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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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george jefferson hair cut. the barber posted pictures of the cut on instagram that went viral. he says his 12-year-old son was the first to sport the do. he's gotten dozens of calls requesting the hair cut for their kids. >> my son doesn't have enough hair yet. >> the real story with gretchen carlson begins now. strong reaction from the father of the murdered jordanian pilot. after the national breakfast, the president reminded guests that violence rooted in. word of a new outbreak of measles in babies in a daycare center in the heart land. the real story starts right now.
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king abdullah keeping his promise of swift retaliation for the brutal killing of the jordanian pilot, after video was released of the pilot being burned alive. the king offered condolences to the family in person today. our own shepard smith, live on the ground in amman jordan. shepherd shepherd? >> reporter: gretchen, those air strikes conducted by jordan is described to us as an increase in the number on a given day. sources tell our jennifer griffin that 20 jordanian aircraft were involved in strikes that happened in syria along it's sit controlled areas and those happened today. we don't know exactly what the targets were or what was exactly hit or destroyed or anything. we do know because of reporting at to the pentagon that's an
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increase from normal days. the iraqi air force has are released video from its war jets that show iraqi military taking strikes on isis strong holds in the center of iraq. so we now have strikes happening by the jordanians with american support with american awacs overhead in syria and iraqi strikes on isis controlled lands inside iraq. so the push is on to try to knock back isis, and that's happening from multipleal countries in multiple lands. >> reporter: the pilot's father spoke with our sister network sky news in the united kingdom. and he was speaking as a number of people came to offer condolences and maybe summed up maybe the feelings of many people about the horror of this organization and the harm this it's inflicting.
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>> translator: the arab world the jordanian society is mourning with me. it's more than criminal it's never been seen before in history. even animals can't do this. they are wild beasts, they have no connection to islam. >>er that's the point that all here have been trying to make that the isis fighters and the islamic state itself not in any way related to islam this is the brother of the murdered jordan ianian pilot expressing the same sentiment, that jordanians must come together to fight this isis terror strike and try to keep unity within to the country. very difficult days gretchen, no doubt, and we're hearing for the first time horns honking and cars that are waving jordanian flags down the street, just down the street from our live shot location here. we have been up here all day and
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this is the first time we have heard this sort of thing. we know there was a rally in amman earlier today, and people have returned from that. but certainly sentiments from strong something has to be done by isis. >> shepherd smith live on the ground in jordan. new attacks on isis have people wondering what will take to defeat the islamer extremists, mike morales expressing doubts now about the coalition's ability to actually get the job done. >> unless the coalition is willing to put more ground troops into iraq and possibly into syria, there's very little we can can do. >> how much would it take? >> i think it would take 100,000. and that will simply does not exist here and it doesn't exist in the other coalition countries. >> chad williams is a former navy s.e.a.l. and author of "the seal of god." he doesn't think that the air
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strikes can get the job done. what do you think? >> that's very interesting, i think more important than 100,000 ground troops really would just be, we need one courageous leader and i mean that with all sincerity. all rhetoric aside, you know the outlook is pretty bleak, but whether it be bleak or optimistic we really have one of two options, it's either fight or we flee. and isis really is using a scare tactic here there's a strategy to this highly edited video. they're trying to cause fear within the hearts of people so that they will not fight them. this was successful for them when they took mosul. i turned on a television one day and in a similar way i saw my mentor who was a former navy s.e.a.l. brutally murdered in 2004 in the streets of falluja, iraq, his body was mutilated, they dragged him through the streets of falluja and hung him
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up setting hem on fire. rather than having fear i have a fire lit in my heart seeing my mentor on fire. i remember a time in our history. >> you memorabilia talking about president obama, then? >> right and i mean it with all censer censersen sincerity, he needs to in. >> it doesn't seem like he really wants to do that. i'm just being frank. for example he had this summit he planned after the terrorist attacks on january 27 but he put the date at february 18. wouldn't you have done that a little bit sooner to tray and tackle this problem? >> i would be cutting the snake's head off immediately, right away. hopefully this is a tipping point, because we watched a jordanian pilot being burned alive on television and we need to react soon before it happens to one of our sons or one of our
