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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it. they're not getting hardly any lithium from north america. gerry: bringing business back to america. thank you very much, grade i d that us it tore for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" is coming up right now. elizabeth: at this hour a minneapolis suburb again bracing for a fourth night of protests. as the officer involved in the shootings death of dante wright was arrested on a second degree manslaughter charge. a wave of protests hitting a dozen u.s. cities. antifa rioters spotted in the protests. there is information coming to light, tone it down, tone down the heat, tone down the rhetoric, get to the facts what is happening as minority civic leaders call for an end to violence destroying their own neighborhoods. we're see agroing new level of
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rioting not seen before. we have boston cop daniel alinsky, joseph pinion, congressman jason smith, former top state department official christian whiton, sheriff wayne ivy, congressman byron donalds, and arizona attorney general mark burnovich the u.s. capitol police officer who fatally shot veteran ashli babbitt during the capitol riot will not be charged they determined that the officer could have fired reasonably in self-defense. the infrastructure bill might fail in the house. the democrat margin is shrinking there. it is about to hit a wall in the senate. democrat senators are opposing it. they're worried about losing in the midterms. the gop demanding it is cut by 3/4. they're ready to filibuster. how the democrats are making errors, misleading americans
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trying to ram it through without republican votes. tensions ratcheting higher. intelligence chiefs testified about u.s. threats to national security. the u.s. hot spots and the debate. cofounder of black lives matter pushing back on questions of millions of dollars in real estate purchases that she made. more on the democrats double standards about the border. this is happening, the president guatemala blames president biden for the border crisis. more caravans are on the way. the state attorney general of arizona demands that they declare a state of emergency in that state. border towns are getting swamped. will other states follow the ag's lead. i.c.e. arrests for illegal crimes plummeting after president biden's policy changes. we have a jam-packed show. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. we begin tonight with former boston top cop, he is daniel alinsky. your take with second degree manslaughter charges are to the officer fatally shooting dante wright. is that the write charge. >> facts and circumstances we played out absolutely. elizabeth: we have the brooklyn center, suburb of minneapolis. possibly a fourth night of rioting. 100 protesters arrested so far since monday. violent antifa rioters are there. that is fox news is reporting. antifa already blamed for helping to destroy sections of portland, oregon. are you hearing about antifa on the ground here? >> absolutely. in this city and other cities. they are utilizing another tragic event that occurred,
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utilizing the grief of the community and family to engage in violent protests and violent destruction of property. they're not there to change the discourse. they're not there to make things better. they want to destroy things. unfortunately they hijack legitimate messages of concern and protest, use them, use people in the protests as human shields while they conduct violence throughout the community. elizabeth: so you know antifa they have backpacks, black hoodies, umbrellas, that is signature antifa moves. minneapolis on edge. the nearby george floyd trial is underway. 30 dead in rioting over the last year. dozens of cops injured, even blinded. now we're seeing 11 u.s. cities facing unrest. kansas city, omaha, louisville, new york, seattle, sacramento, columbus, ohio, dallas, atlanta and portland.
