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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 18, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> i don't think it is working out that well. >> wes walker get well and we'll have to have you back against new england next week. >> thanks for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts now. we begin with a fox news alert eight deaths confirmed as a result of the powerful winds and tornados that struck much of the midwest. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. a late season storm ripping through 12 states and tearing through homes and tossing cars and leaving tens of thousands without power. the town of washington, illinois southwest of chicago got the worst of it. one man praying while recording this. >> our father who art in heaven hallowed will be tlooi name. give us this day our daily bread and forgive our trespass as we
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forgive those who trespass. and lead us not in temptation but deliver us from evil amen. nmike tobein is live from there now. >> reporter: bill, the debris shoes the power of the storm. this is a cooling unit from a nearby autoparts store. it is just wrapped around the tree that managed to stand up in the force of the storm. if you look at the tree in the distance that is a lounge chair and got deposited up in the tree. behind the storm itself what remains is bitter cold and in that bitter cold, resident of the neighborhood are forced to resume the task in the daylight of finding their things and doing with numbb fingers in the cold. the situating of destruction is
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a quarter mile across and two or throw miles long. hundreds of homes back there and it was destroyed in an instant. it was a matter of minutes between the wailing of the tornado sirens and people finding their neighborhood destroyed. illinois governor pat quinn spoke everybody in not just the land of lincoln but in the nation are in this together. >> it is very, very important at this time we finish our search and rescue efforts all across our state to make sure there is no one in harm's way. and on completion of that our mission now to recover. and we will recover. >> reporter: you can see people inside of their homes right now, sifting through and finding out what they can save and patch together from their old lives. the mayor of the town said there are three shelters and they are
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busy. people have a network of friends and relatives upon which they can rely. they are short- term fixes. this neighborhood will not be rebuilt in a long time for sometime and they will need somewhere to stay as winter descends on the midwest. >> it is a tough thing to watch, thank you, mike. back in washington now. fox news alert on the troubled obama roll out. the president said the website will be working for the vast majority of americans bite end of this month. a new report said the administration will consider just 80 percent a success. this as the top democrat is coming to the president's defense after dozens of her members vote in favor of the republican bill to change the law. >> i think we just have to remain calm. and get through the website getting fixed, clarify
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misrepresentation about it. but it is the law of the land and an important economic and health ability and security issue for the american people. >> eric ericson of red state.comand a fox news contractor. >> i there. >> there was a washington post report that found an unnamed washington official said the administration's goal is 80 percent accessibility on the website, is that success? >> no, it is not success. we know from the congressional budget office that 31 percent of the americans and hundred percent people can get on the website will not get health care under obama care. and by the time this is done, we'll have won world twa two. and three years and eight months in they will not have the
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website ready. we didn't consider the nazis and japanese and call it we have only 80 percent of them and call the war over. >> that is something. there are 30 million people who will not be covered by obama care. one of the stated points is that people could stop using emergency rooms as primary care physicians. why are 30 million people uncovered? >> because as nancy pelosi said they didn't read the law until they passed it i guess. the republicans said they considered the law that 31 percent would be uninsured. they are breaking down the system. it is helpful for people to remember if you take barak obama at his word this is a step to a universal health care plan. and the democrats will want further government intervention. >> the administration would say
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that the republican governors have not agreed to the medicaid expansion and that's what is causing the coverage gap? >> well, they wrote the plan that way, and states could opt inment they didn't have to and republicans are looking in the plan and done the numbers and they don't want their states to go bankrupt which will happen if they expand the medicaid program. >> how do we define success? 80 percent of the people who want coverage are able to get it on this website? what is our new bench mark for success. that is their bench mark 80 percent. in the beginning of november, the president said that would be done by the end of november. and we'll see 80 percent ratchet down to 60 or 70 percent. if they are defining failure as a success means the law will not be successful.
