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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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happening with the covid relief bill advances through congress. continued to be more hopeful news on covid vaccines and diminishing infections and hospitalizations. good news go on, people in control will keep you where you are. that is it for us. elizabeth: a major setback for biden administration, a federal judge blocks president biden's attempt to freeze deportations at border, triggering a rethink. this is now the hot debate in washington. >> joining us tom hall man, jack keane and governor jim justice. more on that federal judge. rejecting president biden's freeze on deportations, it would have kept here tens of thousands of d people, wanted and chargedd
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for assault, drunk driving and fraud,pe this about crime, not immigration. former secretary of state mike pompeo with an op-ed of new details on what china is doing. and he said this involved same chinese lab that has been accused of leaking covid-19 virus.e and this, 14 house republicans demand fbino director christophr wray brief them on what the fbi knows about democrat swalwell's entanglement with a chinese spy. >> and bad to worse for governor cuomo. '' major protests against cuomo today in new york, led by dem democrats, lawmakers and
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families. >> democrats and house republicans demand that cuomo be subpoenaed to testify before congress. >> a former staffer accused cuomo of sexual harassment. >> and latest in our exclusive serie, your voice, america speaks out, a small business owner, speaking up and speaking out about up just lockdowned. critic e -- what politicians did was create a unpresented second economic disaster. >> r and washington watch dogs asking why a federal emergency regulate or cancel under the biden administration an on going probe to the reliability of the power grid. i am elizabeth macdonald. the "evening edit" starts right
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now. elizabeth: welcome to theet sho, you are watching fox business network, back with us now, tom homan was is your reaction when you forward this federal judge in texas baned and blocked biden's attempt to freeze deportations? >> i thought it was a great decision. i am a party t to that lawsuit,i have worked with texas ag. i celebrate, it is the right move. what biden administration is doing is creating a public safety nightmare. we won this. one for the good guys. elizabeth: the judge said that what the biden freeze on deportations, violated federal law, put risk and cost on states, can you break down whent
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it was about. >> t it was about. all criminals that i.c.e. arrested and deported, let's say last year, 90% of those people could not removed with this policy, they could not low think are removed. -- they could not be removed. theft, assault, dui, the argument was, if we stop de--deportations for a hundred , not even the worst of the worst, the argument was, if you stop deportations, i.c.e. is required to release the people back into the public. where they will recommit. releasing criminals to the public is bad public policy, and will create more crime. and the states pay more money
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for enforcement and jail, the judge agreed with that argument. elizabeth: not immediately clear ifim the biden administration wl appeal the ruling. justice department did not seek a stay of his earlier temporary restraining order. this meant is biden administration wanted to freeze deporting as for those charges withn the crimes even if they were nope -- known gang members with prior criminal records. >> yes, the memorandum that i sentiment 90%, they cannot be arrested and removed now, the way they work around the moratorium, arrest 90% less. criminals, convicted criminals, to that is way the biden administration is working around
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it, there is another lawsuit pending, i hope that judge furtherhe finds they are working around this decision by ending i.c.e. arrests by 90%. elizabeth: all right, i.r.s. i.. arrests steps of thousands of illegal aliens every year. who are convicted for various charges. the numbers are staggering, 74,000 conviction for drunk driving in 2019, 68,000 charges for traffic offenses, 46,000 for assault. wewe are not talking single digits, they are in tens of thousands. >> there is no prerequisite in immigration law have to commit another crime, another an being here illegally, being here -- illegally is no longer a reason
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for i.c.e. to arrest you. administration, say said you cannot follow-up. that means judge's order is meaningless now. why do we have immigration court? that does not matter any more. being illegal in u.s. is no longerl illegal. according to biden administration. elizabeth: you know, thisid is about crime. not about immigration. for decades americans have been killed by drunk driving, individuals who are not supposed to be here, they are here illegally, that include many killed after federal and state officials decided to not deport them. you have spoken too about angel moms and dads and angel families, how would they feel. >> the country let them down. biden administration let them down. biden administration has
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immigration activists working white house right now, have they ever met with an angel mom or dad. dad? absolutely not. and latest statement that dui is no longer a public save tie safy threat. 10,000 people a year die from a dui . angel mom andi. dads, they have lost their children. they have been separated for life. by someone that was not here legally, they should have been removed, that crime should never have happened, every crime committed by illegal aliens is a preventible crime if we had a secure borders. >> you know, there is this thinking this washington that this discussion we're having is somehow with a broad brush, painting or just broad brush
