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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 9, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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jackie: we see the dow jones indicated higher and s&p 500 turned negative in the nasdaq down by 80 points. thank you, cheryl. thank you james and brian for joining me. that does it for us. "varney & co." is up next. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. let's get right to it. we've reached the breaking point. the border has been flooded, overwhelmed and the administration is overwhelmed with this crisis which is on its own making. in the first three months of this year, 569,000 migrants were apprehended trying to cross the border and that's just the number who were caught. look at the red line of people coming across the board. the administration is a stunning $60 million a week taking care of child migrants, $300 per child per day.
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they are as nothing in to stop the flow. the president of el salvador refused to meet with the us envoy who is trying to get him to stop the flow. homeland security secretary mayorkas went to the board about refused to answer questions and more than two weeks into her job as the borders are-- border czar vice president harris has no plan to visit the scene. my opinion and this is harsh, i believe it's deliberate, this administration doesn't really want to stop the flow on this issue with this administration i am a cynic. democrats have given us an open border because they believe the people who flow into america our future democratic voters this is friday, april 9, we are right at the breaking point in america is being changed without our consent. "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪♪
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stuart: a foggy statue of liberty. its new york. good morning. welcome to the show. i'm going to kick this thing off with money. look at this, overshadowing the market at this moment is the latest number on inflation, the producer price index. the key number is not report was this: year on year producer prices are up 4.2%, a very significant gain, suggesting inflation is right there and maybe about to take off. that's why the nasdaq is down. that's why the s&p is down. that's why the dow jones average has cut the gain from 100 to 34 points. that's the market now. the 10 year treasury yield going up, maybe that's another reason why the nasdaq is down.
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1.68% as of now. bitcoin, you have to click that, $59000 per coin. that's the latest on that one. that's the markets. something else in the news, amazon reportedly it's ahead in the closely watched union vote in alabama. good morning, ashley. take me through the vote. ashley: indeed and by the way that counting resumes today, but so far it appears a large margin of the amazon warehouse workers in alabama have voted against unionization. according to the "wall street journal" after about half the ballots were counted by federal officials, roughly 70% of the amazon employees had voted no to unionizing both sides have been able to contest the eligibility of each and every vet ballots. now union leaders are already calling foul accusing amazon of intimidating workers and
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unfair labor practices. of the accounting goes on, but either side can then legally challenge the results, so it could still drag on for some time. stuart: i would love to know how bernie sanders and aoc, how do they feel about this because they did amazon and they are in favor of unions and were pushing this from day one, but they aren't going to get it. i'm waiting for their response. what do you think it will be? ashley: outrage and they will probably say the same thing as the union leaders, but it's a knowing i think that sends a strong message back. stuart: i think you are right. back to you in a moment. moran amazon. it might be moving up its annual prime day, moving up, amazon usually holds prime day in july took it could make it made it to and also thinking of adding another discount day may be in the fall.
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amazon is opening its first grocery store on the east coast. they will open stores in washington dc, pennsylvania and maryland. of the stock is down $10 this morning, perhaps that's inflation. we are looking at futures overall this friday morning in the nasdaq is down 90 points dow jones up a mere 30. kenny policari joins us. i went to move away from strict market coverage for a second. more ceos, seems to me, are being pressured into taking political positions. i don't like it. i went to invest in a company which has solid profits, a good product at a good price. i don't care about their politics. what to say you? >> i agree 100%. is a slippery slope that a lot of these public companies are going down because at some point you are going to disenfranchise 50% of your clientele if you take a position on a
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public issue that as a public, he has no point to take a position on, so i'm with you and i gets dangerous. i think you will start to see and you have started to see some companies that have put up that there's anger on both sides so i think it's a lose lose a situation. stuart: lets move back to the markets with these number's this morning on inflation. at the producer level inflation is at eight 4.2% rate compared to this time last year. that's pretty strong. i imagine the market is worried about what the fed will do. >> of course according to the fed there's nothing to worry about, not only no inflation, but if there is we have it under control. notice he has been saying it more and more everyday, so my sense is they have the sense it will be the number today and so therefore they are trying to job long the market ahead of an overreaction and trying to get everyone to palm down. he said it again
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yesterday, j powell, said they have every tool in the toolbox ready and they expected, so they are trying to get everyone on the same page. it's interesting because last night we saw china's number much stronger than expected and today this number is stronger than expected, so it verifies what everyone is worried about this building level of inflation that we know exists because we live in the real world. why everyone else says it doesn't exist is mind-boggling to me. i think the market will take a breather, certainly the nasdaq, i don't think that s&p will make it to 4100 plus the fed comes out the something else. stuart: this program deals with politics and money. you handle both in the three minutes. that's pretty good. we will see you soon. thank you. we have news on mcdonald's. this is interesting as they are closing hundreds of their restaurants, which are inside walmarts.
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why are they doing that? ashley: that's a good question. around 150 stores will remain at us walmart locations, but down from about 1000, so as you ask why, since they put fewer people want to eat meals at walmart. four years walmart and other large restaurant chains like mcdonald's have helped each other with walmart providing a steady stream of diners and restaurants offering rental profit and those were the reasons for stalkers to stick around the store, but all my shopping and increased use of drive-through's have made indoor store dining unappealing plus more walmart customers are just picking up their goods in store parking lots, so walmart knowing it's happening is reportedly working to find new model sports store restaurants focusing more on meals to go, but it's a reflection of the times. stuart: yep, maybe they will go to costco for a dollar 25
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foot-long hotdog and a drink. who knows. brisket serious. this is a serious a story, foxbusiness alert, prince philip has been to queen elizabeth ii has passed away, buckingham palace released a statement saying it's with deep sorrow that her majesty the queen announced the death of her beloved husband, his royal highness the prince philip duke of eddington, his royal highness pass this morning peacefully at windsor castle. he spent 65 years supporting the queen retiring from his public role in 2017. he was hospitalized recently for heart condition, but no word on the cause of death. buckingham palace is flying flags at half staff at this hour and prince philip was 99 years old. ashley, you know what everyone is talking about is whether or not prince harry will come back to england for the funeral. what do you think we three i don't think there's any doubt. i think he will come back despite the furor
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and infighting. i don't think there will be any doubt about in my mind. harry will bode well-- will go back for the funeral, for his grandfather. i don't think meghan markel will. she's pregnant with their second child and i think it is right that harry be there and i think he will make that trip. stuart: it's a shame isn't it that the controversy surrounding harry and making is going to overshadow this events within the royal family that happened a couple of hours ago today. i think this will be a news item for some time to come. it should not, but it probably will be. checking the market again with 20 minutes before the market opens and we are down on the nasdaq, down on the s&p and fractional gain for the dow jones. gun activists and critics of president biden are furious claiming the president was outright lying regarding background checks. watch this. >> most people don't
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know, you walk into a store you buy a gun you have a background check, but you go to a gun show and you can buy whatever you want, no background check. stuart: that is not accurate, by the way. and what about his son, hunter, who reportedly lied on a background check to get a gun? we will cover it. looks like big tech censorship is back in action. we will tell you why youtube is a silencing the governor of florida. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: isn't that relaxing? smokey robinson, cruising in your look and clearwater beach in florida, quiet, peaceful, beautiful work of the governor of florida, ron desantis is assuming the cdc as he once cruiser ships to sail again from florida. what is the governor's reasoning? ashley: he's pretty upset. florida is suing the federal government for what it calls a failure to lift restrictions on a cruiser ships as the us recovers from the pandemic. cdc first issued a note sale order march 4, last year and restrictions remain in until at least this november. of the lawsuit says more 1.5 million people travel by air in the us april 5, for example, with hotels restaurants and theme parks reopening, but it says the cruise industry has
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been unfairly singled out and as a result is on the brink of financial ruin. the suit alleges the cdc lacks the authority to shut down the cruise industry, so they are really going after the cdc and the cruise lines have also themselves perhaps threatened moving their home court's-- ports out of the us's on the fight on. stuart: big media is going after ron desantis. this and this, youtube has removed a video of a covid roundtable discussion held by an chaired by governor desantis. in the video some of the medical experts questioned the effectiveness of restrictions like the need for children to wear masks. watch this. >> doctor gupta mentioned about not putting masks on kids, not effective, not necessary. martin, you agree that in the schools there is no need for them to wear
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facemasks? >> children should not wear a fast-- facemask, no. >> how do you teach a child to read with a facemask on a zoom? children develop by watching other people. ashley: that's part of the video that youtube just took down. they say violated policies on debunked covid claims. come on in dr. marc siegel, set us straight. do you think youtube was right to take down the video? >> no, i don't. did anyone ever hear the term cancel culture come a listen point they were making is interesting which is there such medicine on a sociological and psychological damage done to children when their faces are covered at a young age. they don't tend to spread covid-19 much, very little the younger you go and the younger you go the less likely they are to comply with a mask. that's a debate worth having and the doctor
