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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 27, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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feet in the air. the possum looked a little startled but that deer pretty scared. >> that wraps up for today. thanks so much for joining us. happy tuesday. >> we'll see you tomorrow. bye. >> good morning. today is monday -- tuesday, may 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. got to get my days straight. listen to this. were you spied on by the government? the journalist who helped edward snowden expose america's secret is now naming americans. those details straight ahead. >> a real-life drama for "friends" star david schwimmer. why he's in the middle of a stabbing investigation. >> talk about clueless. >> congratulations. >> i lost.
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>> you lost? oh. okay. >> what that reporter said that really set the tennis star off. i think the one thing they tell you at press conferences, if you want to ask a good question, watch the match. that would happen. according to steve and elisabeth, mornings are better with friends. watch this animation. >> this is george lopez and i'm watching "fox & friends." it's the best show on tv and the only reason to have cable. >> the only reason? >> later on he would go into syndication on cable and a second show on cable. it is on every morning. when i get up, it seems to be the channel stuck -- >> your tv is on in the middle of the night with nobody watching? haven't you heard there is an energy shortage? >> okay, mr. nixon. >> i can turn everything off at my house right here
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from my smart phone. >> go ahead. >> i'm not going to. nobody is up. we're going to talk about how to save energy around your house, and one of the things you can do is have one of these northwest -- one of these nest thermostats. >> shouldn't you say hello first? >> you're the one who started. we're all mixed up, like you said. it's a monday. now it's a tuesday. it's a tuesday that feels like a monday. >> and steve that's talking to brian and brian talking to steve. and we have breaking news about the nigerian girls. good morning, heather. >> news from overseas. top nigerian official says he knows where those kidnapped girls are right now but he won't say exactly where. and he adds this, that the military will not try to rescue them. he says using force to free those girls could get them killed. those girls were taken by
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boko haram last month from their school in a remote part of nigeria. back here at home, the mad man who killed six people in california before killing himself blaming his rage on a ten-year-old girl. the father of a santa barbara woman says his daughter is the one who elliot rodger referred to as evil in that disturbing 140 page manifesto. roger said she was his secret crush years ago. the girl, now a woman, says she doesn't remember him back then. a memorial will be held in santa barbara to remember those who were killed. search crews are scrambling to find three men missing in that massive mudslide in colorado. the first full day of that search turning up no signs of them, the sherrif saying he is praying for a miracle. look at some of the destruction right there. this is the general area in western colorado where this happened. four-mile long, two-mile
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wide mudslide still too unstable for rescue crews to search that entire area. david schwimmer being a good friend to the nypd. this is after a stabbing outside his apartment in new york city. he offered police some footage from his security camera at his place. crops -- cops are using that video in a case after a fight in new york. those are your headlines. i'll seal you back here in a little bit. good to see you guys. hope you had a great weekend. >> so far so good. over the weekend the president of the united states, as you know, flew to afghanistan just a little before the memorial day holiday. there he is right there at baghram air force base. and it was great.
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what's interesting is the pooler from the event, scott wilson, from "the washington post," as is the case, they will put out a list of who the president had a briefing with. and on the list that he got from the white house was the name of the number-one spy in afghanistan, the c.i.a. chief of staff. the white house gave it to him. he put it out. and then he realized, wait a minute, i just put out a spy's name, told the white house, they said don't worry about it. they got back to him later and said take it off! >> that identification along with one other was then omitted in the second round of release here. but it was actually sent out with a distribution list of over 6,000 recipients. so this is something, when you think about the safety of those that step in and work for government and get in there, particularly here as it relates to intelligence, this was a big misstep. >> they identify a c.i.a.
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agent and scooter libby cannot be blamed or imprisoned because of that. you have to wonder too, number one, when the head of afghanistan, hamid karzai, refuses to meet with the president, you've got to wonder about any type of secrets being kept like the chief of station and the c.i.a. director. then you notice in pakistan they just assassinated one of our doctors who went to help out our patients, in front of his wife and kids. and pakistan -- those in pakistan where the taliban are is a bigger threat to forces and the c.i.a. chief of station than anybody else. you've got to wonder how long they can keep him in country because of the incompetence of putting his name to a pool reporter on a list. >> you mentioned scooter libby, he was part of that valerie plame thing. valerie writes astonishing, white house identifies c.i.a. chief in afghanistan. keep in mind, people are talking about remember when it happened during the bush
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years with valerie plame. barack obama at the time wanted to know, call an investigation were any laws broken and stuff like that. keep in mind the big difference. valerie plame had a desk job in the c.i.a. this guy is actually over there. for them to put out a list -- and i've got the memo on my iphone right now. there is his name plain as day with chief of staff right after it. doesn't anybody at the white house know what they're doing right now? either they're not paying attention to details or they simply don't care. >> good point there. this is incompetence, one would say. or it could just be apathy. do they not care about the safety of those intelligence officers here. this is not common. this is something that is extraordinarily out of bounds when it comes to those who really take their lives and put them at risk,
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assuming their identity will not be revealed. >> where are the grownups? eight minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. it was a tough memorial day yesterday for the commander in chief, the president praising veterans who are not very happy with him right now as the v.a. scandal continues to grow. steve centani is following that from washington, d.c. good morning to you, steven. >> reporter: good morning. the veterans over memorial day promised they will get the care they need. the president attended the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns while giving no specifics, the president did address the v.a. scandal this way. >> we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and their families and ensure they get the care and benefits and opportunities they earned and that they deserve. >> last year at the same event, the president mentioned the veterans
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administration secretary shinseki while this year he did not. many are calling for the resignation of the four-star general. there are voices supporting the administration's move to expand private coverage for veterans and wondering why it wasn't done sooner, this in the wake of allegations that 26 veterans hospitals cooked the books to cover up long waits for patients. >> i think we not only need investigations by the inspector general but i think it's time we examined the justice department investigating these allegations because they are the utmost serious. >> mccain supports the idea of giving private health care to more veterans faced with long delays at the v.a. facilities. back to you. >> steve centani, thank you. >> remember the big story about the closing of lanes on the george washington bridge and how it went back to governor christie or didn't go back? the investigation and the controversy that spun around it. you might not remember it
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but for the networks they'll probably never forget it especially when you compare what the networks did in coverage of governor christie's role, he ended up not playing. for example, you may think the v.a. scandal got a lot of coverage but according to media research council, if you look at the two big stories it is not even close when you care about the level of focus. >> when you look at the timing here as well, it took nearly four and a half weeks to, for the 110 minutes those major networks there offered in terms of information to the general public of america. and it only took them four and a half days to get 112 minutes on bridgegate. keep in mind as well that it took about two weeks for them to even pay attention to the v.a. scandal story here in order to start building the months. here we go, what is it,
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four and a half weeks, at least to get to that. >> the v.a. story is about how the government is mistreating people with secret lists, and a number of them have died waiting for treatment. the other was about an intentional traffic jam. does it seem like there's a little disparity to you? probably. >> out of the three networks, cbs had 48 minutes of the v.a. story. nbc 44 minutes and abc, 16 minutes and 44 seconds over the last four and a half weeks. >> glenn greenwald who has chronicled edward snowden's leakage from the n.s.a. has a grand finale. it is part of his new book called "no place to hide." what he's going to do -- and this is interesting -- he said he would go out with a bang, and apparently he will. he's actually going to name the people that the u.s. government has surveiled, the people that the n.s.a. spied on. keep in mind, we've been told all along they're only
3:12 am
spying on people they think are terrorists. so if names are on the list of people who clearly are not terrorists -- for instance, political foes, tv news people, rush limbaugh, stuff like that -- it's going to officially hit the fan. >> that's exactly what he wanted. he told "g.q." magazine, the last one, meaning this revelation here, was uncovered with multicolored hues. he's got to have something. that's why we're actually bringing you the creators of the n.s.a.-proof e-mail, maybe more important than ever once this revelation is made. >> these college kids came up with this great idea of having an e-mail knowing no one can hack into it unless they look over your shoulder and saw you write
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it. i'm very curious why he didn't put this in the book too? when he combine what he did with edward snowden and the other outlets, they cost us billions of dollars. >> now americans know their government spies on them. and if somebody at the n.s.a. spied on me, i'm surprised they didn't die of boredom. just saying. just saying. >> you never know. >> i find you interesting. >> thank you very much. not really. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, he's a navy veteran who left his own medical practice to run for congress, and he has a plan to fix the v.a. mess. congressman andy harris is reporting for duty next. >> what's the secret to making your wife happy? the five lessons from 36 years of marriage coming your way. don't miss that, guys. >> three minutes to happiness. ♪ ♪ ♪
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our government has failed our veterans; we know that. at least one person is looking to the private sector to save them and he's got power. navy veteran doctor and congressman from maryland andy harris joins us with a plan to fix the health care system for our greatest americans who have served and are serving currently. congressman, what do you plan to put forward to the chairman today? >> well, what i'm going to do is i'm going to describe a system where we begin to decompress the v.a. health care system which is obviously overburdened and begin to consider offering veterans who are newly assigned to the v.a. benefit the option of going to the private system and being taken their local hospitals instead of in the v.a. system. >> your background as a medical doctor as well as a lawmaker makes you uniquely qualified to make this proposal? >> that's right. i was in the navy medical corps. i took care of our men and women in uniform to deliver our health care to them.
3:18 am
during my training, i did time in a v.a. hospital. i understand the military and v.a. health system and i understand why the v.a. system is a bureaucratic mess. >> by putting it to the private sector, are you somehow going to get some financing that will put aside for the v.a. administration and getting it to the doctors in the private sector? or are you saying take your card and bill us later? >> the v.a. budget has roughly tripled in the past 12 years including the v.a. health budget, so we are planning on increasing in the v.a. health budget every year. when you look at the numbers we're paying more for those priority one veterans in the v.a. system than we would if we bought them, for instance, a silver level plan on the obamacare exchange. >> as we look at this right now it would immediately help those who live far away from a v.a. center? >> absolutely. those are the veterans who i think would opt immediately. again, i spoke to some at a memorial day ceremony in the rural part of my
3:19 am
district yesterday. they would opt for it immediately. they wouldn't have to drive hours to get v.a. care at a v.a. hospital spoeufplt a lot of those doctors do great work. there's a lot of people in the v.a. centers who do great work. it is the bureaucracy around it in many cases that's falling short; correct? >> absolutely. those men and women at the v.a. health centers, they want to help veterans. they're skilled at helping the veterans. they're just overburdened and the bureaucracy is superimposed on them that is not manageable given the volume of veterans we're taking care of now. >> given that this administration seems to have a, look at the private sector as a repellent, do you really see them embracing this at this point? >> i think they're going to view this as the only way out of a big mess. they dug themselves in deep on this mess. secret waiting lists and the stories of veterans dying waiting for their health care, i think they have to find a way out. they can't do it through the v.a. system. it is not possible.
