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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  February 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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we'll be following closely. that does it for us on "on fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ david: tonight, rival covid-19 vaccine makers are ramping up production while in new york a worsening covid scandal is engulfing governor andrew cuomo, and now top the house republicans want him to testify over covering up covid deaths in nursing homes. the congressman leading that charge joins us along with bobby jindal and congressman jason smith, plus robert corinth and concha on this and the day's other top stories. then, did you hear the news from china? chinese dictator xi jinping declares china's, quote, complete victory over extreme
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poverty after earlier declaring victory in the war against covid-19. we're going to be digging into those claims. plus, we'll show you how the dems' covid relief bill is actually a giant bribe to pay off special interests. including a provision that would pay federal employees and only federal employees to stay home with their kids while they're on paid leave. it's so bad top republican kevin mccarthy is calling the package, quote, the pelosi payoff. plus, why critics are slamming the biden administration for double speak and hypocrisy over immigration policy, and we'll hear the harrowing story of the man whose wife was murdered by an illegal immigrant. the latest in our exclusive series, your voice, where we give voice to the voiceless. i'm david asman in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ david: and we begin tonight with
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the state of play for covid-19 vaccines. rivals now ramping up production. blake burman has the details from the white house. hi, blake. >> reporter: hi there, david. there have been 66.5 million covid-19 vaccine doses distributed all across the country to date. 50 million during the biden administration. and the president saying today that every single time they hit that 50 million mark, he is going to talk about it and do so publicly. the biden administration says next week statements will receive roughly 14.5 million doses, and that number could potentially climb in the following weeks as we await the potential fda emergency use authorization approval for johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine. here was the president earlier today on the possibility of a third vaccine. >> if the fda approves the use of this new vaccine, we have a plan to roll to it out as quickly as johnson & johnson can make it.
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we'll use every conceivable way to expand manufacturing of the vaccine, and we'll make even more rapid progress on overall vaccines. >> reporter: the johnson & johnson vaccine candidate is believed to be about 72 effective, a number smaller than the more than 90% figure for the pfizer and moderna vaccines. dr. anthony fauci was asked about those who might be a bit hesitant taking the johnson & johnson vaccine instead of trying to get the others. david, the message from dr. fauci was if you can get the vaccine, get it. david? david: i'd rather have the johnson & johnson vaccine. blake, thank you very much. well, new york governor andrew cuomo's cover-up of the covid-19 nursing home deaths getting worse by the hour. but remember not long ago when he said this, watch. >> the premise of your question is just factually wrong. people lost, people who were
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lost in nursing homes were lost because that's where the preys. the virus preys on senior citizensment i put -- citizens. i put my head on the pillow at night saying i saved lives. that's how i sleep at nightment. david: joining me now is ranking republican james comer. congressman, at the time that cuomo said that, he was right smack in the middle of covering up the deaths of thousands of seniors who died because of his nursing home policies. was his cover-up criminal? >> well, it appears it could very well be criminal. here's what we know. he ordered thousands of contagious patients to go to nursing homes, then he lied about it, then he tried to cover it up. and anyone like myself who's trying to hold him accountable for that or ask him for answers to the questions that we have, he tries to retaliate. we also know that the new york attorney general's office has come out and estimated that up
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to 50% of the deaths at nursing homes were unreported in new york. so andrew cuomo has a lot of questions he needs if to answer, and he needs to do it not just for the new yorkers, but for all those families who lost loved ones. david: now, you have asked the chairwoman of your committee, chairwoman maloney, to subpoena governor cuomo. has she responded to your request? >> she has not responded to my request yet, but i will tell you this, she represent ares new york. this is a huge issue in new york. and most politicians bow to public opinion, and public opinion is overwhelmingly on the side of wanting to get to the bottom of this. they want to know what andrew cuomo did, did he, in fact, cover up the nursing home deaths, what formula did cuomo use to determine to bring those contagious patients to the nursing homes when, in fact, in the clip you just posted, he said that's where the virus preys. so he has a lot of questions he needs to answer. i've asked for the subpoena.
