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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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"fox business tonight." thanks very much indeed for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow. meantime "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪. elizabeth: tonight the big fight, republicans demand the breakup of facebook as facebook's oversight board again recommends banning donald trump but that oversight board also slams facebook in a scathing decision for arbitrarily breaking its own rules. tonight, what facebook's own internal data and numbers reveal about how arbitrary and all over the map facebook really is, singling out, banning some users but allowing dictators, plus racist posts about republicans like senator tim scott. tonight former congressman sean duffy, harmeet dillon, giano
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caldwell, congressman greg stuebe with us, former new yorks police commissioner howard safir, mon monica crowley, michael waltz. trump blasts quote the radical left lunatics, he launches his own website. critics are already attacking it. and what we have been reporting to you for weeks now, it is happening. democrats are seriously afraid, they're worried that they and nancy pelosi will lose control of the house next year in the midterms because of biden's historic and massive expansion of government. a tax-and-spending blitz this country has never seen before. gas and consumer prices already are rising but guess what democrats are instead trying to do now? we've got the story. more new skirmishes in the so-called fight over wokism in schools and companies. in the middle of a pandemic. we've got the latest chapter in
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the national debate that is roiling the country. the surprising new take on this. it is about common sense. also tonight the biggest hypocrisy of all, it is in the democrats sanctimonious fight about taxing the rich. what democrats stubbornly refuse to talk about, what president biden, barack obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, they all are strenuously avoiding this. it is about taxing the wealthiest, richest players of all, who happen to be in the democrats own backyard. this is the democrats biggest playground they don't want you or anybody to talk about or even touch. we'll explain it. also tonight, the growing controversy over president biden wanting to fix the border crisis by giving central america $4 billion. why president biden should know better because vice president bide under obama oversaw the exact same failed approach. did nothing to stop illegal border crossings.
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in fact this is a failed approach that dates back to the 19 19 1960s. i'm elizabeth macdonald. the evening eddied starts right now. ♪ -- evening edit. elizabeth: thanks for watching, the look who is back with us, former wisconsin congressman sean duffy. great to have you back on. what was your reaction to facebook's decision today? >> i wasn't shocked facebook will continue the suspension of donald trump that was not a big news breaker but when the oversight board admitted facebook doesn't have a clear policy how it treats different people on the platform, you can say racist things about tim scott, stay on the platform. donald trump says things about rally on january 6th, he gets banned. that was a little shocking that this independent oversight board gave some pushback to facebook but liz, we shouldn't be
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surprised by. this we all know facebook is a left-leaning company. they're in silicon valley in san francisco. they have taken action i think has hurt conservatives. facebook banned a story about hunter biden, written by "the new york post." ended up being true, but wouldn't let it out of the platform leading up to the election. banned a story from the "new york post" about the black lives matter cofounder who had four homes. they wouldn't let that on the website. mark zuckerberg founder of facebook put $350 million into a super-pac that turned out democrat voters in purple states before the last election. he hired left-wingers to run that super-pac. this is a left-wing company that relies on a lot of independent and conservatives to actually fund its platform and they're attacking the with a lot of their users like and want to hear. elizabeth: it was a scathing decision by the facebook
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oversight board. facebook arbitrarily breaks its own rules. indefinite suspension, punts it over to mark zuckerberg to gets to decide six month time to keep the ban. this is kick the can down the road. the oversight board said effectively remove content you decide is unacceptable, such as trump, you know, talking about the capital riots in january. just remove the content, not black out the whole account, you know we're seeing "the wall street journal" reporting, sean, that even mark zuckerberg admits something like 10% of cases a day that facebook gets wrong. they get it wrong daily. that means 200,000 decisions are wrong a day at facebook. your reaction? >> yeah. i mean so, having a clear, clean, policy makes implementation a lot easier. but when you have a willy-nilly policy like they have right now, it allows for employees of facebook who lean left to censor