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>> eric, thank you so much. >> thank you. so then, insurance industry, the leaders of that industry sounding the alarm over the president's propose approximated fix of obama care warning that will make things worse and send premiums through the rod. melissa from the fox business network. >> hello. >> cries are getting louder that the fix is getting things worse. >> right now insurance commissioners. they are the regulators that are in charge of enforcing the rules and sorting it all out. they are throwing up their hands in exasperation. they will not go along with it and follow the new rule. arkansas democratic insurance commissioner said look, it is just too late. head of nooshl insurance commission and former democratic senator bill nelson said it is too late and will cost higher
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prices for people. they are the loudest right now. and kind of surprising quarters for the white house. >> here is bill nelson on sunday about that topic. >> excluding people from the plan creates certain issues and the commissioners are focused on solvensy and make sure it doesn't shift the cost to the point where the insurers risk insolvensy. >> he is a democrat. >> and are they getting blow back from other democrats? >> without question. reportedly he got a stern phone call as senator bill nelson. and there is the commissioner from the district of colombia. and he was fired. but officials will not say why or tell why. i was talking about how this is unworkable and i got fired. so yeah, there is a lot of
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potential fallout from this. they are going out and complaining. >> what is the reason for the political risk? >> why they are taking it. you heard what senator nelson said. that is very important. these people who are given the pass don't go into the exchange, the only people in the exchange are the very sick people who bought the cheap policies and consume so much health care, it will bankrupt the insurance companies in the exchange. marco rubio is talking about the risk category. they have three percent higher costs than estimated as a result of who is in the pool, they can recoup 50 percent of the government from you and me. eight percent they recoup 80 percent. >> and quickly. on the exchanges, what is happening with them? >> chaos. they are trying to figure out what their cost is going to be.
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if they are going bankrupt or come back to you and me for a bail out. that is the next big thing we'll all be talking about and worrying about. >> i bet you talk about it at 5:00. >> right at the top of the show. >> look at her ally. it is the money. thank you, melissa. we want to know from you at home this question. >> are you worried your premiums will go up. >> tweet us at bill hemmer. >> and alisyn camerota, we would love to hear from you. fox news alert. cape canaveral with nasa's blast off to the next mission to mars. we'll take you to the launchpad. the blast is just minutes away. the mayor of toronto a canadian football and then
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today appearing before the city council. and the mayor gave us an exclusive interview. wait until you hear how he plans to move forward in office. >> i have made mistakes in my personal life and on my own time. if that is all they have got, we want to get nasty, we can get nasty and i can dig up dirt on every single one of those politicians down there. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a col with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is!
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fox news alert. in florida a new mission to mars is about to get underway. nasa launching a spacecraft to study all of the building blocks of life that scientist say may have existed on the red planet. phil keat is live in cape canaveral with more on that. >> reporter: hi, bill. the technical glitch was resolved and the weather improved. and it is a green for launch and
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should be happening in 13 minutes and five miles behind on the river and a powerful rocket loaded with kerosene and oxygen and will be thrust 13 minutes from now. they unlike the famous mars rovers. this martian scout will not be landing on the service but orbitting in mars to help us learn about the atmosphere or what happened to it on the red plan sxet why. and how it will impact the earth in the future. we toured the area and it is destined to finally reach mars ten months from now. on early mars, we think there was a lot of water and at that time, it would have been able to support life. today the surface is a cold dry
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desert that we think can't support life. why did it change from an inhabitable environment to the cold dry place we so today. >> it is crucial knowledge for nasa. in 2030. 15 or 20 years from now. nasa intends to use. and developing the oryan spacecraft for the first human space flight. >> thank you, phil. >> we'll bring you that launch live. nbrand new mission to mars about to it launch from cape canaveral. live on tv, do not miss a minute. clients are always learning more
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president obama is meeting tomorrow with senators as they consider new sanctions on iran. secretary of state john kerry will visit israel with talks for prime minister netanyahu. john balton is a fox news contractor. ambassador bolten. what will happen between john kerry and netanyahu. the united states and israel have siing cant differences. >> it is interesting the timing. five members of the security council in germany will meet in geneva with iran. and most believe they will reach a deal. it is in my view a bad deal. the timing of secretary kerry's visit to israel means that he is going to cram the deal down
10:21 am
their throats. if they reach the deal israel will have to live with it or figure out whether or not they will use the military option against iran. >> netanyahu called the current plan, it sounds like ease of sanctions, he called that a bad plan. so, i mean, it sounds like they are far apart. how will netanyahu come a round to seeing john kerry's point of view. >> it will leave them far apart and in the suez canal process. the administration is way, way over the top on this deal. last week secretary kerry told a group of members of congress that the deal would be failsafe in protecting israel from iran. you can't say that about any nuclear arms deals. it undercuts his credibility. and the new thing that iran will
10:22 am
give is continuing to enrich uranium. and the key point is, as long as negotiations continue. they will be enriching uranium to active grade levels to 70 percent to weapon's grade levels. >> there is a group of republican senators who want to keep sanctions bearing down on iowa ran, is that the right answer? >> i don't think the sanctions have slowed down iran's nuclear weapon's program. if the sanctions are eased up, you can pretty much kiss them good by and iran understands that very clearly. >> thank you so much for the expertise. >> and we are talking, and we are counting. the mission to mars and final countdown for nasa, we'll see that live liftoff moments away when we continue here in cape canaveral. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. fox news alert and back live in florida. nasa about to launch a new spacecraft. >> the mission is to study why mars may have transformed a wet planet to the barren planet it is today. it is on the launchpad and about
10:27 am
to blast off. we'll bring in the managing editor of what is so exciting about this? >> the spacecraft is on internal power and ready to get off of the planet and head to mars. instead of looking at the surface of mars, this machine will look at why mars is the way it is. mars was once warm and had water. there is nothing there now. >> where did all of that water go? and if there were air, where did that go, to. take a listen for the liftoff and stand by in new york and down to cape canaveral cape. mavens mission to mars. >> 25. status check in go atlas. and go san tar. go maven.