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>> we're seeing that for sure. law enforcement has to be prepared. i see the national guard has been put own alert. a good thing to have them up front and ready. we need to respond to the protests quickly. allow folks to peacefully protest. as soon as people hijack it, light fires, proprojectiles at police, they need to be dealt with quickly and if you are protesting peacefully, others are engaging in violence, you are part of a riot, should do what you can to get out of there as quickly as possible. i applaud the community leaders who are saying that they don't want protesters coming in and engaging in violence. they want to continue their message. they want to continue their process of changing policing in america and cities throughout our country without engaging in violence and doing so. elizabeth: yeah. you know antifa has slammed portland with riots about a year. they set on fire parts of the police union building, destroyed
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cop cars. the brooklyn center mayor taking command of the police and firing the city manager after the city manager supported due process for the officer. what was your reaction when you heard that story? due process is in the constitution. >> the police chief came out very quickly said we made a mistake here this is challenge. this is a problem. this is criminal investigation referral to appropriate authorities. they transparently released video showed what happened to citizens concerned. that is what communities were looking for across the country. i applaud the chief for doing that. i don't know what reason politicians decided that wasn't an appropriate response. seemed to me that this is the time when a strong leader who is transparent, open has a long-term relationship with the community should be in place there without cause. maybe there is, the chief had denied training to these officers for years and they wanted more training with
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tasers, because of his denial that didn't happen. i haven't heard that publicly. seemed like there was a judgment politically when it appeared law enforcement wasn't doing what we asked them to do, holding people accountable, being transparent. elizabeth: city officials fear retaliation of protesters. that is what we're seeing. the parents reject it was accidental. she was a 26-year veteran of the force, accidental reaching for the taser. we have this, critics say stick with the facts. dante wright pulled over because of expired tags. not because of air fresheners. warrant for aggravated armed robbery, choking a woman and holding her at gunpoint stealing $820 on december 2019. those are the allegations, that he was in illegal possession of a gun, in violation of bail release. he reportedly resisted the cops when the shooting happened.
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you're hearing that too. what is your take on that? >> when i watched the videotape of the individual actually resisting law enforcement, engaging in an effort to escape. you know, that is unfortunate that happened. you know, the fact that he lost his life for that is unfortunate as well but, you know, i don't believe, i think you can tell from the officer's reaction there was no intentional malice to shoot. she was surprised, dismayed when the gun went off. there was lack of training. there is legal implications for that. criminally implications for that. charged for that. i don't know any provided previous animus between the two. that there was any axe to grind going on. looked like police officers doing their job, had worst day of their entire life and worst day of that family's life occurred simultaneously. it is on videotape what occurred. unfortunate that this happened.
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elizabeth: horrific, tragedy. daniel lines ski thanks for joining us. welcome to the show. stay on the subject, the u.s. capitol police officer who fatally shot military veteran ashli babbitt during the january 6th capitol riots. will not be charged. the doj that the officer reasonably could have believed he was firing in self-defense or defense of congress. bring in gop strategist, joseph pinion. good to see you by the way. democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez saying that dawn way wright's shooting was not random. this system built on impunity for state violence. reaction to cortez here? >> look, we have a situation where we have flame throwers in positions of power who are more concerned with vindication and validation than they are with justice. i think that we have communities all across this country are reeling. they are reeling because of the
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fact that it seems that too often that when we do have bad actors, people who have disgraced the badge, people who have betrayed the trust we put in law enforcement, who go out every single day, not knowing if they're going to see their family, when they get home as we saw in the case of on this past month. we had an officer lose their life at the capitol to a madman with a machete. officers take great risks every day, but i think we're at an inflection point in society we have to be able to understand when we recognize bad apples, if the bad apples are not cast out of the bunch, if we find excuses to excuse the behavior of the bad apples, then the people who have trust in the system lose their trust. elizabeth: well here's what is happening too and we hear what you're saying, we have a new level of rioting. they're showing up at, to protest at people's personal
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homes. mitch mcconnell and josh hawley. that was over politics. now they're showing up at the homes of city officials in los angeles including the mayor. in sacramento, seattle, portland. now we're seeing that the police officer charged in the shooting, they had to put concrete barriers and wire fencing around her home because of rioters potentially showing up. i mean that is a new level. we have, you know, and you have rashida tlaib, progressive democrat saying get rid of cops. this is going on too. what do you say to that? >> i think the hard truth is that dr. martin luther king said it best, darkness cannot drive out darkness. only light can do that. you cannot be somebody who says we need to bring down the temperature, we need to find ways to work together and then encourage the lesser angels of the human spirit in times of shared american grief. so we have to remember that people like bobby kennedy, who stood out there in the aftermath
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of the killing of dr. martin luther king, jr., imploring people to trust the process, imploring people to work together in love and in commonplace. so i think to your point, it is unacceptable in any way to think that we would condone the violence, we would condone the harassing people, who have signed up to serve this nation. we can voice our anger. we can voice our frustration with all things in america. there is nothing more american than doing so. we have to do so in love. we have to do so in peace. elizabeth: where are those leaders, where are those leaders saying exactly what you're saying about martin luther king and you know bobby kennedy? how come the message has been lost today. we know, we hear that biden's nominee for to run the doj civil rights division is saying don't defund the police but where is the powerful messaging that you just said, joseph, to mlk, dr. king and bobby kennedy?
