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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  February 25, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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board, charles, the beyond meat9 i just can't get my arms around. it's horrible tasting, it's not good for you. there's a lot of good alternatives, something i would stay away from. charles: all right. i am looking into plant-based, i agree this might not be the right one. rob, congratulations again, my friend, that is a high honor, indeed. for a split second, liz claman, we had the cp effect. we actually sawed into those losses bigtime, but at 2:30 we turned down again. it's going to be a crazy last hour. i can't wait to see your show. liz: in fact, we are looking right now at that 10-year yield continuing to climb. look at this, charles, 1.518. so 1.52 right around the corner? you got to stay with us. charles, thank thank you. breaking news, investors are turning tail as we head into the final hour of trades one day after the dow hit its tenth record of the year, the blue chips are looking gray around
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the gills. but it's the nasdaq taking the brunt of the hit. look at the percentage losses. that's what's important. percentage loss for the nasdaq, 2.7%. the dow down 1.3%. listen, it's a broad-based rally that was triggered by a swift spike in the 10-year yield. 12:45 p.m. eastern, it came within one basis point of 1.45% and then blasted through that ceiling to as high as 1.614%. as we said right now, 1.517%. recent high flyers from bumble to invidia to snowflake, they all began falling off their year to date highs, but not so for gamestop, flexing muscle again. collectively squeezing the big wall street short sellers of the video game retail chain, gamestop still climbing 61 right now. warren buffett's choice chair
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charlie munger says it's a disaster in the making, and he is blasting robinhood for turning amateurs into gamestop gamblers. we're bringing in the found ther of the wall street bets page many years ago. he's here in a fox business exclusive on why he's never used the robinhood app. he's going to explain that. and at any mint -- minute, president biden expected to speak at the white house as the u.s. government celebrates the 50 millionth vaccine. the principal investigator of the j&j vaccine trial, dr. reynold an terry, is here. markets are barely recovering from a tail spin this afternoon, right now as you look at the nasdaq it's down 373 points. at session lows it skidded 488 points or three full percentage points. but monday and tuesday of this this week "the claman countdown
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"warned you of this unverse relationship between -- inverse relationship between bond yields and stocks. 1.6 at its highs this afternoon, that turned the markets upside down. but does this mean that everything, every stock that was valuable to you yesterday is less valuable today? let's bring in kenny and greg. kenny, you know, look at the semiconductors, for example. for months prices have gone berserk due to the widely-telegraphed shortage, but now these same in-demand names, the philly conductor index, both down more than 4%. but invidia, taiwan semi, amd, they're all selling off. do you continue to buy your winners and sell your losers right now, or is it the other way around, ken gnu? >> no. i think you continue to buy the
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winners, but i also think you have to let this play out a little bit. the nasdaq's down, what'd you say, 2.5, almost 3%. it was down 8.5%, it rallied up, i think there's more room to go. so i think that you continue to buy your winners but not just today, because i think there's further downside. i think if you're going to sell your losers, you've got to look at the ones that haven't been making you money all along, and you should definitely eliminate those, for sure. if they're good stocks losing today, there's absolutely no reason to be selling those. liz: okay, so no panic. but, kenny, you look at the vix, the volatility index spiking by more than 28% earlier today -- >> right. liz: -- and you're looking at some fear coming into the market. now it's at 31%. do people really understand what's going on here? >> well, listen, if they don't understand, that's a whole other conversation. but the fact is we've been talking about, you've been