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conservative speech, allow more, more liberal speech. so but i would also say the oversight council of facebook is not a conservative group. they also are left-leaning. they realize here conservatives are saying we're not going to let this stand. we'll break up big tech including facebook. we'll regulate big tech because they understand, this was their point, you should eliminate the content but not the user because this truly is the public square f you're not on facebook and twitter, you can't use youtube, you're in a place where you can't engage with the american people. i think that is fully understandable by both sides of the aisle. if they don't get their act right, i think when republicans as you mentioned in your intro take over the house, win the senate and presidency, they have real issues on their hand with a republican led washington, d.c., compared with democrat control in all branches. elizabeth: you know, also we're seeing, facebook to your point has banned people for talking
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about innocuous things like student debt. but they let on authoritarians and dictators around the world like iran. so trump could argue facebook is personally singling him out, and when you look out the oversight board which only launched within the past year, they only overturned on appeal, six users saying they were wrongfully banned. no is not a lot. even bernie sanders said, he is no fan of trump, bernie sanders said he is not comfortable with this. because it could be donald trump today, ted cruz tomorrow. they could single out the viewer and who else can they muzzle? >> free speech is enshrined in the constitution in effect from the government. it doesn't necessarily apply to businesses, right? we let businesses run with values and morals that fit their culture. this is something completely new that we haven't had to deal with when you have a massive
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organization that does control the public square, it limits americans free speech. the way you have good dialogue and you let people say things that are on the fringe, whether left or right, it is, you're able to express yourself, you take energy out of the room. it's a good thing we allow people to speak. if you have all the speech police in place in places like facebook and twitter, you stifle the ability to communicate, all of sudden people behave in really bad ways. that is why our founders were enshrined that in our constitution. we express ourself better than lefties in san francisco banning conservatives. >> sean duffy, thank you for your insight. good to see you. let's bring in attorney harmeet dhillon. she has fought big tech in court. harmeet, should facebook be transparent, show the names who
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is on the oversight board? >> of course it should. we know some of the names, it is like a mystery, shadowy group, there are people who don't share the american constitutional values on that group from what we know and what is really crazy about the situation they have no written standards, even facebook's own advisory board made that clear. and as a result people are self-censoring. there are no predictable norms here and, normally in corporate law if you're going to say oh, they're a corporation they can do what they want, normally when corporations make promise of transparency and clarity, you can hold them. because of the communications decency act, overbroad interpretations by the court, there are no norms. you can't hold them accountable. that is problematic and we need to rein them in at a minimum. elizabeth: we've been talking
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about this for years, republicans you have to hold them accountable. mark meadows say you have to break them up. that is on the horizon in congress. louisiana senator john kennedy, they're like phone companies, common carriers, they had need to be regulated like utilities. listen to what senator kennedy had to say about the situation. >> those not wishing to not reside in la-la land, i think will agree with the facts as i'm about to articulate them. number one, most of the young people and some of the old people who are running these social media platforms are practically bolsheviks. elizabeth: okay. he says they're bolsheviks. he said that, separate from that, maybe not separate, we don't know, white house press secretary jen psaki today harmeet said, indicating social media platforms still have a duty to censor. they have the responsibility to
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amplify, quote, untrustworthy content. what do you say to that? >> i disagree. the social media companies have no more duty to censor that newspapers that criticize the government have a duty to sensor. they have no such duty. to the contrary what they promise to their users when all of us joined the platforms was everybody share their views with some articulated, sort of off the limits things but what is happened that off limits area has grown and grown being undefined. you only find out what is in the line when somebody is arbitrarily whacked like president trump was indefinitely. that happened on twitter as well, when rules were changed rhett owe actively. that is not some kind of a norm. i would add to senator kennedy i wish they were bolsheviks, that would be an improvement from what people in san francisco are. they are nihlists anarchists and
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supporters of violent attacks on our government. we see a lot of that happening in the programmer side, as well as in the chatter we see in the big tech companies, what they allow. president trump is not allowed on these platforms but foreign dictators are allowed. people in the middle east who are mass murders are allowed. china is a genocide proponent, it is allowed on there. yet an american former president is barred not only is he barred but if somebody puts up a have you had yo video using him, that video is taken down and used as a strike against that person who posted a vido. this is not american. this is shocking. frankly republicans bare the blame in congress, doing nothing, taking cash from these companies. i hope we take back the legislature and the white house. they need to do something, stop talking about it. i welcome that day.