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where is that messaging? >> the reality we're in a broken place in america right now. something has truly broken in the spirit of this nation. i think you can talk about what is happening with covid. people are having such deep isolation. no one has that connectivity to their neighbor. we feel somehow people are left alone. i think again, i would implore our brothers and sisters on the left to recognize if they want to say the words of donald j. trump have an impact, that they influence people, their words also influence people. we have to recognize that influence, to find ways to bring people together, to say if we will build a more perfect union, it starts with each and every single one of us. elizabeth: joseph, you're terrific. come back soon. >> thank you very much. elizabeth: house ranking republican, good to see you, jason smith will joins us. looks like biden's 2.25 infrastructure bill might fail in the house. the democrat margin is shrinking. could hit a wall in the senate.
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the gop demanding it be cut by 3/4. they're ready to filibuster it. how democrats continue to make errors and mislead, as they try to ram it through without any republican votes. the story next. >> what we see the biden administration doing is instead of an infrastructure bill, it is targeted to roads, bridges, highways, interstates and ports and airports and waterways and broadband. what are you hear them doing? they want to talk human infrastructure. ♪. ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy.
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over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. ♪. elizabeth: okay. back with us is republican jason smith. he is the ranking member of house budget. congressman, it is always great to have you on. looks like biden's massive 2.25 infrastructure plan to fail in the house. nancy pelosi's margin shrunk to four votes. democrats are afraid of gas taxes, mileage taxes, who knows, tax hikes on the middle class. are you seeing the same thing? it could even fail in the house? >> liz, great to be with you.
6:19 pm
washington democrats will have to look themselves in the mirror and decide will they deliver for working class families and continue to reward political friends and allies. if you look look at the infrastructure package, 6% goes to roads and bridges. 2% goes to locks, dams, airports. 5% towards broadband. that is 13% of the $2.3 trillion package. currently in the house of representatives if the democrats lose three seats, if they lose three votes, they can't pass the legislation after julia letlow was sworn in today. it is 218-212. elizabeth: you're right. they don't like what they see is the middle class tax hikes. they see the mid year coming next year. president will do a joint address to congress on may 28th. may not be in the house by then. seven democrat senators are
6:20 pm
opposing it. gop will filibuster it. cut it down 3/4 to $650 billion. that is a big haircut. >> republicans and democrats want better roads and bridges, less than 6% goes to it. lets roads and bridges. think about this, the entire national interstate highway system under today's dollars could be built four times with $2.3 trillion. the entire national interstate highway system could be built four times across this country with this package. it is crazy. elizabeth: yeah. we hear what you're saying. vice president kamala harris has a new "usa today" op-ed picking choosing which infrastructure is politically correct. talking about the hoover dam and railroads. ignoring infrastructure needed at the border. we've talking about that for about a week. it is in historic collapse. nothing about the u.s. power grid. nothing about the keystone
6:21 pm
pipeline. we continue to see democrats whipping fastballs by the american people saying you know, even pete buttigieg, transportation secretary said we overstated the jobs by a factor of 17 million. that is a cost of 800 grand at least per job. they're trying to ram it through with misleading arguments without gop votes, is that going to work? >> it is not going to work. people are going to see right through it. the elected officials up here see right through it. they're trying to propose the largest tax increase in the history of this country. put it this way, the taxes that they are proposing will require a higher, higher business rate than communist china. what that does is, it is businesses, in southeast missouri, will be rewarded by closing down, firing their employees and moving to beijing. that is unacceptable and that is not what the tax code should be
6:22 pm
doing. elizabeth: yeah. and china's going to profit off the green energy plan because they dominate green energy. you know the other thing too, we've been reporting how the biden administration has been pushing this ranking that the u.s. is number 13 on a global basis based on their infrastructure but when you look at it, you see, when you dig into that ranking it's flawed. i mean when you look at it, basically, you know, the u.a.e., singapore, netherlands rank higher. they could fit into louisiana. those three countries equal the population of texas. nevada has more roads and highways. alabama has more airports. why not talk about the world economic forum ranking. u.s. is number two in the world in global competitiveness and number one in road and airport connectivity. the arguments, the case they're making if they can't get it right with the facts an arguments what else is wrong with this bill, congressman?
