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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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two things to help your local businesses. brian: were washing you all the best thank you for joining us that does it for us and fox "fox business tonight" "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: a serious debate in washington, d.c. the washington post having to correct an erroneous story of the georgia state official defined the fraud in the vote count that reopened the debate on how much the media uses anonymous sources with agendas to bring down republicans and democrats and poisoning distort the national debate critics warn this is more widespread then realized it affects you and your family on the show tonight jason chaffetz, tony gonzales, martell cueto and roth and kristin tate and tom
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dealt the cargo and we have the major headlines today with more on the follow-up washington post correction and now this it is total mayhem at the border the democrats are frustrated with president biden and nancy placebo they told congress that arrested for individual since october at the border who are on the fbi for a watch list. we have the details as biden homeland security secretary says yes we are see the highest number of border crossers in 20 years and more caravans are on the way. again democrats are frustrated they say president biden step up in speaker pelosi step up and do something. these democrats pelosi and biden's team want americans to stop talking about the border crisis because it is swamping president biden's tour this week on the multitrillion dollar coded spending bill. critics warn this will be defined by the presidency and could cost democrats control
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congress. also the story democrats called it a hot mike talking about how they plan to run through even more government spending. how much will that be costing the green new deal. all this has put a report nearly $2 trillion como bill and already has $60 billion in tax hike and it to new york governor cuomo one of his accusers detailing new claims against governor cuomo and hours long interview with investigators. we have the details in a new scandal involving covid death and group homes for the disabled. top democrats circling the wagon joining governor newsom trying to smear the 2 million voters and say we recall governor newsom. but those attacks don't hold up. more evidence congress is living the life on your nickel. a new report showing members of congress convicted of felony, they still get a pension for
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life. i am elizabeth macdonald "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network we begin with the washington post getting hammered after corrected a story that fact or big in president trump's impeachment. oversight chair jason chaffetz. it's great to have you on, you're the author of the upcoming book they never let a crisis go to waste the truth about disaster liberalism. how out of control with the media using anonymous sources with an agenda do they even cause republicans to lose control of the senate somehow? >> i do think it's out of control i thought there was a degree of responsibility for the biggest publishers out there but i think through the years that is gone off to the side how many stories do you read that an ominous source or something like
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that it seems like every time something comes to light it goes against conservatives and republicans and certainly against donald trump. the ball seems to bounce out direction. i was recently on airplane and watched the presidents men and the whole movie against the editors pushing the reporters to get evidence and have people go on the record but we are nowhere close to that today. elizabeth: is a correction two months after the fact, is not good enough because the georgia state investigator on the phone call told local news she did not receive pressure from the presidents phone call, this was used in impeachment by the way. >> i'm glad they brought it to light i think it should have been instead of a correction i think it should've been more severe than that. why isn't anybody fired somebody came to the table and had something in writing why isn't there a consequence within the washington post. i want to see people fired just when i see them break the law i
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want to see them prosecuted but we need you something as egregious of that the plays a factor in the impeachment of a sitting president you should be fired. but i don't see the washington post coming near near close to doing that. elizabeth: people say trump should know made the phone call to begin with but then there's this trump was a major fight with republican governor of georgia so there is potential intent, the secretary of state office secretly record the conversation with trump and mischaracterizes his content for the washington post and then when they talked about vote fraud and then the post reports anonymous and that somehow tried to delete the recording as a state official and it was discovered in a trash folder as far as an open records search. it's worse than people realize. >> a lot of that should not have happened i'm glad it's come to light but again to give excuses to a national traditional media
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outlet that puts their name out there so boldly and this is not the first time we keep seeing the stories i don't know what they're teaching the journalists of tomorrow but they seem to be not following the best practices in terms of being a journalist because it keeps happening and when it comes to light the ball bounces in one direction and it's wrong. elizabeth: nbc, abc, usa today, cns, somehow they confirm the fabricated quote from the washington post anonymous source citing their own anonymous source in the echo chamber, you can go when within an ominous quote or source and speak it loudly into the d.c. echo chamber and it gets repeated around the country then it becomes a part of an impeachment probe is that the way we want the country to go. >> that's a problem with 24/7 news the pressure to get it out the door so fast. i can tell you somebody will
