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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 13, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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again here again, the teachers do not want to teach. they are caught on this tape zoom tape or raiding students and parents over the push to restart in person learning, can you imagine that? in person learning. guess what, a new study shows it is okay, the health scientist say it's dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. china emboldened, xi jinping says china looks at the world as an equal effectively challenging the united states as superpower. what this means for global competition and influence here at home. defining infrastructure, the biden administration is open for bipartisan effort to rebuild but many worry the new spending packages actually the green new
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deal and cautious of lawmakers who are trying to redefine what infrastructure even is. hear from new york congressman woman nicole, wyoming senator john barrasso and former house speaker newt gringrich, a look at the markets and futures trading across the board, nasdaq to the plus side after down day on wall street yesterday, red across the board. investors standing by for big bank earnings tomorrow. european markets look like this as we move into this tuesday, mixed markets, the ftse 100 slightly lower. in asia overnight, markets mostly higher, china's trade jumped in march, exports up 30.6% from a year earlier. did miss economists' expectations. mornings with maria live right
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now. ♪ ♪ maria: welcome, everyone, some of the top stories. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. president biden says he's open to negotiate the scope of his massive 2 trillion-dollar spending bill this after meeting with a small bipartisan group of lawmakers, mississippi senator roger when i canner said while it was a good discussion, a lot of space separates both party interests. republicans oppose raising the corporate tax rate and pushing the president for a smaller, more focused package on infrastructure. meanwhile a new survey from the business round table says that 98% of 178 ceo's believe that president biden's plan corporate tax increase will have an adverse effect on companies' ability to compete. two-thirds of the ceo's think hike will hurt wage growth while 71% will hurt ability to hire.
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the biden administration now striking a temporary deal with mexico, guatemala and honduras to deploy almost 20,000 troops to their borders. this as the president taps 2 outspoken critics of the trump administration's border policies to head out both u.s. customs and border protection and u.s. citizenship and immigration services. this deals were in place, of course, under president trump. georgia senator raphael warnock admitting that he signed off on an e-mail with false information about his state's new voting law. it incorrectly stated the bill restricted early-weekend voting and ended no excuse mail-in voting. both provisions never made it into the final bill and were not true. a representative for warnock said the bill was still being crafted when he approved it. the pentagon announcing a new sub-dermal covid-19 but can test
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blood. the user will be alerted to do a rapid blood test to confirm. researchers say the chip will not track your every move. futures are searching for direction this morning. we have a little bit of the rally to dow industrials, take a look. ahead of inflation report, we've got the dow industrials up 56 right now, nasdaq up 3 and s&p 500 higher by 4 and the consumer price index is out this morning. that is coming out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. economists expect half a percent increase month over month and comes after last week's ppi number showed 1% increase in producer prices. joining us right now head of investment strategy hank smith and joining the conversation all morning long dagen mcdowell, good morning, dagen. dagen: good morning, great to see you. [laughter] maria: all right, let's talk with hank smith here. hank, you have a market that will not quit even though we are talking about lots of challenges
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higher taxes coming, here we are in the doorstep of first-quarter earnings, markets about to trade higher this morning, what will drive markets in the near term and what are your expectation earnings, hank? >> maria, let's start with the challenges quickly. they are all potential challenges. we don't know what the higher taxes are going to be. we don't know how much inflation we are going to get and we don't know the impact it will have on interest rates. those are potential challenges but we do know we have incredible monetary stimulus, incredible fiscal stimulus and about to get incredible corporate earnings and witnessing vaccine success, vaccine acceptance. this will all add up to most robust economic environment this year and great corporate earnings and i think it's going to start this week with the banks and we are expecting very good earnings, you know, based
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on the inverted yield curve that's helping an economy which is reopening and that's helping and also they're going to be unleashing lost reserves which will pad the earnings as well. maria: yeah, a couple of months ago i was looking at the banks. i think we spoke about this and you start looking at the macro story for the banks. you have -- you have a better economy. you the economy slowly but surely opening up. that's the demand side of the business which is strong for the banks, from a lending perspective and then you've got interest rates and the move that has really taken the ten-year up to 1.1% in a very short period of time, that's certainly going to help net interest margin. the question is, is it now priced into the banks? we have seen a pretty good rally in the banks in the last few months or so. do you think this is priced in or no? >> not completely, but i think we also have to acknowledge one potential headwind in that is reregulation. they benefited from four years
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of deregulation and we might be on the cuss up of some reregulation, we will just have to keep our eyes out for that but i think they are going to exceed earnings expectations throughout this year and i'm not sure it's priced in, plus i think you're going to get some very robust dividend increases to make up from last year. maria: yeah, that's a great point and dagen, jump here in here because the federal reserve has been making it easier for the banks in that regard. look at the move on rates, look at the spending and then, of course, then you've got what hank just brings up, they are able to once again pay dividends and increase dividends after the federal reserve stress testing. dagen: indeed, how long do you think it would go up given the massive amount of money that the federal government is spending, $6 trillion, not including does blowout infrastructure.
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if you want to call it that plan from joe biden and co, how far is the federal reserve going to go to finance that debt? already happening, but the higher the longer-term interest rates go, the bigger the burden on the federal fisc. >> they said they will keep the fed funds anchors at 2024. i suspect sooner course of action sooner than later. i think late 2022. i think you will see them move on the fed fund rates and prior to that a tape reign will begin and potential growth of double-digit growth potentially and the fed hold back with just extraordinary monetary ease. so i think you're going to start
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to see the fed move ahead of what they are saying right now. what they are saying right now is -- maria: yeah. >> go ahead. maria: yesterday we heard from federal official bullard. the majority of people out there vaccinated, you have to believe that that's an allowance for the federal reserve for tapering. so what do you do in that regard? how do you set up portfolio knowing, hank, that you do have some pushback and you do have headwinds on the horizon in 2021. it could be the federal reserve begin to go change its language and could also be higher taxes. we have a corporate rate that's likely moving up and we will get details in $4 trillion in tax increases that joe biden wants to institute. we will get that detail in the next few weeks.
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>> well, initially, i think you celebrate the fact that the bond market is reflecting the potential for a stronger economy. we are going to get some reflation off of the deflation we had in the first half last year. that should be celebrated. the real question, maria, is will this be transitory inflation or will it become something a bit more insidious like a wage price spiral we witnessed in the late 70 -- 70's and we will not know that for at least 12 months and i think it's too early to worry about that. right now the stock market is a good place to be and any pullback is a wonderful opportunity to add to the position and i think you still have a slight bias toward economically sensitive areas that are going to benefit from this robust economic environment.
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maria: all right, you have been spot-on so far, congrats to you. we will keep talking, thank you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> hank smith joining us. morning mover is bitcoin. check this out. hitting all-time high once again surging above 62,000 now as the crypto exchange coin-base readies its public debut tomorrow. more companies including paypal and tesla have been taking steps to normalize digital currency. we are hearing a lot about the digital dollar as well. we are getting started this morning, tensions are heating up between iran and israel. retired general jack keane is here to discuss that as well as china and its behavior. next hour securing our southern border, new york congresswoman nicole and how it's affecting her state after seeing crisis firsthand and $2.3 trillion spending and john barrasso will
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walk us through what's infrastructure and what isn't and former speaker newt gingrich. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
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maria: welcome back, more unrest in minneapolis to report. protests including riots and looting remain ongoing overnight after police shot and killed 20-year-old dante wright during a traffic stop on sunday. officials say the officer involved kim porter accidentally shot wright with her gun instead of her taser. she mistakenly grabbed the wrong weapon. president biden spoke out yesterday and is calling for peace. >> it's a really tragic thing. it happened but i think we have to wait and see what the investigation shows, but in the meantime i want to make it
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clear, there's absolutely no justification, none, for looting, no justification for violence. peaceful protest, understandable. maria: wright shooting comes as the trial for former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin accused of murdering george floyd remains under way. joining right now washington examiner, hugo gurdon. hugo terrible news once again. the whole country is mourning this morning for this. your reaction and -- and where this takes us now? hugo: any fair-minded person looking at the body-cam video will understand that this was a terrible accident. the young man resisted arrest but clearly he should not have been shot dead and you can hear the officer taser, taser, taser. the number of things that this kind of points to, i think, 1,
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is that these riots are completely illegitimate. the trouble is that the democrats on the left legitimize riot as form of protest. a few involved in the riot, organizers, stirring it up is a way of putting pressure to bring in a guilty murder plea -- sorry guilty murder finding, conviction in the trial of derek chauvin because of the death of george floyd. the other thing is a real political thing, telling the difference from officer -- tell the difference between taser and a gun, not the draw the wrong weapon is part of police training. the last thing that one should be doing as a response of the thing is defunding the police because that means less training, less clear guidance being able to respond to this
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sort of incident which is high tension and stress and you have to move quickly and training is to produce officers who will not make that mistake. it was a terrible mistake and the last thing that people should be doing is what minneapolis did after the death of george floyd which was defund the police. maria: we are praying for all involved. let me ask you about this massive spending. incredibly, trillions and trillions of dollars, president biden met with -- meeting again with a group of bipartisan lawmakers to discuss paying for this $2.3 trillion spending package that he's calling an infrastructure proposal. the president responded yesterday to the criticism that 85% of it is not infrastructure. here is what he said. >> it's going to get down what we call infrastructure. a lot of folks saying the fact that we have millions of people not able to drink water because
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lead, it's coming through lead pipe. i think that's infrastructure. i think broadband is infrastructure. it's not just roads, bridges, highways, et cetera. maria: so what do we have here. it's not infrastructure, it's the green new deal is how many people are talking about it, hugo. how do you see it? larry lindsey, i've been reporting on his findings, 15% is infrastructure and full 85% can be called quote, unquote, social infrastructure like caring for the elderly, but can you really slap the word infrastructure on everything and just try to play it as infrastructure? hugo: no, maria, this is completely false advertising and even when the president tries to defend it, he's not mentioning the most egregious thing. sure, you could say that maybe changing lead piping is -- is an infrastructure spending, but there are elements in this bill
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such as, for example, destroying the right to work laws of 27 different states. in other words, force unionization. it has nothing to do with infrastructure. a very funny meme distributed around in the internet at the moment and has the most intelligent man in world and say i don't always drink beer but when i do i call it infrastructure because the definition is an absurdity. this force unionization. 90% of the country, of the workforce decides not to be a member of the union and so what the democrats and the biden administration are doing is pretending that somehow are forcing people into unions is infrastructure. there's no truth in the advertising and i think that this is something which is prompting the republicans to resist entirely even when a lot of them are probably rather in favor of actual infrastructure. maria: where does this go, hugo, they did the same thing with $1.9 trillion quote, unquote, covid relief package, right? that was 10% related to covid
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and the other, you know, 90% was giving money to the states and doing other things, the pet projects, $200 million to the arts. they will keep spending and raising our taxes to pay for it and calling it other things? >> yeah, exactly. mitch mcconnell said instead of changing the bill they want to change the english language. one of the things i was thinking about in the old days bills would be sent to congress and the administration would complain that the congress would try to hang like christmas tree and right now the biden administration sending bill to congress which is filled out, filled out christmas tree and the administration is doing the very thing that the administration is used to complain that congress did to the clean bills. it's a fraud on the voters. maria: yes, it is, it sure is.
