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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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red cross, salvation army and other charities. until next week thank you for joining us on this 5th anniversary. we hope we will see you every week until next time this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. (sirens) >> something th-- nothing in th require employers to change anything. >> our goal is to protect american people from obama. >> we need to reveal obama care with a better system. >> i want to be chris crystal c any obama care is dead. >> we will serve by reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family. >> this is playing with fire. >> obama care is a law that is going to harm people. >> we will never be able to balance the budget if you keep obama care going. it is a fiscal train wreck. >> if you like your plan you can
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keep your plan. >> you can't be held hostage. you can't have someone put a gun to your head and say we are going to do horrible ridiculous things unless you give in to us. >> obama care is driving up the cost of healthcare destroying millions of american jobs. it is a train wreck. >> just a few hours ago the house of representatives stood up to the american people and voted to de fund obama care. tonight for the entire hour we will be joined by a special studio audience from both sides of the aisle to debate the president's disastrous healthcare lieu. this is how it went down earlier today in a 230 to 189 vote. the house passed the bill to fund the government through december the 15th but not fund obama care. before today's historic vote both repub ka can and democratic law americas took to the house floor to make their positions known. >> we are considering a measure
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to fund government only if the democratic senate and president will eagree to dismantle the healthcare reformula that will help millions of americans access quality affordable care. that isn't going to happen. and it is a blatant act of hostage taking. >> this resolution will protect the middle working class from the devastating effect of obama care. each week we hear stories about how both major employers and small businesses are cutting back benefits and cutting back hours. the president's healthcare law is turning our full-time economy into a part-time economy. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a dut, without a dut a measure designed to shut down government. it should have no other intent.
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>> i am getting calls from folks who received staggering increases in health premiums who notify health plans being dropped or having their work hours cut back as a result of obama care. this stops that train wreck. >> heading to the u.s. senate where we only hope they have the courage stoond up for what is truly in the best interest of the constituents. senator boehner had a message to harry reid and liberal allies. >> we had a victory today for the american people. we had a victory for common sense. our message to the united states senate is real simple. the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obama care.
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>> the house has listened to the american people. now it is time for the united states senate to listen to them as well. >> webbings only hope they do. after the smack down on the healthcare law president obama through a temper tantrum. >> they are not focused on you. they are focused on politics. they are focused on trying to mess with me they are not focused on you. >> no one is trying to quote mess with you, mr. president, they want what is best for themselves their families. obama care is not it. now with reaction we bring in our distinguished studio audience. just for a sign of fair and balanced how many of you support obama care? >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- i should have known. how many opposed?
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>> 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. stacked audience. 8 of you including me. here is the first question i have, why is -- is any of the promises you carried this law with you, i don't know if you sleep with it. it is scary. is the promises the president made fulfilled in this bill? >> absolutely not. >> chances are you won't be able to keep your doctors or hospitals that you use. premiums are up. many people are losing their full-time job 77 percent of the new jobs created in the first 7 months of this year were part-time jobs. hospitals were already laying off nurses because over half of this law is paid for with cuts in medicare. cleveland clinic announced big layoffs. when you layoff nurses patients
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wait longer for help sometimes too long. >> i am going to throw it back to you as a democratic strategist here. let me go through some of the numbers. a report out today 300 employers have cut their hours 80 school districts 46 universities 239 public sectors cut jobs because of obama care. home depot 20,000 employees because of obama care. cleave clanked clinic 5 percent of the work force. walgreens dropped health coverage for 160,000 workers. is this what obama promised you can keep the care? >> sound like republican media ferry. dig a little deeper it turns out they are a little bit fictional. take the cleveland clinic for example. yes that came out today but when you talk to the communications director with the cleveland clinic. >> communications director. >> pr person. >> sure. what he actually said what
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happened are things that would have happened anyway. it was not about owe bam kau care. yes we are trying to cut costs. >> what about walgreens cutting health coverage? >> i am in communications with them. >> they will tell you this was already planned but it wasn't planned. this is exactly because of obama care. people are scared of it. >> let me give it a -- let's use the president's own words on telemundo. you can spin all you want but costs are going up. this has been the lowest increase in years. guess what? that is still an increase. it just means it didn't go up as much. >> we just played it. the average family will save 100,000 a year. >> let's call it what it is. the irs which we know is very connected to the president said it is not true.