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talking about it on this show, you've been talking about what happens when rates hit, you know, 1.5, 1.75, 2%, where is the tipping point, and 1.5 -- and i've been saying it along with you that i thought 1.5, the market was going to start to hit much more resistance than it did at 1.3, even 1.4. and it feels like as we go into the final minutes of the day today that the market feels like it wants to close on its lows, like it wants to flush out or at least attempt to flush out. i don't think it's over yet right, so i think you need to be patient. and to you own good, solid names that are under pressure today, that's okay a because you're going to get a chance to add to them because they're still good, solid names. if the story on those names has changed fundamentally, then that's -- then you should sell them. but if the story is fundamentally the same, then you're going to get an opportunity. liz: well, what are you doing? are you laddering in here? kenny's saying wait. at one point -- pick pal teen, for example. at one point it was about 25,
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then it went to 23, then it was 24. do you ladder in slowly but surely? because you can't really perfectly pick a bottom even as we have such great economic data today. >> yeah. look, you can't market time it perfectly. i would stay stick with the stories that you like, and if there's buying opportunities and we're seeing a dipped today, look, the economic news is fantastic, but as you guys all pointed out, the spike in the 10-year yields has really spooked the markets. and it's not just the absolute level wrapped around 1.5%, it's more the pace of the interest rate rise in the last few weeks. you know, going from below 1% over the last few months but also in the last few days from the high 130s, you know, up to, again, wrapped around a 150. so it's the pace of the interest rate change that spooked the markets. but that creates opportunities. and if that means buying some of your favorites on the dip,
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absolutely. i think in the short term the markets will be fine. you know, you've got a reopening trade here and a fantastic opportunity with the pent-up demand. liz: you know, but you see or kenny if, these yields are backing up again. we're at 1.507 at the moment. >> right. liz: there is an inflation trade, or at least there was until yesterday, and really the banks were getting the big opportunities. you look at the big financials now, they're pulling back. nothing as bad though as what you're seeing with big tech really coming off the highs here. the nasdaq is truly taking the brunt of this, but even as we got a pretty good fourth quarter second report of the gdp and we got, you know, jobless claims looking way better than expected -- >> right. liz: -- the economy's actually better. >> it is. but we're not surprised. we've had this conversation that especially these really sexy, high-growth names that have
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managed to move dramatically, they were going to be the first ones to come under pressure when the market started its headwinds, and it makes perfect sense. people are trading around a core position, peeling off a little bit of the excess, trying to put some money aside, and they're waiting for new opportunities. whether they put it back to work in those same names when they correct -- look, apple was down 20% two days ago, and it's probably going a little bit lower yet. they're taking the money, you know, as they trim, and they're either putting it aside waiting or starting to initiate positions in other sectors that during this recovery trade are going to do well. i don't think anybody should be surprised about tech being the one to come under the most pressure at the moment. liz: yeah, of course. but, greg, look, i'm looking at apple right now down about 3%. and yet for the annual low we were at about $56. but apple at the moment's at 121.57.
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young they test the march 23rd lows, do you? -- you don't think they test the march 23rd lows, do you? >> there's a cottage industry of investors who put the collar on and sell calls and buy puts. so you see some extra volatility around expiration dates, but i think, you know, look, i think it's more of a rebalancing. you know, don't sell your winners, but if your winners have now become a greater portion of your portfolio, you need to do some rebalancing. yes, do that and rebalance into the cyclicals that are going to take advantage of the roping trade. so you've got -- reopening trade. goldman at 13 times, bofa at 19 times, and you can buy these big energy stocks at, you know, 5 and 6% yields. so i think there's opportunities not necessarily as, you know, selling winners, buying losers, but more just rebalancing the portfolio to take advantage of this, of the selloff. liz: okay. >> right. liz: kenny, guess what? you're already are right.
