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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. >> we'll see you back in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> happy monday. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. jedediah is here and host of the new show kennedy, kennedy herself. and today's #oneluckyguy retired general and analyst general jack keane is "outnumbered." you make us better. >> glad to be here again. >> glad you are back. you ready? >> i am ready. >> we have a lot to talk about. the president took the wraps off the budget he is sending to congress. it is big. $4 trillion. how are we going to pay for that?
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the president says with new taxes on america's top earners and businesses that will pay for programs like the centerpiece $478 billion programs for upgrading roads, bridge and transit and half is paid with a one time 14% tax on profits on united states corporations money they make overseas. it include as credit up to $500 for double income family, a boost in child care for children under the age of five a program encouraging paid leave for employee and in the state of the union he highlighted he is calling for $60 billion to pay for free community college. here is the president explaining why all of that spending is needed. >> we would be making a critical error if we avoid making these
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investments. we cannot afford not to. when the economy is doing well we are making investments. when we are growing that is what keeps the deficit low because the economy is doing well. we just have to be smarter about how we pay for priorities. >> paul ryan the chair of the tax writing house ways and means committee accuses the president of playing divisive tactics. >> the president is trying exploit envy economics. the top down redistrubution doesn't work. it makes for good politics but not good economics. >> i have heard them call it envy economics, if you will. dead on arrival with the republican party is what i am hearing right after the speech. >> totally. this is going nowhere. this is the president coming out taking the opportunity to come
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out and say what he is for. we had high taxes and tried to do the recovery summer with the massive infrastructure thing and the shovel ready jobs the president said they were not show shovel ready. what did you hear from biden? the last six years have been hard on the middle class. so there is dissonance between what the president is saying and what the vice president is saying. we have had record tax revenue because taxes have been so high. it is the spending that is the problem. they are not spending it wisely. >> look at the long list of more spending that is coming jedediah. robinhood approach. punishing the biggest american dreamers. robbing peter to pay paul. >> the gop response is going to be key. this is being labelled the middle class economics and he is doing that because he want to
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present himself as an ally of the middle class and paint republicans as allies of the rich saying they want to spare the top 1% and corporations and i am hear looking at for you. the republicans have a big job and have to come out why their plan that doesn't increase taxes but increases is the potential. >> sequestration is part of the proposal in terms of cutting down or easing back if you will some of the tight budget implimentations. >> it has to stay. the reality of sequestration -- it was never intended to strip away all of the capabilities. it brings the united states army back to the 1940s.
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if it continues three more years it goes bangladesh back to the 1950s. and the capabilities are needed. we need efficiency in the defense department but we have to pay for them. >> we will have to drill down and see what the president has in mind. we hope to read this before they pass it would be the plan. >> kennedy, i am curious, developments over the weekend, we were enjoying the lower gas prices at the pump oil workers are going on strike. i want to preface this. if up to 200 workers walk off this could be problematic. >> this is one of the last strongholds. i think the unions have lost a lot of power. democrats are realizing when the union goes down so does the
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influx of dollars especially with more right to work states and not forced to pay union dues. i think they are loosing the grasp on the democratic party and it will benefit everybody else. it is not communist russia. go back to work people. >> there we go. >> we will have to wait for more reaction because i think republicans are pretty fired up about what the president put forward. >> and what the general was saying sequestration rolls into the fight about how you fight enemies and where do you put the money. >> not in transportation. 75% increase in mass transit. they could be privatized and created jobs. and we have the obama campaign and isis video of
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beheading a japanese journalist. senator lindsay graham says it is time for boots on the ground finally >> every day that goes by we have more terrorist organizations with more capability to the homeland since any time since 9/11. isis' presence in syria and iraq is rich. foreign fighters flying with passports that can penetrate the united states. you will see a paris on steroids soon if you don't disrupt this organization and take the fight them on the ground. >> president obama responding to the critics saying the united states is doing exactly what we should be doing adding "it is entirely possible for the united states to deploy 200-300 troops if we don't have inside iraq syria, or afghanistan both the capacity and the will of the people to fight for themselves.
