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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  April 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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make money over time. charles: yeah. no, i -- this is certainly distinctively different than the great recession in so many ways. mike lee, great stuff. we always appreciate it. folks, we're holding in there. mixed bag, but i like underneath the surface things are looking better. liz claman, going to be another exciting last hour of trading. liz: always. i mean, we always have major news, and this hour will not be different, charles. we have this breaking news, we are expecting president joe biden to make a major covid vaccination announcement in this hour. after taking a tour of a virginia seminary, it involves a change in the date that he says every american age 16 and older will be eligible to be vaccinated. does that mean that the american economy will truly be off to the races? more people with shots in the arms, does that mean more people flooding back to the office? the ceo of the the online hiring
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service whose stock is up more than 600% year-over-year is here in a fox business exclusive with the assessment on that. bitcoin breaking last night as one nba team owner chatting on clubhouse a huge headline. the creme toe kings could soon -- sacramento kings could soon offer players the option of getting their salary in bitcoin. we're going to talk ec cluesoffly with the ceo about how his company is able, ready and willing to make sure it stays safe if he makes it come in bitcoin. s&p makes to look it four closes in a row of record all-time highs. any gain for the broader index along with the dow and the transports will be a new record close. and charlie gasparino has exclusive details on archegos' bill wang and how he's fighting
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back against rumors that he's been using the same collateral but with different banks, and the banks are furious. okay? obviously. but there's more to this story that continues to be the slow motion train wreck. let's first get to a fox business alert. as president biden prepares to update the nation on his target for adult vaccination eligibility, corporate america is kicking into high gear. today alone we've got these pieces of news: ford says a flexible hybrid work model will start in july. pwc, the accounting giant, will open all of its offices in september. and wells fargo has set a post-labor day return to office target. what does that mean for upward? this is a company that hooks them up with workers. it has the stock gains to prove how asking is successful its business model has been, upward shares have seen a 674% gain just the past year. upward upwork is the largest
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global platform for placing and hiring workers, and we've got ceo caden brown. all of this happening, some within about 45 minutes when the president makes his announcement about where he's expected to move up the date from, i believe, may 1st to april 16th for adults to be vaccine eligible. what's your reaction? >> liz are, i couldn't be more excited because what we've seen over the last year is so many companies and so many people working as freelancers lost a lot of control, but they gained control as businesses gained from working skills that's enabled them to tap into this remote work, freelance work force and really solve critical needs in their business. and i think as the economy reopens and people move back into offices, they will need talent at levels we have never
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even seen x that means that they can tap into the remote talent on our platform at levels they really will demand. we know the talent war was alive and well before the pandemic, and so many customers have the skills to tap into this work force that is ready and able to serve them with critical skills. liz: okay. i need you the dig through this and speak our speak, because i know you worked as a consultant, but what does that mean? you're going to make this new work force available. is this global? why, how and why wouldn't companies go back to their old workers who have been working away from home? i mean, i'm just trying to pick through and find out why when this situation was a watershed moment, no doubt, for y your company -- >> absolutely. liz: so kind of of work through the new pandemic, i guess, pivot for you guy >> i'd say what we saw was before the pandemic there was
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already an accelerating trend around both remote work for a lot of companies and around freelancing. when the pandemic hit, that just accelerated, and the genie is not going back in the bottle. as companies have figured out they can work remotely, they've also figured tap tapping into the work force gives them so many benefits regardless of a pandemic or economic conditions being good or bad. it includes agility, they can turn on and off the work force and flexibility and cost savings and so much moreful those are benefits, liz, that they need in every economic condition and really can carry forward even as offices reopen. these things are still kind of enduring gains that they've gained, and they will want to keep using after things change. liz: you know, you have such an incredible roster of clients. everybody from general electric to microsoft. these huge companies. what about the smaller companies? what are you hearing from them?
