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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 25, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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hello, everybody. this is a fox news alert. we have new details emerging about the mall shooting in maryland that left three people dead, including the gunman. howard county police chief is saying that they do not know the identity of a suspected shooting at this time. investigators are moving slowly on this because the gunman had a large amount of ammunition and they're concerned he may have been carrying or have explosives on his body. i'm uma pemmaraju in washington. >> i'm doug mckelway. thank you for joining us. we're also getting information about the victims. the man and woman were employees at the skate store, zumies. both in their 20s. there is a lot we do not know, such as what was the motive of the gunman here and whether or
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not the shooter and the victims knew one another. the columbia mall is in suburban baltimore about 45 minutes from washington, halfway between the two cities. molly henneberg live outside the mall with more now. >> reporter: good afternoon. those two victims you were talking about, the male and female in their 20s, police say they have begun the process of notifying their families about what happened at the mall today. the third person who died, the shooter, police believe, they have not been able to identify him yet. he was found near a shotgun, near ammunition, but not able to identify him. they have figured out he is a male, but here is more on the i'dification process. >> three deceased, including the shooter. the two deceased, there is an adult male, adult female in their 20s. they're both employees of the store. we are not yet releasing the names of the victims because we
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are still trying to notify next of kin and making sure that is done as quickly and sensitively as we can. the identity of the shooter, we don't know who that is yet. when our officers approached, he was obviously deceased, but he was also still -- had a large amount of ammunition still on and about him. >> reporter: police say they are not sure of a motive yet. the mall is closed all day today and it's now cleared. swat teams spent hours finding people hiding inside and telling them it was safe to come out. shoppers and employees talked about how they sheltered in place during the shooting. they talked about how store employeers were pulling down the gates in front of the stores and telling all the shoppers to get back into back areas and be quiet. shoppers were saying it was done in a calm way and that they were very appreciative of the shop owners who took such good care
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of them and seemed to follow procedures. the police chief says that law enforcement has been training in the past with people here at the mall for these types of situations and clearly that training paid off today. doug and uma. >> absolutely. and also the police chief did mention that there were five people taken to the hospital, including another person who was injured by a gunshot. >> the police said they may not have another briefing today, but we'll learning more as the evening progresses and this certainly adds to our repertoire of knowledge of these mall shootings and what we can do to protect america from future ones. that's all from us here in washington. i'm doug mckelway. >> i'm uma pemmaraju. stay with fox news for breaking news coverage on the mall shooting. for now, we turn you over to "the five" already in progress.
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so he's like a rejectede, suiter that msnbc, that really old hooker can't satisfy him anymore and he looks at him and goes, me, me, why not me? we go, sorry. too hot for you. >> are we too hot for thee president? >> what a question. i suppose we are, greg. no, i will not -- i'm still thinking of you saying living ii obama's head rent free. as much as i pay in rent, i still don't think i would wantfe to live in his head rent free.lo i'll city take the upper west in side, which is slightly better than president obama's head, it's so liberal. that statement he said, fox news is the reason i can't get my message to penetrate the me republican base.s thee. republican base doesn't wt your message.yo >> right. >> we've heard it. we haven't heard it from fox he news. we've heard it from your ownea mouth and werd don't want it and it's the same one over and over
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again is what they're saying. i think he's deeply in troubley and like any team in trouble, he tends to go to the playbook and run the same plays. when he is deeply down in the polls and he's not very popular, it's like he does the old d clinton maneuver of let your enemies define you. go after them, he's done it before and he thinks somehow this is going to benefit him by blaming a network that is just giving botthh >> one thing i will say, cable news does set the trend for reporting during the day.s it used to be the "new york times." sort ofnow ws is dominating the 24-hour cycle. >> yeah, but don't you thinkou that's more than -- in terms of a policy debate, setting the p agenda? >> "the five" probably helps contribute to that.hink >> but that's not 'til later in the day. >> if you're -- i happen to know michelle obama watched this show several times and she is not -- she would not put this up ass necessarily her happiest show.