3:20 am
>> hopefully they will listen to a lawmaker who has a military background and a medical background who wants to make it right. congressman andy har reurbgs thanks so -- andy harris. graffiti scrawled next to the name of 9/11 victims and police say they are not investigating. do you know what is in frosties? neither do i and your kids are drinking them. are drinking them. a doctor is here next. i ys say be thman with the plan but with less ergy, moodiness, i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18
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we've got some quick tuesday morning headlines. an american doctor gunned down in front of his wife and young son in pakistan. he just arrived in that country to do volunteer work at a heart clinic. the attack part of a protest against the heart clinic. families and friends of the september 11 victims are scratching personal messages into the bronze name panels at the memorial. there are at least 40 of them so far. while police have to file reports on this because it's illegal, they have made no arrests. how could they arrest anybody? sorry. >> the weather is heating up and your teen may be cooling down with a frostie but that frostie is not what you think. this unregulated boozey slushy is sold and regulated over social immediate -- over social media. here to weigh in is dr. samadi. the frosties why are they so popular? they have 17,000 followers
3:25 am
or instagram. >> these are alcohol drinks built on instagram and a lot of people will go in and send a text. once you get approved and they know you're not one of these reporters that wants to follow them, then within three minutes they approved it, you're going to get this frostie. they will deliver it within two hours to your door. nobody is going to check your license. if you're underage you're going to get this. the problem with this is it's unregulated. you don't know how much alcohol there is and tons of sugar. when you drink this, it tests good, almost like the mix of red bull but tastes like it. a lot of sugar in it and it knocks you out. after a whole bottle of it you get so drunk, you can barely walk. this is quite dangerous. 17,000 followers on instagram. you know, you want to be really careful with this because the amount of alcohol -- and we don't know how much there is. we don't know what the ingredients are. we don't know the effect of
3:26 am
it on your live, et cetera. unfortunately some teenagers are taking this the wrong way. they are selling these bottles for $10. they interviewed some of them. they say if you go to a bar you have to drink hundreds of dollars to get drunk. one will knock you out, $10. it is a cheap way to get high, et cetera. that is the wrong approach and you want to be very careful. >> talk about getting bang for your buck, that shouldn't be the discussion here. if there's a parent out this, the names this is going by, tsunami sunrice, volcanic paradise. if they see or hear any of that around, the bottles that we saw, is that how they're delivered in that formo >> yes. a cute-looking colorful. again, i read a lot of stuff that people can get numbness around their lips. they can pass out as a result of this. it's a very, very powerful drink. now they're delivering not only in new york but going all the way up to westchester. they are moving toward new
3:27 am
jersey. this is a very fast-growing business on instagram. instagram is growing week by week almost by 20%. it's unfortunate but parents want to monitor this and you want to be very careful about the side effects of these drinks. >> dr. samadi, thanks for being with us. coming up, the video is insane. a train plows right through a tractor-trailer. the story behind this video next. and what is the secret to making your life happy? the five lessons from 36 years of marriage coming up. first, happy birthday to comedian adam karrolla. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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3:32 am
their lives fighting for our wars. our kids know that sacrifice is there; freedom is not free. so we did a dedicated bike ride for those military members. i love her shades there. what did you do? >> speaking of bike rides, because my son was actually working down at the rolling thunder event in washington, d.c. on sunday -- there you can see my daughter sally and i and peter at rolling thunder -- we wound up going to the memorial day parade at washington and we went to arlington sepl tore to pay our -- cemetery to pay our respects. >> i missed the blue angels back in long island after sequester stopped them. that is kaitlyn's soccer team. brian had off this weekend so he worked over the weekend. that is kaitlyn's team holding the second place trophy. she is number 99.
3:33 am
chris megaluse is her coach. i told kaitlyn congratulations on second place but throw the trophy out until you get first. there's rules. we are a house of winners. she cried most of monday but it is a lesson she learned. she snapped out of it today. i'm sure she'll live better. they did fantastic. they did great. 85-degree weather. >> what were you up to? some folks sent pictures. the lebetoullier took their kids to visit arlington national cemetery. they said, quote, it will take your breath away. it really does. >> paula arena tweeted my son at twenty nine palms surprising his little brother. look at that moment. >> that is a huge military base in a huge military area. >> go ahead, keep your
3:34 am
pictures coming about how you commemorated yesterday's memorial day celebration. >> we will show them here. >> as bad as the northeast was for weather, it was so unbelievable this weekend. >> it was beautiful. what are you talking about? >> we were so appreciative after the unbelievable winter we had. >> that is absolutely right. probably got a lot of sun. we're going to talk about that later on in the show as well. we'll give you brand-new developments on the missing malaysian plane. new reports just released. heather childers joining us with details. good morning, heather. >> good morning. there is new information. the australian transport safety bureau said they have gone over the final transmissions between the plane and satellite and they say according to data, the plane ran out of gas and crashed into a remote area of the southern indian ocean and remain confident the wreckage can be found within 25 nautical miles of the final ping
3:35 am
transmission. still all the searches since the march 8 disappearance have come up empty. the aussie investigators say the plane's location would depend on how long it took to descend plus a five nautical mile margin of error in the satellite data. this information comes as the malaysian government releases 50 pages of shra*t data to the public -- of satellite data to the public. families have been pressuring for independent investigation. ocean shield will end its search tomorrow. it has been scanning the sea floor since last month after electronic signals believed to be from a a plane's black box was picked up. no wreckage found. next month authorities will open the plane's search to private contractors. maybe we'll get some answers then for those families. back to you. heather, thank youy much. >> from heather to heather.
3:36 am
>> hey, heather. >> guys, i've got a story for you, something steve and brian did when they were boys, something dopey i would not recommend but i can see a lot of teenagers trying to do. it is a popular superstition, holding your breath while you go through a tunnel except you don't want to try that. look at what happened to a 19-year-old in oregon. he held his breath so long that he fainted and then he smashed head on into an s.u.v. four people were hurt, but fortunately not seriously. don't try that. john edwards, he's back in the courtroom and back to his old money-making ways. his new law firm specializes in personal injury litigation. he is a trial lawyer once again. that is exactly how he made his millions of dollars before he ran for congress and then of course for president. edwards scored his first big win two weeks ago. he won a $13 million settlement for a family suing an emergency room doctor for brain injuries. caught on camera, the
3:37 am
moment a mile-long train plows through a tractor-trailer on the tracks in california. look at this. >> holy [bleep] >> that train was stuck on the tracks and the load was trail mix. you know the snack. exploded all over that road right there. then on the train was hundreds of military vehicles. the truck driver had gotten out of the truck after he realized it was stuck and he tried to signal to the train to stop but that truck totaled. the train was not damaged. no one was hurt thankfully. it's the last thing you want to see if you lose the french open. you want to be congratulated but that is not what happened to nicholas mahat. check out how he handles this news reporter. >> congratulations. >> congratulations?
3:38 am
i lost. >> you lost? oh, okay. what happened after? >> oops. after that, the tennis player said he would only be taking questions in french. i didn't know cato kalin was a tennis player. what's he doing there? >> the reporter goes you lost? all right. did you watch the match? he goes no, i didn't watch the match. sorry. it's been awhile since i was covering press conferences, but i pretty much know you should watch the game or match before you ask questions. it's the eastern conference finals with the miami heat. looks like they're playing like champions. chris bosh and lebron james were unbelievable. the pacers roll away with game 4. lebron james was phenomenal, 32 points, 10
3:39 am
rebounds. the heat are one game away from eliminating indiana in five games. the last time it took seven and they did have the home court advantage. let's talk hockey. the western conference finals. this is it. los angeles kings taking ono&és chicago blackhawks. they would roll through the blackhawks and hold on to the 5-2 victory. they lead the best of seven, three games to one. that is a quick look at what's happening in playoff spring sports. let's go out to maria. >> good morning, brian. hello everybody. we want to take a look at what happened yesterday in north dakota because we had a tornado that touched down out there, and it touched down very close to an oil field where workers were working there and the tornado was reported in mackenzie county, north dakota. there is report of damage out there to trailers. this is a big story out here across parts of north dakota. today we're still looking at the risk for more severe
3:40 am
storms especially across the state of texas. that's what we're looking at the risk for. more damaging winds, more large hail and tornadoes from dallas down into corpus christi, flash flooding another concern out here. by the way, temperatures really heating up across most of the country. you're talking temperatures widespread in the 80's from the plains to parts of the east coast. here in new york city, 88 degrees for the high temperature. let's head over to you. >> that means the pollen vortex. the place is covered with pollen. let's talk about this. richard greenburg wrote a book called "raising children other people like to be around." what he's figured out is that if you are smart, you realize that being a good parent starts with the fact that you have a good relationship with your spouse. and so you model good behavior and then your kids will wind up growing up to be good people. >> in order to have that good marriage, he offers some tips here after 36 years of marriage of his
3:41 am
own, in terms of how to keep your relationship in the good lane. greet each other with love is one tip. >> no matter how busy you are, when your spouse calls, "hi beautiful, had i honey -- hi honey, hello my love. "anything other than"what" >> when the alarm goes off in the morning, instead of him saying please shut that off, i ask him to say "i love you." >> he's a human being. >> avoid the culture trap. he writes that the battle of the sexes, none of them take it too seriously in his relationship. his wife heard him refer to her as the old ball and chain. she goes what am i doing to keep you from doing whatever you want to do? he said nothing. she said think twice about doing that.
