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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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to transform america like a judeo-christian culture. i like her father's history in the constitution. like secure borders i love road taxes i like most prosperity. most of all just love america. i want to mak it greater and greater, thanks for watching we will see you tomorrow evening. ♪ ♪. kennedy: aren't welcome to a big night. allegations of sexual abuse malnutrition overcrowding and much worse, sounds like a hellhole present at a place like venezuela or pakistan. but it turns out those are the conditions of eight federal migrant detention center right here in the united states. in texas republican governor greg abbott said the details are enough to make him sick. >> this facility is a health and safety nightmare. the biden administration is abiding over the abuse of children. to end this abuse, the biden
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administration must admit he shut down this facility. >> where else is that happening? that should make every american angry. especially parents. thousands of vulnerable children are locked up because he biden administration is no plan to fix the problem. and the point person vice president camel hair cells not gone down to the border to see things for herself and has no plans to. >> giving what's happened at the border why hasn't the president, why is the vice president visited yet? >> visited the border question i do not have any trips out later predicted what art focus is on issues but make sure we have more beds are making it more efficient and effective rate and we are addressing this in a humane way the keeps these kids as safe as we possibly can. so for anyone with any sense does the situation is far from fine. border agents are encountered wanted 70000 migrants in march. that is a 71% increase from
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february. i wonder what those april and may numbers are going to look like? this includes 19000 children. that is double the amount from february. experts say the next few months they're going to get a lot worse prejudgment outcome for an republican congressman and house judiciary committee ranking member on the subcommittee for immigration and citizenship, tom mcclintock is back. welcome back congressman. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: you're just at the border tell me what you saw. >> i was stunned, i was shaken it was the most disturbing tour i've ever taken as a member of congress. what we saw was literally hundreds of illegal aliens crossing the border with impunity. turning themselves into the border patrol. the border patrol processes them. every person who claims they are under 18 is admitted to our country. family groups that's any group that has a child in their
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company, the child is under seven they are automatically admitted to the country. the reason you're seeing all these children being dragged on this 2000-mile trail of terror is because it works there being admitted. two nights ago we saw a large group of illegals who just turned themselves in. and the border patrol agent tells me they're taking directly from the intake station right to transportation hubs because they are simply overwhelmed. kennedy: in customs and border patrol agents have a thing. our border is your border. because these are not people who are just lingering in border towns. like you said they're getting trains and now planes. some of them are covid positive. they are going all across the country because the situation is confusing. and confusion only compounds surges like this. and there really is no end in sight. sight. so, you have kids t
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infrastructure, and accordion tom jessica so in your possession materialize are very important, and words
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matter and they have to contain the same meaning over and over and over again, and you can't change the meaning for convenience. >> i can't hate on senator, she was doing for likes retweet that stingers, a rip-roaring success, but when it comes to who she is there is sort of important, because, she occupies an important role one of these people that writes laws that govern our freedom that defied defined what we do with property bodies our lives. because of that, she can have a hand in drafting unbelievably broad laws words we think we know what they mean all of a sudden we don't, so, good example is interstate commerce look at united states constitution, they talk a lot about how, federal congress can regular late interstate commerce everything that is how courts construed it
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congress construed it if you have people lining senator gillibrand saying words have no meaning none he whatever there is no limit to government pour to rbiing rerestrict your freedom what you want to do republicans live in places potholes roads bridges crumbling broadband when you do it so much audios i canned be onboard. >> i was charmed by this. she was trying to sell us, on giving her money for other things that is what politicians have always done so there was a little bit of old-fashioned, democrat politics in this like oh give me some money so i can do things at least not pointing at us calling us racist that was been normal playbook, so they are trying to convince us of something not really working but i thought it will
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was interesting that she kind of going for that, i don't even like the word "infrastructure" call what it is if you need money for roads tell me give you money for roads a bridge let me know money for bridge. >> my favorite bridge in the country you know we love that tell me what you need i will give it to you once you start putting it under umbrella term "infrastructure". >> when everything is from your, nothing is infrastructure when everything is racist, nothing is racist jessica too broad. >> no some things definitely racist, and i would -- >> absolutely. >> -- so i you know you caught me this is not one of my favorite democratic politicians like al franken all over my face, can't even undo, but i did take the time to look up the definition
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infrastructure, when is so -- so and economic infrastructure, for the country under that definition, i can see, where gull branded came up with that child carepaid farmer leave. >> that is a made-up phrase. >> infrastructure, if you -- infrastructure you go to uterus that is uterus -- for infrastructure. >> hold on. >> i am very pro-uterus, too. >> you don't want it to be part of everyone's social federal reserve stay where you are because coming up we are playing one of our very favorite games we gathered some craziest crime stories for kennedy's court, next.
