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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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i select the e-mails. thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. president obama announced just a few hours ago that he's spoken on the phone with iran's new president, hasan rue han ee. he believes a nuclear deal can be reached. welcome to "hannity," i am monica crowley in for sean. president obama made a brief appearance in the white house briefing room and made this announcement. >> just now i spoke on the phone with the president of the islamic republic of iran. the two of us discussed our on-going efforts to reach an agreement over iran's nuclear program. i reiterated to president rue
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han ee what i said in new york, while there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, i believe we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> while the commander in chief is open to negotiating with the rogued and terrorist regime in tehran, he is not open to doing so with republican lawmakers. here is what he said today about the looming government shutdown. >> if republicans have specific ideas on how to genuinely improve the law, rather than gut it, rather than delay it, rather than repeal it, i'm happy to work with them on that through the normal democratic processes, but that will not happen under the threat of a shutdown. so over the next three days, house republicans will have to decide whether to join the senate and keep the government open or shut it down because they can't get their way on an
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issue that has nothing to do with the deficit. i will not negotiate over congress' responsibility to pay the bills that have already been racked up. >> well now, this news comes after the united states senate passed a spending bill earlier today which funds the federal government through december and also funds obama care. the bill is now punted back to the house where it is bound to meet resistance from gop lawmakers. joining me now with reaction to this and more, congresswoman from tennessee, marsha blackburn and texas congressman michael burgess. welcome to you both. thank you for being here. congresswoman, let me start with you, this political hot potato now has been bounced back to your chamber. the president said this afternoon he is not negotiating on anything, spending cuts, obama care, the debt ceiling. he is not moving. he is immovable. what do you say to that? >> we have invited the president over and over again to come and negotiate with us. we have extended the hand of
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friendship. we would love for him to meet us at the table and to work on these issues. the fact is, the american people do not want this law. it is not ready for implementation. he has actually delayed different provisions, made 19 different delays on this, monica, and looking at the stalling the implementation on it. yet when we bring a bill, hr 2809 to delay it one year, no, no, no, we don't want to do that. he already admitted it is not ready for prime time. when this hot potato comes back to us, a lot of my colleagues say well, we will put a couple other qualifiers, maybe individual mandate delay and send it back to the senate. >> congressman burgess, i would like your read on this, too. congresswoman blackburn raised the possibility of delay and sending that to the senate, maybe one year delay, sitting on the individual mandate and maybe other things.
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there are two minds on this issue of delay. some people say let's delay it, let's sort of delay the pain of implementing obama care for one year. other people say wait a minute, let it go forward, let it collapse under its own weight, let the pain actually be inflicted on businesses and individuals and let the democrats then hang by their own horrendous bill. what do you believe about a delay, where do you stand? >> they're both valid arguments. i haven't been a big plan of delay, i thought defund was the way to go. let's be honest, marsha is correct, he is the delay erer i chief, he closed the window to closing the window for pre-existing coverage. he said we're not signing anybody else this year, you have to wait for next year. the cap on expenses, the employer mandate, before the fourth of july, valerie jarrett delayed that. the president is the big
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delayer. the other thing of letting it into action and letting the cookie crumble, there are a lot of people think that's a valid strategy. in 1988, dan ross ten could you ski, democratic chairman of the ways and means committee passed a catastrophic bill and his home towns were unruly. he came to washington and said i have to get rid of this thing. there's the possibility that could happen. honestly, monica, there's so much pain involved in that, and at this point i feel honor bound to try to stop the train wreck i see coming. >> congresswoman, all the things he laid out is true. this president is defunding his own law through all of the delays and waivers and exemptions he is giving to his political croanys. how do we move forward. the senate will bounce it back to you. what are you prepared to do? the debate over delay talked
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about the congressional exemption to obama care that a lot of folks say let's take that out as well. what's the next step here? >> the next step, we will meet tomorrow about noonan i am sure different ones that favor different proposals will bring those forward and the conference will make a decision. you were talking about the congressional exemption. that's one of those items that they're looking at other provisions that are dealing with entitlement reform, there are some that favor that. i think that people are really looking at the delay of the bill because, monica, this is the way we not only stop the programs but we stop all the taxes from taking place, the insurance excise tax, the medical device tax, those things that give that plume of revenue that they have to have in order to stand this law up. so i think the decisions tomorrow will be made. i think the discussion is going to be robust. but you are so right, when you talk about how he has given
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waivers and favors to his friends and his cronies, when you have big labor agreeing that this is not ready for implementation in prime time, you know that people are beginning to turn against this, the majority of the american people don't want it, and as mike was saying, you know, of course it is going to be so incredibly disruptive. he is a physician. he knows how disruptive. we are hearing from hospitals that are closing, physicians that are closing practices, people that are losing jobs, businesses that are not expanding, insurance costs that are going up over five times what they're paying now. we have families that are looking at their out of pocket expenses incre 300%. i mean, this is a lot of disruption to the health care marketplace. >> the horror show has already started and the law hasn't even kicked in yet. >> right. >> let me ask a question, and congresswoman, i want you to weigh in as well.