10:28 am
20. 15. t- 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. main engines start and ignition and liftoff of the atlas five looking for clues about the evolution of mars through its atmosphere. everything looks good and still at 100 percent thrust. vehicle rates are looking good and we do have program in right as expected. and they are actively controlling the ratios and positions look good. and regulators value position looks good and speeds are good and vehicle is operating as
10:29 am
expected. and center of the range track. and everything is looking good. we are now 1.6 mile in all theitude and traveling over 1,000 miles per hour. and we have ended our programs. it is looking good at 100 percent thrust. and we are now passing the sound barrier and now super sonic. operating in 100 percent rate of thrust. pass through max cue rates look good. and max's kwoou operates at 100
10:30 am
percent. and tloelthsed down to 95 percent right on time. and we are now 7.4 miles and traveling at 2200 miles per hour. it is so exciting. it is always exciting to watch that blast off and slip beyond the cloud cover. what are they trying to learn on mars? they want to know the metamorph sis from wet and warm to cold and barren. will this tell us what is happening in our own climate change on earth? >> that's part of the mission. the spacecraft is designed not only look at the upper atmosphere of mars, but some point it will dip through it as it orbits the planet for a year. and what they hope to do is track how the sun's influence on
10:31 am
the atmosphere may have contributed to the change in atmosphere. and so if there is a similarity to earth. and if there is a parallel there and that stand point and we learn about our own atmosphere. >> this is not cheep either. $700 million. >> 671 million for this mission. it will take ten months to get to mars and arrive there next september. and just a few days before india's probe. will we see humans make it to mars in our lifetime. the goal is 2030. >> if nasa gets the funding there could be a try. one of the interesting things for the manned project, it will delve down into how thick the atmosphere s. when they landed the curiosity rover. it had the largest parachute
10:32 am
built. they will have to land something bigger than that and they need to know what the atmosphere is like before they put people under a larger parachute. >> we'll catch up with may havin in ten months. and another one later this year. thank you, ta rik from >> thanks. i am going to work hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. it is legitimate for them to expect me to win back credibility on the health care law in particular and a whole range of issues in general. >> that was the president last week saying he has to earn back the credibility of the american public. >> and david web host of sirius channel and tea party co-founder and joe tripi worked on five major democratic campaign
10:33 am
including howard dean. they are fox news contractors. and gentlemen here we go. >> great to see you joe. and let me start wu. 39 democrats voted with republicans on friday for the house bill to a mend obama care. does that siing foy a democratic defection in your mind? >> i don't think so. you want to hold as many democrats as you can. but most of the democrats are in seats in 2014. and they are going to move away from the president on this. but there is plenty of time between now and november 14th for him to try to get them back in the fold. if he can get the health care bill working again. >> we heard from a few people earlier today in america's newsroom, more democrats will defeat in this. we'll see. >> joe is right, bill.
10:34 am
we have democrats, and let's not kid ourselves. they voted for obama care and supported the president when he extended the man date for the corporations and want the individual man date enforced and they are playing pollices and they want to be reelected and they will support obama care again. what we have to look at is what is happening with obama care. it is affecting millions of americans and 5 million lost health care and 106,000 managed to sign up and beyond that it is not about the website, but the affect on economy as united health drop thousands of doctors in recent weeks. choice is going out as a result of obama care. >> here is a sound byte. here's what he said. >> once the website gets fixed.