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thanks very much. we will keep putting a spotlight on it. hugo gurdon joining us. stay with us, we will be right back. big week for banks.
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maria: welcome back. we are zeroing in on the spending package this morning. a new op-ed in the journal calls out president biden for this infrastructure plan calling it the green new deal in disguise. this is something i've been raising now for the last several days. the journal is referencing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who has been pushing the far-left policies on climate change. the journal writes this, no wonder miss cortez is elated, her climate dreams are coming true and all under the false front of infrastructure. joining us right nou campous reform fellow and former u.s. department of education press
6:26 am
secretary angela with us all morning along with dagen. dagen, i just want to read one more comment from larry lindsey. i've been reporting on his research and he sent this weeks ago it's the green new deal and says that biden's incremental steps toward the green new deal started january 20th with executive order that the yale climate connection said, the order called for carbon-free electricity by 2035, zero emissions for government vehicles and climate corps providing 3 million jobs for young climate crusaders. this bill begins to fund all of the initiatives. your reaction. dagen: when joe biden said in a debate in october against president trump, we will transition away from the oil industry, he meant it. the journal explains in its editorial that this is focused on -- this infrastructure plan
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is focused on getting rid of fossil fuels through federal spending, subsidies and regulation. and the journal carefully goes through the plan, one of the biggest initiatives is the energy efficiency and clean electricity standard which would force states and utilities to phase out fossil fuels. who would be enriched by this money? green energy subsidies and tax credits, it would be large corporations and billionaires many of whom have already invested in these -- they are the biggest green energy investors say hedge funds and tech companies. one of the things that i find shocking, 2% of all vehicle sales in the united states are electric. only 2% of car and truck fires buy electric vehicles. so what does this plan do, it takes $100 billion to add additional tax credits to get
6:28 am
people to buy cars, that they one, don't want to buy and two are too expensive. tens of billions more onsetting up electric charging stations. i just -- the journal wraps up with this. this plan kills jobs and it will ultimately kill more jobs in oil and natural gas and other industries that it will create through green energy. and it's 40 billion-dollar dislocated workers program in this thing. 10 billion civilian climate corp. it's an admission that it will destroy jobs and high-paying jobs. at the end of the day, that's where it leaves us. maria: yeah. and angela, it's a full -- more than half of this entire bill is being directed and devoted to carbon dioxide-related issues. that's going the mean higher
6:29 am
costs for companies, that's going to mean job cuts, not job gains as pete buttigieg is selling? >> that's right. and what we talk about how much of this spending plan and it is a spending plan, not an infrastructure plan, goes to carbon dioxide, they are literally trying to create infrastructure out of thin air. it's remarkable and if we can talk about this use climate corp for a minute, biden must not have much faith in his own plan if he believes he needs to draft a bunch of young americans into a group that will, you know, propagate these ideas and enforce what they want to accomplish with this plan. he's going to create an army of young greta thumbersgs. maria: i don't know that they care about that. dagen: why are they doing this? the united states has the lowest per capita emissions since 1920.
6:30 am
our emissions are back broadly to what where they were in early 90's, why? i will just lever it at that? maria: power. how about i just throw that word out there, is it power? holding on the power? dagen: it is, exactly. maria: yeah. let's take a break and then we will talk u.s.-china policy can jack keane. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday april 13th, markets this half an hour. mix story, dow industrials up 25, nasdaq down 12 and s&p 500 up 3 quarters of 1 point. searching for some direction this morning after a down day on wall street yesterday investors standing by for the big bank earnings this week. they begin tomorrow as we begin first-quarter earnings, that will set the tone.
6:34 am
yesterday dow industrials were down 55 and nasdaq down 50 and take a look at european markets this morning and we see trading also mixed with the european indices, ftse 100 down 2 and the cac up 19 and dax index higher by 39 points. in asia overnight, china's trade jumped in march, exports were up 36% from a year earlier though that did miss economic expectations and shanghai composite was lower. best performer overnight, korea up better than 1%. meanwhile second night of unrest in minnesota following the shooting of daunte wright. gerri: hundreds took to the streets in brooklyn center in minnesota violating curfew last night. many facing off with police at one point teargas had to be deployed, at least 40 people were arrested. now this dramatic video showing
6:35 am
a dollar tree story being looted and set on fire. the brooklyn center police chief called, quote, accidentally discharge after reviewing body cam footage. of course, very hard to watch. listen. [inaudible conversations] gerri: very tough, indeed. several protests were held across the country including new york and seattle. acquired artificial intelligence company nuance communications
6:36 am
for $16 billion, the deal comes in $56 per shareholder, a 23% premium over the company's closing price on friday. best known for creating the software that was the basis for apple's siri before creating its own in-hous version. microsoft shares up slightly 356 in premarket trading and grab southeast asia's ride hailing giant to go public. said to be worth nearly $40 billion. grab will get 4.5 billion in cash which includes about 4 billion in private investment in public equity. the plan on the nasdaq under the ticker grab. a bear got more than what he bargained for when he got in this california home.
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too small but mighty terrier's name squirt and may. may chasing intruder away. california owner left a couple of doors open for fresh air for taking a nap. probably won't do that again, maria? maria: thank you so much. they saved the day. squirt and may. meanwhile tensions in east asia as we have been reporting. taiwan reporting the largest incursion to date by china in air space flying chinese aircraft in taiwan air space. 25 war planes, 25 war planes entered identification zone monday days after warning from the united states. joining me right now is fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. general, good to see you this
6:38 am
morning on this very serious and really worrying story as we watched taiwan and whether or not we are going to see a bigger incursion than these -- than these aircraft going in and then i will point out to this journal op-ed, this journal story this morning in the -- in the news section, china's message to america. we are an equal now. your thoughts on what we are seeing out of china and whether or not we will see more in tensioner of taiwan? jack: well, yes, maria. you are absolutely right. it's likely it's going to be more because that's been a pattern for well over a year. 2020 was the largest incursions of taiwan's air space in 2021 and increasing in 2020, this is most amount of aircraft, 18
6:39 am
fighters, four bombers, submarine aircraft, et cetera. this is significant in the sense of president xi clearly is sending a message. now who is this message being sent to when he knows for a fact that intimidating and coercing taiwan will not force their capitulation to give up and join mainland china. he knows president won reelection on the basis of not doing that. all they do is stiffen taiwan's resolve. what's the message is about? i think it's two things. one to the biden administration. i think they were quite pushed back by the biden administration when they took a similar strong stand supporting taiwan and also on anti-china stand that the trump administration took. you saw that reflection in the verbiage that the chinese ministers were using at the alaska talks between the chinese
6:40 am
and the united states. the second message, i think, also is to the chinese people, and that is, i think, president xi clearly wants to absorb taiwan. i think he has it in his mind to eventually do it by force if necessary and he's also conditioning his domestic audience that there's problems here and he's raising their awareness of that in the event their conflict does take place. but i don't believe this is eminent and certainly not before the chinese olympics but the likelihood is increasing, maria. maria: all right, so you don't see it happening before the chinese olympics. it's a good point that you are making. why would they want to do that in front of the world as the world apparently gets ready to go see the olympics in beijing. but here is what the journal writes this morning, mr. yang, the foreign associate from beijing, xi jinping's top foreign policy aid delivered a
6:41 am
surprise, a 16-minute lecture about america's racial problems and democratic failings and chinese officials were to make clear that beijing sees itself as an equal of the united states. he also warned washington against challenging china over a mission beijing views as sacred, the eventual reunification of taiwan. so clearly that came up in that meeting but what i'm trying to understand is why the coronavirus did not come up in the alaska meeting, general. i mean, this is a head-scratcher, president biden has been putting the coronavirus as its number one priority and yet we know beijing and the ccp hid the virus, cornered the ppe in the world, allowed the coronavirus to escape its borders, no matter where it came from, allowed it to escape its borders and go all around the world and kill millions of people. i spoke with the former national director of -- national
6:42 am
intelligence on sunday morning futures, here is what john ratcliffe told me about that. john: the big winner in the 2020 election was joe biden, was also china and the fact that joe biden is not or his diplomats are not addressing this issue directly with china, i think, really reflects that everything that they've said about china about being tough is -- is just that. it's rhetoric and -- and the policies are really an attempt now to -- to white-wash over this issue because they don't want the political narrative of china being the bad guy and let me be real clear about this, maria, regardless of the origins, whether it was naturally occurring or an accident lab, china lied to the world. once they became aware of the transmittability of this human to human transmissibility and china misrepresented and lied an suppressed scientists and doctors and journalists and world health organization officials because they didn't want to be blamed for this. and as a result, they are a
6:43 am
direct and proximate cause of more than half a million americans who died in the past year and the american people deserve accountability and answers to that and joe biden should be getting those. maria: general, we are not getting them and all we see are more tests from beijing. look what happened to the epic times in hong kong. four masked men walked into the epic times wielding sledge hammers, lawmakers including devin nunes, rick scott condemning attack on epic times, this is the fifth time the site has been vandalize 18 months after i intruders set fire to the same facility. they keep barging into the printing warehouse and smashing machinery, general. jack: yeah, well, what's happening certainly in hong kong is president xi has crushed their democracy. we have seen that happen as a result of national security law which is people's congress
6:44 am
passed. but what's still there and -- and a good thing is some messages of that democracy in the form of a free press and the epic times represents that. so what does -- is the ccp doing, they have their goons going out and vandalized in the past. this is the reason why jimmy lai, guest on your show repeatedly, multibillionaire from hong kong who has been protestor of the ccp, crack-down is taking place in hong kong. he's in jail, not because he was a protestor. he's in jail because the apple daily which he publishes has been significantly critical of the chinese communist party regime. so the some of democracy are still there and the chinese communist party are crushing it as best as they can and that's
6:45 am
the reality of what they are facing with president xi. i mean, he's uncovered who he really is. maria: yeah, what i'm really interested in seeing is what our policy is going to be about all of this, general. we will have to wait on the biden administration. general, always a pleasure to get your take on all of this. it's very important story. general jack keane. next time we've got to get into iran as well. we will see you soon, sir. we will be right back.
