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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a important thing happened at the olympic trials. sydney mclaughlin set a record in the 400 hurdles. first woman to finish the race in 52 seconds. good for here. we'll see you tomorrow. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: former president trump relaunching his trademark rallies. we've got the sound as fellow republicans, florida governor ron desantis, nikki haley, mike pence and mike pompeo reportedly considering running in 2024. tonight will there be pushback from the republican party against trump as he ramps up attacks on the biden administration he is heading to the border this week and a florida rally later this week. this is about your money, your future. joining me tonight, texas congressman brian babin, jason
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chaffetz, joe gym mauled did i, dr. marty makary, congressman rick crawford and chris stuart, and former dhs oversight counsel mike howell back with us. the justice department reporting a staggering rise in crime across the country but new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez calls concerns about that, quote, hysteria, despite a double-digit spike higher in shooting deaths in her hometown of new york. msnbc commentators again without evidence, downplay, politicize the rise in violent crime. we're following this, the house republicans launching a new hearing into the origins of the covid-19 pandemic that killed more than 600,000 americans. democrats led by nancy pelosi continue to stonewall. and we're going to show you new footage emerging of a now dr. fauci, he is peter daszak.
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his non-profit got nih funding, daszak on tape boasting about creating quote killer coronaviruses in laboratories. senator bernie sanders now says no dice to senator mitch mcconnell's demands that president biden force democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to back down and not hold an infrastructure deal hostage to their big spending plans. now this news, both clinton and obama's former treasury secretaries, they are robert reuben and larry summers, they're warning about high inflation, that it could be here to stay because of the biden administration's high velocity spending. a new controversy for vice president kamala harris. not only did the vice president avoid the epicenter of the border crisis going there on friday, the vice president also did not visit a border facility nearby housing migrant children that biden's hhs is investigating even though that
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facility was just minutes away. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's take you to surfside, florida. it is day five in the search for survivors from that terrifying lethal and dangerous condo collapse. fox's steve harrigan has the latest. steve? reporter: elizabeth, we saw another round of visits to the site of that collapsed condominium by relatives, close family members. they take buss from the hotel where they're staying here to visit the site. some apparently screaming the names of those missing loved ones upon arrival. others praying, others crying, a very difficult scene. we spoke to religious advisors who accompany the bus trips. it is a very emotional moment. we hear reports that some family members are losing patience with
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the pace of the rescue operation. no one has been pulled alive from the rubble since thursday. some lack of patience with a explanation how this condominium could simply collapse, 1:30 in the morning on thursday. that is not the scene however we've seen here out in front of this hotel. a short time ago we saw a man embrace a first responder and a rabbi, thanking them for their work. his son was missing. here is what he had to say. >> i don't know what i would -- [inaudible]. my whole life here and, it is not -- waiting to die. i want to thank you for the bottom of my heart. >> we'll be with you every step of the day. okay? it doesn't end here. on the contrary we move forward from here and we're with you. reporter: that man's son was actually one of those who died, who postively identified in that collapse. one of 10 who has been identified. he was thanking the first responder for returning his dead
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son, for giving him certainty, for allowing him to bury his own son. as far as numbers go, 10 dead, 151 still missing. elizabeth, back to you. elizabeth: steve, thank you so much for your reporting. we'll stay on the story. thank you so much. we begin this new segment with texas congressman brian babin. it is great to have you back on, sir. okay, former president trump is relaunching his rallies. what is the potential impact on who controls congress and the white house? >> well you know, it goes without saying, liz, by the way, it is always good to be with you, president trump is the defacto leader of most of the republican party and i'll tell you what, i'm glad to see a successful rally he had in ohio. i think this puts a lot of pressure on the leadership of the house and the senate, on the democratic side. and all i can tell you is, they