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four or five years ago the president talked about the fundamental transformation of the nation. socialized medicine is the cornerstone of that. couple days ago he said we are a few days from finishing up the job. that's what he meant. here we are because of infighting in our party, particularly shameful, we now have the green light for obama care, i salute both of you that you're doing everything you can at this point, but my big question to you first, congressman, is do you believe the left has essentially succeeded in the fundamental transformation of the nation because they have been able to get socialized medicine? >> because the product is so abysmally poor, this was never ready for prime time. it is like saying the dog ate my homework and i turned in a rough draft and it accidently got signed into law. that's why it is hard to implement, there are errors signed into law by the president. if the president was serious about working with congressional republicans, how about he send
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the people from his agencies to our committee prepared to answer our questions and not stonewall us as they repetitively have done. i reached out to our white house liaison early in the year, said okay, you won re-election, when you come to our committees, be prepared to work with us, but we don't get any sort of responsible answer to any questions. just last week they lied to me. i said yes or no, are you going to be ready october 1st. the man gave some blatherring answer. >> they don't care. the overall issue for them is that obama care was never about health care or health insurance, it was about government power and control, congresswoman. >> that's right. controlling people's lives. this is what it is about. putting the nation closer to the edge of bankruptcy. it is already going to triple costs, $2.6 trillion, we will add about $6 trillion extra, going forward over the next decade. this is something that we have
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to stop now. delay, defund, repeal, replace. that's our goal on behalf of the american people who were focused on freedom, free markets, we cannot let them put this law into action. >> and no one can afford it. no one can afford the premiums. >> and we can't afford the fundamentalal transformation of america either. thanks to you bothment thanks for your fearlessness and fight. still ahead, charles krauthammer. we are not for negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> a top white house adviser goes on television and compares republicans to suicide bombers. can you imagine if a conservative used that kind of rhetoric? we will debate the double standard. and these are your three options for video of the day. to cast your vote, head to
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welcome back to "hannity." in the wake of republicans standing up for the american people and trying to defund obama care, democrats are taking a page out of their worn out play book, and instead of coming up with concise arguments, they resorted to name calling. the latest disgusting example from white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer. he likened republicans to suicide bombers. >> we are for spending and reforming tax and entitlements, what we are not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> great to see you both. scottie, let me start with you, your reaction to being called a terrorist and arsonist because you're a tea party member. >> to quote my favorite politician of all time margaret thatcher who said she always enjoyed when people attacked her personally, it meant they had no political argument left and that we are winning. and they're sitting there
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calling us those names. that's what the whole administration has been, that's the name calling, childish games they play. the american people are starting to wake up and say quit the name calling and give us answers. >> doug, you have to admit, if republicans were caught saying this about democrats, holy hell would be breaking loose. >> i would say that, but i want to clarify something scotty said. the democrats won. 25 republicans in the senate voted to allow the bill without -- i'm sorry, with funding of obama care to go back to the house. 19 voted against it. >> a shame. >> but that means the democrats won. the democrats are playing a rhetorical game that's working, to demonize the republican party which demonizes itself. >> it is unacceptable, this kind of language from the top white house official calling people on the other side that have legitimate policy disagreements terrorists and arsonists. >> i don't think it is acceptable. i have been for a long time for a negotiated resolution of the differences, but when john
6:17 pm
mccain and ted cruz go at it, ted cruz and bob corker go at it, republicans have enough problems in their own house, ought to get those in order. >> talk about the split in the republican party, you're a member of the tea party, staunch conservative, want fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, as i do, and now you have establishment republicans going after folks that represent those things like ted cruz and mike lee. >> here is the thing, i am going to correct doug. the democrats won, so did the establishment republicans won. and that's the problem. the american people lost. that's the most important part. we lost. when you look at 52 years of washington, d.c., which is a combination of how long mccain has been in office and harry reid who came in the same year, we realize those are more two of a kind than people who have just been like ted cruz and michael just in there a few days. that's who the american people are bonding with. as long as we can start clearly defining those lines, people