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maria: welcome back, there's a global chip shortage, the white house has pushed to invest in semi-conductor manufacturing coming up and how it hopes to keep america competitive as keep america competitive as muscles. we will be right back.
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6:49 am
maria: welcome back, the white house is zeroing in on the major ship shortage the u.s. is seeing. president biden is urging congress to invest $50 billion in semi-conducting manufacturing and research to address a global chip shortage that's wreaking havoc in major tech firms. ray wang. assess the shortage for us, who is getting hurt. great to see you. >> one of the big challenges is that there was a fire in japanese manufacturing company and basically they drive 30% to have global market for micro control units and this is the stuff that goes in cars and nobody was expecting a huge demand for 5g gaming computers and, of course, what's happening with the pickup in cars and this
6:50 am
has created the flux in terms of what's happening with chip shortage. this has been interesting because it's been going on for longer than what people needed and basically impact on demand. maria: china is aware of this and trying to win in this race for semiconductors, how does china's manufacturing and inability to buy from the u.s. in terms of semi-conductors impact all of this? what's that angle? ray: well, there is an angle here and it's really important because most of the chip that is we have today are coming from korea and taiwan and we have to make up the difference. we are at risk because just like we are at risk with pharmaceutical production, we are at risk in other areas, you know, this isn't going to be easy with china pointing saber rattling at taiwan. 26 years to build and ramp up and china is trying to get into
6:51 am
that game as well because they are dependent on chips from the u.s., chips from korea and taiwan which aren't necessarily what they want to be, dependent on anybody else on the chip manufacturing because they are seeing the impact as well. maria: yeah, really important point as we watch some vulnerabilities in taiwan. let me ask you about another area china and the u.s. are competing and that's artificial intelligence. microsoft is investing $19.7 billion in health care acquiring artificial and speech technology firm nuance communications. your reaction to that deal as you put it in context with the competition globally? ray: yeah, it's a very important deal for microsoft because they're after two things. one is trying to build improvements in artificial intelligence and the second one which is going after health care and one of the things nuance technologies was good at was building voice assistance. they are behind siri and dragon, these are technology that is allow doctors to talk and speak
6:52 am
instead of having time typing and stuff and automation and ai and microsoft hopes to automate collection and you can talk, speak, capture the information and then use that information to figure out and put it back into their cloud computing so they can start using artificial intelligence. this is a god send for a lot of physicians. maria: ray, it's great to have you, too short this time. come back soon. thank you so much, ray wang, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ create personalized investment strategies to help you get back to your future. edward jones.
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we'll even cover the return shipping. this is a limited time offer, so go to to get the body you want with aerotrainer. maria: welcome back, time for the morning buzz, first up walking in someone else's shoes, nick is not reselling your gently-worn return shoes for discount, items deem fit will be
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cleaned an sanitized before being cleaned for select nike stores, new effort is to reduce waste and shoes that can't be resold will be converted into recycled material, dagen. how about that? dagen: how green of them. this is a weird way to apiece employees and court new customers. listen, resale of shoes of really hot sneakers, that's a huge business. stock x is one. i was talking to cor, people on the crew about other places, these are high-end shoes and have incredible resale value. this is just, well, used. and like i'm hard on my sneakers, so good luck trying to revamp a pair that i've been running in. [laughter] maria: angela, what do you think? >> i think this is absolutely brilliant on nike's part because they've now figured how to
6:57 am
profit twice for one pair of shoes. it's remarkable and they get to look echo friendly doing it. i think it's a brilliant pr move and it helps cut their cost. maria: all right, we will take a break. when we come back the bitcoin bull market raises, we are breaking down the crypto craze on the word on wall street next hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ ... michael: my great-great- grandfather, rachmaiel.
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday, april 13. your top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. china, every day a new test for the world, as xi-jinping's strategy tells america, we're now an equal effectively challenging the united states as the world's number one super power. what this means for global competition, u.s. policy and influence here at home. >> declining infrastructure, the biden administration says it's open for a bipartisan effort to rebuild, even as he
7:01 am
tries to jam through as much policy as possible, along party lines. will the new spending package, which is actually a green new deal, get through reconciliation many lawmakers pointing that it's only 15% actual infrastructure. hear from new york congresswoman nicole malliotakas, wyoming senator john barroso, and newt gingrich all coming up. >> markets this morning are mixed dow industrial is just turning negative after a down day yesterday, right now the dow is down 91 points we're seeing a worsening situation as we speak. nasdac down 20 and the s&p 500 weaker by 12 points. the markets are selling off right now, as the u.s. is calling for a pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. we're going to have this breaking news from the new york times. we'll bring that story to you it seems to be affecting markets and investors are starting by for first quarter earnings this week, we'll get the big bank earnings
7:02 am
beginning tomorrow and yesterday , of course the dow industrials were down 55 the nasdac lower by 50 and s&p 500 down about 1 point, but let's check european markets right now and what is happening and whether or not we're seeing a bit of a sell-off there as well it's up three points and the dax index is up 19. in asia overnight markets finished mostly higher china's trade jumped in march, x points were up 30.6% from a year earlier missing expectations. bitcoins record run, the currency hitting a new all-time high, ahead of the exchange going public. mornings are maria is live right now. >> some of the top story we're watching this mourn, president biden says he's open to negotiate the scope of his massive $2.25 trillion spending bill after meeting with a small bipartisan group of lawmakers yesterday. mississippi senator roger wicker says that while it was a good discussion, there is a lot of space separating both parties
7:03 am
interests. republicans are opposing raising the corporate tax, and pushing the president for a smaller, more focused package on infrastructure. >> new owners survey from the round table says that 98% of 178 ceo's believe president biden's planned corporate tax increase will have an adverse effect on their ability to compete. two-thirds of those ceo's say they think the increase will hurt wage growth. 71% said it will hurt their ability to hire. >> the biden administration now striking a temporary deal with mexico, guatemala, and honduras. the similar deal that president trump had in place. now, this new deal will have these countries deploying almost 20,000 troops to their borders. this as president biden taps two outspoken critics of the trump adminitration border policies to head up both the u.s. customs and border protection and u.s. citizenship and immigration services. georgia senator raffensperger e all warnock is admitting he
7:04 am
signed off on an e-mail with false information about his new states voting law and it incorrectly stated the bill restricted early weekend voting and ended no excuse main-in voting and both provisions were not in the final bill. a representative for warnock said the bill was still being crafted when he approved it. >> boeing employees could soon take to the picket line a group of 220 workers voting to strike if a new contract is not reached by april 17. this is when the current contract expires. teamsters local 174 claiming boeing has grown "anti-union and anti-employee" and boeing is hoping to reach it before the end of the contract, and shares are down better than 1%. >> let's take a look at the news which is worsening markets as we kickoff the word on wall street, top investors watching your money joining me right now is the university of akron investment fund chairman dennis gar dnar, ryan payne, and
7:05 am
ken mahoney. gentlemen, thanks very much for being here. we have a market that is losing steam fast. we are now at the lows of the morning, the dow industrials are down 165 points this is on a new york times story i mentioned a minute ago. it is calling united states is calling for a pause on johnson & johnson's vaccine after reports of blood clotting. as this story hit the tape, you saw markets worsen pretty significantly and we are at the lows of the morning. we are ahead of a key inflation report. the march consumer price index is out and about an hour, and the expectations call for a gain of .5 of a percent month over month and year-over-year a gain of 2.5%. dennis gartman, we're still getting the news and information on this pause that the united states is calling for on the j & j vaccine with clearly markets are looking at this story as if, perhaps, this is a pause in the reopening. that's going to impact the economy. that's going to impact jobs.