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come out within an ominous source and the use that as a source for their own story and they'll say it was the washington post so it must be okay to use here and suddenly a goes to the house democrats and they use the and there impeachment prosecution. that is what is wrong about this and meanwhile you don't have anybody going on the record and people need to see through that, they need to recognize that they use this as a tool and they weapon isaac and there's no accountability. when it does come to light it's a slight update as to what is going on as opposed to a retraction, it's just a correction. elizabeth: then you wonder as caveat enter don't take face value what the media is reporting i guess that's the way you have to roll with it. watch the media spread the erroneous washington post story, let's listen to this. watch. >> nbc news confirming president
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trump pressuring them to find the fraud. >> asking that person to find the fraud. >> find the fraud saying that official would be a national hero. >> find the fraud will dig into the reporting out of georgia that could mean more legal trouble for the president. >> a second call to find the fraud. >> the president apparently pressuring the investigator to find the fraud. >> were learning of another call reported by the washington post and urged him to find the fraud. >> find the fraud adding if they did show they would be a national hero. elizabeth: jason, the president trump think the washington post for the correction, what do you make of what you heard from the media. >> i think what donald trump said was fairly tempered but this is today's news cycle were gets repeated again and again, and i'm curious with the news
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organizations saying they were able to confirm that. maybe if somebody lies to you if that's what happened, then it is no longer off the record maybe they should cite that person, i don't know but i have to tell you there's a reason why this goes in one direction, people make mistakes and erroneous stories but there needs to be retractions and consequences for a reporter using the name of the washington post to get this out there. i think congressmen and women who use that against donald trump to impeach him should also be out there apologizing for it. elizabeth: jason chapin thank you so much we appreciated. coming up texas border congressmen coming up he represents 820 miles of us-mexico border we will talk to him about how nancy pelosi and top democrats don't want the border crosses to stop.
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the covid relief this week in congress they arrested four individuals at the border on the fbi terror watch list fighting homeland security secretary said this is the worst border crossing in a generation. we have a lot to break down with congressman gonzales. >> you can stay all you want for people not to come, tried to ward off a crisis but the written policy gives no ability to law enforcement to do their job, it's what they're begging for from this administration. this does not just affect border states this safety nonexistent policy will trickle down into states across our country. ♪
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elizabeth: joining us now republican congressman tony gonzales it is great to see you. four people arrested at the southern border since october 1, they are on the fbi terror watch list three from yemen and one from serbia but biden and pelosi say this is not a crisis, what do you think. >> the situation on our southern border is dire for too long those communities on the border have been forgotten i'm here to
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tell you the republican party has your back we are there to fight for the communities on the border were there to support our border patrol and fighting every day to keep our border safe the reality is a lot of negative activity is coming and crossed in a large part is due to the binding of administration and ability to respond. elizabeth: nancy pelosi is fearing that this will swamp the presidents covid relief to her in 2 trillion in spending the past. homeland security said this is worse than the generation he wanted national guard troops to stay at the border until past september. we've seen border crossing from people coming from more than 140 countries in recent years let's watch at the border yesterday. watch this. >> something that concerns me is homeland security ranking member people have been called in the last few days in sector three or
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monument three have been under the terror watch list individuals they have on the watch list for terrorism are starting to exploit the southern border. we need to wake up. >> we go to monument three and talk to the agents is not just people from mexico or honduras or el salvador they're finding people from yemen, iran, turkey, people on the terrorist watch list and the rushing all at once. elizabeth: also iraq and pakistan. >> kevin mccarthy, myself and a dozen members were in el paso yesterday and what were hearing is the situation is dire, i have 800 miles of texas mexico border, immigration is not a new topic for us it is the worship seen in decades and i urge nancy pelosi and this administration to come down, visit and listen
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to others not only republicans, listen to democrats and local elected officials, ranchers, farmers, the situation is spiraling out of control and we need to act immediately. elizabeth: critics warned this will define the biden presidency and then we have this we have san diego border a man of illegal border crosser was arrested carrying enough fentanyl to kill a quarter of the population that is border patrol and then in el paso yet 22 criminal illegal aliens trying to get back in whoever you been arrested for assault and robbery that happened in the last few days. >> this crisis started in the rio grande valley and the del rio sector and it's escalated there are two flights per day go from the rio grande valley to el paso and we are processing that's 270 migrants per day they get processed in el paso now we've seen places open up in