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daughters. so president obama talking about religion today, and terror. it was at the national prayer breakfast. listen to this. >> no grieve answer justifies the taking of lives. we know that our faith is stronger, when all faiths feel that they are welcome, that they too are full and equal members of our country. >> and his dressing down on terms of words like islamic terrorism. >> this is pretty fancy, gretchen. >> thanks for wearing a color that matches. >> so so we were not at the national prayer breakfast, but we heard what the president had to say. what were your initial thoughts? >> he said we can't be on our high horse, he said and look at isis or what's happening in the world as if it's only happening there. and he harkened back, which i thought was pretty interesting,
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back to the inquisitions he harkened back 500 years to the inquisition and the crew said. but it goes back to what we talked about before gretchen. the president doesn't seem content to just say isis is evil. we must marshall a coalition that's meaningful not just a coalition in name only but that's meaningful to stamp it out. >> he said he wanted to bring chrissianity into the fight. in case people did not hear it, here it is. >> men have been grappling with these questions throughout highuman history. unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place, remember that during the crusades and the inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. >> civilization has advanced. the problem is the inquisition
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let's not forget, that was a defense, against what at the time christiandom and europe thought was in defense of europe. we have evolved. and sorry this islamic jihadist movement is progressing. and the president can just say that, but he always has to lecture america about our evil past, our misdeeds, we have to do penance, gretchen for the past which is mired in evil and slavery and jim grow. and i think that undergirds a lot of what he said. >> we just heard -- are you as mopt tis tick? >> i don't think to i think the president, again it's in his dna to remind american that you too have had this dark past. and he believes i think in the
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end that americans exceptional, but all these other county threws are exceptional too. so we don't have a right to impose our will on other countries, but if the coalition can get something together, that's different. >> should below- >> we have not turned our back totally. we have done 777 strikes. we're doing the lion's share of the strikes now, but morrell is right, there's only so much you can do with air strikes, because isis was embedded in mosul and kobani, are americans willing to go door to door again? maybe they do, maybe they don't, that is going to take a huge commitment of american military force,less we get a real meaningful coalition together. brian williams blaming his foggy memory for lies about being fired on while covering the war back in 2003. the admission sparking strong
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reaction from many in the military and the media. so we have research showing williams and nbc had many chances to set the record straight. staff sergeant johnny joey jones is going to join me live with his response. and peace talks in the ukraine as a newly released report that says russian president vladimir putin has asperger's syndrome? and that amazing video of the plane crash we showed you yesterday. killing over half the people on board.
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when to the trans asia aways plane started to go down. he said he warned the woman sitting fwherks to her to hold on the to her seat and cover her head. he said he also tried to help other passengers who were struggling in the river. 58 of the people on board were killed. amazingly, 15 people surviveded. there's word one of the pilots radioed may day, may day, engine flamesout. new push for peace in ukraine, secretary of state john kerry joining high level talks in kiev, before the leaders head to france and germany and moscow to meet with russian president putin. here's what the report says, his movement patterns and his microexpressions analyzed on
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open source video so clearly reveals that the russian president carries a neurological abnormality, this profound behavior challenge has been named by scientists as as berger asperger's syndrome. we know that's on the autism spectrum. how does that play into the way putin deals with the rest of the world? >> i don't know if putin hases a burgers -- that would help explain some of these attitudes. the fact is his a dangerous meg low maniac who sub jew gaits his own people to avoid having to deal with his corrupt economy. this is a guy who's dangerous, who can't be trusted. and if you look at the report, it does suggest that he is someone who should.