7:06 am
that's going to impact normalization. j & j shares are down almost 3% right now on this report. again, that the united states is calling for a pause on the j & j vaccine after clotting cases according to the new york times. your reaction to this impact? >> clearly, it's not good news. this is just coming out in the last 15 or 20 minutes. we've been opening, we've been the economy has been opening on vaccines on a better circumstance prevailing concerning covid-19 all of a sudden we have a news that's very deleterious, so i thought stock prices were extremely high to begin with and i'm not surprised we're seeing this sort of reaction and we'll see if the reaction continues through the course of the day and as i said i've been expecting to see stock prices decline. i think the news has been deleterious for stock prices on balance from the monetary authorities have been expansionary, inflation is far higher-than-expected. i think stock prices are extreme ly expensive. we'll see if this news today
7:07 am
really follows through. in the past, i've been wrong, because what we've seen is news has been ill and the market takes it, closes higher. if we open blower this morning and stay lower all day long, then i think it'll be time to see the stock market decline five, six, certain, eight, nine, 10% over the core of next several months. cp i'm comes out today. the fed has maintained that inflation is on a yearly basis 2 -2.5% i think they are absolutely wrong, today's cpi number the consensus is .5% increase and i think it'll be .7% increase and it'll have a very detrimental impact upon the bond market so i view the news this morning as being wait barisha to be quite honest. maria: so you want to sell into any rally. you've been saying that for the last few weeks anyway, dennis, because of your worries about in population. this makes things even worse, let me just bring you some headlines here. the food and drug administration and the cdc. they are the two agencies that are set to call for the johnson
7:08 am
& johnson single-dose vaccine to be stopped, to be paused in the united states, after six women developed blood clots. the stock is trading down this morning, and that is the major headline moving markets. the two federal authorities say they are going to stop using the vaccine at federal sites and they will be urging states to do so too, and this is first broken by the new york times this morning. 7 million people in the u.s. have received the johnson & johnson vaccine so far. the six recipients who developed the clots were aged between 18 and 48 years old. we are waiting to hear from the cdc and the fda directly, and this pause on the j & j vaccine but it certainly is impacting markets. ken, we've also got breaking news this morning on the biggest spak merger ever. singapore-based ride hailing giant "grab" announcing it's set to go public the way merger with
7:09 am
altameter growth corporation and this values the company at nearly $40 billion. this is a softbank-backed company and will receive $4.5 billion in cash as part of this deal. it comes as u.s. regulators are looking at a crackdown over accounting practices. do you expect this wave of spaks to continue and would you buy into this one? >> we're not going to grab this one, maria, no way. first let's go back a few weeks for all of the rage, my gosh, ripping and ripping but we've seen it fade the last few weeks because regulators are starting to get the pool here and in in fact actually many of these are $10 a share which is net asset value and actually below net asset value now and the regulators are looking at the warrant so the deal to get investors to get shares and warrants how to you evaluate that for accounting purposes and also the sec is not liking all of the speculation around celebrity spak, throwing your name out there and at the end of the day, these mergers may happen fast and furious right now, maria, to try to get under the wire of the sec, but right
7:10 am
now, the way we look at it just so much supply. we don't like that supply, do we dennis? >> no. >> right now, supply exceeds all of 2020, think about that. and by the way, going forward the sec starts circling around something they are going to take a bite. i'm not sure how much flesh you'll get but they will take some bite out of this thing. maria: yeah it's a good point so you want to stay away from that then, but what about the broader averages, reacting so aggressive ly to this new york times report. we're waiting to hear from the fda and the cdc and their calls to pause the j & j vaccine on these reports of blood clotting. big impact here, markets are now at the lows of the morning. >> anything in that's a surprise. things were going really well, three to 4 million vaccinated and you start seeing down the road, nine months down the road we'll get out of this pickle and then this story hits and again it's going to
7:11 am
take a lot for this market to digest this because the market is more like abcdefg, and it's going to go agce, not the order we want it to go with this type of announcement. maria: sure, understood and as we've seen, you know, record highs, ryan, before this , bitcoin continues its march, reaching all-time highs, cracking the 62000 mark this morning. wall street gearing up for the cryptocurrency exchange coin base to go public tomorrow. that's happening on the nasdac. how far can this move go, ryan? >> i mean, it's kind of like sp ac market and dennis quoted t. s. elliott last week and i want to keep it high brow, and the more often a stupidity is repeated the more it gets the appearance of wisdom, so the higher the price the bitcoin goes the more everyone is buying into it. [laughter] but i think the reality of it is when you break it down, there's no intrinsic value here. it's extremely volatile. it's so volatile to put it in
7:12 am
perspective because it gets a lot of times it gets equated to gold. $90 million can move an in flow of $90 million can move bitcoin by 1%. that's 1/20 what you'd have to put in gold to move it 1%, so, you know, the volatility is just astronomical. we know it can go down as much as 80% like it did in 2018 and one of the scary things about coin base is i saw an advertisement come up in my facebook a couple days ago and they allow you to borrow against your bitcoin at 8% great rate given the fact that rates are so low, so i can't imagine how many people were going to get wiped out eventually because again the volatility in this investment if it goes down big, and you're borrowing against it you get a margin call , it's kind of like the housing bubble when people were borrowing against phantom values and all of these different real estate projects that were basically vacant properties if you remember what that looked like back in 08 and 09. maria: oh, yeah. >> so i think from all perspectives here, it's a very dangerous place to be.
7:13 am
now, i put a, you can vote on my instagram stories this morning because i asked the people today what they think about bitcoin. i personally think that it's going to end bad and they go up in the short-term, remember tulips, one tulip can buy a house in the netherlands in the 1600s and a tulip costs like $1 today and i think bitcoin will end up the same way. maria: wow well that's aggressive. we'll see if our viewers agree with you. voltaire, t. s. elliott i got to bring my a-game with you guys dennis gartman, ryan payne, ken mahoney, thank you, gentlemen it's the way you roll, thank you so much good to see all of you today. have a great tuesday. we had a market that is trading down, selling off as we speak on this j & j news. much more ahead this morning, coming up we'll talk about securing the border and new york congresswoman nicole malleaotakas is weighing in after seeing crisis firsthand and wyoming senator john barroso , former house speaker
7:14 am
newt gingrich on president biden 's policies, coming up. stay with us. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪ ♪♪
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maria: welcome back. the biden administration reaching an agreement with the governments of mexico, honduras and guatemala to tighten borders and ramp up security according to officials. this agreement pushes for more troops to be deployed to stop cartels and traffickers amid the migrant influx, white house press secretary jen psaki spoke about this yesterday. >> there have been a series of bilateral discussions between our leadership and the regional governments of mexico, honduras, and guatemala. as with any diplomatic discussion, these discussions happen at several levels, and certainly, as you know, we have an envoy, who has discussions with the region. we've had roberta jacobson working for a period of time to help have these discussions with the region about what steps can be taken to help reduce the
7:18 am
number of migrants coming to the u.s. mexico border. maria: joining us right now is new york congresswoman and house transportation and infrastructure and foreign affairs committee member, nicole malliotakis. congresswoman, this certainly sounds like the same deal that president trump had in place with these three countries, and then president biden came in and stopped those deals. is this a quiet way to go back to what trump was doing? >> well, i think we have to take a wait and see approach here, because, you know, i could tell you just being at the border over the weekend, that the crisis is, it really is new levels of i don't think the american people have seen before and we have been pushing for the president to reinstate the policies. now he's talking about actually giving funding to try to stem some of the economic issues that are driving the migrants out, but you know, president trump took a very hard stand and said that people would need to remain in those countries and apply for asylum and wait there until
7:19 am
their turn. the problem is is that less than 10% of these asylum claims are actually legitimate and what we're seeing is a robust criminal operation put in place by the cartels and the smugglers they are earning half a billion dollars a year according to the individuals that i spoke to in law enforcement at the border over this weekend, and that is really what the president of the united states and these countries have to cooperate and go after to stop that criminal enterprise that has led to an increase in migration which by the way is also serving as a distraction to our customs and border protection agents because as they're processing these applications, as they are, you know, overseeing these facilit ies where the migrants are staying, the unaccompanied minors as well, then all this other nefarious activity is taking place at the core part of our border and so we need to ensure that they have the resources and they have their hands untied so they can do the job of protecting our border and ensuring the flow of
7:20 am
this legal migration and smuggl ing of sex trafficking, gun trafficking and drug traffic king all very serious issue here in the united states of america. maria: yeah, i mean, i know that the ranchers that have private land have seen their land become , you know, just open air, free flowing for the migrants. you just stomp all over their land, some ranchers have been kicked off of their from your trip because we've got a crisis continuing at the border, and in washington, president biden is meeting with a group of bipartisan lawmakers to talk about spending more money. he's talking about this $2.3 trillion spending plan calling it infrastructure. your thoughts on where we are here after visiting the border this weekend. >> well, we're in a very difficult situation right now and the president caused it. he only needs reverse the policy
7:21 am
that he put in place via executive order on day one. that has led to 17 5,000 migrants in the month of march which is a 15-year high and what i saw at the border is people are suffering, migrants are being exploited by this cartel operation, some are being put in sex trafficking, many women are being raped on this journey, children are being abused, so it's a very bad situation for them. it's a very bad situation for our law enforcement that are completely overrun. cbp begging for help, begging for these policies that president trump had in place to be restored, and then the american taxpayers who are paying for all of this. we're talking about billions of dollars and totally un sustainable, so i think the president, the vice president need to go down there immediately and see what we have a chance to see and also hear what we heard from these agents so they can actually take action anyone that visits the border will have concerns. it's really -- maria: real quick, congresswoman , are they going to
7:22 am
get this plan through reconciliation so that they can raise everybody's taxes to pay for this? is that how this is going? >> it seems like the president is willing to negotiate. you did have some lawmakers there from both parties let's see what happens going forward. i feel if he doesn't get the votes he will try to jam it through by just changing the rules which is completely inappropriate. maria: wow. congresswoman nicole malliotakis , thank you so much. we'll keep watching it, we'll be right back. (judith) at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. (money manager) because our way works great for us! (judith) but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. (money manager) so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? (judith) nope, we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. (money manager) but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? (judith) we don't have those. (money manager) so what's in it for you? (judith) our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. beijing continues to challenge and test the united states. chinese xi-jinping's top foreign policy aid making it known last month in the anchorage meeting that beijing sees itself as an equal to the united states the wall street journal writing about this this morning, talking about the warning, washington got from china.
7:26 am
this with the chinese asserting more forceful diplomatic attitude on the world stage, angela, the most important issue to watch right now in this regard, is taiwan, and whether or not china is going to become even more aggressive in chinese waters. although jack keane made a really good point earlier. he says it's unlikely they do this before the china beijing olympics. your reaction? >> china is playing the long game and they're playing the pr game too and i think he's right that we are seeing china ramp up their taiwanese air space and taiwanese waters, but china knows how to tow the line and they are going to wait until the beijing olympics because money talks and they are waiting for that time to establish themselves on the world stage. now they say they want to be america's equal but look at that 16-minute lecture a chinese diplomat just delivered at the alaska summit just weeks ago.
