling hills estates, on arriving. a resources and personnel from los angeles county fire department, observed a single rollover vehicle incident with one person trapped. the person trapped was extricated by los angeles county fire deputy -- fire department personnel. earlier it was stated that jaws of life was utilized. it was later determined by our personnel a tool, used for prying and an ax was used to pry the person free from the
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vehicle. the person was packaged. in stable condition with serious injuries, and because of fact that they needed to be extricated, they were transported to harbor ucla hospital. because of the extracasion and harbor hospital is a trauma center. there was also a second vehicle accident with no injuries, thank '''. >> the vehicle involved 2021 genesis, a mid size suv. [ speaking in spanish ]
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elizabeth: okay, we're going to stay on the story for you. and bring an update on the condition of tiger woods. and surgery he went through, we'll be monitoring this situation. it is a developing story. let's listen back in. >> more specific about that? and you made mention life saving efforts were performed? >> well, if the deputy arrive on
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scene there is a vehicle rolled someone in the vehicle they o can't remove them -- that is life -- >> was he conscious. >> he was alive and he was conscious. and that is the extent of that. no evidence of impairment. subsequent to that there was no effort t to draw blood for exame at the hospital. >> he was removed from the scene? >> no evidence of impairment at-this-point in time. i'll let chief osby. >> was tiger woods conscious when you arrived, did he say anything to paramedics, can you tell uss more, how does that extricating take place. >> information back from my personnel. and things they do, a scene assessment. brought to my attention he was conscious. now what was said, is unknown.
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he was conscious. our personnel making assessment to make a determination. and make sure they are breathing, control and serious bleeding and control and address any serious injuries, he had a serious leg injury, that was assessed there. jaws of life are used as part of a package to extricate people that are trapped in vehicles. but it was later determined and brought to the attention that the jaws of life were not used to extricate tiger woods. we used a tool, a tool for prying, we used an ax to pry him from the vehicle. he was taken from the vehicle with a collar and back board for spinal precautions he is a proper splint. because of a solo vehicle
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rollover, that minute trauma center, he was transported to ucla harbor. >> which leg. >> i do not know, my understanding he had serious injuries to both legs. >> both legs. >> his decision to go to harbor ucla? given his condition, at this time. >> the -- determination of where to be transported was made by paramedics and captain unseen. he was transported to harbor ucla, because it was a trauma' incident. it was a solo rollover, and required him to be extricated thatat mights trauma center criteria, harbor ucla was the nearest. >> was he airlifted and did he
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have any injuries other than his legs. >> he was not airlifted. there were now life endangering injuries to my knowledge. >> sheriff villanueva, a question, i know it's early. any indication of speed at the time that the vehicle lost control? over the center divider? neighbors say going down that hill, you haveco to go on the brakes. brakes. >> at the time it made it cross center divider to point it rested was several hundred feet away, indicates he was go ag a relatively g greater speedathonn normal, it is down hill it slopeslo and curves that area hs a high frequency of accidents it
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is not uncommon. >> any skid marks. >> skid marks, the first contact was with center median from there then opposing lane of traffic, hit the curve, hit a cree, and there was sev -- tree and several roll overs. >> any kind of a preliminary. speed? >> that they will have to figure that one out. that is why traffic investigator make the big bucks they make. >> what is the condition now? >> we reached out, we've been in touch with his manager. they don't want to say anything on his condition right now. >> any. >> we know a serious condition as a result of the accident, that is about all they want to say. >> was weather a factor. >> weather is not a factor. >> how long was that process to get him out. >> we arrived 7:18 they were
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notified in 4 minutes. >> we got the call from sheriff department at approximately 7:22 this morning, resources arrived approximately 7:28, i don't i have information as for how long it took toic can extricate him from the vehicle. >> did someone call 911? a bystander. >> a neighbor called 911, that is how the call was received. aseverely at wheel. >> no evidence of i'm -- impairment. >> under the influence. all defendant things that would give you an idea, and there was
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none present. >> fallen asleep? >> now we're going beyond what we video at the time, the investigators have to figure that out. >> a black box that records certain information about how fast a car goes? did this vehicle have that? >> investigators will -- if they have it, they will have it and download it, that would give us an idea. idea. >> you said he was conscious. did he communicate how much pain he was in? >> he communicated, and he was conscious, i'll leave it at that. [ speaking in spanish ]
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elizabeth: okay. let's get you updated. appears that the sheriff is saying that there was no indication. no evidence of impairment. in tiger woods a car crash. he suffered serious injuries to both legs. the question is, what are the serious injuries, we have not heard an update. what they are. it could be fractured or dislocation, we'res, -- this is speculation. there is is no evidence of impairment. the sheriff said he did not take a blood sample, from tiger woods. let's listen back in. >> we'll that that is something we'll ascertain if it was
