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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 24, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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forbes among our guests. if you missed inhibition with got an encore presentation every week night at 7:00 p.m. thanks for watching. this country will be on a roll if we just let it alone. great evening. kennedy: if there is one thing we have learned about science over the last year it is that it could be pasteurized invented in any direction to benefit the user entirely, politically or otherwise for there's been no greater rhetorical contortionist than dr. anthony fauci has become the solitary expert on coronavirus. yet, he uses an objective termite science so subjectively it's almost like he is making things up. here's what doctor fauci said last march as he was following the science unmasked. >> people should be, there's no reason to walk around the mouse. kennedy: that's right, then he
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had this massive shift just three weeks later. >> putting a mask on your self is more to prevent you from infecting someone else. and if everybody does that, we will each protect each other. kennedy: noun the strata of frustration, pretty low on the list but fauci has been all over the mask math with regard to the emotional toll these requirements take on people long-term. for many people the mask is a straitjackets. it is a constant reminder of the virus they are being lied to about. at least we have vaccines, with enough people inoculated plus the number of those of us who have already contracted covid, we are in good shape, right? mathematically. spin that you'll need about 70% maybe 75% of the people in the country vaccinated, to get that umbrella date of herd immunity. >> i would say between 75, 80, 85% of the population. if we get that we would develop an umbrella of
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immunity. kennedy: wow fudge of the well using fuzzy math there too. admitted to the north times, he adds a few percentage points here were there to the upper end of the ultimate immunity number if he feels enough people are not going along with the science. he has admitted he's making stuff up. so why is he the guy in charge? it is clear the new administration is seeking to downplay our expectations by melting us into thinking we will be massless and normal for at least another year. even the vaccinated among us are being told you cannot go mask less, eat indoors or in joint life any differently than you did before. so with half the country still to get the job, what the hell kind of piss poor marketing is that? it is really the worst messaging ever for something that is been deemed utterly necessary for return to normalcy. states like florida have taken the gamble to morosely forgo it lockdowns will have a competitive advantage. their kids have not missed
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school, sports, or socialization for their businesses have not had to lay out the last of their employees. when thanks to open, whatever that means, florida will be shot out of a cannon. so what did doctor fauci do? he criticized florida governor desantis for reopening schools when he should've been closely watching florida model then advising other states to follow suit. in the end, it affects doctor fauci very little. he does not have to leave his two kids in a motel room where he works his shift at little caesars he does not have to beg bankers and bureaucrats who are loan to keep the tatters of his business in business. he gets to shift with his winds, enjoying an uninterrupted paycheck, chuckling all the way to the bank or the studios while hood winking and desperate and americans who are ready to tell him to shove his science and has a brown bunsen burner, and that is the memo. >> so the batting average like a picture, why are we expected
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to just take doctor fauci's word as gospel? let's get into a tight supersmart panel, with got real clear politics cofounder executive editor tom bevan's is back, course mind for the got filled show on fox nation democrat strategist fox news contributor leslie marshall rounds out the panel. welcome everyone. i will start with you, tom. and not hearing from other doctors we i interviewed him last night given the depth of the covenant is how fast their phone, how many people are being inoculated and how many people are actually contracted covid without even knowing it, our return to normalcy could be as early as spring, this spring. some people hear stuff like that and they are like wyoming only listening to one guy when
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clearly there can be a difference of opinion on these important subjects. >> look, there are a lot of components to this, fauci is the preeminent expert. the media sort of used him as the soothsayer. everything he said was to be taken as gospel no other alternative theories, even faucher g, this is a virus we've never seen before is making it up as he goes along. more importantly he's a bureaucrat, he's not an economist. he's not a therapist he does not understand a lot of the other aspects of the crisis. it's a mistake to just rely on him and that media prop tim up as the first and last word on the crisis when in fact even he now admits he was sort of making it happen fudging the