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by 2016 premiums will go up by the averaged family of four by 4,000 dollars. the problem with obama care and we are realizing that's why the american people are fundamentally opposed to it it is not establishing or meeting any of the objectives that they set you tell. when you look at the go they are saying in 10 years that more people are going to be off healthcare not have healthcare coverage than there are today as a percentage of population. isn't obama care about expanding access? >> this is important. you are a democrat. the president made promises to save 175,000 a year per family. all of these you can't keep your plan and number two nobody is saving any money. why not delay it and get it right so those promises will be fulfilled? >> your statistics are not true. want to go to grand corporation kierz family foundation study the premium prices the last two
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years. the average american premiums are going down controlling costs, controlling costs which we all agree is essential to obama care. >> telemundo said it's the lowest increase -- they are saying they are going down. >> you cannot be something -- >> wait, i have a -- the republicans announced a plan to cease funding. >> no, that's not true. the republican plan is 20,000 dollars a tax break for family 70,000 for individuals. it goes into more detail. a doctor a congressman from tennessee went into great specificity about it. they have a replacement plan that will allow affordability if you lose your keep your coverage and the new job you go to. >> it covers millions fewer than the obama plan.
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>> let me talk about costs. congressional budget came in the 10 year long-term plan. they are going to have more because of medicaid expansion and because of subsidized exchanges. hospitals like the cleveland clinic made a deal with the devil slashed medicare funding in order to increase medicaid funding. all it does is all about the bottom line. >> i want to talk about the cleveland clinic any more. it isn't about talking points. the ceo of cleveland clinic said in 2009 after president obama individualsitied there this is a problem. we want to give people more insurance but the cost is too high. cleave clanked clinic runs on a narrow margin. that's why they are getting rid of employees right now. that's why they are getting rid of health coverage. they rely on charity. they can't afford medicaid and medicare even before obama care.
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>> making a face at you. >> here is the biggest problem. the problem is boehner is a criminal. >> a criminal? >> he should be investigated. >> what crimes? >> because what he is doing -- extortion. what he is doing is greed. >> will you ex mra in? >> i will explain if you stop snishging in the back. we can debate the healthcare issue and obama care and affordable care whatever you want to call it all day long, what it is about is shutting the government down the first shut down in the history of our -- >> that is a problem. >> have you read the constitution? >> yes, many times. >> who has the power of the purse? >> the house. >> madison said it was 58. whenever the president reaches for more power than the constitution allows him to have it is the duty of congress to stop funding. >> bay more is tlent to go shut
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the government down? >> you know why? the president violated -- >> i agree with you. our president violated -- >> we will get to the incendiary rhetoric. we will get to what you are talking about. coming up also two lawmakers four constituents who voted today will de fund obama care. later a very spirited studio audience reacts to the left incendiary rhetoric. we will play it to you. that's pelosi and reed and obama himself. we will get full reaction as we continue. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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go long. welcome back to the specia >> welcome back. we will bring back our studio audience in a moment. indiana congressman marlon susman wrote an op ed about obama care over hall and if allowed to go in effect it is hard to image a single person in america who won't feel its severe impact in some way. that's why congress is doing everything in the power to de fund it and stop it from taking effect fbt this isn't about threatening a shut down it is about stopping the pain every american will feel. marla stutts man as well as georgia congressman tom gray both of whom voted to de fund obama care in the house. thank you for being on the program. >> thank you for having us. >> congressman stuttsman how bad
6:17 pm
will it be if it goes into full effect? >> there is over 610 employees in fort wayne, indiana had their hours cut by fort wayne community schools after they discovered the cost of this is going to be to their particular organization. they are cutting spouse's benefits. this is only causing more chaos and confusion as i talk to mothers who have their autistic children kicked off of insurance programs. this is just the tip of the iceberg. it will only get worse. >> you have been involved in this from the beginning. will the household the line? i know a lot of conservatives are wondering last week the leadership this is a parliamentary maneuver that would have funded obama care. a lot of conservatives are nervous. will you hold the line in the
6:18 pm
house. >> i want to say happy birthday to my wife. i will be home soon. >> happy birthday honey. >> i think she would prefer a watch. >> i think today was a wonderful day for america. it's a day the house did show -- it has been a bold statement we have been listening to the american people and we don't want to shut the government down but we want to protect our constituents from the harmful effects of obama care. the next steps are in the senate. there are senators in the democratic party who will make them the most important folks in their political career will be coming up next week. you can look at louisiana, west virginia, arkansas, alaska. those senators are going to have to look their constituents in the eye and let them know are they going to get away from the clutches of harry reid?
