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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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disagree, but he is not a road guy, not a car guy, subtracting rose from the infrastructure. that is totally not cool. ♪♪ >> president biden, if you're listening, i implore you, get the federal government out of the way for the psaki of the u.s. economy, there's more evidence that things are about to go boom like a dynamite and biden tax plan could scuttle this ship before it leaves the harbor according to a growing physical economies and experts economic recovery is about to take off and away not seen in generations, bring it. in fact, protected by 2024, things will be better here and if there had never been a pandemic. think about that. americans could be better off
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than if coronavirus never happened, that is extraordinary so what does president biden plan to do? raise taxes on the very companies that should be the engine of this projected boom. >> the previous administration reduces all the way down to 21% what i am proposing is meet in the middle. 28%. 38% we still have lower corporate rates in any time between world war ii and 2017. it will generate over $1 trillion in taxes over 15 years. kennedy: but even at 20%, companies would be on among the most taxed in the developed world and president biden didn't say he open to negotiations. the president is looking for ways to pay for his massive $2.25 trillion infrastructure plan and listen, we need to fix grumbling bridges and roads,
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republicans, democrats and those in between, i'll believe that. the problem is, only a small fraction of the money is actually set aside for roads and bridges. the rest, it grab bag we don't need right now and maybe not under the umbrella of water government should be doing so how can we stop the white house before they grind to a complete and total halt? joining me tonight, fox news jupiter and economic at king's college in manhattan, brian is back. the mentality here tough to grasp. you have president biden saying somehow raising corporate tax rate will be good for businesses and janet yellen, this is what i don't understand that maybe you could explain, janet yellen saying when you lower corporate tax rate, it is race to the bottom also invite corporations to find tax shelters on
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mysterious island, i don't understand that logic. >> i don't either but that's the worst part of this whole thing. what you just talked about. notice what she's doing, she saying if you cut corporate taxes, it's a race to the bottom and i'll tell you why she says that. progressives hate competition. when competition exists, it means individuals have choice, businesses have choice, they can do what they want, they can move to where they want. the biden administration is afraid if we raise corporate taxes, and has right to be afraid, raise corporate taxes, it will drive capitol out of this country so what is she trying to do? trying to get all other developed countries around the world to raise their minimum tax
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rate so we get rid of competition. that's it. you can't beat them, you collude with them and that's a strategy the biden administration is pursuing right now and it will work it's going to make the united states less competitive. joe biden knows that, janet yellen knows that which is why they won't admit right now that our corporate tax rate is actually in the middle of developed countries. it that way down there, we are finally competitive. any move up put us at the top of the list. you don't want to be at the top of. kennedy: absolutely not many countries are at the top of those freedom indexes. the u.s. again, not close and we are only dropping. what i don't understand she says the corporate tax grab, federal government reaching in and taking more money from corporations and individuals, somehow it's not a zero-sum game. it somehow a win-win. this is a rational statism that i don't even think she believes.
