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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 8, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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to transform america like a judeo-christian culture. i like her father's history in the constitution. like secure borders i love road taxes i like most prosperity. most of all just love america. i want to make it greater and greater, thanks for watching we will see you tomorrow evening. ♪ ♪. kennedy: aren't welcome to a big night. allegations of sexual abuse malnutrition overcrowding and much worse, sounds like a hellhole present at a place like venezuela or pakistan. but it turns out those are the conditions of eight federal migrant detention center right here in the united states. in texas republican governor greg abbott said the details are enough to make him sick. >> this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is abiding over the abuse of children. to end this abuse, the biden
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administration must admit he shut down this facility. >> where else is that happening? that should make every american angry. especially parents. thousands of vulnerable children are locked up because he biden administration is no plan to fix the problem. and the point person vice president camel hair cells not gone down to the border to see things for herself and has no plans to. >> giving what's happened at the border why hasn't the president, why is the vice president visited yet? >> visited the border question i do not have any trips out later predicted what art focus is on issues but make sure we have more beds are making it more efficient and effective rate and we are addressing this in a humane way the keeps these kids as safe as we possibly can. so for anyone with any sense does the situation is far from fine. border agents are encountered wanted 70000 migrants in march. that is a 71% increase from
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february. i wonder what those april and may numbers are going to look like? this includes 19000 children. that is double the amount from february. experts say the next few months they're going to get a lot worse prejudgment outcome for an republican congressman and house judiciary committee ranking member on the subcommittee for immigration and citizenship, tom mcclintock is back. welcome back congressman. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: you're just at the border tell me what you saw. >> i was stunned, i was shaken it was the most disturbing tour i've ever taken as a member of congress. what we saw was literally hundreds of illegal aliens crossing the border with impunity. turning themselves into the border patrol. the border patrol processes them. every person who claims they are under 18 is admitted to our country. family groups that's any group that has a child in their
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company, the child is under seven they are automatically admitted to the country. the reason you're seeing all these children being dragged on this 2000-mile trail of terror is because it works there being admitted. two nights ago we saw a large group of illegals who just turned themselves in. and the border patrol agent tells me they're taking directly from the intake station right to transportation hubs because they are simply overwhelmed. kennedy: in customs and border patrol agents have a thing. our border is your border. because these are not people who are just lingering in border towns. like you said they're getting trains and now planes. some of them are covid positive. they are going all across the country because the situation is confusing. and confusion only compounds surges like this. and there really is no end in sight. so, you have kids in these
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facilities like the center in san antonio, where there are 1300 kids being held right now. at the biden administration was going to do something to ease the pressure, wouldn't they send a bunch of judges down there to help process people? >> the problem is the administration had to board completely under control. it was when joe biden came and said were not going to be deporting any illegal aliens are going to stop building the border while going to end the remaining mexico policy. that changed everything. the numbers are stunning. the week of the election last year 100 family units illegally cross the border that week. by the inauguration the weekly numbers increased to 1100. and it reached 1500050 the week ending march 24. so t had the border under contro.l biden de asude o apen invitatiti by hisis w wordsndds
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escior fhatst i wt i was ovwhelming ourilurilit d causing thishihi humanitariain witis these hpless litt chi creldrenre beingngggrag from theirir homes 2000 miless away.. there iser a reason for it. itor worksndets them i kennedy: does get theheen... d these cot,ot these s they are mre mre mre m m miionsnsla. they are mreakinak so much money off of poor famrilieams w are inggverything to get getet their kids in. because once they getethe k ks and fdilies canan licic follow b so with your democratic colleagues, what have you found that you could tackle legislatively? for better for worse it is on your shoulders now. we cannot keep going back and forth this immigration football between success of the administration congress has to do something. what are you willing to do democrats now? >> i think it has to be a complete package for you got to restore control the border. for example the doctor kids, the people who were brought here as children, through no
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fault of their own and grew up here. we've got to do something to legalize them. we cannot do that until we secure the border. otherwise we're simply encouraging this new generation that will be demanding more from legalization in the pathway to citizenship. you've got to do it as one package. we are very close to doing that three years ago and the wonder 15 congress. we came within a few votes of passing a comprehensive package. including e-verify to assure the illegals are not being, are not cramming out americans trying to earn a living. it also legalize the doctor participants. that i think is the path we have to take. but i have to tell you, candy, i see no interest from the democrats are making any compromises like that with the exception of a few democrats represent in a that are being