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elizabeth: harmeet dhillon, great to have you on, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: still ahead congressman greg stuebe on what we have been reporting to you for some time now. "the hill" newspaper in d.c. says yes, it is happening. democrats do fear losing control of the house in the midterms. pelosi could lose the house speakership. why? they're worried about biden's historic massive tax-and-spending blitz. guess what democrats are trying to do now? we've got the story next. >> the biden administration is simply going to raise taxes and these bills that he is proposing, 6 trillion-dollar bills are simply what i would call trojan horses to get green new deal policies, pay off their cronyies and in blue counties, blue states, blue cities and these tax hikes that are going to have to be implemented to, enacted rather to pay for these,
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they will lose control of the house and nancy pelosi could lose the gavel as house speaker in the midterms next year? why? because of the biggest government expansion, taxing and spending blitz. what do you think of what "the hill" newspaper is saying? we've been reporting. go ahead. >> they should be worried because the opposite party in power from the white house, republicans in this case, stand on average to gain 30 seats. we only need to take five seats to take the gavel away from speaker pelosi. right now on the floor she can only lose three votes on the floor. absolutely that will take' affect. you will see with reapportionment in states like florida, texas, north carolina, you will see republicans pick up seats. you will see republicans pick up seats because of how far left the democrats have gone, the biden administration has gone. i actually would be shocked if some tax increases passed the house more because moderate democrats in the trump districts will have to vote for this.
6:19 pm
i think if they want to win reelection i don't see them voting for tax increases on the middle class and american businesses and small businesses across the country. elizabeth: so looks like the biden agenda could fall apart because the democrats fear they will lose the house, control of the house next year. we're basically seeing as you point out, redistricting and census in the blue states. they're losing, could lose house seats to places like florida and texas. why? they chased people away because of high taxes. democrat senator joe manchin is worried about all this massive spending causing gas and consumer prices to rice. congressman, now we see nearly three dozen house democrats saying to themselves according to "the hill" newspaper, we're been reporting this, oh, we're going to lose next year, we better ram through pork spending. get our pork projects for our districts in there as the senate democrats saying let's get rid of the filibuster which would
6:20 pm
stop all of this. this is going on too, right? >> yeah. you're seeing house democrats and speaker pelosi know they will not have the majority in 2022. we're going to control the house. so they're going to try to jam through as much of their progressive radical agenda as they can in the next two years. you're starting to get some democratic members again, she can only lose three votes on the floor. some democrat members in moderate districts may want to serve in congress after 2022, they will vote against some of these bills f they do, more than three of them, the infrastructure package, tax increase, call tall gains increase, tax packages, infrastructure package the biden administration is trying to put through may not be able to get through the house. i would be surprised if they have the votes to do that because so many members in moderate districts that trump won in 2020 are thinking twice about voting for raising taxes on small businesses in our country. elizabeth: you know why is biden spending six trillion dollars when the economy was already
6:21 pm
turning around and starting to boom when he took office? the fastest growth since 1951. he did not inherit a fdr economic collapse. that is is what nancy pelosi is trying to say. that he was fdr. they did not inherit a fdr collapse. they don't have a mandate. they have the slimmest majority since world war ii. why is this happen candidate biden against medicare for call, now he likes that. why. >> is he dragged to the left by progressives in the party. his infrastructure package is not infrastructure. only 4% of the bill goes to road and bridges. that is green new deal light. all the moderates are starting to see if we vote for these things we'll not get reelected in 2022. you're starting to see democrats break from their party on some of these things. otherwise i would be in washington voting on an