7:27 am
they aren't trying to be equals. they are trying to embarrass us and the sooner the biden administration figures out what's going on here, the better chance we have of mounting an appropriate response. maria: yeah, and dagen, it's even worse than embarrassed. they're stealing from us, have been for decades, committing genocide as well as bullying its neighbors. dagen: yeah, and committing a atrocities not just the wegers in concentration camps being raped and forcefully , i mean, here is what's happening with problem with the olympics is because the boycott in georgia by major league baseball, and these large corporations coming out, and speaking out against the georgia voting law. now, the attention is turned to all of the sponsors of the beijing olympics and are they going to speak up against
7:28 am
the atrocities i was going to say, the forced sterilization of people in those concentration camps and just the crackdown on the rights of the people who live in china. another thing is we can't forget , china was the only major developed economy that grew last year, because that communist country unleashed the coronavirus on the rest of the world. nearly 3 million people have died or 2 million have died because of the coronavirus around the globe and then 3 million and then the united states is more than 560,000, so when are we going to, if you read the readout of the original conversation between xi-jinping and biden, it's an embarrassment , because biden had nothing to say about the coronavirus and the havoc that the communist party of china has around the globe and we need, they know what the biden administration knows what the story is. they need to speak up and get
7:29 am
tough. maria: well, they say that the coronavirus is their number one priority, and yet, not a word. they had an alaskan meeting, not a word. the subject doesn't come up. how is that even possible, what's more important than half a million deaths in america, millions across the world, because china allowed this virus to escape its borders. meanwhile today, we've got a market selling off after the fda and the cdc are calling for j & j's vaccine to take a pause. take a look at these markets seeing impact. we'll come back and zero in on the j & j news, stay with us. how am i doing? some say this is my greatest challenge ever. governments in record debt; inflation rising and currencies falling. but i've seen centuries of rises and falls. i had a love affair with tulips once. lived through the crash of '29 and early dot-com hype.
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so thank you. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. good advertise morning everybody thanks so much for joining us i'm maria bartiromo, and it is tuesday, april 13. a look at markets this half an hour where we are looking at a sell-off underway on breaking news. federal health agencies are asking for an immediate pause of johnson & johnson's one shot vaccine, after reports of blood clotting in six patients.
7:33 am
j & j claims there's no clear, relationship between the clots and the vaccine but this news is sending futures down, and j & j shares lower by 3%. take a look at the markets we're going to be following this all day this morning the dow industrials are now down 138, the nasdac is down 13.5 and the s&p 500 is down about 13 points. this after a down day yesterday, we are standing by for the first quarter earnings reporting season, the major banks will begin reporting this quarterly numbers tomorrow, and the dow industrials yesterday, down 55, the nasdac down 50 and the s&p 500 down about 1 point at 4:00 on wall street yesterday. european markets are also mixed to lower take a look on this j & j news, things have worsened here as well. fq 100 down just a fraction 12 points, and the dax index is higher by 17. asian markets overnight were mostly higher we had economic news out of china.
7:34 am
the trade numbers jumped in march exports up 30.6% according to the ccp. that's still missed economists expectations and the shanghai composite was lower by a fraction. breaking news this morning, the u.s. is calling for an immediate pause on the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine. gerri willis now with more details. gerri: that's right, maria. the news just breaking, not too long ago as you say the fda and cdc calling for the pause. this after six recipients here in the u.s. developed a rare disorder involving blood clots. the cdc and fda saying in part, "we are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of an abundance of caution." now the six people were women between the ages of 16-48 and the disorder developed about two weeks after being vaccinated. now, taking a look at the pre- market j nj down 3% at 157
7:35 am
meanwhile treasury secretary janet yellen's first foreign exchange report will not name china as a currency manipulate or a move that could have raised tensions with china, beijing. in 2019 the trump adminitration did label the country as a manipulate or only to rescind the designation after receiving trade concessions and now the designation does not come with any immediate penalties, but it sure can rattle markets. and, former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin's attorneys are expected to make their case today. he's facing 40 years in prison for the death of george floyd and his brother giving an emotional testimony yesterday , telling jurors employed took their mom's death extremely hard. listen. >> i don't know who can take that when you watch your mother, somebody who loves and cherishes you for your entire life, and
7:36 am
then they have to leave you. we all have to go through it but it's difficult in george. he was just in pain the entire time. gerri: meanwhile, the judge denying a request to sequester the jury amid nearby riots over the deadly police-involved shooting of daunte wright. >> uber setting a record for march. the ridesharing company saying it received more bookings in march than any other month since it was founded in 2009 and this rebound is being credited to more people getting vaccinated of course. uber eats also surging more than 150% last month, with the increase in demand. uber introducing new incentives to bring more drivers on board. taking a look at the pre-market well uber shares right now down slightly. maria? maria: all right, gerri thank you so much. meanwhile ceo's are speaking out and new business roundtable survey founds a majority of those ceo's think president biden's $2.25 trillion spending package will negatively
7:37 am
impact their company's competitiveness, expansion, and wage growth. 98% of ceo's say the increase in the corporate tax rate would have a moderately to very significant adverse effect on their company's competitiveness. 71% say it would negatively affect their ability to hire. joining me right now is americans for tax reform president, grover norquist and it's always a pleasure to see you thanks so much for being here. >> absolutely, maria good to be with you. maria: you know, we want to look at the tax rates of america, but you can't do so in a vacuum. you really when looking at the corporate tax rate, need to look at the rest of the world, and that's what happened and continues to happen in terms of movement, right, under the obama administration, ireland had a 9% corporate rate. we had a 35% corporate rate. that is why so many companies acquired irish companies took their headquarters, moved them to ireland. your thoughts on the biden administration's plans to raise
7:38 am
the corporate tax rate once again, and the ceo's reaction. >> it's very understanding that the biden people have learned nothing from their failure, when they had a 35% corporate rate, biden and obama's presidency, companies were inverting and being bought by other companies and were moving their headquarters overseas because our rate was higher than there's we were at 35%, communist china was at 25%, european averages under 25%, but that misses one key thing. the united states, unlike france or china or some of these other countries, we also have state corporate rates. so the average corporate income tax rate at the state level, state and local level, is 4.8%, so when biden says oh, i'm only taking it up to 28 that's not that much higher than china, it's not that much higher than europe, why higher is a good idea is beyond me, but add 5% to that. you're looking at 33% corporate rate, not 28% because of the state and local, and that is
7:39 am
significantly higher than china at 25, europe at 23.5, or some of the other countries in europe that are down below 10%. it's not surprising that 98% of ceo's with the business round table say this is bad for competitiveness, they go on to talk about how they are going to invest less, pay people less, everything that was moving in the right direction in 2019 before covid is going to go back the other direction. maria: yeah, because money is mobile and ceo's can make a decision on how they are going to allocate capital, if they are facing higher costs whether it's taxes or regulatory fees, they are going to have to pullback somewhere else. do you think, overall, that narrative has an impact on economic growth? has an impact on hiring? has an impact on the american people? >> well we know what happened when the rate came from 35% down to 21%. in 2019 alone in that one year, the median income of american family income increased by $
7:40 am
4,440 it was a 6.8% increase in the median family income that means tens of millions of americans got pay increases along that size, and that was 6.8% during all of the obama biden years all eight of them. they increased the median income 5% in eight years, by cutting taxes, we got a 6.8% increase in the median income. these are real, sustainable incomes in people's wages and biden wants to go back the other direction which will undo that progress and he acts as if it costs absolutely nothing or that nobody is going to feel it 90% of americans saw their utility bills go down when the corporate rate was cut under the republicans. why? because corporate rates, you're not allowed, if you're a utility , to, you have to pass on the higher taxes to your utility customers and they see higher rates when taxes go up. they saw lower rates when taxes
7:41 am
went down, so you're hitting lots of people, not just a few. maria: yeah, no you're right, and grover i'm glad you brought up individual tax rates because we're here talking about the corporate rate and it's indirect impact on individuals but as part of president biden's tax increase plans, we're also expecting more discussion on an individual tax increase. now initially, the president said that he was only going to tax people who were making $400,000 or more. that was false. we heard from jen psaki, the press secretary, who said no , no, no, it's 400,000 per family. that means $200,000 per individual will see higher tax and of course we know if they overturn all of president trump 's tax cuts that means every income level sees a tax increase because every income level saw a tax decrease under trump. your thoughts on what will happen to individuals when these tax increases of course more
7:42 am
clear? >> biden says he wants to double the capital gains tax to bring it at par with ordinary income. that brings it back to the kind of rates we had when jimmy carter was president with double-digit inflation year after year. he wants to add, get rid of the stepped up in base which adds a second layer to the death tax, one more bite at the apple if you're trying to pass something on to your children. he wants to take the top rates up but not index them for inflation. you're looking at a series and when he talks about taking the top individual rate, that half of american business income is inside the personal income tax, not inside the corporate rate, so this is a significant tax increase on small businesses people who run their own business but through their personal income tax, and when you raise the individual rate, he also wants to get biden wants to get rid of the 20% reduction that republicans put into
7:43 am
protect smaller self-employed businessmen and women and bring their rights down closer to where corporate rates were. he wants to undo that massive tax increase on small businesses. maria: yeah, that's going to have an impact and here we are, expecting that we were out of the woods on the economy, and we were going to see growth in 2021 we'll see if all of this dampens those expectations. grover it's good to see you this morning thanks very much, sir. we'll keep following all of it. grover norquist, joining us there. coming up crypto goes mainstream , next we're discussing the bitcoin boom market and ahead of coin-based i po this week plus a new type of pizza delivery, domino's business a bot makes business, you're watching " mornings with maria" live on fox business. >> this week, on mornings with maria, tomorrow president biden
7:44 am
still refusing to visit the southwest borner, dana perino on political ramifications. >> thursday, the word on wall street our insiders track the morning movers to pad your portfolio. and friday, we are spotlighting a new asset connecting our military heros with their loved ones. it's all right here on "mornings with maria." (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back.