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and i sit here day in and day d out and you have some problems with obama, i can understand obama frustrations. the problem i got is there is n end game here. >> it is like republicans,e. though, who try to always runs, against the media. it doesn't work and it wears d thin after a while. it can maybe help new a republican primary when newt gingrich was constantly going after the media, that worked for him. but it doesn't work well in a general --or >> i got two more topics. yesterday former governor mike huckabee spoke at the rnc winter meeting where he said democrats thrive off making women believe they need birth control. listen carefully. >> our partyro stands for the recognition of the equality of women and the capacity of womenf that's not a war on them. it's a war for them. if the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for thea a prescription each month foresr birth control because they
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cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. let us take that discussion all across america. >> okay. the media wass quick to run wita this andll help push the so-cald gop's war on women, greg. he was speaking -- the way i understand it, he was speaking -- >> this was one of those common intentionally miscon truance byl vial weirdoes. this never happens to thens lef. only to conservatives. he wasis saying that women -- ty were tired of democrats treatin them like dependent creatures. that's what he was saying. he wasn't saying they are dependent creatures.he's that's why conservative, all of us must try harder because we will always have -- we have aaue target on our back and they wilo shoot at you not just when you're wrong, but especially you're right. they will go after you because he is right. after him.hey went >> hang in there, bob.ang i got to go to angie for this
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one. they circled the wagons on the left. all day long. all the politico, all the pundits, everyone was out there saying, huckabee clearly was t talking about his feelings and y he wasn't, was he? >> he was talking about his feelings and the first part of his statement i thought was very good. there is a point in which he should have stopped, though. he hit the nail on the head. and really, women did show -- not all, but a majority of wome showed this last election, ma shockingly, that yes, they do want their sex lives subsidized by the government. i was surprised by the exitives polls. mike huckabee is a wonderful man. i know him personally. i know what he meant to say. but i think there needs to be a new rule. men in the republican party need to never use the word birth control again. or any man, for that matter. they can talk about the religious exemption. that's totally fine. but if they want to put a stake in the ground over denying women birth control, which is a very personal decision, i think it is a huge mistake. but democrats know it's the de long-term key to democratic
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allegiance. when women have kids and geticds married, they tends to lean right. if they can get them relianthey early, they win. but don't take the bait, the republican men, anymore. leave itic alone. you're never going to win that one. >> i was going to say, i've known mike huckabee long time. we had a long talk about this. he's the least sexist man i know on that -- a guy from arkansas and governor. he's a good, decent guy.drea angie is right. we go way far on the other side and use it. we use it against y'all, but republican men have an inability to talk to women in this countra without stepping on it. t they ought to just step back and -- >> that's 'cause you guys target -- going back to what iys was saying. you're looking for it. we have a much higher bar. >> of course, greg, we're looking for it. but that means you ought not say it. >> shouldn't mike be able to say that exactly what he said? without being absolutely abused by the left? >> you can say whatever you want, but you have to understand that if you're going to give a o
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big speech like that, everybody is speculating whether huckabee was going to run in 2016. you're going to address the rncg at their big convention, this ic the speech that everyone wanted to go to see. so as the speaker, you have an obligation to say all right. what is the message i want people to walk away with? t he had a good one, which is republicans are waging a war fo women. that's what we should have walked away with. whoever was editing the speech and even if it was him, when you read through, you need somebody like me who will go, libido? no. if you say libido in a speech as a republican man, that is the only word that people are goingt to remember. so he had a really good speech and i know it's a word that's -- i guess it rolls off the tongue and it absolutely ruined his about women's sex lives and birth control,an it's creepy. >> we got to move on. conservative film maker who made
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a movie critical of the president has been indicted for allegedly using improper means to direct funds to certain political campaigns.. wrong, he should be investigated. but matt drudge sees aou patter. he tweeted, quote, they're goine after the obama critics with indictments, virginia governor, now desouza.over holder unleashing the dogs. unleashing the dogs. you know, maybe. maybe. you want to jump on this?he >> yeah. i definitely think this is politically motivated. it appears that the f.b.i. justt dug through every piece of his past to try and find something. when you look atas this, this is arguably the most important u.s. attorney's office in thet country. they handle wall street. they handle terrorism. they handle major corporate bankruptcies. they have it all.orat and they assigned an f.b.i. team to dig through film maker's records to find one simple infraction? it is chilling and where is hollywood to defend this film maker? >> can you manual the doj wentie
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after, i don't know, the fast and furious, benghazi, irs with the same veracity that they seem to be goings, after a film make? >> the mcdonnel case is one i of pure, simple greed and taking cs money from lobbyists. those a fact.nd if you read the indictment against desouza, this is a guy, purportedly now, who took moneyr from friends to direct it to somebody who was a friend of his to the tune of 220 bucks. that isho blatantly illegal.0. now, you can argue that he was. picked out, but when you say $20,000 to an unwinnable candidate and he gets peopleunwi directed money to them when thes max is $5,000, he has broken the law. >> i believe his attorney made a statement saying there was no hw quid pro quo. >> we have one director in jail.
