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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 9, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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advance. i hope you are here as well. it will be a big night for the country. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight the plan to take action in syria is facing push back from the international community and members of congress. welcome to this jam-packed edition of "hannity." in a moment i will be joined by utah senator mike lee for his take on why the commander in chief is in over his head when it comes to involvement in the syrian civil war. today russia offered to place them under international control in order to uh avert u.s. air strikes. this hours after secretary of state john kerry suggested that syria should turn over its wmds but he didn't think the war torn country would actually do it.
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>> he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week. turn it over, all of it, without delay. allow a full and total accounting for that. but he isn't about to do it. it can't be done, obviously. >> as the push for an alternative to a military strike gets under way the white house is skeptical of a, quote, plan b and the commander in chief continues to try to convince you, the american people and members of oh congress that attacking syria is in america's best national interest. one day before the president talks about the crisis he sat down with fox news. take a look. >> my concern now is making sure assad doesn't use chemical weapons again. we have seen some indications from the russians and syrians today that they may be willing to look at the prospect of getting weapons under control.
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perhaps even international control and getting them out of there where they could be vulnerable to use by anybody. it's something we'll run to ground over the next couple of days. we should explore and exhaust all avenues of diplomatic resolution of this. but i think it is important for us to keep the pressure on. i think that in discussions with members of congress what we have said to them is that there is a reason why i slowed this thing down to allow for a congressional debate. part of it was because given that the threat was not direct and imminent to the united states, despite me believing i have the authority to take action it was best for us to have the debate because we have gone through a lot of war and people are frankly suspicious of a lot of decisions. we're going to have time for a good deliberation in congress. we'll pursue this diplomatic track. i fervently hope this can be resolved in a nonmilitary way. >> joining us now with reaction,
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utah senator mike lee. welcome back. good to see you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> are we positive that, in fact, it was assad that used the chemical weapons and not the rebels? do we know for sure? >> you know, i'm not sure any of us can know for sure, sean. based on the evidence i have seen it appears it was the assad regime that did it. that's not the question. the question is how does this make americans safer? i have i not ever heard an argument that this would make us safer as americans to do the it. i don't think we ought to be getting involved in that civil war. >> there is a dispute between secretary of state john kerry and vladimir putin of russia having to do with who we might be helping. is it the radical islamists, al qaeda-linked terrorists or the syrian army, syria free army which we are told is more moderate although the leader
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said israel is their enemy. who would we be helping? >> that's the problem. no one knows. it's unknown and unknowable at this point. we look at the fact that a lot of rebels, on oh sigs forces are people who don't like us much. should we get involved in the civil war? ever so gently tip the scales in favor of the opposition. should that be led by those who don't like us much? it would be people with ties to al qaeda. that would be bad. >> let me go to oh contradictions that have come up. these are major like the keystone cops. first the president denied that a year ago he drew the red line. he said you guys in congress drew it. earlier the president called for a regime change. they said the on oh radiation would not be about re jet stream change. then john kerry said the attack will be unbelievably small.
