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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 8, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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tomorrow night. please join us then. ♪ ♪. kennedy: president biden, if you are listening i implore you, get the federal government out of the way for that state of the u.s. economy. there's more evidence things are about too go boom like dynamite. the biden tax plan could scuttle the ship before it leaves the harbor. according to a growing list of economists and experts the u.s. economic recovery is about to take off in a way not seen in generations. i say bring it right in fact the ims project by 2024, things will be better here and if there had never been a pandemic. think about that. if americans are be better off
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than if coronavirus never happen. that extraordinary. so what does present biden plan to do? raise taxes on the very companies that should be the while of this projected boom. >> the previous administration reduced all the way down to 21%. what i am proposing is that we meet in the middle. 28%. 28% will still have lower corporate rates than any time between world war ii and 2017. it will generate over a trillion dollars in taxes over 15 years. so >> i do not believe it. even at 28% are companies to be the most tax in the developed world. president biden would say he's open to some negotiation. but as you know the president is looking for ways to pay for his massive two-point to 5 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan.
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we need to fix our crumbling bridges and roads read republicans, democrats and all those in between believe that. there's only a small fraction of that money is set aside for roads and bridges. the rest of it i left the grab bag that we really do not need right now. and maybe is under the umbrella of what government should be doing? how can we stop the white house before they grind to potential complete and total halts for joining me tonight fox news contributor professor of his nest at the king's college in manhattan. brian and brent berg's back. this is brianomics. the mentality here is very tough to grasp. you have president biden saying that somehow raising the corporate tax rate will be good for businesses. and janet gallen, this is what i do not understand. maybe you could explain this, professor. janet yellen is saying when you lower the corporate tax rate is quote a race to the bottom. and also invites corporations
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to find tax shelters on mysterious island spray do not understand any of that logic. >> i do not either, candidate. that is the worst part of this whole thing. the thing with janet yellen. notice what she is doing here. she says a big cut corporate taxes it's eight race to the bottom part i will tell you why she said that. because progressives hate competition. when competition exists it means individual have choice, businesses have choice. they can do what they want, they can move to where they want. the biden administration is afraid that if we raise corporate taxes and they are right to be afraid. if we raise corporate taxes is going to drive capitol out of this country great so what is janet yellen trying to do? she's trying to get all the other developed countries around the world to raise their minimum tax rate. so we get rid of competition. collude with them. but it's pursuing right now. it will not work.
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it makes you nice it's less competitive. joe biden knows that. janet yellen knows that which is why they will not admit right now that our corporate tax rate is actually in the middle of developed countries. it is not way down there. we are finally competitive. any move up is going to put us at the top of the list. we do not want to be the topic. kennedy: absolutely not there many other countries particularly in scandinavia that are at the top of those freedom indexes for the united states again not close. we are only dropping. what i also do not understand, she said the corporate tax grab the federal government reaching and taking more money from corporations and individuals somehow that is not a zero-sum game. somehow a win, win. this is irrational status and. i don't even think she believed. >> lose, lose, lose for it
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means one of three things. customers paid more money, workers get lower wages or shareholders, retirees, people were trying to save get a lower return. corporate taxes don't go to anybody except those three groups. in those three groups are average americans. so you talk about taxes not going up on people who make less than 40000, kennedy the many start talking corporate increases your target people who make less than $40000. it has to be deliberately misleading because there is no way an economist could say this and not know the truth about it. the fact is they are committed to their ideology. and they are willing to throw economics under the bus in order to get their ideology pass that's exactly is going on here. kennedy: but these are very, very dangerous experiments. if the ims saying that our economy is about too >>. we keep having to adjust their
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forecast. because gdp is growing globally faster and greater than they had predicted even a couple of months ago. >> yes. but it would do kennedy as it would bring us back to the pre-pandemic economy. that is the economy we want 2019. the unemployment plummeted that is the good situation and 2019 because companies were invested because the private sector was keeping worked its money and people were benefiting from it. not the public sector. the issue we face now as we have been administration was a giveaway our competitive advantage lower taxes lower regulation and trade it for more government bureaucracy and more government involvement in the economy. that is the definition of a lose lose trade. >> something brought up on the show several times innovation. that is the cornerstone of