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a smile back on your face. your insurance marketplace healthmarkets. you could save now on dental plans with healthmarkets. call the number on your screen or visit maria: welcome back. another step toward crypto going mainstream, cryptocurrency trading platform coin base is
7:48 am
going public tomorrow, as bitcoin prices hover in record territory joining me right now to discuss it is the chamber of digital commerce founder, perryann boyar. thanks so much for being here. what will this mean for the digital currency marketplace now that coinbase is going public? >> yeah, we're already seeing coin base effect in the market, the coin is up 4.5% over the past 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market cap is currently at $2.15 trillion so that's a 3.5 increase over the last day and i think this is going to be one of the most popular ipo's ever, and that's really because you've got to understand the fundamentals of what's going on behind the scene s here. there is a lot of pent-up demand for dimensional tall assets exposure because there are very few products today that have been approved that investors can buy through their brokerage
7:49 am
firms. historically, most financial advisors have not allowed their clients to invest in digital assets directly, and this is further perpetuated by the sec, who has not approved any digital asset exchange product to enter the market. so for exposure, for investors who are looking to get exposure to digital assets, through a brokerage, they have to get creative, and they're assets ing indirectly and invest ing in the stocks of public companies that either own crypto, or engage in the business activities in the blockchain industry as a proxy for bitcoin in digital assets. coinbase is going to be the first blue chip pure crypto company that's public. that's what's so interesting and that's a huge part of what's going to drive activity tomorrow maria: well, i want to ask you what's driving this across the world, because china seems
7:50 am
to be leading an effort on digital currency. it's creating the cyber and when we talked last time we discussed the threat of china winning this race for digital currency, how the biden administration is going to respond. your thoughts on this where a cyber yuwan stands to give beijing even more power to track people's spending in realtime. what can be done to maintain america's leadership in this field, are we way behind on this? >> we are so far behind, it's scary, and we really need to take this issue so much more seriously in this country. china has built the digital yuwa n. they've been building it for seven years and it's basically complete and they are going into implementation, and they have a lottery system where thousands of people have been chosen to start using the digital yuwan, reportedly starbucks and microsoft are part of the early phases of the roll out, and what's even
7:51 am
more concerning and in just the past couple of weeks the people's bank of china has been a lot more vocal about the whole strategy behind what they're building and they are not shy. they have publicly said that this is to undercut the dominance of the u.s. dollar system and to circumvent systems like this. now i know the biden administration, they have said they are increasing their scrutiny and they are understanding of the digital but i am significantly concerned that we are not taking this serious enough or allocating the resources necessary to protect our national security on this particular issue. i think this should be the priority. i think this is what vice president harris and president biden should be spending their time focused on, and i'm concerned they're not taking it serious enough. maria: i think you make a great point, perianne. i think you're right. it might seem like money is already digital because you've got things like applepay or you've got obviously credit card, but i like the way the
7:52 am
journal puts it in a recent story. they say look. that eliminates the needs for bills or coins, but those are just ways to move money electronically. china is turning legal tender itself into computer code, and we need to catch up. perianne you're right. this could be a game changer in this competition. we'll be right back. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. your next delivery might not be from a person. domino's stepping into the autonomous sector with a rollout of robotic delivery services. the low speed robot will deliver pizza in select neighborhoods, in houston. customers place orders online,
7:56 am
receive a text when the bot arrives and use a unique pin to grab their order, angela what do you think? >> i think it's a wonderful idea, but domino's maybe making a bigger gamble here than many people realize. they're going to be looking at how people interact with these robots and i have to say, we don't have a great history of how we treat robots in this country. it's a little weird thing to say , but back in 2015 a group of canadian researchers created something called hitch bot, an adorable little robot trying to hitchhike across the united states. he made it across canada and germany without any problem and was promptly beaten to death in philadelphia. so, you know, poor little hitchb ot, but hopefully people will be a bit nicer to the robots bringing them a nice, warm pizza. maria: well poor little things taking our jobs doing everything we used to do ourselves, dagen, what do you want, come on!
7:57 am
dagen: two problems you're putting people, human beings out of work, and the second problem is you're ordering dominoes. [laughter] maria: [laughter] no comment there, dagen. we'll take a break and then we'll look at inflation, the price index for the month of march is out in 30 minutes time we got a market lower going into the number. will it be inflationary? will it be hotter than ever? it all starts next hour.
7:58 am
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maria: welcome back good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, april 13th your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast. we have breaking news this morning, federal health agencies asking for an immediate pause of johnson & johnson's one-shot vaccine, after reports of blood
8:01 am
clotting in six patients jnj says no clear relationship between clots and vaccine the news extended send markets lower jnj leading way down % sell-off it is causing, lots of -- stocks and markets to have a negative showing, dow industrials now down 120 points the nasdaq down 5 and 1/2 s&p 500 weaker by 11 1/4 extending losses of yesterday take a look at wall street action yesterday investors standing by and continue to wait for first-quarter earnings big banks reporting earnings tomorrow and that kicks off for first-quarter earnings reporting season yesterday dow down 55 nasdaq down 50 s&p 500 lower by almost one point, european markets this morning are mixed take a look, european indices show the ft 100 down now 14 points, the cac quarante up nine the dax higher by 15, in asia overnight, markets finished o mostly hire economic data out of china the trade numbers,
8:02 am
are higher exports up 30 point six% in china, from a year he earlier according to yccp. >> china imponderabled police department emboldened telling america we are equal effectively challenging u.s. as world number one superpower. what this means for global competition, u.s. policy, and influence at home. >> then defining infrastructure, the biden administration says is open for bipartisan effort to rebuild even as it tries to jamming through as much policy as possible, along party lines. will new spending package a "green new deal" get through reconciliation many lawmakers point out 15% infrastructure. "mornings with maria" is live right now. maria: vaccine news this morning send setting tone for markets cdc fda saying that it wants a pause, on the use of
8:03 am
the johnson & johnson vaccine, jnj shares down 2 and 1/2% right now fda cdc say in a statement, they are quote reviewing data involving six reported u.s. cases of a rare severe type of blood clot in individuals after the johnson & johnson vaccine, they say we are recommending a pause in the use of this vaccine out of abundance of caution, johnson & johnson, has made a statement as well saying it is aware of these reports, but there is no to clear and casual relationship to the vaccine as of yet joining me to talk about impact on markets and the economy is richard bernstein adviser ceo, joining the conversation all morning long dagen mcdowell angela, thanks very much for being here everybody, richard kicking it off with you as soon as we got this breaking news this, morning, 6:00 a.m. from "new york times" first reported it we saw markets get
8:04 am
impacted immediately reverse course trade down what is the impact of this news from your standpoint? >> so maria, i think one has to view this kind of a shot to the midsection you know lose your air, everybody was very optimistic right we were hearing about all kinds of vaccines we were on our way hopefully out of the pandemic, then you get hit to solar plekses doesn't mean story over fight over but i think we are going to have to take a little time here to sit in a corner and start getting our wind back, but look it is a small number of cases. and out of a very big number of people that have been being vaccinated and i am certainly not a scientist but i think look if we look at this thee months six months 12 months from now, i think we should have reasonable predictions that the vaccines are going to be effective. >> yeah, we are going to speak with dr. janet, on the medical
8:05 am
angle here, but look, we're talking about an economy, that has begun to normalize, right little by little seeing openings in different areas of the country so you make a really a good point, we are also worried about inflation. we've got a key inflation report out this morning it is inflation day consumer price index out 30 minutes' time we are expecting a jump half a percent month-over-month, 2 1/2% year-over-year after ppi last week shows increase 1% richard where are you on this i know you have been expecting the economy to normalize surely you are expecting a good story we talked about this in-depth last time you joined me hp how does inflationary expectations play into your models? >> maria i think regardless of the cpi number we get this morning, you i think as investor, you should be thinking that inflation will end up being higher than
8:06 am
people think, for longer than people think, right like, everybody tries to predict what is peak of cpi i have no clue i think higher than people think and lasting he longer than people think any number of reasons why this is happening i think one of the most interesting sfekz you have mentioned imports exports a few minutes ago u.s. import core import prices take out food take out energy core could i am port rising faster than core cpi a dramatic change 3, 5, 10 years importing deflation now we are importing inflation a substantial change people aren't talking about when you you have a trade devastate deficit biggest in united states meaningful statistic to start looking at i think the inflation backdrop is changing i can't tell you what a forecast is going to be i do
8:07 am
know that a inflation backdrop is changing. >> how do you want to invest around that? i mean here we are kicking off the first quarter a earnings reporting season we will get major banks starting off tomorrow, and i know you are not buying big tech's recent rally we talked about that you have been betting on those companies that are connected to this economic recovery like the regional banks small caps, cyclically names how do invest around themes if you are expecting inflation on the horizon still looking for a growth story macro. >> let's call this pro inflation assets whether energy materials commodities industrials, small caps, you know, he emerging markets related to commodities all kinds of things pro inflation assets, here is good part about that i think there are huge opportunities, in pro inflation assets because very few people are there, not just
8:08 am
individuals, pensions endowments faugs report showed endowments biggest instruction in asset allocation 2021 planned to be commodities yesterday would be asset class would benefit most from more inflation i think huge opportunities out there with pro inflation assets. >> all right. we will leave it there richard great to see you as always thanks so much. >> thanks maria good to see you, too. >> all right. and to you. have a greattize richard bernstein joining us this morning president biden begins negotiations on 2 1/3 trillion-dollar infrastructure package with wyoming senator barrasso and former house speaker newt gingrich will join me with take on massive spending and tax hicks to come. >> will smith becomes first marriage production to leave the state, over what is calling the new voting law
8:09 am
restrictions, details coming up you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. ♪♪ ♪♪ but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down. and there's nothing down there with you but the choice that will define you. do you stay down? or. do you find, somewhere deep inside of you, the resilience to get up. ♪♪ [announcer] and this fight is a long way from over, leonard is coming back. ♪♪
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. . maria: welcome back infrastructure is in focus president biden meeting with a group of bipartisan lawmakers to discuss paying for the 2 and a third federalized spending proposal he put out the president responded yesterday to criticism that this bill is only 15% infrastructure, the rest is unrelated, watch. . >> it is getting down to what we call from your a lot of folks saying the fact that we have -- uh -- millions of people, not able to drink water because -- coming through price i think you that is infrastructure. i think broadband is infrastructure. not just roads, bridges