6:18 pm
remember that when they go to the voter box. >> doug, you're correct the democrats won the battle but may not have won the bigger war. talk to us about what do you think happens from here in terms of the political ball goes back to the house, what do you think, because all these things are being conflated, the debt ceiling, funding obama care, it is all part of a piece. >> let me look for a personal view first, then i'll address your question. look, the american people, scottie is right, they lose if there's not con sill agency. the fight is not to jeopardize the economy and our ability to have full faith and credit of the united states honored. that's bad for all of us. you know what, monica, we're all americans. bottom line, i think the democrats will hold firm as president obama said. i think the republicans from what i can see will hold firm. i think we're going to get a government shutdown. i think it will end quickly, the republicans will cave, then we will be on to the debt ceiling
6:19 pm
and that will be another fight. >> scottie, what's so interesting what happened, i agree it is a loss for the american people, you look at the poll numbers, barack obama is down to 43% job approval, the people are not down with barack obama right now. you look at other poll numbers, 60% of the people about want obama care repealed either in entirety or in part. 61% according to bloomberg poll that says american people don't want the debt ceiling raised without accompanying spending cuts. so the american people are with the tea party crowd, with ted cruz and mike lee, and still we have this result today. >> i think this is where you're right, monica. we may have lost this battle but we're going to win the war. the republicans if they're smart will switch the conversation. we will shut down the government and look at the democrats and say you're going to be responsible for not opening it up. >> you think we're going to see shutdown. >> do you agree with that? >> let me make another point. there is substantial support,
6:20 pm
monica, for the republican position. the problem is the republicans keep seizing defeat from the jaws of victory with their in transgenerals, unwillingness to negotiate. >> doug, you're engaging in projection now, you're projecting onto the republicans everything obama and the democrats are guilty of, refusal to negotiate on any issue. he came out today and said i am not negotiating. >> i am willing to say there's a plague on both houses. the republican ratings are lower than obama's. >> i think we're going to switch this conversation and say we were the ones willing to talk, it is the democrats that shut it down, they want to hold onto their precious obama care that the american people does not want. this is not -- >> that is true, the challenge for republicans is messaging. i have no faith in them on that. they have to have the media and
6:21 pm
i have no confidence in that either. coming up next, charles krauthammer on a presidential phone call that broke decades of silence between the united states and iran. and also tonight, we need your help selecting the video of the day. the second option, incredible footage from boston of a man falling onto the subway tracks. before a train arrives, heroes jump into action. if you want to see it, head to "hannity"live and cast your vote. dad! dad! katy perry is coming to town. can we get tickets, pleeeeease???
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now, we are mindful of all of the challenges ahead. the very fact that this was the first communication between an american and iranian president since 1979 underscores the deepness between our countries, and also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. i do believe that there is a basis for a resolution. >> welcome back to "hannity." that was president obama referencing part of his phone call with iran's president hasan rowhani from earlier today. is there a basis for resolution? i don't know about that. joining me with more reaction in today's developments, author of the upcoming book "things that matter" dr. charles krauthammer. great to see you. >>be here. >> give me your reaction to what
6:26 pm
happened today. this phone call between president obama and the new iranian president rowhani, spoke about iran's nuclear program. negotiations are now on-going. but it seems to me given three things that any movement here is likely to be unfruitful or at least at the disadvantage of the united states. first, that the supreme leader, ayatollah hoe main ee wants u.k. weapons, the second, iran like all those regimes lies, and the president got nothing first in exchange for the phone call. your reaction? >> i think you're exactly right. what we are seeing is an unseemly swoon, and it is pretty transparent what the iranians want to do. it takes 250 kilograms of 20% enriched uranium to build a bomb. the iaea, atomic agency, reported back in august that the iranians have 186. they are on the threshold,