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then any gains will dissipate. this takes longer but it is the right way to do things" general, do you think we have a strategy to defeat isis? >> we have a goal but not an effective strategy. the goal is to destroy and defeat. what we are about in iraq and syria is we have stalled there offensive in iraq. they have not taken new territory in weeks. they are able to conduct attacks as you just saw but then they had to pull out. that is a good thing. and that is the effectiveness of our air power doing that. we have to retake the lost territory and we are betting on forces to do that. when you hear senator graham or secretary hagel at the end of the week talking about we may need ground troops they are speaking of forward air controllers are down with the
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forces at the line and where the battle is being fought to assist them in getting air power and the tactics of what they are doing. that would move us from the hundreds we have now to thousands doing that. what lindsay graham is talking about in terms of almost 10,000. he is probably close to what the right number is. i am not talking about direct combat infantry units. but we have to thicken the counter defense to be successful. the second part of the strategy is failing and that is syria. in syria, isis since beginning the campaign/when the president announced the campaign isis has gained territory in syria. so despite the success at kobani the reality is isis is on the march in syria. and the problem with the syrian policy is there is disappointment in the pentagon
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and the white house staff over the policy and the disagreement is we have decided to support a ground force and assad is pounding it with air fire every day and we are doing nothing to stop that. we are killing them faster than we can train them. >> isn't that part of the reason for that because it took us so long to get there to support them? that is what i am reading. we have been talking about for over a year. >> that is one of the most frustrating things. what took place -- the rebellion was the result of the arab springs in 2010. the moderate was on the side of the moderate forces. no radical islamics were there. it looked like he was going to fall. the ianians came in to help and it shifted over. the free syrian army asked for
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our help in 2011 and we said no. in 2012 clinton, dempsey go to the president and say we have to help the free syrian army a year later, and the president said no. here we have with a desperate situation, partly of our own choosing in the sense we didn't help sooner >> you used the word radical islamist. it would be great to hear it from the president. >> we will talk about this during overtime but you talked about the tension between the department of defense and the administration. it was fascinating your insight and we will get that again on overtime for an update. so you can tune in of course right here on "outnumbered." growing concerns about the spread of a disease that is entirely preventable. the cdc director saying we could see a large outbreak of measles if parents don't get their kids vaccinated.
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a big battle that is brewing over public health and individual rights. and one year before the iowa elections the latest numbers and what they could mean for 2016 and you heard me mention it. it is called overtime and it is where we talk about the fun stuff we didn't talk about on the couch and get deeper with our one lucky goy and ask tough questions. log on to if we don't talk about something enough we will do it for you at overtime. >> we take request. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit hi there, welcome back to "outnumbered." growing concerns about the spread of measles in the united states. the federal centers for
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susceptible to measles and the possibility we could have a large outbreak as result. >> it is a serious disease. it will be terrible if we have preventable illness, even death, from this disease that is
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preventable with a safe and effective vaccine. >> harris i hate we are in this situation. the only thing i deispsse more than people that don't vaccinate is the this information. when you get my child sick it isn't just your problem or your choice. >> and there are legalities where that is concerned. i take it back parent heart to heart. i put a call on my facebook page because i want to hear from people who are choosing different, i refuse to judge. how you chose to love and you love my kids and taking into account the feedback. and for my kids it was 35 shots by the time they were 36
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months -- it is a lot. governor christyie is calling in mandates for which vaccines should be required. not all vaccines are equal. he got his kids vaccines but he said let's make a priority list and work together with the parents who are fearful and i am reading for good and interesting reasons because their hearts are in. let's put the facts together and find a way to create herd immunity. >> or public schools and private or immunization schools and non-immunization schools. >> it is tough. and there is controversy with the vaccines when it comes to newborn babies. and not just the measles.