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american growth. you cannot have that a few of the government and the way. the government is not what allows companies to innovate by the free market does and that free argot lifts people out of poverty. 79million people will experience extreme poverty because of the pandemic. it is because of statist regimes which i do not want to be a part of one here in these united states. brian brenberg, brianomics, thank you so much. >> good to see a candidate. >> disturbing new video today shows just how badly the white house is bungling immigration. take a look at the state lost a migrant child sobbing begging at texas border patrol individual saying he's been abandoned by the middle of nowhere in a large group he does not know where to go. is one of about 19000 unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody right now. today eric sonya congressman andy biggs visited the border of the other lawmakers and county biden administration to
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do the same. >> this president must own the catastrophe he has created. this human suffering and misery that he has created. two weeks ago he appointed kamala harris to be as point person on this issue. she has crisscrossed the country. taken holidays, it cannot be bothered to come visit the border to see what her administration's policies have wrought. supports of the board of vice president harris visited a chicago baker she enjoyed a peace of german chocolate cake, that looks delicious. this she know that she is in charge of the border debacle? it looks like she does not even care for less meat science party have cia officer portland square group chairman ceo michael baker looking very tough don't mess with him. without and reason magazine editor-in-chief looking very glamorous katherine mangu-ward. and those that serve america my favorite buckeye former
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state department deputy spokesperson fox news conservator marie hart fits going to be a big night welcome one and all thanks for being here. >> hey kennedy. >> hallelujah. so baker i will start with you because your name is baker and vice president harris went to a bakery. i was on the five earlier and one williams accused republicans of engaging in a photocopy because they were at the border. but when you're at the board you can see what's happening firsthand you can talk to border agents you can talk to people who are trying to get into the country who have been detained. you can hopefully get eyeballs on some of these kids. when you're at a water treatment facility in oakland or a bakery in chicago you cannot see any that stuff. so who is engaging in the photooptical? >> you know what? both sides read both sides are engaging in hypocrisy. that's the part that drives me absolutely crazy on this. the previous four years, the
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left did not care about the kids. they cared about the issue as a hammer to be trumped with, right? now it's not cages, kids are not in cages anymore they are in facilities. it's not really an issue because biden does not trump and biting is kinder. but the right is doing the same thing, right? the right did not pass for years they said they're downplaying situation or saying obama built the cages. and now as you pointed out everybody is engaging in a photocopy or period at the end of the day, call me cynical that care about this and the kids perspective it i've got three boys two of whom are basically the same ages as a poor abandoned child that has been featured for it is heartbreaking. but, it is disgusting how both sides are so full of crab. >> they are full of crab, katherine. as you have pointed out it is
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executive fiat that's dictating or immigration policy. which is not policy at all if is changing every few years. it is absolutely cruel you do not identify with the problem is. you don't come up with a term of short-term and long-term solutions to fix it. neither side wants to do that. so mike's point, what are your thoughts? >> i put the blame and not specifically on biden or trumper think both of them have failed dramatically. what i would say it's the inability to make policy and consistently convey to the world what our policy is. people come here what happens when they do bright out neither party actually likes the solution. there is a way to avoid abandoned children wandering in the desert alone. that is to just let people who want to come here to raise their families here, in. that child was there because his parents thought that was the only way he would have a
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better life. and the fact that ended nearly in tragedy and it's been tragedy for so many other family lies squarely at the door both are public and that democrats. they need to figure how to work together bring the need to be clear about who can come in wiper they need to let a lot of people in. there are many, many people who want to come here and live peacefully and have family lives and work here and help rebuild a country that has really struggled in the last year. kennedy: i do not have a problem with that. my problem, marie, is something we go back to continuously. that is you can't have an expanded welfare state and expanded immigration. and it is cruel to tell people both things are going to happen. it is unsustainable. and no one can do that. not one country. >> will look starting with vice president harris, kennedy, today she spoke on the phone with the president of mexico. she spoke over the weekend with other leaders from the region. she has been engaging at a