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numbers to enhance the narrative for the american people a lot of this is ongoing, a lot of this is evolving because their laypeople that we don't understand it does not mean distracted prescribed to one person's opinion as gospel. in the beginning it was a pin is looking at mysterious data and trying to make sense of it. but there were differences of opinion. and now those differences have greatly affected people's lives. and you know it is like why would you get the vaccine if you think it's not going to do you any good? so where has the skepticism been? soon i think a lot of people are just over it at this point. this is a huge ask. this has been about a year of our lives without any end in sight preset of course on monday, hate just because you're vaccinated you should
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not go eat indoors just because you're vaccinated you should not go to a movie theater because we need to protect as he called it the safety of society. what bothers me about that is the implication that not doing those things protects the safety of society. because it does not. we were not a society at all pretty have not been a society. a society as a group of people that interacts socially on a regular basis. it's not a bunch people locked away in their individual homes are individual apartments. you can't just be saying we need to keep society safe. we lost society throughout the last year entirely. that's something that matters to us as human beings. not just for our mental health but for physical health as well. kennedy: thick about some of these lockdowns i have not seen my parents in 15 months that's the longest i've ever gone without seeing my mom. it's like a can't wait to get back home and see my family, leslie. you look at the numbers from california and they are the
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same as the numbers in california and texas, in florida and texas. and that means i don't know if your kids are in school, i hope they are, but kids are not. kids and middle school and high school in new york city, they still are not they are going to be lucky if they go one day a week before september, your thoughts? >> cat you know i love you. when we talk about we are over it, i'm sorry, you guys know i married to a physician. and i hear from the healthcare side of things. they are tired, they are over not having enough body bags for their over not having enough. [inaudible] >> leslie leslie that is. [inaudible] [inaudible] prospectus a mental health crisis and economic crisis production totally understand the seriousness of the health aspect of this. i am not seeing that the only thing to think about for these other things are series two
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they also have physical health implications including early death. kennedy: and the seniors. [inaudible] sorry let's go ahead. >> think that being a parent of two children and to answer your question grades three through six will go back mid march, k-12 already back depending on where. because in san diego opened up full throttle four days later 100 kids had to be corn team because they had come into contact with somebody else but we'll know if it's a child or adult that had covid buried the list goes on. the bottom line is look, after he is not the end-all and be-all, but the problem with covid for medical scientists everyone is giving us information cic fauci my husband everybody out there. >> not everybody do not say everybody because all it takes is one different opinion from the former head of the cdc. >> there are many different opinion exact event does not include everybody don't say that. [inaudible] you are saying a universal that is false.
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>> they do not differ on how this is transmitted which is from droplets within our nose in our mouth. and the belief that the mask went over your face can prevent those droplets from getting to someone else that may not be as healthy. kennedy: droplets know nothing of lockdowns. therefore when you have a locked out in one state and no luck down the other state in the numbers are the same, that means that the lockdowns in the name of safety are not working. and that is why people are pissed. and rightly so because they have been lied to. in order for government to stay in control the panel returns look at later but first a new college posted 41% of new york voters think governor and a cuomo has done something unethical and is handling his nursing homes to the pandemic. 90% say he has done something illegal. now the governor's trying to do more damage control starting friday he said he will allow some visitors to go into nursing psalm in certain
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areas after families and kept apart by his orders for almost a year. he is forced covid patients into nursing homes when he should've been doing the opposite. and a clip surface of the governor speaking in may how he would never take such chances with his own mother. >> if i were advising a friend i'd say you have a vulnerable person, best to keep them at home and not put them in a congregate facility. >> keep them in a situation where you have the most control, that is the blunt truth, that is what i would do with my mother. >> if only he would've employed that blunt truth to other people so they could've saved their mothers. my next guest is being influential to challenge comeau for his governorship next year. will he fix this mess or will cuomo stay and triumph of the fourth term jordan we discussed eric republican congressman lee, welcome back to the show.