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be cornered into making decisions in front of a large group, that is interesting information. but most importantly, the guy cannot be trusted. >> psychological profiles have always been helpful in dealing with world leaders through history. we do it with mideastern leaders, gadhafi had a very intense study done by our government. none of this is conclusive, we don't have a brain scan we don't have his medical records or anything like that. i would assert that his behavior woumtd be influenced by the fact that for decades he was a very high level kgb officer and has those types of tendencies as well. but to bernard's point, this is a meg low maniac that we have seen systematically do things that are bizarre and that are unreasonable on the world stage. and invading the ukraine. >> i want to move to this. because this new study out on political hostility becoming
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more personal affecting everything from hiring to marriage choices. so we went on the streets to ask about cross party dating and marriage. >> reporter: are you married or are you married to anyone who would where of a different political party? >> never. >> i don't think it matters i would marry somebody from any party. >> she has her ideas and i have mine and neither one of us are willing to i guess, meet in the middle. >> not at all, some of our best friends in the world are differing political parties and they're married and they seem to work out just fine. >> all right, good news for them, because look what this study says, i mentioned finding a dramatic jump in people who would will unhappy if their children married someone from the opposite party. 33% of democrats and 49% of republicans saying they would be up upset. up from just 4 percent and 5% back in 1960. what's going on, bernard? because this mirrors what's
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happening on capitol hill as well. everything is so much more divis divisive now. >> and actually my boyfriend actually teases me about being republican because oil pro fracking. but look at my parents, my parents have been married for five decades, and until the clinton re-election campaign, they were of opposite parties. i think it is reflective of the divisiveness, especially on capitol hill when it makes huge news when the two parties can actually sit down and have lunch together. >> and use the word bye partisan? what do you think about the study? >> when you think about the state of affairs today when we somewhere as about as -- when president obama took to the state of the union to lament the lack of political civility, it's ironic because he's ushered in the most personality driven
11:20 am
divisiveness divisiveness. if you dpis agreed with president bush, it could be on the iraq war, tax cuts or social security. president obama has bifurcated the american people based on our politics. >> let's see who the next president is if they can heal that wound. >> you're not going to bifurcate on the air are you? >> tony, thank you, got to get to my take now. how do politics get so personal? growing up i remember my grandma and grandpa were on opposite ends of the political spectrum. as kids we even asked them why they even bothered to vote since they were ultimately canceling each other out anyway. later we learned how important it was to vote no matter what. that's changed? life has become even more complicated so adding a difference of political opinion to the mix of a relationship is just too much to make it all worveg. i'm not that concerned about personal relationships and
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people's personal choices of a mate. what bothers me is when your political party de -- pervades decision making of all kinds, even hiring or firing. that's no doubt new territory and food for thought. will you not even be considered for a plum job because of your politics? coming up on the real story, jury selection under way now on the shooting deaths of american sniper chris kyle. why the government's defense team may have their hands full. and a girl scout shot while selling her cookies 0u9d on the street? how the 9-year-old is doing today. and a new report shows more than ever adults are stressed out about money. so for our question of the day, what causes you the most stress.
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welcome back to "the real story." a 9-year-old little girl is in stable condition now after getting shot while she was out on the street just trying to sell girl scout cookies. the little girl had just left her apartment to go door to door. that's when witnesses say a blue suv pulled up, a gunman inside began firing indiscriminately. the child recovering after taking a bullet luckily just to the leg. no word on any possible suspects. in the meantime new developments surrounding the late american sniper chris kyle. but they have nothing to do with
11:26 am
the movie or the controversy surrounding that. instead they have to do with his mother. today the trial starts today of the man accused of killing kyle two years ago. there's some challenges with selecting this particular jury which has something to do with the movie, right? >> yes, gretchen you can say that, this is a movie that chronicles chris kyle's life playing in theaters. you would have to be living under a rock not to know about american sniper. that's what the jurors are being asked as the jury selection gets underway today. they wants to know if the 800 jurors have seen a portion of the movie or if they have also read chris kyle's book, the auto biography of his life. we understand that if those potential jurors answer yes to those questions, it does not automatically mean that they will be disqualified, but lawyers could have a challenge on their hands, because most
11:27 am
people clearly very familiar with chris kyle and his story. 27-year-old eddie ray ralph is an iraq war veteran remember, he's accused of not only killing chris kyle but chris kyle's friend chad littlefield who was also a veteran. opening arguments are scheduled to start next week here in texas. >> so ralph's lawyers, we have heard they're going to try and go for the insanity defense right? >> reporter: right but prosecutors say this is not a death penalty case. ralph's lawyers have maintained all along that he has post traumatic stress disorder. but chris kyle's wife said that does not justify murder. you interviewed chris kyle's wife and she talked about being frustrated that the press has given so much attention to this