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overwhelmed. kennedy: you have people like henry he was the first in congress to release pictures of some these juvenile detention facilities. they're awful he is troubled by it. i really you are from california you had seen the border many times. so hopefully can all get together convince everyone else they have to do something. thank you congressman clint contact thank you. spectacular having reports before allegations of sexual abuse is not the old whole advents. in fact you've got the other half of the situation which is it democrats who unfortunately are compounding the situation led by nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi is saying there is nothing to worry about everything is under control. roll the tape. >> the fact is we are on a good path at the border under the leadership of president
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biden. we were in a very bad situation of the trump administration. >> solved trump, it's not trump you guys. come on man how long could democrats by their heads in the sand at immigration? and what will become of our country. in the meantime let's get into its knights panel we have got attorney and how to be a federal criminal author mike chase forgot comedian host of the quiz on fox nation the one and only tom shillue. den democrat poster and fox news contributor who got a little bit of new hardware this week. let's see it jesse, oh my god, jessica tarr lough is engage the most wonderful man. beautiful couple congratulations jesse. >> thank you so much. so far oh, i it. was not quite as lovable is what's going out with nancy pelosi, mike chase. this is the most asked
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backward explanation of the board of ever seen. it's one thing to say it's not a crisis. it's another thing to say it's good this is far from good. >> i think that is the problem. there's not actually progress being made. its redefinition of terms. what was a couple of months ago was kids in cages is now kids sleeping and compassion pods or something like that. you take away the terms their use in the previous administration. you redefine those terms to redefine success that any real meaningful change. we are not on a path to success from the same path a redesign. i think that's the problem. but in your interview just a couple of minutes ago you touched on a very important question. which is my bipartisan perspective what are we going to do to fix this? we going to lay out meaningful reforms and prevent this from becoming something that we catch up with every four years during election season and it becomes a political football?
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i hope that is the case. because frankly i don't care if kamala harris goes down the border for photooptical producers going to put in slow motion to become a campaign out at some point. what i care about his own to stop seeing footage of young kids, kids close to my son's age water and through the desert because it been a bandit that's what i want. sue gore is a story about three and five are a brother and sister who were dropped over a 14-foot fence wall. penn dropped on the ground has essentially left for dead. thank god they are still live and they were there. what about the other cases where kids are a bandit and they don't make it? we do not know their stories. but tom, are people really dumb enough to believe when we try to shift the language working to talk about kiersten julie brown later. we go from detention facilities want a good path or people dumb enough to believe that? stomach they don't believe it but they don't care. august the both parties do this.
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they look at the politicians, they look at their logic. they know it doesn't make much sense but they my team says things are good some going to say things are good. she does not even try to use logic. she does not try to refer to anything. she said trump is bad, joe is good. the evidence is there still a massive problem on the border. she says no, no it is better now because joe is the president. i sit on panel some people say what are we going to do about it? how do we make change? it is over. with a menacing guy as the president. he ran a build the wall. and he could not do anything. it was a disaster and trump was in there. we all know the most compassionate thing we can do on that border is to stand at the border and say you can't commend, you have to go back. we will never do that. so it will never improve. kennedy: but at some point you have to let people and we have to have an immigration system or people come in and the
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people leave. people, then they go, jessica. when you need more people working here you let more people working. when people work and make my day go back to their home countries and make take care of their own families per need the parties going to do that. three silent kamala hurst to go there so i want her frankly to be shocked. i wonder should be jarred into action. i was something to penetrate so she goes all my god, this is not america this is not will be due pretty got to do something different here. that is why want her to go. >> and we can be excited for the campaign ads will certainly be cut from that visit. i do think it's important to be face-to-face as you mentioned the representative, alexandria ocasio-cortez also went and how appalled she was at the conditions and says things had not approved since the trump administration with kids in cages argument. and shot a hole through what jen psaki had been saying from the podium on how things are
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so much improved now. i do believe it's people's legal right to come here and seek asylum. i think that what we have been doing under the trump ministration from building a wall and turning right so many people who do have that legal right to seek asylum is the wrong move. but is certainly something akin to a crisis. special to come so i can't possibly agree the other side about this is not going to move us anywhere. kennedy: your aptly right >> members of the gang that they could come back together. kennedy: or they have to have a new series of people. maybe some of the freshman representatives in congress who democrats and republicans i don't care, who get together and say all right they're not going to do it. they've been in office forever got the figured out. the pen returns will bit later. the first up president biden he says it's perfectly constitutional but how far will he go to squash your second amendment freedom? defender of gun rights dana