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said he had on there from harvard and stanford, top physicians and they have a right to say that and in another part of the video they talk about the tremendous cost of lockdowns which we have seen across the board and have talked about on the show. florida is wide open and that numbers are not worse than other states. in fact, their deaths have gone down because of the proactive vaccination program of the elderly. we have to have an open debate and i think it's very disturbing that the video was removed to. stuart: keep the debate flowing, please. here's another story, doctor. johnson & johnson, astrazeneca reported issues with their vaccine. forget the issues they are worried about for a moment and let me make this point, when you have issues with the vaccine makers, that puts people off getting the shot, doesn't it? >> yeah, that is true. that's exactly what i'm worried about because emerging bio solutions in baltimore was making
9:20 am
that astrazeneca vaccine side-by-side with the johnson & johnson and they got mixed up and it affected to 16 million doses. johnson & johnson said they will still come up with a hundred million doses by may as promised, but the point you are making is the blackeye as we are already concerned about that astrazeneca vaccine and then we hear it's made together with the j&j and there's a mixup, that's the last thing people want to hear. i can tell you the j&j vaccine is excellent, it's very safe and effective. we have to keep pushing that because it's absolutely cherubic i have talked to members of the fda and its a great vaccine. i hope we continue with compliance. we have had none of that kind of screw up with mrna vaccine with pfizer and moderna, thank god because we have hundreds of millions of doses of circulating and they are terrific. stuart: dr. marc siegel, thank you for your input. always a pleasure
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appeared now this, let us see the maker stock prices. i'm doing this because almost 20% of our countries population, americans are fully vaccinated, fully backs and 80%. many countries around the world will not hit that target this entire year. look at the futures, please. we are opening the market in about nine minutes and we have the nasdaq and s&p down a little. nasdaq is down a lot, dow jones up about 50 and as we head out towards a commercial break, have a look at wonderful, peaceful, portland at 6:00 a.m. where are the writers? i guess they have just gone to sleep. we will be back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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stuart: four and half minutes until the opening of the markets with nasdaq down, s&p down and dow jones up 60. big tech will probably be a big next picture this morning. they are all on the downside with a lot of red ink. the crypto currency exchange, coin base, that's going public next week, april 14, i
9:26 am
believe is the day. ray wang is with us. straighten us out on coin base. i believe it's the leading place to buy and sell crypto. is that correct? >> number one place for crypto currency exchange they will the 100 billion-dollar ipo is the guesstimate. they have 56 million customers trading anything from bitcoin, ethereum to any crypto currency out there and it's one of the most interesting ipos because it's the nasdaq of crypto currency's. stuart: if they have 56 million people buying and selling crypto's, how do they make their money, commissions from each sale i would guess? >> it is. its 96% of their revenue from transaction fees and last year they did somewhere around 1.4 billion, but last quarter they did 1.8 billion showing the growth of crypto currencies in the marketplace which is why
9:27 am
the ipo is looked at very carefully. stuart: do you think it will be one of those ipos that opens and takes off from the get-go, do you predict that? >> i think so. look at the price of the coin, which i think you showed earlier at $59000 a bitcoin and that will be part of that and we seek other crypto things popping up that are actually making this exchange so popular and they are democratizing actra-- access to crypto currencies allowing people to convert different crypto currencies. one of the challenges is if crypto currency continues as an asset, what happens if other crypto currencies come in to play and if there is more regulation, but the future looks bright for brian and fred the cofounders. stuart: you specialize in big tech and when i talk to you about the unionization of big tech. we will get the results of amazon's union vote later today and it looks
9:28 am
like the union loses big-time. would any big tech company actually welcome a union, ray? >> i don't think so because big tech companies have to innovate quickly and if you look at the conditions of amazon in general and you work for amazon you know you will work hard, but you will build something that's unique and you know you will deliver an awesome customer experience and a lot of innovation. you go to amazon to work hard, not coast, so for amazon's case in terms of trying to unionize employees, it will be difficult for companies especially big tech companies to want unions in their because they have not found good partners. there are places in other countries where labor councils have partnered for innovation, but that's mostly the exception, not the norm. stuart: real fast, i read your tweets and you are talking about las vegas being the land of opportunity.
9:29 am
i take it you are talking about housing market? >> you are right. the market there is amazing and we have a massive growth there. it's impossible getting new single-family homes. the whole area is on fire and people are leaving los angeles, leaving san francisco to buy new homes out there and the market is back. stuart: word of advice, ray, go to florida and see what is happy to the real estate market there. it's absolutely on fire. ray wang, you are all right. thank you. 45 seconds to go before we start the market. it's going to be a mixed picture, no major price movements either way by the looks of it. the market overshadowed this morning at least a half-hour ago by the news that producer price inflation came in at 4.2% rate year-over-year and that's important number. that looks like inflation is back.
9:30 am
everyone wants to know what's the fed going to do about it. they're going to live with this, they call it temporary, what are they going to do, that's what investors want to know and that's why the nasdaq is looking at a 50-point drop from the get-go. the bell is ringing, it's friday morning and in three seconds we are off and running. the dow jones has opened as predicted about 80 points higher. it's at 33560. about half the dow jones 30 is in the green. and mixed picture. as for the s&p, that is up-- no, it's not, it's down a fraction. keep watching, it could turn to the upside. it's dead flat. nasdaq is down one quarter of 1%. have a look at boeing. it's flagged, brought to attention a potentially electrical problem with max jets. united airline said it will swap out max chats
9:31 am
to minimize the impact on customers and american airlines says it's temporarily removed 17 of the max jets after receiving the notice and the downside move for bowing is costing the dow jones 25 points, so without bowing the dow jones would be up about a hundred. we are good to cover the frenzy stock, when a particular, naked brands , it's up 13%. what's behind the jump? ashley: eight cents to 70 cents, shares of naked brand group, the new zealand apparel and swimwear company moving higher after disclosing more than 41.1 million shares giving it a boost, but the stock has been declining since then february, got caught up with the trading frenzy surrounding so-called meme stocks in late january but today it's on the upside 9%, a whopping 6 cents.
9:32 am
stuart: new zealand swimwear company, that's a new one to me. i wonder if my son has a pair. let's look at levi strauss. it's up 7% took it raised its sales outlook and the ceo says he's confident they will come out of the pandemic stronger than before. that's a nice gain. coming, ashley, this has been all over the place recently. it's a frenzy stock, but it's up 6% this morning. it's a major sports channel. why is it up? ashley: well, it's acquired the exclusive streaming rights to the world cup 2022 qualifying matches for the south american section, that's big news for the numbers and financial terms not disclosed, but under the rights, agreement they have the exclusive rights for the remaining 70 matches including
9:33 am
qualifiers and as you see the stock is up 6% on that news, world cup gripes a lot of ratings. stuart: there is a lot of soccer fans in latin america. it's a very popular sport there . i would just like to know how much they paid for the rights to broadcast those games. more movers for you, carnival cruise lines, harley-davidson, both god upgrades. harley is good for a foreign half percent gain. holywell i think is up this morning. yes, they are 3%. and they got an upgrade. what is the story on honeywell? ashley: they got nice upgrade after deutsche bank upgraded the stock to a buy from a hold. that's a positive upgrade no team underperformance so far in 21 as well as honeywell favorable exposure to the current
9:34 am
state of the economic cycle in j.p. morgan state also citing similar reasons. you get those two folks on your side nec the stock up $6 today. stuart: it's a big-time. that's honeywell, up 3%. this is an identity software company. i think you need it to go to work or figure out how to work when you're at work. they expect annual revenues-- stop laughing at me, ashley. you know i have trouble with this. they're going to grow in the next three years. today's gain of-- it's dropped on the downside now, but it was up earlier. i should have let you get on without one, ashley. i think that was your story anyway. sorry about that. [laughter] all right, let's move on
9:35 am
at the dow jones winners, 30 stocks in the dow jones and these are the biggest winners headed by honeywell as we told you an upgrade by 3%. s&p 500 headed by harley-davidson. they got an upgrade. charles swap them come free the brokerage house. nasdaq composite has some winners and hear the top winners, transportation company jp hunt at the top with a .7% gain. overall, checking the big board friday morning five minutes into the trading session where up 102 points, 33600. where is the yield on the 10 year treasury? up 1.67% and perhaps that's why the nasdaq composite isn't doing well. gold's bumbling along at 1737 per ounce. bitcoin is up. there was a strong showing of inflation at the producer level and that no doubt help to bitcoin.
9:36 am
price of oil is $59 per barrel and a price of gasoline averages $2.86. we tell you this every day, $2.86, 97 cents more than it was exactly one year ago. here's what we have, another softball interview with hunter biden. this time that interview is receiving criticism. watch a little of it. >> when they ask you if that was your laptop you say you don't know, which is hard to believe them as you read the book and then it's kind of like i'm surprised you have shoes on. >> the fact of the matter is it's a red herring, absolutely a red herring. stuart: they are kind of laughing about serious issues including hunter's drug addiction. hunter stille not admit the laptop is his. it is friday, which means friday feedback. be sure to send-- we
9:37 am
will do it at the end of the show as always. we may answer your question, honestly. dow jones is up 100. back in a moment. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ you've got the looks ♪ ♪ let's make lots of money ♪ ♪ you've got the brawn ♪ ♪ i've got the brains... ♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700 click or call to switch
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stuart: checking the markets and you will see a new all-time intraday high for the s&p 500 and for the dow jones, even though we have a 4.2% uptick in inflation over the last year at the producer price level. that's a problem. next, a study has flagged gender bias in facebook's job advertisements. would you have, ashley? ashley: pretty interesting. the research by the university of southern california reveals that facebook's tools disproportionately direct ads on jobs to a
9:42 am
particular gender, beyond what can be legally justified, says the study. examples include facebook targeting instacart delivery job for an example to female heavy audience and dominoes pizza delivery to a male heavy viewership in contrast to microsoft linkedin showing ads to about the same proportion of women as it did the instacart add an researcher say findings strengthen the argument that facebook algorithms may be in violation of us antidiscrimination laws. interesting. stuart: just get a couple in the lawyers in a room to argue about it is pretty soon he will come up with discrimination. i'm not making light of this, i'm really not just confused by the endless charges of racism and discrimination. never-ending.