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>> i'd say, you know, it's remarkable that small and large companies are pretty consistent in how they're thinking about the future in terms of, you know, a lot of companies are eager to go back into the office. they all want to have, you know, some range of 20-30% of their work force working remotely, but they want to be tapping into this third way of accessing talent that's different from full-time employee hiring. as they said, look, it takes me six months to hire an employee, on upwork they can get somebody in three days, and it's different than a taffeing firm. it's -- staffing firm. liz: three days. okay, bingo, there. you just cut through it. that's why you're so so valuable to your more than 100,000 clients. we'll be watching upwork and, again, your stock has done, certainly, beautifully not just over the last week, but over the last year up more than 67%. great -- 670%. great to have you, hayden,
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please come back. >> thanks, liz. liz there is more good jobs news for the u.s. economy. february jolts, the labor turnover number that comes out? it spiked to a two-year high led by industries that were hit hardest by the pandemic. the number of available positions increased to 7.4 million, that is the highest since january ofofof 2of by he w tay, whi,s twahis alsss firstfiiob ope hav thdemic.mlion esi befsire d thedss to the nal monanetna fund -- j liftts gbalhhas fo castre fca 2021 from 5% to 6% citing, of course, aggressive stimulus spending by the u.s. and other nations but also the rollout of covid-19 vaccines. and, again, i remind you in about 35 minutes we're going to a hear from president biden about this. now, which sectors are in the sweet spot?
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and remember, consumer discretionary, stuff you don't have to buy. it's not like food, but it's tough you don't have to buy. so that's done beautifully. and the tech sector has seen a major runup. ishares global etf has seen 69% gains over just the past year. that, to of course, is i.t. specifically because there's so many subsectors in technology, right? but let's get to our traders. we're joined by troy and sam. troy, obviously, pockets of the market have seen these big gains, what we just showed you, but what hasn't yet enjoyed but is due for a runup? >> well, look, i think you want to keep it simple, stupid, and you don't want to necessarily fight the momentum. remember, value had underperformed substantially through september and november
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and since then it's dramatically outperformed. so we recommend sticking with momentum, particularly in crypto with regard to bitcoin where we think we're still in the early innings of the adoption cycle. furthermore, money supply continues to increase at an incredible pace. just look at the qs. you've had substantial underperformance of large cap tech versus all small cap including value really since november, but particularly this year, and you've just seen that leadership shift back now that treasury yields have stabilized, you know, around 1.7%. so from our standpoint, you know, bitcoin has tremendous upside over the next 3-6 months as long as you can stomach the volatility, and shorter term just being long generic tech makes a lot of sense the next two, three weeks. liz: looking at the qqq, they're flat today. would that be a day that you buy? >> yeah, again, think of the
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underperformance, it was about 20% as of march 31st, and you saw march 31s as treasury yields finally started to take a breather from going higher it start to reassert itself from a leadership standpoint. we think that will continue over the next several weeks as treasury yields find an anchor. liz: sam, give me your best idea. and, again, i really prefer hearing from people like you names and areas that haven't seen incredible runups right now, but are due for them. what do you see out there? >> yeah. i mean, i would say similar to what troy said is the easiest trade the and the lowest hanging fruit has to be in that momentum factor. but if you're looking for something with deeper value, you know, just know it's going to come with a little bit more risk and maybe a little bit longer of a time horizon. you might want to look at energy. you know, with everything opening back up again, you know, people will be driving more, having higher demand for gas. so we could see prices go up there. but, you know, that's tied to