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have, they have been after this president for, you know from the very time that he took his elevator ride down from trump tower, they have been after this president. he has been the most effective president in terms of policy that i have ever seen in my life and i will tell you, you can look no further than the loss of our prosperity we had after covid hit us. look what is happening down at the border. it just over and over again, what the biden administration an kamala harris around the rest of those people have just proven out they are not up to the job of putting america first and making sure that we continue to have prosperity. elizabeth: the former president is scheduled to visit the texas border this week. he will hold a rally over the july 4th weekend in sarasota, florida. the former president is working to unseat the 10 gop members of congress, including ohio representative anthony gonzalez who voted to impeach trump for
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his role inciting the january 6th capitol riots. we have the manhattan d.a. reportedly about to file criminal charges against the trump organization this week. critics say that could deal a blow to trump just as he is getting started to hold his rallies. we've got nikki haley, mike pence, ron desantis, also looking to 2024, what do you say about that? the republican party has to be united and for the push for a freer, stronger, prosperous america. we cannot be splintered. we can't have one group, one wing going one way and one going the other. that is a prescription for a continuation of this disasterous biden administration and control by the majority of the democrats. we've got to remain a united front if we can take back the congress in two years, actually a year-and-a-half. and then take back the white house. and look, a lot of these people you just mentioned, governor
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desantis included has been a very good friend of mine. i served in congress with him. he is doing a phenomenal job in florida. i appreciate his support for texas in our fight for the border. he will send dozens of officers over to help governor abbott try to secure this border. and look, let me just say this, the left is always going to be after donald trump and they're always going to be after the republican party. and i what i would ask when will the left hold their own party accountable? they never seem, has to be the a double standard. elizabeth: we hear you. let's listen to former president trump at the rally on saturday. watch this. >> after just five months the biden administration is already a complete and total catastrophe. [booing] i told you. crime is surging murders are soaring, police departments are being gutted, illegal aliens are
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overrunning their borders. joe biden is destroying our nation right before our very own eyes. all it is going down the tubes because they don't know what the hell they're doing. we're also right about joe biden and the democrats extremism on open borders, on socialism, on taxes, on energy, on the green new deal hoax. elizabeth: republicans though privately say two things are working against trump here. it is the capitol riots, his statements inciting the capitol riots and also repeated claims of vote fraud and that he won in a landslide. so you see straw polls, that is coming up about trump. what do you say? >> well, you know, let's just say this, again, they are always going to go after president trump. they hate president trump. his policies worked. we had a secure border under him that last year-and-a-half. we had a great, the best, most
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prosperous economy we ever had. biden seems to give in to the radical left. he always seems to put america last. it is just a different approach with donald trump. who always, always, puts them first. let me just say this, bad policies have bad consequences, liz. elizabeth: okay. >> america is seeing this first-hand out of this biden administration and kamala harris. they're bringing america down, what they're doing. elizabeth: got it. congressman brian babin, thanks for joining us, really appreciate it. let's get reaction from fox news contributor jason chaffetz. who is the front-runner? is it desantis, trump, pence, nikki haley, pompeo? what is your take on these events here, what do you say? >> i would put in senator tim scott and governor kristi noem into that mix. what you're seeing is a very strong array of possibilities for the presidential race on the republican side of the aisle but
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each of them understands and knows that the first hurdle is 2022 and, you will see people out there trying to win back the house, take control of the senate. that is job one. it makes 2024 much more plausible and much more doable because with democrats right now holding the house and senate and the presidency, it is untenable and anybody who is trying to jump that 2022 will understand very quickly from voters that job one is to dispose of nancy pelosi as the speaker of the house. elizabeth: we hear you. florida governor ron desantis is topping trump in a recent straw poll. it is the western conservative summit's presidential straw poll. we heard from republicans mitt romney and adam kinzinger slamming trump for continuing to make claims of vote fraud. romney ridiculed his rally as entertaining as wwf. no short challenge has been successful challenging the results. so your takeaway on how it goes,