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>> she can't. corporate tax rate increases are lose lose lose because it means one of three things. customers pay more money, workers get lower wages or shareholders, retirees, people trying to save, get a lower return. corporate taxes don't go to anybody except those three and those three groups and those three groups are average americans so when you talk about taxes not going up on people who make less informed thousand, the minute you start talking about corporate tax increases, you're talking about people who make less than $400,000. it has to be deliberately misleading because there's no way an economist say this and not know the truth. the fact is, they are committed to their ideology and willing to throw economics under the bus to get their ideology past, that's exactly what is going on here. kennedy: but these are very dangerous experiment. you have the ims saying our economy is about to boom and they keep having to adjust their forecasts because gdp growing
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globally and in the u.s., it's greater than predicted even a couple of months ago. >> what it would do is it could bring us back to pre-pandemic economy, that is the economy we want, 2019. poverty rate limited. incomes went up. unemployment rate limited. that's a good situation we had in 2019 because companies were investing, the private sector was keeping more of its money and putting it to work and people were benefiting from it, cap the public sector. that's the issue we face now, we have an administration that wants to give away our competitive advantage, lower taxes, lower regulation and trade for more government bureaucracy and more government involvement in the economy. that's the definition of a lose lose trade. kennedy: it's something you brought up several times, innovation. that is the cornerstone of
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american growth and you can't have a if you have the government in the way. the government is not what allows companies to innovate. the freak movement says free market lift people out of poverty, 95 million people will experience extreme poverty because of the pandemic and it's because regime's which i do not want to be part of here in the u.s. thank you so much. >> good to see you. kennedy: disturbing new video today showing how badly the white house bundling immigration. a lost migrant child sobbing, they texas border patrol officials telling him is been abandoned in the middle of nowhere by a larger group and didn't know where to go. one of about 19000 unaccompanied migrant children in federal custody right now, arizona congressman visited the border with other broken lawmakers challenged the biden administration to do the same. >> this president own the
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catastrophe is created. this human misery he has created. two weeks ago, appointed kamala harris a co- person on this issue. she's crisscrossed the country, taking holidays, can't be bothered to visit the border to see the administrations policies at work we want vice president harris visited a chicago bakery and said what she enjoyed german caulk chocolate cake. that was delicious. does she know she's in charge of the border debacle? it looks like she doesn't even care. the former cia officer, group chairman and ceo mike baker very tough. don't mess with him. editor in chief looking glamorous. executive director, former state
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department deputy spokesperson and mary, it's going to be a big night. thank you for being here. >> thanks. >> baker, i will start with you because your name is baker and vice president harris went to a bakery. i was on the five earlier in one williams accused republicans of engaging in a photo up because they were at the border but when you're at the border, you can see what's happening firsthand and you can talk to border agents and people who are trying to get into the country who have been detained and hopefully get eyeballs on some of these kids. when you're at a water treatment facility bakery in chicago, you can't see any of the so who's engaging in the photo up? >> both sides. both sides are engaging hypocrisy and that drives me crazy on this. the previous four years, the left doesn't care about the
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kids, they cared about the issue as a hammer to beat trump with and now it's not cages, they are not in cages anymore, now it's facilities and it's not really an issue because well, biden is not trump and biden is kind but the right is doing the same thing. the right the past four years were saying they were downplaying the situation saying obama built the cages now as you pointed out, everybody is engaging in a photo up and at the end of the day, call me cynical but from a kids perspective, i've got three boys, two of whom are basically the same age as a sport abandoned child featured and it's heartbreaking but it is disgusting how both sides, so full of crab. kennedy: they are and as you pointed out, it executive fiat
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taking immigration policies which is policy at all if it changing every few years. it is actually cool that you don't identify what the problem is and you don't come up with a set of solutions to fix it, neither side wants to do that. what are your thoughts? >> i've heard the blame here not specifically on biden or trump so i think both of them failed to medically at the border. what i would say, the inability to make policy and consistently convey to the world what the policy is about whether people can come and what happens when they do. i know neither party actually likes the solution but there is a way to avoid abandoned children wandering in the desert alone and that is too just let people who want to come here, to raise their families here in. that child was there because his parents thought it was the only way he have a better life and the fact that ended nearly and
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tragedy in house for so many other families, both republicans and democrats to figure out how to work together and clear about who can come and why they need to that a lot more people in. there are many people who want to come here and live peacefully and have family lives and work here and help rebuild the country that has struggled in the past year. kennedy: i don't have a problem with that, my problem is something that we go back to continuously, you can't have expanded the welfare state and extended immigration and it's cool to tell people both are going to happen because it's unsustainable and no one can do that, not one country. >> starting with vice president harris, today she spoke on the phone with the president of mexico, she spoke over the weekend with other leaders from
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the region, she's been engaging at a very high level diplomatically to try to work with the root countries where the peoples come from to send them know she visited small business in chicago, she's also working the phone on this but look, the real problem here i think is exactly right, many cases with congress, we do need to let more people in and come up with a way to deal with the people already here and deal with dreamers and unaccompanied children and we need a policy it's very clear and not being used as a partisan football or fear mongering i don't think democrats are perfect but when i look at the republican party and all these numbers going down doing photo ops on the border, a lot of what they say just pure mongering. i don't care solutions from them. kennedy: what about -- [inaudible] images of what was happening in minor detention facilities, you have little kids wrapped up with big potatoes 100 to her room
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getting it to college. he not republican, is it texting democrat last word, baker. >> both sides have engaged over the years and photo ops. i agree with what we are saying in the sense that both sides have failed to resolve the immigration issues. i also say i spend most of my life overseas and there's not a single country i've been to that doesn't secure and protect borders and we seem to be the ones apologize anytime we move in that direction. to have consistency, a better to let more people in, you first need to have control of your borders so that's all i've got to say. >> look at australia and new zealand, is not great? out but we don't . kennedy: coming up, 60 minutes is selectively correct rhonda sanders. why would they do that? should we be surprised?
