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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 24, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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come back to new york. they'll come back to the u.s. but i want london to just as well too i think a boris johnson gets the vaccine story. researchers join us again, tomorrow evening, see pac chairman, former acting chairman of the economic advisors. kennedy: welcome to deep yogurt hour. new york governor and a coma situation is gone from bad to much, much worse. because now he's not only battling calls to resign over his covid death scandal is also facing bombshell accusations, sexual harassment can kenny survive the one -- two punch? today in city hall in new york hundreds gathered to call for comeau's impeachment. some of the loudest voices, democrats who claim, it must be held accountable for his attempted cover up of the thousands who died of covid in nursing homes. and now there are calls for cuomo to be subpoenaed. to testify on capitol hill,
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while all of that is going on the governors across the river in queens to renew fox nation site. in my old mercy did he raise a few eyebrows with a joke near creepy uncle would not keep to himself. i am going to be doing the fox nation. i am a certified vaccinia by the state of new york, took a 20 minute toys yesterday. i get to select the part of the anatomy were i do the vaccine and you will be surprised. maybe not when you see the parts of the anatomy that i pick. >> go hide your own salami creep, wait to read the rumor they say timing is everything and this is important because right around the time cuomo dropped that sexually charged stinker, a former aide publish an article accusing him of serial sexual harassment against her including unappointed kissing and urging her to play strip poker along with many, many other examples
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my spokesperson said the allegations are simply false, how they know? but how many straws kia pile on one camel's back before it breaks? let's get into tonight's party penalty of comedian and host of fox across america on fox news radio jimmy failla is back. i like democratic strategist rebel communications founder laura fink, i love the pink. and he is the cohost of gary and shannon kfi 640 gary hoffman is seared apart of the party pen for the very first time welcome to everybody. let's do it. jim i'll start with you, cuomo has been a new york tough guy his entire career. but that attack is not working now. i am still amazed every day i see him digging himself in even deeper periodicity totally lacked self-awareness especially when these very serious charges are being
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leveled against him with sexual harassment? >> for so that joke by the way scott be careful if he keeps selling awkward jokes no one laughs that they're going to send to weekend update unit would end up there. look at them joke is that? almost me the first guy in history called me flu #. let's be honest for minute, what he doesn't get this is true, fuse the media's useful idiot against president trump they built him up as a means of propping trumped down. he's very transactional. now that they don't need him nor he cannot resort to the s&m savers like this is a republican talking point, this is fox news, this is trumped, the media doesn't care anymore. but the any dignity for real, he would reside and rode on the hudson river is those giant q-tips as oars as they gave on cnn. because he is stupid per he wrote his self-congratulatory book middle of a pandemic. this is a football equivalent of dumping the gatorade on yourself at halftime of again you're not winning. he is a dope, sorry.
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>> he is now soaking wet. your absolute rights. there are some very serious targets leveled against him today. i would not be surprised if more women came forward who works for the governor over the last 11 years in albany who might have similar stories. and that is what lindsey boylan was saying was it was an aggressive culture. it was all built around the governors impropriety and his serial sexual harassment, what you think about that? >> i'll tie a couple things i think lindsey is pretty courageous for coming forward. it is incredibly hard to do. because the deck is stacked against you. that leaves you abandon coming a bandage identity a little bit because you become the center of this issue that you did not choose rates remarkable she's coming forward to get someone in her own party preaching is exactly what is going to happen. the cuomo henchmen are going to come after that is a pattern of behavior.