9:43 am
you are so right. how about this, ashley, millionaire is in new york city will soon pay the highest tax rate in the entire nation. look who's here this morning, bradley tusk, none other than bradley tusk the man himself. he's laughing. he knows what's coming. you are in new york on a guy, a very wealthy guy-- forgive me for saying, but you are. are you coming back to new york with these high taxes? >> i'm actually sitting in my apartment in manhattan right now, so i'm here. look, i'm really a new york guy. i have spent a lot of my career in politics, but here's the concern. we are in a moment right now were even if taxes did not go up at all, they're still a huge problem facing new york city because there's too much commercial real
9:44 am
estate for the way the market has changed post covid and layer on top of that a host of new taxes and you are giving people every incentive to not come back, even if everyone stays, it something like a 20 to 30% drop in occupancy because people only commend to work one day a week. new york has a big problem no matter what, this just makes it worse. stuart: i think you are helping to run andrew gangs campaign for mayor of new york city. you are in that campaign >> my firm is running it stuart: what would you think andrew yang would do to solve or fix new york's problems? >> number when he opposes tax increases and certainly buys into the same notion you and i do that people will float with their feet and if we lose their present it is devastating to the economy in the budget.
9:45 am
number two, he's fully a private sector person. he has built and sold a company for a lot of money, has worked in the private sector his hold career and believes the way we saved this is working with people to say what do you need to create jobs here, what you need to start a business, reopen, whatever. number three, city and people want to be somewhere where it's clean and safe, so does it support these efforts to defund the police or take away law enforcement. he knows if we can delivery clean, save the city and people have a shot at being okay and number four is really taking positions with the democratic orthodoxy on things like education as the teachers union blocked the ability for students to come back to schools in new york city and andrew was the only candidate that said it was a ridiculous.
9:46 am
stuart: he is by far and away the most interesting candidate. i think that would have been true in the presidential election. he has brand-new fresh ideas and represents a different generation. are not sure i can go on with all the stuff he's come out with especially universal basic income scheme, but he's interesting. nonetheless, i don't think he has a prayer of becoming the mayor of new york. >> oh, i disagree. the last poll had up to matt 25 in the next challenger 15 and 12 respectively. we are getting far more coverage than any other candidate. we are raising money at a rapid clip for the first time ever new york city has ranked choice voting which means you rank your candidate and you get points for second-place votes, third-place votes and it tends to favor candidates with likability and he has both so if the election were today-- it's 74 days away, but if it were today i am confident would win the.
9:47 am
stuart: bradley, planes leave every day for florida and it's really a delightful place. you should remember that. >> i have a friend that recently moved from la to miami and he tells me that every week. stuart: i bet he does. always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you. take a look at impossible foods, the fake meat company. they are in talks to go public. tell me when this might happen, ashley? ashley: that's the big question for the company reportedly exploring going through an ipo or perhaps a merger with the so-called spac, blank check companies in the next 12 moment -- months. the plant -based birder -- burger with that i have about $10 billion or perhaps more. insiders say deliberations are subject to market conditions and the company may opt for another round of private
9:48 am
fundraising. last year we tell sales hit $7 billion, up 27% year-over-year and also reflecting the growing demand for fake meat products. there you have it. stuart: the growing demand for fake meat products. i find that interesting. i don't think that many people are going into a fast food operation ordering meatless burger. i can see them going to a supermarket and buying stuff. how about you? ashley: you don't go to a burger place to get a fake one, but i think supermarkets have seen more and more of these parks on the shelves, so i think demand is increasing on that end. stuart: i would love to see figures from a fast food operation, how many meatless burgers do they actually sell. thank you. we should have heard the warning during the campaign, we should have been listening, candidate biden on a
9:49 am
guns. remember this? >> to gunowners out there who say a biden administration means they will come for my guns. >> bingo, you are right if you have a assault weapon. the fact of the matter is they should be illegal period. stuart: elections have consequences and that's what we are seeing now. you are used to seeing the bright lights of the vegas strip, but we will take you about 40 feet below, yes, it's the elon musk tunnel. we will show it to you after this. ♪♪ ♪♪ some say this is my greatest challenge ever. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;) obsession has many names.
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and perfect for enhancing yoga and pilates. and safe for all fitness levels. get gym results at home in just 10 minutes a day. no expensive machines, no expensive memberships. get off the floor with aerotrainer. go to to get yours now. stuart: listen to this music. we will play a little sinatra, let it breathe a little bit. luck be a lady. do you hear that cracks why are we playing that, because we are talking las vegas, all of us have surely seen a las vegas strip on the surface. we are taking your 40 feet below and that's where you will find a boring company underground loop. edward lawrence is actually there. tell us what it's like.
9:54 am
reporter: elon musk is going up, space x and now down with the boring company and this is the first commercial project from the boring company and its a title. we will have our driver tickets around it's one of the stations. there are three stations. you get in a tesla if you are at the convention center and you go from one end to the other end, 4400 passengers per hour that can be taken by this underground system. it's a mile-long tube from one side to the other. .-dot convention center is more than a mile-long from one side to the other which is why they need this. $52 million paid for by the las vegas convention center as an amenity for people who have conventions here and the first time it will be used will be the world of concrete in a public fashion and that will come up over the summer and that will be the big first in person convention site. there are now plans to
9:55 am
increase and keep this going. clark county is in the early process of getting application to do permits to add a stations, 43 confirmed stations up and down the las vegas strip and they will be able to call a tesla car like this, get in the car and go to where you are going. in the convention center it takes about two minutes to go from one side to the other and it's just one more way that las vegas is trying to innovate and make sure they get that edge in conventions. stuart: i think it's fascinating. that looks really futuristic. i wish i was there, edward lawrence. reporter: it is very cool. stuart: it looks it and i like that. the markets, we have the dow jones up over 100 points despite an uptick in inflation at the producer level and despite a downside move before bowing, which is
9:56 am
a bowing stock which is taking a fuse points out the dow jones. still ahead, tammy bruce , colion noir, as mcdonald, second number of "varney & co."'s next ♪♪ ♪♪
9:57 am
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♪ 'cuz i'm happy. ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is your truth ♪♪ stuart: a little lightweight, i would say, that music. but that's just me on the friday morning. a little foggy there for the empire state building in the heart of new york city. all right. good morning, everyone. 10:00 eastern time. i'm going to go straight to your money. we've got the dow up 80, the s&p up 6, but the nasdaq is down 32 points. here's why the nasdaq is down, the yield on the 10-year treasury moving up again,1.66% is the current yield. that's not good news for big tech. with a higher yield on the 10-year -- actually, they've reverseed course. that reverse aral occurred literally in the last 10, 15
10:01 am
minutes. microsoft at 254, ladies and gentlemen. apple has reached 130, amazon, $3,314 a share. i got it wrong. big tech is now up despite higher yields on the 10-year treasury. now this. who runs america's big corporations? your first answer may be, ah, the ceo, of course. and the chief executive is at least nominally in charge of the business. but these days the ceo's job is not just to make a profit and produce a great product at a competitive price. oh, no, the ceo must now be a political activist. and he or she may not take just any old political position. certainly not. the ceo these days must go with the with the politics of their employees. not shareholders or openers of the company -- owners of the company, oh, no. employees. they count. that's what happened with delta
10:02 am
and coca-cola. some of their employees objected to georgia's new voting law. the commissioner of a major league baseball was threatened with a player strike, and he too politicized his organization. just think what's coming up. how will ceos respond to police reform? it's sure to be an issue after the chauvin trial. or laws restricting transgender athletes or race. and, of course, climate change. the woke generation will not allow are silence from the ceo. silence is considered complicity. this is not a brave new world. this is dictatorship from the bottom up. woke employees threaten the company brand with charges of racism or sexism, and the ceo caves. i'm going to go the other way. i want to see ceos resist this dictatorship. and when i invest in a company, i want to see its profits, its product and its price, not the
10:03 am
political posturing of its employees. the second hour of "varney & co." is about to begin. ♪ ♪ stuart stuart tammy bruce on the right-hand side of your screen. she's smiling now, but i bet she agrees with my intense feelings -- [laughter] about corporate activism and politics of the ceoful. go ahead, have at it, tammy. >> well, stuart, you know me, you also know your audience, because you know who has forgotten -- who was forgotten in this drama at corporations and even with politicians are us, the average person. and even the employees that you mentioned -- it's not everybody, it's just a few voices. and it's never challenged, so you never really find out exactly how many. and so it's never been pushed to a point where people have to really stand the up and deal
10:04 am
with it. but this is what is very dangerous for wall street and for corporations whether it's delta or coca-cola or united airline or anybody else. there is someone else out here, and that is not even just shareholders who are very important, but the consumer. americans do not like this. if they take anything from the first term of donald trump the, it's that we were making a statement. i think it was more than that. but this is very dangerous not just for the jobs of, let's say, ceos, but really americans rely on companies being strong. we rely on companies and their shares going up, because that means companies can expand and more people get hired. this becomes a vicious circle, stuart, where people lose their jobs or companies begin to collapse because they're afraid. and that's what we see being developed here, is a constant dynamic of fear porn, of pushing people to do things because a they're afraid of being hurt. stuart: yes. >> what does that sound like? sounds like domestic violence.