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colby all joins me to break it down, next. ♪♪
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the left media, they've been searching high and low for scandal condemn florida governor ron desantis and now they are making about 60 minutes yesterday. a quick, shared accusing
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desantis pay to play for granting vaccine dissolution to the grocery stain chain public after they donated $100,000 to the campaign. watch. donated $100,000 to your campaign and then toward a good right to distribute the vaccination -- mark what you're saying is wrong -- how is that not state to play. >> i met with the administrator and all the folks at palm beach county and said here's some of the options, we can do more drive-through sites, more to hospitals we can do the public's basically think that would be the easiest thing for residents. kennedy: critics conveniently decided to cut out the gutters entire the world explanation behind the decision which had nothing to do with it. watch this. >> that's a big narrative. first of all when we did the first pharmacy that had it were cvs and walgreens and they had a long-term care nation so they were owing to the long-term care
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facilities, they got vaccine in the middle of december, they started going to long-term care facilities the third week of december to do lpc so that was their mission, that was very important and we trusted them to do that. as we got into january, wanted to expand distribution points so yes, you have the counties, drive-through sites, hospitals doing a lot but we wanted to get it into communities more so we reached out to other retail pharmacies, publix, walmart, obviously cvs and walgreens had to finish and we said we are going to see if you're done with that. for the public, they were the first to raise her hand and say they were ready to go. kennedy: even palm beach county mayor, dave, democrats pushed back cvs today saying they are hell-bent on dividing us for cheap news. why is the media desperate to pay florida as a colored written placement despite all on the contrary? joining me now, sounding editor, welcome back, kobe colby.
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this drives me crazy busy because it's a nonstory. i don't care if public donated to run desantis' campaign, they donate to democrats as well, they done it toward more towards republicans but that's not what this is about. the full exclamation he gave laid that out and was disingenuous and dishonest to air the edited clip that made it seemed like he was in fact working with palm beach county, saving the public which by the way administered doses in alabama, florida, georgia, south carolina, texas and virginia. >> i am sort of dead inside but this even shocks me. i don't know what they were thinking, not just shared but also a team of executives and producers in supervising producers who said no, that is good. you are in television long time,
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it's procedures to edit down interviews to convince them but you never do it so it change materially the meaning of what's being said but that's what happened here. "the issue is" ron desantis, sort of a bogeyman the media especially on the left, it's coming out of this post pandemic world, it appears he's keeping the economy open was the smart move. even joe scarborough saying his praises. i think what we saw here was exactly what he said, they decided they were paying him in this way and basically every stereotype possible, the media has a bias and it's unfortunate because of this. kennedy: i understand ron desantis is very well republicans when they are asked about potential field if
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president trump is not going to run again, he's at the top of the list and pulling better mike pence and mike pompeo so i guess florida is open, one of the biggest marketing juice is the fact that their businesses are open, amusement parks and their schools so not only are visitors going, people are moving there and when the entire economy opens again florida is going to be shot out of a cannon that's not reason enough to put forth disingenuous reporting and as you include the booklet, it makes it a nonstory. the thing that makes me mad, i talked to my mom and stepdad in oregon and it took them months and they are in their 70s. she went for a younger man which is kind of hot. [laughter] but they couldn't get vaccines, these people were getting them in florida and using every mechanism possible to make sure
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older people and especially the counties with the highest concentration of culturally distance, they were getting shot. that is a good thing, isn't it? absolutely. do you know who doesn't care for distribution of vaccines? the people in florida who got the vaccines from publix. of all things to worry about, this is a plan already in place for the delivery of the vaccines and it's very low. as you said, ron desantis pulled number one outside of trump, the big winner in this whole story is ron desantis because it underlined gives the argument that media but also shines a spotlight on the job he's doing there's plenty of room to criticize him for other things he's done . kennedy: he's got plenty of time to screw up.