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you said it would go lower, and we've gone with the nasdaq from down 2.7% to down 3%. we've got to run. >> great to be here, liz. liz: and again, we're keeping up everything here, with every tick of the trade. now, while a spiking 10-year is what's spooking stocks, that chip shortage is denting some of our pop stocks. look at tesla shares. tesla's down on a report that it's idling some model, 3 production at its california plant, the chief financial officer has said a globalling semiconductor shortage and port capacity issues could impact tesla, but the. bloomberg report today is that the production plant could be down for two weeks. that's reverberating true much of the ev sector, but let's put out the chinese names, all are
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getting hit, nio down 9. these fourth quarter results came in solid, but first quarter delivery guidance was on the lighter side. we've got a new twist to can shing culture. sports gear maker under armour has slashed its sponsorship commitments with teams, schools and star athletes who have promoted the brand. the filing shows under armour can semid obligations to the -- canceled obligations to the tune of 47% to just $362 million last year. back in 2016 ua traded at high as $47, it's plunged 22% over the past five years due in part to an accounting investigation a couple of years ago. right now it stands at $21.77. as we watch each move of multiple layers of in this market, we're going to gear up for an exclusive interview with reddit room founder jamie rogue zinn sky, that's coming up. and president biden speaking at the white house right now as his
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administration battles the coronavirus pandemic. as we await the president, could more help be days away? the principal investigator of the johnson & johnson vaccine trial joins us in a fox business exclusive when we come back. nasdaq down 425 and falling. ♪
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liz: breaking news, we take you liveo the white house where the 50 millionth administered dose of the covid vaccine has just been given, as you can see. we have the nurse and then the person -- the victim -- [laughter] unless you really hit needles. and, of course, this is the 50 millionth since president joe biden has taken office. all right, so we are awaiting joe biden's speech about in this. let's get to blake burman at the white house with up to minute details. >> reporter: hi, liz. let's keep these pictures up as you can see the president on the left side of your screen watching this vaccination take
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place. you see the billboard behind him, 50 million covid vaccinations. to be clear, this is the 50 millionth vaccine to be given during the biden administration. that number to date is at about 66.5 million vaccines. this is clearly a part of the effort from the administration at least to highlight the vaccination efforts all across the country. and as we know, liz, there could potentially be into candidate coming out to the marketplace as soon as tomorrow as we anticipate the fda's decision as it relates to johnson & johnson's one-dose vaccine and potentially a decision there today -- or tomorrow. there was an interesting question, liz, posed earlier today to dr. anthony fauci about those who might potentially wait on taking the j&j vaccine because the efficacy rate is about 7the 2% versus -- 72% versus the pfizer and moderna vac seens. he was asked what would his recommendation be if someone might want to wait to get the
3:18 pm
pfizer or moderna, and this was his response. >> when the vaccine becomes available, take it. the sooner we get vaccine into the arms of individuals, whatever that vaccine is, once it gets by the fda, if it's available to you, get it. >> reporter: whatever you can get your hands on, put it this your arm. and as far as the doses go, liz, the administration says 14.5 million will be sent out to state next week. liz? liz: wow. and then if we -- >> reporter: so this is for all, not just j&j, all three together. liz: exactly. >> reporter: yeah. liz: okay. a committee of outside medical experts, that's what's happening next, are gearing up to meet tomorrow to evaluate johnson & johnson's vaccine results. that advisory committee is expected to give the green light to the fda to grant emergency use authorization to that single-shot fighter.