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peck decisions on -- opec decisions on supplies, so that would be the big risk that we don't like to take on that side. and in terms of great multiples, we're seeing great multiples at financials. but it's going to probably take a while for those to actually turn into returns, it's so highly dependent on interest rates. we don't expect any interest rate surprises in the short term. but to kind of dovetail on what troy was saying, it is momentum, and it has lagged. you know, we do see maybe a different path, you know? if new bull markets generally have a pullback at around 12-18 months which should time it around this summer and also around the time frame that these antitrust investigations get some steam and create a bad news cycle for tech in general. as much as they had in earnings last year, they were 25% of the earnings for the s&p 500 last year, they justified their performance. and if there is a downturn the over the summer due to cycles and due to antitrust, then we would be a huge buy the dip type
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of proponent. liz: huge buy the dip. all right. great to see you both. troy, sam, come back again. >> thanks, liz. liz: thank you. folks, we are looking at an s&p 500 fourth record in a row. very interesting. we're on pace for the 18th record of the year. let me get to charlie gasparino. he warned that the true financial hit that banks really took the on that archegos fire sale could be a lot worse than expected, and now we know. the mind-blowing damage credit suisse has now revealed9 and the new denial by bill wang, the head of the archegos family investment fund that got way in over its head. charlie breaks it next. with the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes, the dow is down, but just a drop of a third of a percent. don't go away, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ liz: we now know the damage that under the radar family investment fund archegos really inflicted on at least one global bank, there may be more. now, while this investment house
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may have used practices that were very risky for leveraging its trades, the company is now telling fox business there was absolutely nothing untoward about anything it did. to charlie gasparino, who has the information here. what are they saying and how do they defend themselves against what credit suisse is revealing today? >> yeah. let's start with credit suisse, liz, because, as you know, the big swiss bank has been the focus of this as one of the whole blow-up with the archegos family office and bill wang taking those enormous, highly risky bets. he spread it among five banks. the one bank that we heard early on that was in the biggest trouble was credit suisse, and we should point out fox business with was first to report the losses were likely to hit as much as $5 billion. and that was confirmed today. we also said, liz, that there would be likely management changes. not the guy at the top, the ceo, he hasn't been fired, but other people have. and we with also said they would have to raise capital.
3:18 pm
what they did today was cut the dividend. they didn't go directly and issue new stock, they cut the dividend which is a back door bay of raising capital. so our reporting on this, liz, turned out pretty solid. we want to push this story going forward, our sources are saying that are close to credit suisse are saying the firm continues to conduct an internal investigation into its dealings with archegos and that it's investigating this relationship with bill wang further. and what we understand is there could be further management changes. at least that's what we're hearing from people close to the matter. that means that the ceo job may or may not be as secure as people think even now, even after they fired, like, a handful of senior risk people. i believe the cfo left today and others. so there's still more investigation at credit suisse from what we understand. the ceo's job for now is safe,
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but we're hearing depending how this thing turns out, it might not be safe in the future particularly if those, that $5 billion loss grows to something more than that. the other half of the story, liz, that we have today is we were trying to track down rumors about some of archegos' dealings with the banks. there was a rumor, and particularly at some of the banks, people at the banks were talking about this, that archegos somehow used the same collateral for those risky trades at each and every bank. it was a rumor, we checked it out. we should point out that we asked archegos about that, and through a spokesman they said it was the false. they furiously pushed back, actually called it patently and demonstrably false that mr. wang used the same collateral. they'ring pushing back. obviously, that would be a legal issue if that were true, they're saying t not true at all despite the market rumors. and that's why we can't go on the air with market rumors. you've government to check -- got to check them out first.