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they walk that back as they walked backerry's statement that if they can avoid air strikes if they would let the world have control of the weapons. that was putin. he jumped in and said, all right, let's see if they will do that. why so many contradictions? why can't they get the story straight? >> they can't get the story straight because it has to evolve because the american people aren't with them. the american people aren't with them because it is a terrible idea. this would be risky for america to weigh in on one side or the other in this awful civil war in syria without a clear plan as to what we are trying to accomplish and without a clear explanation as to how it makes americans safer rather than less safe. faced with the reality, they allow the story to evolve. they change it constantly. the american people are fed up with it. >> the administration so far, john kerry said the military operation, the attack will be unbelievably small -- his words. the president said it would be
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days, not weeks. they said no boots on the ground and it's not about regime change. what could be accomplished with that military strategy being telegraphed? >> i'm not sure. it's a terrible military strategy. as far as i can tell, and one question i have is this really an unbelievably small attack from the standpoint of the brave men and women on our side who will have to participate in it, who will have to wage that effort? i think not. will this be unbelievably small for those who might be killed in this effort? i don't think so. i think that reflects a cavalier attitude most americans view as entirely offensive and appropriately so. these are some of the reasons why the american people are overwhelmingly rejecting the president's idea to get the american people mired and involved in a really ugly civil war in syria. >> what about vladimir putin in this. he's publicly called john kerry
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a liar. he's moving russian warships into the area. he's threatened to provide a shield for syria. now he seems to be evolving into the great peacemaker in the process. what do you make of america having relinquished the role because russia didn't have a big role in that part of the world up until now? >> it's an interesting idea. the idea has been floated in the past 24 hours or so. we would all love a diplomatic solution to the stand-off. i think we'd all be for that in one way or another. >> yeah. >> what remains to be seen is how they would propose to do this. how do you take a thousand metric tons of chemical weapons that have been dispersed throughout syria and guarantee that it will be put into the right hands. who was it in the international community who would be put in charge and how do we know we could trust them?
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>> good question. syria said already they will surrender chemical weapons. why do we need to go to congress at this point? >> if that's the case. if they will surrender them. if there are means whereby they could be safe guarded, put in the hands of people who will not use them there is no reason whatsoever for the president to attack syria. there is no reason for the administration to weigh in on one side or the other in the syrian civil war. >> let me go back to the free syria army and brigadier general, the leader said israel is an enemy country. he went on to say, i say it loud and clear. they occupy syrian lands and until they withdraw from syrian lands and recognize the legitimate rights of palestinians they will be an enemy of syria. aren't they the ones john kerry and others say are the moderate voice there is? doesn't it create the risk of a power vacuum that would be filled by extremists?
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>> it begs the question what is a moderate? if someone who would make statements like that, statements that are themselves fighting words. if those are moderates who are the ex treemists and why would we trust moderates like those? that defies logic and wisdom for us to head in that direction. >> last question. harry reid said a vote could come as early as wednesday in the u.s. senate on this matter. now reid delayed the vote. do you see that momentum is declining and going against the president on this like the american people, 70% are against? >> yes. i'm aware of one reason alone why senator reid would do that, sean. the american people are overwhelmingly against getting the united states involved in the syrian civil war. harry reid knows it. he knows he doesn't have the votes in the senate and there aren't the votes in the house to a prove this military action
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now. there shouldn't be. >> we'll have you back to talk about your effort to defund obama care another night. appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next tonight on "hannity" as the president pushes his plan for a military strike in syria, new fox polls reveal serious trouble for this commander in chief. a heated "hannity" debate on a presidency in peril up next with patrick j. buchanan and former kerry aide mark hannah. first you get to select tonight's video of the day. option one, a heartwarming guinness beer commercial with a surprise end ing you uh won't see coming. if you want to see it in its entirety go to with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward
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[ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. as president obama prepares to address the nation tomorrow night about syria, brand new fox polls show 29% of americans approve of the president's handling of the situation in syria. a whopping 60% of americans disapprove. that's not all. when it comes to what the u.s. should do about the crisis in that country, only 68% of americans think the u.s. should stay out of the syrian civil war. compared to 26% who think it is a humanitarian crisis and the united states should help. the president's troubles don't stop there. when asked if the u.s. was more or less respected around the world today than when obama took office only 14% of americans
9:15 pm
said the u.s. is more respected. 48% said the u.s. was uh less respected around the world. bring back the cowboy from texas. patrick j. buchanan, democratic strategist -- hannah. there is no good outcome for us. what's your take? >> that's exactly right. the american people don't want to go to this war. there is novi tall american interest there. that's why barack obama has drawn to an inside straight here with this deal. not the deal but this offer uh to deal with the weapons of mass destruction. the chemical weapons. it's like a forward fumble. kerry fumbled into the end zone and obama fell on it. now -- >> vladimir putin picked it up. he's running for the end zone. it's embarrassing. >> vladimir putin is headed straight for the nobel peace prize. >> looks like it.