10:35 am
next years lekdz or 2016 the republican platform is getting rid of health care, millions of people are signed up. >> i should mention former senior advisor. do you agree joe, by then it will work and in a year they will run against obama care? >> that's going to be the key. we don't know. you will have millions of people under the age of 26 on the their parents health care plan. and millions more on it. and the question will be, if a majority of people, with their insurance premiums gone up, it is going to be bad 20 authority 14 for democrats and if all of the things that the republicans are saying that are wrong with the bill. and if they are right, it is going to be a bad year in 2014. and if david plo uffe is right
10:36 am
that the program is in affect and millions feel good about it the republicans will not mention it much. >> one thing that will be a reality next year, david, the employer man date is a round the corner and you will not have 5 million individual policies, i mean, you could have 50 million depending on what american businesses do. do we have a firm grasp now? >> we don't have a firm grasp but a good indicator when we look at the insurance companies. they are looking at the bottom line and how it affects them. ups who removes spouses from other areas and they will make decisions based on the economics. that is impacting bum pumcare. it goes back to individual
10:37 am
choice. the president 29 times lied to the american people when he said you like your health care plan you can keep it. republicans, need to put out what you are going to do to fix the affordability issues and making group rules apply to groups. and remove the preexisting conditions and combine the efforts and showing the alternative and run on your plan. >> he wents solutions. ndepend to see you both. now for a fox news exclusive. an interview with an infamous crash- smoking mayor of toronto. he sat down with john roberts who joins us more on that. what an interesting interview, john, tell us. >> reporter: when you have a subject like rob ford it is
10:38 am
interesting. today is a big day for the toronto embattled crack- smoking mayor. the city council is trying to strip him of his powers and leave him little more than mayor in name only. the only thing he can do is hang on and hope to win the october election. he is encouraging people to look at his record. and he is promising a fight. >> i was elected and never missed one day of counselle. and never been under the influence. i have made mistakes in my own personal. if that's wanting to get naeft, i can dig up the dirt on the doll tegzs. down well.
10:39 am
close supporters question if he is up to the job. he has a deep well of support in the city. and they are banking on he will win reelection. >> 99 percent of the people said rob, you should just resign. and i am not resigning and stepping aside i am fighting for the little guy. there is more poor people than rich. nford has tried to turn it oaf a battle of politics and pitting the mayor self described right wing fiscal conservative and the line from an old bug's bunny cartoon that is applicable. i guess you know this means war. alisyn and bill? >> so many people marvelled that his approval rate is high. and the people in torpt are
10:40 am
somehow fulling for him. what is your impression? >> his approval rating has dipped but in some areas of the city mid to high 40s and that is better than the current oupant of the white house. is that enough to win reelection? not at that point. but this guy is got, he would like to be the canada prime minister. when you look at this guy, he is confident. but he has an uphill road to travel if we wants to win reelection as mayor let alone to aspire to higher office. >> it is fascinating to cover characters like. this >> in the meantime a traffic stop turns into a violent scene out of the movie. >> step out of your vehicle.
10:41 am
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. braking news in florida. 1 o'clock today which would be 44 minutes ago. seminole county sheriff's office arrested george zimmerman. he is booked in the county jail in seminole county. we don't have more facts about that. that is what is crossing the wires. when we get more you will get it here. >> in the meantime e we'll check in with gretchen carlsson. nseptemberor mike ins ez tried
10:45 am
to help people from losing health care plan. he will join me in the a block. is challenger liz cheney on the wrong side of history with the anti- gay marriage stance? and max lucado taking the inspirational message to the movies. go to my facebook and post them. >> see you then. >> and a dramatic dash cam video shoes police opening fire on a mini-van driven by a mother and kids. >> the mother refused to stop and sped off. watch this. >> you are doing 71 in a 55. >> suddenly she drove away. police chased her and when she stopped this happen. >> get out of the vehicle. >> you can hear screaming from inside of the van as the officer tries to pull her out.