3:20 pm
as you know, liz, there is an ongoing sec inquiry on the whole dealing. i just want to make this one point, liz. just because the sec investigating something doesn't mean -- investigates something doesn't mean it's illegal here. we should point9 out as a matter of course the sec has to investigate this issue because so many people lost money. it has to look into it. at the very least, it has to figure out maybe there's more need for regulation or disclosure. that doesn't mean anybody violated the law. investigations make for great headlines, but that doesn't mean the party being investigated -- in this case, mr. wang and the and banks -- did anything wrong. so far, at least, he's saying he's not using the same collateral. that would -- it seems like to be a case of he just made a bad, big bet and banks were lusting for his business and extended him too much credit and leverage and didn't care to maybe look further and ask hum what other banks -- him what other banks were you doing these trades
3:21 pm
with. if he just did it with one bank, cs -- liz: in an earlier job has pleaded guilty to some issues involving trade thing -- [inaudible conversations] >> you have to be clear here about this pleading guilty on all this stuff. of. liz: okay. >> he settled civil charges of insider trading, stock manipulation. paid a fine. and in that settlement, he didn't admit or deny wrong doing. the justice department -- liz: doesn't that send up a flag? >> that's a whole other story. i'm just telling you he was allowed back -- you could still trade stocks if that happens. the justice department closed down his specific hedge fund. it was one of those tiger cubs, asian tiger cubs that spawns from julian robinson, tiger management. so just be real clear about this. he didn't plead guilty, he was civilly charged, neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing. his fund was closed down; there
3:22 pm
was some sort of consent decree. to saying he pleaded guilty would be a stretch too far. liz: got it. all i'm saying is, listen, i was treated like a criminal when i was applying for a -- a couple years ago at a major bank. [laughter] >> should the civil charge have been a red flag. he does have a checkered regulatory background. you could make that case. and i agree with you. liz: okay. charlie, thank you. i got him to agree with me. [laughter] desperately needed or a waste of your taxpayer dollars? the big bucks that could chug into amtrak station as part of team biden's high-speed rail hopes despite the fact that the transportation giant isn't even profitable outside the northeast. we are going to take you live to d.c.'s union station for the real story. and as sports fans slowly start packing in the stands again, john levy is finally,
3:23 pm
after decades of building his start up sports media and gambling business, looking at a slam dunk. how the founder and ceo of the score started in his teens toil thing at his father's cable company until he eventually ventured off and built his own sports tv network. if you want to call it that, because all it was was a ticker with sports, no talking, nothing. but today he's morphed it into a publicly-traded giant taking on espn. john's climb was filled with losses. hear his story on my brand new episode of everyone talks to liz wherever you get your podcasts. closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. the dow paring its losses slightly. the nasdaq popping into positive for story here. stay tuned, we're coming right back. ♪co ♪
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liz: to our pop stocks. hollywood is all a atwitter with the revolution a made right here on "the claman countdown" yesterday about godzilla v. kong. amc stock, yes, earlier today it was drifting lower, and it continues to be town about 3.5% but still holding on to about 13 13 -- 13% of yesterday's gains. just how powerful warner brothers' monster mash really was in its debut weekend. listen. >> if you looked at our opening performance from wednesday to sunday when godzilla v. kong opened last week, our business at amc was five times, quintuple, what we've done in all the weekends before that in q1. liz: aaron says that is a huge
3:29 pm
predicter. he also told us the 100-year-old theater chain has, quote, survived and will survive another 100 years. let us get to the owner of the famous playboy brand, up for a third session in a row on a deal with digital art firm nifty gateway to sell the form ther publication's iconic photos, artwork and other content through nonfungible tokens. look at this jump today, up 11%. the partnership will turn playboy's seven decade treasure-trove of nude photos, artwork and interviews into nfts. playboy's stock has more than doubled since going public via spac in february. finally, electric vehicle maker fit kerr has tweeted out the price tag for its's suv -- ocean
3:30 pm
suv, likely to start at $37,499. fisker. finish if you want to compare that to ev rivals, tesla's model x and porsche's start around $81,000. all three stocks are moving higher today. if public transportation is more your speed, the biden administration is ready to invest $80 billion into amtrak to help bring the train service up to speed. the company says it plans to expand service with at least 30 new routes in a 15 states which leaves you to wonder, is that awesome? a speeding train? or is it a money pit. studies show amtrak is not profitable outside of its northeast corridor spanning from boston to washington, d.c.ment to edward lawrence right in the heart of where everybody loves to take it, union station in washington d.c. edward, okay, is it a money pit or is it a real opportunity