11:28 am
detail. >> i understand the media reporting that because i think that's what they would like everybody to believe it's almost like an excuse to language the murders on, but it was a double homicide. >> kyle says she plans to attend every single day of this trial, a trial that is expected to last about two weeks. fox news alert to tell you about now, because a news conference going on right now on a new dangerous measles outbreak, this time right in the heartland of our nation in chicago. outside of chicago. hitting children under 12 months old, now remember, they cannot be vaccinated when they are that young. and now as many as six babies at a daycare center in pallantine, illinois, may have the measles. we are going to monitor this praesz con press conference and bring you the very latest. news outlets in the region
11:29 am
are joining the battle in a very original way. and brian williams finding himself in the headlines offering an apology kind of after his story of coming under fire in iraq -- a former marine will be here next. ght, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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public health officials investigating that cluster of cases of measles near palatine. you can see it's in the upper northeast corner of illinois. this cluster affects babies under six months old. they're in a daycare center in this particular region of that state. they all have been confirmed to have measles. but as many as six are under observation right now. test results pending for the other babies but they have been diagnosed on clinical observation thus far. the source of the infection is still a mystery. anyone who hasn't been vaccinated for measles has been instructed to stay home and keep away from unvaccinated people for six weeks. they are saying -- maybe more importantly, they are saying that the disneyland outbreak in california has nothing to do with these cases in illinois.
11:34 am
so new concerns now about what could be a growing problem of measles in this country, keep in mind babies under 12 months old cannot be vaccinated yet. children are eventually supposed to get two doses of that vaccination, that is mmr that includes mumps measles an rubella. now it appears that two more babies have measles right in the heart of this country. meantime one of obama's top aides, susan rice, planning a big speech tomorrow. she's going to lay out the president's national security strategy. so is it time for a reboot after set backs against isis? chief white house correspondent ed henry reporting live from the white house for us. last time the president put out an official strategy like this he said we needed to move away from counter terrorism and that appears now to be a big
11:35 am
miscalculation, so there's a lot of rewriting going on today. >> whether this is going to be a reboot, the last time they put out a national security advisory like this they said we need to pull back from focusing our national security around counter terror, this week that obviously looks like it's out of step. in retrospect was that naive, five years later. >> not at all. al in fact i think that one clear piece of evidence to indicate that that strategy has enjoyed some success is the success that the administration has had and that the president has had in building and leading a coalition of more than 60 nations to take the fight to isil and to degrade and ultimatery destroy them. >> you hear josh ernest talking about success on this of all weeks. >> jordan now leading the fight against isis with the white house dragging it's feet on
11:36 am
getting king abdullah more weapons. what did you learn about that? >> reporter: you have had republicans all this week saying look mr. president, get moving on more weapons to jordan. today another voice was added not a republican but democrat nancy pelosi. listen. >> yes i believe that the administration should move quickly to put more capacity to jordanian jordanians. >> josh ernest announced that the briefing today revealed that there was a new pact they signed with jordan, $400 million in u.s. aid per year over the next few years but did not say whether they're going to move quickly on actual weapons in the short-term, that's what lawmakers want the know about. jordan stepping up it's war on isis in a big way launching an air campaign targeting islamic extremists in the country of syria. meantime some media outlets in the middle east launching their own campaigns to help cut down isis. amon geren is a lecturer at john
11:37 am
hopkins school of advanced international studies and he is my guest today. so let's talk about this very unusual way in which some other middle eastern countries are making fun of isis, what are they saying? >> i think what the media outlets are doing in the middle east are not june playing the threat, but poking fun at them as much as anything else. it's and an know gentz it dehumanizes and delegitimizes them and i think these are really useful tools to use against what is just a terrorist organization. they have had a lot of battlefield defeats. they like to try and control the media and we need to take that back. >> it's interesting that these
11:38 am
countries are doing this in fighting back against isis especially in paris there was a big controversy on whether or not media outlets should produce and reproduce these types of cartoons. >> what the states in the middle east are very much more in tune with is not to make portrayals or they're not making fun of the profit of mohammad in any sense but they are making fun of these terrorists, who claim to be speaking in the name of islam. for example they want to get legitimacy by being called isil or isis. i prefer the term diaesh. isis says they will cut the tongue out of anyone who uses that term. they find it so offense. >> what does it mean? >> it's the akroncronym they call themselves by it rubbishes them it takes away the fact
11:39 am