10:05 am
it sounds like abusers, and corporate ceos are supposed to be leadership, and they should stand up against it. stuart: well, i'm byerly against this new trend in -- entirely against this new trend in what passes for corporate leadership. my problem is you're not allowed to stay silent. you're not allowed to say let the politicians take care of that. no, you cannot do that. if your the ceo, you must take action, and you must take the action the woke generation wants. last word to you, tammy, before my held explodes. >> yes. and, look, this comes from people coming out of the academy, moving into employee positions at companies. but we have to find out is this an excuse for woke leadership to do this and to be involved with politics and to embrace the leftism in washington and maybe get a financial benefit? american consumers are going to be the final word on this. ask hollywood what the american consumer thinks and if it's been helpful to them and the ratings
10:06 am
for all of their congratulatory shows. it has not been helpful. consumers will have the final say, and let's make sure that they feel that when it comes to how we respond to corporations whether it's the major league baseball or delta or anyone else, that we are the ones they will answer to, not the occasional wok leftist who doesn't have -- woke leftist who doesn't have anyone in mind. stuart: it's always a pleasure, tammy. [laughter] looking. >> and it's friday. thank you. stuart: i like that. exactly, exactly. thanks, tammy. see you soon. let's check the markets again, please. we've got the dow up 8ing 0 but the nasdaqs down 28. no clear trend really this morning. jonathan. hoenig is with us. he's our market guy this friday morning, just about 10:06 eastern. jonathan, i read your stuff. you know i do. you're saying fomo, fear of
10:07 am
missing out, is driving people to overpay for stocks. that's interesting. make your case. >> well, and, stuart, driving this into stocks. look, to be a contrarian, you've got to try to avoid the herd x. right now the herd is rushing into stockings. that's not my opinion. an amazing stat out this morning from bank of america, more money has come into stocks in the last five months than the last 12 years combined. tremendous amount of money rushing into stocks. not surprisingly anticipation, the pandemic coming to an end, thankfully, but we're seeing a lot of that money come into the market and a lot of margin as well. margin debt has grown stuart unlike -- only two other times as fast. one was in 2008. we know what happened then. and one was in 1999. you've seen this tremendous amount of, as you said, fear of missing out, money rushing into the market. and historically, that can happen at exactly the wrong time. stuart: there's just not enough fear. i mean, the situation that you've laid out is just, we're
10:08 am
surely heading towards some kind of major decline for stocks. it surely points in that direction, doesn't it? >> well, i mean, that's been my expectation. i've been wrong for quite some time. and, look, the trend, stuart, remains up. target, home depot, southwest airlines all at new 52-week highs this week. 79% of stocks are bo their 200-day -- above their 200-day moving average. as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and we know a lot of stimulus money went into the stock market. all that money printing has gone into risk assets, and that's the fear. as they say, when the paddy wagon comes, they could fall just as quickly as they rose. stuart: everybody warns about a major correction or call it what you like, but nobody knows exactly when it's the going to come. but everybody is convinced it will come. you in that camp, it will come?
10:09 am
>> and it always will, stuart. that's the point. it tends to come when people don't expect it. and i look at, you know, the financial landscape these days. as we said, people selling literally farts for money with nfts and bitcoin, paris hilton getting into that now or even the spat of trading and over the counter speculation, you know? none of that would have happened in 2009, 2010, 2011. people wanted nothing to do with stocks. the pendulum, as they say, swings from fear to greed, i think we're much more in the greed camp. that's usually a good time to lighten up on risk. stuart: who was it who said greed is good? that was the guy on" wall street," wasn't it? as i recall. >> well, i prefer to say rational self-interest. and i think rationally, it's in your self-interest to take a few chips off the table given the market's run. stuart: oh, hoenig, you've got a way with words. out of sight, man, out of sight.
10:10 am
see you again soon. thank you, jonathan. i'm going to check some of the stocks moving, levi strauss, jeans people. ubs raised the price on that stock to $34, it's currently at 26 and up 4%. honeywell, they're getting an upgrade to a buy ranking from deutsche bank. jpmorgan also calling the stock a top pick. up nearly 2%. big gain for a big stock. take a look at boeing. it's flagged a possible electrical problem with max gents. it reportedly affects 90 of those planes. that's taking some of the steam out of the dow because boeing's a dow stock. look at microsoft, hitting another all-time high. i can hardly believe it, my good fortune, that is. because i own a sliver of this thing. 254 on microsoft. 9 i never, ever saw that coming, but there you are. some of the numbers coming in the for the amazon union votes.
10:11 am
ashley, do we know the tally so far? ashley: well, it's not looking good for the union, that's for sure. it seems a large margin of those amazon warehouse workers in bessamer, alabama, have voted not to create a union and join it. according to "the wall street journal," after about half of the ballots have been counted by federal officials, roughly 70% of the amazon employees have voted not to unionize. 3200 or thereabouts workers actually cast ballots in this election. both sides have been able to contest the eligibility of each ballotment union leaders, though, already now calling foul, accusing amazon of intimidating workers and unfair labor practices. perhaps signaling where they think this vote is going, stu. stuart: yeah. i'm waiting for a statement from aoc or bernie sanders. haven't got it yet. i'm sure it's coming. ford and general motors, i believe there's more production cuts coming there. take it, ashley, this has got to
10:12 am
be the chip shortage? ashley: yeah, it really is. gm, by the way, expects that shortage to cost it up to $2 billion in pretax profits this year from lost production and sales. same story for ford, nissan, volkswagen and honda, also been hit hard. if anything, chip supplies seem to be growing tighter. i think that jam-up in the suez canal didn't help, and with cars these days being, you know, essentially computers on wheels, the major automakers have been forced to shut down production to numerous plants across the country. some estimateses say the auto industry as a whole stands to lose about $60 billion in sales during the first half of this year, and it's not just vehicles that are being hit by the chip shortage. it's made it difficult for schools to buy enough laptops for students. it's delayed the release of the popular products such as iphone 12, and it's also created some mad scrambles to find the latest video consoles
10:13 am
such as play station 5. but -- playstation 5. but the auto industry getting hit hard, stu. stuart: what a shortage. why no increase in supply? can't work that one out either. president biden announcing a slew of executive the actions on guns and second guessing the second amendment. roll it. >> nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. but no amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute. stuart: attorney and gun rights activist says president biden is, quote, lying to the american people. he's here, and he's going to make his case. is now the best time to launch an airline? is it, really? avelo thinks so. i'm talking to the ceo of this brand new budget carrier, just ahead. the number of young, unaccompanied migrants crossing the border reaching a new high. and it's costing taxpayers to
10:14 am
house these youngsters $60 million a week, $300 per child, per day. congressman tom mcclintock at the border, he'll tell us all about his visit after this. ♪ ♪ and i try, and i try. ♪ i can't get no -- [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or.
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...and learn how much you can save at act now! stuart: all right. the markets not exactly presenting a clear picture, and there's not that much movement. general electric, let me have a look at that one, please. that's a modest pop. .4%. here's the story.
10:19 am
we have ubs saying that that stock, now at $13 a share, is going to $17 a share. you can understand how that would be a attractive. 13 to 17 would be a major percentage gain. how about jetblue? its web site is undergoing maintenance. passengers can book flights through priceline in the meantime, down 1.3% on jetblue still at $20 a share. and now this, border officials apprehended 172,000 migrants just in the month of march. up 71% from february. and, by the way, it's 569,000 apprehensions so far this year. 569,000. alex hogan is at the border in texas. you just got back from from a ride with border patrol. what did you see, alex? >> reporter: that's right. we went overnight into the early hours of this morning getting a look at this immigration
10:20 am
challenge through the eyes of border patrol. and what we saw there in the darkness of the woods, families and lone travelers banding together in solidarity, safety in numbers. many of these people have been traveling for weeks, some even a month, some needing medical assistance the, others needing directions, lost in the darkness. we spoke with our guide, border patrol agent chris a cabrera. he's been doing this for 20 years, and he said he's never seen anything like this. >> the worst thing we could ever do is become known for something like that, because that's not normal. but it's becoming all too common to us now that we see these kids that are in situations like that. >> reporter: the tour was organized through a trip led by house republican whip steve scalise. the delegation will continue their visit to the bordered today meeting with other agencies. scalise calling on the president to come down to the border and
10:21 am
hear these stories for himself and to take immediate action. >> single biggest thing9 that the president could do today is reverse the order that he did repealing the remain in mexico policy. what president trump did working with mexico, getting mexico to be a partner at controlling our southern border, was working. >> reporter: now, among some of the difficult stories, there was a 17-year-old boy that i talked with. he asked me which way is america. he was unaware that he had already arrived. he's been traveling for a month and two days now trying to get to north carolina to eventually see his mom. stuart? stuart: alex, i've got to say, your heart goes out to some of these youngsters. . it just does. they're in a tough position. alex hogan at the border,ing thank you very much. let's bring in congressman tom mcclintock, republican from california. congressman, you just visited the border. what did you see? >> well, stuart, i saw a country
10:22 am
without borders. i saw hundreds of people simply walk up to border patrol officers and after a brief processing, some of them were taken directly to transportation hubs. most will be processed by the cbp into the country in a few days. if you can claim you're under 18 or if you're in the company of a child under 7, you're in. stuart: okay. i've seen nothing so far from the administration which would stop the flow. and earlier on this program today i expressed a very strong opinion. i said that it is deliberate. they don't want to stop the flow of migrants coming into this country because i believe they see them as future democrat voters. now, that's a strong, harsh position for me to take. what say you? >> oh, i think the democrats are embarrassed by the conditions in the facilities. i think they're fearful of political fallout. but that's -- and that's why they're desperately trying to up press pictures.