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midland and now dallas it is growing and growing and it's growing out of control on the ground that men and women in green are border patrol agents are doing everything they possibly can when they get pulled off the front lines to defend our nation in order to process migrants that is dangerous. were a nation of immigrants i believe in the american dream but were also a nation of laws and we have to support the border patrol insecure our southern border. elizabeth: congressman gonzales it's great to see a thank you for joining us let's bring back to the show national border patrol council vice president art del cueto it's great to see you. your take on this nancy pelosi in the biden team say they inherited this crisis and then you have nbc correspondent jacob trying to claim on embassy bc that republicans are using unaccompanied children as
6:19 pm
political ponds the republicans coerce all the children to the border for political theater? >> several months ago i would not have called this a crisis yet but right now we are seeing the detention facilities are overwhelmed and their resources are getting depleted in their moving agents from one area where they would patrol the border to take care of unaccompanied juveniles and we are seeing record numbers is not just what we see turn themselves in we are seeing record numbers of individuals that have not been caught in certain areas and once again those numbers are just guesses in the tucson sector alone so far this year we had over 40000 people that they are estimating got through and they don't know where they're at. where did they go, where are
6:20 pm
they, what are their intentions this is something that has been made and done under this administration and when you talk about political ponds there is nothing more of an example of using the children for political ponds then were talking about the kids in the cages and the trump administration and i will remind everyone now those pictures of the kids in cages were during the obama administration and they were using them as political ponds for the last administration. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying you try to cross into canada canada will detain you in separate your child from you if you're crossing that way. we have republicans now out in full force saying wait a second. even mexico intelligence is warning the biden administration your enabling and incentivizing drug and human traffickers, organize crime and gain who pray
6:21 pm
on the same women and children trying to cross illegally. it's a boom time. is that message getting through that this is what the issue is that the men are even getting attacked as they try to cross illegally? what do you think. >> they created a bonanza for criminals and terminal organization to bring people across the border they created a bonanza for the drugs to come into the country and one thing that we have to talk about is the sex trafficking. they created and facilitated for all the common organizations because of the lack of consequences in the open border rhetoric going on across the country. elizabeth: what is the next step how does this change. >> i think they need to look at the policies in place before and see which policies were working at the same time they need to focus on how they can hire more judges put them on the border and be able to fast track and go
6:22 pm
through all the cases of the individual that is claiming fear of persecution to come to this country. they need to fast track instead of waiting and having people claim asylum and send them through and hoping sometime those cases are heard they need to start taking a proactive stance and i think that's where it starts to start enacting the policies that were in place before the remainder mexico was huge not only did it turn down a lot of these cases that were false but at the same time it allowed agents to do their work on the line instead of pulling them from those places and having the drug cartel run rampant through southern border. that's where you start yet to see where policies work and move forward with new policies. there's nothing better than bringing new judges so they can see the actual asylum claim and see which ones are real and which ones are fake. elizabeth: thank you for joining
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us thank you for your service to our country. coming up we have a story new york state assemblyman ed rall will join us in andrew cuomo and one of his accusers detailing shocking claims against governor cuomo and hours long it with a new allegation in the sexual harassment all the democrats are caving in on governor cuomo. of credit card debt. and i just couldn't have done it without them. these days, it's okay to do some things halfway... but taking prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. so cvs has a proprietary search tool that looks for savings.
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elizabeth: back with us now new york state assemblyman ed ra, what is the status of governor cuomo's impeachment? , what is the status of governor cuomo's impeachment? >> the democratic conference last week decided to move forward with an inquiry to the assembly judiciary committee so my understanding they are trying to get started with that and hiring an outside law firm and it will be conducted by the assembly committee which does have subpoena power but there is actually a story that was just posted within the last hour about the details of the meeting when they made the decision and it's clear the entire group was not on board with the approach
6:28 pm
and wanted to move more swiftly like the assembly republican brodeur last week. elizabeth: got it it comes faster than people may realize we are one of your governors accusers charlotte bennett revealed more shocking claims in a four hour sitdown with investigators and she saying she provided investigators with 120 pages of detailed records and other documentary evidence to cooperate her accusations saying cuomo created sexually charged hostile toxic workplace that he used to brag about the size of his hand to women and he was looking for a girlfriend he was age 22 or older so he would date anyone over age 22 or older. this is unseemly stuff in the worst place of the accusations are true are you guys going to add all of this how do you handle all of this do you add that or obstruction of justice, what are you going to do.