3:42 am
she makes a great point and he said that was a stupid thing to do. >> not only the ball and chain. what are other things? >> hello beautiful. >> the love of my life. >> people have negative things to say because society -- my old lady is one. somebody in the control room heard. all these things are negative things that people play into in society, but women bring it up too. they refer to themselves that way. >> no, we don't. >> you don't? >> no. >> the other one was remember you chose each other. you could have picked up anybody, but you picked up that woman. >> you didn't just pick them up. you picked them up and married them and stayed with them for years. they say you should mention things from time to time about things that they do that you really like, and it reenforces things. those are some of the tips. what are some of your tips, some of the lessons you learned along the trail to
3:43 am
a happy marriage? e-mail us, you can facebook us or twitter us as well. >> they say you should saeup 90% of -- you should say 90% of what's on your mind to your spouse. 90%. >> i don't believe that. >> what if there's nothing on your mind? straight ahead, nonmuslim police officers can be forced to attend mosque? is that even legal? judge napolitano will be sauntering down the hall. ♪ ♪ scott: hello! nbr: scott - we're concerned. you just fed your lawn earlier this spring and now you're at it again. scott: (chuckles) indeed, a crucial late spring feeding
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3:50 am
e-mails. some m.i.t. students have found a way. find out how you can preserve your privacy. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
welcome back. federal court has ruled a police officer's right were not violated after being forced to attend an islamic mosque. >> not only did the court rule he can be punished for refusing, even though he had a religious objection. >> so how could this be legal? let's talk to fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. the cop wasn't being ordered to go into a mosque to pray. he was being ordered in to do his job? >> yes. when you first look at this, you say, how could you compel, in
3:54 am
this case, a roman catholic police officer to go into a mosque when it's against his religion? well, you have to look at the facts. this mosque was actually holding a law enforcement appreciation day for all law enforcement entities in the area. federal, state, and local. so they all sent representatives. this particular town, nobody wanted to go, so the police chief said, you, you and you go. one said, i don't want to go. it's against my religion. it's against your religion to go and represent the police department and stand at attention? >> police appreciation day? >> exactly. now, think of the flip side of this. if this opinion did not come out this way, then police would be able to object on the basis of their own personal taste or religious views to all kinds of assignments. a police department, let's face it, is a paramilitary organization and it has to exist with a chain of command. it can't exist on the basis of, well, we can't have this officer
3:55 am
do this because he doesn't like this or that. >> so the part in the hole is what we're talking about. really don't count here as it relates to religious rights going into a mosque or a church. >> well, if they had said to him, you have to praise allah while you're there and he doesn't believe in that, that would have violated his religious rights. but he was performing a police function, not a religious function. that's what the cower said. and i believe the court was correct. >> for example, for a civilian like you think about mohammed ali said i can't go to war. my job as citizen is to go to war. you were drafted. he said, i can't go to war. it's against my religious beliefs. this is different? >> yes. because he wasn't asked to do anything. he wasn't asked to manifest an agreement with muslim teaching. he was there as a police officer. look, when you join the military and when you join a police department, you do give up certain rights. one of those rights is the ability to object to an
3:56 am
otherwise lawful order because you don't like it or you don't want that responsibility. >> now you know. judge, thank you very much. >> look at my tie and look at elisabeth. >> we're promised. >> we would put you on the outside, but steve always has to sit next to elisabeth. >> 4 minutes before the top of the hour. >> what happens when you cross the royal family? the people who published this picture are about to find out in a big way. and a story the veterans who came to the rescue at just the right moment. >> i could see the baby's head. so i knew right then you got to do something quick. [ laughs ] -i'm flo! -i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process from paperwork to pickup, okay, little tiny baby? your car is ready, and your repairs
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3 split maine lobster tails topped with maine lobster in a creamy white wine sauce! four choices, for a limited time, starting at just $15.99! everything's better with lobster! come in now, and sea food differently. good morning. today is tuesday, may 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. while you were on or were you on, the government's secret spy list, we are about to learn the targets of the nsa's prying eyes. president obama honoring the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice, but there was one man that was absent from his big memorial day speech. is this a clue to the next step in the v.a. scandal? we'll examine. what is the secret to a happy wife? don't call her your ball and chain. >> that helps. >> but have i done that to you, or tv sister? >> no. >> but there is more as well. we'll read some of your e-mail
4:01 am
coming up because tuesday mornings, even though it feels like a monday, are better with friends. >> hi, everybody. this is regis philbin and you're watching "fox & friends". >> i don't think he's doing the sports show anymore. he's probably in the city, wanting to talk in the morning. >> come on over, reg. >> actually he said he gets up really, really late. he would get up late and then just walk across the street to do his show. >> right. i think he pretty much yelled at us don rickles style for about a half hour. emotionally for our ego was fragile. >> i love it, reg, come on over. >> heather has to get us off on the right track. >> good morning to you. i've got news to bring you out of the west coast. the man who killed two people in california before he killed himself is now sickly blaming his rage on a ten-year-old girl. the father of a santa barbara
4:02 am
woman says his daughter is the one elliott roger called evil in that manifest0. he wrote the then ten-year-old girl was his secret crush in middle school. the woman says she doesn't even remember meeting roger. in the meantime, memorial will be held at the university of california-santa barbara to remember those who were killed. such a sad story. then overseas, a top nigerian military official says he knows where all those kidnapped girls are right now, but he won't say exactly where and he adds that the military won't try to rescue them. he says that using force to free the girls could actually get them killed. nearly 300 girls were taken prisoner by boko haram last month. search crews are scrambling to find three missing men in that massive mudlied in colorado. the third full day of the search turning up no sign of the men. the sheriff says he's praying for a miracle there. that mudslide four miles long and two miles wide. it is huge. it's still too unstable for
4:03 am
rescue crews to be able to search that spire area. that in western colorado. how is this for a real memorial day hero? a vietnam veteran steps in to deliver a baby. wow. diana and james price found themselves rushing to the hospital in kansas city when the baby girl decided to come three weeks early. it happens. the problem? they went to the wrong entrance at the hospital and you know how huge those hospitals are. luckily, the former army medic was there to save the day. listen to this. >> i could see the baby's head, so i knew right then that you got to do something quick. >> i truly believe if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be here today. >> the baby is named reagan ainsley. what a sweet story. those are your headlines. you ever go to the hospital and looking around for the right entrance and they go no, no, go to the other entrance.
4:04 am
>> they say emergency room. >> that happened to me once. i was having my baby, we want into the emergency room, 'cause it was an emergency and they tried to get me to go and we had the baby. >> i don't think so! >> it was an emergency. but they trio do that from time to time. >> put it this way, your husband took lamaze classes, he doesn't need a doctor, right? you sit there and breathe, breathe. >> we needed a doctor. it was an emergency. i'll see you later. listen, were you targeted by the nsa? you might be finding out sooner than you think. so grand finale. victims of the government surveillance program will be here and we're talking over 2 million documents, the former nsa contractor secretly stole from the government as we were talk being edward snowden here. those documents will be used and now revealed in firework form, perhaps showing some important names out there. maybe your neighbors, maybe yours. >> keep in mind, we've been told all along, the reason they're keeping all the meta data and
4:05 am
the reason -- and they do have copies of all your phone calls and all your e-mails, whether or not they choose to listen to them, that's something else. but we were told it was all being done against terrorists, actual trysts. what if an activist shows up or a dissident or a political critic of the white house? that simply would not be good for anybody and so glenn greenwald, who probably didn't put the list in the book because the federal government would have sued him and then the book wouldn't have come out on its publication date, he decided instead to go ahead and release it and it sounds like in the next couple of days. this is going to be gigantic. >> he's already, while writing down everything edward snowden said and he had the courage to run to hong kong and go to russia where he probably belong, so he goes out and gets award after award, because he probable israeli a very good writer and columnist and puts together this book. but keep in mind, it cost us billions of dollars and compromised our surveillance
4:06 am
systems and could we eventually result, if not already, in the deaths of some of our agents, because the amount of data it revealed? >> the white house just released the name of the chief of station. >> that was one and that was a mistake. this is not a mistake. this is snowden stealing information. it was scary the nsa did not pick up that snowden was able to do this. at the same time you look at michael aheaden and general alex appearedder. they said it's meta data collect road grand basis. if he wanted to be a whistle blower and write the book, i'd say more power to you. but i think that you have to find a way to be a whistle blower and not compromise our intelligence services and those who are fighting that secret war beyond our borders. >> it seems he's looking for a grand finale and all of your information can and will be used against you. this is scary and really the biggest violation and cost is that of trust when it comes to the american people of what is
4:07 am
private and what is not. >> you can agree or disagree with what edward snowden did, but did you know before the last year or so that your federal government was -- they're keeping all that information about you in some big hut hidden out somewhere? it looks like -- it reminds a lot of people of j. edgar hoover and what he used to do back in the day. if the federal government is keeping files essentially on some prominent americans who are not terrorists, that's going to make the federal government look really stupid. >> i just don't think he can ever agree with what edward snowden did. stealing stuff that was not even his job description. >> yeah -- >> stealing it from people, taking it, downloading it into different drives and running to another country with it. >> intention is i think what everyone is sort of focused on here in terms of violation of information. why it was taken, why it's going to be used and what's going to happen in the future? what's done is done. but in the future, we're now looking at nsa proof e-mail. we're going to be talking to the creator of that e-mail and how the nsa won't be able to get
4:08 am
their hands on it. you'll want that info coming up at 7:20. >> it's a good idea. meanwhile, a tough memorial day for the commander in chief. the president praising veterans who are not very happy with him right now as the v.a. scandal continues to grow. steve centanni is following that. >> he's promising our wounded warriors they will get the treatment they need, even as that uproar continues over veterans' health care. the president appearing at arlington national cemetery for the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. while giving no specifics, the president did address the v.a. scandal by saying this. >> as we've been reminded in recent days, we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and their families and ensure they get the care and benefits and opportunities that they've earned and that they deserve. >> last year at this same event, he mentioned veterans affair secretary, shinseki, while this year he made no mention
4:09 am
whatsoever. many are calling for his retirement. there is a growing chorus of voices supporting a wider investigation of veterans medical centers. this in the wake of allegations that 26 different veterans hospitals cooked the books to cover up long waits for patients. >> i think we not only need investigations by the inspector general, but i think it's time we examine the justice department investigating these allegations because they are of the utmost seriousness. >> reporter: mccain also supporting that idea of giving private health care to more veterans faced with long delays at the v.a. facilities. back to you. >> that would solve a lot of problems. all right. steve, thank you very much. >> you bet. thanks. now to this steve here and brian. as your tv sister, we're talking about lessons from the 36-year marriage author who said look, there is information out here could really help you when it comes to how to speak to your wife, how to keep things going
4:10 am
strong. he's been married 36 years, richard greenberg. he wrote a book on how to raise kids that other people want to be around and he's telling us how to want to be around our spouses. we actually went through some of his tips. what did you think of them? >> pretty smart stuff. ultimately it boils down to the stuff we talked about before. happy wife, happy wife. i wrote a book about marriage. >> happy wife, happy life. >> both ways really. one of the things is if you say yes, dear, that is appropriate because you derail any argument. plus my wife is always right anyway. we asked you for your comments and got a whole bunch of them. >> patricia from pennsylvania said, here are some of our success markers after 36 years. one, place god at the center of marriage. two, have a sense of humor. >> amen. >> take mike. >> mike, e-mailed from texas, for the guys, you have to choices. do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? >> yeah.