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very high level diplomatically to try to work with somebody route countries where these people come from to try to stem some of the flow. even though she's visiting small businesses in chicago she's also working the phones on this issue. but look, the real problem here is exactly right. it lies in many cases with congress. we do need to let more people in. we need to come up with a way to deal the people who are already here. still three dreamers need to deal children. but he deposits clear and not used as a partisan football or to fear monger. i don't think democrats are perfect, certainly. but when i look at the republican party and all these members going down doing photo ops on the border, a lot of what they're saying is fear mongering part i do not hear solutions from them. then allied. kennedy: giving images of what was happening in those of miter detention facilities. it's like you have little kids wrapped up like baked potatoes
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100 to a room giving each other : per he is not a republican he is a texas democrat. let's work go-ahead. >> is just going to say, both sides have engaged over the years and photo ops. i grew that were saying here in the sense that both sides have failed to resolve the immigration issues. it also says that most of my life overseas. there's not a single country that i have been to that does not secure and protect its borders. we seem to be the ones who apologize anytime i move in that direction. to have consistency to have a better system to let more people in you first need to have control of your borders. that is all i've got to say. support look asteroid and new zealand, is that great? hobbits. but we do not call them races for the panel returns after the break but coming up the biden demonstration and iran kicking off talks are that 2015 nuclear deal but what
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2015 nuclear deal but what they want to restart one of
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but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. kennedy: member president obama's nuclear fiasco the mobile rate gave the cash and essentially got nothing in
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return? the biden administration took its first step back into those waters. but if this proceeds the hub reversed course with iran twice in 60 years. what is the best path forward question of >> with the party panel mike baker, katherine mangu-ward and marie harf. marie i'll start with you you were there for a good part of these negotiations. you have always been a fan of this deal. what are the flaws that allowed it to fall apart? >> well, i would say the biggest flaw was donald trump walking away from it. no deal is perfect this one certainly wasn't. but before the united states pulled out of the deal iran's nuclear program was constrained they could not make a nuclear weapon. since he withdrew from the deal they have restarted significant parts of their program, kennedy. but if you can call it good news, the upside hears all of
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those steps are reversible. so you can either convince them to do that through diplomacy, their military action or through containment for diplomacy is the most durable the best way to do that. and the biden administration's had there not just going to rush into a new deal. they're going to talk about missiles are going to talk about support for terrorism coming from iran for two things that were not a part of the first deal. we're going to get a peaceful solution to this problem and prevent iran from getting a weapon, a plum as he backed up by pressure that the biden administration still has in place is the way to do it. kennedy: so my biggest issue with this has always been twofold. people can find a lot of flaws in this deal, mike. but the verification was always a very, very tricky and a lot of it was secretive and unverifiable. the fact that congress was not involved ratifying this treaty, what are your thoughts? >> i think a lot of people were surprised when they realize that. the idea that it was really
12:21 am
done by executive order and not through congressional approval that does surprise people. the verification issue, any arms deal is -- has to be based on verification but john kerry said so back when the deal is structured by the iranian set the deal of verification is no ability to visit any military sites with the restrictions that were laid on for some of the other sites that were visited negated the credibility of this deal. i think the biden administration is going to race back in. wendy sherman william burns are all back and real positions of authority. they were all key to the architecture or the structure of the drafting of the 2015 deal but they've got skin in the game. the administration wants to get back into it. robert maui said as much by saying if we get back in the deal then we can push for stronger terms. that is not the way to go about dealing with the iranian regime. they know they are in the driver seat right now.
12:22 am
they are basically going to play very hard ball here in terms of what they are willing to accept. because they want the sanctions lifted per the only thing the ridge the iranian regime understands is the sanctions the devastation of their economy eventually push leads to popular uprising but it's the only time i had really decent protests and iran which is what the regime fears. giving up the sanctions, giving them something more your playing to the iranian regime. kennedy: i tend to think so as well pretty also think the reversibility here in terms of what they might have accomplished in the last two years, i think it is naïve to say they are going to reverse everything that they have done between these administrations. my other concern here, katherine, nuclear energy is really important for not only loving and rubbing sweet sweet