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then the republicans are going to seize on this opportunity to degrade the things that she has been fighting against prey to her political values and her political policies that she believes in. that leaves her in a really untenable and crummy situation. i understand it because challenging men empower is incredibly hard. i admire her for what she's doing, the courage it took for her to come forward. as much they wanted to laugh at all the jokes, i take this very seriously because i've been there. kennedy: your right this is a different layer. i'm very glad to hear you say that. because often times when women come forward and make allegations against politically powerful bed, people in that man's a party tend to shield him. it is offensive for its offensive to victims and it's offensive to what his office is doing trying to say no that did not happen. we had there every moment? i don't think you were. that's demeaning to say that about a woman is potentially a
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victim of sexual misconduct. so gary, you were in california seen the implosion of a different kind of governor. from the outside looking in, what does new york look like? >> and when it's it's a totally different looking governor. the very tone deaf when it comes to their actions and have been received by the general public. gavin newsom is the only guy who's actually sending and or cuomo i think you know right now. thank you for sucking up all the bad governor headlines. gavin newsom was overrepresented in these last two months. and now andrew cuomo has apparently shot to the top of this. from our position in new york had a weird scenario today when thinking about cuomo and seeing lindsey boylan's article. i'm her back in mid april sitting here in california and thinking to myself that poor governor, that poor guy has to go out in front of the cameras every day and tell us that 700, 800, 900 people died from covid in his state. and i thought to myself,
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momentarily i like that guy. like the way he is wearing this pretty shortly the state of new york but little did i know who's writing the chapters of the book tv reference. and it came to nursing am desperate i did not realize to prop himself up to get an enemy, which she will not return by the way. i feel taken. and listen, i am not a new york i did not devote for the guy or against the guy and i feel taken by this guy's actions. kennedy: he is the. [inaudible] of enemies. and just as disgraceful should guide to ufc that is how bad he is. in the meantime present binds immigration policies blowing up in his face rated here is why braid the administration's opening more so-called migrant facilities for children. at least that's what they are called now. back in 2019 my former president trump was using the exact same facility they were terming them kids in cages for that media and the biting of menstruation no longer called than that.
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at least one politician is remaining consistent. aoc tweeting about two new facilities in florida and texas writing this is not okay. never has been okay. never will be okay. no matter the administration or party jen psaki did her usual limbo to explain white's different this time. >> is it kids in containers or kitchen cages? what is the white house description of this facility? >> let me give a broader description of what's happening here. we have a number of unaccompanied minors, children who are coming into the country without their families. what we are not doing, what the last administration did, with separate those kids, rip them from the arms of their parents at the board approved we are not doing that, that is immoral and not the approach of this administration. these kids, we have a couple of options for it we can send them back home and do eight changes journey back were not doing that either. >> how big of you. so are the cages okay if we
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just call them child migrant facilities? in his or any limit to what promises biting can break before voters start to notice? so jimmy, it is the exact same thing. it is the result of immigration policy failure because it presidents take it upon themselves to sign these executive orders, which is eight dangerous swinging pendulum and create so much confusion that people rushed to the border and they send their kids to the border thinking they are going to come in and become dreamers. >> that is the reality of the situation but we can debate and trend debate the fact they want to put instagram filter in every new story to make it look prettier than it did coming out of the republicans mouth. but the reality of what's going on years we have a humanitarian crisis at the border. these people been incentivized to take a very dangerous journey because the immigration plans put forth by this administration. if biden really cared he would just finish building the wall part or as the media called
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the family safety structure we can get this behind us, it is ridiculous. see fort laura he's the hat trick. biden has the presidents and both houses of congress passed immigration reform, do it now. we can handle more legal immigration. what you can't to do is what jimmy is talking about. that is incentivizing a dangerous journey for kids who take it with bad people who take advantage of them. and sexually abuse them along the way. >> look, biden has introduced it immigration package he's looking to get done what we did not see donald trump two. but we did not see presidents previous that is get comprehensive immigration reform part i could not agree more. the problem needs to be fixed and it's not going to be at the border. that said, there is an influx of refugees coming across the board approved i do not believe that it is tied to some sort of knowledge of policy. the trump administration has left the biden
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administration. kennedy: you think people are so down they can't figure out there might be a southern door that's flown wide open for them? of course people know that, laura. it's on our southern border the door is open according to many people who believe that now they can get into the country without reproach. people are not dumb. they know when to come here. >> you are you're telling them they're not smart enough. >> i'm not saying anything right now. what i'm saying is, candy, that is not directly tied for the economic situation the things and the atrocities that some of these kids and parents are fleeing is what's driving them hair. it's not sort of understanding or intercut knowledge, not that any of us have it. >> laura i hate to break it to those things are not mutually exclusive. those things are happening at the same time. in the past three administrations have not. i'm going to bring gary into talk about it.