9:16 pm
>> never thought i'd hear those words. mark, when john kerry ran for president people like pat buchanan and i were making fun of his "i voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it." now john kerry is saying the words that he pledged the syrian attack would be unbelievably small. huh? help me out with that. >> sure. >> who telegraphs that? >> americans are tired of war. it's been ten years and over a trillion dollars of taxpayer dollars spent. more importantly over 6,000 american lives lost. yes, is america reluctant to -- >> you're not answering my question. he telegraphed it would be unbelievably small. then walked it back. >> he didn't telegraph, john. >> yes, he did. >> the american people want to know what to expect. secretary kerry was telling them what to expect. >> no boots on the ground. >> not a drawn out war like iraq or afghanistan.
9:17 pm
>> no boots on the ground, no regime change. unbelievably small. what do you expect to accomplish? >> to maintain america's credibility in the world. make sure the world knows when we say something we mean it. when iran is watching, when all our friends and allies in the region are watching -- >> let's talk about credibility. >> one at a time. >> the first gulf let's talk a, okay? secretary kerry said we are dealing with adolf hitler and our response will be unbelievably small. >> a pinprick. >> i was a kid during world war ii. i remember george patton and his response wasn't unbelievably small. kerry is all over on this. >> the one similarity between hitler and assad is public opinion was deeply divided before world war ii. you were alive. you remember. and we didn't think genocide was
9:18 pm
happening. if we did public opinion polls would be in german now. >> it might have had something to do with what happened at pearl harbor, for heaven's sakes. >> it might have had to do with the genocide occurring as well. >> we didn't declare on hitler. he declared war on us on december 11, 1941. what are you talking about? >> i know you're an isolationist. you thought the first gulf war would be the next vietnam. it didn't occur that way. history didn't -- >> mark, let me help you out here. >> sure. >> you try to take cheap shots at pat but you are not dealing with the main focus here. >> i want to point -- >> let me finish. re lax. >> go ahead. >> your buddy john kerry said it would be unbelievably small. days not weeks, no boots on the ground. they said it will be short in duration. you've got to tell me what we could possibly accomplish with an unbelievably small, no boots on the ground, cruise missile
9:19 pm
attack that's just going to be a couple of days. what do you expect to accomplish? what's the point? >> can you imagine the devastation wrought against the assad regime in a couple of days of american fighters flying into -- >> no. >> -- syria and dropping bombs -- >> no. >> this would accomplish the mission that the president was specific about degrading the chemical weapons capacity, deterring use of chemical weapons in the future. >> can i get in here? mark, listen. >> you're going to believe assad, putin over secretary kerry? >> the last week -- >> yeah. >> last week secretary kerry was doing his best to say this is small, insignificant, no boots on the ground. we are not doing this or that. how do you win a war during that? you can't do that. that's why the american people went against it. either you go into a war to win or you don't go in. >> rhett let me ask you this. the free syrian army -- mark
9:20 pm
asked me who i believe more, putin or kerry. vladimir putin called kerry a liar because kerry advanced the notion that there are far more moderates than people are saying here. i think he's talking about the free syrian army. that's the same military leader that's saying that israel is an enemy country. that doesn't seem moderate to me. who do you believe? i believe putin. >> first, i would not call secretary of state a liar. i would defend secretary of state against it. however, the free syrian army led the forces into that christian village where they are shooting people in the streets, harassing a catholic convent. this crowd is as bad a bunch of actors s i'm sure they have against them and good guys as is the al qaeda crowd as well. we ought to stay out of that war. >> mark? >> let's talk about moderates here at home. boehner, cantor, john mccain, thoughtful -- >> since when is have you called
9:21 pm
them thoughtful? >> look. you're going to have all these republicans that want to be president more than they want to be right like rand paul. they're waving this give peace a chance flag while we are dropping bombs on syria. history will judge them harshly. >> listen, i have to tell you one thing. pat and i had an argument on radio about this. you want to be serious about the threat to the world and we are going to lob cruise missiles and have an impact, we ought to take out iran's nukes before these modern day nazis that want to wipe israel off the map, get ahold of nuclear weapons coupled with fanaticism. you can hardly call me a dove here but to say we'll do it in days and unbelievably small to quote kerry seems idiotic to me. pat? >> sean, before we go attack iran we ought to have a constitutional way to war. >> agreed. >> that means congress of the united states alone can authorize it. >> agreed. >> no more red lines.