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moves forward with trump looking like he may get back in the race? >> i think it is a mistake for republicans and conservatives to get in the war of personalities. i think a united republican party will rally around policies. policies affect how people will live, what happens in the country. that is not a dodge on specific individuals but what unites us, with some of the naysayers of donald trump don't understand is that the american people really did like the policies that he was implementing, a reasonable, regulatory scheme that was reduced from what obama and biden were doing. lower taxes, a thriving economy, limited government. these types of things. a strong police presence. an accountable presence on the border. all of these things unite us. so, for those that want to just get into the war of personalities that will divide
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us naturally. that you have to rally behind policies. that is the strength of republican party. elizabeth: got it. jason chaffetz, good to have you on. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. elizabeth: next up the justice department reports a quote, staggering rise in violent crime across the country but new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez calls concerns about all of that, quote, hysteria, despite a double-digit spike higher in shooting deaths in her hometown of new york city. and we've got this, msnbc commentators again without evidence downplay and politicize the rise in violent crime from coast to coast. instead of just reporting about it. yoga -- joe gimaldi. >> cedric richmond said republicans defunded police not
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supporting the american rescue plan. when the president didn't talk about funding the police during the american rescue. state and local funding, something supported by the president, a lot of democrats supported for the bill could help insure local companies were kept on the beat in communities across the country. as you know, didn't receive a single republican vote that funding has been used to keep cops on the beat. other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep
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♪. >> let's welcome back to the show fraternal order of police vice president joe gamaldi. great to see you back again. murder rate in the u.s., higher than the '60s, growing by more than 20%. doj report as quote, staggering rise in violent crime. what was your reaction when you heard new york democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez calling concerns about that, quote hysteria? >> well, you know it is comical to me someone who has the audacity or arrogance say this is just hysteria, if you look at her own community right there in new york city the murders are up over 50%. then she was dismissive of the statistics, we don't have to pay attention to that. these are not just stats.
6:19 pm
these rue people. they are fathers, mothers daughters sons, and they are being murdered in our streets. congresswoman cortez said the quiet part out to everyone. that is the people on the radical left, some in the media selling to the public that defunding the police will make their communities safer, they're charlatans. they're essentially selling the public a bad bill of goods. as a result our communities are going to suffer. elizabeth: yeah, you know the other thing too, the criticism democrats like alexandria ocasio-cortez, they're trying to change the narrative after a year of defunding the police, of defunding cops. she is doubling down on defunding cops too. double-digit spike higher in shooting deaths in her hometown of new york. there was a second tourist shot in broad daylight in times square just hours before broadway reopened. a month ago another tourist was shot. joe, i would like your reaction
6:20 pm
to this, msnbc commentators again without evidence, downplaying and politicizing the rise in violence and crime. you will first hear alexandria ocasio-cortez and then the msnbc commentators. watch this. >> we're seeing headlines about percentage increases, i want to say any amount of arm is unacceptable and too much but but i also want to make sure this hysteria, that this doesn't drive hysteria, that we look at these numbers in context so we can make responsible decisions about what to allocate in that context. >> what's your take on, i mean, do you really think there is an uptick in crime the way that republicans are framing it? >> i don't necessarily think there is an uptick in crime and i can tell you that i know first-hand, you know statistics can be manipulated. elizabeth: what context and what statistics are manipulated? what are they talking about?