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here we go!
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yes. >> yeah, we cover a lot of kookie criminals on the show justice realer served we play jury exconstitutioner kennedy's court how it works i will read a ridiculous -- true climb headlines about lovable losers, monday, awards attorney general mike chase gives a defend panelists, they are our jury. >> decide if guilty or not guilty i will deliver the final verdict all rise, kennedy's court in session mike, are you ready? >> yes, your honor. >> thank you, start with case number one, tennessee woman bites deputy after arguing with griff over chicken nuggets 23-year-old lillian barnot arrested for assaulting her o girlfriend arguing about chick nuggets native unknown, continues to bayning her head
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against patrol car window attempted to kick it out bit a deputy on the arm he walked her to jail criminal how do you defend her? >> well as i know i like to get into the heads of the jury every time in these cases there is one thing i know about juries what they look for to most on day of trial is lunch what i will do in this case is i will bribe the person delivering lunch to not deliver to the jury it will go to closing arguments they will not have had lunch i deliver closing arguments i will without secret weapon say ladies and gentlemen of the jury, i know you haven't eaten today, but -- [laughter] -- who wouldn't get into a fight over ten piece would you be willing to fight me for this. >> i think you works not guilty. >> not guilty at all john how do you rule snield go not guilty as long as, mike if he is successful pulling off, the chicken nugget defense, and he
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eats those chicken nuggets i say not guilty as equitably as possible. >> where do you stand here. >> mike, i don't think he knew but scenario described without the courtroom aspect exactly how i ate chick-fil-a for the first time i was against it because of bitery blah, blah, blah now i love them embarrassing but the world knows so not guilty. >> it is congratulations wow lillian you are free to rome about the country bite whomever you want she is going to meet army hammer on cannibal. >> unidentified suspect charging with home invasion felonious assault demanding give two cats at gunpoint
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grabbed an animal ran down street cops tossed him in jail i am not sure what happened the cat rely on expert testimony to testify about a real phenomena during covid a pet shortage people having hard time getting katz docs because they are home lonely i point out this was actually necessity defense this man needed an he motional support cat did what he had the fact that they are willing to commit a late night stickup, for a cat. >> not guilty. >> not guilty, tom what do you see here. >> i am going with guilty i don't think there is any excuse for gun sneak in put cat in your pocket you get out the door it is cat burglary you got to be sneaky. >> jessica. >> i am going guilty as well not just because i will repeat
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whatever tom says feels like some element animal cruelty i am not cool with. >> i am not cool with it because i don't like cats i don't care about the -- if guy completely misguided going after cats, yeah, i think that he is guilty, as sin, and we're sending him to the -- venezuela prison earlier sending tell him have fun with that case three, yellowstone park ranger busts man for cooking chickens in hot springs banned from national park find a 100 as there are eithering two chickens into a burlap sack dipping into a hot spring is that illegal. >> well, as you know, for the last seven years every day, i've been couldn'ting every federal crime on the books, at crime a day, i can tell you, for sure, that what he is charging with is a violation
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of 18 usc 1865, and 36 cfr 2.1 subsection a3 here is the problem that regulation only prohibits tossing throwing or rolling objects into thermal featuring i have on good authority he took that chicken gingerly tenderly placed into it the thermal feature not guilty no tossing. >> all right that is fair, tom? >> i don't think i needed from defense seems sensible thing you want to cook a chicken but in hot springs you know i think smokey bear said don't light a fire. >> was being more responsible, this is someone who you know clearly, is a holistic eater loves eatery and environment wasn't going to burn whole place down jessica. >> i am going with animal cruelty, again. >> i don't think they were --
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>> these were whole chickens they were like a -- butchery i am going guilty. you know i am going to have to side with -- jesse i love you love your gairment ring your fiancé phenomenal you are a true power couple my bifurcate letting you know you are wrong on this one, he is not guilty he was cooking dhik we all like to do camping, who among us. >> i am doing well with poultry crimes two poultry crimes. >> it is poultry thursday as you know, thank you, guys so much mick, tom, jessica, a beautiful night. >> coming up the bizarre saga of being kicked out of school for questioning definitiving of "microaggression", will his
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story will make you mad, but don't get too mad you might get canceled term from student school of medicine suing after school administrators granted him a threat banned him from campus, for ding legitimacy, during a panel discussion on microaggression said indirect or unintentional against members of a marginalized group the wroun man reportedly raised his hand suggested term too vague broadly defined for that reportedly expelled, got upper legal hand with me fox