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however, if you are desouza oris o'reilley, you have to expect the government will be looking at you. so there is a higher level --met >> he broke the law! >> i don't know that he broke theat law.ok there is ane indictment. i mean, his attorney says he did not. if the scalesid of justice are equal, then he has a chance to defend himself.ha >> i'm not sure that this just really just got released a couple minutes before the show. i'm not sure they said he didn't break the law. i believe he said there was no quid pro quo. he may have broken there law, bt he wasn't for any -- >> whether he broke the law or not, that will be decided later. you have to look at the context of the last year or so between the irs, foa, cuomo spouting off. the mental is clear that the tolerant will no longer toleratt dissent. the tide is turning against ther and they're getsing nervous and the left are rediscovering their inner stalin. they're going after their enemy.
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>> greg, you did not grow up ase i did and become a professional during the time richard nixon. you talk about targeting people. >> that same law you said he broke? >> yeah. >> interfering and campaignluen finance influence collections. didn't the irss. do that, interfering with conservativehe groups to influence the outcome of elections? the special prosecutor saidcial nothing -- >> you can put it to all other people. >> the if he can prove thesebrok fact, he has broken the wall.l. >> we have to go.>> w up next, this "new york times"n magazine cover is generating asm lot of heat. why can't the left wing mediaan' eclipse the bias of planet hillary? we'll debate that later. and lots of reaction to bob's of gangster getup from yesterday. who does he think he is? tony soprano? we'll read some of the bestbook feedback from our facebook page.
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it must be take your toad to workday at the "new york times"a because only a small brained amphibian could have made this cover, called planet hilly.y. looks like the world's scariest basketball. globy from pee wee's playhouse, you should sue. remember him? like a grim gob stopper, where nothing ever matters, especially then past, it's an asteroid in y pantsuit. hoe w amazing is it that hillary can be so big, so all seeing, like a planet, but completely miss benghazi or her husband's vast indiscretions? was she too busy baking cookies? did the planet hillary had majos blind spots or she just doesn'tk careie. i'd say what difference does it make, but she's shooting fish in a barrel. better to mock theca times for only their obedient editors could dream up this cover in a feverish hillary-loving stupor. in the real world, it wretches
2:20 pm
in the toilet. which is why i once ask again a republican party, can't you find one smart accomplice, likeable woman and run her against hrc? if not, our world will become hillary's and you'll be wishing you were living in uranus. >> how can you laugh at such anr obvious joke? >> uranus, bob. by the way, andrea, it's not hillary's fault that she's on the globe.n i think anybody would look creepy if you put them on a globe like that. but does thatt help or hurt her> >> i think it hurts her. it also hurts her to be the front runner as we've seen with chris christie.ave it doesn't actually help when the media has anointed you.ha an entire planet? get ready for this also the "new york times," the paper, this is the magazine -- decided to do a glowing storydei about all all of these obama people are lining up behindpeop
2:21 pm
hillary today, which it's showing that she really is going to be the anointed one if she decides to run. i don't know what she's going to do. but i just see herer as one of e most overrated people ever. a corrupt first lady in arkansas.r hillarycare almost tab tahjed her husband's presidency. she had no accomplishments as new york senator. was beat by president obama who didn't run a hot dog stand. i'm wondering, what did she do to deserve her face on a planet? >> yeah. bob, i know you want to refute all of that. >> yeah. i think that is just a blanket indictment of something who has had a lot of accomplishments. but having said that, front runners, particularly democratic party, it's tough going wire tod wire from iowa, getting through the convention. this is starting very early. it's going to pick her up a lot. of people who will start taking shots at her and if i were her, i would be quiet for another six months. she's going to take a tour of
2:22 pm
california. not a goodod idea as far as i'mo concerned. she has all the money in thecali world. she got people working on it. she's got an organization built in. but the more exposed a frontt, runner is, the bigger thexpos target. >> we agree on that. >> but secretary of state, she t did remarkable things. ask generals. they'll tell you. they like her. wil petraeus -- >> you mean generayl petraeus?l >> petraeus happens to like her a lot. >> i know. but i remember that hearing very well. >> i'm just saying what petraeu> has said about her. >> gracious. >> he may be gracious, but other generals say it as well. but there is suche a thing asas overexposure for a front runner. thisis one, they can't help it. >> eric, time magazine did a similar thing where they had --d it's always about she's like huge. in this case, she's stepping on a man -- i guess we don't have e that cover. >> there it is. >> so the media sees her as th massive creature from outer