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distracted driving. >> as far as doors? how did they pull him through. >>' understand as it pertained on the vehicle as articulated earlier it was a rollover accident. so, tiger woods was trapped in the vehicle. our firefighter, and paramedics used the pry bar, and an ax to pry parts of the vehicle away from him to safely extricate him from the vehicle. >> at what point did you realize it was tiger woods did he identify himself. >> they recognized him, he identified himself as well. well. well. >> sheriff villanueva. the accident crime scene has taken a long time for several hours now. moving the car now. is there reason so much time has
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been taken at the scene? are there certain factors or pieces of evidence or the fact that it is tiger woods. and this is the way we'll handle it. >> any serious accident, of this nature takes time, it usually takest hours, and removing vehicle is last step. and they have done their markers could took measurements and gathered stuff, then 3 or 4 hours is normal. >> celebrity component is not playing ay factor. >> i don't think that plays a factor in it. >> were neighbors approaching him? checking on his well being? did they make it to the site. elizabeth: watching a live press conference with l.a. county sheriff, with update on the car crash involving tiger woods. single occupant car crash it over, serious injuries to his leg, no update on what the injuries are.
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it should be pointed out a month ago tiger woods had u.s. 50th h -- back surgery, the information we're getting right now, no evidence that there was impairment involved in his car crash. you see the suv. taken away from the scene on the flatsu bed. we'll keep you updated. we'll get details, as soon as we can, we will take a break and be back in two, stay right there. deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase.
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elizabeth: welcome back, former acting director of national intelligence rick grenell had a lot to say about president biden's foreign policy. >> i think if this was one mess up on cnn, we wouldn't talk about this, in is a real serious pattern of how the biden administration, picks, nominees, have really been downplaying china and the crisis that we're in with china. and over playing russian threat. russia is a problem. china is a crisis. elizabeth: joining me now, former assistance attorney general tom dupree, we hear
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biden administration wants to take on china and climate change at the t same time. that joe biden b is ready to del with china to get a deal on climate change. how will that impact the national security issues? >> i think that is a narrow road to walk. i think it is difficult to take the hard-line we need to take with china. at theat same time we're pursuig some ambitious goals that president biden talked abouted in the area of climate change. it will put the president in a difficult spot, he will be under a lot of pressure from left wing. but, he has to be mindful of china threat and not lose sight of danger they pose to the our nation. elizabeth: we have republican senator nike mike lee, said this is a issue the report that former obama administration official under cut president trump and his administration
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setting up a back-channel to iran, involving officials like keri. keri. keri. i would like your reaction to whatdo senator lee says. >> if you had former republican presidential administration officials, doing this during a democratic administration. it would be calls for those individuals to be prosecuted this something that people in obama administration investigated. people for doing. and i think that is really disheartening in a word really uncool to do this during trump administration. actively under cutting then administration in charge of u.s. government. elizabeth: tom. >> i think uncool is an apt
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description. the fact it is mission critical that united states speak with a single voice with foreign policy, that is whyd the logan act is out there, you don't want people backdooring, people not in the government might have their own political agenda to push, undermining those people in the government for trying to negotiateho deals, and trying to execute our foreign policy, and national security strategy, i have no doubt it the shoe were on other foot, democrats would be screaming bloody murder. elizabeth: you know there is that, then we have the nominee for one of most powerful government jobs u.s. attorney general, president biden's peck go garland, he said he will keep out of the grassley and graham are not convinced. what do you think? >> well, time will tell, i will
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say, i thought -- did a good job in his confirmation. he did what he needed to do. -- hear him recognize importantance of keeping justice department independent certainly seen enough of that in the past. ' we'll see if he walks the walk. elizabeth: okay. tom thank you for joining us. >> to hans, i would like to you listen to this e-- exchange. >> we should expect same level to protect durham, if confirmed
10:26 pm
will you commit to providing special counsel durham with the resources, funds and time needed to complete the investigation, i don't have any information about the investigation. as i sit here today. another one of very first things i'm going to have to do is peak with mr. durham. i understand he has been permitted to remain in his position. and sitting here today, i have no reason to think that was not the correct decision. >> do you believe that durham investigation is a legitimate investigation? >> senator, i don't know anything really about the investigation. elizabeth: he doesn't know about the investigation. he has not read about this field report. he read about it in paper.