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>> good to be of the. >> i noticed getting spicy would like to keep things hot here. how is this playing out for the governor? is he doomed or is he going to triumph? >> i think what's a different right now she were hearing from a lot of democrats, speaking of. in the past you've had republicans try to hold governor cuomo's eight to the fire to hold it him accountable. congressional, others state legislatures speaking up about the bullying the vindictive approach towards governing. and the ramifications with the loss of lives as you are pointing out as a result of the governor's policy. and the cover-up. the dishonesty. he said he did not have enough time to provide the information because he was too busy. get the secretary to the governor sang the reason why they were providing information wasn't that they were too busy they wanted to
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block a department of justice investigation by the way the governor wrote some congratulatory book on leadership. so i think it is little bit different here is that the governor and his third term, and possibly running for a fourth term it sounds like he is intent on that is facing a blowback not just from republicans, but he is also seeing it from his own party. things feel different now. kennedy: things to feel different. officer there a lot of republicans in the state assembly who have been very vocal. but now you have not only ron kim is going for the governor's impeachment, but mayor de blasio, nobody cares about. and aoc, aoc is saying he needs to be investigated, she's basically saying what you are saying. so are you the guy to unseat him? and does impeachment work as quickly as it might in a place like california? >> first off you point out the investigations. you're talking about impeachment call, the state legislature may very well rein in the governor's emergency powers. and the fact is this issue is
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a lot bigger than just the nursing home directives. because we have people fleeing the state does the loss of freedoms you just got into that in your last segment. with many ways without your kids being impacted, with the amount of time they're able to get inside of the classroom or it's that small business that's going to fold. or it's other dynamics that make people feel like other states with more freedoms are the place to go. or a lower cost of living and lower taxes, or maybe more public safety and albany in late in effect a year ago without us from the defied police moved in near city. i believe that the feeling of new yorkers right now is an urgency that they have to say their state. that this is a bit. >> are you the guy to save the state you can run for governor? >> i have been encouraged to consider part i will tell you, i know two things for sure. one thing is that whoever the
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candidate is i'm going to do everything my power to help them to make sure governor cuomo does not get a fourth term for the other thing i know for sure is my next step is talking to my wife and twin girls my 14-year-old at home because i need to have that right balance but i am not going to come on tv right now for making sure that my family is in that place for that. whether you are in the media or elected office, whatever you do you have to have that right balance between home life and work life or those of the two things i know for sure. kennedy: we are parents first to be very true sissy of this pans out august the i'm a lover of liberty so if in fact you run, you have to promise one, to legalize marijuana get behind that because that is true freedom. and never to bring the casino to times square. my staff need something to do on thursday nights other than drink that would be very helpful. >> that casino in times square and if you put the governor's campaign bit of kennedy was running for governor or mayor i could see it. >> my god no.
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alright good luck to youth everything, thank you for your honest doling out of the truth, i appreciate. coming up tiger woods injured after a car crash just outside of los angeles from live report on his status, that is coming up. plus a president biden has some backup when it comes to his personal gun control. his attorney general nominee, gun sales smashing all-time records. you could get rich, but you will be stripped of your basic rights. katie pavlich's joins me to it
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kennedy: well, it was only a matter of time president biden pushing congress to take up his gun-control wish list. which includes a litany of lefty pulses including funding for committing violence programs, mandatory background checks, a ban on so-called assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. and more. and i went with that kind of plan would do for gunstock? like smith & wesson which is been down in the past month. stern, ruger, and company been trading lower but did announce new hires last week and animal inc. that's been soaring for the past month. in the meantime, some democrats hurting biden to skip congress take executive action on guns.