6:23 pm
>> i'll tell you right now the biden administration has been good at doing everything wrong. like what you just said, the facts, they don't, they don't look at them. they don't, they use their opinions, not their facts. and they just pushed their progressive wish-list. what they are doing right now is trying to make america last and china first, that is unacceptable. elizabeth: yeah. with arguments you better agree with our arguments as the president says you're irrational, if you don't think human beings are infrastructure. kind of like a pun here, my way or the highway. what are you doing. final word, quick word. >> good to see you, liz, i was going to say on january 20th president biden stood up, let's have unity. let's work together. the only thing they unified his party. he has no interest in working with republicans or the american people.
6:24 pm
elizabeth: got it. thank you, sir. come back soon. on another note, we have news, bernie madoff who pulled off the u.s.'s biggest fraud, massive ponzi scheme, now dead at the age of 82. he died in prison. coming up former state department official christian whiton on geopolitical tensions ratcheting higher. u.s. intelligence chiefs testify about threats to u.s. national security. we have the biggest threats, new hot spots and debate coming up next. (vo) ideas exist inside you, electrify you. they grow from our imagination, but they can't be held back. they want to be set free. to make the world more responsible, and even more incredible.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former state department official christian whiton. today kicks off the first of two days of congressional hearings with u.s. intelligence chiefs about new threats against u.s. national security, in order, russia, china, iran. first up, china was simulating an attack on u.s. naval carrier when it sent record 25 warplanes into taiwan's airspace. your take on this? >> this is an effort to intimidate taiwan and to test the biden administration. president trump eventually grew very disillusioned with china and had a significant show of force at times and elements of administration were very pro-taiwan. so you know, this is china basically seeing what they can get away with and it is very clear they are the sort of peak threat to the united states. elizabeth: yeah. china trying to get away with stuff in taiwan. teddy roosevelt area strike group is in the philippines.
6:29 pm
there is that. that is happening. fbi director christopher wray is opening a new investigation into china every 10 hours. let's move on to moscow, russia, massive troop buildup on ukraine's borders. russia is launching live fire drills in the black sea. three missile ships, a frigate and the minesweeper. they are considering two navy ships there to support ukraine. what do you say to this? >> putin, some thing this mashing of troops would be prelude to an invasion of ukraine. more likely putin is intimidating to ukraine also sending a message to washington. president biden made sort of diplomatic mistake calling vladmir putin a killer. he may be one but you don't really call the heads of major powers things like that, and putin is probably demonstrating he can cause problems on the periphery of russia really anytime he wants. there is a limit to what we can do. there is a limit to the amount
6:30 pm
of firepower putting in the black sea, which due to a treaty putting ships in unless you're a country that borders the black sea. there is no sentiment in america to go to war on ukraine's behalf but clearly a desire to push back a little bit on russia here. elizabeth: we also have the biden administration seeking to enter the iran nuclear deal with iran doubling down planning to enrich uranium at the highest levels ever after israel blamed for blowing up the natanz nuclear facility in iran, the same day the pentagon chief is showing up. what is the message to iran here and to the u.s. from israel here? what do you think of the biden's administration's moves here? >> right. israel is basically trying to counteract a signal of profound weakness from washington to iran. very interesting cyberattack. israel has not denied that it did this. the pentagon has said that it was not involved which is very
6:31 pm
unusual. the pentagon usually would just keep quiet. it disrupted centrifuges which enriches uranium. that is in stark contrast to the biden administration seems determined, determined to rejoin that flawed 2015 deal. elizabeth: got it, next up afghanistan. biden is continuing trump's policy of ending the forever war in afghanistan. troops out by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. senator lindsey graham doesn't like this plan. watch senator lindsey graham with sean hannity last night. watch. >> afghanistan is going to deteriorate pretty rapidly. al qaeda and isis will come back. he is paving the way for another 9/11. joe biden on foreign policy has been completely -- what he has done with the iranians is a threat to everything we've accomplished in the mid-east. i hope and pray that i'm wrong but i know what was going to happen in iraq, afghanistan is going to be worse. elizabeth: so but this is a