10:27 pm
he it not read the doj ig report. >> i think he was avoiding answering the question. i am not quite as optimistic as tom was. ig relates 500 pain reports for incoming attorney general to say i'm not familiar with what happened is a shocking as he would think that is a good answer. it was a very simple question. the question was, would he allow john durham to complete his investigation, obvious answer to give is yes, the fact he would not say yes should raise concerns with everyone who wants thisld investigation to be completed. elizabeth: we have problems with iran, russia and china. they wa problem in the justice department that needs to be
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cleaned up. is merrick garland going to clean it up? do you think? >> well, he keeps saying that. he did a lot of dodging in answering questions. again, a i was shocked he said p priority would be -- be the gun control, we have much more serious problems, including violence and organized attacks that were in american cities across the country last summer. which he by the way refused to label as domestic terrorism. and yet h he said gun control ia big issue. last attorney general. who said gun control was his big issue was eric holder, that led to very reckless operation "fast and furious." elizabeth: okay. thank you so much hans.
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and keeping viewer updated on the development about the car crash involving tiger woods. >> and our exclusive series, your voice, just ahead, barber shop owner carl, he took on governor of michigan to keep his shop open, he was criminally charged and his operating license revoked, he fought back this is about your voice, americans speaking ut and standing up, that story next. >> think you are martyrs, the is >> garbage workers who pick up my d trash, risk their lives evy day. more than anyone in the school system. figure it out. get off the podium. you know what. there are people like me and a lot of others out there who will
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elizabeth: okay, this is next chapter in air series, your voice, america speaks up, and america speaks out. joining me now, carl manky, owner of a barber shop in michigan he fought against governor whitmer. what happened? >> well, when april. our legislature told our governor here assignment was up and her 28 days were over, she needed to extend it he would have to work with legislature, she refused that and decided she
10:35 pm
would go beyond her governing assignment and become a ruler. she began to go by -- executive orders when were illegal, i opened up may 4. and i met first day was fine. then i had practiced a little bit. i was concerned about going to jail. i don't like closed confined areas, i would close the door and lock it to see how well i would do in jail. i determined at that time, i would do okay. good enough. and i decided i would open up my shop and take the chance. elizabeth: you practiced. what it would be like in prison. we had not heard that before,
10:36 pm
you had your operating license revoked. and youef were criminally chargd but have beaten it back and won. >> there still a charge out there. i'm not certain what it is, it may have to do with while health department, they took my license. illegally. charged me 7500 a day, and a thousand a hair cut. i could care less. let it unrun-up to a million, after 27 days, the supreme court ruled 7 to 0 that she was overstepped her assignment. it was an illegal grasp of my license, they have to return it, because they didn't give me a hearing, then they gave me a-ing before her administrative judge, last i know it's still hanging
10:37 pm
there.ud elizabeth: all right. >> go ahead. elizabeth: go ahead finish. >> i said, what happens is, we know when we had enough is when we had too much, in michigan we've had enough. these liberal leaders of powers have taken their neurotic fears and turned them on to the constituents, we have a state that is on the cusp of his terrial neurosis -- hysterical neurosis, people falling off the edge, aa's programs are shut down, and mental health shut up to we're in dire shape. elizabeth: have you had and covid cases in your barber shop?
