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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 27, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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what you want tochlt best advice i can give anyone >> celebrity advice for justin bieber. our great american panel weighs in, straight ahead. i want to work with congress whenever and wherever i can. but we're not going to wait. i've got a pen and i've got a phone and that's all i need. >> looks like there's a war between the republicans and president obama and he may very well speak to that tomorrow night in the state of the union address. but does he have any power left? we'll analyze. >> the republicans are committing a war on women and i think really the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. >> senator rand paul calling out the democrats over the war on women.
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mary catherine has some thoughts. >> does that engnarl you at all? >> absolutely horrible. >> andinganding -- >> government is a business like every other business. i do for you, you do for me, i take care of you, you take care of me. you are about to enter the no spin zone from massachusetts, the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly reporting tonight from boston. thanks for watching us. civil war in washington. that is the subject of this evening's talking points. tomorrow night the president will give his fifth state of the union address. and talking points predict many americans will not pay attention. that's because the usa is stuck. little is getting done in d.c. and the folks are getting sick
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and tired of the logjam. mr. obama has promised that if congress does not cooperate more with him, that he'll sign a bunch of executive ofrds getting stuff done by fiat. well that's not going to make many people happy. at this point in his presidency, president clinton has signed 238 executive orders. president obama the younger, 198. president obama 167. so you can see that barack obama hasn't been crazy with the executive order bids. but that was then. now the president's under siege. all the poes show job approval rating low and its credibility has been damaged. new poll by the associated press has americans who tried signing up for health insurance on the obama care website, what they thought of the experience. just 8% said the web side did not work well. 29% said somewhat well, after
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all the money spent to roll out obama care, 8%. the president has a very difficult task. the concerns with the president so far was his inability to persuade congress to give him a break. president obama should remember steven spielberg's lincoln movie. that film is essentially about what president lincoln had to do to convince a congress suspicious of him to pass anti-slavery election. lincoln did all kinds of things, some of which boarded on illegal to get the slavery bill done. president obama's presidency will not be successful until he reaches some kind of dataune with -- just today there's an article in the "new york times" that says the republican party
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may well win the senator next move. so alert americans know that barack obama is not in a good place. his job tomorrow night to begin to turn it all around. and that's enough. joining us from washington, i bet you agree with that memo, 100%. >> i pretty well do agree with that memo. i think he has a tall order, i don't know how much he can really do his speechi ines tend make news for a few days. he's talking about what he can do with a pen and a phone and the truth of the matter is, bill, the cold reality of is it, with a pen and a phone there's not all that much you can do. presidents don't go to congress because they enjoy it, they do it because they must to get the authority to do anything big. >> he's threatening to do immigration reform with executive ofrds, he's
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threatening to do some more stimulus stuff by executive ofrds. you can't do much without legislative authority. >> why do this at all? why is he making the threat and jay carney following it up at the press conference? >> you can call it a threat, or to his supporters, they can call it a promise while the two years that remain in his term click by. you look at it in that vain, you don't want to look like you're completely passive. so you say i'll do this and i'll do that. but there's a limit to how much you can do. there's things he can do without legislation. in other words congress leads a huge portion of the job of putting laws into effect to the
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executive branch and it's agencies. and regulatory burdens can be imposed, regulations can be put into place. the president will have a more friendly u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia, now that he's been able to get congress or senate to do away with the likelihood of a filibuster on those things, on the nominees there, he can put friendly members on the court, but it's not going to add up to that much. >> the "new york times" saying that the math right now says the republicans could very well take the senate so. if that happens, the senate and the house, the house will be republican, then the president, he's a lame duck, is he not for two years? >> again, he'll be a lame duck, but remember no president is ever irrelevant. there's one thing he can do with a pen and that's introduce
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legislati lettigislatio legislation. >> it's going to be all negative. >> i can't imagine a republican congress and correct me if i'm wrong, i can't imagine republicans trying to give him anything. they just don't like him. >> they disagree with him and the disagreements between the two parties right now in the congress and in particular are quite profound. but for example, he wants to see unemployment benefits extended. republicans would give him that if he would offset some of the savings to recover the expense of it. but he didn't want to do that. you talked about the horse trading that abraham lincoln did to get reform legislation passed in his era, this president has not been very good at that or
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very willing to do it. he would have to do some of the things he and his party aren't willing to do. >> for the greater good. when i see the president on saturday, i know he did watch the lincoln movie. but that's what it was all about. lincoln had to do all kinds of stuff. >> i'll be interested to hear you ask him about that and what he says. >> all right. next on the rundown, extremely controversial remarks by senator ron paul. a new york tiles column that says the super bowl promotes war. factor from boston is coming right back. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards!
