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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 29, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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should they close on muslim holidays? >> absolutely not. >> don't forget to set your dvrs so you never miss an episode of "the five." see you on monday. is the new and improved obama care website ready for its close-up? this is "special report." good evening. i'm in for bret baier. it's rollout has led to the worst embarrassment of his presidency. tonight president obama is hoping the upgraded version of really is ready for prime time this time. while the digital clock is ticki ticking, the president is trying once again to change the subject. >> reporter: determined not to have his agenda defined by the focus on his broke enhealth care website, president obama visited
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a group tryifasting to push the take up the legislation. republicans were accusing the administration of lowering the bar by saying an 80% enrollment success rate would be acceptable. >> i don't think there's any question that the administration, which promised to complete a marathon in essentially 60 days going from a failed website to a successful one, will now simply define success as going 50 feet or a 100 feet on that multimile marathon. >> reporter: another republican, michigan congressman fred upton, pointed to columnists who say a 20% failure rate would not be considered success in private industry. with the website only predicted to handle about 50,000 people at a time this weekend, the white house was afraid of overtaxing it and asked democratic activists to cancel or delay plans for campaigns intended to drum up business for the health exchanges. but since they still need to
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attract young, healthy people to enroll to keep premiums relatively low, health is still working. >> it's the only place to get lower monthly payments as part of the health care law. >> reporter: the dilemma is the longer it takes to get the website fully working, the less time obama care will have to enlist the millions of people needed to fill the health exchanges, and quite possibly the more mr. obama's approval rating will fall, though he joked with abc's barbara walters, quote, the good thing about when you're down is that usually you got nowhere to go but up. >> the president says the website improvements will continue, but the question is whether the website will improve fast enough to stop the flood of negative anecdotes from people having bad experiences with obama care and with millions of people expected to try and enroll, republicans are convinced that nothing close to
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an 80% success rate will be enough for that. doug? >> we'll get a better picture tomorrow. thank you very much. obama care is driving huge numbers of americans onto the medicaid rolls. the amount dwarfs those using the president's exchanging. jim angle on what that means for everyone. >> reporter: the administration has two ways it hopes to reduce the uninsured, signing people up for the exchanges and enrolling people automatically in medicaid health care for the poor. officials reported four times as m many people signed up for medicaid. >> it's not surprising a lot more people are willing to sign up for a free medicaid program than they are to pay pretty hefty premiums for private insurance plans. >> reporter: and one consulting firm estimates the number of medicaid recipients relative to private plans is getting even bigger. >> we're estimating at this point about 800,000 people will be enrolled in medicaid newly
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compared to only about 142,000 at this point in exchanges. >> reporter: the administration expects 9 million to sign up for medicaid next year but only 7 million to sign up for private plans. medicaid, however, only reimburses about 60 cents on the dollar leaving patients begging for care. >> because a lot of doctors don't take medicaid because medicaid underpays doctors and hospitals to care for patients. >> medicaid is thought of as basically second-class health care. a lot of doctors don't take medicaid patients because they get reimbursed a fraction of what they would get from a private insurance company for a nonmedicaid patient, so it's hard to get a doctor. >> reporter: and that will get worse with millions more chasing a limited number of providers. >> if you pile, you know, another 9 million people into a medicaid program that's already stretched, you're going to have a lot more waiting in the future than you even had in the past. >> reporter: but the private side of obama care is also facing a huge crunch because
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some 5 million whose policies were canceled in spite of the president's promise everyone could keep their plans may now be scrambling to find a replacement. that along with the website delays that left a backlog of people waiting to sign up prompted the administration to add an extra week of enrollment moving the deadline from december 15th to december 23rd. >> we know that the administration has extended the deadline eight days in december to allow people, especially those that might have received a cancellation notice, to try to get coverage effective january 1st. >> reporter: that is also why the administration has not yet begun a full-court press to get people to sign up out of fear the website would be unable to handle the rush. and late today the administration announced a technical glitch, another one, involving medicaid applications which are handled by the states. washington was not able to send enough information to the states to make full enrollment possible and is now working on what it delicately describes as a