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people trying to come here, this somehow, is putting a negative slantpu toward those who are trying to immigrate here legally. this is a hot potato issue. why is the issue about crime so difficult for washington to talk aboute and enact policies about. >> you have a good point, there are millions h of people tryingo do things the right way, to the background checks and filing their applications, what does this say to them? they want their families together too, i met a man the other day, he recognized me, said i have been working for 8 years to get my family. i spend all this money, follows rules andil people come across border of day and get released. why do up to follow the -- why do i want to follow the rules any more? he became a u.s. citizen, respects the laws enough, he wants to follow the rules, he is
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put in the backseat by people violate the laws. we're rewarding illegal behaveior, the and illegal family groups that have come in, they enter illegally, they were ordered to be removed, and they went and hit out, they -- his out, what is happened to them. they are getting rewarded with amnesty according to biden's plan, the people who ignored a judge will now get amnesty and end up with citizenship. elizabeth: a matter of inequity for those who it, it fair and right way. tom thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, retired four-star army general jack keane on this chilling op-ed by former secretary of state mike pompeo, new details of what china has been doing,
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weaponizing viruses that pompeo warns, endangers the world, and it involves same chinese lab that is accused of leaking the covid-19 virus, that story next. u need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ sfx: [sounds of everyday life events, seen and heard in reverse] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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to 14 republicans demanding fbi director chris wray give them a briefing about democrat eric swalwell's entanglement with a chinese spy, they want to know if china is targeting anyone else in congress. >> what is surprises me about this, not the republican's request but they have to make that question, this should have been done a long time ago, i thought it had been done, a member of congress targeted by a foreign government, china communist party, they have a spy make contact with congressman before he became a congressman, with an attempt to gain, influence and information. that is a big deal. it is app indicator of more comprehensive chinese communist
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espionage program that going on in u.s., it is so massive. nothing that we have experienced with the soviet union even, compares to what this ccp, china communist party, is doing, this should havese taken place months ago in house and senate to give -- fbi has learned to blackmail us or et cetera. elizabeth: you are right. china has been accused of trying tora get into u.s. power grid wh theet technology, and 5-g netwo. let's get to op-ed by former secretary of state. pompeo details what china has been doing, weapon weaponizing . >>. it is a significant op-ed, i
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am delighted he wrote it, he has been talking about it on television, to bring it together is useful. it is certainly something we have to be concerned about. the -- let me set the table for you. the chinese communist party, a number of years ago. have made the decision that they wanted to achieve biotechnology- biotechnology dominance, when president xi came in he put is in full gear. here he put it on fast forward, they have 75 labs, they have discovered 2000 new virus, that is how aggressive they have been. and articleiv pointing out, takn 200 years to get to 2000.
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they did it in less than 10, this is a very aggressive program. and what it points to, in addition to that, is that the lab in question, wuhan institute of virology, has in that laboratory, somewhere in excess of thousands, he said tens of thousands of viruses associated with bats. and there are two scientists who work in the lab, one said, the biosafety issues here are something to be concerned about. we're trying to help human kind, with understanding pandemics, but it is also result in global disaster. that was a number of years ago, we've seen that result. and sure scientist from, the same lab, pointed out major safety issues, say the state det pointing out there are safety issues, circumstantial evidence,
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people have seen say it is substantial, but we can draw powerful conclusions that china creates this world pandemic out of a regional epidemic, spread is, lied about it and their aggressive program, without appropriate safely standards put us at risk, this is something to come to grips with, likely will continue to put the world at risk. >> right, he said china is making bioweapons, at the same wuhan lab where covid-19 virus isis thought to have leaked out of, and in 2011, china military expert, said, we're making man-made -- pathojens with specific genetic markers and they said in 2015, people's liberation army treated that
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leak of sars, out of a lab in beijing, as a contemporary genetic weapon, that virus was treated as a contemporary genetic weapon by the chinese. this is about again, bioweapons, i don't think that people understood or i knew the lengthf china of doing in weaponizing viruses as secretary of state alleges, now we have more than 5,000 g.o.p. lawmakers saying why it u.s. funding through nih grant, thousands to wuhan lab. >> well, we have known that china is making bioweapons like russia is. and sober associating it with associating it with wuhan lab is informative for us, they have beenha aggressive they, had two reasons for being so aggressive.