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promised lawmakers will follow-up with more extractions, watch. >> nothing i am about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. their phone the arguments suggesting this or second amendment rights at stake for what we are talking about. but no amendments, no mm into the constitution is absolute. we also ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country. we should eliminate gun manufacturers they merely they receive from congress. enough prayers, time for some action perspective president tomorrow plans to sign he owes on including the restriction of ghost guns which were assembled using untraceable pieces come on paid senate majority leader chuck schumer released a statement shortly after promising this is just the beginning. so is president biden really telling the truth when he says he's not coming after guns customer. many former nra spouse person
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it is dana loesch on the dana show. [laughter] welcome back to talk to. stomach thank you. kennedy: this is infuriating for this is a week where we have had a lot of gumby semantics. it had words twisted up to try to either change their meeting or broaden it that so much. that is what happened with the argument for gun prohibition. when you hear terms like ghost guns, what are ghost guns? that seems like an awfully big term. >> it is, candy, you're right and purposely so. really ghost, use like this. it's the same thing as assault weapon hits unicoi term a nonphysical term that people not familiar with use this because they think it covers an area that's not regulated by the government are writing that's not true. ghost guns with a talk about if you get a block of aluminum to drill it out and create a firearm with that, which is
8:20 pm
what gang bangers do. they buy expensive drill presses this machinery and equipment in their homes and that's apparently how they make their firearms. which is not supported by any study where they determine where felons get their gun. kennedy: there's a big steady girlfriends by them and they're not stolen. straw purchases. >> straw purchases and theft or they don't go fillet at 4473 and say yes i am a criminal who must or hunter biden they don't let them fill out a 4473 him try to lie on it for they just don't do it. they get it on the black market. but ghost gun -- if your hobbyist and up i want to make a gun here in my home which i then have all the machinery to do it sadly. if i want to make it in my home it is my personal use i could do so the law protects separate but the second i sell
8:21 pm
it, fight sell to you, canada have to serialize serializer this is under nfa law. it is usc like a through z cover all of this. you have to serialize it. the same thing with 3d plastic guns, which by the way with really good plastic and a really good 3d printed they're not cheap if you've ever fired the plastic doesn't last forever. the cell has to contain a metal parts to be traceable for you have been undetectable firearm also. so what biden is saying is false. kennedy: with this should be doing is using some ace agencies to follow up on some of the laws that already exist. my biggest point now is david chipman. he is the man who has been tasked with hitting the atf. he hates gun owners. he has a very negative condescending view of the people who want to defend themselves in their own home.
8:22 pm
>> no, canada, you're right. that's the worst choice they could have made for the atf. i don't really see him getting to the senate i really doubt. but katie bar the door because it will become the most activist atf we've ever seen i think. he had rolls in ruby ridge at waco. he plays all semi automatic firearm should banned peerless a close at all gun shows during the lock them because they're nonessential. he locks a jet mocks law-abiding gun owners he calls it as the zombie apocalypse. they're afraid that was the cities burn on television and people are pointed defined with tax dollars per he's crazy he's not a guide to be trusted. everything's about him. kennedy: his eyes are so crazy he makes gary busey look like the portion of sanity. [laughter] 's macbeth we looks like. kennedy: he hates gun since so much. he's going to send us back to
8:23 pm
an era of muskets. which that's fine they can be fired will role-play. >> he is a conspiracy theorist. kennedy: dana so good to talk to thank you for coming by appreciated. >> things can be a part appreciated. , right, center roasting democrat et cetera kiersten jill brennan after she tweeted childcare is infrastructure, caregiving is infrastructure paid the crazy part is biden agree to this the two chili dollar proposal proves it. something seemed to be fixed in this country but where does the government spending stop when roads, bridges and tunnels, count is infrastructure? and accordions was our departed pals back mike chase jessica harlow. in your profession mike chase
8:24 pm
terms are very important and words and matter they have to contain the same meeting over, and over, and over again. you cannot change the meeting for convenience. >> si cannot hate on saturday jill bram should stay up for the likes and retweets i think. when it comes to who she is this is sorted important part she occupies an important role. she's one of the people that writes the law that governs our freedom we can do with our property with our bodies public and with our lives. because of that she can have a hand in drafting unbelievably broad laws with words we think they we know what they mean but all of a sudden we don't. a good example is interstate commerce word if you look at the united states constitution they talk a lot about how federal congress can regulate interstate commerce but what is interstate commerce? we know it's everything for that space can have the courts
8:25 pm
have construed that's how congress construed it. have you have people like senator jill bram going out there saying words have no meaning, none whatsoever is really no limit to the government's power to restrict your freedom. there is a lot of republicans who would be on board than infrastructure package. there are republicans who live in places where there are potholes and roads, bridges are crumbling. they do not even mind fixing a little bit of broadband. but when you broaden it so much it's easy for someone like kyrsten sinema or mansions they cannot be up on board with it sorry. >> the thing is i was almost charmed by this. she was trying to sell us on giving her money for other things. that is what politicians of our ways done. there is a little bit of old fashion politics in this like give me some money so i can do things. listen up pointing at us and calling us racists. that is been the normal playbook parade they're trying to convince us of something.