12:21 am
so how long is your gun freedoms get shot to pieces customer joy map town hall editor of this week's host of fox news and primetime at 7:00 p.m. on the east and for the west, is it katie pavlich spread great job tonight katie. >> thank you. thank you. not great news about what these president is intended to do in terms of gun control. what is most problematic for you here? >> what is most problematic is the biden white house is not reading the room on the issue of gun control. you note last year we had new record numbers in terms of the number purchases print 40% of the gun purchases last year were first-time gun owners. they are not your typical racially a stereotyped white guy who is buying these firearms. it is women, it is african americans. it went up 58% of african-americans buying guns over the previous year. it is very diverse in terms of who is buying these guns. the argument is, there been a record number of sales, legal
12:22 am
sales by the way therefore we need to crack down on a pretty think people in congress and democrats know this is something that legislatively won't get done. which makes it even more dangerous because you have executive action being taken through the justice department. self you will remember back during the obama administration that operation choke point where they pressured banks, they pressured transactional services, financial transaction services to not go through with gun purchases or to freeze the assets of gun companies. and of course you can't your hands on a firearm, that is also an infringement on second amendment rights for you have this to bill and the house and you have to be mentally fit to own a firearm. but what is the definition of that? because you are a libertarian is john brunner warned about our you are right leaning in terms of who you vote for did that make you unqualified to own a firearm? kennedy: that's what i found to be very problematic as a mental illness is such a broad term. that was lumped into the new legislation proposed in the
12:23 am
house. but, he also had the same old distinction about weapons by people who know nothing about weapons. the idea of weapons of war. and assault rifles, which are cosmetic distinctions. they don't really do anything. >> to try to only language on this. we've seen the use the term assault rifle by his weapons of war to scare people into agreeing with their overreach and there infringement on the second amendment, we are singing out the language change. notice they do not call themselves gun-control groups any more they call them selves gun violence prevention groups. they think they lump all the people who own firearms into the same category they keep calling for background checks, let's remember on record 22 million new purchases are made last year. every single one of them entering fbi background check pray they make it sound like we don't have. that you can just go to 711
12:24 am
and get it mailed to your door, which is not true. the pandemic change that. all the unrest lesser he had a lot of people in california to beginning of the paid them it owing to the gun stores can frustrated they cannot walk up the door thinner firearm because there is a waiting period people are waking up to all the restrictions that have put onto this. my fear is how they go through atf, what they do the regulation changes they make overnight without telling the public. >> what about going after ammo? >> of course going after ammunition for it if your firearm is no good if you can't get ammunition. we've heard a lot about ammunition tax something president biden supports in the house bill. you've heard a lot about not being able to get ammunition across state lines. if you live in a place that does not have eminences factory you can't buy it in another state. so they're going after everything they can pretty think we said about the mental health aspect is absolutely at issue. because how you prove that someone is unfit to own a
12:25 am
firearm? >> at the police have been defunded defunded in yorktown whether seattle or minneapolis, how were you going to protect yourself and your family customer i just want to know that. there's a 30 minute lag time and police showing up for a 911 call, what are you supposed to do in the meantime? this is from the same group of people. katie thank you so much. knock them dead on the 7:00 o'clock be watching every night. >> right number present binds cabinet nominees are fighting to survive the confirmation battles but republicans able to stop radicals? to stop radicals? the panel breaks it down, next finally moved in. it's a great old house. good bones, wraparound porch. the pipes are... making strange noises. ♪bagpipes♪ ♪bagpipes♪ ♪bagpipes♪ even the plumbers couldn't help us. nope. at least geico makes bundling our home
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kennedy: breaking news tonight tiger woods seriously injured after the car he was driving went off the road and ran into south of lax. thirty say injuries are not life-threatening but we are told he could face a long
12:30 am