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also on the committee there's ocasio-cortez from new york, she has asked for cuomo to come forward and answer the questions as well. so i think that maloney's going to bow to pressure, and i think that it's going to be something that every american deserves to hear the answer to. david: you know, there have been so many times when andrew cuomo has managed to skate above cracks in the ice that he was skating on, very thin ice sometimes. of in fact, one of them when he was during the clinton administration when he was hud director, he was head of the housing authority, the federal housing authority at precisely the time it collapsed. some people blamed him including, by the way, the village voice, which is a left-wing publication. wayne barrett to wrote a piece in 2008 saying he turned the federal housing administration mortgage program into a sweetheart lender with sky-high loan ceilings and no money down, and he legalized what a federal judge has branded kickbacks to brokers that have fueled the sale of overpriced,
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unsupportable loans. three to four million families are now facing foreclosure, and cuomo is one of the reasons why. he skated right through that. will he skate through this time? >> well, he's a skilled politician, there's no question about that. he's from a strong political family. but i will tell you, he's in a lot of trouble now. to have former staff theres come forward -- staffers come forward and say that he intentionally lied about the number of nursing home deaths, that's a serious issue, and that's why you're seeing more democrat lawmakers in new york not just in congress, but in the state legislature as welcome forward publicly and -- well come forward publicly and demand answers from governor quo poe. and because -- cuomo, and because he hasn't been 100% truthful in the past, that's why i think he should be subpoenaed and testify under oath to congress and tell us exactly how many nursing home deaths there were and what formula he used to determine why it was a good idea to bring contagious patients into nursing homes to begin with. david: congressman, before we
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go, there's a big meeting this weekend with. it doesn't happen often that there's big news on weekends, but the president, former president trump is going to be speaking at the cpac meeting down in florida. do you think he's going to be announcing a run for presidency in 204? >> i've never been able to accurately predict donald trump, but i know this, if he decides he wants to run for president in 2024, he will be the overwhelming front-runner. there is a huge following of people in the republican party that support donald trump. he needs to continue to be a part of the republican party, and i'm glad that cpac invited him to speak at their annual conference. david: well, as you know, a lot of people in the so-called establishment of the republican party have never been crazy about donald trump. a lot of them want him to kind of fade away. do you think they are going to have any effect on his decision or not? >> i don't think they'll have an occupancy of effect on donald trump -- an ounce of effect on donald trump's decision.
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in my district in kentucky the president won by 47 points for re-election. he's very popular in a lot of rural america, and if we're going to flip the house -- which is my goal -- next year to get rid of nancy pelosi, we're going to need donald trump supporting our earths and trying to -- efforts and trying to get a big turnout out to replace nancy pelosi and put in a republican speaker of the house. david: congressman comber, thank you for coming n. appreciate it. and we have a special programming note. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean will be joining us tomorrow for our special series, your voice: americans speaking up and speaking out. as you probably know, janice lost both her in-laws to covid-19 in new york nursing homes, and she will be sharing her thoughts on governor cuomo's cover-up. that's tomorrow at 6 p.m. right here on "the evening edit." coming up, former presidential candidate bobby jindal on china declaring, quote, complete victory over extreme poverty after earlier
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declaring victory on the war against covid-19 and on the heels of fresh warnings about what it's been doing with viruses and bioweapons. ♪ ♪ >> they had two reasons for being so aggressive. one, as i said, biotechnology dominance. but it was also to gain the status that the united states has in global health. and they call themselves our cdc and the other apparatuses to protect the global population, they want that status and credibility that goes with it. the flip side of it is what you just mentioned, their aggressiveness in developing biotech weapons. ♪ sq how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha.