8:13 am
highways, et cetera. maria: this coming as administration is sending out infrastructure report cards for all 50 states laying out how everyone will benefit from they proposal, joining me right now is with wyoming senator senate energy foreign relations committee member john barrasso senator it is always a pleasure to see you. thanks very much for being back your reaction to what we're hearing, i said a lot about this plan, i've got a larry lindsey report in front of me i keep either quoting is this the "green new deal". >> it sure is maria, you know the old saying my way or highway i take the highway. because what joe biden is proposing here is really a slush fund of liberal spending payoff to unions force feeding "green new deal" on american people, real infrastructure, oro are roads and bridges that is less than 6% money on massive spending bill, there is more money in this for electricity vehicles than there is for roads, and bridges and ports and
8:14 am
airports, and waterways, combining. so when you take a look at all of this spending you say is this what the american people want in infrastructure? and i say it is not. that is what we need to do, is actual infrastructure to help rebuild our bridges and our roads. those sort of thingses no all unnecessary liberal spending and you know you have said yourself all going to be paid for by raising taxes on the american people. maria: it was, by the way, rather disingenuous, of the president to say oh we want clean drinking water the -- pipes are dirty whatever referring to that is infrastructure, sure, i get that. but that is not really what we're calling it out for that is not infrastructure we're really talking about things like a forced unionization plan the o right to work rules you took about that part of so-called infrastructure plan, what is forcing people to join a union have to do with
8:15 am
infrastructure? >> absolutely nothing and largest piece of this legislation, 400 billion dollars. is on medicaid expansion, and this forcing of those who are participating in that, into unions. the other part of this is also that this draws a target, on carbon-based fuels oil gas american energy and a million people who have those jobs. this is going to raise costs for how you heat your home what it costs to drive buy food going to make us more dependent on foreign sources of energy maria one of the things that really struck me, is they have 100 billion dollars in this for a greene school initiative you dig into it say so what are they going to do for 100 billion dollars? going to remain cafeteria so they serve green meal get rid of paper products trays you get food on need to be
8:16 am
recyclical radical stream dangerous scary you ported on sill i understanda definabling on steroids. >> op-ed calling it "green new deal" in disguys referencing congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing for this far left policy on climate change writing no wondered miss alexandria ocasio-cortez is elated climate demonstrators coming through under false front of infrastructure he keeps saying he wants unity, isn't this one area where you could have actual had ubiquity? everybody wants infrastructure for their state. but it is only 15 busier, 600 billion dollars versus two 1/4 trillion dollars, why put all this stuff on the stable forcing us to crop up higher taxes, slowing an economy, just as it was getting sea legs? what is going on?
8:17 am
this is only one part of the radical agenda we are getting to your phenomenal trip to the border in a second. >> you are absolutely right there are many things that weekend do on infrastructure. the last year, i chaired environmental public works committee out of committee came a bipartisan unanimous vote on infrastructure that did what you talked about roads, bridges ports. we also did safe drinking water. water resources as part of that unanimously people working together sent to house for consideration. they came debacle with again, the "green new deal" under nancy pelosi there is you win to be had on things we all agree is infrastructure broadband, on to that, but not this extraneous spending on things so extreme that even democrats are saying hey hold on, you are going away too far. maria: yeah are they going to be able to get this through reconciliation he keeps
8:18 am
talking about wanting ubiquity get pushing through things, own one party vote i want to talk about the border crisis, because, the biden administration, reached an agreement to govts of mexico honduras guatemala to tighten boards ramp-up security according to officials pushing for more troops to stop cartels traffickers amid migrant influx you were there you tried to take pictures they wanted to you stop taking pictures telling you delete your photos, i want to get lang in here first your reaction to this deal request guatemala, honduras, el salvador. >> i saw in a news this morning, and you are right. >> -- sorry -- mexico. >> i was at border 19 senators we saw crisis at the border it occurred because of the changes that biden brought into office when he was sworn in on that first day. the border patrol says their job has gotten tougher, there are things we could do, number one is to finish the wall,
8:19 am
number two, is is remain in mexico, program, it looks like the biden administration is trying because now they realize what a mess they have made, of it. we need to secure the border. it is not secure now you have so many liberals democrat party that want to basically have open borders want to eliminate immigration and custom enforcement are really not on the side of a secure border the easiest way into united states is to come in illegally you don't need identification you don't needed to be tested for coronavirus. maria: yeah, gosh, unbelievable that they are bringing drugs, human trafficking and coronavirus over the border, and you say it up close and personal. angela jump in here. >> well, senator barrasso i have a question for you think ties together the infrastructure, where it seemingly everything democrats want is infrastructure, and crisis at the border.
8:20 am
alphabetize border wall is infrastructure. has there been any talk in congress among your colleagues about potentially including that in a reconciliation package? >> well the reconciliation was done, as you know, first part, completely by the democrats. they let the republicans held up -- they talk with bipartisan not looking for republican votes in the house or the senate anymore they can find some mayor in some community a republican who may be for something they say now it is bipartisan. it is really not. reconciliation if they do it again will be done strictly along party lines we introduce a amendments to it to do exactly what you said to finish the wall. we could see border the wall construction stopped there are parts of the wall that are ready to go up but the day joe biden became president he said "stop. don't put up remaining areas" that we paid for raw materials are there ready to go up, we are going to call the
8:21 am
democrats on that on the floor, if they try reconciliation we are going to try to put right there into the bill finish the wall we want it done. maria: could good for you, stephen miller made a great point last night on fox, he said republicans should say we will do an infrastructure bill only if it has a border security bill in it. border security is half of that bill we will do it, i mean that is a smart idea, how will you vote what do you think the chances of this going through are? if in fact, you don't get these changes , you don't get a border security bill. >> i don't see any republican supporting this massive spending by biden administration, where less than 6% of it goes for roads and bridges all money goes for extraneous, maria over two trillion dollars, we just spent 1.9 trillion dollars on so-called coronavirus reef
8:22 am
bill we're only 9% money had to do with medcare 91% or things name one thing do another thing spend massive amounts of monday putting us as nation in debt kids and grandkids carrying this heavy burden for generations to come. >> that is really -- that is really disingenuous senator you are right good to see you this morning thanks very much john barrasso, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit,
8:23 am
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8:25 am
maria: welcome back, breaking news of the morning fda cdc calling for a pause, of the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine. after six recipients here in the united states developed a rare zord volcano blood clots cdc fda saying we are recommending pause in the
8:26 am
vaccine of this use of out of an abundance of caution. six people were women between 16 and 48. the disorder dwelled two weeks after being vaccinated, jnj says there is no clear or casual relationship between the blood clots and vaccine joining me to discuss this family emergency medicine doctor fox news medical contributor, doctor thanks very much for being here we have a lot of questions for you this morning, first, your reaction to what we're hearing from cdc and fda. >> so this is a concern but we should be reassured the public should feel reassured only six cases out of over six million vaccines given prompted a pause in this vaccine. so that should be reassuring to us because that tells us such a tiny tiny number, such a rare case that this could happen but yet still going to put a pause to conduct investigation, just like we
8:27 am
saw with astrazeneca vaccine hopefully move forward with specific guidelines, for example, maybe johnson & johnson is best for those over the age of 50, or over age of 60 because of potential complications that he could rarely occur like seeing with six young women. >> okay. so that is a good point, that leads me to my next question. you said it. it is almost seven million people who have gotten this vaccine, in the united states, already since jnj was given emergency use authorization, on february 27th, what should we understand, about the people who have already gotten this jnj vaccine? should they be worried? >> now should not be worried but just pay attention to your body if used johnson & johnson vaccine within past few months, if you develop symptoms shortness of breath, chest pain swelling in legs seek medical attention
8:28 am
immediately. especially if you have maybe underlying preexisting condition if a smoker puts you at higher risk of blood clots obesity taking birth control if you travel often immobile listen to body if you notice changes you had jauns jauns vaccine past few weeks you know to go get medical attention right away this is treatable. >> and is there anything people should be doing, now, if they already have this jnj vaccine? >> other than watch for symptoms? >> right, the best thing to do is taking care of your body making sure you are drinking lots of fluids avoid smoking get plenty of rest getting good well balanced diet taking care of you see yourselves paying attention to your body any changes you might feel if you wake up feel upper back
8:29 am
chain chest pain trouble breathing headache different than normal get medical help right away again, this can be treated, with blood clotting medication important to keep in mind maria this is rare extremely rare, again six cases out of over -- over six million vaccines that have been given important to understand the majority of the vaccines given in this country are pfizer and moderna the majority so johnson & johnson plays a tiny role in the vaccination program. >> i am glad you are putting in context dagen mcdowell jump in here. dagen: doctor are you concerned this news discouraging people from getting vaccinated those who haven't already that people might be reticent and this sends the wrong message? just in general. >> that is a really good question, this is why it is important dagen to look at the facts, and look at studies,
8:30 am
overall the benefits right now still outweigh potential risks because we have already lost over half a million people to coronavirus, so for some groups populations like those over age of 65, benefit of this vaccine is going to outweigh any potential risk so also, important again to understand, it is only six cases out of over six million given we put a pause. would see of conducted trials to get the vaccine fda emergency use authorization, prior to getting it into the arms of americans, and now we are er stopping it to conduct more studies afterwards so we are really being aggressive the fda being aggressive to ensure the safety of americans but as it is right now, benefits outweigh the risk but it is important that they conduct this investigation, to see, if there is a he correlation between vaccine and very rare blood clots if. >> all right great to see you this morning thanks very much, we needed that, we've got
8:31 am
consumer price index out on the tape it is hotter than expected take a look up 6/10 of a percent versus estimate 5/10 of a percent expecting half a percent expecting prices to jump year-over-year, 2 1/2%. in fact hot tler as well up 2.6%, what we are seeing on the inflation front is we are seeing signs of inflation. the consumer price index rising 6/10 of one percent tells you we are seeing increases in consumer prices it is being passed on to consumer, at cash register the core cpi is up just 3/10 of a percent as you can see, we are looking at market that is pretty stable in fact the nasdaq is up this morning by 11 points, dow industrials down 116, s&p down 8 3/4 quick to dagen mcdowell, your thoughts on this nauch
8:32 am
consumer price index dagen hotter on that expected just like the producer price indices was hotter than expected last week. dagen: an experiment with government spending monetary policy that we've nern seen in history this is just the beginning of something could be very devastating to the american people. >> all right. we will be right back, on that note, stay with us.