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>> that's right but suddenly we are talking about ron desantis kennedy: never heard him play out in argument, he's actually making a lot of sense and kind of cares. remember in the early days of the pandemic when governor and mayors allowing outdoor cocktails? the original regulations stupid? i'll break that down next. ♪♪
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if you hate gun laws, the pandemic may be a happy ending for you. people question the home of makeshift offices and classrooms, a lot has had to change. namely, silly laws and regulations that have no place in the modern age. outdoor seating was incompatible with food, they wouldn't let you do it. chocolate peanut butter, goes better with its natural counterpart.
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jack and coke and a lot a state like california, you weren't allowed to drink on the sidewalk but in covid times, that the only place you could eat outside your closet. a refreshing beverage was the only thing to wash away angst germ phobia maybe out doors blues lost pop up, now 33 states and d.c. past emergency to margaritas go laws and why should they ever go back? make them permanent. new orleans can be the only place in the country for you can a piña colada while strolling aimlessly trying to avoid touching people. speaking of not getting touched, you put millions of people in their early grades if you work for the expansion of telemedicine services so people could talk to a doctor coupled with medicare, countless disease, cancers and conditions untreated with dire results. one of the big barriers is often
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there are not on doctors in the area to treat the infirmed. you need to fill the bill, 40 states in the last year have honored out-of-state medical licenses and why shouldn't they? if you travel from ohio to texas to break your wrist, you think you can only be cured with sorcery? that people have fancy phone time with doctors to get things started. that's where 80% of medicine happens when you blah blah blah. if the doctors licensed in another state, it seems idiotic to prevent them from going a few hundred miles away. it's not like you will get arthritis advice from conrad murray. i mean, you could. but hookers hook, breeders break blues thanks drink. if someone heard somebody else, then you can have kittens. until then, let's keep beating up on relations so when people in the economy are healthy, we can have a good time without
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that loss. at the middle. speaking of regulation robot, denver is letting the drinks flow freely. the capitol finalizing rules to create entertainment districts for people can openly carry their booze. georgia will help him governor brian kent sitting on a bill that would make cocktails permanent across the state. people are probably liking that down there. all drinks to go, shot in the arm struggling, bars and restaurants desperately need. this is a great issue because there are a lot of democrats, senator from hawaii who says normally i am broke regulation some of these laws are really stupid and the covid pandemic has shown them to be archaic.