10:23 am
but clearly, they support what's going on. nancy pelosi said we're on a very good path now. well, let me tell you where that path leads, right into every community in our country. and it's going to be felt as classrooms are packed with non-english-speaking students and crowded hospital emergency rooms as illegals demand care. it's going to be felt with higher crime rates as gangs proliferate and in depressed wages for working americans. for the democrats, that's a gad path in their own -- good path in their own words. stuart: what happens in the future? it doesn't look like this flow is going to be staunched at all. >> it's going to get worse until the policies rerestored that actually secured our borders. i mean, the numbers speak for themselves. the week of the election last year 100 family units illegally crossed the border in a week. by the inauguration, that figure had increased to 1100 a week. and last week that number was 15,000. trump had the border under control.
10:24 am
it was biden's open invitation that overwhelmed our facilities, and his answer's not to control the border, it's simply to increase the intake in these welcome centers. stuart: you're from california. you represent a constituency in california. california is a sanctuary state. so once anybody gets into california, illegally, whatever, you can't take them out. in fact, california will give them a check. am i right? >> aye got some bad -- i've got some bad news for you, stuart. america is now a sanctuary nation under biden's executive orders. we're no longer deporting even in states that want to cooperate, we're no longer deporting criminal aliens as they're being released. i saw governor ron desantis of florida the other day make that very statement, that they -- under trump they were at least able to turn over criminal
10:25 am
illegals who were being released from prison to i.c.e. to be immediately deported. 9 now when they call i.c.e., there's basically no response. so they're being released onto the streets not just in california, but across the country. and those are the most chilling words i heard from the border patrol in the tour that i took. and that tour by itself was the most disturbing i've ever taken. they said, look, our border is now your border. this is going to affect ever community in america, it's going to affect every working american trying to compete for a decent wage. >> okay. congressman, thank you very much for joining us with this. we do appreciate it, sir. come back and see us soon. >> thank you, stu. stuart: sad news. bj's the wholesale club announcing that its ceo, lee delaney, has died unexpectedly. the company's chief financial officer will take over as ceo on an interim basis. that just announced moments ago. all right. coming up, would you quit your
10:26 am
job if you were called back into the office right now? the surprising number of people who say, yes, they absolutely would quit. we've got that story for you. first, president biden insists no constitutional amendment is absolute. his word. even the right to bear arms. attorney and gun rights activist takes that on after this. ♪ fight for your right to party ♪♪ if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events
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10:30 am
♪♪ if. >> nothing, nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the second amendment. they're phony arguments suggesting that these are second amendment rights at stake in what we're talking about. but no amendment, no the amendment to the constitution is absolute. so the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things we're recommending are contrary to the constitution. stuart: all right. there you have it, president biden calling arguments against gun control phony. let's bring in a gun rights activist, frequent guest on this
10:31 am
program. in the years gone by, but he's been a stranger to us recently. welcome back. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you too. [laughter] stuart: big smile. what do you make of what the president said? >> you know, i find it pretty ironic in his speech. he stated that there are always laws that prevented certain people from owning guns. yeah. and those laws were to prevent black people from owning guns. so i find it ironic he brings that point up, honestly, during a time when black ownership is skyrocketing. he's now pushing these gun control laws to make it even harder for these people to get firearms. stuart: can you address the issue of ghost guns? i'm not sure i entirely understand it. as i see it, it's parts of guns that you order over the internet. there's no serial numbers on them. you put them together yourself, they're untraceable. why not have some control of them? are you completely opposed to
10:32 am
that? >> i'm opposed to the idea of forcing people to serialize -- i'm opposed to the idea of forcing people to serialize what are essentially an aggregation of parts. they're not actually ghost guns, you actually have to have the tools and machinery to put these parts together to actually create a gun. and under the current laws, after you've done that, you then have to go get the gun serialized. and if you do actually, indeed, make it a firearm. but using this ghost gun rhetoric since the '80s, actually, when you had the glock pistol which was the combination of a polymer frame and a metal top, they were calling those ghost guns too. a lot of it is rhetoric to keep this confusing and to incite fear to make people think these are up traceable guns that nobody knows about, they can get through metal detectors. but as it stands currently, we're literally taking pieces of
10:33 am
aluminum, you literally have to have the machinery in place to put these guns together. stuart: okay. understood. you try getting some ammunition these days. you'll stand in line around the block. i'm sorry i'm out of time. come back soon, please. thank you very much are. now, we told you about the record number of police retirements. well, now recruitment in the force is absolutely stalling. mark if meredith in washington -- mark meredith in washington. police reform, is that part of this problem in. >> reporter: stu, it certainly seems to be. where we are right here is a beautiful memorial to officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, but in statehouses nationwide, the focus is on reforming police departments. we've seen that in maryland this week, a use of force standard that'll be imposed statewide, expanding public access to some the police disciplinary files. they want to create punishments
10:34 am
for excessive force and mandate that body cameras be used statewide in maryland by 2025. >> i think that this will weed out the bad officers. those officers that are part of a culture that has accommodated corruption and misconduct, yeah, they're going to leave, but we want them to leave. >> reporter: the legislation now heads to the desk of maryland's republican governor, larry hogan. it's unclear if he's going to approve all of these measures. the governor's going to be having a news conference today, we're going to listen to that. pro-police advocates say departments are already facing a crisis when it comes to recruitment. the national fraternal order of police, they want lawmakers to fox on boosting ma -- morale. >> this are rerick is causing some -- rhetoric is causing some serious problems in us finding the best and brightest, and at the same time, we're seeing people leaving this profession at an alarming rate. >> reporter: and officials say there is going to be real world
10:35 am
consequences with this with fewer officers out on the streets, and that could contribute to more crime in cities nationwide. we've also seen police advocacy groups push for some sort of national standard, some sort of police officer bill of rights. it's been talked about in congress for years, no it's going to move -- no indication it's going to move forward anytime soon. of stu. stuart: mark mark meredith, got it. tomi lahren shouted down by the woke mob before giving a speech at clemson university. we've got the story. >> amusement parks finally reopening, but it won't look like the typical family outing. we're going to take you live to six flags to see how it's working. we'll be back. ♪ and she'll have fun, fun, fun til her a daddy takes the t-bird away ♪♪
10:36 am
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♪ i'm taking my time on my ride. ♪ oh, i'm falling, so i'm taking my time on my ride -- [laughter] stuart: where did they dig that one up from? ride, by the 21 pilots or something? it's appropriate, because we're talking about theme parks which, yes, are finally reopening. lydia hu is going to join us. she is going to join us. she's right there at six flags. all right, lydia, i know it's open, but i'm sure there's going to be a lot of restrictions, right in. >> reporter: there, stuart. yeah, there are a few restrictions. for example, there's a 50% capacity limit, and when you're inside the park, masks are required. but you know what? i'm willing to bet that underthe masks there are a lot of smiles, because we're already seeing people coming here today. the park opened at 10:00 this morning. we're standing at one of the
10:41 am
main attractions. would you believe this is the world's tallest roller coaster, second fastest, and you can see people lining up down here already just waiting for a chance to get on. look at them, their so excited. we're joined by kristin fitzgerald of six flaggings. thanks for being with us. there are a lot of new requirements and protocols in place, masks and social distancing. i've seen the disinfection process happening here on the roller coaster. you've been open for two weeks now. what's been the reaction from some of your patrons to the new restrictions? >> you know, i think everyone's just thrilled to be back out enjoying the things they love, enjoying our coasters, funnel cakes, and they understand it's going to look a little different, and that's okay. >> reporter: it seems like, stuart, this is a sign of a slow return to normalcy, one that is very welcomed by the people here in new jersey. but we know also happening today is that amusement parks are reopening in new york as well at a 33% capacity. other states, as we know, around
10:42 am
the country have reopened. so this is giving people here in the northeast something to get excited for for the summer. stuart? stuart: yeah, lydia. it's good to be back. good to see you too. thanks so much. now this, the rental market is heating up in cape cod. i know a thing or two about cape cod. however, businesses there are really struggling to hire staff. connell mcshane has the fortunate assignment of being on caped cod. you spoke to business owners. what did they say to you? >> reporter: it's interesting, stuart, they're excited, obviously, and they're also anxious at the same time. thrilled, on the one hand, to see the economic surge in this area, but worried they won't be able to find enough workers to provide quality service. waterfront homes on cape cod are always in high demand. but 2021 is shaping up to be a summer like no other. >> if the demand is ravenous. >> reporter: one home rents
10:43 am
for $11,000 a week. but you're out of luck. all summer. >> we are completely sold out at this point. >> reporter: similar story as we look around the neighborhood. so we stopped by the red jacket beach resort, and the line there was nearly identical. >> we're expecting a record year this year. of. >> reporter: but that creates a challenge for resort executives. red jacket needs the hire about 500 seasonal workers. so far they're only a little over halfway there, and normally they'd rely on students coming in from overseas on j1 visas. not this year. >> there's really no guarantee that once it came time to get people here, you know, what if the country they were coming in from was having an outbreak. so we decided we're going to go all in, do everything we can to hire as many local people as we can. >> reporter: the issue is finding those local workers. on main street in hyannis, this restaurant manager showed us around colombos are she has plenty of positions available. >> we're looking at at least 50 more employees. >> reporter: to borrow e from
10:44 am
an old saying, beggars can't be chooseers. looks like colombo's will be forced to here some inexperienced workers this season partly because unemployment benefits have been extended. >> people feel like they can cover their bills staying home, and who wouldn't want to stay home and pay thale bigs? >> reporter: erica says she'll probably end up waiting tables herself unless the hiring picks up. the fear is the hiring won't pick up as the latest relief package extended those benefits for many workers through early september. pretty much the whole summer season. stuart? suit stuart yeah. i understand it. thanks so much,com. enjoy your time on cape cod, young man. it's a lovely place. [laughter] we've got a new survey. it reveals just how many remote workers would quit if they were called back to the office. all right, ashley, i know the number, and i can't believe it, but you tell me. how many would quit.