6:19 pm
>> are the republicans in the senate united? i know that rand paul is and i know ted cruise and marco rubio are. i think there are 15 that signed the legislation about what the b about the others? >> they are united about stopping obama and stopping the harmful effects. there is plenty of university there. as we move into next week i hope they stand very strong. they have to be hearing the same reports we are hearing from our constituents and hearing the same concern and fear and hurt in the eyes of their constituents. i suspect they will listen closely to their states. >> congressman stuttsman let's assume harry reid does what he is threatening to do they send it back to the house and then they have a show down. do you sense house leadership in particular and house members republicans voted today 230 will stand strong? >> first of all i would say this is a huge victory for the
6:20 pm
american people today. the house stood up with the american people and is de funding obama care because we know the consequences. next up is the senate. >> it's not a victory. it's a half victory. unless you stand and take it to the end it is not going to be a victory. >> all of the tricks the senate can play who knows how this will play out. i agree with congressman gray there are senators there who are up for reelection who have not had to vote on obama care this vote really matters. we may find a surprising outcome. >> i have a message for conservatives hold the line.
6:21 pm
this is why you were elected. this is the moment of truth. >> absolutely. >> thanks, shawn. >> up next the numbers don't lie. it is just republicans who want to look at obama care. 7 in 10 americans do not want the law to be implemented. we are going to explain after the break as we continue with a rowdy out of control studio audience next.
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>> welcome back to our special audience edition of "hannity." as president obama continues to promote the new healthcare overhaul it is no longer for republicans to oppose the law. the fox news poling bdata released this week nearly 7 out of 10 americans are concerned about their healthcare under the quote affordable care act. that's not all. the majority of americans think it would be better to go back to the 2009 healthcare system. only 35 percent think that the new law should stay in place. we bring back our rowdy studio audience. i want to talk about the rhetoric in washington. nancy pelosi calling this a potential act of brutality preying on the american people. harry reid saying it is a play
6:26 pm
by tea party anarchists. president obama calls it extortion. let's talk about some of the predictable play book attacks by democratic leaders. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or not raising the debt ceiling being used to ex tort a president or a governing party. >> this is playing with fire. leg slaft arsonists are at work when they start using the debt limit for their own agenda. >> major bills or grow our economy or languish. the house we are doing we did the farm bill twice, we did marketplace fairness which small businesses want that done.
6:27 pm
not with the house of representatives not with the anarchists to control that. >> anarchists extremists arsonists. steve murphy. >> you want to shut down the government don't you? >> no. >> that's anarchy. that's what you have in us. >> the republicans -- >> we want to fine the government but we don't want to fund obama care. you are calling that anarchy because we want to fund it? >> absolutely. >> oh, come on. >> first of all it's the responsibility of congress to pass the budget. >> no, they didn't. >> the house passed the budget. the house represents a main joerity of the american people because 52 percent -- >> in the last election 52 percent of the voters voted for democrats for the house of representatives. it is controlled democrats. >> the american people don't like obama care. >> our way or the highway.