3:31 pm
here? [laughter] >> reporter: you know, i think that depends on who you ask, and you'll hear one point of view coming up here. i can tell you, you know, money comes out of the american jobs plan, it's $80 billion as you said, but it's only about 3.5% of the jobs plan. and the one line that does make money is, as you said, leaving from union station going through new york and up to boston. now, with the money, amtrak plans to expand. by 2035 they want to expand to new services. existing lines but also with some new ones. in the existing lines, this is where they're going to expand, chicago to sand point, idaho, because there's a huge demand to go to sand point, idaho. you see minot, north dakota, also havre, montana. none of these services making money or even breaking even. but supporters say that's not the point. >> we pour, you know, $100 billion every year into our
3:32 pm
highway system, and we don't do it because it makes the government money, we do it because it makes -- it allows businesses to make money. it allows individuals, private sector businesses. >> reporter: so amtrak says they will be able to move 52 million passengers by the year, in the year fiscal 2035 through this expanded service. republicans are saying that they need to invest in rail as part of infrastructure, but it needs to be its own package, not filled with all that other stuff. but, liz, i do know that you take the train, we do have proof of it -- [laughter] at least a couple of times coming down to washington from new york. liz: aww -- oh, yeah. you know what? that's when we came to d.c. to interview larry kudlow who was, of course, the economic voice for the president trump administration, a great interview. it was a great time to see you and the d.c. crew. i love it, but i don't love taxpayer money getting wasted,
3:33 pm
so we've got to make sure that doesn't happen. edward, thank you. >> reporter: there's a balance. but the line you took makes money, and you were able to twist kudlow's ear to come to fox business, right? that's where it started, right? [laughter] liz: exactly. exactly, exactly. and here he's back to what we hope is his new home for a long, long time. thanks, edward. bitcoin down as china works to create its own digital currency in what could be a new front in the u.s./china econo-wars. but for those of you here at home looking to protect your bitcoin or etherium, we've got the crypto world custodian that one of america's oldest banks is now putting it trust into. fireblock's ceo is here. what he thinks of the news one nba team is to make about paying player salaries in crypto. closing bell, 27 minutes away.
3:34 pm
we're coming right back, don't go away. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. these are the people who work on the front lines. they need a network that's built right. that's why we created verizon frontline. the advanced network and technology for first responders. built on america's most reliable network. built for real interoperability. and built for 5g. it's america's #1 network in public safety. verizon frontline.
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♪♪ ♪ liz: the nba's sacramento kings are set to make history, but the team owner kind of leaked the big story late last night on clubhouse. fox business has confirmed that in the next few days he will offer everyone in the kings' organization from janitors to players to front office people the option to get paid as much of their salary in bitcoin as they choose. this must present a big decision for kings' superstar fox who landed a five-year contract that kicks in next season. so should fox become the king of crypto in the kings' locker room, and what about how many people have had their accounts hacked or forgot their passwords and got locked out? let's bring in the ceo of
3:39 pm
fireblock protecting $400 billion in crypto around the world. he's joining us now in a folk business exclusive. michael -- fox business exclusive. let me first get your reaction as, obviously, somebody who's very involved in the crypto world, what it does for the overall vision of cryptocurrency. >> yeah. well, first of all, liz, thanks for having me. i think it is fantastic news, to be honest. i think we've sort of witnessed over the last year or so how crypto basically moved its way into the mainstream and being used not only for, as this highly speculative sort of investment vehicle, but also, you know, we're starting to see more and more of the real world use cases. and i think that's actually paying salaries and being able to basically mix value in crypto. it's definitely the main use case for which this was
3:40 pm
invented. liz: yeah, you know, you've got mark i cuban of the dallas mavericks who was very forward thinking in themes of allowing fans to pay for suites, things like that, when it comes to cryptocurrency. there's an nfl lineman who's converted half of his salary into bitcoin. that's his own choice. so i think that the sports world almost seems to be so far ahead of the banking world, and yet we've got china coming up with its own government cryptocurrency, digital currency, and it sort of feels like the u.s. is behind. where do you stand on that? >> well, yeah, i think the chinese, china is definitely making headway in terms of rolling it out in a government level. i think that, in general, in the u.s. the government, you know, was not sort of pushing it.