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news, weeknight, midnight -- good morning, not on west coast new york time best-selling author of the women of the bible speak, now available as program on fox nation shannon bream a dream come drew great to see you. >> thank you dear you are gearing up for show kind of stories that you love, in is the kind of skepticism, that we want students to engage in, isn't it? >> this is one of those things that it seems like filed just way, way wish as out of control, there was, as you said, panel discussion back in 2018, he raised a question that he did push back-and-forth with a couple people on panel, somebody decided to write a professional concern card that went into file like i am worried about disrespect this kinds of thing at some point called in by two different deans said i was happy a
12:45 am
chance to gaming i thought a good conversation, it spiraled into thing a panel votes he has to see a professional counselor get psychic evaluation before returning to class getting suspended way beyond what anybody would have thought decided to sue uba a motion to dismiss federal judge said he has a case at least controversy to hear alleging retaliated against him judge said you can have your day in court good you should have a day in court, and i know they were absolutely doubling down on their mistake, pointing out in reason, you know this is textbook gaslighting, there are telling him you were defensive you are aggressive, no i wasn't -- now you got to see a psychologist counselor why do i have to see a counselor tell me. >> because of your defensiveness. >> more he asked questions more they said you've got to
12:46 am
december respect latitude they sent a mime rhyming him he needed to be more polite to faculty needed a progressively demeanor kick into whole thing too now you have to get suggested he would have could you gosling when he asked questions then now you have to get psyche evaluation or we're kicking you it off school more he pushed back on this more trouble he got into, is to you know this basically says outlining everything, he said this he said, you know you told me how to go to counseling you suspended from the medical school filed this professionalism concern against him you wouldn't have a medical prerequisite cleerngs to get back into school this judge has a legitimate legal we could you need to answer what aretaliation first amendment right to question microaggravation there is audio recording he was polite
12:47 am
wasn't heated. >> he expressing successive skepticism, asked just to clarify your definition he says to person giving liqueur of microaggressiving is it a requirement to be a victim of microaggressiving you are a member of marginalized group she said not a requirement -- said you said in your definition that it was -- i mean, in hypocritical lies. >> how dare a medical student ask such advanced question. >> -- i love that, i don't know if he was sure but just reading this account i bet he was. >> might have been, by the way, that was my worst grade in college i am ashamed to admit it maybe professor not me. >> it was professor. >> you are -- >> and you have a great -- fertile legal mind, that is always -- fueled by the love of knowledge, all right shannon bream thank you so much my dear have a great show
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>> new york has surpassed california country's highest tax state, yeah now governor cuomo has new defense wasn't dprabdz staffer's butt, just
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reaching for the wallet a gropey governor with happened in your pocket and this -- >> is -- number one, the easter snack, getting their own animated movie makes sense everyone loves a good chick flick, film follows ragtag group of peace characteristics on a corroborative country road trip easy rider meets super etch, goal to make it to party in pennsylvania then show up at a pert, they get left in the cabinet for nine this isn't first inspired by food finding nimo huge hit, technically legos from lego movie are just as he had i believe i don't want to say idea might be most terrific movie since the "passion of the christ" i am root ofing this movie i am not
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sugarcoating crippling for candy ased chickens the studio expectancy sales from confused perverts a peep show, peep. >> how dare you. want. >> a florida man has caught one of many pet alligators to respond to commands only when he speaks in the voice, of macho ran randy. >> a big -- good, oohhia you want to go to danger zone aha, liz, dern, good girl. what do you think about pukamania cream of the crop. >> calls himself gator crusader not the crocodile neckfile lived in florida gaiter crusader named florida man of the year by a central
12:54 am
florida news station i believe runner-up was matt gaetz for performing wild alligator stunts licking frosting off the nose kissing alligator on national tv thought, it was a self-help theory known for dancing with alligators dressed like he professional wrestlers making him almost as ridiculous as professional wrestlers topic number three, usually late winter frost forcing wine grapefields to use torches to warm crops take a look, fields of -- enjoying man-made climate change only wine grapes get these torches, jelly. french love the smokeing to smoke and drink chablis craved by citrus, light body
12:55 am
engravers now you can get a boiled, fancy whining doing this no makers are hiring have aing rantz to stand in feel with big lights are grapes better cared for kids in joe biden's rages kamala harris more likely to visit a field, torches dan perceive temperature up to 3 degrees celsius like saying the saying goes if you can't take the heat get out of the from which vineyard -- topic number four. >> speaking of vineyards let's see what you derelicts are whining about now this you are your mail father marin kicks off with kennedy's, like -- you are not even a real prude. >> ker yeah says good content but dumb demeanor i i guess a
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do-meanor why don't you save your whack unify voice once a we can if ever, no -- so multilynnwall georgia leaves us with kennedy nation you are quite literally human crystal pepsi, sweet totally memorable. i will be right back. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to challenging times are nothing new. neither are resilient people. there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry.
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