6:32 pm
trump policy. what do you say to this? >> yeah, well, lindsey graham and his sidekick in the house liz cheney never met a war they didn't like. it is ludicrous to think 3500 u.s. troops with limited capabilities are keeping taliban and al qaeda at bay. we've been there 20 years. we made our point to everyone in afghanistan, if they host a terrorist group that attacks the united states it will cause a problem for us. our plan was got to turn the place into beverly hills and quill the people that supported al qaeda which has accomplished. it is completing the trump policy it is delayed by september first. he owns it now. i don't think you see the end or fall of saigon situation in kabul. elizabeth: thanks, christian whiton. sheriff wayne ivy and the president of guatemala blaming
6:33 pm
president biden for the border crisis. more caravans are on the way. the story next. >> on this trip i talked to my colleagues on both sides and there are two immediate solutions we agree to reinstate the migrant protection protocol or the remain in mexico policy, maintain that and implement the title 42 authority. [announcer] durán catches leonard with a big left. ♪♪ you can spend your life in boxing or any other business, but one day, you're gonna take a hit you didn't see coming. and it won't matter what hit you. what matters is you're down.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome florida sheriff wayne ivy back to the show. great to see you again, sheriff. >> thank you for having me. elizabeth: it is good to see you. okay, we've got progressive democrats alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib and 58 other democrats sending a letter to the biden administration. they're concerned about the quote, they call it the border facilities as reception centers and reception facilities. these democrats call them concentration camps under trump. the conditions now are way worse
6:38 pm
now in these facility, plus there is covid. so the double standards here are pretty disturbing. >> no question. there is always a double standard for those two to be honest the truth doesn't fit their narrative. when you look at their preach to this and changing course on this, reality neither one of them have a clue what law enforcement officers do every day to protect this country and certainly what our customs and border patrol agents and local law enforcement ages are doing to try to stop this crisis at the border. elizabeth: you know the texas governor is also slammed these federal facilities, biden facilities. he is saying allegations of sexual assault, bullying, understaffing, disregard for covid-19 protocols. so you know, you see that going on and then you see the biden administration, they keep talking about focusing on the root causes when the root cause is how it is abolishing policies that worked, right? >> well, i can tell you what the
6:39 pm
root cause is. the root cause is that administration's refusal to stand up for law and order. anytime you invite thousands and thousands of illegal aliens to come to our country, you invite chaos and disaster. so there is, you don't have to look very hard to see the root cause. it is right there in plain view. elizabeth: you know the president of guatemala effectively agreeing with you, blaming president biden for creating the surge at the border saying you know, getting rid of policies and you know abolishing things like the migrant protection protocols, saying migrants you have to wait out hear national mexico or in-country asylum deals. trump made all the deals with mexico and the northern triangle. striking the president of guatemala saying president biden, you broke it. >> i think that is accurate, considering we had created relationships with guatemala and others to slow this and stop
6:40 pm
this. now we opened the floodgates. you can say whatever you want but they were invited to come here and now they realized how big of a crisis this has created. it has overrun every facility we have. it has overrun our resources. i will tell you, i know you've seen it, protect america is a great insight from sheriffs that are boots on the ground there at the border telling what is going on and how bad it has gotten. when you look at the facility the governor of texas is absolutely right t invited it is over run and created disaster for everybody out there. elizabeth: we need a humanitarian fix. in other words come here safely, do it legally, that is the way you will be safe. now we've got caravans forming, large caravans organizing in central america. mexico is sending 10,000 troops to its southern border. we've got basically guatemala deploying nearly 2,000 troops to its southern border.