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well we have a safety net. we'll be ok right? ♪ >> i know firsthand how critically important it is that we have a strategic and coherent plan for holding china accountable to its promises and effectively commune candidating with us model of state-directed economics. >> that was president biden's pick for trade rep kathryn ty who has been described as a longtime critic of china, and president biden has said he will not immediately reverse the tariffs against china, of course, put in place by the trump administration. so is he taking a page from the trump book of diplomacy? let's talk about the future with 2016 presidential candidate governor bobby jindal. great to see you, governor,
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thanks for being here. like you, by the way, katherine tai comes from an immigrant family. she was born here, but her parents were from taiwan. which, of course, is in many ways a sworn enemy of china, but she did spend some time working at a university in china, and she has had some hard core things to say about china a and about the threat from china. do you think she's a good pick? >> thank you for having me. i think time will tell. i think the more important question is what posture president biden's going to take regarding china. too often he's been too willing to trust america's add very say or -- adversaries. with iran it was we're going to trust them. with china, too long trusting the w.h.o. and simply say, well, they've told us all they know about the origins of the coronavirus, so time's going to tell. there are a lot of things that biden's going to do that i'm not going to like whether it's more spending, more taxes. how he deals with china really is not an existential threat,
6:16 pm
but truly a lasting consequence and a lasting -- for the united states -- david: well, and the big elephant in the room, of course, is the biden family connections with china from his son, from his brother, etc. will that in any way compromise his dealings with china? >> well, look, it's very worrisome, you're exactly right. his son, the private equity partnership he had, if you remember during the election, the media, the big tech platforms wouldn't allow folks to investigate that, they shut down that conversation. they didn't want the voters to have access to that. we've never really gotten to the bottom of that. and, again, this is bigger than hunter biden, bigger than the u.s. trade representative. look, the chinese, what they're trying to do is say their combination of statement capitalism and political oppression of minority rights -- what they've done in hong kong, what they're trying to do in taiwan -- they're trying to say to the world this is a better model. we in the united states and our western allies have to stand up and say, wait a minute, we're
6:17 pm
for real capitalism, not state capitalism, real minority rights, not the repression of rights. this is the fundamental pill soft call strug the of -- philosophical struggle of our time. as we took on the communist regime and evil empire, this is the ideological battle that we face today. david: joe biden has a history of saying some of the right things in his rhetoric, but e when it comes to action, doing something very different. he said he was going to be a great creteer -- uniter, now he's pushing through a $2 trillion plan without any help from republicans at all. i wonder about that. i also wonder, it's not just the executive office, but it's congress. you look at eric swalwell and his entanglement with this chinese spy, fang fang. we never got to the bottom of that. and i'm also wondering about -- that's eric swalwell when he was, we don't know the extent of his relationship. we're trying to find that out, by the way, from the fbi, and
6:18 pm
swalwell is stonewalling saying that he's not going to cooperate at all. how much longer can his stonewalling last? >> dade, you're right. nancy pelosi needs to answer questions, why is he still on these sensitive committees, why is he getting classified information. but you're exactly right, the policies matter. are we going to continue to provide arms to taiwan, are we going to stand up for the uighurs and against the theft of american e intellectual property? now, unfortunately, even some of the german leadership has advocate we can just be nice to china, if we continue to accommodate them, they'll eventually evolve towards our standards and principles. that hasn't worked out. the last several years they've stolen our intellectual property, our jobs, they engaged in unfair trade practices. one key test for the biden administration if, are they going to require schools to disclose the funding with these confucius institutes --
6:19 pm
david: that's a very good question. and finally, i've got to mention the fact that dictator xi is now saying they have abolished poverty. we looked up their gdp per capita -- that is, how much everybody earns -- $10,000 a year. and we consider that to be poverty, $12,000 is the cutoff level that we consider to be the poverty level. so, i mean, you know, they come out with this stuff, this bull about all kinds of things, but they are a totalitarian country. they, they're doing very well economically, but the party leadership hoards the money rather than spreads middle class economy. i just wonder can that continue for long? very quickly. >> well, it can continue when you control the media. xi has even more control over the media that biden -- than biden has over the washington press corps. you're exactly right. they've made great advances by stealing american intellectual
6:20 pm
property and jobs, we've got to put an end to that. david: thank you so much for being here, governor, appreciate it. . koh. ing up next, jason smith on why he says the dems' coronavirus bill is nothing but a jobs killer that is actually going to pay federal employees and only federal employees to stay home with kids. ♪ >> you think you're some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you're making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. the garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day! more than anyone in this school system! figure it out! or get off the podium! because you know what? there's people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat9 and figure it out! it's not a high bar. raise the freaking bar!
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♪ david: well, lawmakers in illinois have just approved a new controversial teaching rule that critics say will push left-leaning ideology on to students. grady trimble is live in chicago with all the details.
6:25 pm
grady, who's going to have to follow these rules? >> reporter: david, all teachers k-12 will have to learn and then the follow these rules. the illinois board of education says the goal is to make teachers more socially responsive, as they put it, but republicans say the new rules are riddled with left-leaning buzzwords. here's an example of one of the rules. it says teachers have to be aware of the effects of power and privilege and the need for social advocacy and social action to better empower diverse students and communities. we talked to one gop state lawmaker who told us her office has been flooded with calls from parents, teachers and other people in the community who disagree with these new measures. >> all of a sudden, they're incredibly concerned about this rule change. it should tell you that something was wrong with the makeup of the task force that came out with these very progressive, this very progressive rule.