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i had a brother who is autistic and there is a belief it isn't the vaccine that causes it but the time of the vaccine and their immune system can't handle the vaccine so soon after the other. i am sensitive to every parent's concern. i have not walked in their shoes. i agree with what harris said. i am sensitive for religious reasons who have believes and i would not want to trample on them. i think it is complex and i think christie is doing a great job. >> i think it is really tough: but if you have a group of people creating a public health crisis i don't think the government should step in. you are a four star general what do you think they should do? >> what we do in the military you give up the individual
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rights when you come in the military. we don't give you an out. we mandate the flu shot much less the measles. our army would fall apart if we had infectious diseases. i respect the parents and terms of individual choices but i believe this is a public health issue. >> there are people that have health conditions that can not take the vaccines. i know people who can not get a flu shot and have health conditions that inhibit that. we have to protect the religious and the other side of the argument. i understand you don't want someone's poor health to impact their health and i fear for the parents but i am worried about telling regular citizens you have to get a flu shot or 35 vaccines before they hit 36 months. that concerns me. what comes next?
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>> i think of where we were with the ebola scare. not that this is like that. but the words the centers for disease confusion at one point. because so much information was coming out. we want all of the facts to come out and the goal is to make them together. >> the strange relationship between the president and the israeli president is in the spotlight and why one republican senator says it is the worst he's seen in a lifetime and the race for the white house could be hilary clinton and scott walker. what happens if the democratic favor decides not to run at all? it could happen. next on "outnumbered."
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benjamin netanyahu
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>> we've always been able to work through those issues but here we're at the point where it's disfunctional and that's because neither of these men really like each other and netanyahu bears some burden here. he wanted mitt romney who was taking a role in the election. i understand and most people recognize our president is using his influence to guarantee that
9:29 am
netanyahu doesn't win the next election. this is the level, this relationship has gotten to and i think it hurts the united states. it hurts us in terms of security in the region and they don't listen to netanyahu who i think has a grasp on the eyeiranian leader better than anyone in the world and we don't listen to him anymore in terms of administration. >> isn't it dangerous when other countries like iran look at the united states and israel and see there is a tension that there isn't the camaraderie that used to exist? isn't that dangerous? >> of course it is considering israel's proximity in the middle east. i agree these two generals don't like each other and they've been lobbing bombs back and forth. the white house has no program calling benjamin netanyahu names and if we are going to come up with solutions in the middle east it will have to be through democratic partnerships. you may have -- you may take issue with the amount of foreign
9:30 am
investment we make in israel and that's legitimate but we still need to have at least a friendly and amicable relationship to conquer the massive global problems we have over there. >> in terms of repair maybe this administration can't do it the damage is done. but the next administration, what should they look at in terms to look at the damage and understand that israel we have their back? >> i think that netanyahu was advocating for a romney nomination. we could say yes, we're an ally instead of snubbing me like president obama did multiple times when he's come to the country, two lecture us on where the border should be. remember the line about the 67 borders? and also, i'm just not buying the white house's excuse they don't want to meet with netanyahu this time around because they don't meet with people running for elections. president obama just stood and had a joint press conference
9:31 am
with david cameron in front of the world and he's running for re-election. netanyahu is a shrewd man. he knows that is bull and he has a duty to do protect his region. it's a region that president obama says is steeped in dignity and peace. >> not only is the british prime minister running for re-election. he is having a problem. >> big problem. >> standing next to a friend who can shore you up is a lot different than by invitation headed by the house speaker for a leader to come and visit and you all talk about one issue that doesn't really have anything to do with his election. the optics are interesting and important to listen to. i believe it's the first week in march that we will see that address in front of congress. i wonder if there will be any presidential representation. if it's not president obama, whom would it be? and that is important. i would say because he is a sitting leader and he is our