6:29 pm
>> our understanding the judiciary committee inquiry is really open-ended to including all these different things and i think it's obvious anything that comes out further needs to be added as well and the other day we had this report the county executives throughout the state were getting phone calls from the former secretary of the governor who is working on vaccine distribution which presents a clear threat that perhaps i could be jeopardized and were not supporting the governor this is to be included in the investigation. elizabeth: people say that's grounds enough for impeachment in the covid sorry for covid has been calling local county executives gauging their political support for cuomo in tying their vaccines apply to that political support. they deny all of that, bill de blasio really angry, watch.
6:30 pm
>> what we heard about the governor and his team trying to link vaccines apply to political support that is the definition of corruption. it is disgusting, it's dangerous, there are lives on the line and it cannot be tolerated and needs to be a full investigation of that on top of the investigation of nursing home scandals in the investigation of the sexual harassment and molestation and there needs to be an investigation of why the senior official in the governor's office clearly tried to link vaccines apply to political support. it's unacceptable and we will not stand for it and if we see any effort to reduce the vaccine supply to new york city as political retribution we will bring in the open. elizabeth: what do you think assemblyman? >> i don't say this often but i
6:31 pm
agree with mayor de blasio whether the vaccine came up directly in any of the calls is in material this is the individual that the county executives have been dealing with to get vaccines into the counties so i think it's pretty clear when that person is calling you asking you to gauge your support for the governor that that implied threat is there. elizabeth: assemblyman ed ra, good to see you. let's bring in young americans for liberty analyst kristin tate your reaction to what you just heard? >> things keep getting worse for cuomo but the question i keep asking why why all of the outrage now the media and the democrats are looking like fools because for the last year they have been telling us he's this big hero in the washington post ran a headline titled can cuomo be the next fdr and about the attorney general he won an emmy
6:32 pm
award and for the majority of the same year we actually already knew about many of these cuomo scandals the same scandal that the democrats have been talking and all of a sudden outraged by the new york post reported on the details surrounding cuomo's nursing home order back in april of last year end thousands of people die throughout the year and cuomo lied about it in the press ignored it and is arbitrary lockdowns were devastating for thousands of new york business owners and workers who lost their jobs, why all of a sudden now are the democrats and media calling for him to resign i suspect because he is no longer politically useful to them he was a very vocal antitrust voice over the last year, guess what trumpets gone and the democrats have no use and is become a liability so i guess they're happy to throw him overboard this should happen a long time
6:33 pm
ago. elizabeth: final word on this another scandal for new york state senator now demanding more from investigation into governor cuomo deadly mandate of co-mingling covid-19 patients in the group home for the disable hundreds died and dozens of care workers passed away. where does this go, what do you think. >> as more new yorkers find out about this cuomo's favorability will plummet to cuomo all the people who died are numbers and statistics but think about the field until thousands of families who lost until lost loved ones these are human lives, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles in the reckless media coverage over the last year that allowed cuomo to be reckless about human life and is just heartbreaking when you think about the grieving families they deserve answers and every time cuomo was questioned about it i have a few brave reporters that would ask about over the last
6:34 pm
year everyone but himself he blamed trump and federal healthcare workers and nursing home staff. there is nobody left to blame that he must be held accountable for this. elizabeth: thank you for joining us it is good to see you. up next the daily caller editorial vince cogianese democrats caught on a hot mike on infrastructure and how much will go for a costly green new deal, political reporting this nearly $2 trillion covid bill had $60 billion in tax hikes. stay right there. ♪
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elizabeth: look who's back with us the daily caller editorial director vince cogianese it's great to see you when you heard the ben cardin caught on a hot mic telling transportation secretary pete buttigieg they plan to use a weaker budget reconciliation process to gm through trillions of dollars of new infrastructure. are we going to see more cash for clunkers green new deal boondoggles, what is this? >> is amazing think about the united states senate and the founders built this a slowdown legislation and they delivered a
6:40 pm
process and is that what the people want and is what they need and the democrats are planning on doing and we already seen them start to do we don't need political support for this we just need a very narrow majority 50 plus one to pass anything that we want and that can include trillions of dollars of spending and honestly the behavior i see from democrats suggest that they don't think they will be in power in two years there sprinting into passing every single political giveaway that they can to the contributors, their donors and people connected to their party. this is the latest indication to be, on a hot mic saying we will not be bother with the senate rules we will be using a special role to pass through the filibuster more spending. elizabeth: let's listen to the audio. >> i think it's going to be a process into some action in certain parts of it but
6:41 pm
ultimately it will be put together similar -- [inaudible] most likely reconciliations. elizabeth: why do we have the senate and the congress if they're just going to ram through saying the simple majority vote, where are the checks and balances on that. >> why pretend that republicans are the ones that are partisan on the issue of infrastructure president trump kept proposing in the past four years infrastructure spending plans for the united states. it was democrats that kept him from passing one in the shoe is on the other foot and they say who needs republican support we will create a plan that only democrats are interested in passing and ram it through using budget reconciliation which is the political way of saying ignoring the will of the people of united states senate.