4:11 am
i see that is condescending. that's like saying yeah, i know my wife is wrong, but i'm going to say she's right so i don't have to hear it. to me, you have to give the woman the respect to engage in an interplay. i don't like to challenge you on this, baby doll. >> that makes some sense. >> right. are you ever wrong in your marriage? do you ever look back and go, wow, i was kind of out of bounds that night? >> i do. >> right? so wouldn't -- let's use the name of tim. so wouldn't you want tim to say at that point, stand up for himself and say, i think tomorrow, by tomorrow, elisabeth, you'll realize i'm right, so i'm going to challenge you? >> no, that's not what i would want to hear. but at the moment when knowledge sinks in, both parties should admit it. >> so the next day. >> you're anticipating that the person would see and don't worry, tomorrow you'll realize
4:12 am
that i'm right is never going to work. >> the way you framed it, brian, where you say, i'm going to challenge my wife, i don't think there is a lot of upside to that. >> it's a little like a game show, i admit to you. maybe that's not the best term. but i would like to engage you. i would like to engage you on that topic? >> i completely agree with mike on this. >> you agree with >> absolutely. >> but the thing is, in life you're never 100% right. so how could you always say yes, dear? >> you're setting up as a challenge to start with. >> i would say this, nine out of ten times you're right. this is the tenth time, baby cakes. >> you think the baby cakes is going to soften it? >> i'm thinking that. >> interesting. >> it's not a challenge. it's a marriage. >> what, are we taking questions from the audience all of a
4:13 am
sudden? he leaves his camera to yell at me. >> anyway, keep your comments coming along with the crew. >> that's right, baby cakes. >> members of congress claim their outraged over the v.a. scandal. but when it comes to fixing it, harry reid's senate is only harry reid's senate is only coming up with more reasons tobá when i started weight watchers
4:14 am
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records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. i'm saving a ton of time by posting them to my wall. oh, i like that one. it's so quick! it's just like my car insurance. i saved 15% in just 15 minutes. i saved more than that in half the time. i unfriend you. that's not how it works. that's not how any of this works. [ male announcer ] 15 minutes for auote isn't how it works anymore. with esurance, 7 1/2 minutes could save you on car insurance. welcome to the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. there is new pressure on the v.a. chief, eric shinseki this week, as even some democrats in
4:17 am
congress admit he's got to go. he's got to step down over the ongoing scandal that apparently has delayed medical treatment to vets, a number of them who have died. as members of congress are so outraged, then why aren't they doing anything to fix the problem themselves? 14 bills aimed at reforming the v.a. have passed in the house, but all of them sitting on harry reid's desk. sounds like congress is a big part of the problem, at least the senate is. joining us is former massachusetts senator scott brown, who is again running for senate. this time from new hampshire. he joins us live from manchester. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning to you, steve. >> you called for eric shinseki's resignation the first week in november. it's interesting, though, now this is bipartisan. there are a number of republicans and democrats who say he has got to go. >> it's true. it shouldn't take more deaths and more people slipping through the cracks because families are
4:18 am
asking how many people are going to die or slip through the cracks before you lose your job? it's no different in this instance where you have somebody who has given great service to our country, but he needs to go. the president needs to set the tone. he needs to set the agenda. and he needs to let the veterans know that he's serious about really changing and clarifying and fixing this very real problem. >> sure. what happened to this year of action that the president was talking about where i got a pen and i got a phone and i'll get stuff done? he could fix this, but instead he says, i'm going to wait for another report. we've already heard from the i.g. of the v.a. and he's already said, yep, they've had these gaming strategies going on for years. >> listen, you know it as well as i know it. we tonight need anymore studies. we don't need anymore hearings. there are bills on harry reid's desk. i'm not shocked. i'm just going to say. it's not uncommon to have bills sitting on harry reid's desk. they could address this in a moment's notice. they could fix it, make it a priority, but they're not. they're playing political games
4:19 am
with it and they need to do what's right for our veterans. as i was around yesterday on memorial day doing many parades and the day before, the one theme that i heard is when is the president, when is the senate going to do something about this? and i have called for this to be fixed right away. my opponent is with the president once again. she votes 99% of the time. you think there is 1% of the time she would agree with our veterans and do what's right for them. >> sure. you are running for senate in the beautiful state of new hampshire, which you've got amazing ties to. what's interesting, though, is in addition to not calling for his resignation, your opponent, the current senator shaheen, she still loves obamacare. you, on the other hand, you've made it very clear if you're a senator, again, you do everything you can to get rid of it. >> as i said publicly many times, she's a very nice person, but she's wrong on the issues.
4:20 am
especially this issue. her and the president have been going around telling you you can keep your doctor, keep your nurses, your hospitals, you're going to get that $2,500 check, but it's all been a lie. the people of new hampshire and the people of this country deserve better. we know it's not true. one of my priorities is to repeal obamacare, period. and then you can start again and put it back to the states and let them make their determination and have them come up with the care and coverages their citizens deserve and need. but to think that obamacare is the only answer that if you don't like it, then you're against health care for people is a joke. it's frustrating to hear, but she's all in. the people of new hampshire are very upset at that, the fact that she's misled them when it comes to keeping their doctors and hospitals and nurses and you can do better. >> the people in new hampshire will make a determination the first tuesday in november. scott brown joining us today from manchester, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, want to make sure
4:21 am
government spies aren't going through your e-mail? m.i.t. students came up with a solution. they'll join us next. and queen elizabeth outraged over this picture of kate middleton's backside. can the royals sue? the bottom line straight ahead. captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms, it's just like saving money on anything else that costs money. like shoes, textiles, foreign investments, spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
4:22 am
who would have thought masterthree cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche? the same guy who thought that small caps and bond funds would go with a merging markets. it's a masterpiece. thanks. clearly you are type e. you made it phil. welcome home. now what's our strategy with the fondue? diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. first, 9 is years old. that -- 91 years old. that's the age of the oldest member of congress. the republican congressman is running for a record 18th term. next, 200 yards. that's how far hundreds of people threw themselves down a hill to be the first to get the cheese. england's annual cheese rolling
4:25 am
competition. someone get them lawn darts. finally, $1.2 billion. that's how much disney's "frozen" has grossed world wide, making it the fifth highest grossing movie of all time. yes, it is a musical. so are you worried about prying eyes on your private e-mails? you should be. one company has found a way to keep the government out of it. >> they offer what they call an nsa-free e-mail service that does not track or read your personal messages. jason stockman is the company's co-founder and he joinses from boston. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start with what can and what does to the best of your knowledge, the nsa do with all of our e-mail? >> as far as i know, they scan all traffic on the internet and that means they're scanning all of your calls, all of your texts, and all of your e-mails. they're using it to kind of build profiles on each and every one of us.
4:26 am
>> for the layman, how does what you put together combat that? >> right. so we're actually a small team of physicists and nuclear researchers from harvard and m.i.t. and we created an e-mail solution that's immune from nsa spying. the way we do this is we use a technology called end to end encription. it means is when you click send on your e-mail, as soon as you click that, your data is encrypted and protected so that when it's going through the internet, if the surveillance programs want to spy on you, all they can see is scrambled and encrypted data. >> whereas with other e-mail, you're saying our data, when we hit send is basically information about us that someone can intercept and take. and also e-mails are saved, but they're not with proton e-mail? >> we do save your e-mails, but they're completely encrypted.
4:27 am
the key feature is only you and the recipient can read it. we have no way of accessing your data. >> what if i forward it? >> the person you forward it to can also read it. >> okay. now, what would stop a terrorist from getting this? >> i mean, that's always a possibility, but i think you also have to consider the democracy activists, freedom fighters and people like us who just want to have our rights to privacy protected. >> absolutely. so jason, how do you know whether or not the nsa is already trying to work on cracking this particular super encrypted e-mail service? >> so we hope they aren't, but even if they are, the encription technology we use is more than ten years old. it's been developed in -- in development for many, many years. we have the support of the encription community and we're 100% sure it's rock solid
4:28 am
krypto. so unless they can solve a problem that's been around for that long, then we're in safe hands. >> so if anybody watching right now would like to get it, and i understand it's free, where do they find it? >>, the swiss domain. or they can find us on facebook and twitter at proton mail. >> have you heard anything from the nsa? has anyone contacted you from there that you know of, or tried? >> so we've had some very suspect contacts reach out, but it's kind of hard to verify that. >> i bet some guys from the nsa would probably like to have proton mail as their e-mail service for their personal accounts. >> yeah. that's the funny thing. exactly. >> the good news is, the nsa can see you now. this whole segment was not encrypted. you're out there. >> right. >> all right. jason stockman, co-creator of proton mail joining us from boston, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> for now it's free. i'm sure it won't be soon. >> maybe. timely for sure. coming up, talk about an air
4:29 am
headed move, a driver passes out behind the wheel because he was holding his breath while going through the tunnel. we can't make this stuff up and it's trending. >> yep. and the government is about to spend a ton of your money to fight climate change in third world countries. really? ♪ ♪ four wholesome grains. sugar. only six? six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! those litt cialis tadalafil for daily use
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and some you just don't. introducing the kohler touchless toilet. the no-touch flush for your home. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back on this tuesday morning. we're looking at how a lot of you spent the memorial day weekend. shannon sent this visiting her brother-in-law's grave who died in vietnam in 1969 with their dog, rocco. >> wow. that is so cool. robin sent this one. 37,000 flags were set up on boston common. one for every massachusetts resident killed in war since the revolution. it took 500 volunteers to pull that off. >> beautiful. >> what a sight there. >> check out this midair selfy.