9:32 am
greatest staunchest ally in a part of the world where we're in trouble. >> our mutual enemies over there, this is where the big difference is. they're calling for the eradication of israel constantly. >> all right. just one year to the iowa caucuses and we're getting a better idea. how the race for the white house could shape up. a new poll of iowans likely to vote shows a tight race among republicans. scott walker is now surging with 15%. that's up four points from october. senator rand paul is close behind with 14. the poll taken just days before mitt romney announced that he was not running. they had him at 13%. but it's a completely different story for democrats. hillary clinton is by far the party's favorite with a majority's 56%. the next choice elizabeth warren with 16. vice president joe biden, we just mentioned him, gets 9%. with such a dramatic lead what would happen if hillary clinton ultimately decides not to run? a piece in "the washington post"
9:33 am
saying it would cause quote, a wild scramble among the bidens o'malleys and even the elizabeth warrens of the party and all of them who have assumed to be part of the clinton machine but doing things in a hurry as the b team or even c team would be deeply problematic. first to the republicans, scott walker. he is somebody who could be a dark horse because he's got the resume that says, look. i stood up to the unions. i've got a real record. and he's won in even -- i mean a purply state shall we say? wisconsin is purply known to be purply. he's somebody who could be surging for a reason. >> he's a reformer. i think a lot of republicans want a reformer, a governor someone that is outside of that d.c. bubble. they're not looking at senators. they're looking at someone who has done something and accomplished something. i think he has the potential to bridge the establishment wing of the republican party and the grassroots wing of the party and
9:34 am
one thing i was concerned about with his delivery and inability to connect and that's getting better. i think he's been paying attention to that and trying to connect with people so i think he's probably the one to watch right now. if he wants it it might be his to take. >> i saw an article asking if the fact that scott walker doesn't have a college degree would it hurt him? what do you think, harris? >> yeah. i have not seen that mentioned with his run up to being governor. i've not even that as a reason people wouldn't vote for him. i feel people is connected because he's like the embodiment of the american dream in that sense. he took what he could get and what he was able to acquire early on and turn it into something that was great for him. that fighting off a recall that fighting spirit is something that the american public in poll after poll said they look for that as a sign of leadership. this weekend, i should say not last night on twitter, it's interesting. scott walker knows who he is so
9:35 am
when mitt romney decided not to run on friday,' nouns-- he announced somebody new, somebody we haven't heard of somebody who hasn't been in the spotlight as much as i have and then scott walker tweeted this. he's a good man. thanked him for his interest in opening the door for fresh leadership in america. in other words, i think he's talking about me america. i know who i am. i think that's fascinating. >> what do you think about walker? i know you like rand paul a lot. he has the libertarian side to him. what do you think about that? >> there's a couple of things and i think that scott walker is rand paul's dangerous threat. i know that rand paul has been running against hillary clinton for a year now but two boxes that he doesn't check, one is the executive experience. it's being a governor and even though rand paul is very -- he's being very specific about his foreign policy crafting the fact that so many people especially republicans and this will hurt him in primaries think
9:36 am
of him as an isolationist, that gives scott walker room to you know, if he's really a fresh candidate, if he knows about foreign policy he could make great gains but if he's weak on foreign policy that could act toward walker's detriment. >> because isis and radical islam is a huge front burner issue, people are considering it their number one priority as much as the economy which we haven't seen in five years. do any of the candidates that are on that screen do any of them seem to be articulating the right strategy or you look at it and you say, do you know what? maybe they don't have military experience but they're talking smart. >> most of them are talking about domestic issues but i think it's generally recognized we have serious security challenges that the country is facing and unlike the last election or the one before that national security took a back seat to all of the domestic challenges we have, i'm convinced this time national security is going to be right up there competing with the domestic issues.