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i can tell you blacks are dying of murders, homicides in greater rates than ever before in half a dozen sis. what are they talking about? >> what you're really seeing the narrative matters. lives don't matter to them. all that matters is the narrative. we had oakland city council defund the police $17 million while their homicides spiked by 87%. the fact of the matter they say law enforcement doesn't matter, we delivered historic crime reductions over the last two decades in this country that led to a urban renaissance. the fact of the matter we can do it again. if we restore the rule of law, we hold violent criminals accountable and embrace the broken window theories, we can deliver that. all we ask is for our communities to support us and elect officials. let me show you how wrong they are, how they cater to the far left on some of these things, polling doesn't support it. a recent "gallup poll" says 81%
6:22 pm
of black americans want same or more police in their neighborhoods. latinos, said 15% wanted to defund the police department. they're way off base. stop paying attention to the radicals. elizabeth: jen psaki white house press secretary is trying to flip the americans, saying the republicans are defunding police not supporting more spending in rescue package. this people say is incompetent analysis. in the last year's convention at the dnc they didn't mention crime or riots. michael dukakis says what are you doing about defunding the police. they worried about losing control of congress next year because of defunding the police, lifting immunity protections for cops, cashless bail, shorter sentences. you're right, polls are showing people don't want this, and there is a crisis in policing. thousands of cops are quitting. nancy pelosi called cops
6:23 pm
stormtroopers. ilhan omar say policing is rooted in evil. joe, your final word. >> you saw a bit of washington speak trying to convince the public that somehow people are voting against $350 billion for officers when it was a part of a bigger infrastructure plan. if you just put a bill out said let's fund the police at 350 billion, i'm sure everybody will sign on to that, except for the radical individuals who continue to taught defunding the police. let me tell you anecdotally, morale has never been worse the last 16 years i've been a police officer. we can't get anybody to take this job. retirements are through the years. there will be nobody left to protect the communities that desperately want police officers in their neighborhoods. elizabeth: joe gamaldi, thank you for your service to our country. thanks for being on. good to have you. dr. marty makary is next. house republicans launching a new hearing into the origins of the covid-19 pandemic that killed more than 600,000 americans. democrats led by nancy pelosi however continue to stonewall
6:24 pm
those congressional probes. focusing on the capitol riots instead. we have the story next. >> millions of people have died and those folks that have lost loved ones they deserve an answer and to prevent future epidemics like this we need to get into the origins of it as well. ♪ you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪♪ this is not normal. no. ♪♪ so? ♪♪ right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show johns hopkins professor
6:28 pm
of public health, fox news contributor, dr. marty makary. hey, great to have you back on, doctor. what do you expect to come out of the house gop hearing into the origins of the pandemic this week? nancy pelosi is stonewalling. she is blocking any hearings. she wants to focus on the capitol riots. what do you say? >> liz, i think that a lot of people want closure. people who have lost loved ones want closure. i can tell you as a doctor when someone loses a loved one, they want to understand the root cause. we're about to see a political fight ensue because members of congress asked the nih for several documents they have not turned over. relationships going back years ago to 2018, 2017. the $7.9 million that the nih gave to ecohealth to fund bat coronaviruses and other coronaviruses in southeast asia. this letter of march 18th, that cathy mcmorris rogers led, along with some members of congress demanding documents from the nih that is likely to
6:29 pm
be a big source of the hearings. people have a right to demand more information right now. elizabeth: more than 600,000 americans dead. dr. fauci has not indicated whether he will testify. he has reportedly been invited. we've got disturbing new footage, doctor. it is surfacing now, of an ally of dr. fauci. you know him. he is dr. peter daszak. it is at odds with dr. fauci's repeated denial of funding gain of function research at the wuhan lab. in just a second you will hear dr. daszak, as you pointed out he funneled nih funding to the wuhan lab. dr. daszak appears to boast about creating, engineering, quote, killer coronaviruses at the wuhan lab. listen to this. >> you create pseudo particles. you insert the spike proteins from those particles, see if they bind to human cells. each step of this you move closer and closer to this virus could really become pathogenic in people. so you narrow down the field.
6:30 pm
you reduce the cost, you end up with a small number of viruses that really do look like killers. elizabeth: really do like killers. again, really do like killers. number one, do we need that for vaccines? number two, couldn't these killer viruses leak from any lab? >> well, that is exactly why the virology and scientific community has been split for many years now about whether or not gain of function research should ever be performed and the argument against is that when you mess with mother nature you're more likely to cause a global pandemic than you are to develop an early treatment for it. look sequencing is so good nowadays. people forget that. you can sequence your entire human genome in one hour f a virus goes at large, we can sequence it at that time. the mrna was created in a matter of days. it was designed on a computer model in days.