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>> i haven't talked to bates before yes you talk too much. >> on the save jen psaki referred to these facilities, cages, train cars whatever you want to call them but she referred to them as temporary. which is the same thing the county is telling you when they temporarily increase your property taxes. these things are not temporary. the fact that we have not had the jetta met, honest and a widespread reform since 1986, the former presidents have not done this, five of former presidents have had the opportunity to get immigration reform on the books, into law and they have not done it yet. >> amen. >> will read the last four years when your party was in power? kennedy: why are you saying your party why are you assuming he's a republican, laura? >> cows my best guess. sever sometimes you shouldn't guess maybe you should ask. >> to be classed clear for the last for his remind the public
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these were not caged children. these were not concentration camps. there needs to be some accountability for that rhetoric. one of the reasons tensions are so inflamed tears were living were people emotion are facts but if you tell people trump's caging children it fills them with hate. if they support him. [inaudible] [inaudible] it is the same facility. >> i noticed no one's on what the reversal of the trump administration family separation policy which is what jen psaki was talking about. spit what they are separated there separated. [inaudible] support laura, the difference is, it's not the only thing emotion about that. that's false. >> where we talking about it. kennedy: parents are uncoupling from the children place like honduras and el salvador. i agreed to come i don't think the federal government should've been prying them apart with a crowbar. i think that was a very, very
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bad movie. and it was not a long-standing policy for as many years as you are falsely claiming. >> note that was not a long-standing policy that is a trump policy that was a policy that he had to reverse because of the outcry. [inaudible] [inaudible] sue for let's gary in, poor gary. >> i understood what laura saying. but she also has to understand and give credit to the trump administration for it whether there's political pressure or not he reverse that policy. and to candies issue about being a geographic view. >> he didn't limit the policy respect i'm not -- it was. the point about being graphic these are literally the same buildings. these are literally the same places that are being used. as just that now since joe biden is in office the language it magically changes. the attitude changes. >> there treated different.
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[inaudible] kennedy: show me evidence of nuance and i will grant you that, i've seen ned. party petals commit because house democrats of informed with the vote on president biden's massive stimulus bill with or without republicans. my next guesses that bill is disguised as grief in only reward states who deserve it the most. ben klein is going to break that downd next. (judith) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. so you're a small business, or a big one.
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kennedy: welcome back. the 1.9 chilean dollars covid relief bill, democrats want to pass this friday is as much of a relief as hot dogs are vegetables. at least that's what some physical conservatives are saying. the biden it back to bill promises a very long list of spending projects to democrat run blue states and cities. and that is without senate budget committee chair bernie sanders plan to put in a $15 hour minimum wage of mandate. opponents of the ballooning bill say it is not fair to read states will be kit with the tab for budget shortfalls in places like new york, illinois, and california. so should states that crush their own economies get rewarded they big government bailout customer care at me
8:20 pm
now virginia republican congressman house budget committee member ben cline, welcome representative cline. >> great to be with you kennedy. >> i think it's fair if you're in a place like florida or south dakota and you've open up your state, let people work hard and smartly, and you have the tax receipts why should you be paying for the economies that were a common shutdown unfairly and be, is managed before the pandemic. >> the american people see this for what it is it's a $1.9 trillion bailout. it's bailout for mismanaged democrat states. aesthetic covid relief bill, only 8% of the bill went to covid programs. the democrat bill and some would say governor newsom in california, governor cuomo is your talk about a new york they could use a little bit of relief from the troubles and got back home. and i do some coming from virginia about governors in trouble. we need a bill that actually focuses on covid. focuses on getting vaccines and arms but focusing on
8:21 pm
opening up our economy. only 5% of this bill, of the money that goes to schools opens up schools this year. it all goes, 95% goes next year. kennedy: then why the urgency? that's what i don't understand for it i've talked about this on the show almost every night. there's a lot of frustrated parents out there. i am among them whose kids are still learning remotely. so the schools are open they're not spending money there, not spending this money then why is that much money earmarked? other than a hand at the teachers unions? >> because gavin newsom has to recover a recall cell nancy pelosi put in billions for some kind of high-speed rail out in california. that is the kind of thing that's being shoved into this bill. it is being railroaded through the house by polo c. and bernie sanders, he just wants even more money. a socialist bill on steroids. we need to turn around and focus on the people. the people who are in trouble right now.