6:28 pm
>> representatives is doing is representing the american people. if you look at polls the american people don't like obama care. >> two-thirds of americans are against de funding the government. >> that's not true. >> a new poll came out this week 51 percent of the people are willing to have a shut down in favor of obama care. let's move quickly. flash back to barack obama saying we need to tone back our rhetoric, compromise. when will it be the democrats compromise? they are saying all of obama big government programs except for obama care. you have the scale here. obama care here all of the other stuff that he wants here. why is it that when it comes to compromise only republicans give. >> hang on. let me go to sasha.
6:29 pm
>> i have a question for you. republicans pass a continuing resolution that funds or debt, our obligations o-funds military ocean security, medicare runs the whole government except for obama care. how do you explain the accusation republicans are shutting down the government? >> obama care is the law of the land. that is the reality. >> that is -- it is the law of the land. it was passed by sue houses it was upheld by the supreme court. there was an election that withheld in which the republicans couldn't repeal if the americans turned that down. >> congress has a duty to thwart the president's health reform. it is not what the congress passed in 2010. >> explain. let her explain. >> this is obama care now. gone is em employer mandates. gone is the cap on out of pocket expenses. gone are over half of the deadlines of this law.
6:30 pm
gone are the income fair ficcation procedures. this is what is left of the original obama care. wait a second. then the president added 1,472 waivers, plus an illegal subsidy for members of congress that nobody else in america earning 174,000 dollars would get. a president does not have the constitutional authority to mange eli mangle distort rangel and revive a law. >> this is a great point. >> that is a great point. >> i want to answer his question. he said -- madison said in 58 that short of impeachment. >> one at a time. >> madison said in federalist 58 that the way to avoid putting the nation through the ordeal of impeachment is to wield the power of the purse to reign in a president who violated the law. >> democratic strategist.
6:31 pm
jim? >> let me tell you why this is so crazy. if you map quest killing obama care there isn't a root to get there unless you win the presidency and you win -- >> stop for a second. >> i am not trying to be interrupt tive. she is making a point. the law was passed the president gave exemptions to who he wants big employers. listen to my question. the president does not unilaterally have the authority to change the law by himself. that's what he does. >> if the president by his executive action did something the people feel is okay they can try it in court. >> that is their executive action. >> in the back. he exempted congress. >> why are the american people going to be subject to a law
6:32 pm
that congress doesn't even have to abide by. when you talk about de funding obama care. i understand why that word in and of itself could scare people. everybody gries it should be delayed until it is ready to be implemented properly. the fact that we have been funding without being prepared is irresponsible. it is irresponsible. >> all of the democrats here would any of these democrats support delaying this for everybody? >> no. >> they have an exemption. they get their exemption, congress gets their exemption. cash subsidies for labor. >> you agree with me. >> real quick we have to go. >> all of this rhetoric. all of this nastiness, this is a democracy or supposed to be. why does the president have to attack people that criticize him? it has been a problem from the beginning.
6:33 pm
don't the american people get to say we don't like what's happening. we don't have access to care. we don't like the way this law is being implemented. >> anarchists extortion by next week i promise you it will be killing grandma and killing children. i guarantee it. >> the president is lowering himself. he should ride it like president bush did. >> the people are messing with him now. coming up next on "hannity"." >> the cleveland clinic in ohio and other institutions that offer some of the highest quality of care in the nation at some of the lowest costs in the nation we should learn from their successes and promote the best practices. >> now president obama counted the cleave clankveland clinic w selling healthcare law. this slashed over 3 million from their budget why? because of obama care. we always want to hear from you.
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>> special forces moving in attack on hostage crisis in a shopping mall in nairobi. here is cell phone video from inside one of the stores. intense situation in the first few minutes of the attack. this would have been yesterday. it has been going on for more than 40-hours. islamic extremists a part of a group called al shabob came in targeting killing non muslims, americans caught up in this. 68 people killed more than 170 wounded. the kenyan military say most of the remaining hostages have been rescued this evening.