4:34 am
jim and susie white doing a flyover for the memorial day service at the cemetery in their town in ohio. >> if you look in his goggles, you can see the selfy device. it looks like an iphone holding up the picture. thank you very much for sending them to us. if you would like, we're going to try to work some more in. e-mail them to us or we're on twitter and facebook. does martina mcbride have a bad song? >> she's fantastic. >> heather nauert, what else is going on? >> i got a little news to bring you. this coming in about the missing malaysian jet. got new developments on that story. australian investigators just releasing a new report saying that they believe that that plane actually ran out of gas and crashed into the indian ocean. this came after a review of the final transmissions between the plane and the satellite. that report coming out. this is a popular superstition, a lot of kids try. going through a tunnel and then
4:35 am
holding your breath but don't try that while driving. that's a dumb thing to do. a 19-year-old did that in oregon. he held his breath for so long that he fainted while driving a car. he smashed head on into an suv. four people were hurt, but fortunately, not seriously. look what happened to that car. boy. queen elizabeth is fuming over photos revealing kate middleton's bare bottom. her dress blew up as she got off the helicopter there. british magazines are not allowed to publish photos like this on strict orders from the royal family. but there is nothing to prevent foreign publications from doing it. so a german magazine published those photos. here is the coolest video you'll see all day. what looks like a green lawn is a pool in disguise. look at that. isn't that neat? the person who designed this says he wanted a swimming pool in his backyard, but his wife wanted a lawn for the kids to play soccer. 2 1/2 months later, this was
4:36 am
built. so now they've got the best of both worlds. that's a way to make your spouse happy. by working with her. >> the other part is it looks like astro turf, so you don't ever have to mow it. >> like the brady bunch. they never mowed. they had plenty of kids to do it. >> everybody is happy. >> are you going to try it at home? >> i'm first going to get a pool. by the way, if anybody is looking to get turf, my brother does field turf. >> he sells it. so just mention, once you put it in your cart, put kilmeade, as the coupon name. let's talk about the epa. it's always good to hear there is new regulations coming down and this is way overdue. >> in the fight against climate change, in order to slow it down, epa is offering a a grant for research to actually have clean stove technology and how they can slow the process of
4:37 am
climate change by moving into areas of cleaner cooking. >> that's right. so how much is that going to cost us? well, it's going to cost us a lot. but here is the thing, the people who are using the cook stoves for the most part are in the third world. we're not talking about the stove you got in your kitchen right now. we're talking about something that runs on wood or charcoal or stuff like that. we're just talking about people in the third world who for the most part have all that burn stuff to make food. >> we're writing checks for people who are open fires or leaky stoves or run on charcoal, crop wastes or wood or dung. we are writing checks to those people in order so they get nice -- in order to keep our ozone layer intact. >> we're building up the debate because that takes place and there are many charitable organizations that go out to replace their stoves. should the epa be responsible
4:38 am
for pouring in money to research here at universities to try to figure out how to make cleaner cooking better with our resources to be used somewhere else down the road? debate is there. let us know what you think about that. but if it takes long tore cook my pasta, it will be bad. >> al dente. >> she's out on the streets of new york city, there is maria molina with the forecast on this beautiful, so far, tuesday. >> yeah. beautiful so far tuesday here in parts of the northeast because we are looking at very warm temperatures that are a little above average, especially during the afternoon hours. but there is a chance to see some showers and storms later today. so we are going to be noticing some changes and temperatures behind that system will be dropping. i want to take you farther west across parts of texas, parts of the plains. we do have the risk for severe storms out here. heads up if you live in the city of dallas, austin in texas and in corpus christi.
4:39 am
you have the risk for severe storms today. heavy rain also expected with the system. as much as eight inches of rain across eastern texas, parts of louisiana. so the gulf coast looking at a flood threat. there are a number of watches in effect due to that flash flood threat. here is a look at the temperatures across the country. again, very, very warm. 80s in chicago and minneapolis and kansas city, and even in new york city. we could see a hive 88 degrees. brian, let's head over to you. >> let's talk playoffs. it's only the eastern conference finals, but the miami heat are playing like true champions. chris bosh, lebron james lighting up the indiana pacers. it was game 4, but it was all heat. bosh with three. he had 25. lebron james, 32 points. he dominated. 102-91 the final. they could win it all in game 5 as they head back to indiana. if indiana can win, they know that game 7 will be back at their place. it doesn't look like they can.
4:40 am
watch this. he was not in the line - up for last night's game with the heat, but little birdman was there. what a great influence on children. neck tattoos and mo hawks. he may be the miami's number one fan. stealing the show right there with his costume, as you can see the mohawk for his favorite guy. he does not have a beard. evidently his parents said he's not full grown. this little guy met mr. basketball last night and that is shaquille o'neal he's taking a selfy with. >> how fun. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, it's one of the largest muslim rights groups in the country and it honored our military on memorial day by saying they don't deserve to be honored. are you kidding? you'll find out about it in a moment. yes, also speak of veterans, veterans turned best selling author is here to talk about problem service members have transforming back into civilian life.
4:41 am
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for best results, use verizon. a lot of video trending this morning. we start with five guys snagging a 500-pound saw fish in south florida. but it wasn't for keeps. saw fish endangered, so they let it go.
4:45 am
back out to sea. now to austria. these white bengal tiger cubs making their first public appearance since their birth last month. what happens when a deer meets a possum in the dark of night? well, the deer jumps about five feet in the air. watch. watch. watch. just like that. those are some of your trends from friends. >> when our veterans return home from war, we're used to seeing these tearful reunions. children running to their parents that their hero is finally home. >> that's right. but few are willing to talk about what comes next. the transition to civilian life. it's a topic of the new three-part docu series called "coming home." take a look. >> no one comes back from war unchanged. some wounds are visible. for others, they arage taint to
4:46 am
our souls. >> you're never going to get sign it. you have to decide if you're strong enough to live with it. >> you forget how different the world is. >> who i was when i got here versus who i am now are two completely different people. >> everything i've been through i'm still going to miss calling myself a soldier. >> so retired army captain wes moore is the executive producer and host of "coming home" and he joins us now. honor to have you here. >> honor to be here. >> what was your intent and why did you want to tell the stories? >> i think the big thing that really came from my own personal experiences, when i came back, i was paratrooper with 82nd airborne. when i came back, i noticed what an amazing disconnect there was between myself, and my paratroopers and the society we're returning back to. so as we're coming to the end of combat operations this year, i wanted to ask the question, what does that mean to the 2.6 million people that have been actually over there fighting these wars? and for a lot of them and for a lot of their families, just
4:47 am
because we make it back home doesn't mean that the support and the understanding of who we are should wane at all. >> is it because your i'd toe is wrapped up in who you are as a military man or because you saw war, saw death and destruction, human beings maybe at their worst, and now you're expected to go back to society? >> it's a good question because i think what we try to do was not delve into this idea and as i call t the pool of insincerity on either side, where people think, well, it's so great that veterans will be home and they're all wonderful and things are wonderful because that's just not true. there are things that we are still working on and many ways, works in progress that we need support for. but at the same time, veterans are somehow these ticking time bombs ready to go off isn't accurate as well. i wanted to tell a whole story about who we are and about what this reentry process means. >> one of the hard things has got to be there are thousands of people coming home. but who is going to say okay. i will be truthful and allow you
4:48 am
in for the whole story. not just the good part, but the bad part, too? >> one of the things we did with all the people that we followed was we tried to be very clear that this is not like oh, you can come on monday, but not on wednesday 'cause wednesday is a bad day. we wanted people to really be fully transparent and honest and we just got a chance to interact and follow ten remarkable, remarkable veterans as they're going through this process of reentry, capturing the good moments, tougher moments and what hopefully we all should learn from that. >> what's one conclusion you pulled from this episode that you think is a universal truth? >> i think the only universal truth that i found from everybody is that we all come back changed. no matter what type of deployment you had, no matter where you were stationed, you come back different person. not necessarily a damaged person, but a different person. and so the idea that reentry should be smooth and when we get home, everything will return to normal, what does normal mean
4:49 am
now? what does normal with your family mean? people have transition. people have evolved. people have grown. i think as a nation, we then have to be prepared to make sure we're growing along with our veterans who are making this transition. >> and that we're there when everyone comes home. >> that's exactly right. >> wes moore, "coming back" tonight. >> right. >> the final episode airs tonto of your series, correct? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> bless you guys, thank you. it is now 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, it's one of the largest muslim rights groups in the country and it honored our military on memorial day by saying the military does not deserve to be honored. the story you won't see anywhere else coming up. first on this date in history, 1969, construction began on walt disney world in florida. >> whatever happened? did they finish? ♪
4:50 am
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4:53 am
welcome back. the council on american islamic relations claims to be a pro-american group fighting for muslim rights. how is this for pro-american? one of the group's executive directors tweeting yesterday, how does one balance being pretty staunchly antiwar while honoring those who died in the military? that's on memorial day, tweeted that. brian morrow is a national security analyst for the clarion project and says this kind of deception has always been part of care's secret strategy. hard to even read that tweet on a day that is so meaningful for those who sacrificed their lives. what was your reaction and what
4:54 am
do you mean by secret strategy of care? >> it was incredibly offensive and it's especially offensive to muslims and non-muslims that serve in the u.s. military. that's just one of the several tweets that i wrote about in my article. there is other ones. openly questioning whether it's right to honor soldiers that were killed in wars that they disagree with. these officials have a consistent pattern of depicting american soldiers as being the murderers of muslims while being occupiers. what about the fact that millions of muslims are now able to vote because of the american soldier? what about the afghan girls that go to school because of the american soldier? or the americans that are helping to search for those nigerian school girls, christian and muslim right now? and so so many muslims have worked with the u.s. military, but that's not the message over memorial day weekend from care officials. instead they're questioning whether they should honor those slain in wars they disagree with. >> the photo there that was just up, this woman tweeted that. on may 23, also this. she retweeted a quote i believe
4:55 am
from the head of michigan there and their care division. if one dies in an unjust war in which we illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, should that person be honored. again here and in your piece, you talk about even muslims don't identify with statements like this or that which care puts forward, but yet they again and again are seen as this moderate agency. >> right. gallup did a poll where they asked muslims what organization most represents you? care got about 12%. i'm willing to bet that the majority of that 12% aren't aware of the fact that this group is linked to the muslim brotherhood by the justice department and by internal documents from the muslim brotherhood itself. if they knew that, the numbers would be much lower. but yet this organization, because they say that they are the voice of the muslim american community, gets treated as such. >> isn't the fact that these individuals who have treated us haven't been reprimanded or put on leave or even fired a statement by care, perhaps the strongest statement on their
4:56 am
part that they are okaying it, giving it a nod? >> definitely. this is just the latest incident. they've endorsed the muslim brotherhood, hamas, and all sorts of extremist statements. they don't get fired. they don't get reprimanded. and we've known from the beginning, because the f.b.i. has wire tapped their leaders, talking about using deception in order to influence the media and the public perception of their cause. >> we want to thank you, the clarion project. it's incredible to read. great cause there. >> thank you. >> thanks for bringing it to our attention. were you on the government's secret spy list? we just allude to do it. we're about to learn the targets of the nsa's prying eyes. laura ingraham on that in the next hour. trouble for taylor swift why a country's entire government is keeping her from taking the stage.unct ♪ about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain. ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, may 27. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. were you on the government's secret spy list? we are about to learn the american targets of the nsa's prying eyes. laura ingraham is on that straight ahead. >> i wonder if she's on the list? meanwhile, president obama honoring the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice, but there was one name that was absent from his big memorial day speech at arlington yesterday. is it a clue to the next step in the v.a. scandal? we're going to tell you about that. >> and trouble, trouble, trouble for taylor swift. why a country's entire government is keeping her from taking the stage. can we make this louder and listen to the whole thing again and again?