8:22 pm
the people who are out of work. the people who need assistance getting these vaccines out into the public. everyone needs a vaccine, once when we should be able to get it to them. kennedy: but they are going bad for their having to toss them out. it's really frustrating there's a lot of seniors, i've talked to family members and friends and others who've said their parents, the grandparents, they cannot get their hands on a vaccine. and then her story after story about entire batches having to be thrown out. because the role it has been missed managed in the very states that oversaw the writing of this massive bill. and you know, there's no accountability. how does he feel about the rest of the bill? and will king joe save the economy? >> it's very interesting. i think behind-the-scenes you going to see mansions hands all of this bill. bernie sanders is claiming us budget committee chairman he's
8:23 pm
in charge. but when it comes right down to it, even mitt romney called the singing clunker. when mitt romney calls it a clunker, you've got to take a back to the shop and work on it some more. [laughter] 's before he's got politician hair and he's very serious about spending money and pretending not to be a republican, which is fine. mitt romney is the weirdest, where disguised. >> and virginia was a blessed harpers be next before that said very times. but someone taught that means that i want to write some angry letters. so how does a soap opera end? >> unfortunately nancy plus it calls the shots are in the house but she's going to ram this thing through. she is scared of her left flank. she scared of aoc she scared of the squad but she knows she has to push it through. it's going to come down to joe manchin and hopefully the american people can put up enough of a fight to stop this and refocus it on the people who need it and delivering aid for covid.
8:24 pm
sephora kate republicans have to be costco to get a nose can be tough you guys but some is gotta do it. conger spent cline, thank you so much. >> thanks kennedy. safar had a democrats plan to pay for this to spending? with new taxes of course. today the non- nonpartisan tax to the planned hike on corporate taxes will hurt the u.s. gdp. killed more than one or 50000 jobs, and reduce wages for those were still employed. that is after treasury secretary janet yellen, just this week said biden has a rich portfolio tax plan to help offset the cost of its spending ambition. she said the president's ready to raise the corporate tax rate to 28% after former president trump/attempted 21 and 2017. so how can these bright ideas affect your while and the economy? threading me to it break it down chief investment officer and fox news contributor,
8:25 pm
scott martin is back. we call them scotty markets. not eat scotty. >> we do scotty to hottie and one is actually kennedy kind of hot under the collar about janet yellen's plans are ways to deal with the administration plans. because janet yellen boys and girls is one of the people who's out there fanning the flames for more spending. so no problem i'll just go over to joe's office and tell him to start hiking taxes willie nelly everywhere. i'm telling you to spend all that money first off. support we will just print more than the fed you guys i know how works will print moral be great. were not on the hook for anything. obsolete corporate tax rate looks like it's going to go up 7%. there also talk about a capitol gains tax. which of these is worse for the economy? suspect they're both bad. the corporate tax rate is way more directly impactful because you're basically hitting corporations across the board. what's of money but the corporate tax or been on the
8:26 pm
daca for potential changes this is it administration and a federal reserve and eight janet yellen treasury secretary that talks about how bad the economy is and how low we are on job growth and help troublesome wage growth is out there. look at the minimum wage for sipping on businesses. yet, here mr. and mrs. corporation we are going to help you by raising the taxes you pay to the government. talk about just totally misplaced opportunity here. but there is one i would choose her my gas and be the corporate or the capitol gains tax to be a lot better than the corporate tax rate. because at least then people have to sell and there would be some gains to help pay for some of the tax rates that be going up on that side versus hitting businesses that are arty down and have been kicked by big government furthermore. kennedy: absolutely. they are the last ones to get relief here. the big businesses they now, they know how to contact the bankers and lawmakers for they know how to move to the front of the line. see smaller mom-and-pop businesses that are actually
8:27 pm