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what you think? >> i certainly agree. i think i agree with you, i like drinking in public as well a lot of businesses have done really good job and i think we will see he's businesses going forward especially these regulations because regulations keep doing that in terms of carryout and outdoor dining. the team businesses be very creative during the pandemic and i hope some of that continues. kennedy: the restaurant industry, restaurants and bars have led the way and they have had to fight against to keep that county commissioners and regulators who come around biting people up for doing things wrong they've had to do a lot of money and creativity. will we take that into postcollege years? >> it's almost like america's greatest drink is small business
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people and entrepreneurs. as we let them do this stuff, it would make our country better a crazy insight i bring to you on tv tonight, his has been a total boom for customer service even under wild conditions on my block in washington d.c., there are a bunch of businesses run by immigrants who have figured out how to stay alive and meet people's needs during the tough year. what i needed was a margarita to go i appreciate that's how they are doing the. i'd be furious if it gets rolled back. >> the only time, whether it will work for food trucks but mike, will there be in a price, a revolution in these 33 states that have alcohol to go now the governors and mayors try to squash their sweet freedom? >> yes, i'll probably leave.
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[laughter] walking down the street with my martini preferably panelist, i am fully on board. [laughter] who doesn't want to drive through the bar? come on. there have been places ahead of the game. thirty-three states. [laughter] i'm just now caught up i think it's great small businesses for the most part, this is how they stayed alive and as far as medical save lives, absolutely loosen that up because i get why lawyers have to be licensed in each state. the human is a human from texas to california to florida to new hampshire so do commonsense things out of the pandemic and like i said, walking down the street with your booze is not the biggest threat we face right now. kennedy: no, they had a wall of
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frozen drinks and you get mudslide, pretty much anything you want and people are just like walking around. >> a mudslide? kennedy: you have not had a mudslide? if you have not, you have not lived. [laughter] >> she's right on that. kennedy: all right, you guys are fantastic and we will get together collaborate with a cocktail. the good part. delightful. speaking of shaking up the system today, crypto currency how could you join in? boost your bank account in the process. today, lisa unveiled a credit card that allows you to buy things with crypto. users of the card can make transactions in the
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u.s. currency, just the beginning of more crypto partnerships to come. how can you start buying and selling using this currency in which alternative to the u.s. dollar should you be shopping for? joining me next, chris. thanks, welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: a lot of people don't know how it works and you got banks like bank of america saying crypto is stupid, bitcoin should go away, we've never tell partners to invest in it and then you have chase and visa now basically using various companies to help instantly convert from crypto to u.s. dollars so tell me how it's working. >> very important step towards mainstream crypto currency to have lisa and the industry how
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it works for example, if you use a crypto visa card, spend it as you would your regular credit card but you and crypto and that makes it really popular. we can actually now have the obligation and crypto currency so instead of a wire, it's a digital way to them on the chain so this is a very important first step because now every single financial decision scrambling to figure out what are we doing about crypto? henry get on? is huge. kennedy: which crypto currency benefits most from this? >> will obviously the entire industry and people frequently say 50000, i missed the boat, this is not how it works. it's for you on most, it's not
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too late. kennedy: i like it. i am a fan coin base is about to have a big ipo. >> absolutely and again, this is a huge industry. the market cap on day one next week, it's going to be absolutely the focal of the entire conversation for the next four to and also for companies like us, using smart last month so they are much faster for us. kennedy: how did you get that domain? >> it's a very interesting story. twenty-five years, professor
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says crypto but somehow we managed to reach that this is the hallmark, home for everybody who wants to buy, sell crypto pay, it's the perfect name and we managed to secure. kennedy: well, congratulations. we will be watching you and your partnership in all of it. some people are just getting into it and i love when people break it down. thanks again. >> thank you for having me. kennedy: coming up, tiger woods traveling. very fast. would you get caught, is he getting special treatment? next. ♪♪
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tiger woods was seen over the