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transitional fix. >> transitional fix. thank you, jim. appreciate it. this year's black friday is a little bit different. bargain shoppers who normally camped out overnight for some frightfully early store openings actually got started yesterday in many places. fox business network correspondent rich edison is in the heart of the battle zone at a toys "r" us. >> reporter: they're trading time with their families to fight crowds. >> four hours. a 50 inch. >> that's what everybody came for. >> i enjoy this. i just have fun. to me it's like a sporting event. >> reporter: fighting one another. reports of pepper spray, gunfire, and even one shopper hit with a television. in garfield, new jersey, police say they arrested a man for attacking a walmart manager. >> he was unhappy with the manager and the way the store was running the sale. he struck him in the chest and went to grab him in what appeared to be like to tackle him. >> reporter: although black friday has been the traditional start of the holiday shopping
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season when retailers offer steep discounts to draw millions to their stores, increasingly it has become the day for the late shoppers as stores nationwide are opening on thanksgiving like they did here at toys "r" us. >> for us in the toy business, which is a very fourth quarter, back ended business, every day between now and the end of the year is extraordinarily important. so we treat every day like it's black friday or thanksgiving. >> reporter: the national retail federation says nearly 90 million americans spent more than $11 billion on plaque friday last year. >> black friday isn't going anywhere anytime soon. retailers know that is the one day of the year that they're expected to pull out all of the stops, and they'd be crazy not to. >> reporter: and they say that represents about 4% of all holiday sales. plenty of folks here at toys are us trying to land that perfect deal. doug? >> good catch, rich, who gets our gold star award for spending almost 12 hours in a toys "r" us today.
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the dow was down 11 1/2 days trading. the s&p dropped 1. nasdaq gained 15. for the week the dow was up three-quarters of a percentage point. nasdaq surged almost two. coming up next, the skies over disputed territory near china are getting dangerously crowded. but, first, fox 46 in the carolinas with a group that has set a half million dollars worth of coupons to troops overseas. an explosion at a natural gas plant in western missouri. and this is a live look at chicago from fox 32. the big story there tonight, a police officer is dragged through a parking lot and shots are fired after a thanksgiving night shoplifting call. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community:
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there are some big foreign policy challenges for the u.s. on this holiday weekend. cloak and dagger intrigue in pakistan, a horrible accident in afghanistan, and the potential for something even worse in the pacific. >> reporter: at a news conference in beijing, china's foreign ministry tried to justify its declaration of an air defense zone over disputed territory claiming it's in line with international standards. >> translator: it is entirely for the purposes of exercising china's rights of self-defense and will not cause regional tensions. >> reporter: seasoned analysts believe the dispute over the islands known as the say ka cue in japan reflects a power struggle within the chinese government. as its new ruler seeks to consolidate his power and it represents a significant challenge to washington. >> we're directly involved. we have to be because if we allow china to start closing off international waters and air
3:13 pm
space, the world is going to be very different, and it's going to be much worse. >> reporter: beyond the dispute's political dim mention, they have practical goals. >> this area is hugely important for the chinese for fuel and food. put those two things together, you have a huge region for conflict and something clearly the chinese want domination of. >> reporter: on sunday vice president joe biden is scheduled to begin a week-long trip to the region where unnamed administration officials say he will emphasize the administration's concern that china's expansion of air space could lead to a grave miscalculation. >> the talking points that we heard from the white house briefly this week really are not sufficiently resolute. the chinese are now on a path which is territorially aggressive and trying to talk the language of cooperation is just not going to do it. >> reporter: the unfolding situation in china comes as the administration faces new antagonism from pakistan over
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the controversial drone campaign. the opposition party of former kikt star imran khan wants to prosecute john brennan over a november 21st drone strike. in the process, khan's party is claiming it revealed the identity of the agency's station chief. >> it could not only put them physically at risk, meaning harm to them, threatened to kill or even be killed, but it also obviously can disrupt incredibly activities that the cia and united states government is engaged in. >> reporter: the same political party is also threatening to block trucks carrying nato troop supplies to and from afghanistan, which has been the focus of recent demonstrations. if pressure continues to grow in pakistan and afghanistan to either diminish or completely end the drone complain, analysts say this could create an opportunity for the taliban and al qaeda to regroup as u.s. forces are scheduled to withdraw
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from the region next year. >> catherine, you mentioned afghanistan. what is the fallout from the drone strike that apparently killed two women and a 2-year-old child? >> well, doug, the international coalition known as isaf acknowledging the incident saying it deeply regrets civilian casualties. general joseph dunnford reportedly called the afghan president hamid karzai last night to personally convey this message promising to investigate what happened. karzai warned the latest attack to undermine a long-term security agreement. >> catherine, we'll be watching that. thank you very much. more trouble today in egypt over the new law banning protests without a permit. police again used tear gas to break up hundreds of demonstrators. today many islamist protesters came out after friday prayers, but secular activists are also upset at the new regulation, and they're hitting the streets as well. iran's foreign minister says his country will not enter nuclear talks with archenemy israel.