2:23 pm
space. >> the media is kind of right in the sense that her campaign iskd going to be massive. >> yeah. >> she's going to blow all of the fundraising records out of the water. gravitational pull, gets bigger, the money will flow. alluding to your monologue, where is benghazi? where is monica lewinsky? it works for her. bill clinton said, to be a good politician, president, whatever, you have to have no memory. so she's very good at doing that. i think it'sme kind of interestg that obama infrastructure for raising money is now going tog o back hillary clinton. he was against super pacs before he was -- now he's going to help another democrat win the white ' house. >> goes back to my mantra or wonmantra, republicans need a chick in the game, dana. dana. condoleeza rice, sarah palin, dana perino. >> they need someone competent. beatrah palin could hillary. >> no, could not.
2:24 pm
>> no. in america today right now? i'm not trying to disparage her, but she could not win againstrae her right now. >> you need a strong republicanu woman. >> i think -- you just need a strong win with a good message. i am not going to seek a gender transplant, but i do think that it doesn't matter what gender you are. to be competent. this is hillary clinton's world. we're just all living in it. that will be for a while. however, it could be she will never get as good a press asne she's getting right you could leave on a highti not. then imagine all of the piecesh that thean media could write about. how did we get it so wrong? what did we do? why didn't we make this happen? we didn't do the right thing bye her d in 2008 and then we screwn it up for 2016. >> can i make one comment in closing? she will have a primary opponent in 2016 election.
2:25 pm
>> named joe biden? >> is his name eric bolling? >> it may be another woman. >> if a republican woman would? run, they would treat thatoman republican woman as a republicad man. >> exactly. >> they would not treat herpu ah woman, just a final point on the new york magazine cover. i'm surprised they didn't make her the sun. >> that's true.t? that would have offended obama. >> there is no whitewater on the moon. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is a good joke. >> it wass a great joke that fe flat last night. >> all right. okay. coming up, security concerns at the sochi olympics intensifies. the state department issues anie alarming new warning to american athletes. could team usa uniforms be putting them in danger? we've got that next on "the u five".
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fox news alert. the police releasing new details now on that deadly mall shooting near suburban baltimore. the shooting happening at a skate shop on the mall's upper level above the food court. we can now confirm that three people are dead, including the gunman. the two victims are a man and a woman. both employees of that store in their 20s. but their identities not as yet being released until their families are notified. five people were also injured. one from a gunshot and the others from various injuries as they tried to escape. we're also getting new information on the police response to the shooting. law enforcement on the scene within two minutes of receiving the first 911 call at about 11:15 this morning. the mall packed at the time with saturday shoppers and then the calm of the weekend broken by the roar of gun fire. right now no word on the identity of the gunman or the motive of the police say he was armed with a shotgun and loaded with ammo. so they're approaching his body very carefully.
2:31 pm
>> because of concerns about any other weapons he may have or explosives, we are approaching this with an abundance of caution and we are getting assistance from some of our federal partners and making sure there is no explosives on the body of the deceased. that's being done now. as that process is resolved, then we will be able to work more intently on identifying who that shooter is, then when we know that, perhaps we'll be able to have a better idea of what the motive is. >> the mall at columbia i is stl an active crime scene as investigators are pouring over the building and collecting evidence and talking to eyewitnesses. we'll have much more on this developing story top of the hour, including a live report from the scene when jamie colby and i join from you america's news headquarters. now back to "the five." terrorists win, i hate thisc idea. i hate the thought that we're
2:32 pm
going to change our behavior, especially the athletes and families because some terroristo say they might bein targeting te olympics. this happens all the time of the they target everything. they target us. i walked out of ame show one day and a guy texted me and said, got my eye on you. d iay have a baseball bat and i'mm going to hit you for what you said about unions. >> that was bob. >> you can't change the behavior, otherwise they win an they'll -- romney, good job. >> what was not put on whatat w romney said is all the venues would be protected, the athletic village would be protected, but outside of where tourists say would be thehe place you worry about. we didn't put that in the clip. that's one. two, this is in sarajevo.o. the athletes should not leave olympic village to go out o because then there was a civil war just ending. now you're in the hotbed of terrorism and the caucuses. i wouldn't think of a worst t place to put it short of tehran.