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and the war on women. >> the democrats, one of their big issues concocted and says that republicans are committing a war on women. one of the workplace laws that i think are good is that bosses shouldn't prey on young interns in their office and i think the media seems to have given president clinton a pass on this. he took advantage of a girl that was 20 years old and an intern in his office. >> very provocative. so, juan, the war on women, i agree with ranked paul is contrived totally. i don't think there is a war on women. let's start there. do you disagree with that? >> i do. i think what you heard from rand paul, he's a loyal republican for a party that's facing devastation in 2016, a tsunami of women voter who is would vote for hillary clinton, and they understand, they don't even have a woman to run against hillary
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clinton. >> you believe then there is this war on women by the republican party? i don't see it. >> i don't think it's a matter of belief, bill, when you look at the record right now, you look at the republicans pressing for invasive ultrasound, the republicans saying obama care shouldn't deliver on contraception for women, you have candidates, republican candidates who talk about race. >> there are just as many women -- >> according to the polls, there are just as many women who agree with those as disagree. but it's a policy situation, not a war situation. already, now mary catherine, i think you agree with me, i don't want to put words in your mouth, that this is a contrived war on women. it's a successful propaganda campaign to some extent, but it's a contrived situation. >> if you agree with us on policy and how large government
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should be and whether americans should pay for everyone else's birth control. there's no banning going on, whether people should have to pay for it whether they have religious objections for doing that, because we are a country that allows religious freedom, that's allegedly a war on women. i disagree with that notion. >> so you disagree with that one spot. i got to get to the crux of the matter. you know i'm a simple man, so juan agrees there is a war on women. mary catherine says there is not. and i say their side is to ran paul, mary catherine, he then says listen, when president clinton had his troubles with monica lewinsky, what you heard from the democratic establishment was quote, unquote, it was just about sex, how many times did we hear that? a million times. and he's quoting, look, you can't be peddling a war on women
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if the democratic party rallied behind this guy doing this against this singular woman. so my question to you mary catherine is that a legitimate way to go about this? >> two points, one fact check, what he's saying is true, democrats and women did rally for him and this is what went down at that time. point two, is it politically smart to bring it up in that manner because the country has decided that they like bill clinton, end of story. like this is old news, they have moved past it, and they like him, he's politically popular. what i would point out maybe is in more recent issue with former congressman filner and ex-san diego mayor out there who is now serving time, i believe -- they spent several months telling people to shut up in the democratic party so that he wouldn't get busted. when he got busted, they're say okay now we're against him.
8:16 pm
he's now serving time at home for assault of women which actually is a big deal and maybe people should bring it up. >> i want to be fair to the democratic party, no responsible democratic national chief was sticking up for that barbarian. >> they were completely dismissive of it until he was actually busted and then they were like, oh, yeah, we're against it. but what about the culture they created? >> so mary catherine makes the point, and i think it's a legitimate point that rand paul may be alienating more women by bringing this back than he is convincing women that the democratic party is full of hypocrites. >> i think she's right. i mean i'm pleased that she's knowledgeable of that. because, look, if they're trying to say hillary clinton has some baggage skeletons in her closet. this thing is about 20 years old, hillary clinton has resumed public life, secretary of state,
8:17 pm
it did not impede her as being the most popular american politician right now. i think that's what republicans are afraid of. >> there is a problem, though, if hillary clinton takes up the mantra of the war on women, it's just going to come up. there's no doubt in my mind that this will be front and center. now if she does -- >> bill, it can't be because lewinsky never said it was harassment, lewinsky never said it was anything but something she wanted to do. >> i don't want to relitigate that, i don't think american women -- i don't think american women want to go through this again. mary catherine, i'm going to give you the last word. >> here's what many hillary allies will claim to do is to say that everything is a war on women. if you're attacking her over benghazi, if you want to discuss how she responded to that, then that's a war on women. if you want to disagree with her
8:18 pm
about the various policies, health care, that will be a war on women. there will be policy disagreements and that's just a scapegoat to try and get out of having these discussions. >> thank you. directly ahead, hillary clinton's presidential machine is cranking on up. and later on what i should ask president obama in my upcoming interview this sunday. and a very controversial super bowl column in the "new york times." those reports after these messages. # # the conversation about his car loan didn't start here. it started with that overdue bill he never got. checking his experian credit report and score allowed him to identify and better address the issue. then drive off into the sunset.