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speed limit when he lost control of his car and almost killed himself and the people possibly. investigators today lisa new report in the crash, no signs of impairment. they're not going to file charges they tested for drugs or alcohol, is he getting special treatment? the host of folks across america on fox news radio. jimmy. >> there is. [laughter] nice to see you. kennedy: whole thing has crazy, everyone thought tiger woods, breaking news, tiger woods has been in the crash. oh no, this is it, this is how it happens the love that the sheriff said there's no sign of impairment. there's a car upside down in the woods. aside from the car, it's like a tank of gas in the matches, no signs of arson. that sheriff got nikes for life,
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you know it's true. don't judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes, seriously. your family can wear them the rest of your life. i drive you but obviously you don't want that but no, it's insane. kennedy: somebody has had a fairly recent dui publicly talked about his struggles drugs -- >> you leave me out of this. let's get back with tiger. [laughter] not only did he have a recent dui -- [laughter] he had kind of one when asked what his favorite color was, he said chex mix. [laughter] you know the questions they are asking you how are you, champ? probably not even answering the question. i love that he said to good samaritans who helped him. i think he was seeing double. wait a minute no way this is
8:47 pm
legit. kennedy: there are so many disparities, was he conscious or not? one source said i thought he was dead, i walked up and he was completely passed out, no dialect. then another set he was lucid -- not much, they. >> they literally said it appears he accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the break. that's called being drunk. you don't do that sober. kennedy: unless bill nicholson slapped the pedal. [laughter] >> this is turning into scooby doo. amazing. kennedy: this weekend, is tiger going to play? [laughter] >> if there's an xbox and control involved, yes. kennedy: you imagine he came out superstrong? >> when he comes back out with a rubber hand, rubber man tiger, good gosh. please resist any reference to tiger woods.
8:48 pm
[laughter] i will not let you talk about the leader like that, this is classy show. [laughter] kennedy: he was speaking out because there was no parking in redondo beach. >> probably being chased or something like that. [laughter] kennedy: i've tried to protect that, awful rumors and conspiracy theories, they won't let up. come back next week. [laughter] ♪♪
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a new report claims the u.s. faces another shortage. that's right, about to be wiped out it's a tissue issue in this tropical storm. like tell you what i think is for the paper, a bad word. it starts with sh in the second word is to get. we begin in california group were surprised a stampede. this is a pot of about 2000 speeding up the coast of newport beach. this pod has more than new
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jersey rest stop. seems like everyone is in a hurry to leave california these days they like to swim off the coast. [laughter] tell there be by the size of their peaks. free sandwiches, free sandwiches. [laughter] getaways of this. miller light now is selling bar scented candles which ironically makes no sense. candles come in three bar styles including game day bar, beer garden and live for. this must be what my staff uses, they only come to work smelling like a dive bar in fact, sometimes i wonder if they have a candles problem. candles garden is a combination
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of sunscreen and pretzels dive bar candle promises notes of tobacco and fermented. he might want to keep that in your car to the case you have to drive through new jersey. you know, blowholes. topic number three. the cry for america experience in catch up shortage. okay. no mayo and mustard, relishing this. reportedly due to the increased demand for take-out during the coronavirus pandemic, to be ashamed of. we will and hidden more than usual. popular restaurant chains forced to buy catch up from secondary suppliers of high prices including long-term servers, catch up cost increased by half-million dollars, that's a lot of money for long john silver. the company knows the case their food without catch up on it, they'll be out of business in week. luckily i keep my catch up for
8:55 pm
free. people from tomatoes at me for making bad jokes about the tropical storm and catchup factory. [laughter] topic number four. incredible sight in egypt where 22 mummified kings and queens were transported from one museum to another in a mummy parade. yes. these are behold kings and queens of ancient egypt from kueng kong 17th dynasty all the way to ramses night of the duck dynasty. joe binds inauguration day. [laughter] queen was actually king of egypt. countries second ever female, took a lot of convincing to dress her like a mummy. she wanted to go in the key cap. i don't have to tell you how self-conscious it could be, 3500 year old roles could be, the
8:56 pm
monies will now lighten the national museum egyptian civilization which is also where i laid audio asking for it. high-profile people came to the spread. mummy exhibit opens april 18 tours around the world. my favorite federal, bring on lactose. >> ideas, electrify you. they grow from our imagination but they can't be held back they want to be set free to make the world responsible and incredible. the future just like that. ♪♪
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thank you for the watching the best part of your say if you make it so.
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