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there have been reports of possible israeli participation in western negotiations with iran. also today the republic's nuclear envoy says implementation of the new agreement will likely start at the end of next month or in early january. and still ahead, another real life example of what obama care is doing to small businesses. first, he was a lightning rod for praise and for criticism during the height of his powers. now the former navy s.e.a.l. who founded blackwater security is hitting back. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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last week we told you how the founder of america's top private army is now fighting his critics with the pen instead of the sword. blackwater security creator erik prince takes on all comers in
3:20 pm
his new book and continue correspondent leland vittert on the rise and fall of a military, civilian, and economic warrior. >> reporter: blackwater's name from the 7,000 acres of north carolina's dismal swamp erik prince bought to start his business. the rattlesnake infested muck looked like black water. prince is happy to show off blackwater's former headquarters. >> we were at our core a training operation. >> reporter: prince, however, won't elaborate on his contracts with the cia or the base they once had in blackwater headquarters for the darkest of black operations. prince himself conducted missions for the agency with his contractors like building human intelligence networks in syria and other hostile environments, a practice he says the obama administration has not continued leaving the u.s. few options. >> you have an $80 billion intelligence budget, and so the realm of not just intel collection, hard intel collection on the ground, which
3:21 pm
i know for the u.s. government is very limited in syria, to the covert action, the sabotage, the black arts, the dirty tricks of intelligence that you should be able to do without the president having to resort to jet fighters, tomahawk missiles, and laser-guided bombs, if you don't have all of those tools in your tool kit or be willing to use them, it's kind of a big waste. >> reporter: and then i asked him, are the american taxpayers getting a raw deal? >> absolutely. they are not getting what they're paying for. >> reporter: prince says he and his company did it cheaper and better than anybody else. missions like guarding the u.s. ambassador in iraq during post-war baghdad when paul bremer and his staff were constantly under threat. >> between iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, the company did more than 100,000 missions. no one under our care was ever killed or injured. >> reporter: now he minute tans a culture of risk averse bureaucracy has consumed american foreign service. his evidence, the consulate in
3:22 pm
ben ghazi benghazi. it was no match for the well trained militants who succeeded in killing chris stevens. the only heroes, tyrone woods and glen dougherty, cia contractors who launched a rescue mission from tripoli even though that wasn't their responsibility. >> woods and dougherty violated their superiors' orders to stand down and they went. they went to the sound of the gunfire, they went to the annex, to that consulate and evacuated i think almost 30 more americans who would have died if left to the hands of those terrorists that attacked the place. they didn't just come to kill stevens that night. they came to kill as many americans as they could, and those two guys stood the line and did an amazing work. if they were on active duty, they would have been awarded the medal of honor. >> reporter: the west bank is a hot bed for palestinian militant activity.