9:22 pm
>> agree with you on that point. >> these republicans that wanted the president to do more a year ago say he's doing too much now. they have to get the story straight as well. >> a pin pediatric, unbelievably small, the world will laugh at us. vladimir putin filled the leadership gap because obama anderry can't make up their minds about red line and regime change. >> i'm glad you're a vladimir putin fan. >> you can't make up your mind. >> vladimir putin saved kerry's bacon. >> you're listening to assad and taking their word for it. listening to putin instead of your president. i know you disagree with him on a number of things. support your president, sean, please. >> he bought into the whole deal today. >> vladimir putin actually came up with a good idea. if the world community can get the chemical weapons he just saved obama's backside and kerry's. >> you can broadcast the show from moscow, sean. how about that? >> i will be glad to, comrade. you're the socialist, not me. up next on "hannity" --
9:23 pm
>> the attacks against american bases in the united states if there is an air strike? >> you should expect everything. >> how will assad strike back if the u.s. carries out an attack on oh his nation? our i will many temilitary expe. later tonight ann coulter has more on the president's decision to ask congress for the use of oh force resolution is nothing more than a politically motivated stunt in this case. also tonight you get to vote for our video of the day. log on at the end of the show. we play the winning video in its entirety. a sneak peek at option two. incredible footage of a tense standoff between a florida s.w.a.t. team and man armed with weapons. the conclusion was caught on tape. you can see how it wisest kid in the whole world? we need a new recipe. hmmm. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness.
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. will the attacks against american bases in the middle east if there is an air strike? >> you should expect everything. not necessarily through the government. the governments are not the only player in this region. you have different parties, different factions, different ideology. you have everything in this region now. you have to expect that. >> expect -- tell me what you mean by "expect everything".
9:28 pm
>> expect every action. >> including chemical warfare? >> that depends. if the rebels or the terrorists in this region or any other group have it it could happen. i don't know. >> expect everything. that was the warning delivered to the u.s. by the president of syria this morning. it serves as a sobering reminder of the potential consequences of an american-led strike on damascus. what is the assad regime capable of? here with insights and answers captain b chuck nash and general bob skels. thanks for joining us. >> let me start with you, captain. first of all, what he's saying is he believes -- my interpretation is -- the rebels and terrorists may have access to chemical weapons. am i hearing him right there? >> absolutely. i think everybody understands that they do. the precursors.