6:41 pm
honduras adding seven thousand troops to the border. will that stop these caravans? >> absolutely not. as i said the floodgates have been opened and we'll continue to see this until we get back to law and order. you said it just a second ago, we in america need to create a clear and defined path for citizenship for those that want to come here the right way. in fact not to do that, not have people come here the right way, to invite all the people here illegally is truly a slap in the face to those that did come here the right way. so i think we got to get back to planting our-foot deep on the soil of law and order. you're not coming here and stop coming here illegally. stop it flooding into communities around the country. elizabeth: sheriff wayne ivy, good to see you. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. coming up florida congressman byron dong aileds on donalds,
6:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show florida republican congressman byron donalds. always great to have you back on. so we've got -- here's the story. marxist, anti-capitalist cofounder of black lives matter, says capital is evil, she is now saying criticism of her luxury portfolio, four homes worth 3.2 million, any questions about this is racist. it's a tactic of terror. what do you say to this? >> i understand why a marxist would think that. that is what mao thought. that is what the castro brothers thought. anybody who believes in that radical economic ideology, they always feel it is okay for them to accumulate wealth, for them to accumulate the finer things in life. they just don't want other people doing it. this is the problem with that ideology. listen, if she was out in the world economy, if she was out in
6:47 pm
commerce if she was out competing for the dollar, was able to buy four homes, god bless her. i want her to be successful. the problem she is literally using political issues that plague america to get rich. in the process not buying one, not two, not three, but four homes across the united states. the only thing myself, conservatives people who believe in free market economics want to say, earn the money the right way. be creative, be innovative. be in the economy. be innovative get the money for yourself. don't demonize capitalism. don't use political issues that face us, playing us in america as a way to get rich so you can have the finer things in life. that is something that nobody really supports. elizabeth: we hear you. black lives matter global network foundation reportedly out with a statement its resources were not used in the purchases. she had been a volunteer. she only got 120,000 since 2013.
6:48 pm
let's stick with this. the head of black lives matter in new york city saying wait a second, we need an audit and a probe. $90 million raised at central level but the chapter is not getting any money. we've got to watch it. i covered the irs and taxes for years. i testified twice on the irs about taxes. sometimes expenses are used abusessed different ways where they should not be abused. we don't know exactly what is going on here, but things are so opaque, and not transparent that the even the black lives matter officials are saying we need an audit. we don't know where the money is going? >> i totally agree. i'm with you 100%. my point is very clear. she was earning this in the private sector. doing what other people do, earning the money. then go, god bless you, take the
6:49 pm
four homes. the reason she has access to the resources is because of the political activities of black lives matter. blm new york is right to do that. blm out of feller son they filed suit against the national organization they were seeing quite clearly they were raising money based upon what happened with the tragedy in ferguson, missouri, they never saw any on the ground. elizabeth: 90 million. >> $90 million is a lot of money. >> that is a lot of money. >> totally right. elizabeth: we hear your point, protests breaking out across the country in the name of black lives matter, destroying minority neighborhoods, burning businesses to the ground. the group's cofounder goes on a real estate buying bing. that is the accusation. we understand she has a book deal and a deal with warner brothers. we warrant to move on to this, project veritas, video of cnn showing a technical director, how cnn is pushing propaganda.