6:26 pm
>> reporter: republicans tried to make the case that the rules do nothing to help students improve in the summits that they're supposed to be learning like english and math where in illinois more than 60% of students have fallen behind. there's also a teacher shortage here in illinois and across the country. a lot of gop lawmakers fear that this could deter people who might disagree with these rules from becoming teachers. nonetheless, david, the rules do go into effect, and they have to be implemented in all illinois classroom ares by 2025. david: extraordinary. grady trimble, thank you very much. appreciate it. well, meanwhile, buried on page 305 of democrats' $1.9 trillion covid vid relief bill is a provision that would pay federal workers an extra $21,000 to stay home if their kids are not back to prick school full time. and -- public school full time. and that's not all you going to find if you read the fine print.
6:27 pm
let's go through some of that with house budget committee ranking member jason smith of missouri. congressman, overall, isn't the so-called covid relief bill more about rewarding special interests like federal workers than it is beating the virus? >> it's great to be with you. the biden bailout bill clearly is the wrong, wrong plan at the wong time for all the wrong reasons. if you get to the details of it, you will see how pelosi, schumer, biden are using this piece of legislation to reward their political friends, their allies, their donors and politicians who have been very helpful to them. david: let's look at the overall money that's being spent on education. and we all love education, we want our kids to be back in school, it's a great boon to american industry. but when you looked at this amount of money, there was $30 billion in the first cares act passed in march for education, then $82 billion in the december package. that comes to $113 billion. only $90 billion -- well, we
6:28 pm
have $60 billion left of that money, but now we have another $170 billion proposed in this new act, so-called covid act. all of this adds to more than four times the annual budget of the department of education. again, we love schooling, but nobody's in school right now, and public schools anyway because of what's happening. and we're going to spend more than four times what we usually do on education. what's going on here? >> what's even worse is that $100 plus billion that's appropriated in the biden bailout bill, only 5% will, in fact, be spent in fiscal year '21. the remainder isn't spent until fiscal year '22 or after. it's absolutely ridiculous. what the folks want across this country is they want to have their kids in a classroom learning, they want to make sure that they can go to their job, and they want these lockdowns to end. this money that they're throwing
6:29 pm
around is crazy. i've asked the biden administration, i've asked his two top economists how much money has not been spend in the prior packages because the numbers we have, over a trillion dollars is still left out there from the five prior pieces of legislation, and now they're asking for another $1.9 from trillion? it's so unnecessary. david: how about thinking of taxpayers? how about giving taxpayers a voucher for the amount of money that they are spending for their kids' education, give them a voucher, and if they want to go to a charter school or a parochial school that are open, let 'em use that. it's their money. it's our money that's being spent to educate our children. >> david, think about this: in the $4 trillion roughly that has been spent in the last 11 months counting this additional $1.9 trillion that they're working towards, that's $6 trillion, that is more than the gdp of every country in the world except for china and the united states. if you divide that per
6:30 pm
individual in the united states, that would be a $17,000 check. i'd ask all americans, have you received $17,000? we know the answer. david: by the way, there's one final thing i've got to point to, and it's a small amount compared to these hundreds of billions we're talking about, but there's $100 million in this covid bill for a special underground train in silicon valley. all the places in the world that has done well in the pandemic, it's silicon valley. they've made hundreds of billions of dollars, all of their companies, and yet they're going to get federal tax dollars from poor taxpayers in kansas for their underground rail boondoggle, by the way. it's never going to be built. i mean, that just shows this is more about special interests than it is covid relief. >> that's a prime example of how it's for all the wrong reasons. that's truly pelosi's payout there. and also look at the bridge that they're getting in new york. david: right. >> who's there? schumer. it's just an unacceptable
6:31 pm
package at the expense of the working class. david: awful. congressman david smith, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. david: just ahead, the latest in our exclusive "evening edit" series your voices. tonight we're joined by sam vehill whose wife was murdered in their own home by an illegal immigrant. his story next. >> i was in the house, and when i -- i heard the horn, the car. and i guess at that point in time is when they shot her. they shot her through the window. ♪ ♪