going to get hosed here. they're still no real way, even if they implement all these taxes, has no one ever seen what happens in a high tax environment? have none of them ever read about the failed economic policies in france? >> they certainly smoked their breakfast way through it on some of those patent histories. because we have great evidence of exactly what happens. your point about the small business, kennedy has suffered so much, hasn't the government done enough for small business in america? isn't that enough help? seven governments when committed do more but think about this, the small business entities in the country great more than half the jobs prudent to the point have to gdp this country produces. we are going to go taxes people more and say hey, good luck take care is become of the covid this thing
8:28 pm
whatever? i don't think it smells very well. support know is going to able to smell gets punched in the gut and socked in the no's. some people are going to be wended and covered in blood. scotty martin. >> we tried. so far we did try. last question, what happens to inflation with rates being held so artificially low? >> i love when you ask me these exciting questions so late at night. here's the thing, dumping inflation that big of a deal. this is a different inflation were seen with rates bubbling upward i will tell folks you can go out and redo your refi's sooner rather than later put this rates are melting up as well print the putting so much money that's why the rates are going up or issuing so much a debt for this on a tremendous about of inflation is abuse and inflation that muddies that chasing too few goods just yet. >> scotty martin, hotties cotton. [laughter] thank you man. coming up the devastation
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taxes the putting one democrat back in business. former ted cruz rival, president of beta o'rourke. thinking to run for governor by himself or it could beta catch fire in the lone star state and skateboard his way back into your heart? the panel discusses next. carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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8:34 pm
you will get those answers. back when? the turmoil in texas could not put a familiar and perhaps unwelcome face back in the spotlight. governor abbott flatters and approval polls, is a better or work could be at a position to take his seat, he was out raising funds for texas relief wells previous senate opponent ted cruz was caught in his now famous infamous beach blunder. last month he said he was considering running for texas governor, could that really happen? the party panels back, and jimmy failla laura fink, gary happen. jim, he's the governor we deserve is any? >> shoe while shame on politico beta is not back as he was never here. he's the mumford and sons of politics. the immediate likes to tell us we really don't like them that
8:35 pm
much. that's the god truth. he ran seeing amounts of money actually leads the league in campaign t-shirts in third world countries right now they're simply wearing a kansas city chiefs champion health beta o'rourke senator t-shirt at a beta or work paris sweat sprayed this guy keeps losing he keeps telling us he's going to win. he has hippy skateboards in his rallies. it's the only way to get there. >> exactly, he is a dui cookie really is is a horrible skateboarder, laura telling about cecile richards. >> love cecile richards. here's what i will say, look, if you had to go on a road trip and you had to pick between going with the beta or rourke or steele richards i think we all know who you would pick. cecile's going to bring, going to find out who is a silver foot in the print will be great. beta scout live stream the whole thing.
8:36 pm
never take over the wheel. look, my money's on cecile richards both done incredible work building infrastructure and organizing the state of texas. both looked to be gunning for that governor's seat, which governor abbott and his frozen heart and frozen infrastructure have given them a wide opening in traditionally red state, good news for democrats. >> how much of republican screwed up here? or is it all the liberal turbines? >> not enough to talk about the republicans ted cruz specifically, this was the biggest unforced error was seen in some time. the fact he came back and wanted to throw his kids under the bus for, and then say they were campaign signs in his neighborhood and those people are a hull because they did not to watch snowflake or whatever convoluted explanation and it was an unforced error. beta or work as one her% going to run for governor of texas. to jimmy's pointy socket to do
8:37 pm
very well. he faded in the presidential campaign, could not it together instead cruz, is already not a likable character. and even the current lieutenant governor is not one of the strongest characters they have in texas but beta o'rourke is trying to be the ted lasso texas politician teaches comes off hollow. it comes off fake. in a scene right the skateboard goofy partners. he apologized for being a man i'm so sorry i was manning guys, i'm so sorry bruce >> is think about before the general that help? >> how about shut up and got off the counter you're standing in my omelette you weirdo. [laughter] he's going to be in the rv like i'm flossing right now is the interesting? look at my teeth and cousins interesting teeth, good teeth though.