6:27 pm
they're on the horizon. they can see the finish line. what they need now is time and they need a gullible west to give them time. if, for example, as you say we got nothing in return for this endless negotiation being continued, if, for example, they were to halt uranium enrichment so the clock isn't running, i would be all in favor. let's see if they're serious. but what they're doing very clearly is engaging the president of the united states, the west, in these negotiations to give them just the extra time they need to build the bomb, and we have a precedent for this. this new, quote, moderate, unquote, rowhani, the new president. he was the chief negotiator for iran exactly a decade ago, and he said, he boasted in a speech in iran that while he was negotiating at the time it was with the eu 3, britain, france,
6:28 pm
and germany, they were able, the iranians were able to finish a uranium facility. so they are so contemptuous. they spin us and the uranium. that's what this is about. the idea that all of a sudden they had a change of heart, obama actually said in the speech today that the reason he is optimistic about the outcome of the talks is because the ayatollah declared, he issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons. do you believe that? he said rowhani pledged that iran will never make a nuclear bomb. rowhani has been saying all week at the u.n. that iran is not working on a bomb and has never worked on a bomb, that everyone knows is a double lie. yet obama takes the third
6:29 pm
statement, which is clearly a lie at somehow face value and is now optimistic that's the new basis of our negotiations. this is not starting very well. >> charles, president nixon once said in the first term, presidents like to be considered warriors, tough guys. in the second term they all want to be considered peace makers. do you think that's part of president obama's motivation here that he wants to walk through the streets of tehran like beijing? >> he got the nobel prize before he had gotten the furniture in his white house. obama spoke in the first speech with the u.n. about the open hand he gave iran. remember where obama was on iran in 2009 when there was a miraculous spontaneous revolution that would have
6:30 pm
changed the history of the middle east. these were students in the streets. remember what the graffiti said, obama, are you with us or against us. he stood aside, didn't do anything, didn't lift a finger. he implicitly gave legitimacy to a government killing its own students in the streets. obama thought with his silver tongue he could sweet talk the iranians out of the nukes, that's been the policy from the beginning. now it is continuing at an even higher level of naivety. and remember, once you start in these talks, the idea of a military strike or anything done by israel, for example, is off the table. the israelis are totally isolated now, even if they wanted and they could hit the nuclear facility the way israel hit the facility in iraq in 1981, and hit the nuclear facility in syria in 2007, even if it wanted to, it can't do it in the middle of a high level negotiation with the u.s.
6:31 pm
iran is getting exactly what it wants, imunity. >> now that your hands have been tied, what do you do? do you have any options? >> well, you are a lot like the czechs in 1938, a country that people thought in the west we could sacrifice or at least sacrifice its interests in order to get peace in our time. look, the israelis are simply going to have to wait. i think the iranians are clearly unserious. i hope i'm wrong. it would be great to have a settlement. but i think there's a way to construct a settlement, this is probably what we're going to get, where it appears as if iran is not going nuclear, but they retain the right to enrich, and once they do that, which is what they want, if we give them the right to enrich, then they will be right on the threshold of a bomb, within, you know, a break
6:32 pm
out of a week or two or three. and they stay there, knowing that at any time they can go nuclear, the israelis have no way out, they're not able to do that. the west would agree and sign a settlement that it knows is not going to be one that will prevent a nuclear iran, but it will look okay, and that would be the worst, that would be the nightmare outcome. i don't think the israelis have an option. they are completely isolated today. the united states stepped into a different arena now where it is prepared to engage in negotiations, and in the meantime, the israelis are a bystander while this stands over their heads. >> it is really a nightmare scenario, charles, largely by our making. i also don't think the timing is much coincidence, after putin and assad played us, the iranians were teed up next. pleasure to see you. sean sits down with suzanne
6:33 pm
somers. but first. >> let's have a look. >> gross, right? the president of the group behind this creepy uncle sam ad will be live in studio and he'll explain how his organization plans to spread the truth about obama care. and don't forget, visit hannitylive. cast your vote for the video of the day. the third option, a gunman intended to carry out a horrific massacre in this mcdonald's. thanks to what they call a miracle, see what happens.