12:23 am
lotion on the globe, but also on energy independence. so when we demonize nuclear in this way it is bad for all these other countries that should be engaging in that. >> nuclear has long been undervalued as a part of any of everyone's energy portfolio. especially if you're worried about global warming. i do hate to see it set aside in the spirit, not only of national defense but also again sort of a partisan point scoring pretty think in some ways the problem with the iran policies exacted the same as the problem of the southern border. our ruling classes, both parties have chosen short-term partisan gain over real important fundamental parts of their job to keep america safe. to protect children. and the fact that iran would beat not at all out of line to think that americans are not
12:24 am
really good negotiating partners because we reversed ourselves twice. we may well reverse ourselves again if elections go differently and another couple of years. plus the fact it has not been congressionally ratified which historically is given a little more staying power in these agreements. i would understand what they would not want to do business with us. before maybe we don't want to do business with them or the saudi's or turkey. all right, panel stick around if got a lot to discuss. the show is just heating up her memory the early days of the pandemic when governors, mayors started allowing outdoor cocktails? curb side cannabis pickup. can everyone agree the original regulations are stupid? stupid? i will bre hi. i'm wolfgang puck
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i should be working out more. i just feel like i'm drowning. narrator: navigating these times can be tough, but while you care for your loved one, you also need to care for yourself. go to for free mental health and self-help tips. kennedy: you hate dumb rules the pandemic may have a happy ending for you. with people squished into
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homes that have become makeshift offices and classrooms, a hell about lot had to change. aimless of the silly laws and regulations that have no place in the modern age but many parts of the country outdoor sittings incompatible with booze they would not like to do that. but like chocolate and peanut broder dining alfresco dines better with its counterpart or a jack and coke. in a lot of states like california you were not allowed to drink on the sidewalk. but in covid times i was ill and place you eat outside of your closet. naturally a refreshing beverage is the only thing to wash away the angst and germ phobia. maybe this prohibitive outdoor booze popped out so research and associates would not to the sock hop right now 33 states and d.c. passed emergency take the margarita to go laws. and why should they ever go back? make them permanent. new orleans capitol place in the country for you can step a piña colada will strolling aimlessly trying to avoid touching people. speaking of not getting
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attached, the fear of cove nearly put millions of people into an early grave. if it were not for the expansion of talent meds services of a book a talk with a doctor coupled with medicare, callus diseases, cancers, issues would have gone untreated with dire results. one of the big barriers to tele- med is often there enough doctors in a given area to treat the infirm pretty neat white coats from out-of-state to fill the bill paid 40 states in the last year have honored out-of-state medical licenses. and why shouldn't they? if you travel from ohio to texas and break your wrist, do you think you stony's can only carry with sorcery? what people have fancy phone time with doctors to get things started. that is where 80% of medicine actually happens when you blah blah blah. if a doctor's license in another state it seems to forcibly prevent them from advising it worried patient if you enter miles away. not like you're going to get arthritis, red beret.
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you could. that the spencers dispense let hookers hook, let brader's braid inlet booze bags drink for someone hurt someone else or commits fraud then you can have a kittens rate until then let's ease up on the regulation of people nick conair healthy we can have a good time without bad laws, and that is the memo. speaking of regulation rollbacks, denver is letting the drink for over freely at the colorado capitol. the finalizing rules to create entertainment districts or people can openly carry their booze. this is a georgia republican governor brian kemp is sitting on a bill that make cocktails permanent across his statement people would probably really like that down there. because they do not have an all-star game to go too. all drinks to go they shot in the arm the struggling bars and restaurants desperately need? what's asked the party panel. mike baker katherine manko warren, and marie harper all
12:32 am
back. there are a lot of democrats brian from center from hawaii his is normally i am kind of fro regulations. but some of these laws are really stupid. and this covid pandemic has shown them to be archaic, what you think? >> i totally agree. i think that, i agree the senator and with you, i like drinking in public as well. i think that a lot of businesses have done a really good job of adapting. i think we will see these businesses going forward. especially some of these regulations these outdated regulations are going keep doing that in terms of carryout, in terms of outdoor dining. we have seen businesses be very creative during this pandemic. the next restaurants and bars have really led the way. the tiki tech county
12:33 am