3:23 pm
at the time the political wing of hamas complained about bla blackwater's tactics and reputation. for prince it's a matter of pride, not only the people he protected, but the enemies he made doing it. >> i'm perfectly comfortable that the taliban, hezbollah, al qaeda, and the likes of henry wxman are my enemies. >> reporter: but it was that aura of controversy that got prince all but banned from u.s. government contracting and his cover blown. >> an intelligence agency doesn't need to be so big. we certainly have the largest intelligence apparatus in the world, but by no means the most effective. >> reporter: the former navy s.e.a.l. spends much of his time in abu dhabi starting a private equity fund. a financially effective model he says the u.s. should follow. >> i will take anybody on in that inherently governmental argue that the private sector can do it cheaper, faster, and better. if we think government only can
3:24 pm
run military kind of services or some of the ancillary services that go around the military, think about health care right now. think about government can't even run a health care website. >> reporter: he tells the critical resupply mission in afghanistan, the u.s. aforce with their state of the art technology wouldn't even attempt it. his men pulled the mission off in their propeller planes. >> there was, as i recall, a company of the 82nd airborne in a big firefight. they were running out of ammo and they called the air force for resupply. the air force wouldn't fly below 3,000 feet and they wouldn't fly into a box canyon. so they asked us if we'd do it, and we did. >> reporter: erik prince accepts his lightning rod status but says in the end he'll be remembered for having the courage to serve his country in some of its darkest hours. >> i'd say on my tombstone i'd at least like it to be written that erik prince always had the courage to try. >> reporter: even if now he's spending a lot of time on his
3:25 pm
sailboat. leland vittert, fox news. a helicopter has crashed into a pub in glasgow scotland. multiple injuries are reported. bbc news quoted a member of parliament as saying there were, quote, a pile of people clamoring out of the pub and that the fire brigade was at the scene. more details as they become available. a happy ending for two survivors of this month's toward in central illinois. this is jacob montgomery with the illinois army national guard and his pit bull dexter. they were separated when the storm hit. dexter was found more than a week later partially buried in debris. both dexter and jacob said to be doing fine now. really this happened. thanksgiving morning at a gas station in miami, a robber demands cash. the clerk stalls for time, presses the silent alarm, bags the money for him. suggests he take some beer, too. the robber has some trouble with
3:26 pm
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. you are invited to the wedding of journey rocker neil shown and his white house gate crasher soon to be wife michaela salahi. for $14.95 you can watch their december 15th nuptials live on pay per view with some of the proceeds headed to philippine fi to typhoon victims. salahi and her then husband tareq famously attended an elite white house party without invites in the year 2009. she got together with shaun when she split and the two have been together ever since. here is a friday follow-up for you. we have told you about how the tsa has been slow to spend the change it collects from security che checkpoints across the country. next week the house is expected to pass legislation requiring the agency to spend all unclaimed money on lounges for members of the military and their families. tsa collecting an average of
3:31 pm
half a million bucks a year but has only gotten around to spending a fraction of that. in 2012 they found $531,000 in unclaimed money. it's spent $6,500 on security. that bill could pass as early as monday when the house returns from the thanksgiving break. and finally now, hard times have fallen on the washington national cathedral. officials say they have decided to start charginged ed admissio fees. the fee will be 10 bucks for adults and $6 for kids, seniors, and the military. admission is free on sundays and weekdays for worshippers. it's working to raise funds to repair earthquake damage from the year 2011 totally $26 million. the church is still $19 million in the hole for repairs. we told you earlier this week that an estimated 80 million health care policies from small and large employers will be canceled along with individual policies because of
3:32 pm
obama care. well, tonight the real world damage to one family-run business. here is dominick denatally. >> they have been providing health insurance to their 13 employees for years. with such a small staff, it's not required, but it is something the owners want to do. >> i feel like it's an obligation to take care of the people that take care of me. >> reporter: the plan was to continue the same coverage th a were offering but the couple was shocked when the company sent a cancellation notice. >> if we wanted to pick up the compliant plan with our same carrier, it would be 60% more expensive and it was just something that completely floored us. >> reporter: that price jump is something the dunns just can't afford and with some of the staff already dealing with some costly medical issues, the question is how much more are they going to have to pay? >> do i need to have this
3:33 pm
insurance go into place before the end of the year or am i able to wait until after the first of the year? >> the end of the year is coming. do we need to have coverage? >> reporter: the online marketplace small businesses can use to shop for coverage has been delayed a year. for now owners can go through a broker or an insurance company directly which is what the dunns are in the process of doing. so far they're not happy with their options which included hmo with a smaller selection of doctors. while their search continues, they admit they're disappointed. >> i thought because we don't have that many employees and because we're not required to provide insurance that we wouldn't have all these regulations coming down on us. >> reporter: obama care doesn't require small businesses to provide coverage because there are less than 50 employees on staff, but those companies who choose to provide it will be eligible for a tax credit, and that's something the dunns will pursue if they find the coverage that fits their needs.