6:22 pm
infrastructure. i would be in washington now voting on a tax increase bill. because we're not. speaker pelosi knows she doesn't have the societies to get that through. i don't think they will get the tax increases all the things they want to get on spending. that is what the democrats are about. the democrats are about spending and tax increases, tax-and-spend to fund all the socialist programs they want to fund. elizabeth: congressman, what is so strange that treasury secretary janet yellen really shook up the stock market yesterday, when she said interest rates will have to rise. she indicated this, interest rates will have to rise to deal with a overheated economy from all of this spending. now she is backtracking on this. you wonder who is pressuring potentially to reverse course on that, what do you think, fine aword? >> if you're increasing interest rates and not allowing economies to open, you're doing all the things actually hurting small businesses and businesses in our country, increasing taxes that is affecting the americans, that is affecting small business
6:23 pm
national our country. that is the that opposite what we should be doing, lowering taxes allow businesses to grow and help the economy. elizabeth: congressman stuebe, good to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. elizabeth: up next former new york city police commissioner howard safir and his reaction, we'll talk about whether we'll see more unrests on the streets of america after former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin, convicted of murdering george floyd filing a new motion for a new trial. the story next. (vo) conventional thinking doesn't disrupt the status quo. which is why t-mobile for business uses unconventional thinking to help your business realize new possibilities.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome former new york city police commissioner howard safir. it is good to see you again, sir. do you think we'll see more unrest and rioting on the streets as the former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin filing a motion for new trial after he was convicted of murdering george floyd? what do you think? >> it wouldn't surprise me. antifa, black lives matter, any excuse that they can get to loot and harm their own brothers businesses is something that would not surprise me at all. i'm not surprised about the appeal although i totally agree that officer chauvin was guilty of man slaughter. i'm not a lawyer. i think he may have been overcharged on the murder
6:28 pm
charges. elizabeth: we hear your opinion about that. we just want to move on to this. that the lawyer is saying that the court didn't sequester the jurors, admonish them to avoid all media. they were intimidated. the prosecution they knocked all of that out already. you know the idea that maxine waters tainted the jury too, there has been a you know, debate about that as well, she said show them we mean business if you don't get a guilty verdict. there is the issue of a juror wearing a black lives matter t-shirt to a demonstration last summer. those are issues here. i want to say on the issue of more unrest. sir, you've seen this too in new york city, across the country, two billion dollars in riot damages, destroying businesses. as you point out many owned by minorities. 30 people killed in riots since last year. that's a concern. >> it should be a concern. antifa is the very definition of domestic terrorism. they indiscrimminantly target
6:29 pm
people. they cause riots. they cause fires. they have caused murders. that is perfect example of what they're about. they don't need a large excuse. just the fact that he is appealing, which every, everybody convicted of a crime is entitled to appeal. they will not be successful in my opinion but the fact is, i, absolutely see more unrest. elizabeth: okay. we hear you on that. the tensions are already running high. black lives matter protesters were harassing diners at a louisville restaurant. you know, so you could see there is harrassment going on of, you know, innocent people just trying to eat out. one of the guys at the restaurant had a gun. so there is concerns about that, that we could see more instances like this. what do you -- so regular folks are just saying we've had it but now you've seen them like this, pulling out guns.