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a lot of attention has been paid to the gop's mission to
6:38 pm
defund obama care, there's a grass roots effort encouraging young people to opt out of the law. the organization leading the charge is called generation opportunity. and beginning october 5th, they intend to travel to college campuses across america to highlight alternatives to the expensive new obama care exchanges. the group has already captured the attention of millions of people online, with the following ad. it is called creepy uncle sam and trust me, it lives up to its name. >> oh, i see you chose to sign up for obama care. >> yes, actually it is my first time here. >> well, here we are then. change into a gown, a doctor will see you soon. >> okay. your vitals look good. any changes in your diet or exercise. can you swing over, scoot down, try to make yourself
6:39 pm
comfortable. okay. let's have a look. >> ah! >> joining me, the president of the organization behind that video, evan fineburg. i love the ad, it is funny, clever. a little gross, but that's okay. the reason i love it, uncle sam is in every part of our lives, including places the sun don't shine, especially with obama care. even though the ad has gotten criticism because it is a little crass, people are talking about it, and that's the point. >> absolutely. that's a creative way to get across the message. most young people don't realize they have the opportunity to opt
6:40 pm
out of obama care. they have to pay a penalty, but they have lots of private options that are significantly cheaper than the expensive obama care insurance offered to them. if they opt out, they don't have to let uncle sam examine them. >> talk about generation opportunity. we know young people voted in droves in 2008 and 2012 last year. also know they still support him, even though there's high unemployment among this group, crap jobs market, nobody can get any jobs, now they have to be living with mom and dad i guess forever. and still they support him. my question is how do we reach, really reach young people? >> youth unemployment for 18 to 29-year-olds, 16.1%. less than half the young adults have a full-time job. the economy is terrible for them. there's an opportunity to reach them. the problem is our side, limited government side hasn't been able to get through to young people. we are an organization of millenials. we are able to think of creative
6:41 pm
content that will penetrate through so young people hear our message that obama care will make their life a lot worse. they're going to have extremely high expenses, have to give all of this personal health care data to the government. they can opt out, buy private, it is better for them. you have to find a creative way. >> it will cost young people big time. the system needs younger, healthier people to sustain the system, right? so but i don't think young people are focused on what it means to their wallets, what it means in taxes, premiums and everything else. how do you pitch this to them in concrete terms. >> you ask them why is amy poehler brought in by the white house to sell this law, why is jennifer hudson, michael fair from funny or die selling this law. if you have to sell it to americans to make it work for older, sicker folks without insurance, they start to say why is the administration spending
6:42 pm
$70 million in taxpayer money to sell this bad deal to them, well, when they start asking me, why are they doing that, it is because they have to sell something that doesn't make economic sense. in philadelphia, you can buy a plan for 75 bucks a month. under obama care, a similar plan is 195 bucks a month. we are paying more so other people can get health care and never going to get benefits. >> you have to talk $75 to $195, when you make it real, i think they'll respond. talk about the coolness factor, you talk about younger voters, they think obama is cool, leftism is cool. obama and mom jones, not cool, leftism, not cool. nanny state is not cool. i think there are a lot of kids if they thought about it are natural libertarians. they hate the fact the nsa is spying on texts, calls, internet
6:43 pm
usage. that's a real opening for us. how do we craft that message that freedom is cool. >> i think anti-establishmentism is cool among young people. don't want to be part of the status quo. it is providing a lot of young people their hook into libertarianism or conservative principles. a lot of young people are starting to hear the message and like it, they don't think it is cool moving into their parents' basement, went to college, try to make it on their own, and a third of people are moving back in with mom and dad. nothing less cool than dependence on mom and dad or on uncle sam. >> 35 years old, still living with mom and dad. >> absolutely. >> final question. what about reverse psychology. what if these kids on college campuses look at you and say you know what, you're a conservative, i really don't like or trust conservatives. you're telling me to opt out of obama care. i don't trust you. i am going to enroll because you're telling me not to. >> this massive data hub, we
6:44 pm
have to give it to the government, we think the costs are so much, they're going to know we're offering the better deal than this awful deal that obama care will offer them. >> great work. knock them dead out there. nice to have > up next, sean sih suzanne somers to talk about her latest book. and there's still time to vote for tonight's video of the day. head on over to hannity live. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. mmm! this is delicious katie. it's not bad for canned soup, right? pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade.
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welcome back to "hannity." suzanne somers in actress, author, entrepreneur. her latest book on the hormonal shifts that wreak havoc on women's lines. she sat down with sean, possibly to make him squirm, but definitely to talk about her new book. >> i am too young for this natural hormone book to enjoy peri-menopause. i love you. how am i supposed to talk about peri-menopause. >> you can't even say the word. >> that's how much i love you. >> i said do you think sean will have me on. by the time we are finished with this, you'll be glad you talked about peri-menopause.