8:38 pm
[laughter] >> we could listen to the office album on repeat over and over and over and over. >> i know would be so much more fun if we were tying about ted cruz. >> we're just talk about ted. >> i will give you that. support ted is not the news as much but everyone here's like ted cruz. absolutely. he is the only guy, this is the only instance that once that is leaving the country but >> he just won his senate seat he's fine. he's not running for governor when taco is in front of a state that the beauty of a nightly news show. >> unloads going on here. but i really care about every single one of you, jimmy, laura, garrick emigrated jeff out of the panel gary? >> i did. i have to take my clothes off it's 80 degrees here, kennedy. >> screw you gary. as the hobo carcass to nap in his warmer than the frigidity
8:39 pm
of where i'm living. thank you all adored pre-columbian university professors going viral for admitting he does heroin. claiming his hobby is not a habit it's all about liberty and go to talk to the man himself and explain why drug legalization is about hot freedom. that's after the break. s don't e scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! you're good.
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he sued for you may have seen an eye-popping viral story about a columbia professor says he uses heroin and other drugs to maintain a healthy work life balance for the knee-jerk country was wiped? and this man should be fired. but we here on kennedy, a little more thoughtful than the average bear. unlike professor karl hartley realizes the story about personal liberty. in her new book, the professor
8:44 pm
writes quote, there aren't many things in life that i enjoy more than a few lines by the fireplace at the end of the day. professor karl hart goes on to say the drug war has been a failure and has been very long and they aren't, songs people aren't hurting anybody adult should be free to consume whatever mind altering substances they choose. generally now columbia university professor of psychology and psychiatry and author of drug use for grown-ups, chasing liberty in the land of fear. that is a must read a book read welcome back to the show, doctor karl. >> thank you for having me kennedy's good to see again as always. so far we had a lovely conversation the other day. we been thinking a lot about we talked about on the podcast for my question for you, this exploration of what psychoactive septic is due to the brain, how they are molecularly similar to other things we ingest and thrills that we seek throughout the
8:45 pm
day, are we doing it wrong? >> are redoing it wrong? i don't know. it all depends on what makes people happy. as long as you are not bothering anyone, harming anyone, preventing anyone from enjoying their freedoms, whatever it makes you happy. if you are happy then hopefully you will be a better person. you will treat other people better. we will have a better society. kennedy: a lot of people drink alcohol because it makes them happy then they wake up them and they're unhappy have to shops of fireball and shot of martin on a friday night you had two lines of heroin, which one of us would feel better in the morning? >> let's just be clear. if people are -- i am 54 years old. if you are having alcohol and you are feeling aftereffects later, that means that you have been doing something wrong. hopefully it like 50 something years old you figured it out
8:46 pm
in a way such that you don't get hangovers and so forth. trying to make these kind of comparisons between alcohol in heroin, i think they are sometimes difficult. it's important for people to know that you can die from alcohol withdrawal. where is you can't die from heroin withdrawal. so people need to know our sort of thinking about heroin. our sort of thinking that one-hit you are addicted. or it is so dangerous that no one should ever try it. kennedy: that has been the propaganda we've been said that since we were children. it's the explosion of a reefer madness into other drugs. what would you like to see if they bite terms of either rescheduling or legalizing certain substances? >> the first thing i like to see if any biden administration is i would like the biden administration to decriminalize all drugs.
8:47 pm
saying nobody will be arrested for what they put in their bodies. that would be consistent with the declaration of independence that guarantees us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so long as we don't bother anybody else. that would be a great start. it would decrease people being in prisons but it would make people less paranoid. this paranoia that happens because people are afraid that they will be arrested for what they are putting in their bodies. for pursuing pleasure. so i hope the biden administration reads a book, drug use for grown-ups. and this is for grown-ups but we are not talking about children. were talking about people who have managed to be responsible. they contribute to their community, they pay their taxes, we are trying about responsible adults. kennedy: that's right, doctor carl hart i per-share wisdom, hope you come back soon so we can have a more in-depth conversation about this and other topics.