6:39 pm
>> in washington a possible government shut down. they keep the government running only if it removes funding for obama care. the bill has no chance. the president promised to veto it if it makes it to his desk. i am harris falkner. now "hannity"." >> welcome back to "hannity." before we turn back to our studio audience we have a battle over the debt. i want to go down memory lane for all of my democrats. you are all smiling. i want to tell you what obama said in 2006. he said, this was about raiding -- the fact that we are here today raising america's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure it's a sign the u.s. government cannot pay its own bills. it is a sign we now depend on ongoing financial assistance to foreign countries to look at reckless fiscal policies he went on to say increasing american's
6:40 pm
debt increases nationally. leadership means the buck stops here. washington is shifting the burden of bad choices on to the backs of our children and grandchildren. america has a debt problem and failure of leadership. america deserves better. i intend to oppose the debt limit. this is another example here. i would argue, as obama said he is being distorted. that is when the debt was 8 trillion. >> evidences wrong to say i -- evidences wrong to say -- he wa to say it. >> how convenient. >> fiddling with the debt ceiling threatens our economy. not just for months. it threatens it for years and years. >> i will get to the costs in a second. >> treasury rates, it hurt it is economy. we shouldn't be playing with fire now. >> is that right -- >> there is no path to defund
6:41 pm
obamacare it. it's a kabuki dance. >> what senator obama said in 2006 president obama proved to be true 20013. one thing i want to point out to obama care as we continue to talk about thewe cost. i think the american people wani the same thing as the president's greatest political t allies., he went on bended knee for the president this week begged him for an exemption and he slams the door in their faces. >> let mele stand back and give you numbers here. the ceo released numbers this week that said obama care will bankrupt this country. here are the numbers they gave h me. $770 billion over the next 10
6:42 pm
years raising taxes.e that is a huge number. woefr numbers on top of it. it is well beyond what the president said it would be.w which is three times the estimated cost than what it was. david web is the ceo supposed to be nonpartisan saying it will pretty much bankrupt the country. >> if they are liberal they are right when you need them to be right wrong when you need them n to be wrong. we have to get past the argument, that you know. what we have is this argument over who is right and who is wrong. let's look at the numbers for t what they are. our unfunded liabilities $87 trillion and growing. > 90 trillion on top of the flaf we have now. >> what we are talking about isl not enough mroney on the planet or the entire globe to support e what we have in unfundied liabilities. china is not giving up the money saying we will take it flat.
6:43 pm
they want their big they are going to be paid. at the same time we are giving away asl admiral mullens said oe of the big he is threats is our economy and where it we are giving away national security. this is bigger thandy obama car which is 20 percent of our economy. it never was a good idea to take as much of that. >> they believed in obama and thought evidences going to help them. in order for obama care to work not only do they need to sign ut for obama care they need to be over charged. >> in the back. >> that is not true. >> if you are -- >> talking over one another)
6:44 pm
>> no one is going to sign up. >> one at a time. >> the problem is>> no one willy sign up if you can stay on your parent's ininsurance. >> it is the height of personal responsibility to pay for your g healthcare. >> if you walk into an emergench room without healthcare who pays for that? everybody on the panel pays for that. now you have the 23, 25-year-olds getting coverage. they are covered. >> okay guys, simple question. what is the unemployment rate amongst the young? how are they going to pay for something when they don't have jobs? >> they can stay on their parent's plan. >> coming up still much more tot discuss as we continue with ourn studio audience. a lot to get to as we continue.t ♪
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welcome back to our audience edition of "hannity." katie, i want to ask you. >> republicans have offered a solution. my preferred solution is simple medical savings accounts where
6:49 pm
individuals will build up money in their account just like they would in an irs they would use it it would incentivize them to get a checkup every year it would have catastrophic insurance god forbid they had a heart attack or cancer or back operation or knee operation. i think that's the best plan. the republican plan is 25,000 tax reduction for families $2,500 for individuals and they would allow affordability and go across state lines. better solution? >> we can all agree if there's one thing healthcare solution before needed fixes. it wasn't perfect. there are definitely things we could improve on there are bure krotic processes that make it more expensive including medical devices and prescription drugs. you are not going do do it through obama care. you can allow purchases through state lines but it has to be done in a smaller more efficient