10:45 am
ashley: about one in three professionals, 34%. that's remarkably high. those professionals currently working from home because of the pandemic would look for a new job if required rather than return to the office full time. that that is remarkable. it's according to a survey by global staffing firm that shows nearly half would prefer a hybrid work schedule, dividing time between work and another location. but many actually expressed concern about working fully remote. 28% of respondents believe relationships with coworkers would suffer. 26% were concerned about decreased productivity while working at home. and 20% were worried about fewer career advancement opportunities because of a lack of visibility. so everyone has their own thoughts, but one in three said, no, i'm kind of comfortable at home. interesting, stu. stuart: just, it seems a very
10:46 am
high number, to me, and it begs the question, well, if you were ordered or asked to return to work, would you actually quit. that might be a different story. ashley: yeah, that -- i think you're right. stuart: when push comes to shove. glad to hear it, ash. [laughter] all right. sad story this morning. this is, it's sad, indeed. prince philip has died. he was 99. he was, in fact, just two months shy of his 100th birthday. now, we've got news, i think ashley's got the news, on prince philip's funeral. what's the news there, ash? ashley: well, as expected, the funeral of prince philip will not be a state funeral and will not be preceded by a lying in state. that has been confirmed. we do know that prince philip's body will lie at in windsor castle ahead of his funeral at st. george's chapel. that probably reflects prince philip's aversion to drama of any kind.
10:47 am
and it was widely expected that this would not be a state funeral, and that has, indeed, been confirmed. and we should also mention if, stu, we were talking about prince harry and whether he would attend. well, the general consensus is, yes, he will. he was very close to his grandfather. he has announced back in february that he often zoomed with his grandparents, the queen and the duke, to they could see their son archie running around. he will be there, for sure. many more questions about meghan markle. of course, this would be the first trip back for harry after splitting from the royal family. meghan markle, his wife, heavily pregnant. it depends whether the airlines would even allow her on for that long flight from california to london. stuart: and if prince harry comes back, all eyes will be on him, and that will suck the oxygen out of the whole royal family. all right, ash, thanks very much. question, is now the best time to start a new airline?
10:48 am
avelo thinks so. i'm going to talk to the ceo of this new budget carrier which is based in burbank, california. he'll join us after this. ♪ fly away. ♪ come fly with me, let's float down to peru ♪♪ ance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa we started with computers. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety. and help make a hospital come to you, instead of you going to it. so when it comes to your business,
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10:52 am
♪♪ stuart: why are we showing you eugene,? because our next -- oregon? because our next guest just started an airline that will take passengers to markets that have little air service like eugene, oregon, ogden, utah, for example. the ceo is andrew levy, and he joins us now. hold on a sec, andrew. you started -- you were planning to start an airline right in the middle of pandemic shutdown? you've got to have been a little nervous. >> you know, certainly the first few days was a little bit nervous, stuart, but, you know, i really believe that people just travel as a rite of passage. it's just a way of life. didn't know how the pandemic was going to play out. we had to put things on pause
10:53 am
for a little bit. i'm not surprised that we are where we are now, a little surprised about, obviously, the progress in vaccines, and that's just great newsment of but i'm not surprised that people are pent up, wanting to get out there, wanting to travel, reconnect with family and friends and do the things they love to do which includes travel. stuart: when i take those short haul routes, i usually have to pay a very high price for a short haul flight. what's your pricing structure? >> well, stuart, our pricing structure is going to be very low because our business is about being a low cost carrier, a low fare operator. our business works by driving down the price and getting more people to travel. the reason we're targeting short haul markets, quite honestly, is because the pricing is, as you noted, quite high. so there's a great opportunity there. our fares are going to start out, we started -- we opened for sale yesterday with promotional fares at $19 one way for every single one of the routes that
10:54 am
we've announced, 11 markets out of burbank. after that period ends, the fares will still be incredibly low. not going to be at $19, but they'll be exceptionally low. our business is about driving volumes, getting people to travel more often. our purpose is to inspire travel and, obviously, the fare is a big part of that. stuart: you start operations very, very soon. you've been taking passengers real fast. so are they going to have to wear maskses? what restrictions will be placed on what about the middle eat? >> well, no, we're not blocking the middle seat. that's something that, quite honestly, i'm not sure it really makes much of a difference anyway, and even delta airlines, the last airline to hold off on that, they're moving away from that as well. however, from a risk mitigation standpoint if, look, we're still in a pandemic. we recognize that. we have to the make sure that all of our customers comply with federal law which includes now wearing masks. we support that. we encourage it.
10:55 am
we're going to take all the other covid mitigation strategies that, quite honestly, we watched the industry, you know, put together over the past year, and we're just going to apply the exact same thing. we're going to clean the airplanes regularly using antimicrobial compounds to prevent pathogens from accumulating on the airplane. we're going to give customers, when they get on the airplane, a sealed bag with water, a cookie and some sanitizer gel. so we're going to do everything we can. we're going to do our part to try to keep everyone safe. obviously, if people don't feel safe, they're not going to travel. we're in the business of always taking care of safety and, you know, we'll do exactly what every other airline out there is doing to get people to fly and feel comfortable. stuart: andrew levy, we want to offer you the best of luck for the new airline operating out of burbank, california. andrew levy, everyone, with avelo. look at that market. not that much change really. the dow's up 76, the nasdaq's
10:56 am
down 23. please show me wynn resorts. the ceo says 60% of their employees have been vaccinated, but they will not mandate that other workers so far who have not got the jab get the jab. they're not going to make them do it. but those who choose not to get the jab must still be tested weekly for the virus. the stock's down 1.6%. another big hour coming up. mercedes schlapp, sheriff mark lamb from arizona and racing legend -- yes, he's a legend all right -- michael andretti. plus, youtube censoring the governor of florida, ron desantis. my take on that is next. you packed a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> even if taxes didn't go up at all, there's too much for real estate, the market could change post covid. layer on top of that the new taxes, just giving people every incentive. >> consumers have the final day, major league baseball, delta, or anyone else, the ones the answer to, not the occasional woke leftists. >> they are trying to job on the market ahead of an
11:01 am
overreaction so it verifies what we know exist. >> the last 5 months, the last 12 years combined, money rushing in the market and that is the wrong time. stuart: we are showing your buckingham palace, live shot from central london as we remember the life of prince philip, the duke of edinburgh who passed away at the age of 99. we have more on prince philip later this hour. let me show you the markets, 90 point gain for the dow industrials up 25 points, not that much price movement. the update on the amazon union vote. 71% of amazon workers voted no on the union. this is what the wall street journal is reporting and let me
11:02 am
come in. you have some details on president budget. >> some of the different departments and how much is being asked for this year compared to last year. there is, $102 billion. when you look at last year, it is up 41% to the last budget request. 130 billion dhs no increases, 42, the department of homeland security, $52 billion, transportation it $25.6 billion. just the one.6% increase,
11:03 am
border security, fund the request, $1.2 billion, also says it wants to do additional funding for the border wall construction, prior your balances. no more wall building, and $1.2 billion for border infrastructure. the land ports of entry, including the facilities for incoming migrants, increasing border security, and 41% increase. stuart: dhs $52 billion, no increase, dhs in charge of the border which is america's gravest crisis.