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one biotechnology dominance. but it was also to gain the status that united states has in global health. and the equivalence of our cdc and other apparatus we use toit protect our population, thy want to status, but the flip side is what you mentioned. elizabeth: making hyrbrid viruses, thank you so much general. and thank you for your incites and perspectives and your service,. >> >> good talking to you. elizabeth: sure. up next, west virginia governor jim justice, bad to worse for new york governor cuomo. major protesting makes out against him, led by democrat lawmakers over his cover-up of covid-19 nursing home deaths.
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>> a lot should said he should be subpoenaed and testify before congress. >> i'm not a politician. but i thank who came here today, support is incredible. my family, i lost my inlaws, they were in elder care facilities, wee had no idea thee was a march 25 order to put over 9,000 covid positive patients into the nursing homes, i wish we had known, that for 46 days that mandate -- until it was reversed. instead, start small. with nicorette®. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette® here's aj! when are you going back into the office? i don't know dad... ♪
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now want to subpoena governor cuomo to testify. on the covid nursing home cover-up. and we have former staffer to governor cuomo lindsey alleges that governorr cuomo sexually harassed here, governor cuomo is denying this we welcome governor justice on the show. >> thank you. i would say, he has himself. really, at the end of the day, a lot of times when you think you are the biggest and baddest. and you about to get your you know what whipped. i have so often seen you with janice dean and seen her the pain on her face, and everything.
10:28 pm
all of the time she such a happy person. but with her mother and father-in-law dieing is tragic, the governor of new york has a real problem now, he should testify. and everyone should get to the bottom of it. transparency is what it is byou have to have the trust of of the people. elizabeth: his executive order last year, nursing home patients in hospitals had covid-19, recovering, they had to go back to the nursing homes, they were not allowed to be tested for covid-19 even the administration under counted by not including those who passed away in hospitals in death toll, 15,000 did pass away. from nursing home covid-19 getting the infection shup. and 40% was also the amount of
10:29 pm
under counting of number of patients put back in, 9,000, now andrew cuomo approval rating dropping. democrats want him to return political donations he got from hospitalome and industry, the democrat like ron kim, say, that is when -- after he got the donations he gave those executives blanket immunity from lawsuits we lated to covid-19. >> i don't know how you can reacted. it bad stuff. ' this gig is not easy. i'll promise you that. but at least in west virginia, everything that we've done, i can go to bed at night, everything that we have done is transparent. and it boils down to it you know, the whole thing, is just simple as, when you start
10:30 pm
covering stuff up and changing a number and fudging things to write a booker on whatever it may be, i'm not being overly critical. the facts are the facts. at the end of the day, you start down that path. you are about to get in real trouble. and you know, one thing that i just already said, you lose the trust of the people, you got a big issue on your hands. and we're counted on as governors this west virginia we have this little state, everyone we have become the diamond in the rough, and the reason is because i have kept everyone pulling the rope together. i really believe in west virginia. but all of us need to be transparent. elizabeth: you know, now, cuomo made a statement in may of last year he would not put his own mother in a nursing home that came just two months after his executive order saying patients have to go back into nursing
10:31 pm
homes, more and more keeps coming out, your rule of thumb always givee the facts. and it looks like there was political gamesmanship behind the scene in cuomo administration. >> i don't like any part of it. we have looked at our nursing homes, you know we had problems there as well. but our nursing homes, we needed to get them tested first, and vaccinated first. we needed to get them second shots, you know behind that. and we have done so. and we have had -- listened toure -- our experts, every day, that i come before the people, we tell the people the good, the bad the ugly, we keep them moving together that is important at-this-point. people need leaders that do
10:32 pm
that. they have to trust their leaders. elizabeth: we hear you, governor, don't go too far. you will come back later in the program, on this revelation that a federal regulator under biden administration is pulling back on looking into reliability of the power grid. you will be back with us in a little bit, sit tight. elizabeth: latest in our exclusive series, your voice, america speaks out. >> we have a small business owner joining rising tide of people spiking out about unjust lockdowns. covid 3 that will, but critics say what politicians did was create an unprecedented security economic disaster. >> whether we as a nation turnover our policies that this pandemic touches upon, or touched on by it, to a person with a very narrow focus could we end up with these insane lockdowns and with collateral
10:33 pm
damage, about which he seems unconcerned, because it not in his bailiwick, we end up with the terrible problems that we've had.