10:46 am
the officer tells her to turn around and face the vehicle and she walks away from him. in the commotion, the 14 year old son gets out and the officer pulls out a taz sxert boyrushes back in the tazer. and there is more screaming. and the officer starts smashing the rear window with a club. and the woman screeches away and another officer fires at least three shots at the van and the woman surrendered eventually at a hotel. >> geraldo rivera has a lot of thoughts about this. >> it seeps like the police were on methamphetamine and over reacted. she was doing a 71 in a 55. >> they pulled her over for speeding and went back to run
10:47 am
the plates, she took off and that makes them, the officers think they are going in overdrive. >> as i understand it. they were saying to hershey had to go with them and settle the speeding ticket. here is a woman with a car full of children and officer acting aggressively and not like she's a criminal. she's got all of the children in the car and hearing the children from the dash cam, screaming and you can imagine the chaos inside of the vehicle and i think the police were way out of line and i love cops. >> and this is only the view from the dark cam on board. >> that cop is shooting at the vehicle. >> the bullets are like what is up with that? you know the adrenalin starts running and you don't know what is inside of that car or who's inside of that car. >> i think all of that is true,
10:48 am
bill. i tell my children, if a cop stops you. it is yes, sir, or no, sir. and you can figure it out. put yourself in the position of the mother and they are acting ark griszively and you can imagine the fantasies going through her mind and a pot bong in the vehicle. she was scared to death about them finding that. i am not saying she is an angel, i am suggesting when you take it in order of events. when the car whacked away at the windshield and knowing that the 14-year-old is sitting in the driver seat. when do you smash out the window of the van? is this a movie or when the other officer fires his pistol and couple of cops in front the
10:49 am
line of fire. what is he going to do in >> they they have the plates. she was not an escaping murder. why not go and arrest her? >> and see the police car in the front. why didn't they do what the la pd. you put your vehicle in front of the van so it can't go everywhere. and the policemen's job is to deescalate. >> perhaps they d. >> it is not on the video. >> and all i know. i wish i was that woman's attorney. they have inflicted terrible emotional distress on the family. two of the cops are under investigation. the baton weilding cop that knocked out the windo. why do you shoot at a fleeing vehicle anyway? >> you are never supposeed to get out of the car and confront. that is a sign of aggression.
10:50 am
the cops get nervous. >> it was your 14 year old and that cop was man handling his mother. i agree with you, again out. >> if you don't fire bullets you are okay with the stop? >> that window barbing was severe. they looked like drunk football fans. olice, also. not some -- these are real officers but they lost their temper. >> the whole incident is being investigated. geraldo, thanks for being here. >> keep rock.
10:51 am
>> there's a nasty outbreak out of a famous university right here in the u.s. >> now the government is importing a vaccine to when the outbreak. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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a nasty 0 outbreak of meningitis has an ivy league school forcing the government that it rarely does import a vehicle from overseas for use immediately even though it hasn't been approved yet. >> for the first time according to the centers for disease control, an outbreak of the mayor bacterial meningitis type b as broke out. there's a safe vaccine to previcinity. according to the cdc last year
10:55 am
there were 160 cases of this strain of meningitis. fortunately it's declining. the outbreak began here at princeton last march. most recent case is still in hospital receiving i.r. antibiotics. symptoms include stiff next, headaches, rash, high fever. 10% of the cases are usually deadly scaring everyone else but so far princeton has been lucky. the cdc urged the fda to give provisional approval for the new vaccine seen here known as bexsero which is available in europe and australia. the approval was given and the new jersey department of health and cdc are meeting to discuss options using the vaccine to control the outbreak. a doctor i spoke to, a top perfect in infectious diseases said the vaccine could play an important role in stopping the
10:56 am
outbreak. >> this is a very effective vaccine. it has effectiveness rates well over 80%. it ought to stop this outbreak if it's used widely and we would hope that with appropriate education, this is an educational institution, those are smart students at princeton, they will line up and get this vaccine. that's my hope and my expectation. >> he went on to say while this outbreak is isolated to princeton, schools around the country should be on the alert educating their students about prevention. best things students can do wash their hand frequently, not share cups or utensils. >> good to know. so your chance to own a piece of history from the wild, wild west. >> the pistol owned by wild b l hickock.
10:57 am
♪ [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family.
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♪ it can be yours for the right price. yeah. >> smith and wesson pistol owned by wild bill hickcock. >> it was on him when he was shot in the back in 1876. cool stuff. thanks so much for watching. >> here's gretchen and "the real story." today on "the real story" we do have avoid the obama care train wreck if democrats didn't oppose a bill. a feud over same sex marriage. mary says liz is on the wrong side of history. the pope francis effect. reaching out to moderate. a mom takes off from a traffic stop. did police have to shoot at her


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