2:33 pm
>> andrea, i want to ask you, what you think putin is thinking right now in terms of -- did yor think this was the lead up he was expecting? because they have so many problems with the chechen rebels, maybe this wasn't unexpected. >> i think putin's probablyti thinking, do everything you can to make sure this doesn't thi happen. he's not a good man, putin, but he does understand the threat oh radical islamic terrorist. they have struck in his country, at schools, at movie he has not said to the russian people that they've beens, a decimated or that we're not atts war with them. he understands it. the other good thing about russia is they don't have those pesky little things called civi liberties. so i think some people are going to get these letters like sorry we shot your son, but we don'tgs really care c here.i we're going to blow you up if we think you're a threat. >> putin has been able to we decimate and control the media in russia, so it's now state controlled. so he tells what youl you'reu're going to hear on the news.
2:34 pm
>> that's. true. the reason some athletes might be in danger is the outfits were augustingly. jackets like like they were sewn dark. if an athlete is injured, do you arrest the makers of the unifore because after all, we arrested the maker of a film that caused islamic terror. so it's not the terrorists' fault. it's the people who incite the terrorists. they're the bad guy. also, the athlete, telling his parents not to come, maybe heyb just wants to party. wan you know what are greatlast uniforms? you got to see the german uniforms. amazing. they're like sexy popsicles. i think they're making a political statement. using rainbow colors, i guess to protest the russian antigay laws. they'reay amazing. >> remember that dress made oute of peeps they had for easter? it looks like that. >> i hope that russians get it together. y hurt.wewant anybod >> let's keep in mind the 72
2:35 pm
munich olympics where the israelis lost a good number ofre their team members and i keep coming back to that. the israeli secured that area very well and still they got in. >> it's way different now. the world changed. >> it's changed. irl agree with you. >> one of the reasons is we can track people and their communications. >> putin is such an ego maniac, i cannot imagine him letting s something reflect poorly on him. >> no. i agree. he has been helpful in fightingo terrorism. directly ahead, looks like justin bieber's legal problems may go from bad to worse. could he be booted back to canada for allegedly breaking the law here in the united to states? the latest on bieber fever, next on "the five". mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance
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just when the streets are finally safe from lindsay lohan, justin bieber comes out of nowhere, arrested in miami beach earlier this morning on charges resisting arrest, driving with an expired license and he's in trouble with his grandparents for not stopping by to visit while he was there. f >> a lot of people, like jimmy kimmel, are joking about justin bieber getting arrested for allegedly street racing under the influence and resisting arrest. but even his most loyalr believers won't be able to bail him out of serious legal hot water. the star faces the possibilitybl of being deported back to canada if he's convicted of ang aggravated felony. so will the biebs ever cross that line dana, do you think he will do it because -- look here.ill he's on an 01 visa, which has t be reviewed every year. it's for people with eve extraordinary ability in theit's sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. so that's why he's here.bu do you think they're going to send him back to canada? h
2:41 pm
>> i think we should want to keep him here to get his tax money. i think that what can did is in a strong position here because the united states of america, of because of president obama's recal transon keystone pipeline, has been waiting five years. canada could say we'll take him back, as long as we can get a yes or no, sir. then we can make a decision and we can solve all of this diplomatic nonsense right away. >> even if you have a dui or break the law, president obama, greg, he doesn't really care if you're here illegally. heca says you can stay. and look at this full screen that the biebs sent out earliert today. check this out. he comparedr himself to michael jackson. so there is a side by side of the biebs and michael jackson. he said,si what more can they s, with a little king symbol? i'm sure you can say a little more about that. >> yeah. that didn't turn out to well for michael jackson.. here is how i feel about bieber. i hope he dyes his hair and grows a beard and lives anonymously for a year and
2:42 pm