6:31 pm
we shouldn't messing with mother nature. all those people, peter daszak, anthony fauci, all these scientists went around the country talking about the value of gain of function research when done properly, they should apologize and that camp should officially collapse. we shouldn't hear anymore about it. elizabeth: we don't have an aids vaccine yet, right? we don't have a aids vaccine. dr. fauci has been accused by house republicans and senate republicans about lying to congress funding the wuhan lab. senator rand paul demands he is remove from any position of authority. i want to go on to this. bill maher is slamming google and facebook sore censoring wuhan lab potential leak saying you were wrong. watch this. >> facebook banned any post for four months about covid coming from a lab. of course now even the biden administration is looking into this. >> right. >> google, a "wall street journal" reporter
6:32 pm
asked the head of google's health division, notice they don't do autofill searches for coronavirus lab leak the way they do it for any other question. the guy said, we want to make sure the search isn't leading down pathways we would find to be not authoritative information. well you were wrong, google and facebook. we don't know. the reason why we want you is because we're checking on this [bleep] elizabeth: your reaction, doctor, what do you say? >> well, look this wouldn't be the first time that we've seen a lab leak out of china. in 1977, h1n1 which killed 700,000 people was believed to have come from a laboratory. we know there was a coverup in china in the 2:00 sars outbreak though believed not to come from a lab. to believe big tech is a part of the changing the narrative of course is very frustrating. elizabeth: dr. marty makary,
6:33 pm
always good having you on. come back soon. >> you too. elizabeth: you're watching the fox business network. we're coming up to the bottom of the hour. senator bernie sanders says no dice. mitch mcconnell is demanding that president biden force nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to back down, not hold a infrastructure deal hostage to their big spending plan. that is what is at stake. clinton and obama's former treasury secretaries, a larry summers, robert rubin is warning high inflation is here to say. we have rick crawford next. you're watching "the evening edit." >> i talked to a number of bipartisan group. they're reluctant to move forward. they will need more assurances from the president, there is no link, no connection between the by partisan bill and this bill the democrats want to do.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, arkansas republican rick crawford. he is on house transportation and infrastructure. congressman, it looks like infrastructure deal is falling apart because senator bernie sanders says no dice to senator mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell is saying president, you have to force schumer and nancy pelosi to back down. you can't hold a infrastructure deal hostage to their big spending plans. that is not deal-making. that is hostage taking. the president did walk the back the threat after veto. what will happen here. what do you think? >> hard to say. interesting to know the loudest voices on the infrastructure debate are coming from members who don't even serve on the transportation and infrastructure committee in the house. in the house p and i committee, not a single member the squad. yet they're seem to be attempt ing to steer this their way. they're getting help from bernie sanders on the other side of the capitol. when there is a crisis, the first question people ask, who is in charge here? we're not getting an answer from
6:39 pm
the president, looks to me "the squad" and bernie sanders are calling the shots and we can't have that. elizabeth: mitt romney is saying the republicans will not go for all of this. this isn't deal-making. it feels like hostage taking. >> yeah. elizabeth: are they botching the recovery? they botched the shutdowns. restaurants, bars, small businesses can't hire workers. people are being paid to stay at home. those are facts. studies are showing this. this is happening across the country. it is gotten 26 states to say no more federal jobless benefits. enough is enough. the missouri governor is saying it is harming the recovery paying people to stay home. we have clinton and obama's former treasury secretaries, robert rubin and larry summers says high inflation is here to say. larry summers is talking about 5% inflation by the end of the year by all the high velocity government spending. what do you think, congressman. >> this government spending, go back to 2008, think about the
6:40 pm
housing crisis led up to this point is 300% increase in the national debt which is $28 trillion roughly. that will be the single biggest ion item in our budget -- line item in our budget, surpassing defense. there is not a singer gell proposal how to pay for infrastructure spending, that people like senator bernie sanders and "the squad" are proposing. president biden seems to be going along with this. that concerns me the most about this. talk about human infrastructure, if you're concerned about human infrastructure, the president coined that term, think what your spending proposal will do to human infrastructure with regard to perpetual inflation. elizabeth: that is an important point. that is tax on middle class. inflation. >> absolutely. elizabeth: senator rand paul said stop spending in places
6:41 pm