5:01 am
♪ ♪ >> i was caught up in it. i didn't realize having signed off yet. >> now you're in trouble, trouble, trouble. >> #mornings are better with friends. watch our pictures float. >> it's richard simmons, the best exercise for your mind is "fox & friends". >> of course, when steve hears richard simmons, he thinks of his broken nose. richard simmons broke your nose. >> i just stretched. >> you just did. >> ouch. when i went to the emergency room and i explained that richard simmons broke my nose and the guy goes, you mean the guy in the bedazzled tights? i said yeah. he said he broke your nose? i don't think i'd tell people. >> i'd say mr. t. i'd make it up. >> we're going to talk to laura ingraham. there is a lot going on, shinseki's name not used by the president yesterday.
5:02 am
is that a preview of coming attractions? right now we turn to heather. they say they know where the little girls are. >> that is what the nigerian government is saying. listen to this story. nigeria's military says it located the kidnapped girls, but won't say exactly where they are located. they say they have no plans to rescue them. nigerian government claims that they're being held still by boko haram, but using force, they say, could get them killed. the girls were taken from a remote area of northeastern nigeria last month. we'll keep you posted as this develops. the mad man who killed six people in california before he killed himself is now blaming his rage on a ten-year-old girl. the father of a santa barbara woman says that his daughter is the one who elliott roger called evil in that disturbing 140-page manifesto. he wrote that the then ten-year-old girl was his secret crush in middle school. the woman says she doesn't even remember having met roger back
5:03 am
then. in the meantime, a memorial will be held today at the university of california-santa barbara to remember those killed. search crews are scrannelling to find three missing men in the massive mudslide in colorado. the first full day of the search turning up no sign of them. the sheriff saying he is praying for a miracle. look at this right there, all that devastation, it's four miles long, two miles wide and still too unstable for rescue crews to be able to search that entire area, that in western colorado. pretty rural there. taylor swift fans, including brian kilmeade, won't be getting -- ♪ ♪ >> it was a sold out concert in bangkok and it was canceled because of last week's military coup. on twitter, swift wrote, i'm sending my love to my fans in thai lapped. i'm so sad about the concert being canceled.
5:04 am
and brian, i know you're sad about that because you wanted to go. >> yeah, to thailand. to see her in thailand instead of the garden is fantastic. that's the problem with coup, they mess up the whole concert schedules. for more on that, here is laura ingraham. hey, laura. >> i have a taylor swift tie in here. >> really? >> over the weekend, i was with my kids and my old haunt. >> we're looking on twitter. >> my home state. >> in rhode island. i used to go there during the day. no, we didn't have a house there. we were too middle class for that. beautiful house on the point, which is kind of the house on watch hill, idyllic. it's an old house, been there 100-plus years. taylor swift bought it for $18 million cash about 18 months ago and now we have like i think 12 neon jacket wearing security guards standing ominously looking down the beach at the
5:05 am
public beach to prevent the paparrazzi from coming in. it's like, you know, kind of a family town. god bless her, she can buy whatever she wants, but it changed the whole feel of the town and a lot of the town folks i talked to said she seems like a nice person, but we never needed that security here. >> you're keeping out the trouble, trouble, trouble. >> yes. she even had signs, i knew you were trouble when you walked in, no trespassing. kind of odd. god bless her. >> so you were thinking about memorial day yesterday and i saw you were at a coast guard station as well. >> yes, we were. >> it's a beautiful spot. let's talk a little bit about the v.a. scandal. the president of the united states yesterday was at arlington. he made a speech. the tone was great. but what was interesting is he never mentioned general shinseki. he did mention him last year. people are going, hey, wait. that's kind of like remember when they had the big thing about obamacare and sebelius was in the front row and she wasn't on the stage. looks like he's about next to
5:06 am
take that long walk off the short plank. >> yeah, i think that -- when you look at what's facing the country in the next few years and just in the next few weeks, the president is going to nor manny for the 70th anniversary of the d-day landing. this scandal follows him wherever he goes. so he gives a moving address at the tomb of the unknown soldier yesterday and it was very somber. a beautiful day in washington. but then people think, what about the backlog? what about the falsification of the wait list? what about the fact that the scandal seems to be expanding? why do you still have the same person in charge? i don't think that's going away. i think and i would imagine, that at some point president obama is going to do the pros and cons on keeping shinseki and all i'd say is, shinseki goes, i hope the media doesn't go on from this scandal that -- it's been going on for a long time of the when we lost sebelius, she took the high road.
5:07 am
she left, or road. and then the media kind of moves on from obamacare a little bit. kind of changes its focus. so this is going to go beyond shinseki's leaving, which i think he will ultimately. i think it should be continued to be reported by the press as a real problem of big government, too. big government can only do so much. >> it's definitely a reflection on that as noted by many. in terms of the shinseki and keeping it quiet as it relates to his name and what the press will do with it, look no further than the time it took the press to kind of beef up some coverage. i mean, in four days they covered bridgegate with the same amount of minutes as it took four weeks to actually cover the v.a. scandal. you have 110 minutes that were dedicated to the v.a. scandal. 112 minutes from bridgegate. took four days to get those minutes from bridgegate. >> we're talking about the major networks. >> also i'd add a couple other things beyond bridgegate. how about the cat? the cat that saved the kid, that
5:08 am
video, and kanye and kim. the cat, kanye, kim, bridgegate. i mean, this is what the media covers these days. like what's trending on youtube? this is easy stuff. this is pablum. it's not really going to change our lives for the better or put a check on washington and of course they wanted to get rid of chris christie for all the obvious reasons. it was a story, but it was overkill on that story. this is affecting literally millions of americans who need basic care and aren't getting it. millions upon millions of people are affected by this. >> the first time we hear the president even talk about afghanistan over the last two years, he shows up in afghanistan to talk to the troops in afghanistan that mentions this is probably your last tour. that's an interesting way to introduce a policy. we have no idea what's happening next year and people go, have you heard? no, i haven't heard. hamid karzai refused to meet with the president. after 13 years. you believe that? >> the best was the president actually e-mailed karzai apparently as they were wheels up. the white house released that, that, well, the president was in
5:09 am
touch with karzai as they were wheels up leaving afghanistan. so that gives you a sense of where we are with karzai and our relationship there. we're going to have 10,000 more troops, i believe next year, right? so i think it's confuse to go a lot of people. what are we getting out of our afghanistan continued deployment. >> meanwhile, final topic with laura ingraham today, it looks like glenn greenwald, who is chronicled mr. snowden, the nsa leaker, edward snowden, looks like he has been saving for his grand finale, the names of americans who have been targeted by the nsa. which is curious because we were told that the nsa was just gathering information about terrorists. so if there shows up a list, and it's probably going to come out in the next couple days because he wants to sell a bunch of books, it will be curious if laura ingraham shows up on a list, or if mitt romney shows up on a list, or some activists or some dissidents or somebody who is not a terrorist on a list. >> yeah. bunch of tea party organizations.
5:10 am
make there is an overlap. we should do a diagram of the tea party groups targeted by the irs and the ones monitored by the nsa. if you're in that diagram, that little section, then you're really cool. that's all i have to say. if you get targeted by both, you're golden. i want to know who is targeted and who is not a terrorist threat. you have to believe it's probably more than just people who have names that are similar to the people on the terror watch list. i imagine it's a lot more than that. but we'll see. again, i'm kind of glad we have a lot of this information. i part ways with a lot of my conservative friends on this. i'm glad we know what government to some extent is doing beyond what we thought it was doing in the wake of 9-11. and i think a lot of people are wondering why is the government seeming to turn on innocent americans, whether it's irs or botched obamacare rollout or the v.a. scandal or even an nsa surveillance? so i'm glad we have this information and i'm looking forward to seeing what's in it.