3:41 pm
it was much more the private sector, right, that was basically forefronting it in the united states. and i think part of -- created a bit of a delay in term it is of the bigger financial institutions getting into the game. but as of like may last year where the -- [inaudible] gave fairly clear guidance, there is a regulatory clarity. we basically think much of the private sector, especially the bigger institutions basically moving into the space, you know, depending on the infrastructure. liz: you know, you're very much a vault for people who want to park their cryptocurrency, trade it, move if us around. you've got to tell me what you're seeing from your customers, because you have about $400 billion in all finds kinds of crypto that you protect. which one seems to be out front? we hear a lot, obviously, about bitcoin, but etherium seems to be gaining traction.
3:42 pm
xrp's up 22% today. there are all kinds of names out here including doge. which ones seem to be the choice at the moment? >> actually, pulling the statistic here, in the last 30 dares we basically sold around $110 million of cryptocurrency and already north of $400 million. about 38% of what we've seen from an institutional -- [inaudible] it was basically the second largest around 48%, and what we're seeing is, i mean, it's actually just a tokennized dollar that's been used. in my perspective, it's actually one of the most interesting things, what china basically
3:43 pm
wanting from a government-sponsored initiative here in the united states. yeah, we're seeing a lot of other coins that are basically -- but this is, you know, 6, 7% of the volume of the settlement volume that we have seen. liz: got it. michael, we've got to run, but i do have to ask you, can you guys guarantee 100% security of people's cryptocurrency, that it won't be hacked, that they won't be able to forget their password or you won't be able to resteve it for -- retrieve them? >> the company that provides the accounts and the systems that they have do guarantee that there are mechanisms around recovery, there are a lot of security policies in place to basically guarantee proper access, and we also carry a pretty significant insurance amount to protect those assets
3:44 pm
in the case there is some kind of technical failure. liz: okay. fireblocks, we're watching it. i know you just raised about $130 million, it's a very exciting sector. thanks so much. and and, by the way, we were all over the sacramento kings' bitcoin moves early this morning in my early market minute on tiktok. we get your cool overnight headlines every morning early. i roll right out of back, my producer, julie, she's right on it. you know, we work on it -- i don't even put on makeup. you can follow me on tiktok at red fox liz, we also post it on twitter and@claman countdown instagram. president biden minutes away from announcing a calendar change in the race to vaccinate every american against the covid-19 virus. we're going to bring in larry kudlow to assess the potential economic effects of the news. closing bell, we're about 16 and
3:45 pm
a half minutes away. dow is still down 115. boy, the s&p's really struggling to hold on to gains, but it'll be a record high if it can. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ cell phone repair. did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming.
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3:50 pm
novavax moving higher by a percent, astrazeneca down two-thirds of a percent. the president also is expected to note that america has officially hit 150 million vaccination shots given in the first 75 days of his administration. but what is important here, as we are awaiting the president, is that there will be, according to the administration, no more need by april 16th for you to check your state and local web sites of government to find out if you are, indeed, eligible. because coming april 16th everybody 16 and older will be eligible to get it. we've got a slight move downward for most of these names, regeneron, bill idea sciences, amgen, they had a roll-in or developed all of these vaccines. i want to quickly check pfizer, move, yeah, slightly lower by two-thirds of a percent. moderna up 2.5%, j&j down a
3:51 pm
quarter of a percent. and, again, we want to make this clear, the moving up of the vaccine eligibility rate for all adults starting 16 -- i know 16-year-olds are not exactly adults, but 16 and over by two weeks. we'll be watching very closely how this affects the u.s. economy. we do understand that he will also say that 63 million americans have now received the shot, is that correct? 63 million or is it more than that? okay. 63 million according to the cdc. president biden has said he originally wanted 100 million in the first hundred days. he's moved that up to 200 million, and at the moment let's just check the markets. we've got the dow jones industrials down 130 points. we have crude oil moving higher. yesterday it got hit by about 3%, but it is moving slightly higher. let us turn to larry kudlow as we await the president and his announcements. clearly, you can imagine that moving up the vaccinations and the shots would be a spark plug
3:52 pm
for the economy which was already starting to look really good, larry. larry: economy's booming. the crisis is over. we don't need any more stimulus. none, zero. really. look at those ism numbers. services, manufacturing. manufacturing back to the reagan 1983 when i was 11 years old working in the office of management and budget, as a matter of fact. [laughter] big jobs number, 1.1 million jobs. liz, i'm telling you, vaccines are the only source of stimulus. that story's going great. let's thank operation warp speed and everybody else. i'm going to be very generous today, all the biden administering people, what they have concern administration people, what they have actually done to help it along. and we're fine. america is going to come back except for the $4 trillion tax hike that's going to wind up destroying our economic prosperity. but maybe it won't get passed. liz: all right. well, we've got it on tape right now, all of your predictions. we'll see if they come true. larry kudlow is going to join us
3:53 pm
at the top of the hour for his amazing show, "kudlow." in the meantime, american consumers off to the races, just like larry said, as the economic outlook gets even more rosy. today's countdown closer on where, what three tame names he is expecting to hit a tritech tar if -- trifecta for his portfolio. we're coming right back with those three names. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx.