6:50 pm
basically they wanted to get biden elected. they wanted to defeat president trump. we reached out about this, project veritas has been accused of editing videos in the past. there is no way of verifying what is going on here independently, we can't verify. you know, this is another hit to cnn's credibility. what do you say? >> i'm not shocked. i'm not surprised. nobody should either. let's be very clear, cnn, msnbc, nbc, cbs, abc, they had one goal in mind, making donald trump a one-term president. they did it with relentless propaganda with relentless stories day after day. look at lack of coverage with hunter biden. if hunter biden's last name was hunter trump believe me national news stories for three, four, five months. they never would have let it go but they let it go because he was joe biden's son. it was very clear they were out
6:51 pm
to get donald trump. unfortunately it looks like they were successful. their goal is clear. it is only propaganda. elizabeth: byron donalds, good to see you. come back soon. >> definitely. elizabeth: up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich. calling for a state of emergency. will other states follow his lead? i.c.e. arrests for criminal illegal crimes after president biden made policy changes. we'll break it down next. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ comfort in the extreme.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now arizona attorney general mark brnovich. good to have you on. why do you want the governor to declare a state of emergency in arizona? >> because there is a state of emergency. we talked for weeks the crisis at our border. the reality is if we don't do everything we can right now, we're going to have an unmitigated disaster and a tragedy on our hands. we know with the amount of criminal folks apprehended, we know the criminal gangs are coming to this country, the cartels are using this as opportunity to smuggle more drugs into our country. we know a lot of local
6:56 pm
communities, gila bend arizona are being overwhelmed what is happening. >> tell us exactly what you're seeing. what do you want people to understand about what is going on with the border states, getting hit hard by the surge in migrants and violent crime? we're seeing 500% increase in apprehensions and more? what exactly is going on the ground in arizona? >> there are literally hundreds of thousands of people coming into the country. we know the numbers in march. they talked about 170,000 people. it is estimated two million will come into the country, cross illegally. think about that, liz. that is the size of vermont, of alaska, month, wyoming combined. the desert is getting trampled. trash, danger to wildlife. fires, biden had to reinstitute construction of the wall. the cartels make money off ever single person that crosses the border. they're enriching themselves
6:57 pm
trafficking in human beings. using it to export drugs across the border. if you talk to the border agents, group of 80 migrants rush the border. apprehend them. process them. they have to be out of field. literally the drug cartels are driving trucks across the border with drugs in them. this will affect everyone in america. this is not just about the border. elizabeth: we hear you. it is a u.s. national emergency. border officials have told us this. it's a border crisis. we just showed a big plunge in i.c.e. arrest for illegal alien crimes. tom homan, former top border guy, 91% of illegal aliens arrested last year have criminal records. we're seeing tens of thousands, tens of thousands of gotaways, people got away went into the interior since january. we don't know who they are. >> liz, that is a great point to make, we know literally right now in places like texas, arizona, groups of migrants
6:58 pm
literally coming across and surrendering because they know the biden administration decriminalized, incentivized crossing. what are the tens of thousands of people coming over, we've seen pursuits increase in places like pinnell county. we've seen the got wais literally in the tucson sector last year 42,000. so you ask yourself, what are these people getting away not surrendering, what are they doing, what do they have to hide? people on the terrorist watch list have been apprehended. people will get hurt. people will get hurt this is coming to your community and, look, i've said this before, the jfk put a man on the moon in the '60s and biden is putting a felon in everyone's neighborhood. this is the united flipping states of america. this is not syria, or border with iraq. what the hell is going on. president biden, vice president harris do something. she is going to central america,
6:59 pm
i'm not going to border that is the homeland secretary's duty. her job is to talk about root causes. people say the root cause budget staying flat. miles and miles of border fencing not being used, just rusting away. you have got to say, what are you doing? >> i honestly don't understand that. i don't understand how washington, d.c. works. this is like the giant flare in the air. there is a crisis in arizona. it will affect everyone in this country. vice president harris was an attorney general. she talked in the past about the needs to address human trafficking. she talked about seeing, feeling things. i urge her come here. i will take her to the best bakery in phoenix. she needs to sit down see what is going on. elizabeth: that is a good point.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you, mark brnovich attorney general of arizona. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow night. ♪. larry: welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. great to be with you today, ton of the show, we turn to the issue of voting rights and corporate ceos statement organized in recent days by ken chenault, former ceo of american express and merck ceo kenneth frazier. a large number of companies signed it. some cases others did not sign it. others signed it but did not identify their company. activists and celebrities signed it. when i say a large number, lar


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