3:19 pm
as the nation anxiously awaits that moment, let's get some real insight from the principal investigator in the johnson & johnson vaccine trial. he also oversaw clinical trials of moderna's vaccine at rutgers university: doctor, welcome back. give us a window into what's happening ahead of tomorrow's meeting. >> well, there's a lot going on right now. the individual members of the committee have surveyed and really driven down closely into the data. it's their task to be critical and to really find what is going on with regard to side effects and efficacy. there'll be prepared to render a decision tomorrow, no doubt. >> okay. do you agree with dr. fauci, something tells me you will, but is there anything about one of these over the other two that has you thinking if it were my own mom, i'd have her take that
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one? >> yeah. i think the -- what dr. fauci said is spot on. which vaccine should you get, the one that you can get. the numbers are really quite close. if one looks at severe covid-19 disease, respiratory failure, ventilators, icu admissions, these are only a couple percentage points' difference. so the variant there is really unimpressive. i think the most exciting aspect of what we've heard about vaccines is the evidence that suggests they decrease transmission. that is the single most importants aspect of -- important aspect of what's going on now. liz: we've got the very contagious mutation or variant that has now presented itself right here in new york city. talk about whether it's j&j, pfizer or moderna and the booster so the and how much that could actually affect this or whether they're already
3:21 pm
efficacious against those variants. >> well, all data that we have -- and some of this data was obtained during the j&j trial -- is that the vaccine was successful in protecting and generating immunity to some of the variants. especially the south african variant. so i think there's evidence that that suggests that they are efficacious. are there going to be nuances? don't know. the booster shot that is being examined now is going to be interesting for those individuals who may not have a robust response to the vaccine as measured by antibodies. we're not currently doing those tests, but i could imagine in the future we will. it could also be very efficacious for the elderly or maybe potentially the very young who don't generate robust responses to the traditional dosing. liz: yeah. hindsight's 20 the/20, obviously, but we still have distribution issues because of a
3:22 pm
very slow start. we know that johnson & johnson this afternoon came out and said that even if they were to give the technology or the so-called rest recipe of this advantage seen out to other companies, it would still take them at least one to two years before they could get up and running to actually make it. so after that what do we needed to do to really speed if up this distribution issue? >> well, the logistics are formidable. if you consider, you know, the dosing to 350 million individuals, if you have two doses, that's 700 million doses. it's quite, quite substantial. that's a heavy lift. we do know though as j&j comes online that that will decrease, hopefully, by 30% the lag in getting doses. i think there's tremendous effort at the evel will -- at te
3:23 pm
level of the federal government in supplying the resourcing to get more vaccines into arms. i think what have to do is just keep pushing through this. we're seeing dramatic differences even within the last month, month and a half. liz: yeah. well, you all are heroic with what you have done at such unbelievable speed, operation warp speed definitely working. okay, so it's glitch chi. we'll be watching it all. thank you so much, and dr. re hold in pan terry is one of the top people who looked and developed so many of these vaccines. thank you, sir, very much, to you and your team. >> thank you. bye-bye. liz: what warren buffett's best friend and vice chair charlie munger just said about robinhood's role in the gamestop-reddit room frenzy. munger is outraged, but we want you to decide. and guess who else is going to weigh in? the founder of the reddit room that sparked the retail investor
3:24 pm
rebellion, jaime rogozinski. with the closing bell ringing in 36 and a half minutes, dow jones industrials falling 569, the nasdaq down 463. we are coming right back, please don't move. ♪ ♪ idelity -- a visual snapshot of your investments, key portfolio events, all in one place. because when it's decision time, you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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♪♪ ♪ ♪ liz: well, it is game on again for the gamestop trade. the stock which has served almost as a pawn in the battle between wall street short sellers and smaller investors in the so-called wall street betts reddit room is right now jumping 351%. 51%. yes, it is nowhere near the high of $483 because it's at 141 right now, but trading has been halted six times just the past 48 hours. the rally seemingly spurred by this cryptic tweet put out in