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. a superpac, that's a money raising political association is
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already getting big money for hillary clinton. also she has an organization up and running in iowa. so there's little doubt hillary clinton is going to run for president. tell me about the hillary clinton money machine, mr. rove. >> well, actually there are two parts of the machine, priorities usa and ready for hillary. and here to fore, in 2012, we saw superpacs arrive in the political campaign. it sprung up overnight. helped them do mostly advertising on their behalf on radio, tv and through the mail and the internet. but this time around, it's begun a lot earlier, we're here two years before the first primary, and we also are seeing these pacs ready for hillary is now going to engage in grass roots organizing and so it's going to
8:23 pm
begin earlier and it's going to do different things. and it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. i think there are three challenges that a super pac has. the reality of the early stage. new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, nevada, particularly in iowa and new hampshire, they take this job very skiers seriod they want to see the candidates up close, look at all who's in the field, make a judgment about them. in new hampshire, they want you to show up at their firehouse and answer questions until the cow goes home before they make a decision. now we have a grass roots organization that's attempting to set up two years before the campaign a structure that's sort of saying, if you want to be -- if you're a democrat, you better get in line with hillary and we're here to give you a chance to join our organization. the second problem is going to be coordination. how do they put these people into the campaign? because legally the super pac
8:24 pm
cannot coordinate with hillary for president campaign. how do you take all these people you're organizing. >> we shoulz mention that priorities raise 67 milli$67 mir barack obama, but they didn't give to it him, they spent that money on attack ads against romney and it was very effective. the fat cat guy that didn't care about the folks, and then romney helped them out with a couple of ill timed comments. your pac was kind of the same thing, the gop side t republican side. do you have a guy? it looks like all the energies of the democratic party are going into mrs. clinton, i don't know of anybody else who is even closing to her. but the republican field is open, do you have a guy? >> uh-huh. >> no, in fact this raises another interesting question for both republicans and democrats. hillary clinton is going out there starting to suck up the
8:25 pm
money, suck up the energy and suck up the attention. there are going to be a bunch of super pacs. there may be a price to be paid by mrs. clinton in part because democrats are saying, wait a minute, shouldn't she be focused on 2014? is this all about her or is it about our candidate force senate? and if there's a big loss for the democrat this is year, particularly in the senate, they're going to look around and start pointing finger fingers. >> i think hillary will campaign for every one of those senators who may be in trouble, that's my prediction. but you dodge my question. >> well, i don't. let me go back and just say, i bet you a dime to a dollar she does not go out and campaign for every one of those senators. >> i'll take the dime to a dollar, but we have to up it now, we have to up it a little bit. okay, $100 would be $1,000, right? >> do you think that democrats in every one of those states are
8:26 pm
going to want hillary clinton to come in and campaign for them? i don't think so. >> i think landrieu would want her, i think prior in arkansas, absolutely. >> now i'm going to try for the third time, i don't know about my time, the third time. you're the republicans' guy. >> for the third time, bill, i don't have a guy, and the republicans don't have a guy. we have a large field of contenders and going geographically from east to west. christie, rubio, bush, walker, jindal, cruz and perry and a couple of others who may pop-up. what i sense among republicans is two things. one is that they're interested in this big field of potential candidates, and second of all, they want this big field of potential candidates to prove that 2014 is about something bigger than their own personal ambition by going out and putting their should tore the wheel and doing everything they
8:27 pm
can to -- as i move around the country talking to grass roots republicans, they're really interested in who's a possibility, they're thinking about this guy or thinking about that guy. but they want to see what those guys do to help the cause in 2014 and that's going to be an important measure by which they judge them? >> and the question, o'reilly is, are you going to be in it? because the field is wide open. >> yeah, i know. me raising none? money? no, couldn't do it. >> you and goldberg is a ticket. think about this, florida and new york, two big power houses. >> if i were president and goldberg was vice president, he would be in every funeral in the conga i could get him to. watters world enters the
8:28 pm
turbulent waters of politics. and bernie goldberg on a "new york times" column criticizing americans watching the super bowl. stay tuned for those reportings. the factor continues from massachusetts. ♪ we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, are we early? [ male announcer ] commute your way with the bold, all-new nissan rogue. ♪ i'veot a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's te for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is twon't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is.