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elizabeth: now on our week long series on the "evening edit," your voice, america speaks up, america speakings out. carlos thank you for joining us. there was a video of you confronting a health department officer over lockdown. can you tell us what happened. >> i got a call from my manager. saying someone was outside taking pictures of customers, and trying to figure -- i asked her to see what was going on. they said they were with health department, and they would issue
10:38 pm
a citation because people were sitting outside in front of the restaurant. they were waiting for their food. i got angry. we're already you know in a situation we're barely making ends meet, and business is tough enough without that harassment. i tried to talk to him. elizabeth: it seems so unfair. big box stores like costco and home depot, and target, and walmart, they are allowed to stay open. but little guys got shut down, you were sued, what is that? >> i had to enter to is a stipulated judgment to get my health permit back, they had a quick hearing of sorts where it is just them against me. they say thank you for your input. a week later, they say we revoke
10:39 pm
your health permit, had to get through this legal process, they have neverer ending resourcing o fight andve drag out. and i o don't. i have to agree to some terms to get that back. and pay a bunch of hefty fines and citations it is been a mess. a real mess. elizabeth:n it has been. government data cdc data shows that states that did not lockdown as severe as others, florida, nebraska, iowa, utah, arkansas, wyoming, they have lower covid cases, lower hospitalizations, lower deaths per capita, verses state that did. they have lower jobless rates. your word on that. >> you know. i don't understand the lockdown to begin it, it only applied to small businesses. you know hair salons, and restaurants, and places that you know average people trying to
10:40 pm
make a living, we're not huge juggernaut box stores, i don't understand what the point of the lockdown was, it only seem to target small t businesses that s not where the masses are to begin with. that is -- anyone that goes own to go shopping knows that. elizabeth: there a growing number of lawsuit brought by americans like you against lockdown for being -- unconstitutional, people know covid is deadly, but you have to be safe, the small business guys are doing all of the right things. and the other thing, carlos, people are frustrated about, during the lockdowns, they saw cities and towns and neighborhoodsow under siege from crime andnd from thing like rio, people were begging for
10:41 pm
officials to help them. >> you could go to hell. and excuse my expression, you took something that was precious from me, from my son. from his mother. and we will never see him -- he cannot come back. he cannot wake back up. he was an innocent little baby, he is gone forever. >> community is getting worse and worse, nobody is doing nothing about it nobody. nobody is trying to make a change. testimony is -- it is sad to say, that every day is worse,y don't know if you will live to see the next t day. >> come here, meet with us. face us. stay here for a weekend. for the love of god, just come here and say something to us. the people that are freaking voting for you and depend on you to take care of us. where are you?
10:42 pm
show your face to us! do something. don't just sit there and let your city go down to the ruins ! elizabeth: what do you think? >> enforcement seems to be based on popularity, i am speechless, say, therew what to is an army of health inspectors and people out trying to enforce things like small business having a patron sitting out front, yet, you know things like that can happen. iap don't understand, i don't. we try to fight it. but these government agents have deep pockets, they are no strangers to litigation, they have armies of attorneys on staff. and it almost seem like their purpose is to really keep us in check, and keep us in place, and minute that anyone one much us speak up they hit you with an iron fist .
10:43 pm
elizabeth: quite a story, we need people like you to speak out andik speak up. and we'll cover our stories, great to have you on, and your insights. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up westt virginia governor jim justice is back with us. o>> a warning that federal eney regulator under biden administration is now going weak on assuring reliability on the power grid. next. stick right there you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say...