3:29 pm
the 2 p.m. eastern time hour yesterday by chewy founder ryan cohen, a gamestop activist and board member. he tweeted out a picture of a mcdonald's ice cream cone, and then there's a little frog emoji on the upper period of left. now, listen, you could surmise what that means, but when he tweeted it out around 2:40, $50, that's what the stock was at. but after that, the stock started heading to the moon. did the man who nine years ago created that reddit group ever imagine it might have this kind of power? let's ask him. jaime rogozinski is the founder of the wall street bets reddit room. jaime, 2012, you created this subroom. did you ever envision what we are seeing right now at this moment? >> no, it's impossible to have imagined something like this. i mean, what we're witnessing right now i don't think anybody could imagine these moves, the
3:30 pm
retail traders getting together like this and being able to move stock prices the way that they're doing now. it's fascinating to say the least but also unimaginable. liz: what stocks back then were flavors of the month? >> you know, they tend go back and forth. i remember many years ago they really loved amd, the chipmaker, microsoft was a big hit, apple used to be a big hit, netflix for a while. they kind of rolled around, it's impossible to know what the next meme stock is going to be, and they'll constantly change as time goes on. liz: well, there is the concern that many of these -- i think it's insulting to call them unexperienced or amateur traders, but many of these newer traders, retail guys with a smaller bit of money certainly than the wall street guys are getting too caught up in the so-called froth because of free trading by robinhood which then
3:31 pm
burned them when it ran out of liquidity and had to shut down buy trades of gamestop back in january. we just heard from charlie munger yesterday, warren buffett's longtime business partner and best friend. here's what he said, he ripped robinhood. let's listen. >> momentum trading by novice investors lured in by new types of brokerage operation like robinhood. and i think all of this activity is regrettable. i think civilization would do better without it. liz: he also said it's a dirty way of making money on behalf of robinhood, robinhood, of course, has put out a statement. they say he's elitist, and he's ignoring a whole culture shift in all of this. jaime, how do you view robinhood and what it has done for a retail investor out there? >> i mean, to me, that quote sounds like somebody who's afraid of this change that's
3:32 pm
coming of. but i'd also point out the fact that right now these retail traders are all making a lot of money with gamestop and a whole lot of other stocks. obviously, some people lose money and make money, that's always been the case with the stock market. but i'm sure if you asked those retail traders how they feel about the fact that they're getting free trades overall not just on robinhood, robinhood pushed all brokers or a lot of brokers to also give free trading, and if you ask those retail traders what they think about participation in the market, i'm sure they'll have a different opinion of it. liz: dow jones industrials just hit a session low and, needless to say, gamestop's moving in the complete opposite direction, up $47 or a 51% gain. what are you buying right now on a day when things are less expensive? >> i tend to stick to index futures. that's -- liz: really? >> groups together, i like the nas a damage. it's easier and also because i'm here in mexico, the access to my u.s. brokers is a little trickier, but the futures are a
3:33 pm
lot easier for me. nevertheless, these are great buying opportunities. liz: and that is the reason you have not ever opened an account with robinhood, because you're unable to by living south of the border. but would you if you were able to and robinhood eventually gets nationwide -- worldwide, rather? >> well, sure, you know? even when i lived in the u.s., i had several brokers, and here in mexico i use several brokers as well. if they were offering down here, absolutely, i would download it and use -- i've seen their interface. why not add it to the tools the trade with the market? liz: what do you think, as we finish up here, as we look at the nasdaq down 3.5%, losing $478 i believe that is either at or very close to session lows about the power of the individual trader in the wall street bets room? you got any message for them? >> well, it's clear they really
3:34 pm