8:33 am
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8:36 am
quarter percent company says there is no clear evidence of any complications on blood clots all eyes on infrastructure president biden mistake tag bipartisan lawmakers yesterday to discuss paying for the spending proposal on the table the president defining what infrastructure is according to him made criticism unrelated items 85% is not infrastructure. >> not just roads and bridges, we are investing in water simms so americans can have clean water infrastructure. investing in high-speed rail infrastructure. we are -- chaermgdz stations for america electric vehicle future we need to build infrastructure today not repair the one of yesterday. >> joining me right now former house speaker and fox news
8:37 am
contributor newt gingrich, newt always a pleasure thank you so much for being here, how do they keep getting away with this newt? okay first 1.9 trillion-dollar massive spending bill that they called a covid bill. it was only 10% covid, now you've got 1/3 trillion-dollar spending bill infrastructure, and as i look at it, it is more of a "green new deal" only 10% real infrastructure, you've got things like forcing you to become part of a union, more money to some ideas that didn't make it in the last package. >> you know, i listened to transportation secretary buttigieg say sunday it is all matter semabsentics drove me to alice in wonderland humpty dumpty explains words mean what you want them to mean a question of who is master if
8:38 am
applecot means pine alel who is abringcot to tell you not a pineapple, almost totally protected by news media lying toys to country when you get to real activities you see result on the border we have disaster building towards a catastrophic, actually i think what the left wants, that is i think with why they haven't done anything serious they want lots and lots of illegal immigrants i think effort to prop up every part of the democratic machine. so the teachers unions get paidoff public employees get paid off the blue states get paid off, this is an extraordinary effort to use the taxpayer in order to prop up a political system which has been steadily decaying, finally move toward compulsory unionism because people are not voluntarily voting to join a europe they proved in alabama in a very major
8:39 am
election involving amazon whereby more than two to one worked rerepudiated it the answer is we are going to force you into it you are not going to have a choice. maria: unbelievable. real, speaker i mean look at the misinformation that the media is spewing at us there is all of that that you just said, you've got pete buttigieg driving in suv, until a block away from work then jumps on bike so camera can take him getting off his bike, i mean o what -- and nobody pointing this out, then there is what is happening in georgia corporate america, and mlb letting down the american people as they push back against georgia's new voting law. will submitting latest move pulling out finaling finallying of georgia over restriction, why president biden publicly said georgia's law was jim crow 2.0, should
8:40 am
the president come out and -- correct the record, correct what he said admit that was a falsity, so that this doesn't continue? >> well he is not going to. look. they are not lying randomly they're lying for a purpose redesign america reshape power structure using weight of government to coerce ceos everything biden said did a long column on podcast about this everything biden said aboutgo law was falsehood they keep repeating it, for example, you are not able to get water in a hot day, that is just that is a plain out lie bill i itself says the election officials can give you water. but they can't do is you can't have campaigns come into voting area in order to give you water orber or alcohol or whatever, so, this stuff is
8:41 am
all just continuing series of lies, because when they tell the truth if you look at h.r.1, the corrupt politicians act when people learn it actually would pay politicians to run for office, with taxpayer money learn would make it impossible to police voter rolls 190% americans african americans latinos democrats republicans 90% believe only american citizens should be allowed to vote h.r.1 blows that you have a machine desperate to use narrow wind opportunity to take control of a country so you can't have election in 2022 repudiates it a country i any increasingly upset on lack of dealing with crime to gun control to lying about georgia law, to the huge massive spending, this has historian i
8:42 am
don't understand what the theory is, federal reserve, the way keep printing paper not produce a disaster this is the largest experiment in cheapening the currency in modern times resembles roman empire spenders end spew out paper ask you to pretend it is money. >> herschel walker made a good point sunday the reason democrats want to muddy up georgia right now want to muddy up georgia the gop going into senate race in 2022 perfect seasons strategy nobody hold them to account nobody force the president to come out and say correct the record there is no jim i crowe here. why are corporations going down this way. >> i think the corporations have been 234e6k9d necked by wokeism a graduates now infest
8:43 am
c-suites all the advisories really, really bright totally wrong telling you you really should do this this is really good for you what is true great irony none of these corporations will take on slavery in china none take on genocide the collapse of freedom in hong kong, so giving us this totally hypocritical model we are supposed to have respect for ceo kisses chinese on this on the phase currenting around hammering american conservatives, that is what we are down to okay to love chinese communists not okay to like american conservatives, that is how sick the system has become. maria: that is disgusting, and shameful, and unfortunately, you are talking about the ccp communists that will come back to hunt a them as jack ma knows all too well, newt gingrich great to see you this morning thanks very much we are of course we will keep
8:44 am
spotlighting that one we will see you soon newt. thank you we'll be right back. stay with us. tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. businesses that want personalization and speed are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm.
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8:48 am
being here is what your action here. >> why i wear hats lying not cheap hollywood follows anything against american people really, right now lying to american people doing all kinds of things what will celebrities are doing instead of focusing on america future of our country what is right versus what is wrong, you know, hollywood is trying to control the future of actors producers that is why we opened conflict studio my studio running, sign up for us with us says future of entertainment business lying on thin line right now, if we want freedom, entertainment motives television you got to support conflict studios we can be a communist motive making machine what they are all about, you know blacklisted me blacklisted a lot of people not only actors but people in the industry who
8:49 am
work hard drivers, everybody involved in great entertainment pushing on sidelines you can't talk about this you can't -- wear a cross when you go to work can't talk about god can't talk about anything they disagree with then your job is going to be on the line very dangerous look what they've done in georgia thousands of jobs right now on the line because of what will and other people are doing, this is not about freedom this is about ownership of the minds of american people that is wrong that is communismism i saw this in world war ii, we saw with my family and can't see it here in our country it is over can't go on like this. >> that is exactly right, i have been saying feels like 1935 in europe. because you have a very, very evil competitor want to go take over and it is a communist regime china just like what we saw in nazis in europe in 1935, then you've got all enablers hollywood
8:50 am
among them do you think we are seeing more productions pulled out of georgia new jersey trying to lure precautions to jersey what other locations could drive it is where leadership in this country, shouldn't president biden come out and say whoa, whoa, whoa i didn't mean what i said. it is not jim crow 2.0, have they actually red the law in georgia? before creating all of this havoc for the people of georgia then just spying doing business in china? with communists running the show? >> 80% 90% movies produced right now in hollywood are proud by china this is isn't about what is right not about race, freedom, helping black people white people asian people this is about ownership about changing the outcome about changing minds of people, you know hitler when he came in world war ii, he wasn't coming in with guns evil he was coming in with peace, helping the community that is what hollywood is
8:51 am
trying to do but in essence being communists trying to own you, and as far as the president is concerned, whoever this guy is in the white house, he has never been my president certainly not my president now case did not win this election, but as far as leadership, far from it, as far as i can see this is the worst leader i ever seen in the white house period, ever. so we are in really dangerous times, that is what we have to support conflict my studio future of entertainment they are trying to own laws the future, that is wrong. >> anthony you said so well thank you very much for being articulate on this important subject we will be right back. ople who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime.
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maria: welcome back crews ships still at standstill as rest of the travel have a industry begins to recovery ashley webster in florida with more on this ashley good morning to you. >> hey. good morning maria, yes, you know look the economy rebounds recovers especially travel industry u.s. cruising industry is literally stuck in neutral when you think about it more than a million people a day now are getting on planes and flying, so why can't crews folks oet out and sail take passengers that is why state of florida is suing the cdc and b administration, saying you are in fairly targeting this industry, very quickly look at revenue drop last year compared to 2019 made some major cruise lines carnival down 73%, royal caribbean down 80% norwegian down 80% a desperate numbers. they need to get out of ports quickly as possible they say
8:56 am
by early july at the very latest, let me bring in quickly captain john murray ceo of port canaveral, the crews industry being unfairly tarnld in your opinion. >> very ununfacial tacted no other industry sidelined the way the cruise industry has been what does cdc see that you don't. >> very good question. if you go back in history of the coronavirus, first incidents on cruise ships i think industry is untailory neg can go to casino to hot goals to las vegas stay in in hotels florida is making, if they don't get their way cruise ships could change ports even more economically devastating back to you. >> between story we will follow it thanks very much,
8:57 am
ashley webster in florida more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. (vo) but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible. ideas start the future, just like that.
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maria: welcome back. we went to show you the johnson & johnson shares as the fda is halting use of the vaccine to investigate the case of six people who reported glut-- blood clots. that will do it for us. we will see you soon. have a great day. "varney & co." begins right now. take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. you are right, it's a dramatic news item from johnson & johnson. it has a lot of people worried to. the government called for a pause on the use of j&j vaccine, that after six women developed a rare blood clotting condition. one of them has died. 7million doses of this vaccine have already been administered. 9million more hav


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