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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 13, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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zoom tape or raiding students and parents over the push to restart in person learning, can you imagine that? in person learning. guess what, a new study shows it is okay, the health scientist say it's teachers ought to go back to school and teach. ♪ ♪. kennedy: welcome to it, right? your kid is still learning remotely and when they are in school they are stuck in a room for eight hours with none of their teacher's insight. teacher students from l.a. to philly, baltimore to albuquerque have forcefully resisted any efforts to return to the class and. that mentality is embodied in this rant from a nasty northern california teacher, watch. >> your parents once a talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession? i would love to hear that. however, if your parent was to come to talk to me about how i am not doing a good enough job
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in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? just dear them to come up. because i am so sick to my >> of a parent trying to tell educators how to do their job. kennedy: that is alyssa's it shape each question which is meant remotely bullying her students were so long, one frustrated parent had enough, recorded and posted it to a private facebook page. and i am glad this feral cat is out of the bag preselect address her concerns one by one. first of all, my professions and calls calling out publicly paid actors who abuse their power, like her to this woman like the union that represent her is aggressive and defensive because they all know they are all wrong on this one. their absent leads to protracted suffering amongst teens whose mental health have declined, self-harm and suicide goes up. you once it about statistics
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and organ kids customer come at me lady. number three, this betrays the ultimate goal of teachers unions in public schools in general. divorced parents from the process of educators have total control. it is a disgusting tactic used by leaders and child molesting and it's got a stop. tumor also have to question recalled the ridiculous woe is me excuses from a tax who teach an average of two live hours a day paid study after study so how kids are being intellectually wounded by remote learning for the racial disparity is stunning. white kids are still fully remote yet black and brown learners, half of them are still out of the classroom. a report from great public schools now shows 56000 l.a. students are not participating daily for 22000 of them missed three or more days a week. 66% of l.a. middle and high schools cannot read or do math at grade level. and i am not here to tell you how to do your job, it's clear
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you are not doing your job at all. in december the chicago teachers union tweeted and deleted quotes the push to reopen school is rooted in sexism racism and misogyny. how exactly question work i guess they miss the name teacher training when they explain how to show your work. i get it misogyny's infrastructure and words are meaningless. by their actions these teachers unions are showing that kids are also meaningless. and for that they should all be fired and that is the memo. experts claim teen suicide is jump significantly during the pandemic with those same text say they're not doing normal things like social school and beating trends on her -- why are more teachers not jumping at the opportunity to return the classroom customer party panel political
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editor guy benson he's back some foxes read all of the world its gate contract guy benson. fox news contributor leslie marshall with the west coast perspective. and of course recent editor at large and cohost of the fifth column podcast it is now. [laughter] is going to say a bad word i'm not matt welch is here. to studio up to be a nice lady, welcome everyone. congrats and the new digs kennedy i really like it. so gaia, the teachers unions are -- they can be summed up in that rant. and one person sort of represents all of the teachers union spree that is randy weingarten. she is the one who's been so instrumental in keeping kids out of classrooms saying that the cdc does not understand science. although there are reports saying kids can return to classes of 3 feet of social
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distancing was arrived at through science, what are your thoughts? >> i'm glad you brought up randy weingarten in addition to the teacher iran california. among the most powerful unions in the country what is she been up to over the past few weeks questioning at a very public way self is all over the place. been jetting from state to state with fellow adults in the teachers union, in person. and in one of these selfie's she is sitting at a table at a restaurant where there five or six other teachers not 6 feet apart, not 3 feet apartment right next to each other cheek to jowl. i saw that image and i saw some of these photos of the jet she is flying on. how are those union meetings for adults more essential than in classroom teaching when it comes to education for children? if zoom and remote learning is good enough for kids which we
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know it's not it has not been for a year, why is it good enough for randy weingarten the teachers union? if she thanks is cdc science is not good enough to have students 3 feet apart instead of 6 feet apart which is their excuses for delaying the opening of school, how is it okay for adults who are much greater risk from coronavirus than children we know that from science to be sitting around a table at a restaurant right next to each other. not of it makes any sense for the no good answers to any of those questions. and yet she's kinda flaunting this in the general public completed charge right now. support leslie it's interesting is district after district city after city union after union have essentially been pushing for the same thing. it is to keep kids out of classrooms. in baltimore they were employing parents to boycott the system. the teachers were not forced to be in harm's way. although the infection rate in
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school was less than .9%. it's interesting because in today and l.a. unified 73 schools open by april 26, all schools will be open. what is more interesting nearly half of the parents will be sending their kids and a half of the parents are not comfortable sending their kids back to school. look, bad teachers a bad teacher. whether they are in a union, private school and not in union whether california or any state that is one teacher. that is not the sentiment of every teacher in a union of every teacher in california at every teacher in every school district. many of these teachers. [inaudible] so i don't think it is fair to take a paintbrush and generalize make a sweeping generalization of all teachers. before i don't have to generalize. that teacher prospect that each was wrong with her rampant and got to tell you
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their resumes from private teachers as well. >> i'm sure you have not recently because private schools are back in business, matt go-ahead. >> speaking avatar with a broad brush is a 50% of parents are uncomfortable send their kids to school is nonsense. it is just nonsense. the people who open offered the opportunity to send their kids back to school not just hybrid which is what we see in l.a. and separate their new york, not just you are open to an half days a week and if two people sneeze super lab or going to for ten days. not that. open five days a week you get to go. what is the rate of parents have also seen ohmic backgrounds is two out of three at least. when you're given the opportunity they take it by what the teachers have done is they foreclosed upon that opportunity. they say we don't want to give you that opportunity that is the number. people are trying to portray this as a question of hesitancy among parents.