like the stock. [laughter] finish looking at -- [laughter] looking at the way the markets are behaving right now, i mean, i was looking at the bond market today. and it looks like they could use a little help from wall street bents as well -- bets as well. liz: jaime, come back again. we appreciate it. founder of the wall street bets reddit room where it all starts, jaime rogozinski. markets are at session lows, you can see from that intraday nasdaq chart right now it is a pretty significant selloff. the dow has now fallen 605 points. volatility is spiking. we're going to come back in just a moment and give you the very latest numbers here. ♪
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now, we even have gold losing about $27 a troy ounce. but look at the dow, down 659. not even the selloff can faze the traders who have organized and brought together this army in the reddit room known as the wall street bets as we've just been talking to the founder, jaime rogozinski. let us get to charlie gasparino. you've got more on what is developing before our eyes, charlie, and i don't think they care about a rising 10-year yield. >> they don't, obviously. let's -- and here's proof why they don't care about anything that's fundamental maybe about gamestop and some of these mem if e stocks. let's put this full screen up. it's interesting. you know, we scoured the reddit message boards, the wall street bets, here's one interesting one that we saw from a poster: i will tattoo wall street bets' logo on my right butt cheek if we get gme to 1,000. by the way, that was one of the
3:40 pm
more tame ones that i -- [laughter] that i saw today. obviously, wall street bets is not a, not for the faint of heart. [laughter] a lot of crude language going on there, and the stock is coming off its highs, i notice. but it's still up today. but we should point out that look at the language there, liz. if we get gm if e to 1,000. gme to 1,000. it's not saying this is a company with great business prospects, it's not saying that, you know, the turn-around that has been somewhat spoken about, trying to move it from a retailer in walls to more of an online retailer, that that's going to work. it's not saying any of that. it's talking about if we get. and i think that gets to the heart of the problem here, that this -- the markets, as i've been saying in the past, there are many more touts than there are short sellers. short selling is, is a minority in the markets marley in this market that's -- particularly in
3:41 pm
this market that's fuel by low interest rates, massive speculation. robinhood free trading apps and the reddit message board that has supplanted wall street research and research in general. i mean, put all that together and you've got a recipe for disaster. as if we can get, we'll tell you something why you have to be really careful with this and why regulators are playing with fire, liz, if they curtail short she selling. and the biden white house should listen to jim chanos as we reported yesterday, now is not the right time. now is the time for more short selling, not less. we should point out one of the issues with reddit -- excuse me, gamestop, which i think is fascinating now is just how little short interest is involved now. shorts got crushed in that squeeze. no one's crying for them. their going to lose sometimes -- they're going to lose sometimes. they're out largely now. the short interest, as you know, more than 100% of float. by the way, you can short a single share of stock many
3:42 pm
times, just have to keep delivering it. it's nothing illegal, nothing weird about that. liz: ark mc's turned around too, charlie. amc was higher today and now it's down 11.7%. and if you look at the somewhere days of both amc and then gamestop, gamestop is still up, it has come well off its highs. >> yeah. that's what i'm saying with this stuff. it's playing with fire speculating on these message boards because smart money knows when to get out. we should point out that the short thesis was right about gamestop. it's not a $500 stock. it's probably much less than this, but -- liz: what do you make of arc? >> see, i don't -- liz: you talk about -- >> let me just stick with this because i can't really get into arc. i just don't know enough about it. i do a lot of reporting about this. you know, looks like the same type of stuff, right? it's down today.
3:43 pm
i will say this, that the smart money gets out, like the pumpers get out before the morons get in, the dumb money. and when the dumb money's in, usually the smart money's poised to get out, they know when to get out. and it's the unsophisticated investors that are chasing the tail of the touts out here. so be really careful. there's not much short interest in this stock for an obvious reason. they're running for cover because they're fearing of public scorn and maybe regulation, but it's a necessary -- it's a missing voice in this equation, what's going on here. ly liz yeah. >> very scary situation. liz: we're looking at the vix right now, the fear index, up 44% -- >> what's gown on with bitcoin, liz? liz: let me quickly check. we do have bitcoin still below $50,000, charlie, around 48,812.