recovery. i for one love eight tiger woods come back. and i have full faith in him, matt joins me now the latest from l.a. what's going on matt? >> candidate this is the harbor ucla medical center officials have confirmed this is the hospital tiger woods was taken in serious condition after that horrifying a rollover accident here in los angeles. the sheriff now says the luxury suv tiger woods was driving rolled several hundred feet after it hit a median in the branches. that tweeted woods suffered multiple leg injuries in went into surgery by the sheriff said the area woods had drove it had slopes and curves and has a high frequency of accidents. woods suv was driving at a relatively greater speed than normal. woods is lucky to be live. he was wearing his seatbelt and did not show evidence of impairment. he was extricated from the cart using a prime tool in an act spread right now it is not
12:31 am
clear of the exact condition that tiger woods is in. still inside this hospital of this interest is described as a non- life-threatening. kenny, you're probably going to get another comeback. >> i love it. i am pulling for the guy, glad he went to ucla because go bruins. i think he will do well paid the guy knows how to handle pain. and now the hottest car in the world is that genesis. it's apparently very fast and very safe. >> and potentially saves lives with the sheriff said today, lucky to walk out of that situation basement right there in l.a. good to talk to you. are the panel has a turn, tom bevan, kat timpf, leslie marshall. your thoughts party people, what did you think of the events with tiger woods today? >> i'm a huge gulf anime huge tiger woods fan. i, like you hopis able to come back from this. but look, the biggest thing is
12:32 am
a below your waist. in injuries like an ankle knee, legs, those could be significant. we'll have to see how he comes out of this but honestly hoping and praying is able to make return to golf. kennedy: is going to six a billion-dollar man, kat, this data when you can do it it's tiger woods i have to say. >> i completely agree. it's shocking this even happened. you don't think of things that can happen a split second he should be okay, i would also love to see him return to golf support what is your husband say about it, leslie? >> don't know i haven't talked to be still working. as it oh no he's been involved in car exits the past, he is getting older to tom's point your legs a very valuable as a golfer but certainly prayers to him and his family for recovery. kennedy: i hope that, there's a perkins close by that someone there can cheer him up. [laughter] back in d.c., i know is going
12:33 am
to be fine. present binds cabinet nominations are a different kind of record tomorrow the senate will vote whether to confirm, joe biden's pick for the director of budget management. and the brakes have been pumped there very hard. and joe manson, king joe he will not vote over tweets calling republican fraud in comparing them to vampires pray she called mitch mcconnell moscow which was i think he likes. they denied the republicans criticizing also former california attorney general javier in his confirmation hearing for secretary of health and human services. for his lack of experience as a health official. because he has no experience. so biden picks a total mess or is just just politics? once again tom bevan, joe manchin is the most important man in the world. i think he loves this.
12:34 am
what do i think of this? >> yes but actually the most important centered in the world without leases far is tandon and joe biden is alicia mccaskey. >> she might be able to save him if she comes out in favor don't think she made an announcement just yet. obviously that nomination is hanging by a thread. it is because of her being a partisan warrior in the past and me tweets and all that, actually is the one from a conservative perspective and republican perspective is more problematic from a policy standpoint. they knocked him up pretty good over suing nuns. he sort of the enforcer has some polished position and is passed on abortion and the like. i am not sure whether he is going to get there or not. probably will but overall biden set a pretty good job
12:35 am
and is nominees have gotten through a surprising bipartisan support. >> they have different issues at both of these nominees, kat, there are people like it is so sexist they are not going to confirm, it's not, she is a partisan person who oversees a massive, massive bureaucracy if she is secures the nomination. >> i don't get the knee-jerk sexist then pray there's a lot of people who don't like me in and i'm not like that sexist you may have at a point i agree sometimes. [laughter] but honestly this is a bipartisan position. she has some of the things she said are kind of not just calling into question whether she could work with the other side. but alluding she does not see them as actual human spirit think the reason that so interesting as joe biden ran a campaign on unity. he made sure to come out and say if you are mean to someone at work, then you are out of here.