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no, parents of been trying to figure out in the system that is predictable. there has not been predictable systems particularly in states and in cities that are controlled by the democratic party for i'm not a democrat or republican i do not take pleasure in reporting this parade the only correlated fact about closing and opening schools in this country is whether you are in a state or locality that is democrat or republican party it is awful. people are getting it. 12% of new york city parents are opting out from the 12% down and applicants for kindergarten next in the file teachers unions are going on a helluva time when there ain't no teachers because they're not going to be going to school. before june with a really generic city? made this a lot of other options and beat one of the
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other options as florida. the party panel returns later, finally some good news. about to experience growth the likes and with we have rarely seen in the past 70 years. economists surveyed by the wall street journal said they expect 2021 economic growth to hit 6.4%. that is almost as high as the reagan years. saw the conagra by a whopping and 83 but at the same time economists also warned that inflation is likely to be on the rise. march inflation data comes out tomorrow. so how much is your dollar going to be worth as this all shakes out? if the economy is cranking you need to become yanking about inflation. joining beat out in the studio here in our glorious new spaceship, fox news contributor professor business and economics of the king's college in manhattan, brian ruttenberg this is brianomics, look at my hand. >> awesome i love it. >> the studio is amazing just lovely. super cannot wait for them to gained me out the giant canaan about 20 minutes.
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squatters rights man try kicking me out now. [laughter] sell brandenburg what are we talking about in terms of inflation question work on the scale of. [inaudible] to zimbabwe where are we? >> that's quite a skill don't await anywhere near that. i would to say i'm one of the people think we are underplaying the problem. not because were going to get inflation that that high but because we backed ourselves into a corner pretty piled up that for really long time. the rationale has been the cost of servicing it is low because interest rates are low pay but here's the problem. i would you get inflation popping up, what he supposed to do? raise interest rates to tamp it down for it has the fed going to do that when if they do that trillion dollar a year we put ourselves in a corner. we really don't have the tools to fight inflation so can i get we put ourselves in a
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corner that is a problem for this is going to pop up this year with all the spending. looks up and under push it back to 2023, which i think now great time to end the segment. [laughter] >> here's the problem with the fed jay powell has been so loose with money. he's done a bad job of setting expectations in my view. let me say this. i think is that a bad job than such a bad job coming out the last recession who try to take up all the slack. who try to take up the slack question might be fed they try to put it with low rates. with tax cuts and deregulation. the problem is in the middle
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of a good recovery will be should get out of the way we are trying to reinvent the economy and away that takes all of the growth out of it. when you take all the growth out of it that is where inflation comes back because people are producing supply chains get wrecked that's with inflation comes from. support please don't raise the corporate tax rate 7% we need innovation in this country. we need a climate for innovation and competition. and if our corporate tax rate is one of the highest in the developing world, what does that do? >> it would be at 28%. it would be at 25%. people don't understand we came down to 21 we did not go to the bottom of the second corporate tax rates for do it somewhere in the middle just above the middle actually. they want higher than want to raise wages they want to produce. you look around the globe got high corporate tax rates it hurts earnings that makes the projects more expensive they invest less on the get less innovation. that falls right to workers.