6:30 pm
>> it is time to again give law enforcement tools and political backing do what they are supposed to do, keep non-criminal citizens of this country safe. we've been listening to the loudest voices about defunding police and about police brutality and racism and the truth is, unless you fund the police properly, and unless you realize what the truth is, that police are not racist, there may be racist cops just as there are racist citizens in community of 350 million but police do their job. they serve the public. this whole narrative that they're brutal and racist is going to cause more deaths, more police retiring, more recruits not coming into the police department. and then it's a real problem. elizabeth: we hear you. you know we want to move on to this. the fbi, portland police, investigating a death threat from and antifa
6:31 pm
black lives matter rioter against portland mayor ted wheeler. the mayor is now saying we've got to get the city back after a year of anarchist rioting has destroyed portland. this is happening over a year. listen to the sound bite. watch this. >> we are asking for the last time that you resign. if you ignore this message outright, destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. blood is already on your hands. the next time, it may just be your own. elizabeth: you know, so that is really disturbing, howard. you know, portland effectively telling rioters it is okay to burn the city down. only one person has reportedly gone to prison to, jail because of rioting, after dozens were arrested. what do you say? >> how ironic this is the mayor in the streets supporting the protesters saying they had a right to protest, they could take over blocks of communities, now that he is being threatened
6:32 pm
he finally said enough is enough. i think he is being pressured by the good citizens of the city who have seen their city under siege. they need to take it back. the only people that will take it back are the police. elizabeth: all right. howard safir, thanks for joining us, come back soon. >> good to be with you, liz. elizabeth: same here. coming up fox news political analyst giano caldwell, he will break down the new skirmishes and big fight of over so-called wokism in schools and big companies. workers locked out. people have lost jobs because of the pandemic. this is the latest chapter in a debate roiling the country. surprising take what works, what doesn't. guess what? it is about common sense. the story next. >> if you just say silence you're racist. you have to be an activist, if you're not an activist for racism initiative or black lives matter, you are
6:33 pm
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♪. elizabeth: welcome fox news political analyst giano caldwell. we love having you on. what was your take of -- we want your take on this new york city father who went viral on social media, andrew guttman, we showed him before the break. he is warning that the education system and the schools are doing a quote, horrific job teaching history and that the obsession with race has to stop. that is a direct quote. what do you say? >> absolutely. i read the letter. not everything i agree with in the letter, however i will tell you, he said i object to the idea that blacks are not able to succeed in this country without the aid of government or whites. the school is advocating abhorrent view that blacks should be regarded as helpless victims incapable of success
6:38 pm
regardless of their skills, talent, hard work. i absolutely agree with that but what we have to understand this is the liberal viewpoint. how they have created, i'm sorry, dependency industry which captured a lot of votes. this is how socialism has really begin to expand in this country, we're warning prior to the election, if joe biden was to win, left would take over. progressives would take over. that is exactly what we're seeing. they are delivering exactly what they promised. they said they would drag joe biden into their policy lane. elizabeth: listen to the father. he is andrew guttman. he is standing up. he pulled his daughter out of the elite brearley school after seven years. watch what he has to say. >> our country doesn't survive, a, not teaching history and civics, and sure as hell doesn't survive bringing up our children to hate our own country and our
6:39 pm
history. they made it seem like they're going to integrate this racial curriculum, anti-racism curriculum into everything, every class, into math, into gym, pe. i, you know, we were sort of shocking that they were taking this, you know, to that degree of integrating into everything. it is just become pervasive. elizabeth: okay. let's back this up. let's talk about what works in the country. let's talk about what is missing in this debate. the common sense, gianno. you can't legislate or litigate out, you can't legislate or litigate out of existence ignorance and stupidity. that goes the same for racism. the far heft is claiming systemic racism to overturn the u.s. system which is the best system in the world to fight racism and catch the bad guys. it is about due process, protecting freedom, equal rights, liberties, equal protection under the law. this is poison, it is ripping
6:40 pm
apart the system when there are individual bad actors that get caught by this very good system. what do you say, gianno. >> martin luther king said it bet. injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. what we're seeing a policy standpoint of injustice. we're seeing folks on the left to determine in order for them to win they have to create a victim mentality throughout the country and say we have to reexamine every policy that exists in this policy. truthfully speaking when we're stalks about racism, they're not talking about racism in the real sense. they're saying that white supremacy now is not allowing transgender women to play in men's sports. that is what they're talking about. what we're seeing in women's sports. we've been seeing it. they're redefining what racism is to defend the agenda. that is replacing real issues of race we should be legitimately considering, talking about, examining. they made it a clown circus. this is where the problems lie.
6:41 pm
elizabeth: you know, let's move on to this gianno. your thoughts on this story that a third of workers at the software firm, company, called base camp in chicago. they quit. they took a very much rans package. why? they wanted to keep on talking about politics in the work place. the company said listen, focus on your job, earn a salary, make the company better. this is not the place to talk politics. you can talk about it in your personal life. shouldn't workers focus on their work on the product? that is what they're paid for? millions were laid off during the pandemic, gianno. they would love to have the job. >> definitely employees should follow company policy. if that is what they say, that is what it should be. we're seeing culture of wokism with corporate leaders. american express, many others commented on the georgia law. my argument has been, my argument has been, that shouldn't be the case. focus on your customer base, not getting involved in politics. you don't belong there.