12:36 am
i do not put up with that. if he is trying to draw that distinction, a lot of people have said you weren't that upset about traut being mean, obviously said a lot of horrible things, right? joe biden's try to strike a different tone for if you have attitudes on this disc would be hard to work with those people. so far i think she was a sacrificial lamb i really do. i think of all of the nominees and biden put forth, he knew that she was going to be the biggest lightning rod for criticism. and therefore he's in nominating her for a very massive massive post. so if hurt nomination is tanked, i do not think it is the end of the world for him pretty think she was a sacrificial lamb. >> i am not sure she's a sacrificial lamb but i would agree it does not take it for him necessarily if this goes awry. we do not see most left or right, democrat or republican candidates have all of their nominees swing through it's
12:37 am
almost like a responsibility of the opposing party to say but you said this on march 5. either way, cat people don't like you hold my beer honey. [laughter] >> know until there's going to be beer placement regarding comment look of someone to talk about lack of experience or someone is talking about policies or her concern is that you pointed out, kennedy in the position she would have if she were to be confirmed, we are seeing emphasize even by joe manchin we are seeing emphasize are things she has said about other individuals, people she's sitting in front of right now it's awkward. >> this is what's really rich she is facing opposition literally from every side. it's not just joe manchin the king of these united states. it's not just republicans predictably who have an issue with some of those things she said about republicans and even as republicans the senate were going to confirm her. bernie sanders, bernie sanders
12:38 am
won't commit to a yes vote. >> s because she tweeted bad about him on an occasion brisket what the hell was she thinking if she wanted to have a slot in his democrat administration? like if you don't care about your political future, and then keep lobbing bombs placement talk about people behind their backs like a decent person. [laughter] >> then she tried to delete all of her tweets. it's a digital record, there are so many people who dislike everybody, tom, they are going to screen grab all of those tweets for that's what they did and they read them backwards. she said i'm sorry, i wish i would not of said that. at least own it, girl, last word. >> was not just mean tweed spreadsheet tweeted some conspiracy theories that russia had fixed the election for donald trump and some other things that were problematic. and so it was not just mean tweets for that's certainly a part of it. so far i'm not opposed to mean tweets all the time.
12:39 am
but man, if you're going to try to put on that bipartisan hat, you've got to take off the clown had at some point but i don't think she's willing to do that party panel thank you its graded speech to each and everyone even tom comic kat, leslie. coming up new covid lockdown's work in different states and countries reporting similar downward trends despite policies why are governments wrecking their economies and the sanity of their citizens? we got more in culvert with we got more in culvert with steve hilton he joins me at we got more in culvert with steve hilton he joins me at we got more in culvert with steve hilton he joins me at we got more in culvert with steve hilton he joins me at ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ guidance on your terms. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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[laughter] kennedy: , last night's mouth to but mandate saw the winner was on and on printer lockdown is worse for fighting covid then remaining open, new data
12:44 am
suggest the answer could be yes. some states, florida, texas barely closed. and they are experiencing virtually the same or lower rates of infection in places where governments have imposed some of the strictest and harshest lockdowns. like in california. so is all this proof that massive shutdowns don't do squat to stop the spread question at hosted the next revolution sunday night and 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel, steve hilton's back. so steve, you are from the uk where they had very restricted lockdowns. you live in california which has some of the harshest lockdowns in the country. what is your perspective here? >> of my perspective i'm sick of the locked town lunatics. whether it's the original hauler my home in california i cannot get away from them. the point to add to your comment just now about the fact that it really seems to make no difference when you compared something like states
12:45 am
like florida with that same new york or on the west coast the only thing to mention is florida has a much greater elderly population. and we know that the virus massively disproportionately affects and kills elderly. , you think just on the demographics florida would do much much worse it's even more impressive to see that performance. and you know they think that so ridiculous pretty mention my show on sunday nights, i got in trouble almost a year ago the cure is worse than the disease a certain well-known former president of the united states, then sitting in the oval office sometimes used to watch the show tweeted that output in the whole world went crazy. but actually it turns out that that indeed is the case. and worse they cure is worse than the disease predecided in a cure because the lockdown did not even stop the spread
12:46 am
pretty if you are being really truthful about the situation basically any country any state in america in the west had pretty much the same performance, had differences here and there. the big contrast is with western nations and asian nations. actually you can point to countries like south korea did have a good performance. they experienced it before they knew what to do. crucially they had very advanced testing system ready to go right at the beginning breed they could immediately isolate people. that is a lesson we can learn in terms of a lockdown, they really have been a disaster. >> they have. i think there's something to the idea in places like texas and florida they have an implicit trust in their citizen. people behave differently when they know they have to take more responsibility for their actions. and so you know restaurant owners and patrons in the same way are going to try to protect each other.