9:29 pm
this isn't a mystery. the rebels have taken over a lot of syrian military facilities. they have taken armories. who knows what they have got their hands on. the other side is making chemical weapons isn't black magic. it's internet science. >> what about the pledge of retaliation and retribution against israel for whatever actions militarily we take. how real do you take that threat? >> i think it's real, sean. it's just not going to happen tomorrow. it's not just retribution against israel but against the united states and our interests overseas. there is an old saying that we have all the watches and they have all the time. a terrorist counter strike often takes years like pan-am 103 did. for that matter 911. the terrorists have time but now
9:30 pm
they have a cause. if this goes down they have a reason for retribution. i think the united states would be at much greater risk than they are now. if we deliver this missile strike against syria. >> i agree with you. let me ask this question. captain, i guess it's kind of mind boggling to me that we would telegraph everything that so far we have telegraphed. i i want to go through it if i can. this is key. when kerry said it will be unbelievably small, when the president says days not weeks, no boots on the ground not about regime change how is that interpreted around the world? >> unbelievably small. given the potential down side and unintended consequences from doing anything, if you're only going to be doing something unbelievably small, why do anything at all? you're not changing the balance
9:31 pm
on the battlefield. you're not bringing down assad though the president last may with the turkish prime minister said assad must go. now we are backing off that. there is such ill defined, unconscionable guidance given to the military planners that they are throwing their hands up. they don't know what to do. >> general? >> absolutely right. if this were briefed in the army war college it would get an f. >> i think vladimir putin would get an a. >> and the nobel peace prize. >> true. >> i think it's really more embarrassment than anything else. also remember how complicated the problem is getting for our targetiers. a couple of weeks ago all the scud launchers were in one motor pool. now they are scattered all over next to mosques, in cities, dug
9:32 pm
in, camouflaged. what may have taken, say, one cruise missile two weeks ago will now take five or six to achieve the same effects. oh, by the way, like a shell game, assad who has the time is continuing to move these weapons all across syria. i suppose after tonight he'll start moving his chemical weapons as well. >> what about the poll we recited earlier, captain. america is perceived as weak. when the president denied he made the red line statement a year or two ago, this effort wouldn't be about re jet stream change which he said must happen, how is the muslim world interpreting obama's actions here? >> sean, i hate to bring up benghazi. but we are a year out from that. four americans including our ambassador died. even though the news media can get interviews with these
9:33 pm
people, we can't bring the people we know did it to justice. >> is this projecting weakness? are we emboldening our enemies here? >> oh, my goodness, yes. we have opened pandora's box with this. we are going to be paying for this for a very long time. it won't be the overt thing that does it. even if we don't do the strike we are going to pay a price for weakness just like you can't define how much business you get off advertising. it's tough to put -- >> good point. >> a number on it. >> it's the passive part, too. >> let me ask about vladimir putin in this. he's shown a lot of oh aggression. he is moving ships into the area. threatened to provide a shield for syria, number two. number three, while whooil the president lavacillates on a red line and prerregime he has come with a plan and looks like a
9:34 pm
peacemaker. >> this is asymmetry of ends versus means. the russian military is nothing like the soviet military. they can't even project a brigade overseas. the gravitasse putin is getting for the way he shood tood up to president and pumped up the syrians in the face of atrocities made him a larger character than his military would allow him to be. >> good to see you both. thank you very much for your insight. appreciate it. >> thank you, sean. >> up next, ann coulter live with more on the president's bungling of the situation in syria. we want to hear from you. log onto . on twitter @seanhannity. vote for your video of the day. here is a sneak peek at the third and final option.