6:42 pm
elizabeth: giano caldwell, always great to have you own, good to see you. come back my friend. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next monica crowley with her take on the biggest hypocrisy of all in the democrats sanctimonious fight about taxing the rich. it is about what democrats don't want you to know about, taxing the richest players of all who so happen to be in the democrat's own yard. this is in the democrats 'playground. we'll talk about it next. ♪i've got the brains♪ ♪let's make lots of♪ ♪uh uh uh♪ ♪oohhh there's a lot of opportunities♪ with allstate, drivers who switched saved over $700. saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate click or call to switch today.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, let's talk about this biggest hypocrisy of all, democrats sanctimonious tax the rich fight. democrats like president biden, barack obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, nancy pelosi, silent on taxing the richest players of all, they're in their own background. this is about taxing universities, nonprofits, why?
6:47 pm
because there is turnstile between democrats and those organizations. former assistant treasury secretary monica crowley. monica, what is your take on the story? >> hi, liz, you make a great point that doesn't get any attention and require public outrage. institutions, colleges, universities, nonprofits, they have massive endowments in many cases. they're very well-funded, yet there is no discussion about upping their tax rate. most of these institutions lean left. they support president biden's agenda and congressional democrats for the most part. they're left-leaning. so you tax them, the more you get, more funding to support all of the spending and all of the programs that these institutions say they support. elizabeth: you know there is 1 1/2 trillion dollars of wealth combined. i think that number is understated. i've seen it 3 trillion in
6:48 pm
assets. this outstrips jeff bezos, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, elon musk, the founders of google and oracle's net worth combined. so you really want to tax the rich as "washington post" is saying? go tax harvard. you're right, monica, their endowments are bigger than hedge funds. non-profit industry shows they lean far left. why the silence on this? >> well it does look like, at least on the surface that they are protecting their big institutional friends because a lot of these are big campaign donors and so on. you know, liz, when we talk about tax rates, we're talking about these massive biden tax hikes, which is going to suffocate this very robust recovery which is the trump recovery, nobody is stooping any of these institutions, or any of these democrats, or any of these leftists or these woke corporations from voluntarily paying more in taxes. doesn't stop, there is nothing in the law that prevents them from doing it.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: right. >> and yet, what you see time and again is everybody from corporations to alexandria ocasio-cortez, they follow the tax laws and only pay what is legally due. they don't pay one penny more. i can't blame them. people and businesses are economically rational. if we're talking about soaking the rich, these institutions are the richest of them all. yet the democrats are not calling them out and pressing for tax hikes on them. elizabeth: monica, i hate talking about myself. i think when anchors talk about themselves it is really annoying and self-reference al and vain. i covered taxes and the irs for two decades. i testified device before congress on irs tax reform. i talk to irs officials. they don't want to do politicking the democrats want. irs, oversees non-profits, universities, it is a small outfit purposely i heard from
6:50 pm
officials. why, they keep it small because they don't want enforcement of abuse notice non-profit industry, you show do tend to be left-leaning. guess what? monica, you've been in d.c. do democrats know there is a turnstile arranges revolving door between their government jobs and these universities and non-profits so they clam up? this is like the d.c. swamp in overdrive. >> yes. they do know. they just don't care. and, they do have the prosection of the press. so you don't see stories on this issue at all. again, if they're talking about these kinds of massive tax hikes, capital gains, hiking the corporate tax rate, hiking the top individual income tax rate, there is talk about increasing the death taxes. there is talk of a wealth tax. yet, the biggest institutions of them all are protected by these folks and it's a revolving door. unfortunately all of these tax hikes are going to have the effect much really putting a wet
6:51 pm