11:04 am
thank you very much indeed, now this. picture this, a roundtable discussion featuring the governor of florida and top health expert in the trump administration, discussing measures taken during the pandemic lockdown, experts question the shutdown, the quarantining of healthy people and mandatory mask wearing. they are critical of some of the measures taken. youtube marinos video the discussion. it is gone but has been censored. youtube says the video contradicts the consensus on the efficacy of masks was the content of the video poses a serious risk of egregious harm. these health experts were offering an opinion to the woke crowd, you are not allowed to
11:05 am
see that discussion. governor desantis chaired the meeting, big media hates him. don't forget the hit job 60 minutes did on him. he's a conservative, trump supporters so ignore his success in opening up florida and shut him up and shutdown health experts too if they question lockdowns and mask mandate. this happens when monopolistic big media allows only one point of view. they are afraid of their own woke employees. it is the woke generation running the show these days and 3 speech is dangerous. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. i did use the word pathetic, it
11:06 am
is pathetic the woke generation just can't handle the debate when their side of the argument is present. a gun too far? liz: you haven't gone too far at all. this is not state-of-the-art stuff that youtube. ron desantis, the governor, had stanford university, harvard university, oxford university experts at the panel, this is a degree assigned to with scientists and medical experts. who is the public policy expert at youtube who took that -- common sense, why don't just run the counterargument to it? if there's a cure for speech you don't like it is free speech. why don't you say the who said no masks for children up to the age of 5, why censor it? this is an eloquent case for
11:07 am
why the congress, republicans saying youtube, social media don't deserve liability protection, they are acting like editors, not just a platform. they made the case for it. florida's governor desantis's lockdown has been a success. they have 8% fewer deaths per capita for covid 19 versus the overall us population, right around the middle of the pack with this in terms of the 50 states. the sensors that youtube seemed like they botched this when they are allowing things like child exploitation videos, terrorist support videos, accused of making money off of all that but now they are going to censor public policy debate, i just don't get it. stuart: pathetic, i won't say that again. i just want you to listen to hunter biden joking with jimmy kimmel about the controversial
11:08 am
laptop. watch this. >> it is a red herring, absolute red herring, within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of rudy giuliani and so i don't know. >> ever wish you had applecare? stuart: got a response to that. what is your response to this? liz: the daily mail put out a bombshell report about thousands of shocking photos, emails and text messages from hunter biden's laptop. when you look at these texted emails the daily mail is reporting drug traffickers and prostitutes, he has been traveling on air force 2 and
11:09 am
air force one, when he was president, vice president, he was going around the world making a lot of money to those who received business dealings, secret service protection, now trying to topspin saying this laptop is a red herring. what he told cbs already, it could be his. the thing is hunter biden remembers minutia, details from decades ago, reportedly tried to smoke parmesan cheese thinking it was cracked trying to deny the laptop as a red hearing. when you look at the daily mail reported is shocking. stuart: we will be watching you tonight. the evening and it, sharp at 6:00 pm, thank you. next topic, president biden defending his decision to impose new gun-control measures. role tape.
11:10 am
>> nothing i'm about to recommend impinges on the second amendment. no amendment to the constitution is absolute. the idea is bizarre suggesting what we recommended contrary to the constitution. stuart: mercedes schlapp, i have been accused of going much too far this morning saying democrats are deliberately letting migrants into the country because there's more democrat voters, labeling pathetically censorship and you are saying president biden is shredding the constitution. make your case please. liz: you said pathetic again, said you weren't going to say it. it is not just pathetic, it is dangerous what the biden
11:11 am
administration is doing whether it be at the border, controlling our free-speech, putting more gun-control measures in place which these executive orders are just the first step. this will go to the point of infringing upon our second amendment rights and as we know where the problems lie are the criminals who get access to these guns. many of them in these liberal controlled cities and they need to micro target, tried to reduce crime and not defund the police but give the police the support they need to end and combat violence. stuart: every time you have a mass shooting they are horrific and we understand that and the public demands something must be done. you are a conservative. what would you do? >> enforce the laws, very simple. you have to ensure you keep the
11:12 am
guns out of the hands of criminals. that is the most important thing we can do. and that police have the resources they need to crack down on these criminals. when you have cities in democrat controlled cities where they are defunding the police, weakening the police that in and of itself, very concerning. in los angeles where you have the district attorney where they go lenient on gang members, lenient on criminals it is very problematic and that is what we need to focus on. republicans were trying to push in congress to fix legislation, that in essence they wanted to work with democrats, get all 50 states where they get access to this database where they look up these criminal records and don't have all 50 states on that type of database something
11:13 am
the democrats did not work with the republicans on and they want to go to the extreme of banning arms and they talk about the buyback program. this is something even kamala harris supported during her candidacy. this is where you have to understand the mentality of the left. it is about taking away arms from law-abiding citizens. it is not about tackling the heart of the problem which is injuring you keep guns out of the hands of criminals. stuart: you make far too much sense. you must come back and see us again soon. thanks very much. the latest public health crisis is racism. that according to the cdc, we've got the story for you. border crossings up 71% in march compared to february, the administration is blaming donald trump. we will talk to a sheriff who doesn't care about the blame game, he wants a solution,
11:14 am
11:15 am
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ stuart: updating the amazon situation, the union vote 71% of amazon workers said no to the union according to the wall street journal. the union says it will file objections claiming the company illegally interfered in the vote. 71% of the workers said no thanks to the workers. amazon stock up. this is a big deal and we are just getting into it. the white house is president biden will issue an executive order which will create a commission on the supreme court. the commission will look at potential supreme court reforms
11:19 am
including membership and the size of the court. they will complete the report within 180 days, that is a radical suggestion indeed. so is this. the border, new report shows the biden administration is spending $60 million a week to house unaccompanied minors, $300 per child per day. alex hogan rejoins us. you went along with border patrol and came across some unaccompanied children, tell us what happened. >> as we went along with border patrol, the late hours of the night into the early hours of this morning, we get to speak with border patrol as well as migrants. some of the agents say the difference between policy and perception, they believe the biden administration will lead them into the country and sending the message back to others they know in their home country but this is a dangerous journey and border patrol
11:20 am
agents recently found bodies of people who have not made it and children unaccompanied children, some as young as 2 or 3 years old. >> not far from here we found a young boy who died of exposure from heat exhaustion, 8 years old. he had a little pokémon and you see that and relate to your own kids. >> reporter: house republican whip steve scalise led 10 mirrors to the southern border for the store. the group hearing the harrowing story of interactions with the cartel, recent rescues and the resources needed, sharing his message calling for the biden administration to reinstate donald trump's policies, requiring migrants remain in mexico while seeking asylum so we did speak with many of these migrants last night some of whom were surprised but relieved that they had finally made it.
11:21 am
we will be joining the delegation with the texas department of public safety on a boat tour with these immigration challenge, 172, people stop trying to cross the border, it was up 71% from february this year. stuart: for the benefit of our viewers, there were 172,000 apprehensions in the southern border in the month of march, up 71%, the sheriff of final county arizona, border crossings are up, the biden administration blames trump. >> that is ridiculous. i can't believe they would blame donald trump. they did the best they could to undermine him for four years. the numbers don't support that.
11:22 am
during trump's administration we saw a decrease in the number of people trying to cross the country with the exception of 2019 when the migration of people came up and they were afforded. they could have been worse had it not been for donald trump's policies. it is just not true. my message, stop blaming donald trump and do your job. i 20 hear the blame game nor does america. we want you to do your job. stuart: your county is 50, 60 miles north of the border. i suspect you see a lot of the migrants coming through your county. would you say you are being overwhelmed? >> absolutely. the people who come into my county are running from us in pursuit, they bailed out, into the community. they dressed in camouflage clothes, wearing carpet shoes like this to mask themselves so
11:23 am
we can't find their tracks, drugs like methamphetamines and fentanyl, they are littering my desert with these kind of things. i don't like that. wears the sierra club talking about what they are doing to our desert? the fact is we have a major problem. it is a crisis. it is extending 60, 70 miles into our border and doesn't stop there. this is going throughout america, it was done by sheriff tom hoskins out of bristol county, massachusetts saying we need to honor their oath to protect the people. stuart: i expressed a strong opinion this morning, i am saying democrats do not want to stop the flow because they see these migrants as future democrat voters. that is an extreme opinion. are you with me yes or no? >> i'm with you and their
11:24 am
rhetoric, this is another effort, they are willfully not enforcing immigration law. we don't get that opportunity, our job is to enforce the law. if you want to change immigration law go to congress and make those changes and we will continue to enforce the law. we are going to continue to do what we can. from across the country to a protect america,, the sheriff is still undecided fighting this. stuart: sheriff lamb, thanks for joining us. turned to the markets, where up 70 for the dow, down 21 for the nasdaq.