8:48 pm
you can catch more of our conversation on that podcast kennedy saves the world spotify, apple podcast, thank you very much doctor hart, topical storm it is next. tonight's matchup: me versus an ugly fender bender. if i can eke out a win, it's going to be a miracle, baby! uh, mr. vitale? it wouldn't be a miracle because geico gives you a team of experts to help manage your claim. it's going to be a nail-biter. no, the geico team is there for you 24/7. geico is awesome, baby! (shouting) too much? i think we got it. yeah. thanks. thank you. geico. great service without all the drama. sfx: [sounds of everyday life events, seen and heard in reverse] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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kennedy: on the state 1868 the
8:52 pm
u.s. house of representatives voted to impeach president andrew johnson over what he said was the perfect telegram. that's one for the history books, and this is a topical storm. topic number one. a harrowing rescue caught on body cam in texas used a rope in a letter to pulley man and incumbent from an icy lake. and you thought your relationship was on thin ice after valentine's day. this is a scary scene in irving, texas. ted cruz drove by became so distressed he quickly booked another trip to mexico but he said is so haunted by the woman screams for help, even he upgraded to first class. texans are not used to the cold but at least these two are getting their feet wet, i'm not surprised the ice could not hold them, we vulgate if you covered pounds. witnesses said this is the coldest police incident and taxes into wake up or thankfully the couple were saved made a full recovery paired then they got the bill for the ambulance, that's when
8:53 pm
it really got soaked. wait we have to pay for this? bernie sanders were are you? topic number two. they while the sheep was rescued and australia, carrying 75 pounds of wool, or is chris christie called it, half a sweater. the sheep and boos found abandoned in austria look at all of that wall. he was in a forest after dna confirmed comic test confirmed this was not done i'm saying into an animal sanctuary hospital where the sheer madness began. the sheep was named by the rescuers after president barack obama. i can only assume he was a bad president, actually the sheep is a dyed in the wool liberal. just like all sheep are. because he's probably got a bleeding hearts.
8:54 pm
i note these sheep puns are bit tacky. sorry if you have heard that before. for more bad jokes you sit there, the longer you get to look at this filthy beast. but enough about chelsea's comedy acts. aptly losing all 75 pounds of wool the sheep now says he is happy, but a bit chilly. i want to see him without his fur. is it called for questioning i don't know, topic number three purdue university mission was forced to shut down its library after finding poisonous spiders in the basement. so the worst thing in that library is hillary clinton's memoir. school officials say routine past check found three mediterranean spiders in the underground vibrate rate that is when they bugged out close to bully for today's spider bites are venomous for itself venomous they can cause tissue death but is so painful it's like watching jim harbaugh coach the football team. still not as venomous as her gender study professor. seems like every liber is just a place to get on the web these days.
8:55 pm
expert cities recluse spiders can be dangerous but they are not aggressive. in fact they typically buy less people per year than army humor. officials are not working to determine whether they were hatched outside or like most michigan students they got laid in the library. topic number four. scooby wonder said he is planning on moving to africa permanently. will he will get the sunshine of his life the music legends at the terminal has made this unbearable for him. in other words he just called to say, i don't want to live here anymore. now scooby plans to move to ghana to reach the higher ground. sadie scooby revis that threatened to ghana 1994 been said this time is really going to do it. he says he is making the bill for the sake of his children's children's children. and if everyone scooby's family is as smooth as him those kids are probably in their 30s by now.
8:56 pm
they'll be sad to seat mr. mr. wunderground but at the same time is one national treasure joe biden cannot give to china, thank god. oh no big but guide don't do it can you imagine the commission hunter get? i'll be right back, don't move a lick. uh-oh, sorry... oh... what? i'm an emu! no, buddy! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers even in early stages. tell me more. it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your prescriber or an online prescriber if cologuard is right for you. i'll do it. good plan.
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kennedy: thank you so much for watching the best your day on a hump day no less putting fell mentally or instagram at
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kennedy nation paired up expect kennedy fbn. an e-mail kennedy at the at for if you hated the show, write to me about it. tonight's hate mail britt also got been dominants, and mike chase back with kennedy's courts, make every day they can update. getting worse for andrew cuomo. a former top aide is now accusing the new york governor of sexual harassment detailing what she says was serial behavior including unwanted kissing and suggestions of strip poker. details this hour. and just when you finally think there's hope for kids getting back to school, there's still dissension between the district and the teachers union in san francisco even with a deal between them. the republican effort to recall gavin gavin newsom gains steam. steve hilton is here to sound off. tiger woods was planning to get back into the game of golf


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