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unresolved segment this week, girls at risk, suicide and violent attacks on young girls. no question is internet is
8:32 pm
adversely affecting girls ages 10 to 17 in a major way. joining us now from new york, the author of the brand-new book daughters in danger, helping our girls thrive in today's culture. elaine bennett. now elaine. texting, let's take that first. i think it's addicting. young girls love it. because they're in touch with their friends 24/7, telling them what kind of shoes they v what they just saw on tv, they never look up, they're like this. but they can also, malicious gossip and pulleying has spread so quickly on the text and the internet now that a it's very troubling to me. >> we know 85% of middle school students have cell phones and they use them, they're constantly and that gives rise to some pretty negative behaviors. if someone is to say something negative about another girl, what she looks like, what she
8:33 pm
did to someone, it goes into the cell phone network and everybody knows about it. and because of that -- i'm sorry? >> go ahead. >> and because of that, it's an instrument. there's also and an anonymity that can happen and when they transfer from cell phones to the internet and start the smear campaigns and we know tragically, of girl who is have lost their lives, they have committed suicide because of the trauma. 10, 11, 12-year-olds are not prepared to deal with the kind of negativity that can come through the use of texting, the use of social media that's so prevalent today. we didn't have this ten years ago, bill. >> it's very vexing for the parents because they can dleeel these texts immediately. >> sure. >> and tweeting and all of this other business, the cruelty
8:34 pm
level among teenaged girls has been there forever. i mean the movie "mean girls" it's always been there. >> it's nothing new. >> but i see because of the machine, the cruelty is up. it's a lot harder to be cruel face to face to somebody, than it is to hide behind a machine. so the cruelty is almost breath taking in some cases. >> and when mean girls get together with other mean girls and girls tend to want to follow the alpha girl and for whatever reason, she 's suffering from her own insecurities, many times it's parenting issues, parents are not paying attention. i actually support the helicopter mother. i think the helicopter mother is a good thing. i don't particularly like the ostrich mother. or the ostrich father who puts their head in the sand. >> i agree. i think pro active parenting is a necessity at this age.
8:35 pm
but it's very, very tough, they take their phones out of the house, they're doing this stuff all over the place. would you take the hardware or the software away from a girl or a boy who was showing aberrant behavior, would you say no more? >> absolutely. i think it's the one thing that parents do, have as a tool to shape behavior. i also think parents need to pay attention very closely to their children's friends, particularly middle school and if those friends are enticing their children, particularly their girless away from the kinds of behaviors they know is the right behavior, then take away the cell phone, because that's how they're getting access, that's how adolescents are actually raising each other through the cell phone. >> yeah. >> it's an addiction now among american children and it is, i think, the most dangerous problem we have. the book is daughters in danger, elaine, thank you very much, we appreciate it.
8:36 pm
when you come right back, bernie goldberg on what i should ask president obama tomorrow night. that's next. ♪ whoa, who-o-o-a
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bill o'reilly reporting tonight from boston and the weekdays with bernie, two situations beginning with a "new york times" column by a far left guy named steve alman. mr. alman says americans are wrong for supporting the super bowl, quote, pro sports are by definition mon advertised arenas. it is one sport that most faithfully re-creaceipts our childhood fantasies of war as a winnable concept. over the past three years, with the wars in a afghanistan and iraq, the game has served as a loyal and satisfying proxy, end kwoetz. joining us from miami, mr. goldberg, just by way of telling the audience who this guy is, he resigned, he was teaching at boston college because condoleezza rice was chosen as a
8:41 pm
commencement speaker. so this is an off the chart left guy. does he have any points? >> yeah. i watch a lot of football and i have never thought of it as a proxy for the war in iraq or afghanistan and my guess is that unless you're, you know, residing on a liberal college campus somewhere, you haven't thought of it either. coming from this guy who quit his post at boston college because of condoleezza rice, i thought here's more liberal nonsense coming down the pike. but then i read the piece and he makes an interesting point his main point is that football players have suffered catastrophic brain injury because of playing football in the nfl. it is no question about that, he's absolutely right. then he says, the only reason they're playing is because millions and millions of americans watch the game and he for one no longer wants to be complicit, his words.