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. . . . check credit card data. jpmorgan jpmorgan chase, it sees
3:57 pm
a nearly 25% increase in credit card spending year over year. and now it stands to 4 1/2% under precovid levels. we're almost getting back there. today's "countdown" closer where consumers can catch that consumer wave of spending. jamie cox, financial group managing partner with us now. just 30,000 feet, quickly, do you believe this comeback, do you think we don't need anymore stimulus because things are looking so good. >> this is great time last year, we were all fighting off a global pandemic. we're fighting off a double dose of spring fever. people are out. they are spending. they are flush with cash because they didn't save as much. they didn't spend as much last year they were couped up inside. we have three-pronged stimulus package is the gift that keeps on giving. people are spending money. starting to re-engage with the economy. i believe we're in the middle. all the data has been reported
3:58 pm
out last couple weeks suggest we're in the middle of a economic boom. we're going to see it continue probably throughout the year. we're seeing right now basically a mirror image of data we saw last year. it is as booed now as it was bad then -- good now as it was bad then. where do you put your money. that is where we want to put at. a lot of people are staring a the infrastructure right now. i don't believe that is the right choice. i believe people need to look at themes the next decade. one comes up. semiconductors. we hear about negative semiconductors right now. not semiconductors themselves. companies that produce the equipment, produce the next generation of semiconductors. liz: bingo. >> that is a dutch company, saml. the perfect candidate for the technology called, it is called extreme ultraviolet lithography. the euv is the next generation for weapons systems, autonomous cars, all the things in semiconductor land will go
3:59 pm
through that technology. that is really good place for people to look. in addition, we're on the cusp of health care innovation, the likes we have not have seen in many, many decades a lot of inovations came about through the experience of covid, we're going to see things that go through genetic therapies. the vaccines that people are getting right now, are a direct result in innovation with gene and cell therapy. we're living the results of them right now. a company called lumina worked for decades to try to get the cost of genomic sequencing down. they're trying to their best to get the next piece of it, a company called grail. fighting back and forth with the ftc to get this merger taken care of. this technology called liquid biopsies, take a sample of someone's blood. do predictive an lilt ticks for cancer and things like that. last but not least. liz: we have to run. we're coming up against the closing bell.
4:00 pm
vw is the third pick. great, great thesis on those three names in consumer spending. [closing bell rings] jamie cox, great to have you. there is the closing bell, we're not seeing any records for the dow, and s&p. we're very close to all-time records. ♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. great to be with it you. to keep the idea we're in a economic crisis alive. he is wrong and "the wall street journal"'s editorial is right. they say today, quote, sorry, the economic crisis is over. we just had a booming $1.1 million jobs report with upward revisions. we had the best ism manufacturing survey since reagan's 1983. and the best ism purchasing manager's service survey in the history of that survey which


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