like afghanistan. bring the spending home. here "axios" reporter jonathan swan along with senator bill cassidy, what is going on. watch this. >> there is bipartisan opposition to the non-hard infrastructure portion of their bill, bipartisan in both chambers. that is number one. number two, republicans think that portion is bad for our country. we have an inflation rate higher than it has been for quite some time. that bill would make it higher. >> i spoke to republicans and democrats involved in the negotiations. they couldn't believe it when joe biden said this. it is, we should acknowledge astonishing to basically present this deal as nirvana, the greatest deal that has ever been struck, essential for the american people and then you know, in sort of very short period of time, say but i'm not going to sign it unless simultaneously arrives on my desk with this other separate bill for social spending. elizabeth: so, listen, people want to help middle-class
6:42 pm
families. they want to help families out there with children and more. but the point is there is a wish-list of a lot of unnecessary stuff in here. is it your point that it is "the squad," it is bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are really controlling things, controlling nancy pelosi, controlling chuck schumer, controlling biden even? is that your point? >> i think there is a realization that they may have this one opportunity to get everything they want because they're on very shaky ground with regard to holding their majority and so i think they're going to go for broke here literally and figuratively. they will put everything they possibly can into this and hope that they can get it passed, hope that they have some folks on the senate side that will waiver, hope they can get the filibuster to crumble. then they will get their way. we just can't sustain. this our economy is no position to sustain this level of
6:43 pm
spending without any proposal for pay-for. elizabeth: you will have to tax the middle class to pay for it. congressman rick crawford. great to have you back on. we have more on house gop tell again's new investigation into china's push to influence and manipulate corporate america. representative chris stewart next on "the evening edit". ♪. uh - uh, lisa, maybe less heartbroken? geico lets you file a claim online, over the phone or with their app. ♪ that makes me wanna say... ♪ ♪ stay... ♪ (sniffles) are...are you crying? uhh, there's pollen... geico. great service without all the drama.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now member of house intelligence, he is utah congressman chris stewart. good to see you, sir. first let's deal with this, president biden's decision to order airstrikes targeting facilities near the iraq syria border used by iranian iraq militia groups, a clear warning sign to tehran. what impact will this have on the biden administration attempting to revive the 2015 nuclear deal. >> iran is saying, we're getting mixed messages.
6:48 pm
on one hand they're willing to embrace iran diplomatically and release sanctions and other friendships in the middle east in order to have the preferential relationship with iran but on the other hand these locations were used to attack u.s. interests and some personnel in the area. i am glad they did it. i wish they would be consistent and more willing to confront iran on some of these issues as well. elizabeth: thank you for that. next case, ranking house intel member devin nunez revealed yesterday to maria bartiromo, house intelligence new investigation into china's deepening influence across corporate america? tell us what is going on with this investigation, that china is now inside the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, media, finance, sports tech sectors, all of it? what is happening. >> all of it. this is all built on this reality, president xi said this is his stated goal, this is not
6:49 pm
a secret, he states it very openly, states it frequently, by 2049. which is the 100th anniversary by the creation of the chinese communist party they intend to be the world's so superpower, economically, diplomatically and. china is not friendly to western interests. they don't believe in many of our western values, human rights for example. this is an effort to convince our business leaders, for heaven's sakes don't help china accomplish these goals. be aware. understand how they have used their influence to change u.s. policy, to change business decisions regarding china. this is a huge undertaking. so important, the good news we're making some progress now trying to convince business leaders. this is what you're facing. time to open your eyes. elizabeth: so china is trying to extract key technologies and information out of these
6:50 pm
operations, is that what is going on? >> no. it is more than just that. we've known that for quite a while. my gosh, is there anyone who doesn't know china has been stealing intellectual property for two generations? is there anyone who don't know they have been hacking into our most sensitive systems including the u.s. government and very sensitive and very powerful businesses. this is more. this is a public relation influencing as well. look at the nba for example, how they convinced the nba to defer to china and china's interests. look at confucius institutes on our major campus. look at the media. this is a to try to persuade the hearts and minds of american people. elizabeth: representative chris stewart, thanks so much for amplifying, shedding light on the story. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: mike howell on a new controversy for vice president kamala harris.