that they claim islamic legitimacy which they don't have. >> the former cia director mike morrell said on another broad broadcast said that he believes it's going to take 100,000 troops, ground forces to get the job done and eratd indicate isis. >> i'm not a military planner. if former director morrell says it will take 100,000 troops, i will take his worth for that. the fact is it's not going to happen. the coalition of 50 60 nations are not prepared to put in troops. if it takes 100,000 troops, i would advocate that those should be local troops, not u.s. troops. sending sending u.s. troops into the region will be a propaganda victory for them. >> amon garren, great to have you on the show. new research on premies find
11:40 am
their preterm births may be blamed know on the baby's own genes, the new findings just released today, show that the baby's moms or the environment, actually don't trigger the premature berth or any birth before 37 weeks. some babies have a genetic predisposition to being born too soon, that there are very yachbts in the fetus's dna, treating the mother's preterm labor, why it doesn't always work, the march of dimes leading the cause to find a screening test to help identify which babies are at higher risk for being born too soon. a 911 dispatcher is disciplined for his less than sensitive handling of a hit and rain call. what he said to a teenaged girl and now what's being done for it. brian williams apologizing for false claims that he was
11:41 am
fired on while covering the war more than 10 years raghida. staff sergeant joey jones is here to weigh in. cat lovers wonder why cats like climbing in boxes so much, researchers say they found the answer.
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now to nbc's brian williams. stunning admission that he was not on the helicopter that came under fire during the iraq war. a story he repeated multiple times over the last 12 years. so we want to take you back to how it all started with wrms first describing his time embedded with the u.s. military in iraq in 2003, this happened on nbc's "date line." >> on the ground we learned the chinook ahead of us was almost blown out of the sky.
11:45 am
that hole was made by a rocket propelled grenade or rpg fired from the ground. >> so he didn't even say he witnessed the attack then only that he heard about it after his chopper had landed. but that changed nearly two years later when he seemed to indicate that he actually saw the attack unfold telling tim russert, quote, it was no more than 120 seconds later that the helicopter in front of us was hit and it beautifully pierced the tail rotor of the chinook in front of us. but he still didn't say he was on that chopper. that didn't come until 2007 when he told general david petraeus. when i was flying in the helicopter, that helicopter was shot at by a former. and in 2013, williams was still repeating that story saying, quote, and i have done some ridiculously stupid things under that banner, like being in a helicopter i had no business
11:46 am
being in in iraq with rounds coming in to the airframe. and to david letterman later in that same month. >> two of our helicopters were hit, including the one i was in. we were only at 100 feet doing 100 forward knots. >> what happens the minute everybody realizes you've been hit? >> we figure out how to land safely and we did. >> he even made the claim as recently as just last week. >> the story actually started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an rpg. our traveling nbc news team was rescued, surrounded and kept alive by an armored mechanized platoon platoon. >> for more on this retired staff sergeant joey jones he's also the director of boot
11:47 am and a former bomb technician. we wanted to give our viewers the entire history so they understood where this story started and where it is right now in 2015. what is your initial thought as a veteran? >> good afternoon, gretchen. look i have lived with and traveled traveled with embedded reporters from abc, nbc, bbc, i have the utmost respect for reporters who risk their lives to tell our story. and if you follow this trail he didn't come back and have a different story from the beginning, he's molded this over time obviously for an accolade on his career i suppose. we had tim mccarthy embedded with us. he walked a foot behind me while -- not to come back and win something or being something, but to tell my story
11:48 am
he ended up receiving an emmy for it. but that wasn't the point. that wasn't what he was trying to do. obviously brian williams doesn't understand war journalism. >> you were his tampblt or even reluck tachbt for embeds reporters to come with you right? >> you know, we have something we have a standard of operating procedure. everything we do has to keep those around us safe. the last thing we want is a camera over our shoulder seeing a mistake we made or got for bid getting hurt because we made a mistake. but we understood the importance of telling the american people what we were up to exactly how we were doing it and why we were doing it. so we put full trust and faith in these people. >> you bring up an interesting word which is trust. >> absolutely. >> what should the american people now feel about trusting brian williams? >> i can't speak to anything else he's up to or anything else he's reporting on. but when it comes to reporting on war, when it comes to
11:49 am
reporting on life and death like other stupid things i was doing, i don't understand this man's purpose for going to war to tell the story or especially how to tell the story truthfully. >> and what else is mystifying to me. there was an nbc crew with him and we never heard from anybody else from nbc, who was also on this same alleged helicopter that was shot at. we never heard from any of them saying that the story wasn't true. >> i think in the end, as far as the truth coming out, obviously a soldier, a boot on the ground had to come out and challenge him on this. and he tries to hide behind the fact that he was acknowledging another soldier and that's how the story got twisted. that doesn't cut the mustard for me. these soldiers aren't looking for pats on the back or recognition recognition, even in his apology this week, he said the helicopter in front of him, not the helicopter an hour before him. i don't know what nbc is going to do about this.