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super we need to cut taxes cut spending their brain is don't start buying gold bit coins burisma, stop to give than congress adjourned right now? just stop. if you are a congressperson is not servicing you, i did not mean that the way it sounded. >> i did not take it that way. kennedy: this because you have a pure heart. workers in alabama have no voted on whether not to form a union. what effect will this have on the prices you pay? and what does it say about freedom? nick gillespie joins me, he is nick gillespie joins me, he is here walter, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? so what are you waiting for? world's strongest man martins licis to help you break down boxes? arrrggh! what am i gonna do to you box? let me “break it down” for you... arrgggh!
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kennedy: welcome backward amazon workers at distribution center in alabama have voted overwhelmingly against a push to unionize. they voted three -- one against the effort which featured rallies by bernie sanders and support from the white house. amazon has a bad press for workers at some facilities had their being overworked and do not have time to take a pp break. it turned out many amazon employees interviewed said
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there wages and benefits are fair. they do not think they need to pay union dues in order to make changes. so how is this a vote against the union a kick in the package for progressives? your birthday not recent editor at large and host of the recent interview podcast nick gillespie's back. welcome back nick. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: what is the say? bernie sanders progressive celebrities spent a lot of time in alabama really, really loud being to get this union going against amazon. and the workers spoke for themselves. >> yes i think there are two big messages. one that is more local into amazon description centers which is that the employees actually like their jobs. and generally speaking they don't see benefits that a union is going to bring other than taking a bite out of their paycheck. now you look at a place like alabama where the minimum wage has stayed minimum wage is
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about $7.20 an hour part amazon is already paying 15 bucks an hour. those stories about people wearing triple depends and diapers because they're not allowed to leave their places to the bathroom or anything, those are totally oversold. in fact people like the distribution center work pretty well. this second big message is that the political class in the media are so out of touch with what people are doing what working people are doing. bernie sanders, people the "washington post" and elsewhere they look at this when they walk away from it and say this is a sign that amazon is really screwing its workers even more because the workers did not vote for a union but is you are saying is like two and half -- three people to one voting against the union by the take away from that in the media and the political classes this proves the need for union representation. the disconnect is just massive. kennedy: they are insinuating is some form of stockholm syndrome.
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a bit being so aggressive in lobbying their workers if that were the case it would've been close it would've been more of a one point to five to one ratio. but that's not the case. >> something weird is going on here. trump is part of this. i struggle to recall his name, and 2016 at least hillary clinton did now into admit she lost the election. trump did not want to admit he won the election pretty never actually said he certified the 2016 election much less the 2029 have stuff like this. everybody is so bitter. nobody can take a loss. and it is frustrating for it is a sign of a society that's really hollowed out trust and confidence. that is deeply worrying. the real winners here, there are at least a couple of winners here. one is amazon workers are getting a good deal. good enough they'd rather keep it the way it goes to work
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with management to get better circumstances rather than going with a union. customers are doing extremely well because of amazon. if it wouldn't been for amazon i don't how most of us would've got through the locked out and big and small for the other thing is amazon maybe one hopes as an employer and an innovator they're going to take the ability to not screw over their workers or their customers. but rather the freedom to work out individualized arrangements both for the step they are selling as well as the people they are employing. kennedy: and mike change in city to city and region to reason. he made a good point about how we made it to the pandemic people in that part of alabama their jobs went away after 2008 recession. they were worried that manufacturing jobs are not going to come back they're not gainfully employed and added 5000 more jobs during the pandemic to keep up with
12:23 am
demand. those people were taking healthcare home to their families not to mention a wages instability. it is no surprise. this is a rare case where freedom tribes in the end last word perspective you know what i thought that rare but what is good there are good jobs out there. the pay goes up as people get more productive and productivity is something that is negotiated to use technology and things like that. we should see this as a fair election it was an open election it was a decisive one. the way forward is by management and workers working together. not necessarily pretending that it's 1900 or 1920 and the pinkertons about to bash everybody schools is just not the way work is in most parts of america including apparently in bessemer, alabama. >> or i do love alabama i've got family there thanks nick. right coming up the city of