11:25 am
show me netflix and sony signed a 5-year deal allowing netflix to stream all of sony's films once they are out of theaters. netflix down, sony up. faith leaders in atlanta preparing to meet with heads of delta and coca-cola about their response to georgia's controversial voting law. they are considering a boycott of those companies. elon musk unveiling $52 million tunnel underground underneath las vegas. edward lawrence is there and will show it to us. ♪♪ [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business,
11:26 am
but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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11:29 am
the one inflation at the producer level up 4% year on year, not much response on the market, the nasdaq is down 23 but look at tesla, they just raise the price of their cars in america, the third time they've done that. it is down $12, $6.71 is your quote. elon musk's of the company or one of his other companies is euro link, this monkey is
11:30 am
playing the computer game along with justin's brainpower. on the rolling device implanted in his brain 6 weeks ago. this is futuristic stuff. i will stay on elon musk. the boring company has unveiled its underground transit system in las vegas. edward lawrence is there, joins us from the convention center. how much fast is it going? >> reporter: cars can go to 150 miles an hour but, through at 35 miles per hour for safety reasons, we are under the las vegas convention center in the convention center is more than a mile from one side to the other, a 30 minute walk. these cars coming to the tubes, 62 minutes from one side to the other. it takes 4400 people per hour, 62 cars here unless they get
11:31 am
visitor convention authorities, $52 million as an amenity, and steve hill, thanks for joining me. can this be a mass transit system. >> it can be, it will be. we have plans, we submitted them to move this through the destination, connect everything our visitors love in a fun and fast transportation system. >> you don't think about cars. could this replace subways, do you see this moving people? >> it moves a lot more than a subway does. not only for subways but additional roadways built on the surface, there is not room for widening roads and a lot of places. >> reporter: why did you make
11:32 am
the decision to do this? >> when we have campuswide shows, our attendees get from one end of the campus to another and experience everything here. we wanted to show the possibility of this so vegas could develop confidence in it and move forward throughout the destination. >> reporter: the project will be expanded, in the early stages of getting permit approval, 43 designated stations that have been identified up and down the las vegas strip and the company is in talks with miami to bring the same system there. stuart: thank you very much. faith leaders in atlanta will meet with georgia-based companies next week discussing the state's voting law. i want to bring an old friend
11:33 am
to the program, darrell scott. let's get serious. will faith leaders be considering a boycott of delta and coca-cola for what they did to the state of georgia? >> faith leaders realize any potential boycott would be an exercise in futility. they are trying to influence legislation that has already been signed off so to boycott manufacturers of retail products i don't think that would have any bearing on the legislation and i think they realize that. they discussed the buzzwords, systemic racism and economic and things like that, discussed problems in the community, might come out with a check for
11:34 am
the donation, the boycott would have been meaningless. i get mad at cnn so boycott the varney show. come on. they are going to boycott manufacturers because of legislation passed, but doesn't make sense. stuart: will you be at the faith leaders meeting? >> not if i get an invite. i will reach out, i have contacts, i will reach out to get included in the meeting and you will be the first person i talked to if i get in. stuart: i want to show you the cdc website which says, quote, racism is a serious public health threat that directly affect the well-being of millions of americans. that is from the cdc.
11:35 am
what do you make of that? >> we need some sort of antiracism mass, maybe paperbacks to our head and put gloves on so we can't tell what color everyone is and somehow prevent the racism. they included racism in this, quote, 6 degrees of separation. remember the concept of 6 degrees of separation, everything and anything that is a problem in america can be -- the problem in the world can be somehow connected or linked to racism. they are getting ridiculous with this to say racism is a public health crisis. when they speak racism they are consigning it to white black black white issues, not realizing racism is more ethnic. if someone does have racism it is more ethnic than it is based on the color of one's skin, those with the same confliction
11:36 am
have racist overtones, there is intro racial racism in different complexions. it is a real reality. the cdc is stretching right here. stuart: we would love to see more debate on this but the debate tends to be shut down as soon as you are accused of being a racist. that closes everything up. there's a lot to discuss here. a lot to debate and we should do it on this program. >> yes we should and we have to redo our bro hood. stuart: i remember that. it is on tape from back in the days we actually touched each other. >> we have to do it. stuart: very you go. you want to take an elbow, very you go.
11:37 am
there you go. always a pleasure, come and see us again. michael and ready -- andready made history on the racetrack but now he thinks the future of racing might be electric. michael andreadi is next. ♪♪ born to be wild ♪♪ we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
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11:41 am
did you know how the pandemic would play out? we put things on pause for a little bit with progress on vaccines and that is great news but i am not surprised people are pent-up wanting to get out and travel. stuart: they really do, andrew
11:42 am
leavy is the ceo of bello airlines launching a brand-new budget airline as travel really picks up. strange time to launch an airline. looking through tsa checkpoints, 29 straight days of 1 million playing passengers, 3000 flight intendants on voluntary leave keeping up with summer schedule which is expanding rapidly. people are traveling. our next guest is a racing legend who has a new off-road electric vehicle team. michael andretti joins us now. everybody knows you but what is this about off-road electric racing. what is that about? >> a new series that came out,
11:43 am
to all different, to the extreme places of the world like we started with our race in saudi arabia last weekend, and then moved to places like greenland to bring some awareness, the glaciers up there, to places like brazil where we are able to show the extreme problems with rain forests. the first event went off really well. stuart: what about regular racing on the racetrack. and electric car and gas car. >> the power, the way to power, when you push an electric car,
11:44 am
it is an exhilarating feeling for the drivers. it is a little different when you have no sound when you are driving with it but it is just another racing car, just a different power unit but you will see the beginning, it has been a great growing series. stuart: is that the way of the future? you think electrical take care of the racetrack? >> electric is here to stay. whether it is full electric or hybrid, they are looking to go there, they are going there and also nascar doing a hybrid. electric is here to stay. stuart: which do you prefer? gas, electric? >> i don't know. i prefer competition so whatever the power is doesn't matter to me from that
11:45 am
standpoint but technology of this has been amazing to see electric where it has gone. companies like cooler which is mars rover technology we are bringing to racing and things like that. it has been fun working with new technology. stuart: not only are you a brilliant race driver but a great diplomat. you dodged that question very nicely. we wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. come back and see us. michael michael andretti, everybody. serious stuff for a moment, prince philip, husband of queen elizabeth ii, passed away at the age of 99. this is what everybody is talking about. will prince harry be at the funeral? ashley: prince harry is expected to attend the funeral. he was close to his grandfather
11:46 am
but it is not clear whether he will be accompanied by his wife megan markel. it will be harry's first time back after split the world -- the royal family. the 99-year-old duke returns to windsor castle. here's a live picture outside windsor. returned to windsor castle on march 16th after spending a month in hospital where he was treated for an infection and a heart condition. president biden says the us sends its deepest condolences to the queen, the royal family and everyone in the uk on the death of prince philip and we also now know the funeral will not be a state funeral and will not be preceded by lying in state. prince philip's body will i interest at windsor castle ahead of the funeral right there. what a remarkable life. stuart: 99 years old, two months shy of being 100, rest
11:47 am
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a good way to start friday feedback was 9-to-5 by dolly parton. you look outside foxbusiness headquarters in manhattan. come on in and let's get moving with this thing. first comes to us from bruce tepper. a year or 2 ago you had a british economist on the show who said america would have to go through a socialist period until another margaret thatcher could come along and rescue us. was that economist? i can't remember. do you? do you remember the name of the guy? ashley: we don't see a repeat of the 60s in 70s. >> the guy from the economist magazine, he thought donald trump was a greater threat than terrorism.
11:52 am
that guy never appeared in the euro again. next case, zach call want to know how does one become ashley webster's personal travel assistant for his correspondent work in florida? ashley: it doesn't pay well but there are a lot of perks, beautiful beaches, exotic locations. my only advice, bring a lot of sunscreen and remember the focus of the job is keeping the well fed and comfortable and i will say i will start reviewing some next week if he would like the same one in. that is not easy. stuart: it is just brutal, we really feel for you. keith in georgia says this. oh, stu, but i do know what hp
11:53 am
sauce otherwise known as brown sauce is, lebanon my steak and ale but hp sauce. you know hp sauce, don't you, there it is on screen, stands for houses in parliament. ashley: it is a classic. i had it on everything, certainly puffy, flaky pastry pie with steak and ale inside. that is a good public menu order, that is beautiful, love it and always have. stuart: when i was a kid they were two kind of sauce on my table. one was brown sauce, hp, the other was red sauce otherwise known as ketchup. here is where we get to the picture. this email says can we see a picture from 40 years ago again? when i first saw that picture
11:54 am
it reminded me of johnny carson. put it up? do i look like johnny carson? ashley: the head shape is similar. you had a lot of hair which is impressive but if you put a little silver on the side i can kind of see the same shape head but that is about it. stuart: someone once said i look like liberace. i don't think we will cover that. that is you. ashley: you know what? not far off the mark. stuart: both of you have a good head of hair. here's the next one. comes to us and says the mass exodus from the cities to the suburbs, what do you think of tractor supply? where did that come from? tractor supply? i am a supporter of tractor
11:55 am
supply. i used to know one of the founders of tractor supply had an english wife from south end, use it regularly. carolyn garvey says we've been late to work twice recently. can you explain yourself? once i was coming back from a doctors appointment and got stuck in midtown manhattan traffic, couldn't get on the air due to technical difficulties. is that a reasonable explanation why you had to do so much more work? ashley: our viewers are so observant, can't get away with anything. good explanation. stuart: they watch you like a hawk, lots of comments on the shape of your knob and you.
11:56 am
thanks for sending your feedback so to speak, keep them coming. varney viewers, more varney after this. ♪♪ what do i do when my love is a way ♪♪ i really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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easy-to-use software. visit paycom dot com and schedule your demo today. do they know this door is locked ♪ stuart: take a looked at amazon's stock. it's up very nicely, up 1.5%, and i think i know why. 1800 people voted against the union coming to amazon in alabama, 700 votes in favor.
12:00 pm
that is a are resounding defeat for the union and its attempt to unionize amazon. that's why the stock is up.5%. well, it's been an eventful day. lots of news breaking, and we're going to cover more of it with neil cavuto, and it's exactly 12 noon. neil, it's yours. neil: thank you, stuart, for that very, very much. all right. they're calling it a skinny budget today. i'm fine with that because if you're looking at $1.5 trillion being a skinny budget, then i can call myself svelte. it's a partial spending measure, the rest comes later this spring, the full budget, which will be another $3.5 trillion on so much that, most likely. if you're keeping track of things, we spent $1.9 trillion on the virus, stimulus plan, whatever you want to call it, we're looking to spend $2.25 trillion on infrastructure. there could be a follow


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