11:50 am
ultimately there are three entities that can williams' trajectory. >> what shoumtd happen? >> the american people can speak up and quit watching him. nbc can joey jones. thank you so much for your service. people don't know you sacrificed two of your legs when you fought in iraq and afghanistan. you are an american hero sir. thank you for your service. >> thank you. well a 911 operator facing criticism for the way he handles a teenage girl in a life or death situation. >> please, hurry snup ma'am stop yelling. i need a location.
11:51 am
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11:54 am
welcome back to the real story. he told a distressed caller to quote, stop whining. the voice on the other end of the show a teenaged girl. her father pictured here had been fatally struck while changing a tire on the side of the road. trace gallagher has more. >> if i had time i'd play the whole thing to show you how inappropriate this dispatcher was. 38-year-old rick warwick and his fianceee aniancee were trying to fix the flat tire. they were both hit by a passing vehicle. she called 911 and as you might imagine she was a bit shaken but right away the dispatcher starts being critical. listen. >> can you please hurry up. >> ma'am, stop yelling. i need a location. >> we're on 295. >> are they breathing? >> yes i think so. can you all hear me? >> ma'am, listen.
11:55 am
let's stop worrying about hurry hurrying up and get there. i need a location. >> then he wants to talk to somebody else because shehe's having trouble understanding her and can she walk over to her critical father and fiancee and there's more. listen. >> so two people were struck? >> yes. >> let's stop whining, okay? it's hard to understand you. two people were struck, correct. >> yes yes. >> daddy, they're already on their way. >> ma'am ma'am, please stop yelling. stop yelling, please. >> now, there's no evidence that the dispatcher's behavior slowed the paramedics but her father ended up dying. her family is slim astounded at how the operator acted. >> nobody should talk to anybody in the world like that when you're calling to get help.
11:56 am
>> meantime the captain of the fire department responded by saying, quote, the 911 dispatchers are trained to take control when they get a hysterical caller, however, he certain lidly used a poor choice of words. that 911 call did not meet our expectations. that dispatcher has been reassigned. poor choice of words. >> wow. heartbreaking story. thank you so much. yes, i was hanging out with this lady here in our studio. so what was i doing with kathie lee gifford. i'll tell you right after the break. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
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in a new movie coming out in the fall called "caged." we shot it right here in our studio. both kathie lee gifford. it's about human sex trafficking. some girls as young as 10 or 11
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years old sold by their own family members. kathie lee and i wanted to bring influence and awareness. we had fun too. check out the new movie "caged" coming out this fall near your. thank you for being a part of the real story. i'm gretchen. here's shepard. >> launching new air strikes on isis targets and breaking now, not only in syria but also in iraq. that's according to jar dan's foreign minister. i spoke with him just moments ago. i'll give you all the details and you'll hear from him in just a moment. plus, the girls' guide to isis. it contains tips about the islamic life including advice that it's okay to get married at age 9. let's get to it. and we begin with breaking news here


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