9:37 am
so i believe all these candidates will have to work through the national security issues. obviously many who are governors do not have a lot of background and experience in that but nonetheless, if leadership is right and they have good people around them, make many of them quick studies. ronald reagan was obviously a quick study on this. bill clinton was a quick study coming out of arkansas. so leadership is the most important thing i think but national security is going to be here and they will all have to cope with that reality. >> that's for sure. a new document from the vatican says that plastic surgery can be aggressive towards the feminine identity. yes. so is that really the case? and what about the choice that women have to go under the knife or not? is it theirs? we debate up next. [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, we know in the cyber world, threats are always evolving. at first we were protecting networks. then, we were protecting the transfer of data. and today it's evolved
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$423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> is plastic surgery a form of
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aggression against women? that question comes up in a new vatican document. it includes interviews on women around the globe as far as cultural pressures regarding physical appearance. one interviewee says plastic surgery is like a burka made of flesh. having given the choice for all, are they not under a yoke of a singular feminine model? >> obviously i've had lots and lots of plastic surgery. >> what? >> no. i think if there's a problem with the feminine model, it's not just people cutting their faces. it's in an unattainable ideal and that's spanx, air brushing, photo shop, really good concealer, all sorts of things but it's also you have the freedom to choose all of those things. you have so many weapons in your
9:43 am
arsenal that enhance your femininity that i say not choosing them, that is the flesh burqua. >> i want to come to you on the question of why the vatican would go here. what about the feminine experience around the globe? i've been to africa and many places where women would like to eat, you know. physical appearance is probably pretty far down the list. we have other issues around the globe. why this one? >> i think they've waded into a whole bunch of issues. they seem to have an opinion on lots of things. i don't really understand this because i think women put this pressure on themselves oftentimes. many like to blame society and editors but yoven times it starts with us. if women are unhappy with something about themselves, i say more power to you. go fix what you have to do. i'm just concerned about the trends people overemphasizing the physical. when you don't fix what's on the inside and that remains broken you can't fix what's on the
9:44 am
outside. >> preach it j.d. preach it. but coming from the vatican, this will have a different amount of weight, wouldn't you think? >> i think it depends who takes it and internalizes it and says, yeah. i agree with them or i don't agree with them. this is a church that's been weighing in on a lot of different issues. men should be listening to their women and not be so macho. that was a couple of weeks ago. but i do get the church's point. they're basically saying, and this is what a lot of churches say, your body is a temple of christ. they don't want to see it dramatically altered, focused what's in the inside and your spirituality and your relationship towards god. not the outer. however, freewill although something like freewill and maybe you want to focus use your freewill on your fanny and maybe you want a nice of your own back of the church. maybe you want but implants on the back of the temple. it makes women to enter her church let's say, let her do it. >> they're wrapping me and do
9:45 am
you know what i love about this general? he just watches us. >> you're bright red. >> i'm letting you guys deal with this one. >> all right general. we appreciate it. some much us more than others. >> take me to church. >> 1,000 miles of snow, sleet and freezing rain. yet another blizzard hammering millions of americans from the midwest to the northeast. the forecast the mess, all of it at the top of the hour. it's not over. plus the gender of a mom may seem like a cut and dried matter. but the house department in one major city is raising eyebrows by asking the question about a mom's gender. how does that work exactly? stay with us. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ mom ] with life insurance, we're not just insuring our lives... we're helping protect his. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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>> more "outnumbered" in a moment but first to jenna lee with what's coming up on "happening now." jenna: groundhog day. today the groundhog saw his shadow signifying six weeks of winter and it's a repeat as well as last monday. today's storms are even bigger. a bigger chunk of the country, team coverage of the storms that are cancelling thousands of flights, shutting schools down and creating a real mess for everybody. in the meantime president unveiling his budget this
9:50 am