commissioners. they come around right people up for doing things wrong theft invest a lot of money and creativity will be take then tara post covered years? >> yeah man small business people and entrepreneurs. they let them do stuff it would make things better crazy inside and bring you and to be here tonight. this has been a total boon for customer service even under wildly adverse conditions on my block in washington d.c. there are a whole bunch of businesses run by immigrants who have figured out how to stay live. what i needed in this tough year was a margarita to go. i appreciate that is how went down and i will be furious if that gets rolled back. so before they always try to tinker with good ideas whether it's uber, food trucks, but
12:34 am
mike, will there be an uprising? will there be a revolution in these 33 states that have alcohol to go now if the governors and mayors try to squash their sweet freedom? >> yes, anything that allows me to it walk down the street with my martini preferably cancels on fully on board with. [laughter] it is the sort of thing -- who does not want a drive-through liquor barn. come on, there have been other places that have just been ahead of the game. and 33 states, yeah. i am just now caught up. i think it is great. as it has been pointed out small businesses for the most part is how they stayed live. as far as the medical state licensing, absolutely keep that, loosen that out. because honest to god i get white lawyers have to be licensed in each state, find state regulations, laws they change. but a human is a human from
12:35 am
texas to california to florida, to new hampshire. and by god, like i said walking on the street with your booze is not the biggest threat we face right now. >> i will not forget the wall of frozen drinks even get a blue hawaiian mudslide and people were just waltzing around do not had a mudslide? if you had not lived my former cia friend. >> kennedy is right on that you guys are fantastic. we will get together we will collaborate just like the movie cocktail. katherine mangu-ward, marie harf, mike baker print all the more delightful. speaking of shaking up an
12:36 am
antiquated system, crypto currency is going mainstream. so happy to join in? and maybe boost your bank account in the process? as of today visa has unveiled a credit card that allows you to buy things with crypto. users of their new visa card can make transactions in the u.s. d coin currency that is just the beginning of more crypto partnerships to come. so how can you start buying and selling using a decentralized currency? and which alternatives to the u.s. lgb shopping for question academy see of, thanks and welcome to the show glad you are here respect thanks for having me, kennedy is a pleasure to be here. see for a lot of people really intrigued by crypt upper they do not know how works we got banks like bank of america saying that crypto is stupid, bitcoin should go away. we would never tell our partners to invest in it. now you have chase and visa
12:37 am
basically using various companies to help instantly convert from crypto to u.s. dollars tell me how this is working. >> it's a very important step towards mainstreaming of crypto currency to have huge brands to go out there and endorse the entire industry. how it works for example if you are using a crypto convenient card use gannett as if you would your regular credit card radio turn rewards and crypt at which makes it popular. but visa did is making set our obligation as a program manager being crypto currency to visa instead of sending a wire we send digital dollars to them on the public block chain. this is very important for mainstream written every financial financial institution is scrambling to figure what are we doing about crypto? how did we get on this train? kennedy: which crypto
12:38 am
currencies benefit the most from this? >> obviously bitcoin leads the entire industry. people frequently say 50000 i missed the vote, this is not how this thing works. if it is early enough for elon musk to accumulate bitcoin if not too late for you. >> i like it i got coin base and i am a fan coin base is about too have a big ipo. >> absolutely. again this is huge. columbia's going to trade 100 billion market cap on day one next week. it is going to be absolutely the focal point of the entire conversation on wall street for the next week or two. it's also great for smaller companies like us. 56million users we just crossed 10 million users mark last month. and so we are growing much larger than coin base is good
12:39 am
for us. so far when you get that domain when he decided for that? >> this is an interesting story the domain was owned for more than 25 years by a cryptography professor who was famous for saying crypto stands for cryptography and not currency. somehow we managed to reach an agreement this could be a home for everybody who was to buy, sell earn crypto patency perfect. we managed to secure it. her partnership with visa some people are just getting into apparent level to break it down things again chris. stomach thank you so much for having me, kennedy. steve are up cops now say tiger woods was traveling almost twice the speed of light when he crashed it's true very fast.
12:40 am
you go twice the speed limit? jimmy fail yet it's in studio. it's my first and syria guess i'm going to sniff them. he's coming
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kennedy: surprise, surprise, surprise tiger woods was speeding more than 40 miles per hour of the speed limit when he lost control of his carpet almost killed himself and other people possibly. investigators k release in a report on the crash. they found no signs of impairment, they're not going to file charges. but they also never tested for drugs or alcohol part is tiger getting special treatment customer let's get it with with fox across america fox news radio theory is in person, jerry failure. >> hey now, nice to see you.