6:51 pm
not only did the vice president avoid the epicenter of the border crisis on friday, the vice president did not visit a border facility housing migrant children that biden's hhs is investigating, even though it is just minutes away. you're watching "the evening edit." >> i'm glad she finally went. it is about time. 93 days is a long time to be in charge of something never to see it first-hand, but it is important to recognize she did not go or take reporters where the real crisis is in the rio grande valley. el paso, is tightly controlled border. unlike the rio grande. not at all the kind of things that are going on. to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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elizabeth: back with a snap former dhs oversight council with the heritage foundation senior advisor we are have you undergone daddy back on we have a new controversy kamala harris not only did the vice president avoid the epicenter of the border crisis on friday the vice president did not visit a border facility housing migrant children at bidens hhs has been investigating even though this is minutes away from her visit in el paso, what is going on
6:56 pm
here. >> the reason is obvious she wanted a good photo while but not a bad one she went to state that has a more secure area on the border and when she was there avoided going to the facilities that house and a buddy children which he just mentioned there at portland's, all remind your viewers the congresswoman from el paso representative escobar is one of the furthest left members of congress, during the trump administration she was caught sending her staff to coach illegal aliens on how to will buy their way into the country this is where vice president harris decides to go and be in a safe little bubble and she did not have to take tough questions. elizabeth: so former president donald trump said he did not announce the former president had not announced that he was going to the border that, the hearers would not of god donald trump and a lot to say about criminal illegal alien crime and it's something that the media does not cover, let's listen to the former president.
6:57 pm
>> just this month a previously depleted illegal alien in massachusetts with prior charges for murder and many other things, gunned down a man in broad daylight shooting him viciously and violently as he lay in the street four times, right here in ohio a twice supported punitive, ms 13 gang member the worst anywhere in the world and we have taken out thousands and thousands and now they want to let them come back, they are empty in their prisons and the republican party we do not believe that violent criminal should be welcome into our country. elizabeth: what do you say? >> what is happening at the border right now the complete opening of it is a recipe for disaster with ms 13 violent cartel and gang seen its wide
6:58 pm
opening and it's really causing a lot of havoc and on the backend was when i domestically with the war on police that is coming out of the white house in the far left on capitol hill those two things combined worries me and keeps me up at night, we have an immigration and customs enforcement that were told they could not be supported anymore there averaging about one deportation of removal every few months so were not going to take care of the problem once these violent criminals are in the interior of the country we have essentially country policy now where it doesn't matter what you do, the biden administration will not renew you and it makes every town across the country border town these people don't always stay on the southwest border there going everywhere in the country. larry: , the hearers did not propose solutions to stop the flow of migrants she gives talking about migrants giving more money to central america at looks like they don't want to solve the problem, the u.s.
6:59 pm
opened its arms to refugees from around the world the point is people die coming here illegally they are killed by smugglers that they can't pay out or turn to drug coyotes and they suffocating containers and put in there by human smugglers they die in the desert by profit, this is all smuggling by profit-seeking criminals who treat them as commodities and now we have a new harvard harris poll showing eight out of ten say illegal immigration is serious in the majority, 70% say the administration needs to pay more attention to this, where are the solutions to stop it? >> there is a complete unwillingness to solve this problem from the administration because the problem is this administration they did this with forethought and when they undid every successful trump era policy because they hated the last administration so much they thought everything that they had accomplished needed to be undone and the result is painfully clear for everyone whether it's stopping the border wall, shutting down ice, indeed the
7:00 pm
remaining mexico program where people often waited mexico before being released into the interior this avalanche of undoing a border security immigration enforcement has led directly to this crisis. elizabeth: it is good to have you want, thank you for joining us, come back soon i am elizabeth mcdormand entre mcdonald you been watching "the evening edit", thank you so much for watching and we hope you have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. elizabeth: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow", am larry kudlow a lot tonight about too much spending into much taxing into matriculating let's go to capitol hill for the latest on the infrastructure swamp, here is the great hillary vaughn, good evening. >> good evening after this weekend when president biden walked back his threat to not sign the infrastructure bill and leslie came with the reconciliation bill with all the extras, republicans today are not buy


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