3:34 pm
doug? >> thank you, dominic. updating our breaking news, a helicopter crashed late this evening into the roof of a popular pub in glasgow. photos taken at the scene showed a helicopter smashed into the roof. emergency workers can be seen near the pub's door. this were reports that people may have been trapped inside but that could not be immediately confirmed. a scottish newspaper editor says he believes it was a police helicopter. there was no fireball and i did not hear an explosion, he said. it fell like a stone, he said. the engine seemed to be sputtering. labor party spokesman jim murphy told the bbc it's a horrible, horrible scene. he added i saw a pile of people clamoring out of the pub in the dusk. no smoke, no fire, just huge amount of dust. we'll talk about a big weekend for obama care in our panel. if you have not participated, go to the home page and watch the simple instructions.
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you can provide and monitor realtime feedback to what the panelists are saying. you can access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet by going to and will the website be any better come the weekend? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savgs on the table by not choosing the rit medicare d plan. no one could hav left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars.
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a bit of a low key day at the white house today. the arrival of the national christmas tree, a bit later on the president and first lady ventured out to the national mall to meet with protesters who are fasting in support of comprehensive immigration reform. the only comments the president offered today about obama care and his plummeting poll numbers came in an interview he did with abc's barbara walters. he said i have gone up and down pretty much consistently throughout, but the good thing about when you're down is usually you got nowhere to go but up. let's bring in the panel right now. bill krystal, a.b. stoddard and
3:39 pm
charles krauthammer whose book is once again atop "the new york times" best-seller list. how important is it that this relaunch, although the administration is not calling it that, be successful tomorrow, bill? >> i thought you were going to say how important is it that charles' book is number one on "the new york times." >> we know how important it is. >> very important. top of the news. congratulations again. they're going to say the relaunch is moderately successful, more people can get on. i don't think it changes the fundamental dynamic. it's that people are looking at the actual insurance plans that they're being offered at the price of them, at the lack of choice of doctors and hospitals, at what -- compared to what they had before and saying, wait a second, this isn't what we were promised and that's not going to change tomorrow. >> a.b., they're saying 80% success rate would be -- is what they're forecasting and would be acceptable. 20% failure rate. republicans say it's not acceptable. >> well, it's not just that 80%
3:40 pm
of the people might get on and might be able to purchase coverage. the part that actually pays the insurance company has not been built, so we're looking at -- they're launching a new function, and i need to get this right. it's going to mean you're enrolling people by estimating their eligibility for subsidies, and this is causing the insurance industry to be quite nervous because they actually don't know if they're going to be reimbursed. there will be a small business online marketplace delay but you can still file by paper. i'm wondering how much of this will be in a "saturday night live" skit tomorrow night. allies and supporters are being asked not to encourage enrollment because they're so afraid the website is going to crash, and if you come during peak time, you will get an e-mail that says when it might be a better time for you to come back later. so it's not clear that 80% of the people who make the attempt are going to be able to be successful, and i think that there are more problems to come. >> charles, a.b. cuts to the chase there talking about the insurance companies don't know
3:41 pm
whether or not they're going to get reimbursed. coincidentally on black friday when private sector companies need to get into the black from the red, yet the insurance companies of america don't know what their financial fate is. >> and because the insurers aren't sure what they're going to get and what the premium will be, there's no way to have an accurate rendition of what subsidy the purchaser is going to get either. so all of these numbers are completely uncertain, and this is a marketplace. this is supposed to be a place where a price is quoted, you agree to pay it, and then a subsidy is determined on the base, and none of that is set. so this really is a complete -- as i said earlier in the week, complete turkey as long as the weekend is still here that i think will be applicable. here is the worst part. they had announced this when they were in trouble at the end of october as a relaunch, as
3:42 pm
we're going to have it fixed. there's a tape you showed yesterday of obama saying it's going to be working the way it was supposed to be working on december the 1st. this is simply another example of an administration that can't shoot straight and can't talk straight. everything they tell you about obama care everyone knows is a fudge or a hedge or a guess or a prayer or an outright deception, and this is another one of those, you know, that's multiple choice, a, b, c, d, or e. choose which one you want, but it's not the truth. >> what if this website relaunched tomorrow works very well. does it give any momentum to democrats who are still supporting obama care? >> yeah, it's better than if it totally crashes obviously, but i just am struck, the 2017 project which i'm associated with did a study of the subsidies. one of conservatives great fears is people would get hooked on obama care and they would be so