blanket on a very vibrant trump recovery. elizabeth: got it. monica crowley, good to see you. come back soon. coming up congressman michael waltz. president biden wants to you fix the border crisis giving central america 4 billion bucks. why should president biden know better. because vice president bide under obama oversaw central america. they did same exact approach. didn't stop illegal border crossings. we'll talk about this next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ elizabeth: back with us now, florida congressman michael walz, okay, we know you've been very vocal about the president's border plans. you say his plan to send $4 billion to central america to try to stop illegal border crossings is going to be pocketed by drug cartels and criminal gangs? >> not only is it not going to fix the problem, it's going to make it worse. two of the three countries in the northern triangle are listed among the top ten most corrupt in the world. [laughter] and on top of that, i've talked to a number of aid organizations down there, and in all candor,
6:56 pm
in order for them to get the money to actual get to people to help in their villages, criminal cartels typically take 20-30%. so do the math. if you're talking $4 billion just to the gangs and the cartels alone, right? you're looking at upwards of $300 million. so it's actually going to embolden crime in the cartels. it's going to make government even worse in terms of corruption which is going to drive more people to migrate to the united states. so this is just an asinine policy, and biden should know better because they tried it in a smaller scale under the obama administration, and it just did not work. elizabeth: yeah, it didn't -- vice president biden oversaw central america. obama did the same failed approach, $2.4 billion. didn't stop illegal crossings. presidents as far back as john f. kennedy, you know, and forward have tried this, and it
6:57 pm
repeatedly fails. why? because the money goes to an entrenched column tock the rah city and doesn't go to the people on the ground who need roads and highways, electricity and jobs. >> that's right. elizabeth: to when you're talking about 20-30% taken off the top, who exactly is pocketing that money? >> well, that's these various gangs and criminal cartels. america s-13's one of the most notorious out of mexico, but there are similar type outfits and gangs down in the triangle countries as well. so they're going to have more power, more money, more weapons, extort the people even more off of u.s. taxpayer dollars. and then the other piece that's just so infuriating is, you know, under the trump the administration they provided some aid. we do need to get at some of the long-term problems of instability, but he used it as leverage to get those
6:58 pm
governments to do the right thing. mexico, notably, sent its national guard down to its southern border and stopped letting people just pass through. and we also saw very decisive action from the northern triangle countries. but with biden it's no strings attached. $4 billion, you know, on american taxpayer dollars just going down to make the problem worse. elizabeth: but, is the, the gao saying 60% of their target they didn't meet when obama tried this. so why keep repeating the same mistake over and over again? i mean, you've seen it too. we're seeing corruption in levels of government and top officials and others in honduras there was a lot of fraud in the 2017 election there, there's embezzlement going on in these countries, a string of cocaine smuggling cases brought against
6:59 pm
prominent hondurans. you see it all throughout central america. >> right. elizabeth: so this idea that -- critics have repeatedly told us and tell us if you agree, the idea that people from central america and south america aren't doing it legally, they're endangering themselves with the drug cartels and human traffickers bullying their way through the southern border, and it's really putting at risk our border towns, cities and -- >> well, or that's right. and they're charging anywhere from $10-15,000 per head of the folks that they're smuggling. what breaks my heart is the father of a talk girl, 30-40% of girls especially but boys as well are being sexually assaulted and sold into trafficking. so so they take money from these poor families that are so desperate, and then they sell, they sell them into trafficking. it's just truly sad and disgusting. and the biden administration doesn't seem to care. elizabeth: it's horrific, yeah. thank you for the data,
7:00 pm
congressman michael walz. we love having you on. come back soon. okay. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit." we really appreciate and are so grateful for you watching. have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow. request" i'm larry kudlow. great to be with you. for one brief,. shining moment, there was a clear truth emerged from treasury secretary janet yellen. interest rates are going up. she was completely right. at least for a couple of hours. and then the white house came down on her, and then she walked it back. i know all about that sort of thing, i've been on both sides of that train. but in allowing the truth to momentarily escape into the public ether zone, ms. yellen is acknowledging the econo


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