3:44 pm
so, again, this is a broad-based selloff, yeah. okay, charlie, thank you very much. folks, this will be the last commercial break that we take because, as you know, we do have a pretty extraordinary drop in the markets at the moment. we do after the bell have virgin galactic, fisker, airbnb, a bunch of other high flyers about to blast off after the earnings. harry kudlow coming up -- larry kudlow coming up to share his view of the new market stars that all were born off the financial crisis. and anthony zhang found a shortcut around shark tank which pushed his start-up to the attention of peter thiel's focus. but a tragic accident torpedoed his entire world. want to see an inspirational story? anthony's back and better than ever. his new company, vino vest, is
3:45 pm
going bonkers. the incredible conversation now on my everyone talks to liz podcast available wherever you get your podcasts. again, 14, 15 minutes left to trade. nasdaq losing 3.5% or 468 points. the dow just off the lows, still down 559. we're coming back commercial-free after of this break. don't go away. ♪ ♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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3:50 pm
by 2023 which translates to 20% growth both this year and another 20% next year. twitter also says it aims to double last year's revenue figures by the year 2023 to $7.5 billion. ceo jack dorsey taking the time to address recent criticisms over his platform's choices when it comes to banning certain content. he says the company will be more transparent as it looks to rebuild trust with users. 9 twitter's stock off the highs of the session for sure but still up 4.33%. all right, we've got some names that have been real momentum pays, you know, in the past couple of months, past couple of years. they've all getting caught in today's selloff. beyond meat, fisker, virgin galactic. fisker losing 4.5%, virgin galactic down 8.5%. richard branson's space tourism company has been a high flyer,
3:51 pm
and air b in b, doordash, they're in the red. all five of these companies are set to release are quarterly reports after the bell. today. finish to larry kudlow. larry, this is a pretty disparate group when you talk about their actual business folk, but one thing they all have in common, and we were talking about this in our morning meeting with the countdown team, all were started right before or during the financial crisis, and they're alive and kicking. what should these companies and the innovations they are bringing about say about the resilience of american business? larry: it says a lot. it's an important point. and day like today when you have a selloff in the market and these stocks, i guess, got whacked, people should not panic, just don't start selling, you'll never time it right. these are presumably good companies. i'm not an expert on them, i'll leave that to you. but, you know, american ingenuity and private enterprise does a heck of a good job, lots of innovation, and look how well
3:52 pm
we've adapted to this dreadful pandemic, right? you have tremendous changes in how to do business, where to do business. technology is winning, internet connections are winning. so i don't know, i'd kind of stay the course. i like this story, it's getting better. liz: yeah. and the economy is -- you saw the data today, larry? very solid first-time jobless claims numbers, continuing claims definitely coming down which is a great sign. fourth quarter gdp, things look stable, dare i say? larry: you know, the best number was the so-called durable goods. just think of it as capital -- liz: yeah. larry: businesses are investing now in, you know, hardware, manufacturing is coming alive, the vaccines -- we a may be halfway to herd immunity, liz. that's how close we are getting, halfway. one of our guests, larry lindsay, is going to talk about that. very simply, you've heard it before, the key to this is getting the vaccinations out there so we reopen the economy.
3:53 pm
and if we just let private enterprise, free enterprise, liz claman, just let them alone, let their little selves innovate, innovate, innovate, america's going to be even greater if that's possible. of. liz: if that's possible. well, we can always improve. we can always be greater. larry: yeah. liz: larry's at the top of the hour. his special guest, former hud secretary ben carson. by the way, tomorrow we talked about all those ceos that are reporting earnings after the bell? two of those high flyers, airbnb ceo brian chess i key and fisker founder and ceo henry fisker joining us right here on "the claman countdown," 3 p.m. eastern only on fox business. we look at the markets right now. we are six and a half minutes away from the closing bell. no more commercials, as we mentioned. dow is down 519, so we are off the session lows but, still, this is not a pretty picture at
3:54 pm
all. the unofficial meal of 2020 is getting swamped in the downdraft after papa pa john's and domino's both missed fourth quarter expectations. as the u.s. continues to do what larry just talked about, rebound from the pandemic and in-person dining slowly but surely expanding. should the pizza industry expect that this >> flat as a pizza very hard with those comps as we look to last year with everybody locked down. clear, liz, the lockdown pizza surge is starting to fade just a little. why the slice so to speak. i apologize for that. papa john's, dominoes as you reported fourth quarter earnings showed sales growth, yes, but not at the pace analysts had expected. they faced stiff competition