3:43 pm
attracted you wouldn't be able to repeal it. the subsidies arenjust aren't v good unless you're elderly and poor. then they're fairly generous and, of course, a lot of people go right onto medicaid. but for young people, the sub -- unless you're really poor and if you're really poor you're on medicaid, the subsidies are really low. people should go to the 2017 and look. you'll be shocked. a 36-year-old, 30-year-old making $30,000 a year, their premium goes up two or three times compared to what they can now play on the individual market and the subsidy is a couple hundred dollars. it doesn't make up anything close to the difference. so i think as people -- and they want the insurers and the obama administration want the young healthy people in the exchanges. what they're going to end up having done is having sent a lot of near poor people into medicaid which is already broken, stressing medicaid even more, and a lot of sick people
3:44 pm
into the exchanges. if you are younger and healthy, you're going to look at those numbers and think, you know what? this is a terrible deal for me. >> the huge influx of medicaid enrollees is already happening. jim angle reported one consulting firm estimates the number of medicaid recipients is blossoming. the administration expects 9 million to sign up. the implications are frightening given the substandard care we've come to know from medicaid. >> it's so impossible for doctors that they are dropping their medicare patients. in a time when medicaid expands, it's really going to put a squeeze on the doctors providing that scare. >> is medicaid a de facto single payer the way it's evolving? >> it is, but what's going to happen is if you double -- if you add these huge numbers onto the rolls, what they're going do is do the exact opposite of what
3:45 pm
had been intended because the people currently on medicare who have trouble getting a doctor and get some care are going to get less or none as a result of the fact that you're diluting the amount of care that the set number of doctors who take it can offer. so it's going to exactly in the same way that obama care is reducing the number of people who have insurance because of the millions who are losing it instead of adding, which was the intent, the people who are going to be added onto medicare at least de facto are going to end up not getting the care and reducing the care that people on it already are getting. it is in every way it is ending up with the opposite effect of what was intended. >> you're saying in five seconds or less, this can't work as constructed. >> no, it cannot work as constructed. next up "the friday lightning."
3:46 pm
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i would argue this is not so much about the u.s. and china. this is more about the chinese and japanese, and, frankly, the other regional players. the philippines, indonesia, vietnam, all are now contending that some of the sea areas, some of the islands are theirs. so, therefore, the south china sea and everything in it is at play according to the chinese. the chinese want these islands back and they're starting to move down that path. >> lieutenant colonel tony schaefer talking about the dramatic increase in tensions in the east china sea after china declared a new air defense zone after the disputed islands which the japanese claim to have
3:50 pm
possession of. they refer to them as the sen a senkaku islands. china scrambled jet fighters in response to japanese f-15 fighters and overflights by south korean air and also by the united states. where is all of this leading? a.b.? >> well, i don't think the chinese have entirely figured out what they are doing because they took over an airplanes that -- airspace that belongs to other people in addition to it territory that belongs to them. they said that defensive emergency measures be taken as a result of any crossing. but now they are saying it's not a territorial airspace. and so, i agree that it is more of an aggressive step towards japan and a confrontation with japan. but i think the u.s. is correct to treat it like it's a big aggressive confrontation and to keep a coordinated and firm response because, without that, they will take more. >> we are bound by treaty to support japan. >> yeah, i don't quite agree with tony that it's not about the u.s.
3:51 pm
i happened to be in japan last week and met with a lot of senior officials and i asked what worries you the most, and they said that the chinese correctly or incorrectly will interpret action elsewhere in the world as a sign of weakness and withdrawal and become provocative in this part of the world. they said president obama didn't act on syria and iran he seems to desperately want to deal. people take the u.s., japan treaty the way seriously the way as they used to. i actually said yes, do i think so. i think u.s. japan treaty is a bedrock of civility in east asia. even the obama administration understands that. and i think they do probably at which time is a good example of how weakness in one part of the world is interpreted by adversaries thousands of miles away in a way which creates a dangerous situation. the great fear in these situations is somebody who takes a misstep that leads to -- >> i think the chinese approach, the chinese are not reckless.