5:11 am
>> putin says snowden is not giving him any information. you believe that? >> i'm not sure. i don't know. snowden says he doesn't have methods, operations, strategies. general dempsey says he absolutely does have that information. look, i don't know. i don't know and i'm not going to speculate on that. i think we would have probably heard a little bit more about that if he indeed had given out more information. >> all right. we'll see if you're on the list in the next couple of days. you're going to do your radio show. thank you very much. >> take care. >> coming up straight ahead, the president's side stepped congress to create a national monument near the mexican border. but there is something about that monument the white house doesn't want you to know. a former border patrol agent here to expose the secret next. >> and then, we want to hear your secrets to a happy wife, like don't call her a ball and chain. we're going to read your e-mails. keep them coming. all your tips for a good marriage. ♪ ♪
5:12 am
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5:15 am
we first told but this on friday. president obama side stepping congress to declare a national monument in new mexico. there is one problem, local law enforcement says this will make it harder for them to do their jobs in an already crime ridden area. we spoke to one of the sheriffs last week. >> they have a lot of people coming across that are smuggling illegals across and also drugs and different things like that and these are one of the areas they use. it's just my experience having looked at other areas on the border such as the organ pipe in arizona that the same thing would happen here. if you want to know the truth what's happening, ask a retired
5:16 am
border patrolman. they're more free to speak about what's going on. >> zach taylor now joins us. he's the charm of the national former border patrol officers. since the president came out with an executive order, what has changed by that border? >> we've seen some threats made to local law enforcement in the el paso area where they put on major billboards in the area in the mexican culture that means either take the bribe in money or we will shoot you with lead. plata is lead and the other word is lead. they hung people in effigy from those signs. but in mexico, they hang the real people from the signs with the narco message. what that is is a message to law enforcement. >> how does the president's executive order make it more dangerous? >> well, actually it is a breach
5:17 am
of national security what the president has done. the area in question south of interstate 10 in the desert peak s is a drug smuggling and alien smuggling corridor. by making it less accessible to law enforcement, it is going to make it more accessible to the drug and alien smugglers. those are the people that will benefit from the passage of this act more than anyone else because it will give them more or less a free rein in the area in comparison to what they had before. >> right. so you have that caesar chavez national monument in california and now it's harder and harder for you guys to do your jobs. in the big picture, it's up to guys like you if i could say so, to get the message to your law maker in washington to tell the truth what's happening on the border. is anyone doing that? >> yes. we've actually gone to washington. we've testified. we put out a video. we did a congressional briefing
5:18 am
in las cruces. the press was invited. they did not attend. they have steadfastly refused to print the truth about what is going on. what america is seeing in this particular act is exceptional political deception about what is actually going on. >> we'd like to you come back with that video and we'll do it again. if the press won't come, we'll expose the whole thing over here. so zach hill who is retired but not fighting to keep our borders safe, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> 18 minutes after the hour. we move ahead. his parents knew he was unstable. they even called the cops. that did not stop elliott roger from going on a killing spree. who is to blame? the cops, his parents or just himself? dr. keith ablow, and arthur eye della here next. the most stolen cars in america revealed. are you driving one? well, check the parking lot. it might be gone.
5:19 am
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we've got some headlines at 22 after the top of the hour. a dangerous new drink is targeting teen-agers. frosties are being packed with booze and being sold on line through instagram. all you have to do is text the user and await by the door. the exact ingredients are unknown, but they're very alcoholic, it's believed. if you try and self diagnose
5:23 am
when you're feeling under the weather, you're going to want to get a second opinion. a new study by doctors warning that 90% of the medical entries on the popular web site, wickipedia, 90% wrong. so good luck. elisabeth, over to you and the doctor and the lawyer. >> thanks. his parents tried to stop him, but their warnings went ignored. the mother and father of the santa barbara shooter that left six people dead tried to tell police that their son was a threat. but besides checking on his welfare, police didn't do a thing. is that the officer's fault or is this more legal insanity? is that to blame? i'm joined by psychiatrist and fox news contributor dr. keith ablow and fox news legal analyst, arthur aidala. thanks for being here. serious topic with a lot of questions to follow. six people dead, the shooter 22 years old, had youtube posts that left his parents concerned enough. police went to check on him to do this welfare check.
5:24 am
what is expected at a check like that when you think people could be in danger? >> common sense. in other words, police officers, what they bring to their job day in and day out is their training, but most of the time it's their god-given common sense and experience. so they went and they met with this young man and in their opinion under those circumstances, under those minutes, everything was okay. obviously hindsight is 20/20. obviously i think they all agree that they needed to do more and they should have done more. but in a college town where you get these types of calls i'm sure on a regular basis, there are so many resources -- of course, if we could rewind type, we would love the police officers to have done things more thoroughly. but elisabeth, we also on a regular basis fight for our own privacy. should the cops have gone in and searched his whole house? did they have probable cause to go find the guns and find the ammunition? that's a question of law that is very narrow and if the kid had cut marks on his wrist and it
5:25 am
was obvious he tried to kill himself, a judge would say he had the right -- they had the right to go in. but if he said i'm okay. then they can't go through the guy's house because he has constitutional right >> sadly we know the posts and the deaths of others including his own, the signs were there. but this welfare check, the police go up, it gives someone an opportunity to be do you police to us, right? >> this was a lay-up. arthur may want to run for mayor of santa barbara and want to be liked by the police, but i'm less politic. so the bottom line is they screwed up. here is the thing, everything worked. the parents called the therapist. they said things have gone terribly downhill. there are these youtube postings, they're very concerning. the therapist calls a crisis team. the crisis worker calls, from the community mental health center or er, calls the police, says go now. there is a problem. and the police for some reason
5:26 am
they think they can just talk to this kid in the hallway and they're going to determine if he's a threat? no. nowhere does the sheriff says that the police called the parents or the police called the therapist. if you're going to mr.-- >> hold on. >> don't screw it up that bat. >> don't put that responsibility on a police department. >> yes, i can. then bring to the er. they screwed up. >> the therapist felt so strongly when the police didn't react the way they wanted them to, why didn't they take control? why didn't they re-- >> the question was about the police. there was a moment there before he took the youtube postings down 'cause he says in his writings, oh, i was almost discovered. i better take these down. >> in his manifesto he says he could have been caught. and they had every right to search his dwelling. the sheriff lied in his press conference. he implied clearly that a wellness check is kind of a go and see, is everybody okay?
5:27 am
it is not. it's to see if he's dangerous. look at his apartment. this is a travesty. >> if you were dealing with one type of criminal, perhaps the police could get in there and see if it's something imminent. but if you're dealing with something dealing with psychology, why isn't the therapist then responsible to take that next step and have him possibly committed? >> the therapist tried. go get him, we'll look at him. go look at him and the next step would -- arthur, it's simple. >> breaking into your homes. >> then don't take the responsibility. if you're a police officer you and get a complex case like, this don't take the responsibility. bring them to the e.r. you're empowered by the law to do it. all of those people who are dead, it could have been prevented if the police simply did their job, which they didn't do. >> i think in hindsight you're correct. looking at it in hindsight.
5:28 am
>> two heads are better than one, as they say. >> but at the time, when you have a police officer and the kid appears normal -- >> at the time you can't be an imbesill either. >> if you called the police and said arthur is act not guilty a strange way, i'm worried about him, should the cops -- >> strange way and in youtube postings ranting? they should bring you to the er? >> the cops should stop what they're doing -- >> you bet! saving lives is not important? >> with something so serious, is there not a follow-up that should have been done? >> there are lots of points missed. the therapist working with this person after this wellness check may also be in for some review here. but we were focused on that moment before the youtube postings were taken down when something could have been done. we have to fix our mental health care system because we've got police officers saying, we can handle this. train them or have them take everybody to the e.r. >> a lot of blame to go around.
5:29 am
>> a lot of it is the police. >> gentlemen, thank you for this debate. >> so sad. >> it is a devastating. >> glad you agreed with me finally, very sad. coming up, he is one of the most famous kid actors of all time who was just boo'd off the stage and pelted with beer. we're going to discuss and guys, we hear you, we're going to send up your secrets. you have them, to keeping your wife happy. we'll read your e-mails. please keep those coming. we need them so much. marriage tips on the way. ♪ ♪ you told us your number one olive garden dishes.
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5:34 am
>> one viewer sent this picture of how they honor their fallen at home. >> look at that. >> that's great. >> wonder where that's from. >> very nice. >> today is a tuesday, that feels like a monday, because of the holiday yesterday. we got business news. the average ceo pay reaching record highs and a new warning before you hit the road this morning, joining us from the "fox business" network is lauren simonetti. good morning. >> good morning. we're taking a look at ceo pay for 2013. the median 10 1/2 million dollars. that's about a million dollars more than the year before. and i know there is all this talk about tying ceo pay to their performance. guess what? the stock market was up 30% last year and that is why these ceo's are making so much money. if you look at the median pay, that's 257 times what the
5:35 am
average american worker makes. >> which is a lot of money. meanwhile, let's talk about most stolen cars. now we've got the list. >> we've got the list. the most stolen and the most recovered car is from low jack, number one, no surprise here, it's been number one for five years in a row, the honda accord. then the civic, toyota camry and corolla. number six is interesting. the acura integra. that hasn't been made in the u.s. since 2001. but i guess the thieves really like the parts. and then you can see the escalade, the f-3450, not the f-150 making the list. the ultimate ma and chevy taho. black cars, the most popular to buy and also to steal. so paint your car turquoise. you'll be okay. >> or just leave it a mess. who wants to steal that one? >> i leave all the kids' snacks in the back. >> good idea. >> lauren, thank you very much.