12:47 am
it is a mutual contract they have to do so in order for the restaurants to remain open. in california you tell people they can't be social they are still going to be social so what are they going to do? the going to parties with a lot of people in a small place, take their masks off and more people are getting sick as opposed to the free market making better decisions. >> that's exactly right for that's the heart of it. that is what's so infuriating about this whole thing. this incredible micromanagement from the bureaucrats and technocrats. just a laughable scale of it. the other day i read a peace in the british press time but boris johnson's plans for relaxing the rules print this is almost a literal quote rate it said the prime minister is optimistic that by march the eighth, people will be able to fit on a park bench with people from a different household. that is like a literal example of the uk they're telling you who you can sit within the
12:48 am
public space. it is so insulting. what is amazing as people have just stood by in accepted this complete loss of their freedom. >> they have and they have taken that they're not going to take it anymore. you know governors cuomo and newsome are going to pay with their careers, mark my words breed steve hilton brilliant as always. fox news channel, thanks again fox news channel, thanks again steve. here's aj! when are you going back into the office? i don't know dad... ♪ well we have a safety net. we'll be ok right? ♪ if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, we'll be ok right? now might not be the best time to ask yourself,
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kennedy: in a recent interview dwayne the rock johnson said it's up to running for president pretty hopes to do it like he has done every time else in his life, with his shirt off. i was a body slam, this is a topical storm. topic number one, we begin tonight to women in florida, caught in the act after dressing up as grannies so they could cut the line for coronavirus vaccines, i love this. they said the two friends and their 30s and 40s dressed in bonnets, gloves, and old lady glasses to pose as seniors to qualify for vaccines, workers became suspicious and they women did not complain about the temperature of the vaccine site. even more so when they said they had no idea what a reverse life insurance policy
12:53 am
was. actually they really get themselves away when they're listening in the waiting room and it did not help it after they got their shots, they celebrated with the renegade tik tok. they are confronted by police who really had their granny panties in a bunch were ultimately left off with a warning at which point they raced to a florida bar to take a different kind of body shots. topic number two, customs agents have reportedly saved 44 pounds of cocaine covered cornflakes or is hunter biden calls it, the breakfast of champions but officials said they intercepted a suspicious shipment of cereal boxes and discovered the frosting on what appeared to be frosted flakes, was made of cocaine. no wonder tony the tiger is always so excited. turns out he's been as high as toucan sam. ironically, all of my nose was the original title of hunter
12:54 am
biden's memoir. officials have not said this was just a one-time crime or this was the work of a serial comment cereal smuggler. to find that out they had to scan all the serial serial numbers. they confiscated drugs are worth $2.8 million, making this the worst crime against cereal since raisin bran. that is not cereal, that is punishment. topic number three. hillary clinton writing it mistreat novel about that's our time in the state department. funny, i heard john durham was supposed to do the same thing. madame not to present is teamed up with writer louisa penny whose story of high stakes diplomacy and treachery or as bill clinton calls it, their marriage. the book will be titled state of tear which is what will fills on valentine's day every year. actually, they have not made loves it she turn 50 shades of gray. the store will follow hillary clinton like secretary of state she works at than a hostile administration to
12:55 am
solve a wave of terror attacks. to better what cannot be anywhere thrilling than what qanon his already written about her, the views on the book are mixed for china said they read the first draft of e-mails and are not impressed. president trump said it will be the worst book of all time. topic number four. the hello fresh company is apologizing to a customer after sending him a bottle of your for this order. that's why hello fresh is number one. the minute answers on twitter after he said he received a coke bottle filled with urine along with his milk it. that's when he got pissed, again. hello fresh steps were in their defense the man ordered so much yellowtail chardonnay they didn't think he would notice. they urgently investigate if there is shipping error or some impediment playing a joke by going in a coke. the customer told the uk news outlet he is now it went to get in trouble or fired for
12:56 am
this incident. most americans agreeably inappropriate to fire someone for p in your food. unless of course they've also liked a conservative facebook page. then, done. i will be right back. it's either the assurance of a 165-point certification process. or it isn't. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty. or it isn't. for those who never settle, it's either mercedes-benz certified pre-owned. or it isn't. the mercedes-benz certified pre-owned sales event. now through march 1st. shop online or drop by your local dealer today.
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