8:42 pm
he thinks it's immoral so he won't watch. this is not, bill, this is not a crazy position for him. but if you follow his logic, that means you can't watch college football either because they also suffer brain damage i have done stories on this on hbo's real sports. you can't watch high school football, they also suffer brain damages. you can't watch boxing or mixed martial arts. you can't watch nascar, the biggest star in that sport which is killed in their super bowl t daytona 500, dale earnhardt. i would make the case that you can't even watch college basketball, not because of brain trauma, but because you can make a case that it's immoral for these players who are bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars and getting paid absolutely nothing while their coaches make $2 million $3 million, $5 million and the ncaa
8:43 pm
guys and the commissioner make lots and lots of money and all they get is a free college education, which half the time is a scam also. so i think his position is fine for him. for me, and for millions of others, we get too much pleasure out of watching this, but if in five or ten or 20 years or someplace down the road i agree with him that too many people are going brain dead over this, i might have the same position. but not today. probably not ever. >> i kind of gave up following boxing because of what happened to mohammed ali. >> for that reason. >> right. pretty much, yes. but i admire the skill involved in these very brutal games and i did play football myself and i would allow my son to play. i think it did more good for me as far as discipline, as far as competition, skill, practicing, achieving, than the risk of
8:44 pm
injury, which is in every sport, every sport has it. i'm not going to feel -- go ahead, take your shot, go ahead. >> you see, you saw that coming just on those few words? >> yeah, everybody saw it coming, goldberg. >> i didn't think so. okay, go ahead, i won't do it. i will not say that. >> now they want to know, go ahead. go ahead. now they want to know. >> i am not going to say, but in your case, playing football did cause brain damage, i won't say that. >> all right, good, i'm glad you're not going to say it. >> that was a cheap shot. >> the brain damaged guy is going to be in the white house on sunday, two hours before the super bowl with a live interview with the president. that i don't think mr. alman is going to watch either because there could be a concussion there. what are you going to ask him? >> this is what i hope you ask him. mr. president, secretary of
8:45 pm
defen defense -- told you that the attack in benghazi was a terrorist attack while it was going on, not a day later, not a week later, while it was going on, they told you that. yet for weeks, plpt, mr. president you and people who report to you misled the american people. you told us about and anti-muslim -- how did you allow america to be misled when you knew the truth and hillary clinton said what difference does it make at this point why they were killed? do you agree with that statement? do you think it makes no difference either. >> it was long, i only have 15 minutes and that question was like 7 1/2. >> you want one more? mr. president, why this ongoing
8:46 pm
war against fox news, you say that fox makes a caricature of you. but fox didn't create benghazi, fox didn't create obama care, fox didn't create the irs -- fox reported those stories truthfully, so why this ongoing battle, this urban battle gems fox. your people, mr. president, did benghazi, the irs and obama care. not fox. >> all right. reck those two questions now taking up ten minutes out of the 15. but i'll get them more condensed, i'll squeeze them down, if that momentum isn't boggling my mind. >> goldberg, you have to be brutal next week in critiquing the interviews. 4:30. >> i won't be watching the super bowl because i think it's immoral to watch it.
8:47 pm
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book in the book segment tonight, the new jersey chris christie edition, the governor getting hammered. we decided to send watters over the new jersey to see what the folks think. >> governor chris christie, already considered a leading con tend tender in the next presidential race. >> evidence revealed today shows that a top aide to christie and appointees of the new jersey governor created a four-day tie up for thousands of drivers. >> just to playpolitics.
8:51 pm
>> this traffic situation -- were you affected by that, personally? >> maybe an hour. >> i was using the tunnel, but that has its own issues. >> took me two hours to go six hours. >> make yourself comfortable. >> i have gotten caught in traffic before in places, it is part of life. >> do you meditate in traffic? >> no, we just play cds. >> wanted to rip the steering wheel out of the car. >> people have places to go. >> what if there is a deadline? >> a problem for you and not for me. >> this is what it is. >> he says it was his team, do you think christie is lying? >> i think he is lying. in my opinion, i think you're looking at impeachment. >> i understand they will subpoena his staff. they will tell the story, i guess. >> i'm not sure total he will thatly that it was political payback. >> that makes sense.