6:42 pm
elizabeth: remember last fall nancy pelosi was accused of sitting uncovered relief in order to deny trauma victory to incoming prison abiding and it's all about the biden tour uncovered relief, 91% is not having to do with covid health majors they can't use budget reconciliation to jam through tax hikes, can they? >> not as far as i know this is one of the things they can override the senate parliamentarian regardless of whatever outcome the parliamentarian will he doesn't pass they could do anyway and now is a fear among some republicans and democrats will do it with a 50-dollar minimum wage hike with the covid package, the hearers could've overrode them. elizabeth: buckle up for the class warfare rhetoric coming our way will break it down, will have you back on it's good to see you. coming up download the cargo the man with the recall of governor
6:43 pm
gavin newsom, democrats circling the wagon gavin newsom smearing the 2 million people who want him recalled. we will break down how those attacks on those voters do not hold up. that story next. >> i think people want a better result in california which is why the recall is gaining steam. ♪ boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up.
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kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. elizabeth: look who's here california republican party chair tom del beccaro, governor gavin newsom of california is on a full-court media list and claiming the recall the 2 million voters who want him recalled and sign the petition that the anti-faxes, anti-immigrant, trump supporters, what do you say. >> this is california and
6:48 pm
there's a poll this is 58% of registered voters don't want him to run again but you can't be in a blue state and claim that half the people signed our women over a third arnon republicans 36%, you nobody is he's desperate and is proving he's not up to the job. elizabeth: we have bernie sanders supporters saying recall him in its independence, its grassroots, its democrats and democrat senator elizabeth warren, cory booker, bernie sanders circling the wagon there started to repeat the same rhetoric, what do you say to that. >> last december when they went on the attack that you're describing it helped us and rescue we got a boost when he did that we expect the same they're bringing in stacey abrams and bernie sanders to california they are serious because they know he's in
6:49 pm
trouble and his approval rating went from 64% september down into the 40s in february and now it's up 41% in the latest poll, that's the direction he's going and by sliming people have differences of opinion and don't like his job he's only adding fuel to the fire he might as well go back to dinner. elizabeth: he claimed the outrage on his lockdown on devin nunes, trump, climate change, activists, small businesses and went on and on people are angry about squid, governor under governor gavin newsom and he had three people arrested after a brawl at a rally protesting gavin newsom this feels like it's heating up, your word about that. >> it's ridiculous to blame devin nunes he's had no role in this, the truth is people have not gone back to school we are last in opening up in kids sports the vaccine was bundled and all these things are wrong those are serious issues, what
6:50 pm
does he do he tries to slime people so he doesn't want to face the issue and quite frankly he's not really good on details, yet he can read a prompter buddies not really good at his job and has a built consensus and that's why he's in trouble and that's what he will be need recalled. elizabeth: did you notice something at the grammys celebrities not wearing masks breaking the governors lockdown roles this is shaping up to be a fight for 2024. what we see mississippi and texas remove mandate their covid cases are dropping by double digits immersing comparison between california and florida, the jobless rate is almost double in california, these cases per million in florida are slightly higher in california but they have more seniors and also new york and new jersey snowbirds flying into florida how do you see the shaping up
6:51 pm
for the 2024 final words. >> to point out people realize that florida did not have to shut down so i think this is the end of governor gavin newsom's dreams of being president 2024. elizabeth: thank you for joining us next on "the evening edit" a hot story for you for the o'connell gop strategist more evidence congress is living their life on your nickel. congress convicted of felonies still get a government pension for life. outraged about the growing radio want to see this one. stay right there. ♪ ♪
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liz: let's welcome strategists ford o'connell. this story feels really swampy. we have lots of millionaires in congress we get it and even convicted congressional felons can still get lucrative government pensions according to authorities at force magazine. what do you think? >> well i think the fact that taxpayers are shelling out 36.2 million annually to 600, where the 600 retired congress members is outrageous but to your point what should have cost the american taxpayer if you are a former member of congress convicted of a felon you can still make money and is living off of the american dime.