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digital insurance id cards. just a click away with the geico mobile app. if congress rejects the use of oh force, will the president blame them for any future atrocities? >> well, i would say, you know, chris, let's not pile hypothetical on top of hypothetical. >> the white house may not be willing to admit it, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the president's decision to seek congressional approval is nothing more than a politically motivated stunt. will a vote on capitol hill provide our embattled commander in chief with what he needs to weather this storm. ann is author of "mugged" and has a new book out soon. we have the cover. look at the blue dress. "never trust a liberal over 3," especially a republican. this may be the best book cover
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ever. how are you, coulter? >> fine, thank you. it's fun. i'll be on oh your show october 14th when it comes out the to talk about it. >> i'm looking forward to it. i want to know who the republicans under 3 are that we can trust. i'm listening to kerry, unbelievably small, days not weeks, no boots on the ground, not about regime change. i didn't draw a red line. i didn't do it. i'm watching vladimir putin embarrass the president. the president cowering almost as putin becomes aggressive. it is embarrassing that our president is so confused and witc wimpy on the world stage. do you have the same feeling or is it just me ? >> definitely not just you. look at how the vote in congress is going to go. obama is desperately looking for an exit strategy. the democrats think being president is a hollywood movie. if they just come out and say it is in america 's national
9:41 pm
security interest americans will swoon like they do in "the west wing" when aaron sorkin writes it. not that way in life. americans have a vague grasp of what our national security is which is why they supported the war in iraq and they don't support this nonsense. i tweeted outputin is making a monkey of obama. i tweeted an interesting article from the tablet suggesting that this whole thing was set up by putin to make obama look like a monkey. he controls assad. assad is his puppet. obama issues a red line ultimatum thinking of course assad is never going to use chemical weapons. why would he. this is just my way of announcing we are not interested in the syrian civil war. so putin puts pressure on assad or places a phone call and says, hey , use chemical weapons. then the ultimatum has been met. now you have kerry doing the
9:42 pm
same thing, thinking he's setting up a situation, an ultimatum that would never come to pass. why not just turn over their chemical weapons and putin and assad say, okay oh, we'll do that. now they are stuck with that. >> what's the aggression? moving warships, threatening to put a shield over syria. putin, it seems like the great, you know, peacemaker out there. it seems -- >> i know . >> the national -- look, if israel wanted to bomb syria they would have done it, not said a word. wouldn't have admitted to it and would have done the job. >> right. if it were necessary. >> if it were necessary. >> no. putin is the one looking like a man here which is amazing since he's a midget. let's flashback to the campaign -- >> whatever words you say that get get you in trouble tonight, that's up to you. i'm not responsible for the trouble you get yourself in. >> i am merely speaking the
9:43 pm
truth here, sean, as i always do. any way, remember when mitt romney said during the campaign said, absolutely correctly, that russia was america's number one geez political enemy and obama's p.r. crew in the united states press corps leapt to attack romney, obama had the snippy remark during a debate. oh, the 1980s called and they want their cold war policy back. since the re election putin has time after time made obama a monkey. first he takes snowden. you have this with assad. >> why are you saying that? you know people will criticize you for using that term against the president. are you doing that to be provocati provocative? >> no. i'm saying putin is playing with him. first snowden. then this the policy, no gays at
9:44 pm
the olympics, forcing a show down over that. now this with putin behind it with assad, assuming assad did it uh and he did, pointlessly using chemical weapons. he's just tossing obama around. i don't care what you say. like a rag doll. >> let me ask you this. do you think when kerry says it will be unbelievably small, isn't that incurring aggression because it just signals such pathetic weakness, wimpiness? if you're going to strike an enemy and you're going to hit them you have to hit them with all the force their mothers will feel the vibration. you have to fight to win. this isn't a fight to win. this is a fight to check off the box that i kept my pledge of the red line. >> right. they think they are living in the tv show, "the west wing." not only that, it's a little rhetorically difficult when you have all of the obama spokesmen
9:45 pm
and himself say this is a huge threat to the world, the use of chemical weapons which they didn't think in the case of iraq. it's such a huge threat we've got to stop it. our attack will be unbelievably small. of course, it's a joke. >> i just think -- >> i would also point out one last thing. the clip you played at the beginning of chris wallace asking the spokesman for the obama administration on sunday's show, now if this gets voted down are you going to turn around and accuse republicans of being responsible for every chemical attack to take place henceforth in the world and he mumbled out some nonresponse response. of course they are. i would say similarly democrats are the pro rape party since they didn't want to stop hussein and his son who were using rape as policy. we weren't the world's
9:46 pm
policemen. chemical weapons are terrible. do you know what else is? chopping off children's limbs like in rwanda. we don't intervene every time something bad happens in the world. >> the other thing is the 100,000 who died before that. it matters the means of which 1400 died? 30 months ago they could have helped the secular pro american opposition forces. we missed the opportunity. >> and he could have saved iraq, the most magnificent united states foreign policy success in 50 years. >> ann coulter, we look forward to the new book and you're responsible for all the fallout of your comments on the show, as usual. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, thousands expected to descend on capitol hill to urge congress to exempt you and america from obama care. two of the organizers of the rally will join me next. we want to hear from you. log on to leave your comments. cast your vote for video of the day next.