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minneapolis on the brink they shot and killed an unarmed black man this happened during the murder trial of the officer accused of killing george floyd paid the panel george floyd paid the panel returns to discuss next ♪ ♪i've got the brains you've got the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪ ♪you've got the brawn♪ ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today. stay restless with the icon that does the same. the rx crafted by lexus. get 0.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350 experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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the minneapolis area bracing for another potential night of violence and looting after the police shooting of it unarmed black man. the national guardsmen activated in response to widespread looting after officer shot a 20 the officer filed the fatal shot that she thought she was aiming a taser at the suspect when she fired a handgun. here's the body cam footage. [inaudible]
12:29 am
that is horrible. this is just miles away from the courtroom or minneapolis police officer derek chauvin is on trial for george floyd reduces signal a nether summer of protest and riots? and minneapolis and cities beyond the party panels back, leslie marshall, guy benson, and matt welch. guy will start with you. with the mayor and police chief came out today the accidental shooting a thought to myself how could that possibly be? i'm sure you've seen the movie said no the story of who was shot by a transit officer in pretty much the same manner. i thought we had reform since that and tasers versus
12:30 am
handguns. >> if this was a mistake in the set itself some evidence or was it catastrophic it lethal now it's gone i'm a strong supporter of law enforcement. one way to back the blue is to not defend the indefensible. this was indefensible. the footage is really hard to watch. they were serving a warrant and this sky was not innocent and he resisted arrest. that is not a death penalty instant situation obviously. that is deflection away from the actions of the officers so i guested not realize what weapon was in her hands which is kind of hard to fathom. so if you are a supporter of reform which i also am, you need to look at this violence, rioting and looting in response or if evan goes to the extreme nothing is going to get done. >> you're also not going to
12:31 am
have important police reform. that is what's critical here. that's were supposed to learn from every one of these high-profile shootings resource improve ourselves as a society so seven honest conversation and police should be honest and transparent about their training. i talked to cop sport i watched police officers all day today talk about how it's your dominant hand, your hand gun is on the side of your dominant have a taser supposed to be on the side or left dominant hand yelled taser, taser, taser but clearly this person was a very senior deputy probably slept or her trading on taser refresher. you think what was going on is no excuse for violence and looting but the african american community people who
12:32 am
should be in with violence early and there should not be shooting and vice versa but here's the problem i had response have your gun with the dominant hand is in the taser on the other side. even her from one side you reach for the taser mistakingly from the gun for they say the weight of the taser is different than the gun and the trigger is a very different feel and a very different pole. even though she yells taser, taser, taser there is some evidence on this video could be a mistake. there are some officers questioning before the trigger is pulled. in the triggers being a poll you'll be able to know it and feel without seeing it. kennedy: that also goes back to training. someone that senior, are they skipping the refresher course? but in reason today there's an
12:33 am
article about the over criminalization on why this person was pulled over in the first place. there's one story the tabs were expired gather there too many air fresheners. that seems like a bad reason for a stop like this. spend really need to divorce policing and highwood patrolling her street patrolling with this kind of activity. there should not be air freshener stops there are but there should not be. the taser is not like a water balloon. tasers have led to people dying it is of my opinion love your not posing an imminent threat to somebody or just acting so chaotically that who knows what is going to happen next, you should not be hit with a weapon that has the potential to kill people. and again tasers have killed people from cops.
12:34 am
there's a culture and all of that which is completely foreign in almost any other country. we really need to take a really hard look at that as wellin the way we do things. in order to make policing safer and tobacco are good cops did acknowledge her hard situation particularly of the last nine -- 12 months here crime is gone up in a lot of places. we should be like removing situations with a should not be these kinds of transactions and potential for threat escalation respect that is the problem. you have cities burning and constant skirmishes in places like portland you're never going to have this conversation sprayed you're only going to get a stronger and greater police force. these places are fighting for freedom which is laughable like portland pretty going to end up in a police state sprayed that happens there will be no reform at all.
12:35 am
there's been quite a bit of reform in some states in terms of covid relief. reopen states are leading the pack. florida recorded a single digit increase in covid related deaths for the first time since september. texas governor greg abbott credits herd immunity for the drop in his estates in cases but locked in place like new jersey, york, california, michigan they are not doing so well. doctor doom cannot seem to figure out why. here is anthony fauci at a loss for words trying to explain my opening texas is not led to a surge in covid cases. become not really quite short could be there doing things outdoors. it's very difficult to just one on one compare that you just have to see in the long range. they continue to take down. >> i hope they do. doctor fauci plain wrong? in his approach to fighting the virus? guy?