6:49 pm
>> i opened the book, immediately, page 99. it is about sex. >> well, no, that's another hormone you probably never heard of called oxytocin. after you have children, your wife nurses, right, and she feels calm and loving because her body is making so much, and nature wanted her to do that so she would sit still, relax the baby, feed the baby, not be all stressed out. now in the anti-aging world, another hormone to add to your hormonal song is oxytocin. as women get older and lose the sex hormones, estrogen, progestero progesterone, testosterone, here is the deal, women can't feel sex if they don't have sex hormones, so you have to put the hormones back so you can get the feeling back, but most women
6:50 pm
think they have lost interest in it. now theyhe oxytocin, it makes you have more frequent and better orgasms. >> thank you. >> in catholic school, you couldn't talk about it. you think you're uptight. >> i wanted to compliment you. i am convinced, you got me thinking about this. then i started to read about it. i am like two books behind you, but i am so busy in my life, i don't have time to read fun things i want to read. >> what are you doing? >> working, you know, i work for a living. >> are you busy? >> i am busy. here is what i am convinced. i am convinced what you say about hgh, and what you say about like a fountain of youth. >> yeah. >> because what it's doing is replenishing those hormones that
6:51 pm
your body used to make. >> right. >> why are athletes so successful using it? because they work. >> right. and also, take like a guy in the nfl. and they're hitting their heads all the time. when you hit your head, either as a kid -- did you hit your head as a kid? >> sure. i had my bell rung, sure. >> that happened to my son, it jostles the pituitary and for many people and men in particular, you then are depleted of hormones much earlier in life. when my son was 36 -- >> are you saying i'm dedeplete? >> no. >> is that what you're saying? >> no. we put back the sex hormones to be all that you can be. you want a blood test and make sure that you have optimal healthy levels because you will live a long time. your heart is the largest muscle in your body. it has more tes toast rhone
6:52 pm
receptor sites. that's the pumping power. >> here's one question. as i read about testosterone and human growth hormone, one thing that seems to be consistent in the writings of the medical experts is to impact the heart over time. >> positively. >> no, no, no. negatively. >> they're wrong. okay? >> okay. >> see the thing about hormones, with all due respect, our doctors do not get sufficient training in medical school even as we speak. so i shouldn't be speaking expertly about it but i think it's a level playing field. i have educated myself in this. >> you have written how many books now? >> 25. >> 25? >> right. so in medical school today and i have asked every doctor i interview. how much time did you spend on hormones in medical school? approximately four hours prescribing hormones. i spent thousands of hours and i'm still learning. aging is about worn-out parts.
6:53 pm
in new york city it's accelerated from the toxins, chemicals and stress and blunts hormone production. plus i was joking about what are you doing? i listen to you on the radio. are you on fox 24 hours a day? >> an hour a day. my presence is so big and important -- no. >> you know what it is? everybody's going to know my politics. we watch so much fox that i see you so much, three times -- >> you know what -- your life in hollywood will be hell. >> hell. >> it's over. >> right, right. well, you know, i left them so -- >> that's true. you did. you walked away which is great. >> did you get your answer about testosterone? >> no. i agree. i am convinced this will be viewed as a fountain of youth and not living forever but increase your vitality. >> and quality of life. >> quality of life, yeah. >> and it's an an bollic steroid, testosterone and builds bone and musing.
6:54 pm
if you work out with free weights and replace hgm in the amounts determined by lab work, you don't want too much or too little -- goldilocks, you will get so much more out of your workout -- >> if i want a good sex life, get it for their wife, right? >> be careful. just sort of -- don't say here, honey. that can be an evening wrecker. but if -- if what i have appeals to anybody watching, this is what i have done for a decade and a half. and i've never looked back and i feel great all the time. >> i can attest that. you guys are fun to be around. >> thank you. you, too. it's the irish. coming up next, the moment has arrived. it's time to unveil your pick for video of the day. run, go, go! did he just fumble?
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welcome back. time now to reveal what you the viewers have chosen as tonight's video of the day. you have selected the clip of new york yankee legend rivera's tearful good-bye last night as he walked off the mound for the final time. take a look. >> how's this for drama?
7:00 pm
>> that's all the time we have left for tonight. thank you for being with us. tonight, even the senate chaplain is fed up. >> lord, deliver us from governing by crisis. >> obama care is the single largest job killer in this country. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they have threatened the government shutdown or worse. unless i gut or repeal the affordable care act. >> we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now. every bit as dangerous of the breakup of the union before the civil war. >> senate democrats are not listening to the millions of americans hurt by obama care. >> don't kid yourself to think this isn't a road


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