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♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. elizabeth: back with us west virginia governor jim justice, governor, you saw what happened in texas with power blackouts from the deep freeze, we have the new chair of federal energy
10:48 pm
regulatory commission shut down an existing 3 year inquiry with problems of r the resiliences of power grid, and change it up to put climate change to review the power grid. critics say it sounds like they are backing off. >> well, i say this, if we don't watch outiz we'll make some reay terrible mistakes. reality is in west virginia we embrace allaller to thattives -- -- alternatives, but at the same time we have enough sent to know and our nation should know, today wee can't do without our fossil fuels, coal, gas, oil, we cannot dout without that, to thk we can is a real mistake. if youif step back and think abt what has gone on in texas, with windmills freezing and different issues,g and people makes it a
10:49 pm
decision that they are not going to -- they don't have to worry about it getting cold, did does not get cold in texas, well is got really cold, we know what cold weather is like here in west virginia, to go without power, for 72 hours. and lights, i am telling you that is tough stuff. you know, you on power went out last sunday. for about 4 hours. i have a big english bulldog that looks likee a brown watermelon, and in middle of day she had gone under the bed spread in our master bedroom and looked like a grave side in the bed she was cold, when dogs get cold, believe me be it's cold. elizabeth: thank you for that weather indicater. we have that' we love a photo of that. ' so, when you look -- in west
10:50 pm
virginia, is it your understanding as governor, that the issue is back up? you need redundancies in the system, to be able to store and tap energy quickly, you can't store wind power, 1% of wind power energy is stored on batteries. iss that how you see it. >> absolutely. really, truly. coal and gas still has to be our base load. and you know, i realize what we're trying to do, as far as climate change and things, you know, i frankly believe that science may be one way or could be the other, but if you just step back and just think about the people that are laughing and giggling and happiest of all right now are the country of the world that are building power plants like crazy that are coal fired powerplants, they are dancing in the streets, and they are laughing at aus us, we have
10:51 pm
to be careful about what we do uour intensions may be good, but we have to walk before we run, it is a novel idea to run outdo something without the back up, you get in trouble. that is what happened. elizabeth: governor thank you. come back soon. good to see you. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: okay coming up republican texas congressman brian babbin, top democrat now criticizing biden for opening detention centers on the border, that story next. liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's something you shouldn't try at home... look, liberty mutual customizes home insurance so we only pay for what we need. it's pretty cool. that is cool!
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10:56 pm
trump, supposedly holds folks, in they were called cages, they were build by president obama, not trump, now, that biden is opening them back up, they are detention family facilities, it is a hypocritical operation, and a disaster in the making by president biden and his new border policies, his executive orders, it is a crisis in the making this day, liz, i spoke with former dhs, homeland security secretary, chad wolf, and i can tell you that it is a disaster. a crisis that is building down there. and he is turning around every one of trump policies and saying at same time, president biden saying they are not opening the border, but e-mails have been leaked out show secretary of
10:57 pm
homeland security is frantic, and telling i.c.e. and rest of his department, that they better get ready and cost is no obstacle, spend whatever it takes. something bad is brewing down there, i can tell you, it is of their own making, they are putting americans in danger during a pandemic. they have just released 26,000 -- 25600 illegals who were in mexico, waiting. under the mpp protocols, they will release them into the united states now. they have turned a great program around and guess what, they are not going to check for covid and many of the people. and mexico has one of the highest rates of covid up fec in today. elizabeth: critics say president biden in 2019, was saying quote
10:58 pm
-- close down the facilities, we don't need them, we don't need borderer detention facilities, t now he is opening them up. what do you hear when you say they repair for something bad to happen? what does this mean? >> that means that there are converging hoards of people who have been really, they have been -- president biden advertised the fact that he is suspending deporting as, and will let peoplet come in to and ask for asylum, they don't have to wait in mexico any longer, they reare leasing people in into the interior and the all great policies that trump administration came up with over last 4 years to get a handle on this, are now being reversed and president biden telling us, there is no crisis building on
10:59 pm
the border, but all signs, simp symptoms and communications between president and his dhs secretary, and his department shows that is a terrible brewing crisis down there. that will endanger the american people. it will cost us dearly. we're turning ourselves who a sanctuary nation. that is what president biden is doing,es this is a crisis of his own making, i can't over realm emphasize that, if american people knews whatever happening there, this wouldw be terrible. -- trying to sell us a new immigration bill, they will give, amnesty to up to 20 million. 20 million people. you bet. it -- >> all right. we'll have you back on, we hear you. thank you so much. >> thank you.
11:00 pm
elizabeth: we have a programming note tomorrow we'll be joined by sam vigil, his wife was killed by a criminal illegal alien, thank you for joining us, i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching the "evening edit." night. ♪ hello everyone welcome to come though i am larry kudlow, i have been saying this almost every show, stay with me on this please built on the shoulders of operation warp speed vaccinations are exploding that means the economy is booming and this is the key point for the entire country, to me nothing else matters. thanking as it's putting the mayor back to work, putting the kids back to school, frankly i


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