5:36 am
>> cram them beneath the seat. >> all right. good morning to you. i've got a couple news head lines. it's a popular superstition. holding your breath while you go through a item, but you do not want to do that while driving. a 19-year-old did that in oregon. he held his breath for so long that he fainted and look what happened. he smashed his car head on into an suv. amazingly no one seriously hurt. caught on camera, the moment
5:37 am
a mile long train plows through a tractor-trailer that was stuck on the tracks in california. oh, boy. that train that was -- the tractor-trailer that was stuck on the track was still with trail mix inside. the snack. it exploded all over the place and then the train was actually carrying hundreds of military vehicles. the truck had gotten stuck and then trying to signal the train to stop. fortunately, the driver of that was not hurt. and this would have been a good reaction to mccauley culkin fans. >> ahhh! >> such a cute movie, but instead, an audience at a u.k. music festival threw beer at culkin and his band. he's got a group called pizza underground. they were on stage for 15
5:38 am
minutes before the boos and the booze started flying. the drinks and the booze. poor thing. those are your headlines. that's got to be pretty hard. getting up on stage, putting yourself out there. >> that was a band. he's in a band. >> yeah. >> i've never been boo'd off the stage that i can remember. that would stand out. >> 'cause you're funny. >> even when it doesn't, people usually -- he must have done something to incite them. >> it was mccauley culkin. >> right. >> that was just rude. >> 22 minutes before the top of the hour. maria molina joins us from outside. here in new york city, dry right now but it could rain later. >> we could have showers and storms rolling through parts of the northeast and behind that, you're going to notice temperatures beginning to drop just a little bit out here, returning to more normal levels because temperatures will be above average. temperature could reach 88 this afternoon. i want to take you farther west because across the state of texas, we do have the risk for
5:39 am
some severe storms and yesterday we did see a tornado across parts of north dakota. that storm system did produce damage out there and did also leave injuries behind. again, that's north dakota. today that severe weather risk includes parts of texas and in louisiana where we're not only looking at severe weather, but also the possibility of some flash flooding out here. locally more than eight inches of rain are possible. today, tomorrow, and also as we head into thursday. so this will be a very slow moving storm system that will be producing heavy rain for several days. temperature wise, again, very warm across most of the country. the 80s across most of the east. 90 for the high in raleigh, north carolina. minneapolis, warm one for you as well with high temperature at 80 degrees. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. fellow named richard greenberg wrote a book about how to have a happy family. we asked you what it takes to have a happy marriage and the e-mail machine has been all lit up this morning. >> we gave you -- here is what
5:40 am
you're saying. >> on twitter, laura says this, my hubby calls me gorgeous, beautiful, more than my real name. i am a better, stronger person because i know i'm loved. >> wow. >> smart husband. >> tom says after 43 years, i learned the secret years ago. every morning i kiss my wife and say, i love you and i'm sorry. >> right. >> that way i'm covered for yesterday, today, and what i don't know i have done. >> prevention right there. >> thank you very much for chiming in today. >> of course, chicago has that stopping that often is often helpful in marriages. you can't sing it along because he sings very high. he's always in the apology mode. >> imagine if you open up -- as you open up your eyes, that song went off and it saved you. >> just like the movie "groundhog day" where every time the alarm clock we want off, it was" i got you babe." >> they eventually break up.
5:41 am
>> 20 before the top of the hour, criminals don't investigate their own crime, so why should the v.a. investigate the v.a. scandal? will the justice department ever step in? peter johnson, jr. who has been on this since the get-go, joins us next. sun screen, the annoying first step before hitting the beach. there has to be a better way. what about drinking it? that possibility is straight ahead. >> honey, save some toppertone for -- coppertone for me. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
5:45 am
15 minutes to the top of the hour. now stories making medicine lines around the world. new developments about the missing malaysia plane. according to new data, the jet ran out of gas and then crashed into the southern indian ocean. this as nearly 50 pages of the satellite data were released today. 15 greenpeace activists bordered a norwegian oil rig protesting oil and gas explores. they boarded without resistance from the crew who just got the green light to drill in the area. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg ordered to appear in an iranian court over the complaints that his application's instagram and app violate people's privacy. it's not likely that he'll go. steve? >> is that legal? >> probably not.
5:46 am
thanks. can we really trust the veterans affairs administration to get to the bottom of its own scandal? the countless allegations of secret waiting lists and delayed medical care for veterans all across the country, the chairman of the house veterans committee has doubts. >> the secretary himself has got to take ownership of this issue out here. we have been trying to tell him for months, in fact, over a year now, that his people are not telling him the truth. they've got to come clean and quit protecting the system and the bureaucrats and start serving the veterans out there. >> absolutely. is it time for the justice department to get involved and treat the v.a. scandal as a criminal investigation? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live right now. >> i went along with you folks at home when this was happening when the president got involved. now we heard last week, i guess the head of the f.b.i. in giving testimony, no one has contacted the f.b.i. with regard to these scandals. we read about 26 different investigations around the
5:47 am
country. there has not been one indime. and there can be indictments ranging to wire fraud, tampering with government records. it's a distraction. it's a game. i say to the veterans, to the american people, yeah, we're going to prosecute to the full extent of the law. we're going to go after them. you don't have to do that to fix the system today. >> sure. the president talked about a year of action. all he needs is a pen and he needs a phone as well. but what about the fact that maybe eric holder, our attorney general, maybe he gets the news the same way the president does, by seeing it on tv. if i was the attorney general of the united states, i would think, there could be some criminality going on there. if you got a member of congress talking about how shinseki's office has been lying to congress, that's not good. >> the attorney general should be first and foremost and up front on this issue today. he should hold a press conference and say, we're doing this, this and this. i've directed the u.s. attorney in these cities to open
5:48 am
investigations with regard to the v.a. and those particular cities. but again, the issue becomes what will happen over time? will it become a pass the ball? i expect -- this is my prediction for this week or next week -- general shinseki is going to say, this is all news to me. i didn't know this was happening. there are crimes going on and i'm going to fire x, y and z in order to take the heat off general shinseki. a lot of washington has come beyond shinseki, former generals and big mucky mucks and say no, we have to stand behind him. he's our war hero. he was. but he's taken the v.a. into the dumper and there needs to be accountability. he needs to remember general paton's 10th commandment, that you take full responsibility for the actions of yourself and your men. he refused to do that. he should have tendered his resignation. veterans have died. we know by the dozens. maybe by the hundreds, by the
5:49 am
thousands. we need to blow up this system. not literally, but in terms of redesigning it. maybe not for profit. maybe for profit care, maybe we redesign these places. but we have seen and the e-mails we have read, steve, a pattern of contempt, neglect, and distrust of veterans that results in pain, suffering, carelessness and hurt imposed on them. this is something we're going to continue to talk about. i'm going to see jeff miller, the chair of the house veterans affairs committee this week to go through the e-mails that folks have sent here to "fox & friends," to see if we can get those to the congressmen in those particular districts to get stuff done for those people. >> if the administration isn't going to do anything, we are. peter johnson, jr., america's lawyer. >> thanks. ten minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, it's the sunscreen making head lines because the sunscreen is drinkable. plus we're checking it out as well. and does your skin's age match
5:50 am
your real age? the matching that gives you the answer, all that's coming up next. first let's check in with martha mccallum for a preview of what happens ten minutes from now. >> happy tuesday, everybody. so the president is under pressure as our allies question a weaker america on the world stage. so will he toughen his message this week at westpoint? we're going to talk about that with tucker carlson. have the nigerian girls have been found, what will the united states do? we'll talk about that this morning. a millionaire leaving hidden cash in a real life treasure hunt. bill and i will be on that hunt. we'll join you at the top of the hour. we'll see you then over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom. we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list
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for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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all right. it is national skin awareness
5:54 am
month and we've got your sunscreen roundup right for you. including the world's first drinkable sunscreen. our challenge is which one is drinkable? let's try them all. >> joining us is dermatologist dr. doris day. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> a drinkable sunscreen? >> well, there is lots of claims. i will say that diet can make a difference. that if you have a diet high in antioxidants, that can make a difference. and there is also a supplement that you can get at your drugstore, it's about 20 bucks. this is the fern-based extract. this might give you spf of 3 or so. no sunscreen will re-- drinkable or eatable sunscreen will replace the need to apply sunscreen. the drinkable one is based on changing factors with water. they make a big claim. even the american academy of dermatology says beware of the claims. the reality is, 3 1/2 million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year in america. one person dies every year from melanoma. >> that's why this device is so important. >> yes. >> yet it's 100% curable.
5:55 am
>> it can be if you find it early. we have to find it early. first we want to prevent. that's about being sun smart. wearing a hat, sunglasses, using sun screen. then what you do is see your dermatologist for a skin cancer screening. what they do, you'll come in. we have you undress. we look at all your spots. we identify ones that we consider to be somewhat suspicious. >> by eye? >> by our eye and good lighting and our experience. and once we identify those, we mark them and then we can scan them. it uses different wave lengths of light. without any pain, without any cutting, i picked a spot on you. we go over it and scan it. i did it earlier because it takes about a minute to run through. as you can see, there is no pain involved. less than a minute per spot. and then what it does is that spot shows up on the screen. i can look down to 2 1/2 millimeters through the skin to see if it's deep and then you can also get information and a score from negative 5 to
5:56 am
positive 9. i use that information. so this is a diagnostic tool. it's getting me information, like a mini mri for the skin. >> also could show how fast she pitches. >> we're going to look at the results just after the break. dr. doris day is with us now. we're going to see how my mole turns out here. more sun safety headed your way with "fox & friends." maybe we'll get one of their spot checks out. ♪ ♪ ully prepared. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily. smoking with chantix. as a police officer,
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i've helped many people in the last 23 years. but i needed help in quitting smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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6:00 am
more with dr. doris day in the after the show show about how you can protect yourself regarding sunscreening. >> that's right. >> tomorrow lance armstrong's former teammate will be here, plus dr. keith ablow and we have our rocky package. we take a look at rocky like never before, a singing rocky. bill: the white house dealing with a major mistake that may put the life of the top spy in afghanistan at risk. the name mistakenly included in an email that went out to 6,000 reporters. the names of cia agents always kept


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