3:55 pm
from rival fast-food chains, uptick in indoor dining as you pointed out, pandemic related costs that is all there in, papa john's recorded 10.2% jump in same-store sales. it missed an estimate of 11.6%. domino sales up 8.1%, well below the near 13% consensus that analysts were looking for it is interesting, liz, the height of the lockdown pizza became go to meal for so many consumers, at one point there was an actual shortage of pepperoni. even then analysts were warning this pace of sales would be almost impossible to maintain. apparently they were exactly right. by the way, domino's, down 13, 12% on the year as you can see. papa john's faring a little better, up 6.74%. the rate of pizza sales we saw last year, no big surprise. all you do called pizza every
3:56 pm
day or every other day. i think i was every day. that is hard to compete this year when you do the comps. liz: all i can say i memorized the telephone number of brooklyn pizza down the street here because so good. ashley, thank you very much. yes, pizza losing its covid boost. jpmorgan's chief global strategist saying that the combination of up to 40% of americans with some form now of covid immunity, then the pandemic coming under control, plus fiscal stimulus on the horizon is the stage that is now being set for rapid acceleration of economic activity, perhaps, sooner rather than later this year. yesterday's consumer confidence report came in above expectations, three-month high. today's "countdown" closer tuning out the red on the screen you're seeing with the dow, nasdaq, s&p, russell, everything else, saying it is the consumer comeback you should be scooping up right now. carter henderson, portfolio
3:57 pm
specialist for thetic capital 200 billion under management. ready to names. your take on the selloff today? >> yeah. i think we're seeing reflation rotation. everything is in the red. valuations are kind of resetting because interest rates rising across the curve. you have the 10-year at one-year high. that is bringing in some uncertainty. the market doesn't like one thing and that is uncertainty. liz: carter, i am looking at the 10-year yield. it is way off its high. folks earlier today it breached the ceiling of 1.6%. that is actually not a bad sign. means people are not so worried anymore. the fear trade of government treasurys is kind of getting less popular but markets don't like it because maybe borrowing costs will get more expensive. they anticipate we'll see companies not do as well in earnings but what do you see. as we look at a 10-year at 1.,
3:58 pm
what is it, five three at moment? what do you like in this atmosphere no matter what happens? >> i think it is important to put into perspective, right? you have real rates still at zero. we've seen the cyclical rotation every couple months over the past year but never sustains itself. we're looking at a company like disney. with the consumer moving forward, disney is a proxy for economic reopening. there is a lot of pent-up demand people traveling to disney. all-time highs coming back. with most parks closed. amazing how their streaming has been able to carry this company. once parks reopen, 40% of income we think the stock can go much higher from here. liz: okay. again those park tours and gates opening obviously very, very big. are you worried at all being too heavy into names that have done so well during the pandemic?
3:59 pm
gamestop, peloton, zoom? >> i think investors shoved use this market right now to their advantage and scoop of some of the stocks that maybe have drifted out of range but now back in scope, to your point i would be very skeptical of the frothy high p-e multiple stocks, some that you just mentioned. some that you mentioned in the last segment. interest rates continue to tick up, those run with that will tend to correct the most. liz: give me 15 seconds on starbucks? >> company is done extremely well navigating the current environment. you know their technology mobile app allowed them to keep seamless operations customer connection in more distant environment. liz: starbucks is a very, very resilient. i remember when they had to close 600 stores during the financial crisis and they are back. great to see you, carter. we appreciate you being here. carter henderson. folks, a lot of fear coming into this market today from a spike in 10-year yields. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p
4:00 pm
with that inverse relationship we warned you about. [closing bell rings] moving lower with the dow losing 538 points. but it is the nasdaq down 466. getting hit the very hardest that does it for "the claman countdown." big show tomorrow with airbnb ceo. larry: hello, everyone, welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. first up the markets got dinged today. the dow is down 563 points, s&p down 96, nasdaq down 474. this is by the way after a huge gain yesterday. i will just say at the top of the show i wouldn't be worried. we'll talk in a moment about all the good news happening out there. so to my friends he have where i say buy and hold. now let me just repeat our mantra on "kudlow." whether the biden administration admits it or not the surge of vaccinations comes on the shoulder of


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