9:47 pm
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with all the talk of syria it's easy to forget october 1, 22 days with all the talk of syria it's easy to forget october 1, 22 days from now open enrollment begins for the obamacare health care exchanges. some people aren't letting themselves get distracted. a rally is expected tomorrow on
9:51 pm
capitol hill calling on members of congress to exempt america, that means you, from obamacare. joining me now the chairman of the founder of the tea party patriots. >> good to see you. >> big labor was exempted. washington exempted. congress was exempted. this is to exempt the american people? >> time for the american people to be held to the same standard congress is held to. if congress and their staff don't have to live under the law why pay for the law with our tax money? >> my big question is this -- why is there this reluctance and resistance? every republican i know ran on the platform to get rid of obamacare. now they have the constitutional authority to fund the rest of the government, defund at least certain parts of obamacare. why not do it? why is it controversial? >> let's put it in perspective. when the democrats passed obamacare, every single republican in the house and
9:52 pm
senate voted against it. every single republican in the house and senate vowed to do something about it. it was because of that that ushered in the mammoth victories for republicans in 2010 where 80 new members came in, took the majority based on the pledge. the problem is they have done nothing about it. now jenny beth and i have been traveling all over the country. we talk to constituents and members of the senate and in the house. they talk about all the things they have done to defund it and repeal it. they have done nothing of substance. here comes the one opportunity where you can say fund the whole government including the things we don't like. fund it all. not obamacare which nobody wants. it's extraordinary. >> there are 70 members in the house, 75 maybe. >> 80 who signed the letter. >> rand, cruise mike lee. marco rubio. >> how many others?
9:53 pm
>> 12, i think. >> where are the rest of them? >> they are playing games and being dishonest saying things like i am a cosponsor of the ted cruz bill. they will not sign the letter mike lee has making a pledge that they will fund all of the government except for obamacare, period. no matter what. they won't do it. they will vote one time for a phony vote and the rest they will -- >> there will be deception. >> we are seeing it already. >> it's going on as we speak. eric cantor announced a defund move. it's slight of hand. there are two votes coming. one is a funding of obamacare. the president doesn't have to sign it. >> the power they have is in c.r. >> it's a c.r. that funds it. that matters.
9:54 pm
it is a cynical attempt to manipulate. it's eye candy for constituents. it's time for conservatives -- >> how can we have 30 eye candy votes -- >> what happens is the people are getting bad teeth because of this. they will vote a lot of them out. jenny beth and i have seen it all over the country. people are fed up with it. >> they are. >> i am. i have said it and i will say it again. if they can't take a stand here when it matters they have lost me. i'm already a registered conservative. not a registered republican. if they won't fight for this, the single biggest entitlement growth in a generation, then they are basically a carbon copy of the democrats. >> this is an easy thing for
9:55 pm
them to stand up and do. the president has given a delay to big business for the obamacare mandate for big business. congress has an exemptions. their staff has an exemptions. >> the bottom line is tomorrow at the capitol at noon. >> noon. >> all right, guys. good to see you. good job. coming up, your choice for video of the day next.
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
tragically, it's great to see the officers and tactics result in a peaceful conclusion. good job broward county sheriff's department. you get the video of the day. that's all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren standing by to go "on the record." thanks for being with us. obama wants stalemate, not victory. if you're not fighting for victory we should never be involved in a war. >> we are not talking about war. we are not going to war. >> the minute one of the cruise missiles land there, we are in the syrian war. >> this is an act of war. little wars start big wars. >> the american people aren't persuaded. right now members of congress just getting back still have questions. >> will there be attacks against american base ifs there is an air strike? >> you should expect everything. >> i


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