6:56 pm
one would say if you are convicted as a felon you belong in prison not on the taxpayers dime. liz: we have senators might run rick scott and heinz want legislation to open the books on pension payouts, sunshine laws. we are talking republican duncan hunter who is accused of misusing and spending campaign funds for his own personal benefit. he served time and he's going to get a government pension and a democrat out of pennsylvania is also getting a government pension. that person was convicted two. shouldn't that be stopped? why do you say? it absolutely should be stopped or it's a travesty and it's outrageous. i tip my hat to florida senator rick scott and nevada democratic senator jackie rosen is going to put this bill in front of united states senate rate to your point it's not just duncan hunter of pennsylvania of karen brown of florida during pensions anywhere
6:57 pm
between 24 and $66,000 they have all been convicted of felonies. again we should not eat paying for felons to live out their life on the american taxpayer dime. liz: i mean democrat representative of pennsylvania serve 10 years and he was getting his government pension in prison. he was charged with racketeering, fraud and other corruption charges so can they still collect their pension in prison? i mean this is super swampy. >> there are loopholes in the 2007 law that tried to block them from being able to pay the pension what happens is they abuse the loophole in dugger hunton's case. he took the plea deal so he could get around the law but belonged pennsylvania basically continued to file appeals so he could get paid. this needs to stop because what you see here is the swamp is enriching the swamp and not doing what is in the best
6:58 pm
interest of the american people. we should have transparency and we should be honest about those who serve our public good. liz: so you can misuse campaign donations and still get a government pension. i mean how does that square? you can be charged with fraud and racketeering and corruption and still get a government pension. those are felonies and they went to prison. "forbes" magazine calculating -- earn $6 million in salary during her 35 years. she stands to get anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 in government payouts. she has a net worth of anywhere from 43 million to 200 million so you know yeah and it lost she's about to get it but it feels unseemly. >> it is unseemly and here's the deal. this practice started in the 1940s and i ran for congress. i know how many millionaires there are in congress and their way to many to be drawing a
6:59 pm
public pension after only five years of service in congress. that's all it takes to get attention. this needs to stop. we need to be opening the books and rewriting the laws such that essentially congresspeople do not deserve pensions and they don't deserve it on the taxpayers dime. liz: congress is the one that writes the law. congress change the law in 2003 saying that congressman cannot turn down their government pension. they are the ones writing the laws and enriching themselves. am i wrong? >> no, you're absolutely right. the idea that the swamp is going to look after the swamp should not be shocking but if we don't highlight stories like this and keep it the forefront of the american people's minds no one would think hey a congresswoman like nancy pelosi with so much money would take money from it or convicted felon would be collecting one as well. liz: it's wild.
7:00 pm
ford o'connell thank you for breaking it down. come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald then you are watching the evening at it on "fox business." thanks so much for watching. hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. larry: hello and welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. the stock market ended the day mixed and floppies amidst a lot of tax -- and the biden at and their democratic allies. just a few moments we are going to have the father of supply-side economics get to give us his thoughts on the logic and the impact of across-the-board tax hikes and a reversal of the trump tax cuts. but first i want to walk through some political logic or lack thereof from our democratic friend. theyre


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