8:26 pm
it's not really working by think it's interesting she is going for that. i do not even like the word infrastructure. call it what it is refuted money for roads tell me i'll give you little money for your road you need a bridge, let me know i'll give you money for your bridge. and we all love that, so tell me what unit i'll give it to you but once you start putting under the umbrella term infrastructure. kennedy: nobler umbrella of soy not when everything is infrastructure nothing is infrastructure. when everything is racist, nothing is racist, jessica, too broad. >> no, some things are still definitely racist. before absolutely. >> you copy this is not one of my favorite democratic politicians i still have al franken bitterness all over my face which of botox even undo. [laughter] i did take the time to look up
8:27 pm
the definition of infrastructure which is a social and economic infrastructure for the country but under that definition i can see where kirsten gillibrand came up with that about childcare, family and why joe biden. [inaudible] kennedy: no social infrastructure is a made-up phrase. [inaudible] [inaudible] kennedy: that is that uterus part of social infrastructure. >> let me get in here. >> i am very pro- uterus two. kennedy: you do not want to be part of every one social for a party past avery are we are coming up or playing what our very favorite games. we gather some of the craziest crime stories, all rise for "kennedy's kourt", next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ kennedy: here we go.
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we cover a lot of kooky criminals on the show but justice was released rarely is served out in the world world. we played judge and jury and executioner on this installment of candidate corporate this is how it works. i will read to a ridiculous but true crime have been about love a little losers. think mug shop monday. chase gives us a defense and jessica there the jurisprudential design of the suspect is guilty or not guilty. i will deliver the final verdict. all rise, "kennedy's kourt" is now in session. mike, tom, jessica are you already? >> yes your honor. kennedy: tennessee woman bites at deputy after arguing with girlfriend over chicken negative 23 old lillian barney was arrested for assaulting her girlfriend after arguing about chicken nuggets. the nature of the argument is unknown. en route to the bedford county
8:33 pm
jail she continuously banked her head against the control car window and attempted to kick it out. she later bit a deputy on the arm as he walked her to a jail cell. mike, how do you defend her? >> as you know i like to get into the heads of the jury every time in these cases. there's one thing i know about juries is what they look forward to most in the day of trial's lunch. so i will do in this case has i will bribe the person delivering lunch to not deliver it to the jury. he'll go to closing arguments they will not of had lunch. at that point i will deliver my closing argument. i will flip out my secret weapon ladies and gentlemen of the jury i know you have not eaten today, but who would not get into a fight over a ten peace? would you be willing to fight me for this ten peace? i think you what, not guilty. kennedy: it not guilty at all, tom how to rule? >> i would rule not guilty. if mike is successful in pulling off the chicken nugget
8:34 pm
defense and eats those chicken nuggets and french to me i'll say not guilty as quickly as possible so it gets at lunch. kennedy: jessica where you stand here? >> but mike, actually don't think you knew this about the but the scenario he just described that the courtroom aspect is exactly how it chicken fillet for the first time i was against it because the bigotry and then i was so hungry that i ate those little nuggets. now i love them which is embarrassing and of the world knows so not guilty. kennedy: not guilty it is congratulations. wow, lillian you're free to roam about the country invite whoever you want. she is going to meet army hammer on cannibals only part it's a great new dating site. alright here's case number two. michigan man wakes sleeping no gun to his head. an unidentified suspect was charged with home invasion and polonius assault after demanding more from a man give him his two cats at gunpoint. he then grabbed one of the
8:35 pm
animals and ran down the street. cops quickly caught up to him and talked him in jail for not sure what happened with the cat. mike, i do not know how you defend this. >> on this i'm going to rely on expert testimony which is what is the very real phenomenon during covid which is a pet shortage. people in hard time getting cats and dogs because their home and lonely. going to point out this was actually a necessity defense. this man needed an emotional support cats. he did what he had to do to get it. what better proof that a person needs an emotional support cat is the fact they're willing to commit a late night stick up for a cat, not guilty. kennedy: tom, would you see here? >> i'm going to go with guilty. i think there's an excuse for the gun. you sneak in, he put the cat in their pocket you get out the door. it's cat burglary, you got to be sneaky. [laughter] 's reports got its own term, jessica. >> i'm going guilty as well.