10:38 pm
>> i had people that have told me they had. maybe 45 or 50 people who told me they had covid. but you know, here is the other point of this, 99.7% are recovered. they are not dying. the headlines always to keep that fear going. make false evidence appear real, they keep the fear going then people are not concerned about constitutional rights, they are willing to set those aside for the security. there is no way this government can control a virus. ever. elizabeth: all right. you have not had any new covid cases out of your barber shop, right? >> no, no, i never had any.
10:39 pm
from what i understand they contacted 3,000 people through my shop. governor hired that firm to do that my understanding is that there was none. nnot one. not one case. a waste of taxpayer money. elizabeth: carl, thank you for coming on, sharing your story with us. we really appreciate it. and getting update on your story. we'll stay on top of your case, and what is going on. carl,ng fought against the shut down of his barber shop he is winning right now, carl thank you. >> one thing before i leave, anything in this city, governor can leave. they are looking for horse's teeth in the wrong end it's not happening here. right, carl thank you for joining is. > congressman guy rush en tht willer on washington getting caught in fights again not
10:40 pm
enough fast enough not moving fast enough to get all of america vaccinated. the stories next. >> it is amazing, with 1.7 million vaccines administered, ang day. it is fascinating to watch a president and vice president execute a plan while denying it exists. too small! seriously? because it...ugh. oh! follow him! steady... steady... oh! thunderation! to the northern lot where there be parking spaces as big as whales! geico. see all the ways you could save. your doctor gives you a prescription
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mike shopped for the lowest mortgage rate and chose amerisave. a choice he'll never regret... ...unlike using perm plus, a shampoo which attracts cats. lots and lots of cats. visit now. lower mortgage rates mean higher savings. elizabeth: let's get you updated on tiger woods, associates press reported he had serious injuries to both legs. we will stay on the story. joining me now, pennsylvania republican congressman guy reschenthaler. thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we, need to get america vaccinated and fast. we have these fights involving the biden administration you know taking credit for trump's
10:45 pm
policies and under cutting trump's policies, a big fight with a reporter and spokesman for trump administration about gas pipeline in germany, from outru of russia. basically trump pushed back on that and now the biden administration pushing back on that, saying they deserve that credit. >> there is a common theme, joe biden taking credit, like you said for accomplishment that president trump got done in his administration. he can getet away with it becaue mainstream media did not fairly and accurately cover the president trump administration, when joe biden makes the outrageous claims he gets away with it out questioned, thankful we have fox news and fox business to call him out, president trump worked with 18 businesses to make sure russia couldd not build a pipeline into germany. gwhen you look at vaccines, it
10:46 pm
was the trump plan, operation warp spread that brought thevene vaccine to market. the b fact that joe biden say ws there no plan is outlandish thankfully you and the conservative media are calling out biden for misleading the public. elizabeth: let's listen to fight over the trump geo politics and policies with russia and germany and the pipeline. >> you have been in office for a month. right. you are telling me in last 4 weeks, these 18 companies all of a sudden decided to say, oh, my god we better do anything. you are taking credit for stuff this previous administration it. >> matt. >> yes or no.