12:36 am
i think it will be helpful if a lot of people including the experts had a little more humility. because so many predictions that are made very solidly if not savagely about what's going to happen to a given state based on what the elite opinion says is going to happen, turns out to be really spectacularly wrong. we have seen that savard taxes and faculty to not be able to explain it fine i don't beginning one can fully explain it. as for the improving news in florida and single digit deaths in one day hopes 60 minutes dispatch as a team that scandal. he has to answer for this in his state. >> it is unacceptable. so leslie maybe there is something to herd immunity if people are out there milling about people are going to restaurants and bars and their coming in contact with the virus may be a lot more people who have contracted it that didn't have symptoms or did
12:37 am
not report did not go to the doctor, were not tested. that's a places like texas are seeing herd immunity faster. >> a couple of things. the best 20 hours the state department texas and at over 1700 cases 46 deaths actually started synaptic is dr. found she said we have to see long-term but if you want to talk about states where they're red or blue the top three states with the lowest covid-19 rates right now or in this order, arkansas, alabama, republican governor drama please estate you will love to mention that i live in is california's number three. kennedy: matt. >> climate and geography i was much to do anything else. they try to model people's behavior rather than communicate science i'm tired of model my behavior i got the sweet sweet backs razorback all people of the first to
12:38 am
participate in that. if your parents or grandparents of them backs any better take us all and saying. or a party people thanks so much or being your guy, leslie, matt well done. >> thanks respect thanks katie. here's a question would be cheaper to stop illegal immigration by sending money directly to latin american countries and let them come here and live off well for decades? i'll talk about with missouri republican jason smith he is
12:39 am
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kennedy: welcome back. marge saw the highest ever people picked up at the us-mexico border in 20 years. twenty years is a long time part i cannot even a member that far back. i was probably in diapers. [laughter] still in diapers but the crisis is only getting worse. on friday the bided
12:43 am
ministrations that they're considering a achish transfer program targeted guatemala honduras to address the surge of migrants of the southern border house republicans innately rebuke the idea with house majority leader kevin mccarthy tweeting president biden wants to buy our way out of his border crisis but here's a different way of looking at it. what if sending money to this country a one-time payment is ultimately cheaper than died detaining migrants up putting them on the welfare once they cross into the u.s. but here discuss missouri republican congressman and house budget committee ranking member jason smith. welcome to the big fabulous wonderful show. >> it's great to be with you, ken degroot thanks for having hurt >> i like missouri what part do you represent? >> southeast missouri i refer to it as god's country we say missouri where i am located. time that little fight in our state. so far i know i get it i am from oregon. not oregon. going to say that with a kick
12:44 am
you out. let's talk turkey a little bit part of a bunch of people in a bad situation coming from countries who have been decimated by the drug trade the drug war has failed part half of my people died because of it. and now they are coming here to seek a better life. is there a way of improving their economies because we know capitalism lifts people out of extreme poverty like that without creating a welfare state that the great big incentive in these united states. >> first off we need to look at why are we having this border crisis? why has it just started in the last three months? super it's been going on in ten months. >> went last monday so what herd 72000 illegal immigrants cross the border just in the month of march. which is the most that has crossed since we have been recorded history. that is more than the entire community of springfield, missouri pete that's a huge population. president trump taught us of his executive order whether
12:45 am
it's building the wall or working with the south american central american countries and saying hey, if you do not try to fix severe problems at home and help us out, we will stop the existing funding that you have. not saying were going to give you more, what joe biden just proposed which was absolutely reckless. the current money you are receiving guess what, we are going to stop that. that's what we need to say right now part were not going to give you more for going to eliminate what you have always been receiving. >> but they have to overthrow the regimes in their own country. that is number one according to the cato institute on alex it comes in the show a lot is really smart, he says that wages have to increase in places like honduras and el salvador to three times before you're going to stop people from migrating to the united states.