8:36 pm
not just because our people at our tom says. feels like some men of animal cruelty which i'm not cool with. super i'm not cool that because i'm not do not like cats. i don't care about the pet shortage but he was completely misguided going after cats. i think he is guilty as sin. and we are sending him to the host cow. for time but of venezuelan prison earlier. we are sending him they are a burmese prison have found that python paired here's case number three, yellowstone park ranger burke cooking chicken hot springs for idaho madison barger yellowstone national park for two years, find $1200 after scott heating up two whole chickens crammed into a burlap sack by dipping them into a hot spring. is that even illegal, mike? >> as you know for the last seven years everyday i've been counting every federal crimes on the book at crime a day. i can tell you for sure that we what he is charged with is
8:37 pm
a violation of 1865 and 36 cfr 2.1 subsection 83. pierce the problem that, that regulation only prohibits tossing, throwing, or rolling objects into thermal features. i have a good authority he took that chicken and gingerly and tenderly place it into the thermal feature, not guilty, no tossing no throwing or rolling. so far all right that is fair, tom? >> island think i need the play from the defense there. seems like a sensible thing. you want to cook a chicken if it right there in the hot spring. due to who i think of before this? smokey bear. he says don't light a fire this guy did not have to light a fire. sue for his being more responsible. this is someone who clearly is a holistic eater, who loves the earth and the environment. he was not going to burn the whole place down, jessica? >> i'm going with animal cruelty again. i'm not strange or vegan.
8:38 pm
before they were whole chickens but not in the sense that they had a soul or a head. it was like a friar chicken. >> well, so split drip sewing guilty. [laughter] kennedy: i'm going to have to side with, jessica i love your love your engagement ring a think your fiancé is phenomenal. you guys are true power couple. but i give to you his letting you know that you're wrong on this one. [laughter] he is not guilty's cooking chicken as we all like to do me or camping. who among us, mike? >> i'm doing wealthy poultry crimes tonight. two poultry crimes. [laughter] support is poultry thursday as you know. heart party panel thank you so much. mike, tom, jessica. coming up the bizarre saga kicked out of school for questioning the definition of micro- aggression. a panel discussion on micro-
8:39 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: where is a sexy sax man when you need him. this article make you mad, but don't get too mad or you might get canceled. former student at uva school of medicine is now suing after school administrators ran into him a threat and banned him from campus for questioning the legitimacy of micro- aggression. at all happened in 2018 during a panel discussion on micro- aggression which are said to be unintentional slight against a marginalized group or the young man reportedly did was raise his hand suggest the term was too vague and broadly defined. and for that he was reported they expelled. who's got the upper legal hand
8:44 pm
here? with me tonight anchor of fox news weeknights at midnight, it's morning but weeknights at 9:00 o'clock on the west coast very near time best-selling author of the women of the bible, speak it now also available as a program on fox nation, shannon bream is back a bream come true. >> great to see a kennedy. kennedy: thank you dear. you are gearing up your show these are the kata stories you love parade this is a kind of skepticism that we want students to engage in, isn't it? stomach this is one of these things that spiraled way, way, way out of control. there was a panel discussion back in 2018. he raised the question he pushed back and forth with a couple people on the panel. somebody decided to write a professional concern card that then went into his file he's worried about is -- he was called by two different deans. he said i was not upset or
8:45 pm
unprofessional at all pretty happy they gave me a chance to engage with them. it was a good conversation. at the end spiraled into this thing that a panel both he's going to fc a professional counselor get a psych a valuation before you return to class and getting suspended. this is gone way beyond what anyone would have thought. he decided to suit uva, filed a motion to dismiss. a federal judge said no, he's got a case here. at least controversy per se here. he is alleged they retaliated against him and the judge that you can have your day in the corporate's we were good, he should have his day in court. there were absolutely doubling down on his mistake. robby soave pointed out in reason this is textbook gas lighting. they were telling of your defensive, you are aggressive said no i wasn't, so you're being defensive? i've got to go see a psychologist that counselor. he was like why don't have to see a counselor tell me what for? because of your defensiveness. >> writes the more he asked
8:46 pm