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>> his intent was to murder josh fr his truck. he strangled him over and over again, tortured him. he tied him off like an an -- up like an animal. >> an illegal immigrant intoxicated hit him from behind doing probably 120 miles an hour. >> he was killed on his way home from work by a repeat criminal
6:36 pm
illegal alien who was driving drunk the wrong way and slammed head on into my son. >> a drunk driver that was here illegally pulled in front of my husband's ambulance, and he and his partner both lost their lives in that accident. david: those are just a few of the heartbreaking stories of angel moms and dads, husbands and wives whose loved ones were killed by criminal illegal aliens. joining me now for our special series your voice: americans speaking up and speaking out, is sam vigil and his attorney, robert. sam's wife was killed in their driveway by an illegal alien who was a known criminal with a lengthy criminal history. sam, first to you, if i could, i know this is tough, but could your wife's murder have been prevented? >> absolutely. you know, if we hadn't had the type of policies that we have here in albuquerque, i really believe my wife would be alive today. david and specifically you're
6:37 pm
talking about its declaration as a sanctuary city, right? if. >> exactly, yes. that's what happened here, yeah. protecting the people that shouldn't be here, you know, illegally, that come into the country to commit crimes. that's really the sad situation for me and probably other people that have experienced the same thing that i did, the murder of my wife. david teafd we're looking at pictures of your beautiful wife and i'm just wondering, i mean, did she have any thoughts about these issues before she was murdered by a criminal illegal alien? >> actually, my wife is an immigrant from colombia. she came to this country legally and was a very proud american, you know? but, no, there was no, no
6:38 pm
issues, i guess, in terms of, you know, her status as a citizen here. david: now, the city of albuquerque claims that the ordinance, the sanctuary city ordinance, did not prevent local cops from arresting violent criminals, but if it didn't, why didn't they? >> well, there was so much information on this outrageous criminal, and the real issue is that they weren't done with their investigation. they just had to lift the phone and call the federal government because they knew his name, they knew he had just been back after having been deported the third time. but this the insane policy prevented that, and that's what this lawsuit's about. david: but they claim, no, they claim that they were free to arrest. i mean, their response to your lawsuit is that the, is
6:39 pm
essentially condemning them because they anytime that they could have done what -- admit that they could have done what they didn't do. >> that's exactly -- it's really ironic you say that, because we point that out. after the lawsuit was filed, we reached out to the mayor and the city to resolve this at sam's request and just get rid of this insane policy where this year alone we have 20 homicides to date, last year the city of albuquerque had 76, the vast majority of the 20 this year are still unsolved. and god only knows how many are committed by illegal aliens that are here only because of this policy. knowing that they have safe refuge. but anyway, they told us to pound sand, so we're going to litigate this and hold them accountable. david: well, sam, as you well know, there are members of this new administration in washington who are in favor of sanctuary cities, and, in fact, kamala harris has spoken out in favor of it, other -- she's our vice president, other people in the
6:40 pm
administration have spoken out for it. what would you tell people who are considering, cities that are considering enacting sanctuary cities rule about how dangerous it can be? >> i would ask them to be very careful in terms of, you know, committing to those types of policies. simply because, you know, criminals are attracted to places like this where you have this kind of policy that actually protects them. you know, the scales of justice are towards the criminal. those of us that are victims, we have very few rights when it comes to that. and that's really unfair because it puts the whole community at risk. those policies are just not, not good policies for people living peace friday in the community. david: sam, how has your life changed after the death of your wife? >> oh, it, it's been terrible.
6:41 pm
you know, aye been struggling for -- i've been struggle for now, you know, a little over a year after she was murdered, and it's impacted my whole family. we miss her, we loved her, and, you know, she was the type of person that would always shine a bright light on the very dark day. and those are things that we will never see again, we'll never be able to bring that to us back again. david: sam, our prayers go to you and your family. she looks like a beautiful woman, and i'm so sorry that she's lost. and we wish you the very best in your legal pursuits against albuquerque. appreciate it. thank you the, counselor, as well. >> yeah, thank you. >> thank you. david: appreciate it. coming up next, retired i.c.e. acting director ronald vitiello on what critics say is the biden administration's double talk and hi pockily when it comes to -- hypocrisy when it comes to defense centers.