10:47 pm
>> i am speaking for department of state, people working this now, were same people -- among h ago. elizabeth: associated press reporter matt lee, republicans have criticize biden administration for being inadequate with sanctions on that. that were already put to the pipeline project by trump. >> well, congrats to ap reporter for holding that biden administration feet to the fire, they are backtracking on this policy, where trump had successes, the biden administration is doubling down. normally press does not call them out. it is interesting to see. biden and those around him, condemn trump and his administration, while implementing the same measures that trump did. where they want to capitalize on it, the pipeline in and the
10:48 pm
vaccine. elizabeth: yeah, okay. >> and there is, also push back on president joe biden and kamala harris saying, they inher uniher -- inherited an empty cabinet and starting from scratch with covid-19. >>' it is amazing with 1.7 million vaccine administered a day. itit is fascinating to watch a president and a vice president executing a plan while denying it exists, you have to believe the top legislation in the u.s. army, four-star general, did not think to order enough vaccine for operation warp speed, you look at our portfolios we purchased one billion, enough to vaccinate all americans many times over. elizabeth: so congressman, if
10:49 pm
they inherited an empty cabinet, how all of a sudden are they at 1.7 million vaccinations a day. >> it defies logic, common sense. remember that biden and harris got vaccinated before being sworn in. there were vaccines, we were also on track to vaccinate 100 million t americans within - whoever the president would have been within the first 100 days, the fact that biden said that was his goal that under shot the goal that trump on track to vaccinate, they ignored the facts and had abandoned logic and they get away with it because media does not hold democrat to account, they did not cover trump fairly and accurately. elizabeth: to your point. national institutions of health director, collins said, trump administration deserves a lot of credit, a great deal for ramping up so rapidly in covid-19 vaccine, great to have you on
10:50 pm
congressman. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: coming up. former acting commissioner mark morgan, he said biden administration is creating a large scale border crisis, as drug trafficking they reinvented drugug smuggling again. that story next. ou remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool! grandma! very cool. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ psst! psst!
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elizabeth: welcome former v, cvp acting comic -- commission ermark morgan. welcome back. >> judge garland said, i have not thought about whether illegal border crossing should be aug crime. what is your reaction. >> i think it represents you on radical the far left open board advocates have become, would be attorney general studderred and stammered and said he had not thought about one of the most significant issues.
10:55 pm
he could not say illegal immigration was a crime. it really was disturbing to watch today. elizabeth: let's watch judge garland on that. >> do you believe illegal entry at america's borders should remain a crime? >> well, i have not thought about that question. i have not thought about that question. i think you know. president has made it clear we are country of with the borders and concern about national security. i don't know of a proposal to decriminalize but still make it up unlawful, i don't know at answer, i have not thought about it. elizabeth: not just people from south america or central america. but a others saying them people from pakistan, china. and from africa and iran.
10:56 pm
from middle east, can you speak to that? >> yes, liz, i appreciate you are one of few hosts that continually bridge this up to educate american people, on average, trying to illegally enter border, people from 140 140dvd sun -- different count s, border security is not just southwest border. it is about a variety with respect to western hemisphere and beyond that why borders are so important. elizabeth:ot lindsey graham sayg we're now seeing hair caravan afterr caravan coming. and also el chapo's wife was arrested in virginia can you
10:57 pm
speak to that. >> i don't know details about investigation. i have read kudo to fbi. these investigations are challenging, it takes sophisticated techniques andy it -- tenacity, fbi did a tremendous job. this should remind american people and your viewers, this cartels and the smuggling organizations are alive and well, they threaten our nation every t day. and i keep telling people, if you have a meth overdose in ohio, that came from south of the border. and brought in by the cartels. elizabeth: el chapo's wife, if found guilty, she could face
10:58 pm
minimum of 10 years, and mack maximumlife. >> moving on to border security in ohio be above of their german shepardsin sniffed out 44-pounds of cocaine packed in -- cereal boxes, via south america to cincinnati. to a private residents in hong kong. >> i tell you. these would come up almost daily. i was still blown away we different techniques and tack techs that criminals use. -- techniques and tactic that criminals use. they see it all of the time, as we learn a new technique or
10:59 pm
tactic, and close it down, they come up with another one, they are very innovative. this is no surprise. this kind of seizure is done almost every day, another example of constant threat at our border and why border security on all our borders is so critical for the safety and security of this country. elizabeth: you seize 3700-pounds of drugs on any day in the ports of entry. amazing word, thank you for your service. come back soon. >> you bet. elizabeth: okay, get you wrapped up tiger woods serious injuries to both legs in the car crash. we'll stay on this. thank you for joining us, thank you for watching, i'm elizabeth
11:00 pm
macdonald, we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow stocks taking a big comeback after spending much of the day deep in the red jay powell very dovish, that has something to do with it. the dow is up 14, s&p up almost $5, the nasdaq down 68 points, it was up down, up down, finished okay. this afternoon i want to start again, there is an economic boom being spurred by the promising developments in the fight


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