3:52 pm
they want to push and test american resolve. and at the it will do it continually, they will withdraw or they will wait if they get a response which is probably what's going to happen this time. but it's wrong for anybody to say that a dispute within china on the one hand and japan in the philippines, indonesia and others on the other is not a u.s. affair. of course it's a u.s. affair. the united states is the guarantor of these allies against the obvious hedgemon in the air which is china. we control the seas around china. everybody is watching to see whether american resolve at least is going to be strong and steady in the pacific the way it is not strong and steady in the persian gulf, in the mediterranean. look, just last week, russia essentially reclaimed ukraine and nobody here even noticed. so, they have a right to be worried about the resolve of this administration. and i think they did the right thing in sending our bombers over that airspace
3:53 pm
as a way to say we're not going to allow you to unilaterally alter the balance of power. >> topic number two in the lightning round today is black friday the day where traditionally retailers hope to turn from red into black. in other words, hope to turn a profit he is especiallily difficult thing to do given the economy. >> i guess so. profit turning a long time. i can barely remember this. moved the day last thursday to november to the fourth day of in november 1939 the american retailers came to him that's too short. i think it's supposed to to be november 3 0th. a shorter shopping season he moved it to november 23rd to try to help the economy out of the recession. didn't work really well until we armed for world war 2 i don't know if talking about going out and buy more helps the economy that much. >> i wondered if we would see these kinds of frenzies that accompany friday if
3:54 pm
shoppers really knew what was doing. "wall street journal" had an interesting piece quoting retailers work backwards with their suppliers to set starting prices that after all the markdowns will yield the profit margins they want. the red cardigan sweater with ruffled neck was never meant to sell at a $68 starting price. it was designed with the discount built in. i bet you knew that, a.b. >> you dashed her dream. she just bought that sweater and thought what a great deal. >> black friday makes me chuckle. i do my fair share but i don't go to places 4:00 in the morning and get in line why does that the not surprise me. hanukkah is early and the season is shorter. and there is a very difficult recovery underway that doesn't seem to have begun. i actually wonder and i hope this year's sales are robust but i wonder if because of the fear of the antidotal stories about obamacare people are not cutting back
3:55 pm
on their spending and whether or not that's going to have an impact nationally on how much spending is done. >> charles, were you out at the mall at 4:00 in the morning? >> no, did but i do enjoy watching the mayhem. >> i'm ready to blame obama no for almost everything. i will give him a pass on black friday. one thing i will say its encroachment into thursday i think is scandalous except book stores. >> what's the name of your book again? >> that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for some santas that may have a little bit too much christmas spirit. plus our bing hole highlights when we come back. today, that's easy. ge is revolutioning power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all...
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and here are tonight's bing highlights. higher agreement from republicans and independents than interest democrats when the bill said send a lot of poor people on to medicaid and sick people on to the exchanges. high intensity of the segment 1, 16,000 votes per minute when charles said everything we hear from the obama ha administration did
3:59 pm
obamacare is a guess, hedge, or outright deception. in the lightning round, all parties strongly agreed with a.b. that the chinese don't know exactly what they are doing. total votes tonight, 123,000. and, finally tonight, here is one you probably never have seen before. a group of santas getting a little too caught up in the holiday cheer. i'm willing to bet that one of them will end up on the naughty list this year. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ [horn blowing] [shouting] >> is that the best black friday we have seen, charlie's. i'm doug mckelway. i'm charles -- "on the
4:00 pm
record" up next. >> this a fox news alert. the self-imposed sixth deadline is just hours away and now we have learned is about to go down. fox news just confirming the web site is now going to be down for extended maintenance this weekend. in just two hours the web site will go dark and should be up by 8 a.m. >> the affordable care act is open for visit. visit and there you can visit insurance plans side by side the same as you would shop for plane ticket on amazon. go on the web site. and check it out yourself. >> this is


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