8:52 pm
>> he has been a good governor. >> you're a democrat? >> yeah. >> everybody is bent out of shape over a little bit of traffic, no nobody got hurt or killed. >> it is a little overkill now. >> if christie ran for president would you vote for him? >> no, she was close to being another jackie onassis. >> have you had your coffee this morning? >> well. that explains it. >> did you vote for him? >> twice. >> are you going to vote for him if he runs for president? >> that, i don't know. >> christie has never appeared on "the o'reilly factor". >> maybe they don't like each other. >> do you think he should come on the show? >> well, he may have to, eventually. >> i have no interest in answering your question. >> what do you do for fun? >> i rob banks. >> you look a little bit like david schwimerer.
8:53 pm
>> look what i got into. >> come on, make that coffee to go, let's go. all news, all the time. ♪ ♪ >> coming across the bridge right now. >> watters' world. all right, here is watters, so you drove from fort lee, new jersey, right across the bridge, to fox headquarters, mid-town -- >> about 45 minutes, i didn't have traffic over the bridge. i hit it on the west side
8:54 pm
highway and i was just happy you were not there with me, bill, because i have seen you in traffic. it is not a pretty sight. >> yeah, i put the james bond thing into helicopter and go up and over. but that is 45 minutes, about the best you can do. new poll out, christie versus hillary, it says. >> so december, christie was actually up, 42-41 over hillary, now after the sad he is down eight points. so it has taken a toll here. also on his personal and job approval numbers they were sky high in the 60s and 70s in new jersey. now, they're about 50, so you know he has lost a lot of political capital. he can still bring it back, but you know, we'll wait and see. >> yes, has to, this will go away if there are no other revelations. all right, thanks, factor tip of [ intercom ] drivers, to your marks. go! [ male announcer ] it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot...
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o'reilly in boston and why you should care in a moment. but first, big new promotion on billo', over the weekend we had a number of premium numbers grading the factor, that is very important because we want to know what part of the factor you like and don't like. if you seen up or re-up, you not only get one of my books free of charge, you also get lis wiehl's free of charge. and everybody in omaha, nebraska, i'll be out there this coming friday at the arena, see you then. and west alice, wisconsin, mr. o'reilly, your talking about -- points on americans, very important, if you missed it is is posted on billo' and bill, you're half right, perhaps the silent majority don't want the government to interfere in their lives,
8:58 pm
however, the obama era demonstrates many people are eager to have it that way. they just want free stuff. your talking points, rightly stated, that the left is pro-marijuana, i believe they want to strike at big business corporate profits. i don't see it that way, earl, this goes back to sex, drugs, rock and roll, and wood stock era. and when is the last time we heard a fat joke or a person of color, political correctness says you can only attack white men, and yonkers, any attack on one person is an insult waged at everybody, and bill, it is frightening that it is a political organization, but the supreme court is political, as well. and bill caldwell, of jacksonville, florida, just read "killing jesus," as his
8:59 pm
relationship with his disicples was fascinating, and our research is impeccable. finally the factor tip of the day. i'm here in boston to attend a funeral of an old friend of mine, chet curtis, i worked with him, he was a legend, stand-up guy, i came up here to honor him because knowing chet helped my life. all of us should respect the past, good and bad because it shaped us into the people we are today. your past is you, honor it, and remember it. that is it for the day, check out the factor, from anywhere in the world. o'reilly, and word of the day, do not be opaque, when writing to the factor. again, thank you for joining us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from
9:00 pm
boston this evening. and please, always remember the spin stops here in the commonwealth because we are definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city, and tonight. i've never had the occasion to think that i had to fear my government. >> see why an academy award winner is now thinking about government retribution against certain americans. plus? >> we had the correct number of assets in benghazi at the time of 9/11 for what had been agreed upon. >> wait until you see what just happened with the woman at the center of the benghazi tragedy. and then. >> tonight. >> some people are very angry about this controversial ad campaign. can you


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