12:46 am
so, again we have to encourage capitalism, but we are doing it the wrong way, clearly. a >> doing at the wrong way predrilled conversation is waiting to take care of u.s. citizens over the priority of illegal immigrants bring you are looking at what the biden administration has been doing. when someone crosses the border illegally, guess what? they get free dental care. when some in southeast zürich needs dental care they got getting that. whenever an illegal crosses the southern border that they get housing and a hotel room. look what happens to the troops at the nation's capitol, they sleep in the parking garages. kennedy: violation of the third amendment to expect they are sick of it exactly. kennedy: they are by think people also realize that if you have got a bunch of people that are fleeing violence and a lack of opportunity, are basically doing our job meeting congress. so i told him your college
12:47 am
this unit should be working with democrats to hammer out a bipartisan package that really starts to fix our immigration laws in this country. because they are so complex and impossible for people to come here illegally that getting your illegally obviously gives you a lot more. i would say go back to your friends and you guys do a great job because you are the missing peace to this puzzle. >> kennedy what's look at this differently. the reason why we have this escalation at the border is by biden's actions reversing. kennedy: understand biden is doing a horrible job congress is not doing their job. >> congress is promoting amnesty. you look at open borders guess what you can have citizenship now. that is where congress is doing the unacceptable roach. thank you congressman. thanks for having me.
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♪ [upbeat classical] [female narrator] until pancreatic cancer is 100% cured, we are 100 percent focused on research. lustgarten foundation 100 percent pancreatic cancer research.
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before fiancée jennifer lopez is snubbing by vote posting photos of herself without her engagement ring and other cheese litter giving him the finger that you talk with your hands. here's a topical storm. topic number one.
12:52 am
we begin today with the battle of the bunnies and nor full england were two brown hairs got into a boxing match. check out these rascally gravitating public and teenage boy they both have four lucky rabbit feet. the worst part is when these were busy writing the tortoise won the race. the fight start with typical rabbit insults your brother blows a bubblegum for the other called him a maroon. you realize this means war is the softest fight, luckily no one was injured but they both love feeling a little fuzzy. somebody's a split these hairs the going to feel stupid when they see this video and realize they both have bunny years. topic number two. let's hop to a different kind of hair news, the president
12:53 am
george washington's hair was sold at auction for over $39000 per of course that's nothing compared to what president trump paid for his hair. the hair locks supposedly removed from the america's first president in 1799. thorne of washington was live or dead of the time, much like our president today. brass and glass locket in the ultimate washington monument. i found these auctions very closely and as a history buff i've always wanted a peace of george washington's face. but i will not be a buyer until to the whites of his eyes. a set of george washington's teeth formally kept in his home in mount vernon, new jersey. just like all sets of teeth in new jersey topic number three. his mug shot monday. tonight we go on a shopping crime spree is been arrested
12:54 am
after plowing his card to the entrance of a closed walmart and driving it around the aisle. [laughter] that sounds like some much fun. like the blues brothers luckily their white nut for a car cars are made to fit american shoppers. people say 32-year-old lacey cordell rammed his volkswagen into store shelves like a bowl and a made in china shop. it could be as much is $4.89, that's a lot. was a former employee of the walmart he may have been disgruntled. meanwhile amazon employees say they would love to run their cars to their workplaces it's too hard to do well peeing. [laughter] police arrived while he was still on the scene and convinced him to roll back out of the walmart and surrender because they do that with their prices. he's being held on a wonder to thousand dollars bond but he
12:55 am
could get away with paying much less by using the checkout lane they have it up from but you have to look them know if using their bags. they got to charge you. topic number four. hasbro has created a self transforming optimist prime robot i knew my student was missing something the 19-inch robot is made with 5000 components 27 motors, 60 connected microchips and can be activated by voice command. optimist prime vibrates if you really want to turn it on you can pinch its windshield wipers. the robot sells for $700 bite of it sounds like a lot but don't worry president biden says he will not rest until every illegal immigrant has one of these optimist primes. and you might get one too because according to senator kiersten gillibrand optimist prime robots are infrastructure preyed robots also connect to an app that
12:56 am
will allow you to control movements remotely commanding it to execute fight moves. thousand eight street by ed rather have a bunny. i swear to god and going to get to by the scruff of your neck if i can ever reach ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪ ♪ (let me down) ♪ ♪ and mess me around ♪ ♪ and then worst of all ♪ ♪ (worst of all) ♪ ♪ you never call, baby ♪ ♪ when you... ♪ ♪ say you will... ♪ carl. what have you done? think anyone will notice? yes. yeah. if you ride, you get it. yeah, they will. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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caregiver: sorry about that... no, no. i've been staying at my dad's place because of everything. grandpa: where are we going? caregiver: he's good. yeah, i know, we keep missing each other. i've been working out of my dad's house. doing some reading. i should be working out more. i just feel like i'm drowning. narrator: navigating these times can be tough, but while you care for your loved one, you also need to care for yourself. go to for free mental health and self-help tips.
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