questions the more they said have disrespectful attitude. one of the other things a set of they sent him a note reminding him in a whitsun form he need to be more polite to faculty. he needed to have a professional demeanor. that's when you kick into the whole thing to it was suggested without counseling we ask questions now you have 50 psych evaluation being kicked out of school for the more he pushed back on the summer trouble he got into. and so this judge is now basically said outlining everything he said this, he said you told him he had to go to counseling. you suspended from the medical school, you filed this professionalism concern against him, he wanted him to have a medical prerequisite clearance to go back into school. all of this is to this judge's got a legitimate legal question that you guys need to answer about what appears to be retaliation for his first amendment right to questions whole idea of micro- aggression. there's a recording of it he was polite it was not heated. kennedy: he basically said
8:47 pm
they found him as a threat he was expressing scientific skepticism. and he asked just to clarify your definition he said to the person giving the lecture of micro- aggression. is it a requirement to be a victim of micro- aggression or member a marginalized group customer she said it's not a requirement. but he said in your definition that it was. it's a hypocritical lie. >> how dare a medical student ask such an advance question? >> you know how i bet is a philosophy undergrad and i love that. i don't know that he was for sure. just by bringing this account i guess he was. >> he might've been by the way that was my worst grade in college for i'm ashamed to admit it maybe was a professor not me. kennedy: is a professor you are brilliant you have a great legal mind. that is always fueled by the love of knowledge. all right shannon bream, thank
8:48 pm
you so much have a great show tonight. >> see later. >> you know it. topical storm is next a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq like you in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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sue fort new york is a past california become the countries highest tax estate. ea. not governor cuomo has a new
8:52 pm
defensive. he was not grabbing a staffers but, he was just reaching for their wallet. the groping governor with a hand in your pocket. and this is a topical storm. topic number one, the easter snack people are getting their own animated movie, that makes sense everybody loves good chick flick. the film will follow a rag tag group of peeps characters who set out on a cross-country road trip. think it as easy rider meets uber eats. they make it to a party in pennsylvania then, like every time peeps show up at a party they get left in a cabinet for nine years. this is not the first kid movie inspired by food. finding name it with a huge hit. those characters were all delicious. and technically the legos are like a just as edible as peeps. i do not decide this idea bites, might be the most terrific easter movie since the passion of the christ. i know i am a really roasting
8:53 pm
this marshmallow movie. by going to sugarcoat my criticism for these candy chickens. the peeps movie is mostly for families. the city also expects ticket sales from perverts. nothing at the peeps show. how dare you. topic number two, a florida man has taught one of his many pet alligators to respond to commands only when he speaks in the voice of macho man randy savage. >> good, elizabeth here? do you want to go to the danger zone? elizabeth turn. elizabeth good girl. when you think about -- who is the cream of the crop? who is the cream of the cross? kennedy: the man calls himself the gator crusader. not to be convinced of the crocodile profile he also lived in florida. the gator crusaders name florida man of your by central
8:54 pm
florida news station. i believe the runner-up was not matt gates read the crusaders known as performing wild alligator stunts including licking something off of a gators noting kissing and alligator on national tv. basically this is the kind of guy who thought tiger king was a self-help series. sell snow dancing for alligators both dressed like professional wrestler. making them almost as ridiculous his actual professional wrestlers. topic number three, an unusually late winter frost is forcing wine great deals across europe to use torches to warm their crops, take a look. yes these are feels of shibley and france and joins them man made climate change for knowing the wine grapes get these tortures which makes other grapes all jelly. [laughter] the french love to smoke and drink don't they? shibley wine is characterized by citrus and white flour
8:55 pm
aromas with dry and light bodied flavors. naked get them flame broiled. the fact is fancy wine is doing this. no they're hiring vagrants to stand in their fields with bic lighters. amazingly these grapes are better cared for the kids and joe biden's cages. also, kamala harris more likely to visit flaming fields. winemaker city torches could increase yield temperatures by up to 3 degrees celsius. as the saying goes, if you cannot take the heat get out of the french vineyard. or something. topic number four, speaking of vineyards, let's see what your derelicts are whining about now. this is viewer mail. father maren kicks it off with candidate nation you are ridiculous. you're not even a real priest. stolen valor father. terry said you have good content you have a dominant
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