learns what it's like to be grateful for all the fame that he's achieved.'s you need to know what a realeful life is. typically you ground your kids by sending them upstairs to your room. that's u canada. i'm taking down all of my bieber posters. i've replaced them with one direction because they have more talent and they're more delicious. >> there is no way. a lot of legal experts have said just one misdemeanor, a dui of isn't enough to get rid of the biebs. >> they're not going to get rid of him because if that were the standard that you judge people here, there are about 12 million that have done more than that, e we'd have to deport 12 million. justinin bieber's father, jerem, was seen with justin two hours after he posted bail for justin with bottles of alcohol. there is no question, he's 19 years old, i'm pretty sure -- in florida, i think the drinking age is 21, even if the federal drinking age is 21. he's been enabled by his ownl dr family. he's not on a -- keep him here.. he made $58 million last year.ln
2:43 pm
$58 million last year. can you believe we live if a country where justin bieber can put that down? >> it depresses me. >> if you look at the footage, he's racing around in a yellow lambourghini, and i think it was jimmy fallon who said, it's such an inconspicuous car there.ther it's amazing he would get caught. >> he wase introduced to america and to the entertainment scene as this clean cut, wonderful kid from canada.rf his mother was keeping a tight rein on him. his grandparents were. his father, by the way, is not y very nice guy. only showed up when bieber tooku off. every incident that he'sp been. involved in, has involveden alcohol ort drugs.invo i think the kid has got a problem. he's got -- it's not just this'g dui. he's got a $20,000 damage suit against him in california. he's being investigated. this kid doesn't need to go toit canada. he needs to go tois a very good rehab and people need to leave him alone. he's about six or eight months
2:44 pm
off. >> they can look at not just th charges that they convict himlso of, but the charges he admitted to, which is he said he used prescription drugs and that theb smoke pot. and they raided his house earlier in the week. it does sound aa lot like lindsy lohan, with the mom enabling her, the dad enabling him. >> let's not say dwi. these three things together are multiple offenses. you're not supposed to takehim. prescription drugs if you're under the influence of alcohol. >> all right. coming up, bob has vowed to get back in shape this year., smile, bob. even agreeing to a trainer and a new yoga class here in new york city might offer him anotheralte alternative. co-ed yoga in the nude. will bob try that? find out next on "the five." ♪ , i'rry diac nepain ♪
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2:49 pm
♪ ♪ >> let's hear it. okay. awesome. right. bob, you did it. everyone including me, kept their clothess on. but now, clothing is optional at bold and naked. the first co-ed naked yoga studio here in new york city. i'm getting in shape this year,n but downward dog in the buff would disgust me. that's now, let's turn to our yoga resident here, expert, and that is miss dana perino, who does yoga virtually every day. would you go down to this? >> iy. would not. i go to a beach fully clothed, like with the hoody and the scarf. >> i bet you do. >> i can't imagine the peoplear. that would go to this, they're not -- they are most likely notr going to be super >> oh, really? >> wow, so the only people that could be naked have to be goodc looking? that's disgusting to me. there are a lot of people that aren't as hot as you are. that like to expose themselves.
2:50 pm
>> times square. >> 70,000 of them. >> go ahead. what about you? would you do it?ahe >> you know, i thought about this today. >> i'd go if you were doing it.s >> i probably would not do it. it sounds very unsanitary, especially if it's a hot yogaf i class. then i thought, what if i were manhunted to go? i want want to be in the frontto row. and then i was like i wouldn't want to be in the back row either. one >> one person who probably would go, greg what, do you think?k? >> my rule is people who get naked are the people you never t want to see naked owed. >> today i looked at the gym, and everyone who should be naked weren't and those who shouldn't, buck naked. >> the only person who would look naked beside dana is eric,i would you do it? >> absolutely not. >> why? >> can we just pretend i'm single and this -- >> yeah, let's pretend. >> okay. so even if you think you're going to see attractive women,wo
2:51 pm
isn't it going to be a problemis at some point? >> the clothing for yoga is not very restricting. what are people hoping to achieve here?re? >> this is a map for a specific -- to get around ge certain laws. >> that's the problem with sexual anonymous when it started. >> that's what that was for? >> yeah. one thing about yoga, it makesin blood flow easy. >> that's the problem, bob. >> you can imagine what happens when the blood flows freely in certain -- >> i don't know what you >> family show! a >> of coursere you wouldn't. >> think about, now, let me say -- i think it's disgusting. it's a horriblble idea. i wouldn't participate in it. even i wouldn't. one more thing is up next pate i. "one more thing" is up next.