6:50 pm
effective way. >> christie? >> for once i can agree with katie on one thing before obama care a lot of people agreed our healthcare system needed fixing. that's why when you see some of these holes that see majority of people don't like obama care is a lot of people think they did not do enough. there are people who think we should do more than health insurance reform. >> obama care extended the problems winot the solution. the er myth everybody can get an insurance card you can go to the er. first of all the hospital gets paid less because the insurance they are taking like medicare is reimbursing less. studies show people use the emergency room unnecessarily when though have that kind of insurance. we are clogging the er with people who don't need to go there. the er cans are -- >> this already goes on without obama care. >> 10 percent less because
6:51 pm
people with obama care can't get in toen seen. >> the reason we have these problems are things like medicare people go in when they don't need er help. that isn't obama care that causes that problem. i came up with the most amazing plan. what we should do -- this is the cameron plan -- tamara plan. we should have the republican goes in and figure it out. they eat their own. >> there is going to be so lo solution if the republicans have their way anyway. (talking over one another) >> one at a time. >> we agree the first important at the prese step is to end the antitrust exemption that insurance companies benefit from or remain cartel? you don't want to add that>> they don't want to have
6:52 pm
healthcare policy. they have 15 percent approval rating under speaker boehner. 15 percent approval rating. >> talking about the house. >> this is the lowest they ever measured. where is the trust? >> where is the trust for obama on this. read the polls. when we come back speaking of trust, remember when we talked about death panels? we are going to talk about a case i will ask the audience if this is an example of bureaucratic death penalty? what is it about? i will tell you next. run, go, go! did he just fumble?
6:53 pm
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6:57 pm
young girl 11 jeers old on the pediatric lung transplant list has cystic fibrosis. her doctor said she could use an adult transplant. katherine sebelius said she couldn't get it. she would be dead for that. >> she did a good job on that. >> she was doing really well today. it is proven that kids can get these transplants and sebelius was blocking it it was a rationing board. >> she would be dead today. >> are you hitting me? (laughter) >> let's that i cake this outsi. >> under day two of meaningful youth one of the measures imposed on doctors now >> doctors who can't prove over 50 percent of the patient's 65 and older have an advanced directive. they are getting less money.
6:58 pm
>> let me keep going we are running out of time. >> i call it a rational board. this is from a doctor's perspective. >> that little girl wouldn't be alive if katherine seb beelius didn't sign the waiver. >> we need more organs. >> it is not a death panel. >> what do you think she should have signed that waiver for that girl because her doctor wanted it. >> would she be alive or dead? >> she would be dead. >> death panel or bureaucrat? >> death panel obama care. >> would the young girl sara be alive today? >> here is another question. should seb beal why yous have signed the waiver for that girl the doctor wanted? >> sure. >> she didn't. the girl would have died.
6:59 pm
>> not a death panel 67 i think doctors and patients should make decisions. >> if you think that you are with the rest of us obama care is the worst possible thing that could happen. they are in danger of giving federal bureaucrats the house. >> will republicans hold the line or will they cave? who says they will cave? >> how many think they will hold the line? how many think obama will cave? will the government -- will we in 11 days have a government shut down? >> how many say yes? how many say no? >> it is because of the government shut down it doesn't de fund obama care. it comes under mandatory spending. >> mandatory spending can be r
7:00 pm
circumvented due to rules and house in the senate. >> it will not be de funded. >> give yourselves a big hand. thank you for being with us. see you back here monday night. >> will future. >> faster and cheaper. >> when everybody asks into the global market great ideas flourish. >> he is either a visionary or barking mad. >> is this a good idea? >> plastic guns you could make it your own home. >> this ought to be stopped. >> the coin is the sfirns tralized digital currency. >> will technology, freedom prevail? >> you talk about things that will transform life as we know it. >> innovation nation t


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