12:45 am
>> this whole thing has been crazy. it was the craziest coverage. everyone thought tiger woods breaking news tiger what is been in a crash. this is it this is how it happens. >> and we just jump and i love the sheriff said there's no sign of impairments, there is a car upside down in the woods. like aside from the car the child at her the fire chief saying that tank of gas in the matches is no sign of arson i don't a while check here. that sheriff got nikes for life you notes to retire as i came in don't judgment a walked a mile in my shoes but no serious of these are my shoes unit family can wear them for the rest your life. >> walk a mile walk 15 feet. >> drive as many as you like a druggie but don't want that for this is insane. kennedy: also if someone has had a fairly recent dui and very publicly talked about his struggles with the drug issue. >> you leave me out of this let's get back to tiger, let's
12:46 am
get back to tiger. the real point as he had recent had a dui. kennedy: observation where the green jacket. >> had a bad hand that kind of one when he asked what his favorite color was he said checks next. [laughter] you're not even answer the questions he asked you. how are you chant? probably, you do know to mean? not even answer the question. i love you think the two good samaritans to help them come tiger that was one person you're seeing double. there is no way this is legit. kennedy: there so many disparities like was he conscious? was he not conscious grade one persons like oh no i thought is dead i walked up he was completely passed out there's no sign of life. and that firefighters like oh he's totally lucid. [inaudible] were good. >> they literally said from the data it appears he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the break. that's called being drunk pretty do not do that sober. kennedy: and less they swapped
12:47 am
the pedals. [laughter] >> this is going to turn to scooby-doo me take a mascot this is amazing. kennedy: the masters' this week it is tiger going to play? [laughter] >> at there's an xbox controller involved yes i think is the favorite think he'll be playing. kennedy: key imagine if he had robotic legs and came out super strong? know the kingpin becomes of the rubber pen were going to get a rubber man tiger good gosh but please resist any reference to roberson tiger woods a family program pairs who were probably because he doesn't use them. you so started at. [laughter] >> i would not leave check with pjs all-time and perkins waitresses like that this a classic show caddy. kennedy: who speeding out of there is no perkins. >> it was his piping chased by a spouse or something like that. [laughter] or issa mikell so the bell the road. [laughter] >> yes phil mickelson. kennedy: i'm trying to protect poor phil mickelson from these awful rumors and conspiracy theories. they will not let up. >> they won't too.
12:48 am
super comeback next week. >> will do it. >> will do it. >> yay ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today.
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before a rope out of her claims meghan markle after her
12:52 am
marriage to harry could continue acting for anyone who watch suits knows you never really started without the drama queen and this is a topical storm. topic number one, university michigan is austin a cannabis chemistry scholarship. talk about higher education this must be were dr. dre got his degree in reefer. severe state adversity made history 2009 to open the nation's first cannabis program for the coppage of the saudi students were already doing with their beakers and boiling. now cannabis testing labs offer students in the program annual scholarships of $1200. gee, i wonder what they spend that money on? the money will also be available to students with gpa of less 3.0. that could be a problem but must pop smoker great fall more in the range of cbd. the date of the school or students call the og on the cannabis chemistry program a
12:53 am
gateway to a growing industry. he was so baked at the time we did not know he made two puns. topic number two, a youtube in england showed off his multitasking skills by solving a rubik's cube while riding a unicycle and juggling with a crystal ball balanced on his head. which is also a become the mayor of portland. that was ted wheeler. yes, here he is flashing his relics cube to the camera to prove the stunt is not rigged his bat learn the hard way you're biting for activities do not help you pick up chicks. still will not help you pick up chicks. the sky learn all of these during lock tempered ironically he also got time on his hands. of course his parents wish to do something more useful with his days like watch pornography or play on video games. now the moment of truth, here we go. there it is, boom, great mogul
12:54 am
he's waving his rubik's cube. boom goes the dynamite. do you believe in miracles? i do not believe what i just stop it and so i got excited this is the only sport that will not boycott me from watching right now. topic number three. black-eyed peas start will i am created $299 high-tech facemask. but i got a feeling it is not going to sell it's called the super mask parties filled with hipaa filters into honeywell fans. in case there in a surgical mask business blowing up for you. physical with led lights, noise canceling headphones on a bunch of other dumb stuff. good heavy as those back when the black-eyed peas were popular but the futuristic design it all comes in the mind of will i am. although in this mask it's more like is that will?
12:55 am
unfortunately battery life will not last a full day per if you see someone laying down next to an outlet, do not worry. they are discharging their face but also comes with adjustable straps in case you scream and shout and let it all out. keep your pants on. not like mike baker. topic number four, and now proof that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. in >> canada watch bingo the guinea pig racing to the rescue on a remote control fire truck. geez they are really experimenting with the guinea pig. i can't relate to it also feels like i'm putting out little fires here all day long. app, here he is on his way to a three alarm camo. do not need real firefighters in canada because no one ever gets heated. this is a dangerous job for a guinea pig. he must have big fur balls. actually this was a human before he took the astrazeneca
12:56 am
vaccine. fun facts, any pigs don't sweat rate that is because they only deal the small stuff. they also do not have a tail. that is this one's a fire fighter he'll get plenty of that. guinea pigs exclusively vegan although they do eat their own to protect estimates between that and a burger with the difference? rest in peace bingo but after that but it is eaten by a cat, said he tried to rescue from a when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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