2:52 pm
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all right. time for "oor boyo time for (speaking spanish). >> yesterday i happened to wear an outfit that some of you, asoe lot of you on twitter got in touch with us and said various things. let me read some of the things said. from norma, does this make him a thug? he looks cute. thank you. valerie asks, he looks pretty
2:56 pm
cool in this outfit. gator says, you punk. said fat piece of trash. drop dead, bob. ken, bob, smoking is not good for you. another, bob is looking good.ook now if he could just drop obama. our little monster teddy bear, bob. are you married? no, i'm not. shelly, send me your picture. >> are youm looking? >> all right. the women watching, get youromen daughters around the tv because i know the proms are not 'til may. p but the shopping for prom dresses starts tomorrow. i have some tips for you whensoe you're buying a prom dress andui some tips for the prom. number one, on the day of your e prom, girls, does not get at facial. your skin is going to getur s irritated and you don't want ayu red face at the prom for the wrong reason. don't wear neon. you don't need to be flashy to be noticed.neon don't have your boobs hanging out of your dress. that's cheap. don't wear high platform shoes because you're going to take
2:57 pm
them off and then your dress is going to drag on the floor. don't look different than you is normally look every day. no fuschia lips. if you d put your drink down, gt a new one, including coca-cola.e someone might put something in. lastly, when buying your dress, dance in front of the mirrorla when trying it on just to see how it flows.s, d that's what i do. >> there is a million 17-year-old boys going, don't listen to anything he just said. >> i was once one of them. >> why does it start today or tomorrow? >> if you look at all the young girl magazines now, it's prom, prom, >> how do you know that? >> you're up.emem >> remember when the captain an tenille said this? ♪ love, love will keep us together ♪ ♪ . >> apparently not, after 39 years of marriage, the captain and toni tenille are
2:58 pm
headed for divorce. apparently the captain wasntly totally blind sided. this story has me very distraught. i thought we should have led with this. apparently she just got tired of him after 39 years.ntly i say after 39 years, what's thr point? >> unless he became a methamphetamine freak. >> unless he can't get his sales up. i don't know. she sang back up for pink floyd and darryl dragon played in the beach boys. those are some facts that the brain room won't give you here at the fox room channel, folks. >> eric, you know what i forgot to do? >> what? >> i had a next show for my prom tip. >> roll it. pr >> that is a creepy guy. >> that was me singing. but i felt bad 'cause they worked on that and i forgot. >> you'll be able to use thatl b
2:59 pm
again. >> dana? >> one of the things happening in the polar vortex and with all the snow is that in new yorke city, they haveth to put down salt. calcium chloride. the problem ise it really is bothering dogs' paws. and this includes america's dog jasper, who had to wear these, w plastic shoes last night for the first time and he was like a kid wearing new shoes.ti they didn't last very long. they fell apart. these were the boots we put on him later. >> he couldn't really walk in those eitherhe. >> you got to be >> that's a big problem. i can't carry him. >> bob? >> tony tenille thing was a joke. >> very quickly. tomorrow, dvr, "cashin' in" tomorrow, we're going to deconstruct the state of thedeco union. and the nfl is a 501 c 3 charitable organization. is that okay or not okay?oka i think every business should be a 501 c 3.
3:00 pm
we'll see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. bret baier, "special report" up next. fox news alert. a gunman opening fire inside a suburban maryland mall crowded with weekend shoppers. welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. >> good to be with you. i'm jamie colby in for arthel neville. when the shooting was over, there were three people dead, including police say, the gunman. one person treated for a gunshot wound to the foot. four others sustaining various injuries as they fled. the hospital where all five were treated now saying that they've been released and the shooting happened inside a skateboard shop in the mall. we can now report sparking panic and ai don't say as everyone ran for their lives. that mall was full. molly henneberg is live. she's been on scene with


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