6:42 pm
>> it just shows the enormous hypocrisy of this biden administration and the democrats themselves. trump, supposedly when he was holding folks in the -- they were called capables. they were built by president obama, not president trump. now biden is opening them back up, they're detention family facilities. ♪ you're clearly someone who takes care of yourself. so why wait to screen for colon cancer? because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and detect altered dna in your stool
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muck. >> we spoke about emigration and the aging facility in texas for migrant children. and you said it is not kids in cages. we've seen some photos now of container -- is there a better description? is it kids in contain theres instead of kids in cages? is what is the the white house's description of this facility? >> let me give a broader description of what's happening here. we have a number of unaccompanied minors, children, who are coming into the country without their families. what we are not doing, what the
6:47 pm
last administration did, was separate those kids, rip them from the if arms of their parents at the border. we are not doing that. that is immoral and that is not the approach of this administration. these kids, we have a couple of options. we can send them back home and do a dangerous journey back, we're not doing that either. that is also putting them at risk. david: that was fox news' white house correspondent peter doocy challenging white house press secretary jen psaki over what critics say is a hypocritical stance on immigration detention centers, namely that it's okay for this administration to keep kids locked up at a facility that they themselves once condemned. with us now is retired i.c.e. acting director ron vitiello. ron, good to see you. first of all, jen psaki's claim that the trump administration literally ripped children out of their parents' arms, did that actually go on? >> well, talking about the zero tolerance policy, so there was a
6:48 pm
time in the summer when we were using prosecutions to hold parents to account for bringing their children to the border. and that, just like in the united states if i get arrested for robbing a bank, i'm going to be separated from my children. so that's what was happening in those circumstances, people were being prosecuted for their illegal behavior. the whole idea that there were cages and they were bad under trump but now it's a may grant facility under this administration -- migrant facility, it is hypocritical and disingenuous. these facilities were required in 2014 when the president was vice president, and they called the surge at the border a humanitarian crisis. they were required again in 2018 when that surge was five times larger than the one the obama/biden administration dealt with. and now since the inauguration we've taken all the tools that helps abate that surge at the board, we've taken them off the table. so now they're going to need more migrant facilities, you're going to need more floor space, more agents instead of patrolling the border seizing
6:49 pm
drugs and stopping smugglers, caring for families and children. and on top of that, we're in the middle of a covid pandemic, and these people are not necessarily in the best of health, and they're in crowded conditions, and it's not good for them to be in these situations once they get arrested. david: well, the overall point, i think, which is -- which goes beyond the kids in the cages headlines that we're seeing is that transporting of kids very often, by the way, without their parents, sometimes they're just used because they are children for people, adults to get across the border. god knows what kind of deal was made with the parents to allow them to separate them from the kids, but that this administration somehow is going to give breaks to immigrants, perhaps a blanket amnesty for all the at least 11 million, as many as 30 million illegal immigrants that are already here. that is a draw to just create more of this illegal immigration than existed before under the trump administration, right? >> right.
6:50 pm
there's a signal going out to the country, to the other countries that we're going soft on immigration enforcement in the interior, we're going to relax the border, we're going to take the tools that were effective in the last administration, we're going to take them away with. it is a rational act for people that are in the third world to come here because the upside is they have a chance to come out in this economy. but there are very few winners in this scenario. that trek from the northern triangle is very dangerous. they get exploited by cartels, but smugglers, by corrupt law enforcement, and it's dangerous, the terrain that they travel in, extreme heat in the summer, we see people freeze, you know, in the winter time at certain locations along the border. and many will come here and go to poor communities and be preyed upon by same gangs that they were fleeing home from. david: it's awful. you're ?oifizing exactly the wrong kind of behavior, one that's not good for us or the immigrant, particularly the kids. ron, thank you very much for being here, appreciate it. coming up, media columnist
6:51 pm
joe concha on why the mainstream media did not give any coverage last night to explosive allegations of sexual harassment leveled against new york governor andrew cuomo. ♪ racle-earmini- a nearly invisible hearing aid from the brand leader in hearing aids. new miracle-earmini. so small and comfortable that no one will see them, but you'll notice the difference. call today to start your 30-day risk-free trial. start the year with better hearing and big savings. call miracle-ear today. if you're 55 and up, t-mobile has plans built just for you. get 2 unlimited lines for only $70. and now get netflix on us with your plan. and this rate is fixed, you'll pay exactly $70 total. this month and every month.