morning. he wants congress to approve a $4 trillion budget which includes tax hikes on the wealthy, spending on infrastructure and raises for government workers. plus the dow up slightly today but it's been a tough year for the markets. today exxonmobil reporting better than expected quarterly earnings but profits are down substantially along with the cost of oil. so it's a big story that's coming up at the top of the hour. >> i'm very upset with punxsutawney phil. >> how dare you bloated rodent. >> oh, my goodness. >> the war over gender, graduate at suni of new york is no longer using courtesy titles of mr. and mrs. and miss in official written correspondent. in order to be more quote, gender inclusive, that's wonderful, the school's provost says it's merely guidance but some reportedly see it as
9:51 am
restricted free speech. of course it is. new york city health department is asking parents of newborns to specify on birth certificates if the mother giving birth is male or female. i don't -- i don't -- what? >> are there men that can do this? i might sign up for having kids if i can pass that along. >> i know lizards can create their own eggs and off spring. >> i dated some lizards in college, i think. >> that's amazing. >> they were awful. >> what do you make of this general? >> i don't know what to make of it. it's out of control is what it is. >> remember the man who had the baby though? >> from oregon. absolutely. >> i actually think this is really disrespectful to human beings because what if you're an alien alien? what if it's artificial intelligence? what about if it is a reptiles? >> blogs are going to write about this segment. i can hear it now. >> it's very disrespectful. >> if they have mr. and mrs. and ms., how is that not gender
9:52 am
inclusive? what are we missing? what is missing from that? >> maybe there's something neutral like mrr. >> i don't get the politically correct insane mind that comes up with this policy. i can't even wrap my head around where they're coming from and what that angle is. i just don't get it. >> i read today about the woman who had to pull over, have you heard about this? in the storm, pull over and deliver her own baby over the weekend. god bless her. >> are you sure it was a woman? was it both? >> that should be what we're focused on, life coming into the world. sounds like they want to be in people's business. how did you make the baby? how did you get there? >> that's right. everybody wants to be up in everybody's business and it's time to take a stand. hallelujah hallelujah. thank you very much. thank you for coming. a makeover for dads. it's about time. super bowl commercials last night turning from decades of clueless dads celebrating fatherhood in a whole new way. are dads finally getting their
9:53 am
due? we'll discuss.
9:54 am
ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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>> welcome back. well along with the patriots win in the super bowl there was commercials. several stops breaking stereotypes. and gone were the familiar
9:57 am
images of dad and in their place was fathers carrying and playing vital roles in the lives of their children. >> daddy, daddy! >> wow, i love this ad, an degreea. how long have we looked at sitcoms. & the dad looked like the idiot and some of these single dads, give them credit and the kids have all of the answers and even last year's super bowl. the dad couldn't figure out the wi- fi.
9:58 am
and kid had to save the day. and now it is happening for a long time. and i applaud the companies who look and see that men were feeling discounted and there is a value to it fathers in this country. the familyemasculation for males has been going on for years. madison avenue does what it needs to to commercial the product. if they need something different, i am all for. it we love the roles that women have in american society and the price that males are playing out of hollywood is significant. they can't do anything right. >> my husband laughed at me so hard. i was crying, i never seen so many emotional super bowls, i liked that it had to do with
9:59 am
dads. the dad drops his daughter at the airport and he turned to me and i was such a disaster. >> women, and wives and sisters. they don't want to see men portrayed as dufus. and present our men as who they are. >> they are good role models. and all of the shoes exactly. >> the goal is to keep them around. >> and it is someplace elsewhere they are loved. it is all about respect. >> i don't see this changing this much. >> maybe it will trickle over in the sitcoms. >> there she goes with the reagan nommics. >> and i can't help myself. >> we'll be right here on the
10:00 am
couch. fox news/overtime. we can't wait to include you in the conversation. and get in on the conversation. this is "happening now". and fox news alert. a massive winter storm stretching from nebraska to maine and the far reaching storm of the season. >> i am jenna lee. and >> and i am jon scott. we are covering all of the news, "happening now". >> he gave us happy talk about the economy. >> president obama's $4 trillion budget slammed in congress. >> it is not mission accomplished. >> can the white house and republicans find a compromise. >> people are hurting and we have a long ways to it go and can we need to fix this. >> or will it be another battle.


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