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♪ david: let's welcome "the hill" media columnist joe concha. i want to start with the main stream media not giving any coverage to explosive allegations of sexual harassment that were leveled, that have been leveled against new york governor andrew cuomo. today it turned around a little bit, but how could they possibly -- [laughter] with charges like this last night not cover at all? >> abc, nbc, cbs, cnn did the not test this story yesterday in any capacity, and i want you to go -- david: well, "the new york post" did, by the way, which is what we're looking at now, but go ahead. >> right, on the broadcast side. 2018 brett kavanaugh, right, if you remember, julie swetnick came forward and said that kavanaugh was actually party to gang rapes back in high school, and she was represented by michael avenatti who was considered a presidential candidate and now he's cocaptain of his debate team at rikers,
6:56 pm
but the point is they put her on tv or they reported her claims without any verification whatsoever the minute she made them. and now here you have a senior aide to governor cuomo, considered the most popular governor in the country just last year, he got an emmy, he wrote a book, media adulation up and down, and now it's as if he doesn't exist because they're barely reporting on this very important story around sexual harassment, bullying and, more importantly, a possible cover-up into thousands of nursing home deaths in new york. this is media fall feasance in broad daylight -- david: although you had aoc come out and say this woman deserves complete recognition. there does seem to be a momentum now to cover the story or at least to realize that they're just not going to get away -- despite their control of the mainstream media, of social media, etc., there's some stories even they can't cover up. >> because there's the partisan angle was taken away, right? it's not just new york
6:57 pm
republicans trying to take out cuomo. you mentioned aoc, bill de blasio, mayor of new york, calling for his impeachment and assemblyman kim. this is basically everybody that has a problem with cuomo at this point and for good reason. david: and, by the way, there are progressives of that have been wanting to get rid of cuomo for quite a while, and they may still be successful in being able to do that. i want to switch to republicans now because this weekend you have the cpac meeting, you have the president coming for a major speech on sunday. we still don't know, of course, the details of it. but we had this dust-up between leader mccarthy, kevin mccarthy, and liz cheney who's been very critical of president trump. let me just play that and get your reaction. >> all right. >> do you believe president trump should be speaking, former president trump should be speaking at cpac this weekend? >> yes, he should. >> [inaudible] that's up to cpac. i don't think that he should
6:58 pm
be -- [inaudible] david: now, how much of do you want to bet we're going to be hearing a lot from liz cheney this weekend on the sunday talk shows and not so much from leader mccarthy. >> oh, yeah. liz cheney's getting on cnn more than andrew cuomo is. [laughter] she's now the it girl as far as the republican standing up to trump, but at least she's consistent in her principles and she didn't back down this. and mccarthy felt otherwise. disagreement, wow, it happens. listen to this poll just released on tuesday because it's quite remarkable. 59 better of republican voters want to see -- 59% of republican voters want to see president trump play a prominent role in the party. that's up 18 points just from last month alone. that's about 40 million votes that donald trump has as a head start over all of his competitors, and it'll look like 2016 all over again. and even mitt romney said if he runs again, there's almost no doubt he would get the
6:59 pm
nomination a because the passion is behind trump, and establishment republicans, where's the base, where's the passion? not so much for the nikki haleys, chris christies and anybody else you want to insert there -- david: i would guess a large portion, over 70% of the people that voted for donald trump, when they see the media go after him and praise liz cheney and do what they can to disparage president trump himself, that that just puts them more on his side. >> oh, completely. either way when he speaks on sunday, that will blot out the sun as far as media coverage is concerned because he wrings the ratings, he brings the clicks. and that speech -- you said we don't know what's in it, i'm sure donald trump doesn't know what's in it. a lot aimed at president biden, i have a feeling. we're back to the campaign again. david: well, joe concha, appreciate it. good to see you. [laughter] i am david asman in for
7:00 pm
elizabeth mac donald. you are watching "do -- the evening edit on fox business. have a great evening. ♪ >> welcome back to kudlow, i am larry kudlow, markets got dinged today. nasdaq down 474. by the way after a huge gain yesterday. i wouldn't be worried we'll talk about the good news happening, to my friends, i say, buy and hold. let me repeat, whether the biden administration admits it or motte, surge of vaccinations comes on shoulders of former president trump operation


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